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The Amulet of Nagul

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)

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Chapter 12


  Link didn't return to the party. He went up to his own room, and sat there in the darkness for a while, thinking about the night's events. What if it was all true, this destiny thing? He'd never felt inclined to believe all of it, but he knew Zelda believed it. And obviously Kylara. He looked down at the dagger. He'd cleaned the blood off it, feeling incredibly guilty. He told himself over and over that Kylara had killed herself on her own accord, but he still felt like it was all his fault. He threw it down onto the floor, and lay back on the bed, feeling troubled. The raging storm outside almost matched his mood. The sound of footsteps interrupted the silence of the room. Holding a candle, Zelda walked in, looking worried.

  "Link?" she questioned softly. He sat up.

  "What do you want?" he asked roughly. She stared at him, looking a little hurt.

  "Link... you didn't come back... Sprite said you were coming back, and then a guard told me he'd seen you going up to your room... Whatever's the matter?" she questioned.

  "Nothing. I just want to be alone, right now," he answered.

  "Oh&ldots;" Zelda murmured, looking disappointed. She glanced downwards, then noticed the dagger. "What's this?" she asked, picking it up.

  "Leave that alone," Link said. Zelda frowned, then carefully put the object on a side table. She set the candle there too.

  "I thought... well, don't you want to be with me?" she asked.

  "I don't know," Link replied. The Princess stared at him.

  "Are you mad at me?" she finally asked, her words sounding unsure.

  "No..." Link said. He didn't look at her. She walked over to the bed.

  "Then what's the problem?" she questioned.

  "Oh, nothing," he finally said.

  "Everyone else has left," Zelda explained.

  "I'm sorry... I just..." He sat up, and hugged her. He kissed her.

  "There is something wrong," Zelda said, pulling back.

  "There isn't," he protested. He wished Zelda wasn't so sensitive. "There is." "Drop it," he replied, kissing her again. The Princess sighed.

  "Fine." She stood up. "My father wishes us to be married within the next few days," she added.

  "We're already married," Link answered.

  "You know what I mean. A celebration that the whole of Hyrule can attend," Zelda said. She made her way over to the door. Then she turned around to look at him. "Link?"


  "What happened out there... in the forest?" the Princess questioned. Link looked surprised.

  "Nothing... well, I just received a present from the faeries, that dagger. Then I came back here," he said quickly.

  "But why didn't you return to the party? It was held in your honour," Zelda said, folding her arms.

  "I... I was just tired... these last few days..." Link started.

  "I understand," Zelda replied shortly.

  "Where are you going?" Link suddenly questioned, like he'd just really noticed that she was there.

  "To my room. I'm tired too, you know," Zelda answered.

  "Well... you could just stay here... would save you a lot of walking," Link said, smiling at her hopefully. She smiled back.

  "Well..." she mused teasingly. Link smiled back at her. He'd worry about what to do about Kylara in the morning...


  Link slipped out of his room early on, before Zelda had a chance to wake up. He was glad that Sprite didn't seem to be around, either. He didn't want them to know what had gone on the previous night, after he'd left the forest. Link walked down the wine cellar, and then climbed up the ladder near the well. He came out beneath a bush, pushing the branches back so that he could climb through and out into the open. Quickly, he moved towards the trees. In a silent glade, Kylara lay in a heap at the foot of a large oak tree. A sharp pain shot through his heart, as he looked down at her, wondering what to do. Kylara had no family, yet it was likely that she'd had friends back in Gardarika. He wasn't sure what to do, yet he felt so guilty over it, like it had been all his fault. But she had killed herself by her own will, he tried to tell himself. It just didn't work. The night before, he'd almost told Zelda. But then he'd thought she might get angry at the mention of Kylara's name, and, not wanting to spoil their night together, he'd put it to the back of his mind. Now though, he had a problem. He stood there for a long while, thinking. His heart seemed to ache, as he stared down at her. Perhaps he did feel something for her after all. But he didn't think it was love. Well, not like the love he had for Zelda anyway. During that long, terrible week, Kylara had been extremely kind to him. She had made him meals, talked to him, and sometimes partially taken his mind off what had happened back in Hyrule. She had been a good friend. She deserved better than what had happened. But it was too late to change things now, indeed, in a way, he wouldn't want to change them. He set off back to North Castle. Perhaps Drake would know what to do.


  The knight comforted his friend. "It's not your fault at all," Drake said, patting Link on the back. Nick was there too. They'd offered to take Kylara's body back to Catalia, where she could receive a proper burial. "And we promise not to breathe a word of this to Zelda," Drake added, grinning slightly. Link managed a weak smile.

  "I shouldn't have let this all happen in the first place," he said dismally.

  "Oh now, Link, my friend, it was Kylara's wish. She obviously felt that she could not live without you," Nick said kindly.

 "Like that makes me feel better," Link muttered, fingering his sword hilt, and looking down at the stone floor of the room.

  "What's done, is done. Don't be saddened, at least she is out of her obvious sorrow and pain," Nick continued.

  "It was still my fault&ldots;" Link started.

  "Of course it wasn't!" Drake interrupted.

  "I know, but I... I should never have gone to Catalia in the first place! Then none of this would have happened!" Link cried.

  "Listen Link, it's all very well saying that, but you went. You met her. You can't change anything," Drake said, firmly, but in a kind tone. Nick nodded.

  "Try to forget this tragedy, look forward to your wedding day with Zelda," he said. Link sighed, still looking disheartened. "Come on, aren't you at least happy about that?" Drake asked, looking a little surprised.

  "Well... I guess so," Link replied.

  "Doesn't sound like it to me. Don't tell me that you two are still fighting?" Drake asked. Link shook his head.

  "No we aren't... everything's great... but..."

  "But what?" Drake demanded. Link remembered Kylara's disconcerting words from the previous night... There's something... There's something about that Princess you don't know... if you knew, you wouldn't want to... and You changed fate, and you'll suffer the consequences later. Had she been lying, just so he'd go back to Catalia with her, instead of staying with Zelda? And what if she was speaking the truth? What did she possibly mean? "What is this, last minute nerves?" Drake said loudly, bringing Link back to earth.

  "Uh, what?" Link asked.

  "For heavens sake, what are you looking so unsure for? Don't you realise, you're the envy of many men in Hyrule, perhaps of many in the entire world?" Drake said sternly.

  "I'm... I'm not unsure. I did want to marry Zelda, I love her more than anyone in the world," Link said truthfully. He did love her just like that. The more he thought about it, the less important Kylara's warning seemed. "I love her," he repeated, more to himself than anyone else.

  "Good lad," Drake said. Nick smiled. Then they walked out, leaving Link alone with his thoughts. He walked over to the window, and looked down into the courtyard. He sighed. So many things had happened during the last few days, it was almost hard to comprehend them. Enzar had arrived then been banished again... He'd discovered his brother Hayden was alive, only to see him later die... Zelda had gotten new additions to her family, in the form of step-mother and step-sister&ldots; They'd found the Triforce of Courage... rebuilt the other two Triforces that Enzar had shattered... He and Zelda were closer than ever, married now... Kylara had killed herself... a small sob escaped him, as he thought as all these things. Some of the memories made him happy, some made him sad. Quickly, he wiped his eyes clear of any tears that might be there. He didn't want anyone to see him like this. Then he smiled. Tomorrow was another marriage ceremony for Zelda and himself. A proper one, this time. He could hardly wait. Zelda would look so beautiful... The whole of Hyrule would rejoice, at having their beloved Princess and admired hero back together. Forever, he thought dreamily. Now was not a time to dwell on the past anymore, he decided. It was time to look forward to the future... their future, his and Zelda's, together. And with Ganon assuredly gone, and the Triforce complete, that future seemed safe and secure. They would settle down together, have many children... Link hoped at least for one son, someone who would carry on the tradition as a great hero. And a daughter too, he'd love a daughter. Perhaps he'd even write a book, a book about his adventures... or maybe one about how much he loved Zelda. That one, he thought, smiling to himself, was probably best kept in the heart, shared only with her. In a few more years, he would be old enough to be knighted, earning the title of 'Sir'. That had always been one of his dreams, as a young boy. And perhaps King Harkinian would hand over the rule to Zelda. Then, he and the Princess would be King and Queen of Hyrule, he was sure that the people of the Kingdom would approve. They loved Zelda so much, and also him... It looked like everything was going to be okay, after all.


  November the Second, 4545. That was the official date of the wedding of the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda, and the Great Hero of Hyrule, Link. There was great rejoicing in the land of Hyrule, and beyond, at this match. Link stood nervously, waiting by the altar in North Castle's small chapel for Zelda to arrive. He was dressed in the finest clothes he'd ever worn in his life, rather like the King's ceremonial outfit, but nicer. Pure white silk trousers and shirt, with a short, dark blue tunic over the top, which had the Hyrulian crest embroidered on it in gold thread. A long purple cloak, fastened with a gold insignia of the Triforce, a brown leather belt, and polished brown leather boots completed the look. He'd graciously declined to wear any jewellery of any sort, offered by the King, but he'd agreed to wear a kingdom ring, which was given to everyone who was a member of the Hyrulian Royal Family. Link also had to wear a small crown, since he was considered the future King of Hyrule now. He felt a little strange wearing it, but also very proud. Drake, his best man, was standing close by, in his knight's finery. "Nervous, kid?" he grinned. Link grinned back.

  "A little. It's going to be a big responsibility," he said.

  "What? Putting up with Zelda?" Drake laughed.

  "Hey!" Link exclaimed, in mock anger.

  "Haha, sorry. You meant being a member of the Royal Family, didn't you?" Drake replied. Link nodded.

  "I guess I won't have much time for going out adventuring now," he said, looking slightly woeful for a moment.

  "Well, if I know Zelda like I think I do..." Drake began. Suddenly, the entire chapel went quiet. Zelda, and her Father, the King of Hyrule, had stepped into the room.

  "Here goes," Link said, smiling across at his beautiful, future wife.


  Even Zelda had to admit to herself, she'd never looked more beautiful. Her tall, slim figure had fitted perfectly into her mother's exquisite wedding gown. It was a close fitting dress, made from cream silk and lace. The bodice was embroidered with small pearls, in the emblem of the Triforce, surrounded by other beautiful patterns. The skirt of the dress was long, and trailed behind her, in long ruffles of material. It was an off-the-shoulder neckline, but the sleeves were tightened at intervals with ribbons, finally trailing into long cuffs, trimmed with lace at the ends. She carried a large bunch of flowers, tied up with gold ribbon, and flowers were tied in her long, golden hair. A gold tiara, gold jewellery and a long, chiffon train that trailed along the floor made her look just like something from a fairytale. Link couldn't get over just how beautiful she looked, all dressed up like that. It was a wonderful sight, a memory he'd cherish forever. Selina and Fayette walked behind her in gold and lilac gowns, acting as her bridesmaids, the King, smiling proudly, hold of her arm. Sprite and her friends, not wanting to miss out on the chance to show off, had all dressed up, and were fluttering around Zelda, as she made her way to the altar. Seemingly unable to be able to wait for things to get started though, the Princess didn't walk down the aisle in the usual, slow, stately manner, but rather rushed down it, over to where Link was stood. "It's wonder you didn't trip up," Drake joked, as she took her place next to them.

  "I'm not that clumsy. Besides, at the rate my father was going, I'd have taken all day to get down here," she whispered back, grinning.

  "You look beautiful Zel," Link complimented, taking hold of her hand in his. She smiled.

  "You look great, too," she replied, leaning over to give him a small kiss. The King arrived at that moment, and came to stand near them.

  "Is everyone ready?" the priest said quietly, just to them. Zelda nodded.

  "Yes, hurry up and start!" she said excitedly. The Priest smiled at them, and turned to his book.


  The whole ceremony went without a glitch, and a short while later, Link and Zelda exchanged rings and confirmed their vows to each other. There was no doubt in either of their minds that they belonged together. Drake smiled on, thinking it was a very different scene to the one he'd witnessed only a few days before in the Triforce Tower. The King could do nothing more but beam with pride and happiness, even Fenella was smiling along with him. In fact, everyone in the chapel looked happy, as Link and Zelda hugged each other and kissed. Only Fayette managed to look displeased; as usual. She was jealous, plain and simple, and she even admitted it to herself. She forced herself to smile, as Selina leaned over and whispered, "don't they just make the best couple?"

  "I guess they do," she said quietly. At that moment, Zelda announced that once they'd had the wedding parade through Mido, there'd be a big huge party back at North Castle.

  "And everyone in Hyrule just has to come!" she finished, smiling widely.

  "Everyone?" Fayette asked, looking surprised, as Zelda began to walk outside. The Princess nodded.

  "Yes! Of course."

  "What? Like even... peasants?" Fayette continued. Zelda gave Fayette one of her withering looks.

  "Honestly Fayette, I don't see what your problem is," she said.

  "I never said anything!" Fayette protested.

  "You didn't have to," Link remarked, joining in the conversation. Selina was smiling though, as she caught up to them.

  "Good, hopefully my brothers will be here, and you'll get to meet them," she said.

  "That would be lovely," Zelda replied, as she made her way out into the courtyard.

  "Look, we have to sit in that open carriage, and it's so cold!" she said pointing over to wear a stately coach stood, pulled by two white horses.

  "Don't worry, just sit close to me, and you'll be okay," Link replied, putting an arm around her shoulder.

  "I wanted them to have Moonmist and Carefree pull it, but Dad wouldn't let me, he said they didn't match. But, this is so much better than last time," the Princess replied, smiling up at him. He nodded in agreement.

  "Hmmph," Fayette said, folding her arms, and looking envious, as the two walked off together.

  "What's up?" Selina asked, a big knowing smile on her face. Nick had told Fayette he was going back to Dalsona after the wedding. Fayette wasn't going with him.

  "So much for me getting married," she said, twirling a red curl thoughtfully.

  "I'm no better off," Selina answered. Fayette rolled her eyes.

  "I bet you're not short of offers," she replied, thinking of the way Aaron, Damon, Charles, and even Nick appeared to act around the pretty healer. Selina shrugged.

  "Maybe not. But we've no time to dwell on this now, come on, we have to join the parade!"

  "We have to walk?!" Fayette said incredulously. Selina nodded, her eyes dancing mischievously.

  "All the way to Mido!"

  "What?" Fayette cried in horror.

  "It'll do you good," Selina replied, looking down to Fayette's slightly plump midriff. The Princess scowled.

  "It's cold. Zelda made us wear these dresses on purpose!" she complained. Selina laughed quietly to herself. "Come on, let's get going," she said.


  Ganon stared around wildly as he spotted a menacing figure approach him. He banged his fists against the spirit prison that he had been encased in but it made no effect. The landscape before him whirled insanely, but he remembered being here before all too well. Fortunately he had escaped the first time, but maybe this time he would not be quite so lucky. He had been teleported to the ---- realm, where only pure evil resided. Suddenly a huge distorted face appeared before him. "Enzar!" gasped Ganon, but no words emerged from the other side of his lips. The huge face began to laugh, taunting him. Ganon tried to break the prison with his remaining magic, but the process of being transported to the realm had left him exhausted. He fell to the floor of his prison, defeated. Suddenly the sound of a thousand screams of pain filled Ganon's head, sending shards of splintered glass everywhere. Ganon tried to cover his ears, block out the sound but it continued to go on. Finally it stopped, but was replaced by Enzar's familiar booming laughter.

  "So they sent you here too?" asked the griffin casually. Ganon nodded, his eyes still trying to adjust to the whirling colours. "Well, what happened?" pressed Enzar.

  "They... completed the," Ganon paused to gulp in some oxygen.

  "The what?" asked Enzar impatiently. "Triforce," croaked Ganon, his voice hoarse. Enzar spat in disgust.

  "Impossible, the Triforce I shattered - they completed it?" asked Enzar in surprise. Ganon nodded slowly, the asked a question of his own.

  "How, how did you release me? How did you release yourself?" Enzar sighed and scratched at the blood-red ground with one foot.

  "I was strong enough to survive the transference, as the spirit prisons are pure, my evil can shatter them," explained Enzar.


  Ganon sighed and averted his eyes away from the huge griffin to study the landscape. He liked it, once he got used to the forever changing sky, which was just a mad rush of colour. It gave him a headache. "They got it all wrong," said Enzar shaking his head sadly, following Ganon's gaze. "What?" asked Ganon, turning back towards the griffin.

  "Well, if they really wanted us to suffer they would've placed us in a perfect world with unbeatable heroes and invincible victims," explained Enzar.

  "True, but if there were such a realm they'd be there themselves," pointed out Ganon. A stark tree marked the barren landscape. It was charred and it's trunk twisted, it seemed to scream out in agony to Ganon. The ground was blood-red, stained by the blood shed by the evil beings that resided here.

  "Personally, it's my own private hell- or should that be heaven," pondered Enzar to himself. Black shadows danced across the ground, flitting back and forth, the spirits of the past. Enzar walked in front of Ganon and looked down onto him. "But Ganon, I'm not talking to you for company - that tree makes better conversation," started Enzar. Ganon hissed and stepped away. "I know there is real evil inside you, it was just distorted by that blasted golden prism all of those years ago," continued on Enzar. "Ganondorf? You know that Ganon is just a weak hearted villain, no more! Why do you allow him to live?!" cried Enzar angrily, his eyes blazing. Ganon shook his head,

  "Ganondorf is dead, destroyed by the chosen one many years ago!" spat back Ganon.

  "No, not anymore!" screamed Enzar, he pulled something from inside his own chest. Ganon fell to the ground, as if he had been struck, he peered through his fingers as he held his hands over his face and saw it. In Enzar's hand there was a pure ball of light, shards of light cutting through the dark sky, cut off in places by Enzar's black, festering hand. Ganon gasped, it was the Moon Pearl! "Ever since I was created, it was my purpose to ensure you got this, but only know did I have the strength to give it to you! Once you return to the light world you can be your true self and once again rule your dark, foetid reign," gasped Enzar. Ganon watched as parts of Enzar began to crumble, a sudden gush of wind carrying him away. All that remained was that floating orb of light - created for the hero to travel between realms, but then lost, and finally it had returned all these years later, hidden inside the Griffin Enzar. Ganon stood up and brought his hand up to the orb, streaks of electricity jumped from the orb and through Ganon before his fingers had even touched the orb, Ganon suddenly felt revitalised and he knew, he would soon be out of this realm and back where he was destined to rule. As Ganondorf.


  Zelda suddenly felt misty eyed, as she stood in one corner with Link, watching the guests enjoy themselves at the lavish banquet the kitchen servants had prepared. Link was stood behind her, arms around her waist, drawing her close. If only her mother had been here to see this, she thought sadly. Despite this, she felt it had to have been one of the best days in her whole life, even better than when they had finally got rid of Ganon, and joined the Triforce together. They'd got married on that day too, that date would be marked down as their 'unofficial wedding' probably, she mused, smiling. But it had been different then, a horrible rush, and they had been fighting. She sighed softly, and wiped away a tear that was threatening to fall. She couldn't help wanting to cry; she was so happy the emotion was making it happen. The Princess gently pushed Link's hands off her waist and turned forward to face him. "Well, I guess it's going to be a quiet life from now on," she said, smiling. Link hugged her.

  "No Ganon, a complete Triforce," he began.

  "Everything's coming together how it was supposed to. I knew it would someday," Zelda said.

  "Well, I guess it's lucky I decided to intervene in your life after all," Link grinned.

  "Oh Link!" Zelda exclaimed. She folded her arms. "You know, I would have been okay. Ganon would never have got his hands on the Triforce of Wisdom," she remarked, a slight smile on her lips.

  "Maybe, but then he would have kept you locked up in Death Mountain for ever and ever," Link replied.

  "Don't remind me," Zelda moaned.

  "This is the worst day of my life!" a small voice interrupted. They turned to see Sprite hovering near them.

  "Oh jeez Sprite, you really know how to spoil the mood," Link joked. The faerie folded her arms.

  "I wish I was a human," she complained.

  "I would still have married Zelda. She's always been the girl of my dreams, you know," Link said, grinning over at the Princess. She smiled wryly, while Sprite looked sulky. "I&ldots; uh&ldots;" Link began, when he realised he'd upset his little companion.

  "Hmmph!" Sprite retorted, throwing faerie dust at them.

  "This is nothing to do with me," Zelda declared. She smiled over at Link. "I'll be with Selina and the rest if you need me," she said, walking away.


  "Good!" Sprite said, suddenly smiling again.

  "Oh, look what you just did! I was enjoying my time alone with Zel," Link complained.

  "Don't worry about her; you're getting far too attached, if you ask me, anyway," Sprite replied. She flew in front of Link, and grinned.

  "Too attached? She's my wife! I'm supposed to be 'attached' to her," he said.

  "You two are positively&ldots; ugh," Sprite said.

  "Well, I think we're positively made for each other," Link cracked back. Sprite tossed her reddish brown curls indignantly.

  "Ooh&ldots; shut up! Anyway, this is beside the point," Sprite said.

  "So what is the point?" Link questioned.

  "Oh, nothing really. Just that it was me who realised that Zelda really wasn't dead after all, and so went to free her," Sprite replied. She had a smug look on her face.

  "What?" Link said in surprise.

  "Oh, well I got caught by a faerie hunter, but before I did, I saw Imilda, and she told me about that amulet. However, you were too busy going off to Catalia with that Kylara girl..." Sprite began.

  "Don't even speak about that again!" Link interrupted. "Zelda already gave me enough grief over it, I don't need you starting as well," he groaned. Sprite laughed.

  "I'm sure she did. It's too bad she still wanted to marry you, because if she didn't I would have," the faerie stated.

  "Zel just can't resist my charming manner, brilliant wit, or dashing good lucks," Link replied, grinning. Sprite rolled her eyes.

  "Evidently," she noted, in a bored tone. Link caught hold of the faerie.

  "You can be our babysitter," he offered.

  "Ooh, you'd be so lucky!" Sprite retorted. Link laughed.

  "Alright, seriously, thanks Sprite. You've been the best guardian faerie ever," he said. Sprite smiled.

  "I should hope so," she said. Link smiled, and let her go. "Come on, let's find the others," he said.


  Aaron stared down into his mug of beer, and sloshed it about. Link came and sat next to him. "Too bad Zelda doesn't have anymore sisters," he said. Link smiled.

 "She has Fayette."

 "She's not my type," Aaron replied. Link patted him on the back.

 "I'm sure once I step back and let you get to be the big hero, the ladies will come flocking," he reassured his apprentice. Aaron smiled slightly.

 "Nah. I'll just stick to helping you out. You're too much of a big act to follow," he said.

 "You'll get the title of Triforce Protector. I mean&ldots; well&ldots; you know. I have to look after Zel more now," Link grinned.

 "Alright, you can stop gloating about it now," Aaron laughed.

 "Who's gloating?" Drake said, walking over. He dumped down his beer mug on the table. Aaron pointed over at Link.

 "Hey, I wasn't! Not in the slightest!" Link protested.

 "You don't have to say anything, we can tell you're gloating by the big, stupid grin you have!" Drake laughed.

  "Yeah well, you're just jealous that I got to marry the most beautiful, intelligent, bravest, nicest woman in the whole of Hyrule!" Link replied, grinning even more. Drake raised his eyebrows.

  "Personally, she's too flighty for my liking."

  "She's not flighty in the least! She's&ldots; perfect," Link said, looking dreamy. Drake looked at Aaron.

 "Hopeless," he remarked. Link forgot his private daydream for a moment.

 "Who's hopeless?" he asked. Aaron and Drake just laughed. Link shrugged. "I don't care. Anyway Drake, you forgot one thing."

  "What was that?" the knight asked.

  "Since I'm married to Zelda now, that officially makes me of higher rank than you, so&ldots;" Link began.

 "Forget it, kiddo," Drake replied calmly.

 "Just remember it, my good man," Link answered. Drake laughed. Link saw his aunt and uncle waving to him. "Excuse me, relations calling," he said to his friends. They nodded, and began to talk amongst themselves. Link smiled to himself as he walked across to his aunt and uncle. Zelda was right. Everything really was coming together like it was supposed to. It must have been fate.


  Zelda hugged her father tightly. "I'm very happy dear," he told her.

  "Me too, dad," she replied.

  "Now, are you ready to take on full responsibility for the kingdom?" he asked.

  "Oh dad! There's so many better things I could be doing&ldots;" Zelda moaned. The king chuckled.

  "Well, okay, maybe not just yet, you'll just have to have lots of dear children instead," he said, a big smile on his face. Zelda looked horrified at this notion.

  "Dad, that's even worse!" she protested lightly.

  "I'm sure you'll change your mind about that sooner or later," her father replied, hugging her again.

  "Later," Zelda decided.

  "You're not a bit like your dear mother. It was her big dream in life," the King said. Zelda looked thoughtful for a moment.

  "My big dream&ldots; I think I already have it," she smiled. She reached up and kissed him on the cheek. "Goodnight dad," she said. The Princess said goodbye to the guests that were still there, and as the last ones left, she slipped out of the Great Hall along the passage back to her tower room. Link was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. They met in a deeply passionate kiss. "I've been wanting to do that all day," Zelda murmured, as they pulled apart. They'd kissed in front of everyone else, but kept it toned down. Link smiled a little.

  "I feel like the luckiest guy in Hyrule," he said, caressing her shoulders. He leaned forward and placed a small kiss on her forehead. Zelda leaned her head against his chest and sighed happily.

  "Thank you for everything, Link," she said quietly. Stepping back, she looked up at him, smiling warmly. "I never ever said thank you for all those times you&ldots;" she paused, watching him closely.

  "Hey, you know I'd do anything for you, Zel. I promised," Link replied.

  "I know, but... but... well, look at everything that's happened. Without you, Hyrule would have been under Ganon's rule by now," Zelda said.

  "There's not a threat of that anymore," Link said, drawing her close again.

  "But I... I never really thanked you properly," Zelda continued.

  "Having you is enough thanks for me," Link replied, giving her a small kiss. He took her hand, and they slowly walked up the stairs.