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The Amulet of Nagul

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)

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Chapter 5


  The next morning, the day before the King and Lady Fenella's wedding, Link decided to go and see Zelda. He and Kylara had arrived late the previous evening, and Impa had sorted out a room for Kylara, and informed Link that Zelda was suffering from the flu', and ought to be left alone. "She'll want to get up if she knows that you're back," Impa had told him. Link had nodded, but it still hadn't stopped him from deciding to go and talk to his fiancée. Somehow, he would have to explain to her about Kylara. In a way, it was lucky that she wasn't feeling 100%, and so she probably wouldn't get up until the next day. Sprite insisted on coming with him.

  "It's just so I know that you're going to tell Zelda the whole truth," the faerie said, as they made their way up the tower. Link stopped.

  "Sprite, are you crazy? Zel would just not understand. I'm better off not telling her," he replied. The faerie stared at him.

  "But what if she finds out?" she questioned.

  "If you keep your little mouth shut, she won't," he said harshly. Sprite looked at him in surprise.

  "Jeez, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning," the faerie declared.

  "Sprite, I already feel terrible. Don't you even think about making me any worse!" he said. Sprite smiled prettily.

  "I'm not," she replied.

  "Good. Because if you even dare to tell Zel what really happened..." he began sternly. The faerie fluttered in front of him.

  "I'll try not to. Of course, I can't help being one of people who's truthful, and..." she started. Link swatted at her in warning, then started back up the stairs again. "She'll find out one way or another!" the faerie shouted after him. Link ignored her, already working out what he was going to tell the Princess.


  "Zel?" he called softly, peering around the door.

  "Link?" Zelda called back, sounding pleased. He walked over up to the bed. Zelda was lying curled up under all the blankets, a book on the bed next to her. She looked pale and tired, her golden hair all tousled and curly from not having been brushed that day. She smiled however, upon seeing him. Link grinned at her, and handed her a small bunch of flowers.

  "How are you feeling, Zel?" he asked her anxiously. Zelda attempted to sit up.

  "Oh, fine. Thank you for the flowers, they're lovely," she murmured, placing them on the nightstand. "I'll need to put those in some water. Impa said she wasn't going to let you up," she said.

  "Oh, Impa wasn't going to prevent me from coming up to see you in your time of need," he said, ruffling her hair affectionately. She reached up and caught his hand in hers.

  "How was Catalia?" she enquired.

  "Uh..." Link began, trying to think.

  "You only went two days ago!" the Princess laughed.

  "Well, it was, uh, nothing remarkable," he finally said.

  "Why did that Elder want to see you?" Zelda pressed. Link sighed.

  "Uh, well, there was some people from my village there, who'd escaped. One was an old friend," he said hurriedly.

  "Oh, that's great," Zelda said. She began to sneeze, and waved Link away from her. "This cold is horrible. You'd better not get too close to me," she said forlornly. Link smiled at her.

  "I'll be okay," he said, leaning down to give her a small kiss. Zelda smiled.

  "Don't. If you caught this, you could be out of action for ages, and that just isn't a good thing!" she exclaimed.

  "You worry too much," Link told her.

  "I'm just concerned," she responded. She got up out of the bed, and sat on the side. "Tell me more about this friend," she said. It was the question Link had been dreading.

  "Uh, actually, she's here right now. She's always wanted to visit Hyrule," he quickly explained.

  "Oh, that's nice. Perhaps I'll meet her tomorrow?" Zelda asked. Link nodded.

  "Maybe," he said, surprised. She didn't appear all that bothered, although usually, if he had a female friend, Zelda would act all jealous. But, she was smiling. Perhaps it was because she was feeling slightly unwell, and she wasn't thinking straight, he reasoned.

  "I'm so nervous about tomorrow. I just don't want Father to marry Fenella at all, but I guess it's all settled now," Zelda remarked, standing up. "Oh, and I just hate having to stay in bed all day! I feel like going for a walk!" she added, looking at Link imploringly.

  "Now Zel..." he warned.

  "Oh, you're just as bad as my Father and Impa!" Zelda said sulkily. "I hate just lying here!" she added.

  "Well, imagine if you had to stay in bed tomorrow! You'd miss all the celebrations!" Link replied. Zelda hugged him.

  "Oh come on. Let's go someplace, just me and you," she said temptingly. Link steered her in the direction of her bed.

  "Not today Zel. I think you should get some rest," he said. Zelda suddenly looked sleepy, and nodded.

  "Yes, I suppose I am pretty tired," she admitted. Link made sure she was comfortable, then left. Kylara would be awake soon, and he couldn't risk having her talk to anyone. She might give them the wrong idea, and then word would get back to Zelda. And, sick or not, she wouldn't be very pleased if she found out what Kylara really wanted with him.


  The day of the wedding dawned with bright sunshine. The whole of the castle was very busy, everyone had some thing to do, whether it was preparing dishes for the celebration feast, or decorating the Great Hall for the dance that would take place after the wedding. Zelda had managed to get up, still full of cold, but not feeling to bad. She and Fayette got ready together. "Oh, this is so exciting!" Fayette exclaimed, pulling her dress on. Zelda didn't comment. She was feeling increasingly upset about the whole affair. She'd told herself she was being selfish by not wanting her father to remarry, but to her, it just didn't seem right. "Just think, I'm going to be a princess!" Fayette cried excitedly.

  "It's nothing exciting," Zelda replied, staring into the mirror.

  "And, if things work out with me and Nick, I'll be a queen!" Fayette added. Zelda combed her hair, putting all her thoughts to the back of her mind. Fayette continued her ecstatic tirade. "And if my mother is marrying your father, I bet that means I can use the Triforces too!" Zelda looked up at Fayette in disbelief.

  "You've got to be kidding. There's no way I'm letting you even touch them!" Zelda said.

  "Oh, you're so selfish! I thought that sisters shared things!" Fayette wailed.

  "You're taking this 'sisters' thing a little too far, Faye. Besides only certain people can use the Triforce. You have to be extremely smart and know magic," Zelda answered, putting the finishing touches to her make-up.

  "I am smart!" protested Fayette. Zelda cast her a withering look, then placed a flowered wreath upon her head.

  "Come on, the ceremony will be starting soon," she said, walking towards the door. Fayette hurriedly finished getting ready, and the two made their way to the royal chapel.


  Fenella was waiting outside of the room. She looked absolutely radiant, and Fayette felt extremely proud of her mother. Although Fenella was in her early forties, she looked really lovely in her white silk and lace dress. She wore a small gold and pearl tiara on top of her head, and white roses in her auburn hair. A long, chiffon train completed the look. "Girls, you look wonderful," Fenella complimented, smiling warmly at them.

  "And so do you, Mother," Fayette said, in her sweetest voice.

  "Well, let's not keep everyone waiting," Zelda said, picking up one end of Fenella's train. Fayette took the other end, and the three walked gracefully inside the chapel.


  King Harkinian was standing over by the altar, looking extremely proud. He was wearing a magnificent purple silk cloak, and a crisp white robe trimmed with gold. His best imperial crown sat atop his head. His good friend, King Derrick of Dubatio was standing nearby, as Harkinian's best man. All of Hyrule's greatest friends were inside the small chapel, celebrating the happy day. As Zelda, Fenella and Fayette walked down the aisle, Zelda smiled at Link, who was sitting near the front. She was surprised to see a pretty girl with rich brown hair sitting rather close to him, but had little time to ponder over who it was, for they then arrived at the end of the chapel. Zelda and Fayette took their seats, whilst Fenella stood next to the King. "Hi," Zelda whispered, managing to sit on the end of the pew, where Link was. He took her hand, much to the annoyance of Kylara, who was sat on the other side of him. While the priest went through the various prayers and vows, Fayette was sat thinking about the great future that lay ahead of her. Here she was, about to be a princess of Hyrule. That sounded so much better than simply a Lady of Sosaria, she thought happily. Even better, she might ever get to be the Queen of Dalsona, one of the richest countries in the world. She smiled to herself, thinking of all the power and wealth she might end up having someday. Meanwhile, Princess Zelda's thoughts were completely different to those of Fayette's. Her Father couldn't marry Fenella, she thought unhappily. It just wasn't right. Surely he was still in love with Alina, Zelda's long dead mother. At the thought, she felt tears springing to her eyes. Trembling with unhappiness, she let out a huge sob. Several people turned to look at her, including Link.

  "Zel?" he whispered, concerned. She wiped her eyes, but the tears kept coming.

  "They just can't get married!" she whispered to him. The priest was busy going through the vows, the King and Fenella answering,

  "I do," to each one. Link wasn't sure what to do. He remembered the King asking him how Zelda was feeling about the whole thing. Link had thought that she had finally accepted the situation, and he'd told her Father that. Now, it looked like she was about to spoil everything.

  "They can Zel! Your Father's happiness is important, don't do this!" he whispered back.

  "But Link!" she sobbed. The priest reached the final part of his speech.

  "If there is any man or woman in the chapel who knows a reason why Our Noble Ruler, King Harkinian of Hyrule, and the fair Lady Fenella of Sosaria, should not be joined in holy matrimony, please speak up now, or forever hold your silence," he announced.


  "Well I for one wish to have a say in this matter," boomed an all to familiar voice for the ears of Link and Zelda. Everyone gasped and turned around to lay their eyes on the, supposedly late, leader of the Carcastan sect, Trenon.

  "I thought you said you'd killed him," Zelda hissed to Link. Link shrugged in response and slowly drew his sword.

  "There's someone who I have brought along with me that I'd you all to meet, I'm sure you, Link, will be especially interested." From behind Trenon a figure stepped forward.

  "Hayden?" asked Link standing up. It was Hayden, but Link immediately noticed something different about his brother.

  "Hayden!" cried out Fayette joyfully. She leapt up and rushed forward towards Hayden, but not before Link caught hold of her arm.

  "Look at his eyes," he whispered to her through clenched teeth. Fayette gasped and stepped backwards.

  "Can't you leave my family alone?" asked Link. An evil smile crept across Trenon's lips.

  "No, it seems that I can't, can I?" he said, grinning at Link almost insanely. Several guards had crept up behind Trenon but he didn't seem to care. When one tried to strike Trenon the blow was simply deflected, sending the man staggering back. "No-one can harm me but you Link, after all you were the one that killed me the first time," said Trenon laughing.

  "It won't be the last time I kill you either," said Link glaring across at Trenon. "Well if you wish to fulfil that promise then you'll have to get past your dear brother first," leered Trenon. Link looked over to his brother and paused.

  "It's okay, it's not Hayden, not in spirit. I can kill him, I can sink this blade into him. It won't matter he's just another one of Trenon's tricks, it won't matter. But he's still Hayden, if I attack him and kill him then I could ruin my chances of ever getting to know him, he's the only family I've got left..." Link's thoughts were changed by a gently push on his shoulder. Hayden was bearing down upon him, sword raised. Link braced himself for Hayden's first strike, it sank in and it sank in hard. Link rolled to one side and tripped Hayden up as he prepared to bring his sword down onto Link's skull. There were gasps from the crowd as Link jumped up, they saw blood pouring from a deep wound in his left shoulder. Link grimaced in pain and switched his sword from his left hand to his right. His left arm would be useless now. Link backed over towards one of the pews to support himself, just as Hayden rose from the ground.


  "Why didn't he strike Hayden then?" wondered Zelda as she looked across to Link and his brother in horror. "Hayden's affecting him, he can't bear to harm him," she concluded, wondering if she ought to go and help out. She suddenly felt a cold, damp hand on her shoulder. The princess wheeled round to be confronted with the white face of Trenon, she noticed the stitches around his neck and backed away with repulsion.

  "You're coming with me!" rasped Trenon reaching out for Zelda. She lifted a foot to kick Trenon, and screamed. No-one heard her cries, or at least no-one responded. "Time is frozen my dear. No one can hear your cries, look around you're still over there and I'm still behind the pews. No-one can help you now. If you co-operate I won't make Link suffer anymore. Hayden is just a mere illusion, I could change him into anything including his own mother or father or even you. Do you agree to co-operate?" asked Trenon.


  Link glanced down at the large gash Hayden had created in the wooden pew with his sword. "Okay enough is enough, you're not Hayden!" stated Link plunging his sword into Hayden's stomach. Hayden keeled over in pain letting his sword clatter to the ground. He looked up at Link, his eyes had changed.

  "Link, how could you kill me like this," he asked clutching his wound. Link dropped to his knees loosening his grip from his sword.

  "Hayden, I'm, I'm sorry," Link spluttered staring into his brother's eyes. He leaned over to help Hayden but instead received a well placed blow in the face.

  "Fool!" muttered Hayden standing back up and kicking Link. Link stumbled over onto the floor. Hayden laughed and looked down at his rapidly healing wound. "Time to die brother!" he cackled taking his sword and holding it over Link.

  "Not so fast!" said Nick thrusting his sword through Hayden's back. Link moved out of the way and retrieved his sword then stood up. Nick let Hayden fall to the ground and helped Link up. "I'm sorry I didn't help sooner, I seemed to be frozen to the spot," apologised Nick. A few people were beginning to shake out of the trance that Trenon had obviously cast and were looking around dazed and confused.


  "Undo the magic on that tower and hand over what is rightfully mine!" Trenon said, as he dragged Zelda out into the courtyard.

  "No! I would rather die than hand over the power of my kingdom to the likes of you!" Zelda yelled defiantly.

  "Ganon told me you'd act like this..." Trenon said, not loosening his grip on the princess for a moment.

  "Ganon?! I might have known he'd be behind this! Let me go! You'll be sorry if you don't!" Zelda retorted, kicking Trenon as hard as she could. It was too bad that she was wearing stupid satin shoes, the Carcastan chief didn't even flinch.

  "Princess, you really are being very silly. Now, go and get me those Triforces, before I have to hurt you," Trenon said calmly.

  "Never! You can torture me all you like, I'll never give you what you want!" Zelda cried. "Why you hold onto this foolish notion about rather dying than giving up something so simple, I shall never understand. It seems to me that you just have a big mouth Princess. You don't mean what you say," Trenon said, bringing his fingers around her neck. She still glared at him contemptuously, seemingly unafraid by his threats.

  "I will never, EVER, give up those Triforces! And, if Link has killed you before, he can do it again!"

  "Link isn't here right now, and won't be for a very long time. In fact, your beloved hero is as good as dead!" Trenon said, smiling evilly.

  "You are a very foolish man, Trenon. Foolish men soon meet their end!" Zelda declared derisively.

  "And you, my dear girl, are a very foolish Princess," Trenon answered, his bony face grinning like that of a skull.

  "I simply refuse to give up what rightfully belongs to me! You'll never convince me otherwise, so let me go!" Zelda shrieked, wondering why no-one seemed to be hearing their struggle.

  "If you continue to defy me in this way Princess, I'm afraid we may have to resolve to the... more traditional methods of persuasion," Trenon replied, pushing her roughly up against the castle wall.

  "What? Torture? I don't care what you do to me, I'll never do what you want!" Zelda answered, her voice more shaky now. Trenon smiled to himself.

  "Okay, it seems you're not going to give me what I want just yet. Get moving! I'm taking you back to Death Mountain!" he said. Then he paused.

  "Wait. Let's leave a little present for that dratted hero." Zelda stared in horror, as Trenon conjured up an illusion of herself, except she was dead. What kind of magic is this? These are illusions, and yet we think they are real! No-one can do that! the Princess thought. Trenon clicked his fingers like Ganon did and they vanished.


  Link rushed down the stairs and through the Great Hall, out into the castle courtyard. "Zel!" he shouted, looking around for the Princess. He had left the chapel not long after Trenon had dragged Zelda out, and he had heard them shouting in the courtyard. However, neither were nowhere to be seen as he stepped outside. Then he saw Zelda. She was lying on the ground near the main path . Link ran over to her quickly. "Zel?" he questioned, bending down beside her. A dagger protruded from her chest, blood was everywhere. Horrified, he touched her wrist. Her arm was limp and cold, no pulse. She was dead. "No, no, no!" Link said distraught, shaking her as if would wake her up. "Zel, please," he whispered, tears springing to his eyes. This couldn't be happening... it wasn't real. Zelda, dead? The only girl he'd ever truly loved, and the heir to the kingdom. They'd never even got married... He'd failed her. It was his duty to protect her, and now he had truly failed. This was worse than the time Hayden had been killed, much worse. It made Link even more sick to know that his princess had been slain by the one and same person, Trenon. She was far too young, not deserving of such a terrible way to die. His tears falling readily now, Link leaned down to give her one last kiss. As he wept, he didn't hear the others coming out into the courtyard, wondering what was going on. The King and Fenella were stood in the doorway, Drake and Nick ran across to where Link was kneeled.

  "Link?" Drake asked. Link turned to see two of his best friends standing before him.

  "He killed her!" he cried.

  "What?" Drake said in surprise.

  "Trenon. He killed Zelda."