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Future's Past

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)


Chapter 3


  "So, it's like a big sporting event?" Leigh asked Fayette the following morning. Fayette nodded, her nose wrinkled in disgust.

  "Yes, it's so tiresome, I simply can't see what all the men see in it. Even Raymundo is participating," replied Fayette.

  "So it's for men only?" asked Leigh, still keen on the subject.

  "Well I suppose so, no woman has ever entered. I know I wouldn't, all those competitions, it's just not lady like," sighed Fayette.

  "Where do you sign up?" asked Leigh quickly. Fayette pointed over to a stall at the far corner of the field.

  "Over there, I expect they'll be closing soon," said Fayette. Leigh nodded then began to make her way over to the table.

  "You aren't thinking of signing up are you?" called Fayette after her. Leigh turned around and grinned.

  "Why not? I think it's about time someone showed those buffoons!" laughed Leigh. Fayette grimaced and took her seat in the royal box, it was going a long day.


  "Hi! I was wondering about signing up for the events," said Leigh casually. The man sitting a the table burst out laughing.

  "Men only lady," he said after calming down.

  "Oh really? Where about does it state this?" asked Leigh, one hand on her hip. The man at the table went silent for a moment then cleared his throat. His eyes darted about nervously.

  "Well, I'm not exactly sure," he started.

  "Well then, what am I waiting for?" asked Leigh, picking up the quill and filling out a form. She ticked off four events, archery, horseback archery, fencing and swordsman-ship. When she was done she handed the man the form, smiled then walked off. On the way back to the stands she bumped into Zelda.

  "Hello," said Zelda.

  "Hi, when does this thing start?" replied Leigh.

  "Oh, in the next hour I should think, see all the competitors are getting ready?" answered Zelda. She pointed over to a small crowd in the middle of the field.

  "You're not entering?" asked Leigh. Zelda laughed and shook her head.

  "Not this year, although I would consider archery," she said. Leigh nodded.

  "Well, I'll see you around," said Leigh as she began to make her way towards the middle of the field.

  "Where are you going?" called Zelda. Leigh turned around. "You're not..?" asked Zelda in surprise. Leigh nodded and grinned, then continued on her way. Zelda shook her head in disbelief. Fayette approached her.

  "I know. I couldn't believe it either," said Fayette, watching after Leigh. "I mean, she hardly looks the type of person to be well, um, good at those things," said Fayette.

  "Well why? She has an athletic figure, and if she is who she says then I suppose it's right that she'd be good at combat," said Zelda. Fayette sighed.

  "I know, but I still find her weird. She's been around for centuries. More than that, she looks no older than she was when I was a little girl," said Fayette. Zelda looked at Fayette.

  "What?" she asked, intrigued.

  "Well, she only ever appears when she is summoned by the time lord. But she's supposedly the actual Avatar who killed Mondain, but that was an age ago. No one can last that long although Lord British has been around for as long, although he has aged," explained Fayette. Zelda couldn't believe what she was hearing. For one thing she was having an interesting and informative conversation with Fayette, but this Leigh sounded unbelievable.

  "Well, I guess we'll see how good she is when the events begin," said Zelda quietly. Fayette flipped her hair and left, leaving Zelda alone.


  "Zelda! Happy Trinity!" cried a familiar voice. Zelda turned to come face to face with Dion and Selina. Zelda hugged the two of them, then stepped away.

  "Link ready to be beaten again?" asked Dion, grinning.

  "I don't know, he thinks he has a chance this year," said Zelda with a smile.

  "Well I'll leave you two ladies to it. I need to sign up," said Dion, he left.

  "So how was Trinity?" asked Selina once Dion had left.

  "It was great, see this necklace? It's from Link," said Zelda showing off the unique pendant.

  "You lucky thing! How's Ewan?" exclaimed Selina.

  "Oh well, here he comes!" laughed Zelda as her young son approached them.

  "Hello!" sang Ewan as he arrived. Selina picked up Ewan and swung him around. He cried with glee, then begged to be let back down.

  "Happy Trinity!" he cried to Selina once he was down.

  "Happy Trinity too, Ewan," smiled Selina.

  "Can I go see dad?" Ewan asked Zelda looking at her imploringly.

  "Of course Ewan, look Dion's walking over now, why don't you go with him," suggested Zelda. Ewan smiled then charged off after Dion. "But Selina, you'll never believe what happened," continued Zelda.

  "What?" asked Selina, her tone suddenly very serious.

  "Nick, Nick, he came back," said Zelda, her voice full of excitement.

  "What!?" gasped Selina.

 "He came yesterday, but he was too ill to come out here today. After the events you can come to North Castle with us and see him," continued Zelda. Selina shook her head in disbelief.

  "I can hardly believe it," said Selina slowly.

  "Well, soon you'll see him, then you'll have to," said Zelda. Selina sat down, trying to take every thing in. Once news had arrived of Nick's 'death' Selina had realised her feelings for Nick had been a little more than friendly, only Zelda knew.

  "I can hardly wait to see him again, it's been so long," poured out Selina. Zelda hugged her. "Do you think he'll remember me?" asked Selina, stopping.

  "Of course he will, he remembered me!" Zelda reassured Selina. A loud voice filled their ears. The events were about to begin. Zelda sat down beside Selina. "We can talk later, oh and watch out for the woman, she's our new guest at the castle!" whispered Zelda. Selina nodded then settled back to watch the oncoming events.


  "And next up we have the famous hero, and king-to-be of Hyrule, Link!" cried the enthusiastic commentator. Link bowed to the audience then took his position. He pulled an arrow from his quiver and armed his bow. He squinted slightly at the target then let go of the outstretched bow string. There was a loud twang, followed by the sound of the arrow whizzing through the air, and finally a loud, satisfactory, thunk. Link gleamed when he saw the target, a perfect bulls-eye surely. The crowd burst into an admiring applause. Link bowed then sat down. Dion was next up.

  "You ain't won yet brother," whispered Dion good-naturedly. The two had been competing with each other for years.

  "And now the famous Dion Insequi, now remember folks, Dion was last years winner!" cried the commentator. Dion bowed to his applause then steady himself at the white line. He pulled a single arrow from his belt and aimed for the now empty target. He pulled back the string until it was at it's tightest then let go. The arrow sailed through the air and hit the target, right in the middle. The crowd roared, and Dion stepped back to take another look. He had to admit he was a great shot. He sat down next to Link.

  "We're pretty much neck and neck, no-one else can touch us," he whispered to Link. Link nodded in agreement.

  "And last but not at all least, someone from a distant land, Sosaria in fact. Now folks, this is a first, but we've got a woman in the wings!" called the commentator. The crowd erupted into applause, which was punctuated with the occasional wolf whistles. Leigh took up her position and looked at the target critically.

  "She ain't got a chance in Hyrule!" whispered Dion grinning. "It's a well known fact that men have an extra bone in their arm that helps them with archery and the like," Dion informed Link.

  Well I don't know Dion, Zel's pretty good," said Link, a little unsure. Once the crowd quietened down, Leigh took an arrow and placed it in the bow.

  "Hey! We ain't got all day lady!" cried a disgruntled spectator. Leigh grimaced for a moment then let the arrow go. It sliced through the air and finally hit its target. Right in the bulls-eye!

  "What?" exclaimed Link in surprise.

  "Tsch! Beginner's luck," said Dion. The crowd began clapping and cheering wildly. It looked as though this years events wouldn't be such a one horse race after all.


  "Okay, now we can announce the semi-finalists," cried the commentator a few rounds later. "They are, our noble hero, Link," the commentator paused as the crowd began to cheer loudly. "Dion Insequi!" called the commentator, he paused as the crowd cheered again. "Aaron Westley!" the crowd left off another cheer. "And, Miss. Leigh ******," read out the commentator. This last name was met with a few cat calls and whistles as well as the usual cheers.

  "She's certainly impressing the guys!" whispered Selina to Zelda.

  "Doesn't she make you sick?" joined in Fayette. Zelda groaned.

  "She seems to be the perfect woman, how can we not be jealous," Zelda exclaimed. The three nodded in agreement as they watched Link step up.


  "We drew straws, and Link won so he goes first!" the commentator informed the crowd. This time the arrows were not to be removed from the target. Link stood up confidently and drew back his bow. He let go, and the arrow whizzed through the air. Link opened his eyes and walked over to the target. His arrow was just off centre. He groaned and sat down. "A great effort there, but is it enough?" asked the commentator. Aaron was up next. The crowd was now completely silent, they were as nervous as the competitors. Aaron eyed up the target then fired. The arrow shot through the air, right into the centre, just below. Aaron cheered, followed by the crowd. "A near perfect bulls-eye for young Mr. Westley!" cried the commentator as Aaron took his seat next to Link. Dion stood up and armed his bow. He took a deep breath then pulled back and let go. The arrow fired through the air and embedded itself again in the bulls-eye, just above Aaron's. Dion wiped his brow and took his seat. The crowd cheered wildly, they had no doubt in their minds on who was to win this.

  "Looks like I win again," crooned Dion to Link. Link winced and grinned. Leigh stood up. She took her bow from her back and walked to the white line. She gritted her teeth and aimed for the target. She let the string fly from her fingers and release the arrow. Again the arrow glided through the air, almost gracefully, and split Dion's arrow right down the centre. The crowd gasped then cheered and applauded.

  "What?!" exclaimed Dion. Leigh walked over to him.

  "Tsch! Beginner's luck," she whispered. Dion groaned and sank back into his seat.


  "So ladies and gentlemen, we have concluded that Leigh Temple and Dion Insequi did the best and are therefore through to the final," yelled the commentator. He yanked a rope and unveiled a new, moving target. "We've seen them hit the stationary so how about the un-stationary!" cried the commentator. "Both of them have three tries so here goes!" finished the commentator. Dion was up first. He armed his bow and watched the swinging target carefully, one eye closed. After a few seconds he let off one arrow, it sailed through the air and for a moment, it looked as though it might hit the centre. Instead it bounced harmlessly off the target and skittered to the ground. Dion groaned along with the crowd. He tried again, the same happened again. He winced as he prepared to let off his final arrow. This time it hit the bulls-eye. He dropped his bow to the ground and raised his arms as the crowd cheered wildly. "Wow! Amazing, this guy is hot stuff!" cried the commentator energetically. "Can Miss. Leigh beat him?" Leigh stood up and took up her position. Even before the crowd had quietened down, she'd whipped an arrow from her quiver, placed it in the bow and shot it off. It split Dion's arrow straight down the middle. The crowd gasped, but Leigh wasn't finished. As soon as she'd let off the first arrow she fired off another, and another, each splitting the last right down the middle. She slung the bow over her shoulders and bowed down to meet with the crowds applause. Dion shifted uncomfortably.

  "She's definitely not entering next year," he commented dryly. Link nodded, too amazed to reply.


  "Wow! Who is she?" asked Sprite fluttering over to Zelda and Selina.

  "She's staying at North Castle," managed Zelda, still amazed by Leigh's skill. She had always considered herself a great archer for a woman, now she could see how wrong she'd been. She couldn't help wondering if they'd had Leigh around they may have been rid of Ganon much quicker. She quickly banished the thought from her head and stood up.

  "It had to have been magic, I'm going to check this woman out," exclaimed Sprite fluttering off.

  "How many other events has she entered for?" asked Selina when Sprite had left.

  "I don't know, but I get a feeling she'll walk away with just about every prize there is," said Zelda, watching as Leigh received her award.


  "Hi, my name is Sprite," introduced Sprite as she fluttered over to Leigh. Leigh turned around, astonished to meet such a tiny creature.

 "Well hi, I'm Leigh," introduced Leigh, looking at Sprite in fascination.

  "You know much magic?" asked Sprite, tilting her head to one side.

  "Well, I guess I do, although I don't know what's big or little here in Hyrule," replied Leigh.

  "Well, what's the biggest, most powerful spell you can cast?" asked Sprite.

  "Let me think," said Leigh, pausing for a moment. "It's probably either Armageddon or Mass Death, although I've only tried Mass Death" said Leigh after a moment of thought.

  "Wh-what?" spluttered Sprite. As far as she knew, no-one, without killing themselves, could cast either spell. "But, no-one can cast those spells," cried Sprite. Leigh raised one eyebrow.

  "Well, I can't exactly prove it can I? After all this is hardly the place to demonstrate," said Leigh, cracking a smile.

  "Well that is true, but how about I take you somewhere you can demonstrate," suggested Sprite. Leigh smiled then pulled a pouch from her belt and peered inside it.

  "I've got the right amount of reagents, but I'll only consider doing it if it's really important," said Leigh.

  "Well it is really important. You see, there's this mountain, and it's called Death mountain, and all of Ganon's minions hang around there. You see, we need to get rid of them so that we can explore the mountain properly. Who knows what could be down there?" explained Sprite. Leigh nodded thoughtfully.

  "I suppose I could then, it's just I don't have all that many reagents left and I would hate to waste them, but I guess it is a pretty good reason for using the spell," commented Leigh.

  "Great!" exclaimed Sprite clapping her hands together in glee. Leigh stood up.

  "We'll talk later, right now I've got an event to compete in," stated Leigh.

  "Don't you mean win?" asked Sprite. Leigh threw back her head and laughed, then walked off. Well she seems nice enough, thought Sprite, but then first appearances could be deceiving...


  "Man, how does she do it?" groaned Dion slumping down next to Link. Leigh had just won the horseback archery competition with what seemed very little effort.

  "You're asking me! Boy, if she'd been around when Ganon was, we'd have dealt with him years before," sighed Link. He was tired after riding his horse full speed down the archery range whilst trying to hit all the targets.

  "You're tired? Think about the poor horse," laughed Dion.

  "Yeah, but at least I beat you," said Link. He had come second, Dion third and Aaron had come fourth.

  "Well, looks like I'll be getting no firsts this year, although I may still have a chance in the joust," said Dion.

  "Mmm, well surely she hasn't entered the fencing," said Link wearily.

  "Who knows? She entered the archery and I didn't even know women were allowed to enter," said Dion, rubbing his chin.

  "Yeah well it seems times-are-a-changing," sang out Link.

  "Well good luck bro, this is your event," wished Dion as the commentator called out the next event.


  "You're entering this too?" asked Link in surprise once he entered the fencing area. Leigh looked up and nodded.

  "May the best man... or woman win," cried the commentator. "First we have Link vs. Raymundo, Aaron vs. Drake and Leigh vs. Damon!" cried out the commentator. The list went on until he reached the end then Link and Raymundo took up their positions. Link stared at Raymundo, then drew his weapon. Raymundo drew his also.

  "Let the duel begin!" yelled the commentator. Link slashed his sabre forward, and as metal met metal, he noticed Raymundo stumble back. Link smiled, he had got the easiest draw. He hit out again with the sabre, and sent Raymundo a few more inches back.. Raymundo suddenly charged forward, his sword outstretched, Link took a step back, then struck out again. He grazed Raymundo's cheek with the tip of his blade and sent the man back again. "That's one point to Link!" cried the commentator to the crowd. The crowd cheered. Before Raymundo could recover, Link took another step forward and grazed Raymundo on the chest, which sent the man tumbling to the ground. The sabre flew from Raymundo's hand, and Link rested the tip of his sabre on top of Raymundo's chest. "And I declare Link the winner!" cried the commentator. The crowd cheered enthusiastically. Link moved his sword away from Raymundo and offered him a helping hand. Raymundo took it thankfully, and stood up. He bowed to the crowd then left the field.


  After several gruelling rounds it ended up at the final match, it was Link vs. Leigh and he was not looking forward to it. Link had watched every match Leigh fought in and she was the best swords woman he had ever seen without a doubt. The two took up their positions. Link readied his sabre, Leigh readied hers. "Good luck," offered Leigh.

  "Same to you," replied Link. The crowd was silent.

  "Let the battle commence!" yelled the commentator. Leigh stepped forward, and thrust her sabre towards Link. He quickly parried and then replied with a riposte. He caught her off guard. "One point to Link!" called the commentator. Leigh stepped back then steadied herself. She watched carefully as Link approached, then just as he was about to lunge at her, she then performed a stop-thrust, a thrust without lunging. She hit him squarely in the chest, then before he recovered she attempted to knock the weapon from his hand, but he held on. "One point to Leigh!" cried the commentator.


  Several minutes later, the two were neck and neck, both with four points. The target was five. As Link stepped forward, Leigh executed a surprise run-attack and sent Link sprawling to the ground. Leigh stuck her sabre firmly into the ground, then the commentator ran up to her and grabbed her hand to hold it up. "We have a winner!" he declared. Leigh took in the applause then leaned down to help Link up. Link struggled up, and dusted the dirt from his shirt. "Good fight," commented Leigh, she smiled sincerely at Link. Link returned the smile. He grabbed her hand, shook it, then held it up in the air. This was met by another round of applause.


  "Let me guess, you're entering swordsman-ship," said Link a few minutes later. Leigh nodded and smiled.

  "I gather you're in that also?" she said.

  "Yep, I'm better at it than fencing anyway," said Link grinning.

  "Oh, well I haven't got a chance then," laughed Leigh. She withdrew a canteen from her belt and drank form it thirstily. "The day is certainly warm," she commented. Leaning against the back of the tent.

  "You can say that again," agreed Link, wiping his brow. Leigh closed her eyes, then opened them again. She noticed that her and Link were alone in the refreshment tent, which she found quite surprising. It seemed that Link had also noticed.

  "Perhaps we should go, the next event will be starting soon," suggested Link. Leigh nodded and shut her eyes again.

  "Yeah, you're right. Just let me..." started Leigh. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Link's neck.

 "Uhm, Leigh," stuttered Link, trying to back away. Leigh stood on her tip-toes and met Link with a sensuous kiss. After a second or two, Link pushed Leigh away.

  "Oh, it's always the same," whined Leigh, taking another gulp from her canteen.

  "Uh, Leigh," started Link.

  "They're either married or gay!" complained Leigh. She took another swig from her canteen. Link gulped and stepped backwards. "Tell me Link, you were tempted weren't you. For just a teeny-tiny split second, you were tempted," pushed Leigh.

  "No, I wasn't. I'm married to someone whom I love very much, and she's more important to me than anyone in the world," stated Link.

  "Darn," pouted Leigh. She folded her arms and let out a mournful sigh.

  "How about you go after someone who's single?" suggested Link, stepping closer to the exit.

  "Look. If anyone is still single, they're either gay, or they're creeps," replied Leigh. She drew her sword and twirled it around menacingly. Link walked out of the tent.


  Link cringed as the metal of his sword vibrated after Leigh had dealt it another blow. They had gotten to the final, and she was mad. Real mad. He managed to back away, then as she lunged at him, he crashed his sword atop hers. He watched her wince, then she stepped back. The crowd were rooting for either one or the other, but the crowd were really going wild. Link stepped forward, his confidence growing, and crashed his sword against hers. He saw her grip loosen, then hit out again. Her sword flew from her hands and sank into the ground. She stumbled backwards, but managed to stay upright. Link approached her first, his sword pointing right at her. Leigh's eyes darted from Link to her sword, and she quickly dashed and hauled her sword from the earth. Link took another step forwards, and deflected her fierce blow with his own sword. Suddenly, as Leigh stepped back, she slipped on a patch of smooth grass and went flying to the ground. The crowd erupted into a cacophony of cheers and boos. "We have a winner!" announced the commentator, rushing over to congratulate Link. Link shrugged the man off and approached Leigh to help her up. He reached out a helping hand and she took it eagerly. As he pulled her up, she leaned forward and gave him an innocent peck on the cheek.

  "I'm sorry about before, I don't know what I was thinking," she apologised. Link shrugged and grinned.

 "It's okay," he replied, stepping back to receive his reward. Leigh turned away and waved to the cheering crowd, a large smile on her face. It seemed everything was under control, for her at least.


  "I can't believe it! Losing to a girl!" Link exclaimed, as he, Zelda and the rest of their friends made their way back to North Castle.

 "At least you won something," Dion replied.

 "What's the matter? Feeling a little... upended?" Selina asked, laughing.

 "It's okay for you. But we guys have a reputation you know," Aaron said. They walked their horses over the drawbridge.

 "Well, she is the Avatar, after all," Zelda commented.

 "If I hadn't won the swordsman-ship award, I'd be feeling real worried by now," Link answered.

 "It was kinda close," Drake grinned.

 "Yeah well, it's hard. Fighting against a girl, I mean," Link said.

 "Oh yeah, any excuse!" Zelda cried.

 "He's right. Us men have honour you know. Never hurt a lady," Drake said.

 "Someone'll be getting hurt if I don't manage to reclaim my title next year," Dion grinned.

 "You're just sore," Damon laughed. Everyone dismounted, and tied their horses up to the railing, waiting for the grooms to stable them later. The group went inside quickly, and Zelda drew them into a close circle.

  "But listen! Her amazing combat skill isn't the only weird thing about her!" she whispered excitedly.

 "Who? Leigh?" Link asked.

 "Yes! Fayette told me something really... almost unbelievable about her!" the Princess continued.

 "And you believe anything that that darling sister of yours has to say?" Drake commented. "Step-sister," Zelda corrected in an annoyed tone.

 "Well, don't keep us in suspense. What did she say about Leigh?" Selina asked quickly.

 "Well..." Zelda began, lowering her tone again. "Fayette says that Leigh has been around for centuries! And that she hasn't aged in the slightest! Faye claims Leigh has never changed, whilst she herself was growing up!"

 "What?" Link said in surprise.

 "That's impossible!" Drake said.

 "That would make her... immortal!" Aaron offered.

 "It can't be, Fayette has to be mistaken, surely?" Damon said, looking surprised himself.

  "I don't know, but why would she lie?" Zelda replied, folding her arms.

 "That's one of her greatest virtues," Link remarked.

 "No, but there was something else she said, that I remember Leigh saying herself," Zelda continued.

 "Which was?" Selina asked, curious.

 "Well, Faye said that Leigh only ever appears in Sosaria when she is summoned by some person, the Time Lord. But that's beside the point. She said that Leigh killed some wizard, Mondain, but it was an age ago. Previously, I spoke to Leigh and she mentioned Mondain too," Zelda explained.

 "It's true, she looks no older than you, Princess," Aaron said.

  "And Fayette says that Lord British, Sosaria's ruler, has been around as long as Leigh, except he's aged," Zelda added. Drake suddenly looked thoughtful.

 "Yes, I do believe you're correct! Why, Lord British was ruling Sosaria well before your own Father was born Princess, and yet I've seen him myself, and he doesn't look a day older than say about forty," the knight replied. Everyone looked at each other.

 "This is weird," Selina finally concluded.

 "I know. You can't even begin to even comprehend if such a thing were true!" Damon said.

 "What about Ganon?" Link said quietly. Everyone looked at him. "You know the legend. Everyone knows that Ganon has been resurrected a thousand times over. That makes him almost immortal. And he never seems to have aged," he continued.

 "But that's Ganon! He's..." Zelda began. She seemed to get lost off though.

 "Alright. So it may be plausible. But it's still too strange for my liking," Selina said.

 "If you're all so curious, why don't you just ask her?" Link suddenly said. "Here she comes right now," Dion said, looking over at the door, where Leigh was coming in with Fayette and a few other people.

  "Who's going to ask then?" Aaron said. Everyone looked at each other again.

 "Alright," Zelda said resolutely. "I'll ask her."


  Zelda walked over to Leigh, a big smile on her face. "Why Leigh, you were wonderful! You sure showed all those guys!" she said.

 "I certainly enjoyed the swordsman-ship event, against your husband," Leigh smirked.

 "Oh?" Zelda said, her smile disappearing for a moment.

 "Even though you lost?" she managed to ask.

 "Oh, that didn't matter. It was just... refreshing. He's an excellent swordsman," Leigh commented.

 "Well, yes," Zelda said.

 "You're very lucky," Leigh continued.

 "Uh, sure. But Leigh?" Zelda asked.


 "There was something... something I was wondering about?" Zelda said.

 "Which happens to be?" Leigh questioned.

 "Well... Fayette says you've been around longer than her? Well, I mean... well," Zelda found she couldn't quite explain it.

 "Oh, you mean that I've been around for a long time? Well yes, that's true. The ageing process, well I guess since Richard and I are both from another world, we age differently on this one," Leigh explained calmly. Zelda stood there, looking confused. This 'different world' concept was hard for her to grasp. "Don't worry, most people don't get it," Leigh said, smiling to herself. Zelda didn't want to look stupid in front of the woman, so she shook her head.

 "No, I understand completely," she lied. "I was just wondering, who's Richard?"

 "Oh sorry. That's Lord British! I know him as Richard, of course, from back on Earth," Leigh answered, still smiling the dazzling smile.

 "Oh, I see," Zelda said quietly.

 "Oh Zelda, most Sosarians don't understand me at all, so I hardly expect you to either," Leigh said sweetly. Zelda didn't know whether to be offended by Leigh's comment. She decided not to; after all, no-one in Hyrule had ever heard of Leigh, or even imagined that there were other worlds than their own. She quickly thought of an excuse to leave Leigh, and get back to the others.

  "Well, uh, thanks Leigh. But there's something I... uh... need to check up on," Zelda said.

 "Oh no problem. I'll just go chat to Link or someone," Leigh replied. The avatar wandered off, leaving Zelda standing alone by herself. She wondered if it was just her, or that Leigh seemed keen to go and talk to Link. She then mentally reprimanded herself for even considering it. Don't let your stupid jealously get in the way! Of course it's only natural that she'd want to speak to him; after all, they did compete together, she said to herself. She surveyed the room for a little longer, then noticed Selina coming over. The red-haired healer had a smile on her face.

 "Zel, d'you think I could go and see Nick for a moment or so?" she asked. Zelda nodded.

 "Of course, Selina," she replied, knowing how much it would mean to her friend. "Just go up to the second floor, into the east wing. It's the room at the furthest end," she smiled.

 "Okay, thank you," Selina said.


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