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The Amulet of Nagul

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)

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Chapter 9


  "What? Your Highness?!" the guard stammered, shock written over his face as he recognised Zelda in the light of the nearby torch. She'd sneaked inside through the secret passage through the well, but had been stopped outside Link's tower.

  "It's me," she replied.

  "No... no... it can't be. You are some vile trick of Ganon's!" the guard exclaimed.

  "If I was, then I wouldn't be able to step through this very door. You know the tower is protected with my most powerful spell to ward off evil," Zelda replied.

  "It really is her! She was never dead, that was just a trick of Ganon's!" Sprite replied. The guard looked confused, and uncertain.

  "You'll need to give me some sort of proof," he finally said.

  "Where is my Father?" Zelda demanded, looking angry.

  "He.. he, isn't here, your Highness," the guard stammered.

  "Well, where is he?" Zelda questioned.

  "Away in Sosaria with Lady Fenella, Your Highness," the guard managed to reply.

  "Well, what about Link? Is it true he's gone to Catalia?" Zelda then asked. "Well... yes, Your Highness," the guard replied.

  "I see. Well, I have to see Aaron Westley at once!" Zelda ordered.

  "I'm afraid I can't let you do that," the guard said apologetically.

  "Excuse me?" Zelda questioned in disbelief.

  "Well... Your Highness... Her Highness, Princess Fayette says that everyone who visits the castle must report to her," the guard explained. Zelda glared at the guard.

  "Fayette's in charge?" she cried incredulously.

  "Well... yes," the guard said. He was looking confused now.

  "Well, since I happen to be the true heir of Hyrule, and my father isn't here, doesn't that make ME in charge?" Zelda decided. The guard looked bewildered.

  "I'm really not sure," he finally said.


  "Goodness, what has come over everyone?!" Zelda said angrily. She turned to the guard. "This is a royal offence! Let me past at once!" she demanded. The guard blocked her way.

  "I'm sorry, Your Highness, but Princess Fayette ordered this that this tower was off-limits to everyone but herself earlier today."

  "Well I'm ordering that it isn't off-limits to me and my friends!" Zelda declared imperiously. Still angry, she asked, "And why has Link gone to Catalia ?" The guard looked nervous.

  "Your Highness, I..." he began, stopping.

  "Well?" Zelda intoned impatiently.

  "I told you why!" Sprite shrieked. Zelda ignored the faerie. The guard hesitated for a moment. "Well... Your Highness, I don't wish to gossip, but..."

  "But what?!" Zelda questioned.

  "Well, he... Link... I heard some of the other guards saying that he'd gone to Catalia with Miss Kylara..." the guard started.

  "Kylara?" Zelda cut in. The guard nodded.

  "Now Zelda..." Sprite began.

  "Was she that brown-haired girl he was sat with at my father's wedding?" she asked. The guard nodded. "Oh, I just knew it as soon as I saw her with him! How could he do this to me?!" she cried. She pushed past the guard, who was too surprised to stop her. Sprite just gave the guard a helpless look. "You know what she's like," she said, flying up past him to follow the Princess.


  Zelda ran all the way up to the top of the tower, never stopping to catch her breath once. Upon reaching the top, she realised that the door had been locked. The key was more than likely hidden somewhere in Fayette's room. She knelt down, and felt around the wall for the loose block where she and Link had hidden the spare key. She found it, and withdrew the old iron key that was behind it. Smiling slightly, she pushed it in the lock, turned it, and opened the door. It was pitch black inside the room, but there was the Triforce, glowing brightly in the middle of the room, even though no candles were lit, and the windows were tightly closed and locked. In fact, upon closer inspection, she realised that all three COMPLETE Triforces were stood upon the pedestal. "This can't be true," she said aloud, stepping closer. It wasn't fused together, each part was still separate. From reading the old Hylian texts, Zelda knew that once it was fused, the Triforce would turn into a golden colour, not yellow, like the Triforce of Courage, but truly golden. However, she wasn't sure how it could be done. "Three Triforces..." she murmured, her current anger at Link melting away, forgotten, as she stared incredulously at the sight before her.

  "Zelda?" Sprite called quietly. Zelda turned to the faerie.

  "Did you do this?" she asked.

  "Mostly. But I didn't know that it was complete either. People must have found the last piece or so whilst we were captured," the faerie said.

  "Then we have the means to finally destroy Ganon, if the legend holds true!" Zelda said, pacing thoughtfully.


  "Well, well, well," came a sarky voice. Zelda turned to see Fayette. She frowned.

  "Fayette! How dare you order that no-one is allowed here but you!" she cried.

  "I thought that guard was seeing things," Fayette said. She looked rather shocked.

  "How could you all fall for a magical trick?" Zelda cried.

  "I don't understand..." Fayette began, stepping back. Zelda noted that she looked frightened.

  "It's me, I was never dead, can't you see that?" Zelda exclaimed impatiently.

  "Well, whatever happened, your Father left me in charge. ME, not YOU," Fayette then said.

  "Oh Fayette, please get that silly idea out of your head at once!" Zelda complained.

  "Yes well, alright, we've established that you're very much alive. But what a pity you've come back and your beloved boyfriend isn't here," Fayette replied in a sneering tone. Zelda looked away, suddenly remembering.

  "He'll come back," she said quietly.

  "Oh yeah? Everybody knows that he just couldn't wait to run off with that country girl of his, what was she called?" Fayette remarked, smirking. Zelda blinked her tears away.

  "That's not true!" she said, wishing it was.

  "Oh poor Zelda, how betrayed you must feel," Fayette continued.

  "Shut up! You have no right to say those things! It's nothing to do with you!" Zelda cried.

  "I think I should go and get the others," Sprite said quietly. But the two Princesses were too busy glaring at each other to listen to the faerie. She flew out of the room.


  "Well, you are my sister. I do care about you, you know," Fayette remarked.

  "I will never agree to that! We're not related, not by blood anyway, and you don't care about me. Not in the slightest," Zelda retorted.

  "Well, you should have known better, than to get off with some peasant boy. They have no morals you know, such terrible flirts. You need a prince," Fayette answered.

  "Don't refer to Link that way!" Zelda replied angrily.

  "Like Nicolas, for example," Fayette continued.

  "I love Link, and he loves me," Zelda interrupted.

  "He must have loved Kylara more. I think he was only after your money and power," Fayette said, folding her arms, and looking at Zelda. Zelda turned away, and studied the Triforce intently.

  "No," she said simply. "You're wrong, Faye."

  "Oh well, I can see I'm not getting through to you. But it's too late now, he's already gone," Fayette replied.

  "Leave me alone," Zelda said, her tone soft and quiet. She wiped the tears away from her eyes again.

  "What the?" came a familiar voice. Zelda turned back to the doorway. Drake walked in, followed by Aaron, Selina, Nick, Dion, Damon and Charles. Drake hugged Zelda, and kissed her on the cheek. "You are safe!" he said. Zelda slipped out of his embrace, and stepped away from them all.

  "Is it true about Link?" she questioned, before they could ask her anything. An uncertain look passed around the group.

  "Well..." Drake began.

  "You don't have to lie, so as not to hurt my feelings!" the Princess snapped.

  "Yes, my lady, he went back to Catalia," Nick said.

  "That's not all, is it?!" Zelda interrupted.

  "Er, he went with Kylara, Princess," Aaron said quickly.

  "So everyone knows," Zelda said. She walked around, looking angry and upset at the same time.

  "Princess..." Drake began.

  "Oh be quiet! Don't make excuses for him!" Zelda said. Impa walked in.

  "Zelda!" she exclaimed. The Princess turned to see the old Hylian woman.

  "Impa!" she said, rushing over, and hugging her. Then she stepped away, and faced everyone. "Ganon is going to attack us tomorrow evening, and he has a very powerful artefact," she started.

  "What?" Drake asked.

  "I'm coming to that," Zelda replied. "Sprite! Fly to Catalia at once, and get Link back here at once!" she ordered.

  "He'll never make it for tomorrow night!" the faerie said.

  "I don't care! Go now!" Zelda said. Sprite flew away quickly.

  "Now listen," Zelda said, turning to everyone else.


  Link glanced out at the sea, watching as the waves crashed rhythmically against the walls of the cliff. He couldn't believe he'd left Hyrule so hastily. What if Ganon attacked North Castle, who would use the Triforce? It was true that they'd had all three Triforces but without Zelda to harness it's power, the Triforce was virtually useless. A lump formed in his throat at the thought of Zelda, how could he have lost her so easily? And Hayden as well, his long lost brother- who he had thought dead years ago. He stifled back a sob and bit his lip. Getting away from Hyrule had not eased the pain, it had worsened it. He needed his friends now, not to be away from them. What had he been thinking coming to Catalia? He barely even knew Kylara, let alone wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He knew he should return to Hyrule immediately but he was too proud. He didn't want people to think that he was an indecisive idiot who didn't know which way was which. And it had become blatantly obvious that the King found him unnecessary now that they had recovered all of the Triforce. The King has probably disapproved of him and Zelda in the first place, Link a mere peasant marrying the Princess of Hyrule? What a joke! He hugged his knees tightly to his chest. Maybe he was better off here in Catalia. Suddenly Link heard a flapping of wings, slow and deliberate - like that of a dragon's! "Sal!" cried Link jumping up and waving to his scaly friend. The dragon promptly landed, shaking the ground as she did so.

  "Well there you are!" exclaimed Sal, smoke rising from her nostrils.

  "What are you doing here?" asked Link in surprise.

  "Well, I just thought you ought to know that Ganon attacks North Castle tomorrow night, he has the Amulet of Nagul," explained Sal.

  "What!" cried Link in horror.

  "What's the Amulet of Nagul?" continued Link.

  "Well, it was some kind of artefact that Trenon had found, of course when you killed Trenon Ganon grabbed the amulet to use for his own vile deeds. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but Ganon thinks it has as much power as the Triforces. But the thing is Ganon may attack sooner once he realises Zelda is free," explained Sal.

  "Zelda is free?" asked Link, dumb founded.

  "My, my, you do need to do a lot of catching up don't you," said Sal.

  "Get on my back, I'll explain everything on the way to Hyrule," said Sal shaking her head. Link hesitated and glanced back to the village.

  "Give me ten minutes," he said dashing towards the village.

  "Every second counts," reminded Sal as she patiently began to wait.


  Link ran into the small hut where Kylara was making dinner. "Kylara," asked Link breathlessly. She turned and smiled to him. "Hyrule is in trouble, I'm going back now," he said. Her smile soured.

  "What? You can't be expected to run off there every time something happens. You have your own life here now, not Hyrule," retorted Kylara. Link shook his head.

  "My heart is in Hyrule, not here. I'm going to Hyrule and I'm not returning. I don't love you Kylara, I never did and you never loved me either. My destiny lies in Hyrule, not here," replied Link. Kylara shook her head.

  "You can't leave now," she wailed.

  "I must. I'm sorry," said Link, before he ran from the hut.

  "Wait!" she cried, rushing out after him. But it was all in vain. Link had climbed onto the back of a large dragon, and was already flying away, towards the ocean. The wind whipped at her long brown hair, as she gazed out over the sea sadly. Perhaps it wasn't over yet, though. Something might draw Link back to Hyrule, but she just had to convince him that Catalia was his real home. She wandered back into the hut, and began to pack up a few things. She'd just have to catch another ship over to Hyrule and make him come back home with her...


  Sprite cast a glow spell on herself to light the way as she crossed the ocean. Suddenly she heard the flapping of wings in the distance. Out of the gloom emerged a huge dragon. She stifled a scream as it flew closer to her. It could see her now, especially as she glowed in the darkness. "Sprite," called a voice.

  "Link!" cried back Sprite. He was riding the dragon.

  "Oh, don't tell me you know her! I'm getting ever so hungry," complained Sal.

  "Not this faerie," said Link.

  "Or any other," added Sprite as she perched herself atop Link's shoulder. "Boy is Zelda angry with you," started Sprite.

  "Yeah, I know. But first things first, we need to worry about Ganon and this amulet of his," muttered Link. Sprite glanced down at the top of the dragon's head. "Oh," said Link taking the hint.

  "Sal, this is Sprite, Sprite, this is Sal," introduced Link.

  "Turncoat eh?" said Sprite.

  "Oh quite, I hate Ganon and his stupid little minions telling me to do this and that. Why I'd rather eat a nice fat moblin than a skinny little human, but Ganon doesn't tolerate it," explained Sal.

  "Is Zelda okay," asked Link, his voice full of concern.

  "Yeah, but she's in a right rage. When her father left he left Fayette in charge and now Fayette reckons that she has authority over Zelda," informed Sprite. Link shook his head.

  "How could I have been so stupid. Was she in Death Mountain? I could've rescued her days ago," started Link, he was clearly distressed.

  "Don't worry, she loves you, she forgives you. That is if you didn't do anything you shouldn't of done with Kylara," said Sprite.

  "I'm sure that reassured him," said Sal sarcastically.

  "I shared the boat ride with her," said Link.

  "Hmm, I think she'll forgive you. If you convince her that was all you shared. Fayette managed to make it out that you were getting married to her or something, due to, ahem, certain circumstances," said Sprite.

  "Oh like she'd believe that empty headed Sosarian," mocked Sal. Sprite glared at the top of Sal's head.

  "Oh, and what would you know?" she snapped.

  "Zelda's an intelligent woman, Fayette, is not so," said Sal.

  "You're right there," agreed Sprite. Link rolled his eyes. Why did females find it so necessary to bitch about one another? He shrugged his shoulders and stifled back a yawn. He had lost Hayden, and he may have lost Zelda, but he was feeling better than he had in days.

  "How much longer?" he interrupted the two.

  "We'll be at North Castle by mid-morning," said Sal.

  "Great," said Link, and let the two continue on with their conversation. He wished he could lie down, take a nap, but it would be impossible. Instead he began to examine the stars, seeing what constellations he could spot. As the moon began to rise, he felt himself drifting off, still clutching to the dragon as he slept.


  Zelda paced up and down in the tower room. After she and Impa had scoured the ancient texts it had been revealed that only the hero of the land and the Princess of destiny could fuse the Triforce so that it would become truly joined. She still couldn't believe that Link had left Hyrule so quickly, to marry another! Fayette entered the room. "Looks as though Link wasn't so perfect after all. I'm glad that I didn't try my charms on him, goodness knows what might of happened. I mean if all it takes is a pretty smile from some peasant..." she taunted. Zelda shot her daggers. Fayette returned the stare then after a while, Zelda began to pace once more.

  "Nick will never marry you," hissed Zelda.

  "Oh no, from what I've seen my conclusions are quite the contrary. I think he has fallen head-over-heels madly in love with me," said Fayette, inspecting one of her perfectly manicured hands.

  "Link was probably upset," defended Zelda.

  "Yes, so upset he dove into the bed of another," mocked Fayette. Zelda glared at her.

  "There's no reason to be so sordid," she said. Fayette waved her hand dismissively.

  "I only thought you should get the full picture," she said, as if she had been doing Zelda a favour.

  "Oh, and since when did you become such an expert on Link?" exclaimed Zelda.

  "Since Kylara told me everything," replied Fayette smugly.

  "What's everything?" asked Zelda suspiciously.

  "Well, let me see. She thinks that by lore they should marry, and that in her country it would be the honourable thing to do. Do I have to spell it out to you?" said Fayette venomously. Zelda really couldn't believe what she was hearing. Link wasn't like that, was he? She blinked back tears of unhappiness and frustration. She couldn't believe he would do this to her. "Oh well, I guess I'd better be going," said Fayette stepping out of the doorway, leaving Zelda alone. A few minutes later, Drake poked his head in through the door.

  "Hi," he said casually, walking in. Zelda turned towards him, her eyes red with tears. When Drake saw the tears he hugged her. "Hey, what's wrong?" he asked soothingly, stroking her back.

  "It's Fayette, the things she's been saying about Link," said Zelda, pouring out her feelings to Drake.

  "Don't worry, none of it's true. Link was just being the gentleman and escorting Kylara home. He was probably gonna stay a few days, to try and rest," soothed Drake. Zelda turned her face upwards towards Drakes and nodded.

  "Yeah, I guess you're right," she said, beginning to calm down a bit. She looked back up at Drake. He was so handsome, so strong, he had been like a brother to her in these past few years, "What if?" She banished the thought from her mind. Here she was worrying about Link being unfaithful, when she was contemplating on the same. Well even if she was, Drake certainly wasn't, or at least she didn't think he was. She quickly moved away.

  "If there's anything that I can do..." Drake said. Zelda shook her head.

  "I want to be alone now, to gather my thoughts, and clean myself up a little," she told him.

  "I understand," Drake said.

  Prepare the guards for tonight," Zelda suggested.

  "At once, My Princess," Drake agreed, bowing slightly. Tears sprang to Zelda's eyes again, as he left her, her thoughts resting on the one person who meant the world to her.


  An hour or so later she still stood in the room, freshly clean in a new outfit, her golden hair brushed, but feeling sad, and betrayed. She knew that she shouldn't believe Fayette, but then why had Link come back with Kylara in the first place? He'd gone off to Catalia, and come back with her. Zelda hadn't really thought about it at all, until she'd seen the pair sitting together at the wedding. Then, her old feelings of jealously had been stirred up, but she'd been too angry at her Father to think about it anymore. She glanced down at the ring she wore, the one Link had given her. He loves me, Fayette made it all up! she told herself. But she strangely felt doubtful. Everyone had seemed so reluctant to tell her what had happened with Link, and that seemed strange. She remembered the guard's words, I don't wish to gossip, but..., his hesitation, and the hesitations of her friends. She put her hands on the window sill to steady herself a little, she felt so shocked. To her surprise, she saw a large green dragon sat in the courtyard, a group of people clustered around it. Sal? she wondered. She turned away, suddenly not caring, and slumped down onto the bed. She leaned down against the pillow, and began to cry. Properly. She let her tears fall readily now, almost drowning in her sorrows, so to speak. She didn't hear the door opening, the footsteps walking over to where she was sat. "Zel?" Link said quietly. She suddenly looked up, her face a mixture of relief, sadness, and anger.

  "What are you doing here?" she exclaimed.

  "I was told you were here," he answered, glancing at her sadly.

  "Leave me alone! I hate you!" Zelda cried. The words seemed to come out automatically.

  "Zel, please, I can explain," Link tried.

  "What is there to explain? I think you'd better go back to Kylara now!" Zelda retorted angrily.

  "Zelda, no!" Link said, sounding angry himself. She stood up.

  "You obviously didn't care much, did you? The second you thought I were gone, you were going off with her! Maybe you even were before!" she accused. At that moment, Drake and a few others arrived in the room, looking concerned. "Get out! All of you!" Zelda yelled. "Except you!" she added, turning back to Link.

  "Sorry, Princess," Drake hastily apologised.

  "Just go!" Zelda cried, rushing over to the door, and pushing it shut. "How could you?" she said, looking at Link.

  "What?" Link asked.

  "You know fine well!" Zelda answered, folding her arms and glaring at him in a disdainful manner.

  "If this is about Kylara..." he started.

  "Of course it's about Kylara! Don't act stupid with me!" Zelda cut in.

  "Zel, please," Link protested. Zelda stepped back, and realised she'd come against the wall. Link moved forward quickly, so that she was stuck between him and the wall.

  "All my life, I dreamed of falling in love... and I fell in love with you," he said quietly. She gave him a cynical look, but said nothing. He continued. "Don't you know how much I love you?" Zelda bit her lip nervously.

  "That doesn't make any difference. Even when we first met, you flirted with any pretty girl you saw," she replied coldly.

  "So what if I did? It was the only way I knew how to communicate with them," Link answered, smiling slightly. Zelda didn't smile back. Link sighed, wishing that she wasn't so stubborn.

  "I never wanted you," she finally said. She spoke callously, like she didn't care, but her eyes told a different story. They were full of tears, and she looked sad. He wanted to step forward, and hold her, make sure it was all for real, that he really had his beloved back, but he didn't dare. "I only agreed to marry you, so that my Father wouldn't marry me off to some Prince," she continued.

  "Why? Did you want to shock your family by marrying someone so underclass?" Link finally questioned.

  "Maybe," Zelda replied. In a way, he wouldn't put it past her. All the time he had known her, Zelda had wished to act any way, but a Princess. But she wasn't that cold-hearted.

  "You're so beautiful," he finally managed to say. She smiled slightly.

  "I'm a Princess," she replied. "Of course I'm going to be beautiful. And rich. Isn't it every peasant's dream to marry a Princess?" she asked, somewhat glibly.

  "I suppose it is," Link said, looking down.

  "How much more exciting you were, than some stupid Prince!" Zelda exclaimed, her sarcasm evident. "They wouldn't have kissed me the way you did, sneaked around to see me when you weren't supposed to, come up to my room..." she continued.

  "Oh Zel..." he said sadly. She really knew how to hurt someone's feelings, he thought.


  But despite her words, he found himself drawing closer to her. "Zel... you have to listen to me," he said gently. She exhaled softly, looking nervous.

  "Don't," she warned, as he placed his arms around her, and pulled her close. They kissed each other ardently, and held each other tightly. "Oh Link..." Zelda murmured, as she tried to catch her breath a few moments later. She kissed him again, without abandon. They didn't say anything to each other after, but gazed at other longingly. Then Zelda pushed him away slightly. "I can't forgive you," she murmured sadly.

  "What?" Link said, looking shocked.

  "I... I don't think we should get married," she whispered.

  "How can you say that? After that?" he said incredulously. Zelda bit her lip, she always did when she was worried, or not sure what to say. He stepped forward again. "Come on Zel, stop being so stubborn!"

  "I'm not," she said quietly.

  "Don't tell me that we just didn't... Zelda, those kisses..." Link said, watching her carefully. She let him kiss her again. And again. Wading in a sea of passion, for several blissful minutes.

  "We must bring the Triforce together between us," she finally murmured, between kisses.

  "How do we do that?" Link questioned.

  "I don't know," she replied softly, kissing him back. She had never felt so needful of this, ever. Zelda drew back quickly, before they got any more involved with themselves. "Is Kylara..." she began, unable to say the words.

  "Is she what?" Link asked, looking puzzled.

  "Did you two..." Zelda began again, not looking Link in the eye.

  "Zel, ever since you admitted how you felt about me, I haven't as much looked at another girl, never mind kissed one," he replied. A glimmer of hope flickered in the Princess's eyes.

  "But Link," she murmured.

  "But what?" he questioned. He grabbed hold of the nearby bedpost, steadying himself. Zelda's passionate kisses, and the shock of knowing that she was actually well and alive, had made him feel almost dizzy.

  "What did she mean when she said it was the lore of Catalia that you two should marry, that it was honourable?" the Princess questioned nervously.

  "Oh Zel... it's such a long story, there are better things to do," he said, gazing at her hopefully.

  "Tell me," she breathed.

  "Well... Kylara and I... we are the only two of the ones left in our tribe who haven't married... the other four remaining have, leaving us two. The Elder told us we had to marry each other, but I had you...." Link said, pulling her into his arms.

  "I should hate you," Zelda muttered. Link looked saddened by her words.

  "I haven't done anything wrong," he protested.

  "You went back to Catalia with her, you would have married her," Zelda replied.

  "Only because it seemed the right thing to do! I would always have loved you, though," Link tried.

  "You make me feel..." she paused, looking for the right word. Instead, she kissed him, but not for long. "I don't know if I can forgive you. But while I should hate you, I just want to kiss you... and..." she stopped, her cheeks reddening a little. "Right now, we should... we should be working to stop Ganon, not..." she decided.

  "He won't be here for a good few hours yet," Link said. They were still clinging on to each other. Zelda looked down, feeling herself blushing again. She wasn't sure what had come over her, but she suddenly felt so shy, so unsure. Slowly, she slipped away from him, and walked to the other end of the room.

  "Must be magic," she murmured, looking over at the Triforce thoughtfully.

  "A spell?" Link questioned.

  "I'm not sure. There must be some way," Zelda replied.

  "Are you and I..." Link started to say.

  "I don't know," Zelda said curtly. He looked hurt, but didn't say anything. "The library, let's go to the library," the Princess suggested.