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Future's Past

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)


Chapter 4


  Selina pushed open the door quietly, into the room where Nick was resting. He looked up sleepily as she entered. "Hi," Selina said shyly. He looked blankly over at her, but then smiled. "Don't you remember?" Selina said, somewhat disappointed. "It's me. Selina," she added.

 "Of course I do.. I was just feeling a little..." Nick paused, smiling warmly at her.

 "Out of synch?" she offered.

 "Yes, that's right," he said, laughing a little. Selina smiled back.

 "We've all been so worried about you... we thought you were gone for good! Zelda knew you'd gone through a portal, but we didn't know if we'd ever see you again," she explained, walking over to the bed. She sat on a chair nearby.

 "It was a terrible place... I am so glad to be home after such years of torment," Nick said weakly. Selina leaned over.

 "You don't have to talk about it... just forget it all," she said soothingly.

  "Don't worry Selina, I'm planning to," Nick replied.

 "But anyway, as you say, enough about that. How did today go?" he questioned.

 "Oh, simply unbelievable!" Selina exclaimed.

 "How do you mean?" Nick asked, leaning forward.

 "Well, yesterday, this woman showed up...Leigh, and well, she took the guys on and won practically all the events she entered for!" Selina said.

 "Really?" Nick said in surprise. Selina nodded. "She was simply amazing! She beat Dion at archery, and Link at fencing! Oh, and horseback archery too!"

  "Truly astonishing! And what did the rest of the men have to say about it?" Nick asked, another smile appearing.

 "Oh, they were complaining. Bad losers," Selina laughed. Nick lay back down, looking tired.

 "Maybe they're getting rusty," he remarked.

 "No, Leigh is just phenomenal, that's all!" Selina said back. She leaned down over him, suddenly looking concerned.

 "Are you okay?" she asked. Nick nodded.

 "Just very weary," he said. She pulled the blanket over him.

 "You'd best get some more rest. I'll be back later," she promised.


  "It's just hard you know," Leigh sighed. "Being so perfect all of the time," she continued, looking a bit desolate.

 "Not every hero can be perfect all of time," Zelda replied.

 "But you're the avatar! You're meant to be like that!" Fayette exclaimed, looking horrified by the thought that Leigh would even consider being less than 'perfect' ' at all. "Well, it just gets me down sometimes," Leigh said, sighing again.

 "Well, you're not in Sosaria now. Be yourself," Selina suggested. A small smile suddenly played on Leigh's lips at Selina's suggestion.

 "You know, what a nice idea! After all, I am on vacation!" she said.

 "Oh, but I was hoping that you'd teach me how to follow the eight virtues better!" Fayette whined.

 "I'm sure you're following them just fine!" Leigh replied smiling pleasantly.

 "That'd be right," Zelda said, a little snidely.

 "Of course I follow them!" Fayette answered back, looking angry.

  "Oh yeah?" Zelda said, looking incredulous.

 "Why wouldn't I?" Fayette retorted.

 "Oh, I can think of a few you've broken already! Why, how about honesty for a start? Or humility? There's a few times I can..." Zelda began.

 "Is there a problem between you two? Sisterly rivalry perhaps?" Leigh interrupted sweetly.

 "We're not sisters!" Zelda said cuttingly.

 "Oh, sorry for the mistake! I thought you didn't look much alike," Leigh said.

 "I wouldn't want to look like her!" Fayette said, scowling over at Zelda. Zelda just folded her arms and looked sulky.

 "Better than looking like you," she answered, not too cleverly. She was in no mood for smart come-backs.

  "Oh, now we're being immature!" Fayette jeered.

  "Oh, just shut up!" Zelda replied.

  "How could Link have married you? You're such a bitch!" Fayette insulted.

  "Try looking in the mirror Faye! And as for Link, well, he loves me. That's why he married me!" Zelda retorted.

  "When I look in the mirror, I see myself, and I'm a whole lot nicer than you! Link is misguided; I'm sure he realises that now!" Fayette cried.

 "He does not! We have never stopped loving each other from since the day we were married! Even well before that!" Zelda said, her voice raised.

 "Oh, cut it out!" Selina said suddenly.

 "Yes, I agree. Why are you fighting anyway?" Leigh asked.

 "She started it!" Zelda said.

 "No, she did, by saying I couldn't follow the virtues!" Fayette said quickly.

 "Honestly, you're acting like little kids!" Leigh said.

 "Well, I've had enough of this conversation! I'm going to speak to Link instead!" Zelda decided, getting up from her seat.

 "Oh yes, just go crying to him like you usually do!" Fayette leered.

 "He's a whole lot better company than you!" Zelda interjected, glaring at her step sister. Fayette just smiled.

 "Good. We'll be glad to get rid of you," she remarked.

 "Fayette! Be quiet!" Selina said sharply. She glanced over at Zelda, who looked furious. "Can't you both just apologise?" she questioned hopefully.

 "Certainly not! Ever since she arrived, my Trinity has been ruined!" Zelda exclaimed angrily. "Don't think I wanted to be here either. You've spoiled my Trinity!" Fayette answered.

 "You don't even celebrate it like I do!" Zelda cried.

 "So? I'm visiting my mother, who happens to be married to your father. I'd have thought you'd have gotten over it by now," Fayette said coolly.

 "Oh...." Zelda began, still angry. She managed to restrain herself from insulting Fayette using bad language. Instead, she turned and walked off towards the stairs quickly.

 "She's always like this," Fayette said to Leigh, who was watching after Zelda.

 "So are you. You should know better than to argue with her by now," Selina said coldly. She'd never liked Fayette, but managed to tolerate her. If Zelda would just do the same, life would be a little easier.

 "Maybe I should follow her," Leigh said thoughtfully.

 "What's the point? She'll only yell at you," Fayette said. Leigh walked off, ignoring her.


  Zelda dashed up the tower steps to her bedroom, still feeling angry. She thought she heard someone shouting after her, but ignored it. Link was sat on the bed, resting a little after the day's hard games. There would be dancing and a feast later on, at night, to celebrate the oncoming of Din's Day; the first day of the New Year. Everyone would stay up until well past midnight. She quickly slammed the door shut. Link looked up in surprise. "Zel, what's up?" he asked, looking up from his book.

 "Everything!" she wailed, pacing around.

 "Everything?" he asked slowly.

 "Fayette!" Zelda said angrily. She kicked one of her shoes off, and it went flying across the floor, finally coming to a halt as it hit the wall. She kicked the other one off too.

 "What's she done now?" Link questioned, looking from Zelda, to the shoe, then back to Zelda again.

 "She just shows me up in front of everyone!" Zelda moaned. She disappeared out onto the balcony. Link sighed, then got up and followed her.

 "Come back inside, it's cold," he said, taking her arm, and leading her firmly back into the room. He closed and bolted the French windows. "How many times have I told you to just ignore her?" he scolded lightly. She was too sensitive at times, he thought privately to himself. Then again he suspected she wasn't really upset, she just liked to get sympathy. He liked giving it to her though.

  "I can't," Zelda said quietly, wiping her eyes. He gave her a hug.

 "Fayette is just jealous of you. She likes to hurt your feelings because she is so envious. And do you blame her?" he said soothingly. "You're so beautiful and smart..." he began. For some reason, he suddenly thought of Leigh. And that kiss... Zelda, as if reading his guilty thoughts, suddenly pushed him away.

  "She just ruins every Trinity!" she fumed, beginning to pace again.

  "Uh, Fayette?" Link questioned nervously. Zelda couldn't possibly have known what he'd been thinking, could she.

 "Who else?" Zelda replied. She walked over to the bed, and collapsed down onto it.

 "Stop thinking about it," Link advised.

 "But she makes me so mad!" Zelda complained.

 "Think about tonight," he tried.

 "Din's Eve? Big deal. She'll probably spoil that too!" Zelda exclaimed. Link pulled her up from the bed, and hugged her again.

 "Actually, I'm glad you're here," he said.

 "Oh?" Zelda replied. Link looked down at his watch; it was almost 8pm. The celebrating of Din's Eve would begin in about two hours or so. He was pleased that Zelda had come upstairs, since they'd barely had any time alone in the past few days. Gently, he kissed her on the lips.

 "I love you lots, Zel," he said truthfully. She smiled prettily, looking happier for a moment.

 "I love you too. I don't know what I'd do without you," Zelda replied. They kissed again, a little more heatedly. Link's mind was cast back to their first kiss, almost seven years ago. Such a special moment. As they kissed again, he felt her relax, and draw up close against him. He suddenly felt ashamed by what had happened with Leigh; even though it hadn't been his fault, and that he hadn't wanted her to kiss him. But she was so damn attractive, that he almost hadn't minded. That was the worst part. If Zelda found out, she'd never speak to him again. He remembered how she'd reacted over Kylara; and he hadn't even kissed the girl, much less been attracted to her. Slowly, he let his hands slide down from her shoulders to just above her waist. She carried on kissing him. It felt too good to be true. She pulled away from him a few moments later. "You always make everything seem better," she breathed. Link nudged her forward again , kissing her softly. She stepped back, coming up against the bed. He considered pushing her back one more time, then jumping on her, but figured that she probably wouldn't stand for it, he thought, smiling ruefully.


  He closed the gap though, because she looked like she was going to try and evade his affections. He had no idea why, but she'd been like that a lot recently. Sort of preoccupied, so to speak, and not interested in him. "Link..." she began.

 "Oh, come on Zel, what's up with you?" he asked. He sat down on the bed, then grabbed her and pulled her down beside him.

 "Link!" she protested weakly. He pushed her down on top of him, and she let him kiss her. But the next moment, he found himself looking deep into her eyes, and she still looked upset. He wondered if something else was troubling her. Sighing, she moved away, and lay on the bed quietly. He sat up and watched her for a while. She began to cry.

 "Hey, Zel, don't," he said, making her sit up, and putting his arms around her.

 "Oh Link..." she began. She leaned against him, and cried even more. "Zel, please, tell me what's up, love," he asked her. She sobbed some more.

 "There's something bad going to happen!"

 "What?" Link said, drawing back from her, and looking at her in surprise.

 "I can just feel it!" she replied, without explanation. She got up off the bed. "My life is lousy," she complained. She headed towards the door before he could stop her.


 Link glanced after his wife sadly. She'd been acting pretty weird lately. First of all, she'd seemed to lose interest in any physical side of their relationship, even a simple part of it, like kissing. Other times, she would be simmering with passion, usually at inappropriate times, and by the time they were able to resume it, she'd seemingly gone right off the idea. Then there was her distracted behaviour. She hadn't been too bad over the last two days, probably because it was Trinity, but she'd looked increasing worried lately, and been saying that something bad was about to happen. He didn't like it one bit. After all, what did they have to be worried about? Ganon was long gone, wasn't he? And with the power of a complete Triforce at their disposal, no-one else in the world could possibly be a threat. He walked across to the door, and peered down the spiral staircase. "Zel?" he called, looking as far down as he could. He figured she must have already left the tower's vicinity. He walked back into their room, hoping she'd be feeling better in a few hours once Din's Eve began.


  "So Selina, how fares your life at the moment?" asked Fayette sweetly. Selina glared at Fayette and said nothing. "No-one special in your life?" pressed Fayette. Selina sighed and gave Fayette another icy stare. "Well excuse me! I was only asking," huffed Fayette. Leigh approached the two again, Selina sighed in relief.

  "She was gone before I could catch up with her," explained Leigh.

  "Well, consider yourself lucky. I'm much better company than her any day," said Fayette sourly.

  "Hmm, whatever," said Leigh distantly. She seemed to be watching the crowd of guys at the other end of the room. They were all laughing about something. She sighed and turned her attention back to Selina and Fayette.

  "So Selina, what do you do for a living?" she asked. Selina shrugged.

  "I'm a healer, but otherwise I work in my uncle's tavern," answered Selina. Leigh nodded.

  "Hmmph, you'd never catch me working as a bar wench," declared Fayette.

  "I wouldn't expect to find you working at all," snapped back Selina. Leigh surpressed a smile at this comment, but her eyes said everything. Fayette folded her arms and pouted.

  "Well it's not my fault I'm fortunate enough not to have to work. Besides, I'm a lady, I shouldn't have to work," defended Fayette. She punctuated the end of the sentence by flipping her hair. Leigh rolled her eyes and turned back to Selina.

  "You must be smart to be a healer, only the most intelligent people in Sosaria are able to perform such an art," complimented Leigh. Selina smiled modestly at this comment, and made no reply.

  "Well, I bet if I really wanted to, I could heal anyone," put in Fayette, fishing also for a compliment off her childhood idol.

  "I very much doubt it Fayette, after all you are a Sosarian and there are only, let me see, five or six real healers in the whole of Sosaria. Excluding myself and Lord British, after all, we aren't Sosarians, but where we come from, magic is a dying art, or rather it's already dead. You see the only magic on Earth is used for entertainment and is usually not magic at all, just trickery to the eye," explained Leigh. Fayette huffed and folded her arms again.

  "Well, tell me about Earth Leigh, it sounds fascinating," said Selina.

  "The less I stay away from Earth the better, it's all too depressing," commented Leigh dryly.

  "Oh, it can't be all that bad," said Selina.

  "On Earth, laws are different. Everything is defined by science, not faith. On Earth I'm nothing, here - I'm the Avatar, or at least I was," continued Leigh.

  "What do you mean 'was'?" asked Fayette.

  "Oh, nothing, you'll find out soon enough," said Leigh casually. Suddenly Zelda entered the room, she looked around and spotted the three and walked slowly over.

  "Oh great! Look who's coming," moaned Fayette. Selina and Leigh turned to see Zelda approaching.

  "Hi Zelda, feeling better?" asked Selina cheerfully. Zelda nodded, then turned to glare at Fayette.

 "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to stare?" asked Fayette indignantly.

  "No, she was dead before she could," said Zelda coolly. Fayette gulped, and shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. She evaded Zelda's stare then opened her mouth then shut it again.

  "Well, uh, I'm going to see how the children are doing," she chirped, a few decibels higher than she had intended. She turned on one foot and fled.

  "Now that's she gone, I suddenly feel so much better," said Zelda darkly.


  The mysterious woman stood at the boat's prow, hoping it would arrive at it's destination sooner, rather than later. Her long red hair whipped around her deeply tanned face. The southern wind was strong, sometimes pulling the ship backwards. The woman needed to land in Hyrule as quickly as possible, for desperate measures would have to be taken in order to avert the disaster she could foresee. Warnings would need to be heeded, and drastic preparations set into motion. She had paid these Benluccan sailors a hefty sum in order to reach the land of Hyrule by sunrise. It was unfortunate that the weather was against them. She stepped away from the prow, and seated herself at the bottom of the mast, thinking. Her name was Balayna. She was a Gerudo woman, a race who had originated in Hyrule long ago, when it had only been a small country. She was tall, with dark skin and thick, silky red hair. Fancy jewels encrusted in gold adorned her wrists, neck and fingers, and she was dressed in billowing white silk trousers and matching bikini. A chiffon veil hid most of her face, aside from her eyes, which were a golden colour, and enhanced with make-up. Two curved swords hung menacingly at her waist. Women warriors, the Gerudos were fascinating people. For thousands of years, their small community had remained hidden in the depths of a valley in the vast, sweltering country of Benlucca. No-one remembered their existence, at least it was not often they left the safety of their hidden valley. Strangely enough, males were only born every one hundred years, so it was hard to keep their own kind alive. Thousands of years ago, when the tiny Hyrule had been attacked by Sosaria, the Gerudos had been driven out of their homes. They had sailed south, to Benlucca, and made a home there. They had taken some men with them. Nowadays, most Gerudo women would mingle with normal Benluccan society; their exotic looks enticed many a man. It was terribly degrading for them to act like common prostitutes, so many got married, but once with child, they returned back to the hidden valley. Sometimes, they brought their husbands back with them, if they were willing to leave their ordinary life behind. Balayna was second in command of the group, and had been sent by her leader to meet with a Princess named Zelda, and her husband, Link. Word had it, that a leader from their past was back, Ganondorf Dragmire. They did not know how, but he was. And Hyrule was in terrible danger, for Ganondorf once again wished to possess 'the power of gold', the legendary Triforce. Balayna had been informed that Princess Zelda owned the Triforce, so she would need to be warned about Ganondorf. If he had come back, his power must be greater than before, and if he got the Triforce, it could be the end for them all...


  "Five, four, three, two, one!" the inhabitants of North Castle all counted down together. Even the servants and the children were allowed to join in the fun in the Great Hall. The clock struck midnight, and everyone began to cheer, hugging, and kissing, and shouting, "Happy Din's Day!" Link grabbed Zelda, and swung her round happily, then they kissed each other. Sprite fluttered over, and tossed faerie dust over them playfully, trying to get them to stop. The next moment, Selina, Aaron and the rest if their friends surrounded them, shouting festive messages. They joined up for one big group hug. Zelda smiled.

 "Goodness, it's 4552!" she exclaimed.

 "You are getting old, Princess!" Drake cracked.

 "Oh, so what are you? Ancient?" Zelda retorted back to the knight.

 "No, I'm in my prime. Life begins in your forties, you know," he said proudly. He was only 41, still as handsome and rugged as ever, and of course, good humoured. Everyone laughed.

 "No, it's the 30's, amigo," Dion answered. Damon nodded in agreement, along with Nick, who'd felt well enough to join in that night.

 "I must dissent," Zelda said, in a posh tone. She grinned at Link, Selina and Aaron and Aimée. "Are you talking in Hylian again?" Drake questioned, grinning.

 "No, she was just trying to be clever," Link replied, laughing.

 "What we're trying to say is, life is best when you're twenty," Aaron added.

 "Twenty? Hah, you're nothing but little kids!" Drake protested.

 "Yes, you haven't grown wise yet," Damon added.

  "Or experienced," Dion added, a big smile on his face.

  "Hey, that's an insult!" Link protested.

 "Oh, you'll understand once you get to our age," Nick reassured.

 "Yeah, right," Zelda replied, looking unconvinced.

  "Well, if you ask me, if you're a faerie, it doesn't matter how old you are, it's always fun!" Sprite exclaimed. Everyone laughed again.

 "I think it's time for some drink," Drake decided. Everyone nodded in agreement, and they all walked off towards the mini-bar that had been set up as usual.


  Leigh watched the group collect their drinks thoughtfully. This celebration reminded her very much of New Year's Eve, back on earth. Except that everyone was dressed in old-fashioned clothing, and inside a huge castle. She looked down at her dress, feeling pleased. It was one she'd brought from Sosaria; a shimmering, tight, low cut blue number. Very sexy, she thought. She decided that she'd sure be having some fun with the guys tonight, married or unmarried. After all, it was something she'd never been able to do back in Sosaria, it had been unthinkable. She was feeling neglected; how long had it been since she'd had a boyfriend anyway? And most of the men she'd seen so far were very attractive. Especially the ones in Princess Zelda's little group. She turned to Fayette, who was standing nearby, talking to her mother about something or other. "Fayette, do tell me something," she said.

 "Certainly. What do you want to know?" Fayette asked, smiling.

 "Zelda, and her friends. Do they always hang out in a close group like that? Or is anyone welcome to join them?" Leigh questioned. Fayette rolled her eyes.

 "Oh, I'd say it was a pretty 'exclusive' group. They never let me join in anyway," she said, suddenly looking sulky. Leigh turned her attention back to the group. She'd join in whether they wanted her to or not. She smiled to herself. She was sure they wouldn't mind anyway, not the guys at least. She mentally compared herself to the girls. Aimée, she didn't know very well. She was fairly pretty, with long, curly brown hair, and coffee coloured eyes, and a warm smile. She was very quiet though. Selina and Zelda on the other hand, appeared to be more extroverted. Leigh would have to be careful around them, though they appeared to like her well enough. Hitching up her long, trailing skirt, she made her way across to where they were all busy talking.



  Later on, Leigh walked outside into the courtyard and breathed in the fresh air. She smiled to herself and walked over to the fountain that stood in the middle of the courtyard. She looked at her reflection and lazily brushed her hand through the cool water, causing her reflection to shatter and distort. She smiled again and glanced up at the stars in the sky, trying to make out the different formations. Suddenly, she felt a strong pair of hands clasp around her waist. She felt a man's warm breath on her cheek, then he left a trail of warm kisses up her neck, and to the side of her face. Leigh closed her eyes slightly and leaned back slightly, savouring the moment. After a few seconds she turned around to face her mystery man. It was, now who was it? Nick. Leigh smiled seductively, and leaned in to kiss the handsome prince again, but as their faces came up close, their eyes locked together, she realised that something was not quite right. She tried to ignore it and kissed Nick again, then drew back. She stared deeply into his eyes and noticed something strange. His eyes were glowing a venomous amber! She recalled that not so long ago, when she had first met him that his eyes had been a deep, coffee brown colour. Leigh gulped, she'd stared into these eyes before. She took a slight step back, wanting to put some distance between herself and this man. He seemed to notice her step back and his lips twisted into a mocking smile. A deep laugh arose from inside him and he took a step closer to her. Leigh now had no doubt in her mind on who this person really was. It had to be the guardian. She tried to concentrate on the space that surrounded him, and noticed that an eerie black glow was radiating from his body. It was dark energy! "Keep away from me," warned Leigh, taking another step back. Nick just smiled at her.

  "You weren't complaining a few minutes ago, Avatar," sneered Nick. Leigh silently cursed as she realised she had no weapons on her at all. This man could kill her right now if he wished to.

  "Look, just go back to were you came from you creep!" continued Leigh, her voice raising a little higher.

  "Poor Avatar, poor, poor avatar!" quoted Nick, a familiar saying she had been taunted with by the guardian. Leigh backed away once more, paused then took a running leap at Nick. She raised one leg and aimed it for Nick's skull. Suddenly a black force field materialised around Nick, and it deflected Leigh, sending her flying into the fountain. She landed with a huge splash, that caused a few people from the inside to poke their heads from the windows. Fayette was one of them.

  "What's going on?" she called glancing at Nick, and then ever who was occupying the fountain.

  "It looks like your Avatar needed a little cooling off!" called Nick suggestively. Fayette gasped when she saw Leigh emerge from the fountain absolutely wet through. She turned back and ran off into the crowd, Avatar or not, this was gossip!


  "You jerk!" spat Leigh, still dripping wet. She glared at Nick evenly. "Can't you ever leave me alone? Why don't you go invade Sosaria for God's sake while I'm not there!" she screeched. Nick looked a little puzzled.

  "You must have me mixed up with someone else," he replied politely. Leigh walked straight up to him, and glared at him evenly.

  "You are going to wish that you'd never hassled me!" she declared. She swung her fist at him and knocked him in the face. He clattered to the ground, holding his face in pain. Leigh went on to kick him in the stomach, twice. Then, he rose up and hit her across the face, sending her flying to the floor.

  "Say anything about this, and next time I'm passing through, I'll release your guardian," threatened Nick. Leigh gasped. Before he walked off she managed to ask him,

 "What, you aren't him?" Nick turned and smiled at her.

  "You'll wish I was," he said darkly before walking back inside.


  "What?!" asked Zelda.

  "It looks like she came onto him, and he pushed her into the fountain!" exclaimed Fayette, giving the crowd her interpretation of things.

  "Nick pushed her into the fountain?" asked Link in surprise.

  "It certainly doesn't sound like him, he's usually such a gentlemen," added Damon.

  "Well maybe it was the only way he could get her to back off," suggested Fayette.

  "Yeah, it's likely that she has tried it on with every guy in this room tonight, she was bound to take it one step too far sooner or later," admitted Zelda.

  "I know but," said Selina. She'd quite taken to Leigh during the woman's short stay. She stopped, after all she would believe Nick's word over Leigh's any day. He was the most honest man she'd ever known. Nick approached. The chatter stopped, he looked perfectly calm and collected - as always. Selina smiled dreamily, perhaps she could catch alone, later. Then she would reveal her true feelings for her. She only hoped that he'd reciprocate them.


  Later, when most of the guests had retired, Selina watched Nick carefully across the room. He seemed, preoccupied. He was holding a wine glass, swishing it's remaining contents around. Leigh hadn't come back since the fountain incident, so Selina guessed that it must've been true. She approached Nick and touched him on the arm lightly. "Nick?" she asked, trying to get his attention. He raised his head slowly and looked at her deep in the eyes. He nodded and smiled. "There, there's something I've been wanting to tell you," stated Selina. Nick shook his head and chuckled. He placed his hand over hers.

  "It's okay Selina, I think I know," he said smiling.

  "Y-you do?" asked Selina in surprise, had she been that transparent?

  "It's not only Hylians that are telepathic y'know," said Nick, smiling warmly. Selina felt her cheeks tinge pink, she lowered her eyes. Nick placed his hand under her chin and lifted up her face so that their eyes met.

  "I feel the same way," stated Nick, then he lowered his lips to hers, and they met in a passionate kiss. After a few moments, Selina stepped back, unsure. Though the kiss had been passionate, it wasn't how she had imagined it. It hadn't been gentle or tender, but rough and demanding. She felt him step closer to her and clasp his hands around her waist. He kissed her again, pushing her up against the wall. She struggled momentarily, but then gave in, melting into his kiss. Then she heard footsteps, and tried to step away. She heard a yell, then the sound of rushing footsteps. The next moment Nick had been dragged away from her by Leigh.

  "Is this how you get your kicks?" Leigh yelled to Nick. Selina still felt a little light-headed from the intensity of Nick's lips.

  "W-what are you talking about?" asked Nick, a little flustered.

  "First you tried it on with me and now her?" accused Leigh. Nick shook his head and stepped back over towards Selina.

  "It was you who was trying it on with me, not the other way around," stated Nick, draping one arm around Selina's waist. He touch was clumsy and cold, and Selina felt herself flinch at his touch. Leigh turned to Selina and shook her head, then turned back to Nick.

  "I don't know who the hell you are, but you're from the same realm as that bastard Guardian is!" accused Leigh. Then Leigh looked back at Selina. "I don't know what this guy was like seven years ago, but the dark realm has affected him in some way. He isn't who he claims to be," warned Leigh. Selina was still too stunned to say anything, and could only watch as Leigh marched away.


  Nick turned back to her, a doubtful eyebrow raised. "I can't believe that woman," he said darkly as she walked away.

  "Well, uh," started Selina, not knowing what to say. Nick's eyes were still on Leigh's back, he seemed distant. He turned to Selina and grimaced.

  "Well, it's pretty late, and I guess I'm still weak. I'll see you tomorrow," he said abruptly.

  "But Nick," started Selina, but before she could finish he was gone.


  Leigh continued down the corridor, bristling. Everyone seemed to love this Nick guy, but from what she'd seen he was a total creep. Rather than wait till morning she decided it best to get the full story on this Nick guy. She suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder and she was whirled around to face Nick.

  "I told you to keep away from me!" she stated coldly.

  "I'm sorry Leigh, I just can't seem to stay away from you," whispered Nick into her ear. He pinned her to the wall.

  "Let go of me!" hissed Leigh, but she couldn't struggle free of his hold. She felt his hot breath on her face and turned away.

  "I could kill you with the flick of my wrist Avatar, so don't try anything like that again," threatened Nick.

  "Besides, it'll be all over before they even realise. Go back to Sosaria, or where ever you came from," advised Nick. Leigh managed to slip out of his grasp and turned to face him.

  "You don't know who you're messing with. I don't know who you are, but while I'm around you're doing nothing!" spat Leigh. With that, she spun round and walked off.

  "On the contrary Avatar, you're the one who doesn't know who you're messing with!" Nick called after her, but she'd already gone.


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