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Future's Past

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)


Chapter 2



  "Well, happy Trinity everyone!" Link said cheerfully. There was a chorus of agreement all around the breakfast table.

 "Now can we go and open our presents?" Rosella asked.

 "Oh, yes, in a moment darling," Fayette said.

 "Oh, let them go now," Link said grinning. The servants came in, and began to clear away the plates.

 "Your Highnesses?" a messenger questioned.

 "Yes?" the King asked.

 "There's a visitor here," the messenger replied.

 "Send them in," the King replied. A tall, beautiful woman with blonde hair stepped into the room. A stranger. All of the men looked her way, even Link. He didn't realise he was staring though, until Zelda kicked him sharply under the table.

 "Aren't you forgetting something?" she hissed.

 "Zel, I was only..." he began. Suddenly, Fayette stood up.

 "Oh my goodness, mother look!" she exclaimed excitedly. Everyone looked over at her in surprise. The blonde haired woman curtseyed.

 "Your Highnesses, let me introduce myself," she said in a mellifluous voice. She stepped forward. "My name is Leigh," she said.

 "Are you the Avatar?" Fayette piped up. Leigh nodded slowly.

 "I am the protector of the Realm of Sosaria," she said. The King nodded.

 "Pleased to meet you Leigh. I am King Harkinian, ruler of Hyrule," he replied, taking her delicate hand in his, and shaking it.

 "Wow, she's beautiful," Drake whispered to Link. The hero nodded, but unfortunately, Zelda saw, and shot him a displeased look.

 "A moongate opened here, I wasn't sure where I was. Could you please let me stay for a while?" Leigh asked politely. The King nodded.

 "Well, it is Trinity after all. Of course you can stay Leigh. It's wonderful to have even more guests for the festival," he beamed.

 "Oh, how wonderful! I never imagined that I'd ever meet you!" Fayette said.

 "You are Sosarian?" Leigh asked. "Yes, me and my mother," Fayette said, pointing across to Fenella, who smiled.

 "Oh please," Zelda said under her breath. Drake chuckled.

 "Feeling neglected?" he joked.

 "No, of course not!" Zelda replied. She stood up. "Weren't we all going to exchange presents?" she said in a sweet tone.

 "Oh, of course. But we must introduce Leigh to everyone," Fenella said.

 "I'm Princess Zelda. This is Link, my husband," Zelda said to Leigh quickly.

 "Oh, I'm so pleased to meet you," Leigh said, smiling.

 "Alright, we're introduced, I want to let Ewan have his presents now," Zelda replied.

 "As you wish, dear," the King said.


  A few minutes later, everyone was gathered in the Great Hall, exchanging gifts. Leigh hung shyly back, not wanting to interrupt. She smiled, it reminded her a little of Christmas, a tradition from her own world, that she'd brought to Sosaria. Link lead Zelda over into one corner. He hoped she still wasn't mad at him for before. They exchanged small kisses with each other, and then handed over their presents. Ewan came running over, smiling widely. "Thank you for my presents!" he cried excitedly. Link smiled down at him, and steered him in the direction of the King.

 "Good, now I think your Grandfather has a nice gift for you too!" he told his son. Ewan ran off again, just as Zelda unwrapped her first present from Link.

 "Oh Link..." she murmured, holding up the beautiful pendent he'd got her. It was made from three small sapphires, fixed in an unusual gold setting. "Link, this is so beautiful. Where did you get it?" she questioned, examining it closely.

 "Actually, I just saw it in a shop in Mido. They didn't know where it was from, someone just found it in the Southwest and sold it to them not so long ago. I thought it was exquisite," Link replied.

  "It looks very old," Zelda said, looking at it more closely.

 "I thought it was prettier than anything in the jewellers," Link replied. Zelda nodded.

 "I love it. I'm going to put it on right now. This dress is perfect for it," Zelda replied, looking down at her new Trinity dress. It was made from cream silk embossed with a delicate pattern, and trimmed with chiffon. Link helped her to put the necklace on, and it hung just above the neckline of the gown. "No-one will else will have a pendent as nice as this one," Zelda continued, a faint blush of pleasure on her cheeks.

 "I'm glad you liked it. But I've got some other things for you too, you have to open them as well," Link said, smiling.

 "Yes, I will! And open yours from me, too!" Zelda answered, leaning over for a hug.


  The King stood surveying the scene in the Great Hall proudly. He always loved the Trinity Festival, it was a great time for the whole family, and it's friends to be together. He looked over at Zelda and Link fondly. His daughter was all grown up now. She looked so much like her mother with each passing year. Soon, he hoped she would take over the throne. But every year he asked her, she would laugh, and decline the offer. "No dad, not just yet," she'd tell him. He walked over towards her, determined to change her mind. She was busy unwrapping something else by the time he reached her. Link had just unwrapped a beautifully crafted scabbard. He turned to Zelda, looking pleased.

 "How did you know I wanted this one?" he asked, grinning.

 "Because you kept going on about it after we left the shop! Pretty big hint, if you ask me!" Zelda answered, laughing. They then looked up as the King approached. "Hello dad, just look at what Link got me!" Zelda exclaimed, holding up the necklace for him to see. He studied it. It seemed somehow.. familiar. The design at least.

 "That's very nice," he nodded in approval.

 "We have our presents for you somewhere around here," Link said, holding up a bag, and taking some things out.

 "You're just going to love our present, dad!" Zelda said.

 "I'm sure I will, but Zelda, there's something we need to..." the King began.

 "Oh dad, do you have to bring that up now?" Zelda said, her pretty features looking uneasy for a moment.

 "Zelda, you are more than capable by now," he said firmly.

 "But dad!" Zelda protested.

 "Dear daughter, I have been on this throne for thirty years or more. It's time that you took over," the King replied.

 "But..." Zelda began again.

 "Come on Zel, maybe he's right. It can't be so hard, especially not now, while Hyrule is at peace," Link said. "Don't speak too soon," Zelda replied darkly.

 "Well, I'll let you think about it at least," the King decided.

 "Oh, of course I'll at least think about it, Dad," Zelda said sweetly.

  "Good," he sighed.

 "Happy Trinity!" Link said quickly, giving the King his present. The old man smiled. "Happy Trinity," he agreed.


"Why Leigh! Why in Sosaria are you standing back here?" asked Fayette in a syrupy sweet voice.

  "Well, I feel slightly...out of place," said Leigh uneasily.

  "Nonsense, you can come right over here and I'll introduce you to my family," exclaimed Fayette, placing a guiding hand on Leigh's shoulder. She dragged Leigh over towards the screaming menagerie she called her family. "Now everyone, I want you to meet a very special person," started Fayette. A porcelain doll flew past her ear. Fayette frowned at stared at Rosamund. "Now Rosamund, you know you shouldn't do that!" she scolded. The young twin giggled then shied away. Rosalind, the bolder of the two, stepped forward.

  "Are you the Avatar? I've got a picture book about the Avatar and she looks like you!" asked Rosalind.

  "Yes, she is. Now children what do you say?" answered Fayette before Leigh could get a word out.

  "Good morning, Avatar," the four children chorused. Leigh nodded to the children smiling at them. Then a tall, heavy set man approached, grinning from ear-to-ear. Fayette rushed to his side and grabbed his arm.

  "Raymundo, this is the Avatar," she announced to her husband in a high pitched voice. Raymundo fixed his dark eyes onto Leigh and smiled pleasantly. He reached out and took her hand, and brought it to his lips.

  "A pleasure to meet you Avatar," he said in a thick, Brynnelian accent.

  "Please, Leigh," replied Leigh, returning the smile to Raymundo.

  "As you wish," said Raymundo drawing away.

  "Yes, well you go and speak to my mother Raymundo, she's over there," said Fayette quickly. Raymundo shrugged and walked over to Fayette's mother, Fenella.

  "Perhaps I should introduce you to my step-sister," started Fayette eyeing the room carefully.

  "Look's like she's coming to introduce herself," observed Leigh as she watched Zelda approaching, she didn't look too happy.

  "On second thought, you should meet my mother," said Fayette sharply, she grabbed Leigh's arm and began to drag her into her mother's general vicinity. But Zelda arrived before they went anywhere.

  "Why, I don't believe we've been properly introduced," said Zelda sweetly, glaring at Fayette. Fayette sighed.

  "Leigh this is Zelda, Zelda this is Leigh. Happy?" asked Fayette moodily.

  "Pleased to meet you Leigh, Faye darling? Isn't that your mother calling?" said Zelda in a sugary tone. Fayette snorted and walked over to her beckoning mother.


  Once Fayette had gone, Zelda turned to Leigh. "So Leigh? Tell me about yourself," she said, or rather, demanded. Leigh flipped her hair and looked over Zelda carefully.

  "What do you want to know?" she asked casually.

  "Where you happen to be from, for starters," said Zelda, equally as casual.

  "I'm from, England," said Leigh after a short pause.

  "Where?" asked Zelda in surprise. She'd always found herself good at remembering the name of places. Even small towns. "Well, it's on Earth, a different world. This, is what takes me from here to there," said Leigh producing a small, burning stone.

  "What is that?" asked Zelda, intrigued.

  "It's a moonstone," replied Leigh, quickly pocketing the stone.

  "Now why don't you tell me something about yourself," continued Leigh.

  "Well, I'll soon be ruler of this country, with my husband Link," started Zelda, emphasising the word 'husband'. She wanted Leigh to get the right idea. Zelda noticed a gold item hanging around Leigh's neck.

  "What's that? If you don't mind me asking?" questioned Zelda curiously. Leigh glanced down at her neck then tore the item away.

  "This? Only the reason for my untimely exile," snorted Leigh. She looked at the item in disgust.

  "What?" asked Zelda, trying to hold back her surprise. This Leigh had been exiled?

  "This, is an Ankh. A symbol of the eight virtues. The virtues, which I instilled myself, are what most Sosarian's try to stick to. There's justice, honour, humility, valour, spirituality, sacrifice, honesty and compassion," recited Leigh counting on her fingers.

  "Nothing in that list describe Fayette or her mother in any way," commented Zelda dryly.

  "Not that it matters. Your average Sosarian will stick to maybe one or two of these things, I'm expected to stick to everyone all of the time. My life is constantly monitored by nosy busy-bodies, and I'm glad to be out of there," stated Leigh.

  "You got exiled for breaking one of your virtues?" asked Zelda, an eyebrow raised.

  "I wish, then I might understand. I was exiled for being honest," replied Leigh bitterly. She held up the ankh and looked at it critically. Then she turned and threw the ankh out of the window. "This Avatar is officially on vacation," stated Leigh, dusting off her hands.

  "What happened exactly?" asked Zelda. Leigh shrugged.

  "Put it this way, if I told you the reason for why I was exiled - I would be never allowed into Sosaria again, which means I would never be able to return home as the moonstone only properly functions there," said Leigh.

  "I see," said Zelda quietly.

  "Well, now that I've told you what you want to know, how about introducing me to the rest of your own family," asked Leigh.

  "Well sure okay. But can I just ask, what exactly does the Avatar do?" replied Zelda.

 "Well, I'm the 'chosen one', the one who saves Sosaria in it's hour of need. It's quite safe to say that if it weren't for me, Sosaria would be over-run by evil by now. If it wasn't Mondain it was Minax, then their offspring Exodus and then of course the Guardian, but you don't want to even hear about them," sighed Leigh.

  "Oh no, go on, I'm intrigued," persisted Zelda.

  "Well what about Hyrule? Doesn't that have some evil sorcerer - what was his name," paused Leigh.

  "His name was Ganon, but we rid Hyrule of him years ago," finished Zelda. Leigh nodded thoughtfully.

  "Well, the Guardian is pretty powerful, I hate him," stated Leigh clearly.

  "Yeah, I hated Ganon, all he ever wanted to do was ruin Hyrule," sympathised Zelda.

  "Well, this is a day of celebration, let's forget about them," mused Leigh.

  "You're right, come on and meet my family," said Zelda.


  As the two women began to make their way towards Link and Ewan, the doors to the great hall burst open. A flustered guard rushed in, making a beeline for Zelda. He stopped in front of her and bowed down quickly. "Milady, there is, someone here to see you," said the guard breathlessly. It looked as though he had been running. A concerned Link was already making his way towards Zelda.

  "Who is it?" asked Zelda.

  "Well, I can't be certain, but he claims to be Nicholas of Dalsona," said the guard slowly.

  "What?" asked Link in surprise, catching the tail-end of the conversation.

  "Milady, it really looks like him," confirmed the guard. Zelda turned to Leigh.

  "Please excuse me, I have certain matters to deal with," apologised Zelda. Link stood by Zelda's side.

  "I'm coming with you," he announced. Zelda pushed him away slightly.

  "You look after Leigh, I can deal with this by myself," she said firmly.

  "But.." started Link. Zelda ignored him and marched straight out of the room, followed by the guard. As Link watched Zelda leave he turned to Leigh.

  "Pleased to meet you," greeted Leigh in a friendly tone. Link bowed and smiled politely to her.

  "Likewise I'm sure," he replied. Suddenly he felt a small tugging on his tunic. He glanced down to see his son, Ewan. He looked back at Leigh and grinned.

  "This is Ewan, mine and Zelda's son," introduced Link.


  Zelda stared in amazement at the sight before her. Nicholas of Dalsona, who had disappeared years before, was standing in front of her. He looked weary and a little on the lean side, but it was certainly Nick. Nick glanced around at the decorations around the foyer and shrugged apologetically. "I'm sorry to interrupt your celebrations but," he started. Zelda silenced him with a hug and a peck on the cheek.

  "Oh Nick, it really is you! I never thought I'd see you again. We must contact your father immediately," she said. Nick stepped back and wavered a little. Zelda grabbed his arm to support him. "Look, what you need is a lie down. Come with me," instructed Zelda, steering him up the stairs. "I'll have Impa send you something to eat and drink, then I'll send a messenger to your father," said Zelda, leading Nick into one of the guest rooms. She helped him onto the bed and pulled the blanket over him. "I'll get you some more clothes too," went on Zelda, tucking the blanket around him.

  "Thank you, you have no idea how much this means to me," thanked Nick. He closed his eyes briefly, than opened them again. Zelda touched his cheek affectionately then got up.

  "Will you be okay for a while? I'll get back as soon as I can," asked Zelda. Nick nodded weakly the closed his eyes again. After a few minutes had passed, Zelda left the room quietly. For a moment an evil grin flickered across Nick's features, then vanished.


  "What a day!" Zelda exclaimed, flopping down onto her bed, genuinely exhausted.

 "I know! First we get that Avatar lady turning up. and then Nick!" Link said.

  "Leigh," Zelda corrected him.

 "Where's this 'Earth' place anyway? Is it another planet or something?" Link wondered. Zelda shrugged.

 "I don't know. I never did do much of that astronomy stuff. But what about Nick? I can't believe he managed to escape the evil realm!" she answered.

 "I thought we'd never see him again. But he seems just fine. Perhaps he'll be able to tell us more of what really happened, once he's feeling a little better," Link remarked, beginning to get undressed.

 "Yes probably," Zelda said. She suddenly stood up, an uneasy feeling washing over her. Wandering over to the window, she pushed back the curtain and opened the shutters. A blast of cold air came through the open window.

 "Zel! Are you trying to give us an early death wish?!" Link protested.

 "No, I just.... There's something I wanted to check," she replied, staring out into the darkness. She couldn't see or hear anything, but she felt like there was something out there. Waiting. She quickly shut the window again, and tried to dismiss the notion. I'm imagining things. There's no-one there, no one bad, she thought to herself. She took off the necklace, and put it in a safe place in her jewellery box. Then she undressed and put on a night dress and robe.

 "Zel, what's up?" Link asked, not really looking up from the book he was reading, sat in bed.

 "Oh... nothing," she answered.

 "Suit yourself," he replied. She climbed into bed next to him.

 "It's been a great Trinity so far," she said truthfully. Link put his book down for a moment.

 "It'll be even better tomorrow. I'm going to win every game I can!" he told her.

 "Even archery?" Zelda questioned, a mischievous smile suddenly appearing on her face. Link had lost to Dion in the archery the year before.

 "Well... yes. Even archery," he decided.

 "You're a show-off," Zelda said good-naturedly.

 "But a good one," Link replied, grinning.

 "Maybe," Zelda said. She lay down flat on her back, drawing the covers around her more closely. It certainly was cold tonight. Link placed his book on the bedside table.

 "Zel, there's one other thing," he said. She moved onto her side, so that she could face him.


 "Well, it was about what your dad said earlier..." Link began.

 "Oh, do you have to bring that up?" Zelda complained, lying face down onto the pillow.

 "Well..." he started again. Zelda sat up.

 "I'm sick of people telling me what to do!" she exclaimed quietly.

 "I wasn't, I was just..." Link protested.

 "Yes you were! Sometimes, you're as bad as my family!" Zelda replied, slumping back down again.

  "Zel..." Link tried. She turned back to face him, looking apologetic.

 "Sorry. I didn't mean that," she said, fingering the edge of the bed cover thoughtfully. "It's been a busy day," she added.

 "I know. And I just can't wait for tomorrow! I'm going to show Dion who's the real hot shot around here!" Link said excitedly.

 "I wish I could participate too. Just in the archery at least," Zelda replied. Then she smiled. "Then again, I hate being shown-up! I couldn't risk it, with people like you and Dion in the event!"

 "Precisely. If I ended up beating you, you might get a bad mood with me," Link said, grinning.

 "I would not!" Zelda objected. Link hugged her.

 "Well, I'm sure you wouldn't be for long," he said, kissing her. "It's a day for us men anyway, to show off to our beautiful ladies," he continued.

 "Hmmm, well, whatever you say. But I'm tired, and no doubt you'll want to rest too. If you want to do well tomorrow, of course," Zelda said, grinning.

 "Oh, sure. But there was one more thing," Link said.

 "One more thing?" Zelda questioned.

 "Yes. This," Link replied, leaning over to kiss her goodnight.


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