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The Amulet of Nagul

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)

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Chapter 3


The next morning, Link mounted Carefree and rode to Ruto Town , where his aunt and uncle lived. He felt a little guilty that he hadn't visited in a while, but he'd been so busy of late, what with the Enzar business, then the adventure of recovering the Triforce of Courage, and Ganon's siege of North Castle. However, it was still no excuse for not seeing the closest thing he had to a family. Especially since now, Hayden was gone. That was probably the main reason why they wanted to see him, about his now dead brother. Their small cottage was on the outskirts of the town, a little stone and timber building with two floors. Link tied up Carefree to a nearby tree, then walked over to the house and knocked on the door. His aunt Janey answered the door. "Hello Link," she said, smiling at him. "Do come inside. Your uncle Govan is out in the forest hunting, but he will be back shortly," she said, walking into the warm, cosy cottage. Link followed her into the kitchen, and sat down on the stool near the fire. He removed his money pouch from his belt and put it on the table.

  "I've brought you some rupees, as usual," he said. Janey smiled.

  "You really are a kind boy. Your parents would have been so proud." Link nodded, suddenly feeling upset by the notion. His aunt and uncle had looked after him during his early adolescence, and Link liked to give them money because they were quite poor. Although they hadn't wanted to at first, Link had insisted. At that moment, the back door opened, and Govan stepped inside. "Hello lad," he said to Link, before turning to his wife.

  "I caught a rather fine deer. We can have venison for dinner tonight," he said. Janey smiled.

  "Wonderful. Link has brought us some money, too. We've been saving up for your birthday, Link," she said. Link grinned.

  "Thanks. By the way, you're both invited to the King's wedding on Saturday," he said, removing the missive from his pocket and handing it to his uncle.

  "Speaking of the royal family..." Janey began.

  "Is it true about you and the Princess?" Govan inquired.

  "Of course it is! Me and Zel will probably get married real soon!" Link said excitedly.

  "And you'll be king?" Janey added.

  "Uh, well I never really thought of it that way. I mean, a lot of the time, I never think about Zelda's status. But I guess it will end up that way someday," Link answered.

  "Link, we're very proud... but there's a few other things you'll have to sort out first, before you go and marry your princess," Govan said seriously.

  "Are we talking about Hayden?" Link asked.

  "Partially," Janey said.

  "Arcesius, the Elder of Gardarika Town in Catalia, wishes to see you," Govan explained.

  "Gardarika? That wasn't so far from my home village," Link mused.

  "The Elder has something important to ask you," Janey said seriously.

  "I don't have time to go to Catalia. I must be present at the King's wedding, especially since I'm looked upon as a member of the family almost," Link answered.

  "It shouldn't take that long. You'll only need to stay a day or so," Govan said.

  "Well, okay. Do you have any idea why he wants to see me?" Link asked.

  "You'll find out when you get there," Govan said. Janey took some bread out of the oven, and cut into thick slabs. "And about Hayden. We still don't understand what was going on," Govan said, looking at Link with curiosity. Janey coated the bread with some creamy butter, while Link looked down at the floor. Eventually, he decided to relate the whole sorry affair.


  "I'd always thought that my whole family perished during that raid," he began. Govan nodded, and Janey continued preparing lunch. "Obviously I was wrong. Hayden showed up at North Castle, looking for me. He told me that he and Shawn managed to escape and went to live in Sosaria. Shawn died... I believed him," Link continued. Janey put some strawberry jam on the bread and cut some pieces of fruitcake. "It turned out that he'd been lying to me all along. He's joined a Tanolic tribe, the Carcastans. A group of savages who have been living in these mountains for years," Link said bitterly.

  "I don't believe that Hayden joined out of his free will," Govan said.

  "Me either. He told Lady Fayette and Sir Drake that they ambushed him, and he joined the group to avoid sacrifice," Link replied. "Me, the princess, some of our friends went down there and got caught. I escaped, and they were going to kill Zelda... and Hayden..." Link paused, looking down at the floor again. Janey ruffled Link's hair and placed his meal on the table before him. "I... I helped Zelda, but I was too late... for Hayden," he said slowly.

  "He was your brother! Why didn't you help him first?" Govan demanded.

  "Now Govan..." Janey warned.

  "I'm sorry! Don't you think I feel terrible? But Zelda... years ago I pledged to protect her, no matter what. Never mind that, she's my fiancée too! I love her!" Link exclaimed.

  "We know," Janey said softly.

  "Besides," Link continued, "Zelda is the only heir to the kingdom. It's my duty to make sure that she stays out of trouble."

  "There's Lady Fayette," Govan suggested.

  "Fayette would never be the ruler that Zelda could be," Link retorted.

  "We know Link. We're just upset that all this had to happen. And we wished we could have met Hayden," Janey said. Link squashed a little piece of bread onto the plate, not happy with his relatives reactions.

  "Don't you want to have someone as wonderful as Zelda on the throne?" he questioned angrily.

  "We just didn't know you were so attached to her," Govan replied.

  "I wouldn't call it that," Link said, rather coldly. Janey looked worried.

  "Link, please don't get angry with us. But don't you see it from out point of view?" she asked.

  "You don't have to make me feel more guilty for it though! I can't be the perfect hero all of the time. And Zel feels just as bad, like it's her fault. Which it isn't, I might add," Link replied, starting on his fruitcake.

  "And you chose duty over family! Hayden was the only other member of our family left!" Govan said.

  "Zelda is as good as family. I did the best I could, things went wrong. If you're not going to accept that, I think I'm going to have to leave. Besides, I'm not the only one going through a bad time right now. Zelda is too, and we both need each other," Link stated, ready to stand up.

  "It's very touching, but are you sure this is what you really want?" Janey asked.

  "Why wouldn't it be? Zelda is my best friend in the whole world, I couldn't bear to not be part of her life," Link replied, getting up off the stool.

  "Okay Link, we understand. But just think about it," Govan said.

  "What about Hayden's funeral?" Link inquired.

  "We've got that all sorted out. Just show up," Govan answered. Link nodded, and headed for the door. "Don't forget to see the Elder," Janey called after him.


  Link stayed out all day, riding. His visit to his uncle and aunt had brought on fresh feelings of hurt and guilt over Hayden, and he hadn't wanted to go back to North Castle just then. Also, he couldn't understand why they hadn't been that pleased about his engagement to Zelda. Sighing, he headed Carefree in the direction of the castle. Tomorrow morning he would have to head off for Catalia, and he wanted to spend some more time with Zelda before he left. He knew she was still upset about her father marrying Fenella, even if she didn't show it. He supposed she was staying quiet because she wanted her father to be happy. Although Fayette could be rather trying at times, and both she and her mother were a little snobbish at times, they weren't too bad after all. Most of the time anyway, Link supposed. It was unlikely that Nick would take Fayette for his wife, in Link's opinion, for she was certainly not his type, but somebody would probably marry her eventually. She was extremely pretty, and could be charming when it suited her. Then, she would leave North Castle, and Zelda wouldn't have to bother about her anymore. As he trotted Carefree over the castle drawbridge, it was well past 10pm, and very dark. Link stabled Carefree and fed him, then headed in the direction of Zelda's room. A light burned from the top room of her tower, meaning she was still up. Link slipped into the castle by a side door, then cut through the Banquet Hall to the passage which led to the tower. He made his way up the stars, and met Fayette halfway up. She smiled at him. "What are you doing going up here so late?" she said in a teasing voice.

  "I just got back. I want to tell Zelda something," he explained.

  "Oh really? Well, I'm off to bed. See you tomorrow morning," Fayette replied, smiling and brushing her hand briefly on his shoulder before walking down past him. Link stared after her, wondering what that had been all about. She might have just been being nice, but he really didn't trust her. He waited until she had reached the bottom of the tower, before turning to go back up the stairs.


  "Hey Zel," he called, stepping into her room.

  "Hi Link," Zelda said, getting up off her bed.

  "What was Fayette here for?" he asked.

  "Oh, you know. Just our parents wedding plans," Zelda replied, walking over towards him. "What did your aunt and uncle want?" she added, suddenly remembering where he'd been that day. "It was getting so late, we figured you were going to stop over. Fenella is absolutely adamant that we have pink dresses, and I even had to help with the guest list. It's just as easy to just invite the whole of Hyrule, I think!" Zelda began, before he could answer her previous question.

  "Yeah, it probably is. Apparently, the Elder from a Catalian town wishes to speak with me. I have to go tomorrow," Link said.

  "An old friend?" Zelda inquired.

  "I don't know him. But I'd still better go and see what he wants, anyway," Link replied, giving her a small hug.

  "Alright. But you'll be back for the wedding, won't you?" Zelda asked, leaning forward to give him a small kiss.

  "Of course. I wouldn't dream of it. It should only take a day or so, although I'll probably stay the night there," Link answered.

  "Drake was keeping me company for most of this evening, and Aaron and Charles. Poor Nick had to go with my father, Fenella and Fayette in the Drawing Room, whilst we got to have all the fun downstairs," Zelda said, grinning.

  "It would've been even more fun with me there," Link replied, grinning back at her.

  "Whatever you say. I must say, that Charles is pretty fun. The Lemmians have some really amusing stories," Zelda said, stepping away from Link, still laughing.

  "Zel!" Link cried in mock disappointment. She smiled, and moved to sit back down. Link sat beside her, and pulled her close to give her a proper, long, kiss.

  "I can't wait until we're married," he whispered, thinking about what his aunt and uncle had said previously.

  "Me either," Zelda admitted, kissing him back. "We could probably keep on doing this all night, and no-one would know," she added, her eyes sparkling mischievously. Link grinned at her.

  "Zel, you're terrible! But what a good idea..." he said, leaning in for another kiss.

  "Except for one thing. Fayette knows I'm up here," Link suddenly added.

  "Oh well..." Zelda said, smiling prettily.


  "You seem in a remarkably good mood," he teased lightly.

  "Why wouldn't I be? I own almost three Triforces. What more could I possibly want?" Zelda replied, looking amused.

  "A loving fiancé like me?" Link suggested. The Princess smiled and they shared one more kiss before Link decided he had better go and relieve Aaron from the Triforce protection duty. "I'll probably have to leave early tomorrow, but I promise I'll be back by Saturday," he said.

  "Oh Link, wait. There's just one thing," Zelda said suddenly, placing a hand on his arm.

  "Yeah?" he asked.

  "The Triforce of Power... we'll have to be careful with it. Without the functioning Triforce of Wisdom..." she said slowly. Link nodded, understanding.

  "I'll not touch it," he said.

  "If the rumour is true, about its skills of corruption, without Wisdom there to cancel it out, we could be in trouble. I mean, look at Ganon," Zelda replied seriously.

  "But Ganon was evil to begin with," Link stated. Zelda nodded.

  "Maybe so. But we can't take any chances, Impa says. And she always knows best."

  "Yes. Someday, we'll have three fully working Triforces," Link promised her. Zelda smiled slightly.

  "Sprite is helping out already. She and some other faeries are heading their own search," she explained. Link grinned.

  "Good for Sprite," he said fondly.

  "Yes. Stop by tomorrow morning," Zelda replied.

  "Promise," Link said, kissing her goodnight before going to his own room.


  "Come on boy," Link said, urging Carefree onwards. Bagu, an old friend of Link's who lived in a forest north of the Southern River, near Saria, had promised to take him across to Catalia in his small ship. Link had promised that he would be there for 10am, but he had ended up getting a little side-tracked, first by Zelda, and then by Nick, who had wanted a chat with him. Finally though, he'd managed to get away, and he'd rode Carefree like the wind in order to be punctual. Ten minutes later, he could see the banks of the Southern River, its water glistening in the morning sun. A little wooden ship was moored to the bridge that went across the river, and Link assumed it to be Bagu's boat. He wondered what the Elder wished to see him about. Perhaps Catalia had a problem, and they wished Link would help? He felt he should be obliged to really, after all, it was his homeland. But the hero felt apprehensive going back there; surely the memories of that terrible day would all come flooding back. In fact, he'd never gone back ever since it had happened, well over eight years ago. He would avoid going near the site of his village though, and at least he could ride to the Elder's town. Just having Carefree there, his faithful bay stallion, might help. And hopefully, he would stay no longer than a day at the most. The horse slowed as he approached the bridge, and Link saw Bagu sitting on the edge, busy fishing. He turned, hearing the sound of hooves, and smiled at Link warmly.

  "So boy, we're off to Catalia then?" he asked, as Link dismounted and led Carefree onto the boat.

  "Yeah. One of the Elders there wishes to speak with me," he explained. Bagu pulled up the anchor single-handedly. Link watched, amazed. He wished that he had half the power Bagu had. He was known as the strongest man in the whole of Hyrule, a large, burly man with a thick black beard. "Have you brought your frogs?" Link enquired, putting Carefree in the small animal enclose that was situated on the deck. Bagu grinned at the mention of his two beloved pets.

  "They're about somewhere," he answered, still grinning. Link smiled back, then lay back, watching the clouds up above, and daydreaming.


  It didn't take long to reach the rocky shores of Catalia. It was early evening as Link set off along the road that would lead to the small town of Gardarika. "Link!" called a high pitched voice. Link turned in the saddle, seeing Sprite flying towards him.

  "What are you doing here, Sprite?" he asked in surprise.

  "Oh, I've been following you," the faerie grinned.

  "Whatever for?" Link said, slowing Carefree to a leisurely trot.

  "Well, alright, I lied. I've only just caught up with you now. I have some news for you," she said, alighting on his shoulder.

  "Which is?" Link asked, halting his horse and pulling out his map. "Light spell," he told the faerie. She cast it onto the map for him, making it easy to read in the approaching darkness. "Thanks," Link replied, consulting the map to see how far away he was from his destination.

  "We faeries have found another shard of the Triforce of Wisdom!" Sprite squealed excitedly. Link smiled, glad.

  "That's wonderful. Zelda will be really pleased. But why didn't you wait? I'd have been back soon enough," he said, putting the map back into his pocket.

  "Uh... I know. But, I kinda figured that you might be a little lonely," the faerie said sweetly.

  "More like you're just being nosy!" Link laughed good-naturedly. Sprite giggled.

  "Maybe just a little bit," she admitted.

  "Did Zel not tell you? An Elder wishes to speak with me," Link told her.

  "No. Someone just said you were on your way to Catalia," Sprite replied.

  "Oh well, actually, I guess I'll enjoy the company. I don't know anyone here anymore," Link said, turning his horse down a small side track. The nearby signpost said that Gardarika was less than a mile away, and Link could see the warm glow of light coming from atop the nearby hill. "Come on, let's hurry up," he said, urging Carefree into a canter.


  Zelda stared at the Triforce of Power intently. It was giving her a bad feeling just by looking at it. Last time they'd had it, the Triforce of Wisdom had been there, cancelling out its bad effect. But now, without all its pieces, the Wisdom Triforce didn't even function. Zelda had been grateful that the faeries had discovered another shard, but it was still far from completion. She decided that the feeling she'd experienced a few nights back hadn't really gone, just faded a little. She was nervous about Ganon, but even if his monsters did resurrect him, he'd be powerless, Zelda rationalised to herself. Enzar was dead. Who else could possibly be a threat? Trenon perhaps, she thought, thinking of the evil savage leader. But we have two Triforces, almost three. I've got more power than anyone else in the kingdom, the Princess thought with satisfaction. Warily, she placed her hand onto the Triforce of Power. It felt just like the others, and she wondered why Impa had warned her not to use it. "It can't be that terrible, perhaps its all just a superstition that was made, because Ganon used to own it," she said softly to herself. Having said that, she drew her hand quickly away again, just in case. Making one last check on the security of the tower, she then headed to the Drawing Room, where her Father and Fenella were, busy talking to Nick and a few other guests.


  Arcesius, the Elder of the town, warmly welcomed Link into his comfortable house. "Link, it is a pleasure to see you back home on your own soil again!" he said. Link just nodded, feeling suddenly shy. "My wife Elynda has prepared supper for you, and after you shall tell me of your life in Hyrule," the white haired man declared.

  "Why did you want to see me?" Link questioned.

  "Ahh... wait Master Link. It all comes in due course," Arcesius said, his bright blue eyes looking at Link intensely.

  "I have to be at a wedding by Saturday. I wish to leave by tomorrow afternoon," Link answered, wishing that the man would tell him what exactly was going on.

  "Of course of course. Do not worry. You shall be back for that wedding," Arcesius promised.

  "He'd better be! The King is getting married you know!" Sprite piped up.

  "Shh!" Link told her. Arcesius smiled.

  "Just like in the tradition of the original tribes. A faerie companion," he said.

  "What? How do you mean? What tribes?" Link asked.

  "Why, don't you remember boy? You yourself are a sprig of one of the most famous in this particular area. The Kokiri Tribe. In fact, your entire village were direct, pure descendants," the Elder explained.

  "I never knew that..." Link said, feeling more surprised by the minute.

  "You are almost one of the last," the man added in a mysterious tone.

  "One of the last?" Link asked, puzzled.

  "Don't ask questions yet my boy. You'll find out the answers soon enough," Arcesius replied. At that moment, Elynda walked into the room.

  "Supper is ready! Welcome Link!" the white-haired lady said in a lilting tone. Link smiled at her, thinking that she looked a little like Impa.

  "Good, good. Come right this way, Link," Arcesius said, leading Link through into the cosy kitchen. The table was set for four, and a warm fire roared in the fireplace.

  "Where is Kylara, Arcesius? I've been waiting for her to return all day," Elynda said, as she set down some bowls of creamy soup.

  "I think she's a little shy. She knew that Link was coming today," Arcesius replied.

  "Who is Kylara? Your daughter?" Link enquired, tasting some of the soup. It was delicious.

  "She is not of our kin. But don't worry about her for now. I have questions that I'd like to ask you," Arcesius said.