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The Amulet of Nagul

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)

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Chapter 4


  Zelda woke up the next morning, feeling absolutely terrible. Sitting on the side of her bed and looking into a small hand mirror, she thought, Ugh. I look dreadful! Obviously, she was coming down with the flu'. She felt tired, and sick. "How typical!" she wailed. "I'd just have to be unwell for Father's wedding!" Feeling sorry for herself, she lay back down on the bed. Dowser, the court hound suddenly rushed into her room, and jumped on top of the bed, wagging his tail furiously. He proceeded to shower the Princess in dog drool by licking her on the face, and she had to push him away. "Dowser!" she scolded lightly, wiping her face with her hand. The dog just sat there, almost grinning. Smiling slightly, she leaned forward to pet the shaggy grey hound, but not before she started sneezing. Sighing, she reached for a handkerchief. She was not feeling good at all. "Dowser, go get Impa, there's a good boy," she said drowsily. Dowser stared at her, still grinning. "Get Impa!" the Princess yelled. The dog bounded off the bed, and back out of the door. Zelda doubted if he'd understood, but perhaps he would still go to Impa. She got up out of bed, and stood there for several minutes, debating whether to get up or not. She felt like going back to sleep, but then again, she would only get bored just lying in bed all day. She leaned outside of the door, and shouted for a guard. One came rushing up a few moments later, looking worried.

  "Yes, Your Highness?" the young soldier questioned breathlessly.

  "Would you please go and get Impa for me?" Zelda asked. The guard nodded.

  "Of course, Your Highness," he said, turning to go back down the stairs. Impa arrived less than five minutes later.

  "What's the matter, Princess?" she enquired.

  "I feel and look terrible!" Zelda moaned. Impa smiled sympathetically.

  "Sounds like you're getting that pesky flu' that's going around. Now, the best cure for that is a good few days in bed," the old woman decided.

  "What? I can't! My Father and Fenella get married in less than 3 days!" the Princess protested.

  "If you rest, you may be better by then," Impa stated.

  "But... oh I just can't! It'll be so boring!" Zelda replied.

  "Don't be silly. Now, you get back in bed where it's warm, and I'll bring you some medicine, and some interesting books from the library," Impa said calmly, leading Zelda back over to her four poster bed. The Princess slipped back under the covers gratefully, before proceeding to have another sneezing fit.

  "What did I do to deserve this?" she complained after.

  "Nothing at all, dear Princess. But we don't want this spreading, so you'd better not have any visitors," Impa replied.

  "Not even Link?" Zelda asked.

  "Not even Link," Impa repeated firmly. Zelda pouted a little, but then she smiled.

  "He will come up anyway," she said.

  "He isn't back yet. Now, you get some rest," Impa said, pulling the blanket up over her, then walking back down the steps.


  Link was woken up by Elynda. The previous evening, he'd spent answering many questions for the Elder. The man had wanted to know all about Link's life at North Castle, about Zelda, his friends, and of his brave adventures. For once, Link had soon tired of talking about himself. He usually enjoyed reciting his deeds and quests, but telling them to Arcesius had felt a bit weird. "Hurry up. I shall be serving breakfast soon, and my husband and I wish you to meet someone special," Elynda told him. Link dressed and washed as quickly as possible, then made his way to the kitchen. He was surprised to see a rather beautiful girl sitting at the table. She was small, with long wavy brown hair and deep blue eyes. He smiled at her, thinking that she looked a little familiar.

  "Good morning Link," Arcesius called.

  "Good morning," he said, smiling round at everyone.

  "This is Kylara," Arcesius introduced. Kylara smiled at Link as he took his place at the table.

  "Hi Kylara, it's lovely to meet you," he said, offering her his hand. She shook it lightly.

  "Why Link, don't you remember me?" she enquired softly.

  "What? Remember you?" Link replied, starting to feel confused again. Kylara looked at him directly.

  "I used to live in your village," she stated. Suddenly, it dawned on Link who she actually was. Kylara? Of course, she lived only a few doors away! And Haylee's best friend, if I remember correctly... he thought.

  "I'm sorry, yeah I recognise you. But I thought you were all dead!" Link replied.

  "No! Some of us escaped. Me, my parents, and a couple of other kids. We sought refuge here. My parents have since died...," Kylara said sadly.

  "I'm so sorry," Link said, not knowing what to say. Kylara continued.

  "Now, only five of us survive. Six, counting you. We have to continue the line of the Kokiri," she explained.

  "There are four others?" Link asked.

  "Yes. Fayzie and Aden married a few weeks back, and Miya and Derin will marry soon. That leaves just me and you," Kylara replied, smiling suggestively.

  "Uh, really? Oh well, I'm getting married sometime, actually," Link said, wondering if she was implying what he thought she was implying.

  "Married? You can't!" Kylara said, perhaps a tad too forcefully.

  "Since when?" Link asked.

  "We have to get married. We need to retain the Kokiri line," Kylara replied.

  "I'm really flattered, but I'm going to marry Princess Zelda of Hyrule," Link answered flatly.

  "We know, but we think that your loyalties really lie with your heritage," Arcesius stated. Geeze, they sound just like my aunt and uncle! Link thought.

  "No, I'm afraid they don't. I'm marrying Zelda, and absolutely nothing will ever change my mind," he said firmly.


 "How did you let him get away you fools?" Ganon screeched to his two scouts, Skoll and Aspete. The necromancer had awoken just hours after Link had left the underworld with both of his, yes his, two Triforces. He had also awoken without a body, which hadn't been very pleasant for himself. He had managed to float up out of the pit and find his two scouts and instructed them to haul his body out along with Trenon's body and head. An hour and a half later Ganon managed to re-enter his body and revive Trenon as well. Whilst he himself bore no marks from Link's sword, Trenon bore plenty. Since his body or magic wasn't as strong as Ganon's, he still had plenty of scars courtesy of Link. Ganon had had to stitch Trenon's head back to his body before he could be resurrected and the stitches around his neck didn't look all that pleasant to say the least.


  "'E 'ad both of duh Triforces yur evilness," explained Aspete.

  "And?" said Ganon expectantly.

  "And, er, well 'e 'ad BOTH of dem," said Aspete blankly. "Enough you fool. I tire of your pathetic excuses," said Ganon. He turned to Skoll ,

  "And what is your excuse may I ask?"

  "Erm, well you see da thing is if that Link can kill you and Trenon, what's he gonna do to a simple Stalfos like me?" said Skoll almost logically.

  "Hmmm," pondered Ganon. "Well, you two can go. I want you to go and find that ugly beast Sal and bring her to me," Ganon instructed them.

  "Right away," said Aspete and Skoll in unison as they scuttled away out of Ganon's throne room. As the two left Trenon stepped out of the shadows quietly. Ganon turned around and smiled at Trenon. "Feeling better I see?" he said. Trenon nodded.

  "Yes, and my scouts have just discovered something very useful that could rid us of that tiresome warrior, Link, once and for all," rasped Trenon, his eyes gleaming.

  "Very interesting, what is this exactly?" asked Ganon curiously.

  "Well, it goes like this...".


  "But Link, you should surely consider," implored Arcesius. Link shook his head defiantly. Kylara glared at him whilst Elynda just kept quiet.

  "He doesn't have to consider anything!" squeaked Sprite.

  "But think of our tribe," said Kylara unhappily.

  "What about it? I left my life here a long time ago. I've got a completely new life now, and in fact I suspect I'm not even a true Kokirian. Look at me! I'm Hylian," pointed out Link.

  "Yeah exactly!" added Sprite. Kylara shook her head and looked up at him.

  "You're still a Kokirian, just because you're a Hylian it doesn't mean you can shy away from your heritage," she insisted. Link thrust his hand out towards her and showed her the faint scaring on the back of his hand.

  "Look at my hand! What so you see? It's the crest of the kingdom, my kingdom. Hyrule."

  "How did you get that?" asked Arcesius.

  "When I was sixteen this mark appeared on my hand. I showed it to Zelda's nursemaid, Impa and she told me that it meant that I was the destined Hero of Hyrule, the one who was meant to search for the Triforce of Courage. I did, but I only found it years later, now," explained Link. Arcesius shook his head.

  "That still doesn't mean you can't carry on your line," he started but Kylara interrupted him.

  "Leave it Arcesius. It's obvious he thinks he's too good for the likes of me. He's a hero now, engaged to some fanciful princess. Heritage isn't important to him. Just status," she said looking disgusted. "How can anyone who was so kind and thoughtful have turned into such a cad in only a few years," she thought out loud shaking her head sadly. Link looked at Kylara, annoyed.

  "You don't even know me! How can you make judgement of someone in just an hour or two?" he asked angrily.

  "Yeah, how could you say that about Link? He's the nicest human I know!" shrieked Sprite, insulted by Kylara's remarks.

  "If I were mistaken, you would do the right thing to prove your worth and accept that we must marry to carry on the Kokiri tribe," she said bitterly.

  "I don't even know you. How could I marry you?" asked Link hotly.

  "Because I'm one of your kind Link, we would connect because we are of the same kind," explained Kylara.

  "Because we're from the same tribe? I don't think so Kylara. I connect with people whom I choose, not to people who claim that I have to marry her because we need to carry on the Kokiri tribe. There's only six of us left. How do we carry on a line from that? Does this town have a village idiot? Do you want to know how that happened?" asked Link.

  "Yeah, it's from when brother's and sisters marry, or fathers and daughters!" said Sprite.

  "Small acorns grow into great oaks," quoted Arcesius.

  "Oh great," said Link rolling his eyes.

  "You have turned into a very disrespectful young man Link," said Arcesius coldly.

  "How would you know? You've never even met me before," said Link standing up.

  "Am I being ignored here?" Sprite wondered out loud. She got no response, not even from Link. Elynda put her hand on Link's shoulder and firmly pressed him back down to his seat. "Come now, there was bound to be some difficulties you three. You don't know each other all that well. Perhaps Kylara and Link should get to know each other a little better instead of making hasty decisions. You are both so young, there's no hurry for either of you to marry yet. The same would go for you and your princess," Elynda suggested soothingly.

  "Yeah, she's right Link. In fact I don't think you should marry her or Zelda, you should marry me!" squealed Sprite, delighted at the thought. Link shook his head and looked at Sprite.

  "Give it a rest Sprite," he asked.

  "Hmmph!" replied the faerie who promptly flew out of the window.

  "Come Arcesius. We have imposed enough, we shall leave them to it," she continued walking over to her husband.

  "Look, I'm real pleased to meet all of you but I have to be back in Hyrule in two days. That's not near enough time for us to get to know each other properly. And besides, me and Zelda love each other more than anything in the world. Nothing could change my, or her mind about our marriage to be," stated Link standing back up again.

  "Then I'll travel back to Hyrule with you," piped up Kylara. Link stared at Kylara blankly for a minute then was just about to protest when Arcesius spoke.

  "What a wonderful idea Kylara. It's perfect, you'd be able to get to know each other on the voyage back and then when you wish to return I'll send Aden or Derin to come and get you back home safely. Or Link could escort you back after the wedding," suggested Arcesius with a sly gleam in his eye.

  "Don't do it Link!" yelled Sprite flying back through the window. Link shrugged then turned to Elynda who was about to speak.

  "Yes, that is rather a good idea," added Elynda smiling brightly.

  "Then it's all settled," said Kylara. "We'll leave straight away."

  "Jeez, talk about being pushy with a capital 'P'," thought Link uncomfortably, "What will Zel think?" he thought. Perhaps he could tell her that she was an old friend, just coming to visit Hyrule, yeah that'd do.


  Link was sat across from Kylara in the hold of the 'Imbecile's dream' a Catalian ship. They had just managed to convince the captain to give them passage before they had set sail. He had taken their money almost too eagerly and then immediately set sail for Hyrule. The two hadn't spoken since they had boarded the ship. He had just stared at the wall past her right shoulder whilst she had just looked down at her feet. It was an uncomfortable silence for both of them but neither knew how exactly to break the ice. Kylara looked up for the first time and smiled at him prettily. He had moved his eyes from the wall he'd been staring blankly at and smiled back at her friendly. "I suppose you'll think I was a little pushy when we met," she said letting her gaze drop shyly to her feet. Link grinned.

  "Maybe just a smidgen," he said.

  "How long does it take to get to Hyrule?" she asked.

  "It depends on the speed the ship is going, the currents of the tides, weather etc. etc." explained Link.

  "Oh I see. Well how much would you estimate?" she pressed.

  "Oh I'm not that sure, about six hours at a guess," he said.

  "Hi!" came a small voice. It was Sprite.

  "Where've you been?" asked Link.

  "Exploring this ship, are you sure it's safe? I don't like the captain he looks a bit shady. How do you know he won't press gang you?" asked Sprite speaking quickly.

  "Press gang me?" asked Link confused at the term.

  "Oh Link, don't you know anything?" asked Sprite rolling her eyes. "It's when they drug you, then they put tar in your hair and then make you become a pirate," explained Sprite seriously.

  "Okay Sprite, I don't think that's going to happen on this ship," said Link slowly as if talking to a child.

  "Don't take that tone of voice with me Link!" said Sprite, placing her hands on her hips. She flew over to his shoulder and sat down. Link grinned at Sprite and looked across to Kylara.

  "Just ignore her, she can get a little eccentric at times," he explained to her.

  "Okay then," said Kylara laughing.


  Link had to admit that she was pretty. "If only Hayden were still alive. These two would've been perfect," he thought sadly.

  "What's wrong?" asked Kylara noticing Link's sad expression. Link looked up at her,

  "Nothing really. Can you remember Hayden?" he asked.

  "Yes, and who couldn't?" asked Kylara her expression hardening.

  "What do you mean?" inquired Link.

  "Oh, no it doesn't matter. You don't need to know," she said.

  "No, come on tell me. Why could no one forget him?" asked Link.

  "Well, it's been said, and proved that it was Hayden who told those barbarians to attack. He was Chief Trenon's apprentice," began Kylara.

  "What? He was not! He only met Trenon a few years ago, when he came over to Hyrule to find me!" said Link.

  "No, Hayden left the town with Trenon, and how come you know about Trenon?" asked Kylara. Link shoulder's slumped dejectedly.

  "Hayden died not so long ago. Trenon killed him for trying to help me. Trenon was going to sacrifice Hayden and Zelda. I didn't know which one to go for. Oh god what have I done?" asked Link keeling over to the ground, hands on his face. Sprite almost lost her balance when he keeled over but she quickly regained her composure and flew over to Link to try and calm him.

  "You sacrificed your own blood and bone for a princess? What did you get? A large reward, like engagement?" asked Kylara who now seemed disgusted by this turn of events. Sprite turned towards Kylara agitatedly.

  "Don't you think he's suffered enough? Give the guy a break. He was already engaged to Zelda at the time for your information. Look at him, he's going to have to live with the fact that he could've saved his brother from death for the rest of his life, do you think he wanted his brother to die?" asked Sprite menacingly. Kylara turned up her nose.

  "Well, Hayden wasn't worth all that much anyway. He as good as killed my family," she sniffed. Link leapt to his feet and pinned Kylara against the wall with one hand.

  "Don't say that about Hayden, he was a good kid. He didn't mean any of it, I know he'd regretted that he was part of that damn sect, but I know that he never had to regret the deaths of his friends and family because he didn't cause any of them," yelled Link, his face inches from Kylara's. He took a step back, dropping his hand. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that," said Link, his normally broad and strong figure slumping down dejectedly. Kylara took a step forward and hugged him.

  "I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have said those things," apologised Kylara. Link stepped back and sat down.

  "If you don't mind I'm going to try and get some sleep," said Link quietly. He lay down and tried to get into a comfortable position until he finally dropped off from sheer weariness.


  It was late in the evening when the small boat landed at the port near Saria. Link would have stayed there in the town, but ever since Ganon had attacked, it was little but a pile of rubble. They would have to ride to Ruto, and by the time they got there, Link felt that they might as well continue on to North Castle. Sprite had fallen asleep in his pocket, and he was glad, because the faerie had been making remarks throughout the voyage, especially a particularly disturbing threat about telling Zelda the 'whole story' as it were, just so that she would get angry and yell at Link. When Link had enquired as to why Sprite would do this, Sprite had explained that, although she liked Zelda, she thought that the Princess and Link were badly matched anyway, and also because it would be funny. Sometimes, Link thought, his faerie companion could be a bit warped. It was even worse for the fact that Kylara would have to share his horse with him. But at least Sprite wasn't awake to see this. He led Carefree across the plank onto shore, and helped Kylara mount up behind him. "I can't wait to see the castle," the girl remarked, as they set off northbound. Link just nodded. "Will we get there soon?" she asked. "Soon enough. In less than two hours, probably quicker," Link answered.