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Future's Past

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)


Chapter 5


Aaron awoke with a start. He heard footsteps echoing up to the tower. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and got out of bed, grabbing his sword at the same time. Warily he approached the door and opened it. On the other side he was met with a tall dark figure, but it was so dark, Aaron could barely see. "Who goes there?" asked Aaron, clutching onto his sword. The next minute he saw a flash of metal coming toward shim and quickly stepped out of the way. The sword, or knife hit against the wall, missing Aaron. Aaron raised his own sword in defence. "Who goes there?" he asked again, deflecting another blow. The next minute, Aaron felt the ground slipping from beneath him, and he began to tumble backwards down the flight of stairs. He heard a mocking laughter in the darkness, but before he could figure out who it was, everything went black.


  "Aaron? What happened?" asked a worried looking Aimée.

  "What, uh, I don't know," replied Aaron, dazed and confused. Link appeared behind Aimée.

  "Thank Goodness you're okay! When we found you at the bottom of the stairwell," started Link.

  "The Triforce! What about the Triforce! Is it still there?" asked Aaron, everything flooding back.

  "Yeah, it is," said Link, looking puzzled.

  "Someone came up to the tower and tried to attack me with a sword or something. The next minute, he's tripped me up and I'm falling," explained Aaron.

  "I can't believe it, someone came and attacked you?" asked Link in astonishment. "Did you see a face?" continued Link.

  "No, it was too dark," said Aaron apologetically.

  "Well, the main thing is that you're okay," said Link, patting Aaron on the shoulder.

  "Yeah well, it looks like the spell worked this time, but I shouldn't have been caught off guard like that," said Aaron, scolding himself. Aimée leaned down and kissed him gently.

  "Hey now Aaron, it's okay. Don't go worrying yourself," comforted Aimée.

 "Yes, listen to Aimée, it's okay," Link agreed.

  "But there was in intruder!" Aaron exclaimed.

 "I'm going to scout around in a moment. But I'm going to tell Zelda first. She may be able to sense something, some dark power, or something," Link said.

 "Oh, okay. I want to come out and help you, but..." Aaron began.

 "No problem. You just relax up here, and keep an eye on the Triforce," Link replied. Aaron nodded.

 "Okay," Aaron said. Link slipped back out of the room, and made his way to his own bedroom.


  Zelda was sleeping quietly when he entered, blissfully unaware of the night's events so far. He was surprised that she hadn't woken up actually, since she tended to be a fairly light sleeper. He lit a candle by their bedside, and touched her on the shoulder gently. She sighed, blinked, then sat up slowly, looking surprised. "Link?" she questioned, looking over at him.

 "Get up Zel, something's happened," he said, pulling her up out of the bed. The Princess grabbed a wrap and slipped it on.

 "What? What's happened?" she asked, looking worried.

 "Don't worry Zel, nothing too terrible. Someone tried to attack Aaron in the stairwell of the Triforce Tower," he explained.

 "What?" Zelda cried.

 "He's okay, well, he got pushed down the stairs, but he's fine. He didn't get a look at his attacker, but obviously your protection spell kept them from getting into the room. The Triforce is still safe," Link said.

 "I knew there was someone... waiting..." Zelda said, more to herself than Link.

 "Zel, what are you talking about?" Link asked, as he followed her down the tower steps.

 "Link... I just have this feeling. I can't quite pin point where it's coming from though, but something's making me feel really uneasy," Zelda replied. They reached the courtyard. Zelda walked over to the Triforce tower, and looked at it worriedly. A light burned in the room at the top; obviously Aaron and Aimée were still up. "There's something..." she began, glancing around the courtyard nervously.

 "Is someone still here? Someone bad?" Link questioned, drawing his sword.

 "I'm... I'm not sure," Zelda said, suddenly looking confused.

 "Zel, concentrate... we can't have some enemy walking around North Castle undetected," Link said.

 "I know... that's the worrying part. The guards don't just let anyone through our gates, they must have already been inside, and as you stay, still here," Zelda replied.

 "The party... lots of people came... someone could have sneaked inside, a thief or whatever," Link rationalised.

 "I feel like this is a whole more than just that Link. I think they've already been here beforehand," Zelda explained.

 "Zel, what are you trying to say?" Link asked in surprise.

 "What I'm trying to say is, this was here before the party. It's been here for a while, whatever it is," Zelda replied. She closed her eyes, and placed both her hands forward. A stream of blue coloured light left her hands, and settled in a pathway along the ground. In a few seconds, the blue magic turned into a sparkly black trail, which lead from the tower to a side door of the castle.

 "What's that?" Link asked.

 "A recent trail of evil," Zelda replied worriedly.


  Zelda paced up and down the bedroom. Link watched her from the bed, not speaking. The sun was almost about to rise, Din's Day had arrived. "I just don't get it," she said.

 "Zel, what can we do?" Link asked.

 "That's just it. Nothing. We have to wait until something else happens first," Zelda answered impatiently.

 "Is there no way you can trace the rest of the energy to someone?" Link asked her for what seemed like the 100th time.

 "No! That spell only works outside. I'd have to get the person outside to do it. and even then, it might not work. It could be absolutely anyone!" Zelda replied.

 "Any suspects?" Link said, pushing the blankets away, and sitting on the side of the bed. Zelda gave him a withering look, and then walked over to the window and stared out, watching the sun slowly coming up.

 "Look, do you think I can go around casting magic spells on everyone? I haven't the strength to perform such a spell anyway. It's very tiring," she snapped.

 "Well, sorry for asking. You don't have to be so snappy with me," Link answered.

 "I'm not! But you can't blame me for being worried Link," Zelda retorted hotly.

 "Well look. Let's try and think this through. What new people have been to North Castle recently?" Link asked.

 "Well... just Leigh of course. Oh Link, you don't think..." Zelda began. Link shook his head.

 "I doubt it, but..." he started.

 "It's not Leigh. She has an aura of gold that I can sense a mile off," Zelda interrupted.

 "Almost," Link said quietly, thinking of the incident a day earlier, when Leigh had kissed him, and the later on, when she'd tried it with Nick.

 "She's the Avatar, for crying out loud, Link. A hero. All heroes are good," Zelda said. She paced again, still looking worried. "There is one thing," she said suddenly.

 "What?" Link asked.

 "Nick." Zelda said it simply and calmly, Link couldn't believe what his wife was implying.

 "Nick? Zel, are you crazy?" he cried.

 "No, look I think there's a simple explanation for this," Zelda stated. She turned back to Link. "Nick's been trapped in that realm for many years. It's no surprise that a dark aura accompanies him," she said.

 "Are you trying to say he's become evil?" Link questioned, looking a little angry.

 "Of course not! I just said that he had a dark aura. I never said that was making him evil!" Zelda replied.

 "Oh come on Zel, what do you mean then?" Link asked her.

 "I meant exactly what I just said!" she replied.

 "Zel, how can you say that though?" he cried.

 "Because it's true!" she retorted. "Can't you feel it yourself?" she added.

 "No, I can't. And I can't believe you're even saying this about one of our greatest friends!" Link said rather coldly.

 "Link! I'm not saying that he's bad or evil at all!" Zelda protested.

 "You practically are!" Link shot back.

 "I'm not! Link, you're missing the point!" Zelda said, raising her voice a little.

  "You've been acting weird all Trinity Zel. I don't know if this is anything to do with Fayette, or maybe you're jealous of Leigh or something, but I'm telling you Zel..." Link began.

 "I am not jealous of Leigh in the slightest!" Zelda interrupted.

 "Yeah well, whatever. But I'm getting really sick of you. Can't you just stop acting like this, because you're ruining my Trinity, okay?" he said angrily. Zelda stared at him in surprise. He rarely ever got angry with her, let alone talked to her in such a manner. She folded her arms and glared at him.

 "Fine Link," she said in a quiet tone. She marched over to her wardrobe, and flung the doors open furiously. She waited for him to apologise, but he didn't. He just ignored her. She pulled out a dark purple dress, and closed the doors, then turned to look over at him. "Aren't you going to apologise?" she questioned.

 "I think you should," Link answered.

 "I'm not apologising first," she said incredulously.

 "Well fine. But you started it," Link said.

  "Ohhhh... just shut up and leave me alone!" Zelda finally said, pulling on her dress angrily. She grabbed a brush, and ran it through her hair for a few times, put on her new necklace and circlet, then walked off towards the door.

 "Oh come on Zel, don't get all worked up," Link called after her.

 "I'm not apologising to you!" Zelda retorted, walking out through the door. Link shook his head, wondering what her problem was. For now, he was going to forget about it, until she'd cooled off a little.


  Zelda slowed her horse as she approached the sea shore. She always felt calmer, coming out here for a while. She patted Moonmist, her white mare, old now, but still reliable, and then dismounted. She wandered over to the cliffs, and noticed a boat approaching the port in the nearby town of Mido. The ship looked run down, and it was flying a foreign flag. She couldn't quite make out what nationality it was from her vantage point. Probably traders, she thought to herself. She walked down the roughly-hewn path which led down to the beach, leading Moonmist behind her. Patches of snow were still around, but most of it on the beach had been washed away by the sea. She walked along the sands, taking the scenic route into Mido. It was cold, but not in an uncomfortable way. "Zelda!" she suddenly heard someone call. She turned, and saw Selina walking behind her.

  "Hello Selina," she said in surprise.

 "I felt like an early morning stroll," Selina said.

 "And the coastline is so beautiful right now," she added.

 "Yes, I suppose it is. I was going to walk into town, to see where that ship was from," Zelda replied.

 "Let's go together," Selina suggested, smiling.

  "Okay," Zelda said, starting to walk towards the town again.

 "What's the matter?" Selina suddenly questioned.

 "Oh... nothing," Zelda began. Then she stopped. "Well... Link and I had a bit of a tiff, that's all," she concluded.

 "Oh, what about?" Selina asked, looking sympathetic. Zelda didn't look at her friend.

 "It was just something stupid. Nothing important," she said quietly.

 "You look pretty upset to me. Are you sure?" Selina questioned. Zelda nodded.

 "I'd really rather not talk about it, thanks," she replied. Selina nodded understandingly.

 "Okay," she said. They started up the path which lead into the town.

  "There's something bothering me too," Selina suddenly remarked.

 "What?" Zelda asked, turning to her, surprised.

 "It's about Nick," her friend admitted.

 "Uhuh. Is this about last night, with Leigh?" Zelda questioned, remembering when Nick had supposedly pushed Leigh into the fountain.

 "Well.. kind of. It was something she said, and the way Nick reacted," Selina began. Zelda noticed her friend looked troubled. She saw a little café opening up.

 "Come on, let's get a drink and something to eat. You can tell me all about it in here," Zelda suggested, tying up Moonmist.


  "Your Highness! Why, it's such a pleasure to see you!" the old lady behind the counter exclaimed happily.

 "Good morning to you!" Zelda replied smiling warmly.

 "What can I do you for?" the lady asked. Zelda turned to Selina.

 "What would you like?" she asked.

 "Oh, just something hot," Selina replied. Zelda turned back to the old lady.

 "We'd like some hot pastries filled with strawberry jam please," she decided. The lady nodded, taking down their order.

 "Anything else?" she asked.

 "Yes, some warm, creamy milk would be lovely," Zelda said.

 "Okay, I'll be right along with those dears," the lady said, disappearing into the back of the shop. Zelda and Selina seated themselves at one of the small covered tables. Zelda leaned across the table and looked at Selina.

 "So what happened?" she asked. Selina sighed.

 "Well... Nick... he knew... he knew I liked him... he kissed me, but..." she paused.

 "But what?" Zelda asked.

 "It... I don't know, he was just a little rough with me. And then next thing I know, Leigh's ripping us apart, screaming at Nick," Selina said.

 "Nick? Rough?" Zelda said, looking surprised. She'd always thought of Nick as being no less than a gentleman. He pushed Leigh in that fountain too, it's unlike him, she thought.

 "Yes," Selina nodded sadly.

 "He... he probably didn't mean to be like that," Zelda said quickly. "I don't know," Selina said, shaking her head.

 "You say Leigh came? Perhaps she was jealous?" Zelda said. "After all, he did reject her earlier," she added thoughtfully.

 "Well, I thought that, but I don't know... Leigh warned me about him, said he wasn't who I thought he was. Nick left me, and ran after her. He looked really angry. Not just angry Zelda... but well... you know how I mean," Selina said.

 "Did you follow them?" Zelda asked. Selina shook her head.

 "No. I felt too... confused, I guess," she concluded. Zelda gave her a sympathetic look, her own problems suddenly seeming unimportant for a moment.

 "Selina, give Nick some more time. He's been away for such a long time. Who knows what might have happened to him in that terrible place," she said. Selina nodded.

 "I guess you're right. But what about Leigh?" she asked.

 "We should talk to her, find out her side of the story," Zelda decided. The old lady walked over to them, carrying a tray with their food on.

 "Here you go, hot from the oven," she smiled, setting down their plates. She put down two glasses of milk too. "That'll be three rupees," she said smiling. Zelda reached down into her purse. She handed the woman a red rupee.

 "Here, take this, and no protesting!" she smiled. "Oh Princess, you're too kind!" the woman said, smiling back.

 "You work hard. You deserve it," Zelda replied. The lady walked off to put the money away in a pot. "While I remember," Zelda started again, taking a bite of her pastry. It was deliciously warm. "Last night... around half four or so, did you hear anything?" she questioned.

 "Half four? I think I was asleep then! I really didn't hear anything. Why?" Selina asked, taking a drink of milk.

 "Because someone attacked Aaron!" Zelda exclaimed.

 "You don't say? Who?" Selina asked, looking shocked. Zelda shrugged.

 "I don't know. He said it was too dark, he got knocked out by this person. Luckily, my protection spell kept whoever it was from getting to the Triforce, but poor Aaron!" "It's terrible! And you really had no idea who it was?" Selina questioned.

 "Absolutely none. But... it's very worrying, don't you agree?" Zelda asked. Selina nodded, looking equally worried...


  Meanwhile, at North Castle, Link was also feeling worried. He walked up and down the courtyard, sword in hand, pacing. He was confused about the early morning events that had taken place, about who had attack Aaron. Indeed, he wasn't happy that the security at the castle had somehow been bypassed; the guards were usually very vigilant; or were they? In the last few years, there had been no threats of attack from anyone. With Ganon gone, surely they were safe, perhaps except from attacks from other countries? Suddenly, a small faerie flew up to him, and planted a kiss on his cheek. "Happy Din's Day!" she cried. He realised it was Sprite.

 "Oh, same to you," he said, a tad dismally.

 "What's up?" Sprite asked, flying in front of him, looking curious.

 "I had a fight with Zel.. well no I didn't. She's just being her usual stubborn self. But more importantly, we had an intruder early this morning!" Link said.

 "What?!" Sprite cried in disbelief.

 "Yes, they pushed Aaron down the stairs, but they didn't get the Triforce. And Zelda traced a path of dark energy right out here in the courtyard," he explained.

 "Oh no... you don't think... you don't think Ganon's back, do you?" Sprite asked worriedly.

 "Of course not. He couldn't possibly be back. He's gone," Link replied, trying to sound positive. The faerie didn't look convinced by his tone.

 "Something's not right, you know," she remarked. "How do you mean?" Link asked. "Well, you ought to be worried if you ask me. Nick's been incarcerated in that dark realm for the last seven years, then he suddenly turns up here. I mean, there must have been a portal for him to escape. What if Ganon, for example, came through that portal?" the faerie suggested.

 "Oh damn it, I never thought of that," Link groaned. Sprite raised her eyebrows.

 "Seems to me hero, that you've been taking the peace for granted. Never let down your guard," she warned.

 "I'm on it now," he promised.

 "It may already be too late. Next time, Aaron or yourself, or indeed anybody else, may not be so lucky," Sprite said.

 "You have a point," Link replied, leaning down on his sword, and looking thoughtful.

 "Yeah, I do. And you might want to ask that Leigh to help out. She's hotter at magic than Zelda," Sprite said.

 "Don't tell Zel that," Link said, suddenly grinning.

 "Maybe someone should. If Ganon's back, you might need something a bit more than just the Triforce," Sprite answered.

  "Zelda can handle the Triforce fine. If Ganon's back, the Triforce will keep him at bay," Link said.

 "Pretty powerful magic is needed to open a portal out of the dark realm. I wouldn't just assume the Triforce will stop him; or whoever else might have come through it," Sprite said. She flew up close, and gave him another kiss.

 "Us faeries have our own celebrations this week. I'll be in the forest at the usual spot if you need to speak to me," she said.

 "I'll remember Sprite," he promised. She smiled at him.

 "Just think about what I said," the faerie stated. Link nodded.

 "Of course." She suddenly giggled, and tossed some faerie dust at him.

 "I'll see you later!" she laughed, flying off. Link watched until she flew away, then he felt a tap on his shoulder.


  "Leigh!" he exclaimed in surprise, seeing the beautiful heroine stood before him. She wasn't smiling her usual charming smile, rather she looked more serious.

 "Link, you're the one person who might listen to me," she began, taking him by the arm.

 "What, what's up?" he asked. Leigh led him back into North Castle and down a quiet passageway. "Uh Leigh..." Link said, suddenly feeling a little nervous.

 "Link, it's about your friend, Nick," she began.

 "Well, what about him?" Link asked.

 "You say he's been trapped in the dark realm for several years?" Leigh questioned.

 "Well, yes," Link said.

 "Link, I don't think this is the real Nick," she said suddenly.

 "What are you talking about? You never knew him, Leigh. How can you think something like that?" Link asked.

 "Link, he knows things about me, and I swear we'd never met before! We never knew each other!" Leigh said.

 "Well..." Link began slowly.

 "He... he used to court Fayette, perhaps she told him about you," he suggested.

  "Possibly, but... this was... different. He threatened to kill me, for Christ sake!" Leigh cried.

  "Kill you? Leigh, are you sure?" Link said. She leaned close to him, as if afraid of anyone hearing them.

 "Deadly sure. I'm rarely wrong, Link," she whispered.

 "But Leigh, Nick would never do something like that. Did you not drink too much or something last night? You must be mistaken, surely," Link replied.

 "Link, listen to me please!" Leigh begged.

 "I'm listening Leigh. But I think you've got Nick all wrong," Link replied sedately.

 "Maybe Nick isn't who you think he is," Leigh suddenly snapped.

 "I thought you'd listen to me, you seem a sensible kind of guy. Evidently, I was wrong," she said. As she turned to leave, Link caught hold of her arm. She paused then faced him.

  "What?" she asked impatiently.

  "Look, perhaps if you could find some proof, or someone else who could back your story up, then maybe I'd be prepared to believe you. Perhaps if you'd known Nick seven years back, you wouldn't have been so quick to jump to conclusions about him," sighed Link.

 "Yeah well, if he'd threatened to kill you then maybe you wouldn't be so quick to defend him!" bit back Leigh. Link shook his head.

 "I know but, who's to say you aren't doing this to get your own back?" said Link.

  "What!? Look, I don't know about you Link but if I were going to try and get my revenge on that guy, this isn't the way I'd go about it. All that I want to do is to give you a warning, and that this guy is dangerous! If you can't accept that then it's your choice, but ask yourself have you actually really talked to Nick? I'm not saying that Nick is bad, but there is something in there that is, like perhaps this Ganon guy you mentioned, how else could he of escaped this dark realm?" said Leigh, and with that she left, not looking back.


  Leigh walked into the stables, to look at the horses. She needed some time to cool off. A beautiful bay mare stood before her. Leigh stroked it's velvety nose slowly, trying to relax. Then a chilling shiver ran right through her, she had a feeling that she was being watched. Whirling around, she saw nothing. Then from out of the shadows, stepped Nick. Leigh gasped slightly and stepped back, this time she was better prepared. She pulled her sword from her belt and held it before her menacingly. "What did I say about talking to anyone about our little secret?" asked Nick calmly, his voice sounded different somehow, distorted.

  "Uh, I," stuttered Leigh, trying to think back.

  "Well, no matter, I've changed my mind," said Nick.

  "Don't come near me," warned Leigh. "I don't even have to come near you Avatar, I could kill you just by wishing it," sneered Nick.

 "So why don't you?" challenged Leigh.

  "No, it wouldn't be any fun that way," replied Nick. Leigh smiled, he was bluffing.

  "Oh yeah right, well in case you forgot I've dealt with guys like you before," said Leigh smiling.

  "Oh really? I very much doubt that, you see I haven't been around for thousands of years," said Nick.

  "Well, I happen to have been around for thousands of years, so I wouldn't sound so self-confident if I were you!" spat back Leigh. Suddenly, the sword flew from Leigh's hand, and stuck into the ground. Leigh gulped, she didn't feel so in control now. An invisible hand began to close around Leigh's throat and began to lift her into the air. Leigh struggled for breath, trying to break free of it's grip.

  "Now Avatar, this is my last warning - return to Sosaria, and never mention this to anyone or you and whoever you tell will die!" boomed Nick. And with that, Leigh was dropped back to the ground with a thud. Leigh struggled to get up, still struggling for air.

  "I can't return, I've been exiled!" protested Leigh.

  "Well in that case, perhaps there is something else you can do for me," said Nick thoughtfully. "In return for your life you shall bring me the Triforce," said Nick, smiling gleefully.

  "No-one is allowed near the tower since that stunt you pulled this morning," said Leigh, managing to sit up.

  "Well, you will have to find a way then won't you?" mused Nick.

  "Okay then, I'll get you your stinking Triforce," muttered Leigh.

  "Good, good, you do that," said Nick pulling Leigh up. Then right before Leigh's eyes, he vanished. Leigh glanced around the empty stables, her eyes fell upon the bay horse.

  "If only you could talk," she sighed before leaving.


  As Leigh crossed the courtyard, she heard someone calling her name. She paused and turned, it was Zelda and her friend, Selina. She waited for them to catch up. "Yes?" asked Leigh as Zelda approached her. Before Zelda spoke, she paused and looked Leigh up and down, noticing the Avatar's dishevelled appearance.

  "What happened?" asked Zelda. "What?" asked Leigh, feeling puzzled. She then looked down and noticed her appearance. Instinctively, her hand flew up to her neck, wondering if a mark had been left.

  "Well, I, I fell," offered Leigh, Zelda nor Selina looked very convinced.

  "What happened to your neck?" asked Selina.

  "I really can't explain," started Leigh.

  "Well, anyway, we were just wondering about what happened last night," said Zelda quickly.

  "Last night?" asked Leigh hazily, she wasn't feeling too good.

  "Yeah, with the fountain," said Selina, looking at Leigh suspiciously.

  "Oh, I sort of fell in," said Leigh, rubbing at her neck, it was really beginning to sting.

  "Did Nick push you in?" ventured Selina. Leigh thought back, remembering the black field.

  "No, no he didn't," replied Leigh. Selina looked relieved.

  "And what about when Nick followed you?" asked Selina again.

  "He just wanted to, tell me something," said Leigh, she sat down on the edge of the fountain. "What?" asked Zelda.

  "Look, I really can't say," mumbled Leigh. If Link wouldn't believe her, these two wouldn't.

  "Look it's just that we don't think everything's okay with Nick. He seems a little different," said Zelda.

  "Uh-well, I wouldn't really know, after all I didn't know him seven years ago," said Leigh.

  "I know but, oh well I guess it was worth I shot," sighed Zelda. The two began to leave.

  "Wait," Leigh called after them. They turned around.

  "I think he's been possessed," stated Leigh. Suddenly, she felt an invisible force begin to constrict around her throat. Gasping, she tried to stand up but fell back down again. Zelda and Selina rushed to her aid.

  "Leigh? What's wrong?" asked Zelda worriedly.

  "It's him!" Leigh managed to gasp out, the grip around her throat became tighter.

  "What?!" asked Selina. "It's...Nick...he's...doing...this," Leigh managed to wheeze. Zelda squeezed her eyes shut and a stream of blue light left her hands and settled onto Leigh. The blue turned to black, forming an outline, of someone or something squeezing at Leigh's throat. Selina gasped and stepped away.

  "Selina, go and find Nick!" ordered Zelda, she then closed her eyes again and began to chant. A yellow bolt of light shot from Zelda's hands and closed in on the dark entity. It surrounded the black shape, then split it up into millions of tiny fragments. "Noooo!" hissed a loud voice, before it disappeared in a clap of thunder. Leigh fell back, gasping in the air. She turned to Zelda and looked at her thankfully.

  "I owe you my life!" Leigh managed to say in between breaths.

  "Think nothing of it," replied Zelda casually, smiling warmly at Leigh. Leigh smiled back, then leaned down to take a drink from the fountain. They heard the sound of running footsteps and both turned to see Selina running from the building.

  "It's Nick," she cried, tears running down her cheeks. "He's dead!"


 The three all ran into the castle, and Selina led them up to the room that Nick had been staying. Once they arrived, Nick was lying on the bed, he looked as though he were sleeping. Leigh walked over to him and checked his pulse. "It seems that whatever was inside him has gone, it pushed his own soul out to make room for its own," theorised Leigh.

  "Well, that seems the case," said Zelda slowly. Leigh pulled a leather pouch from her belt and checked the contents. She turned to Zelda.

  "Do you have any garlic anywhere in the castle?" she asked. Zelda looked at her oddly.

  "Well, yes I would think that they'd have some in the kitchens," she said slowly.

  "Would it be possible for you to get me some?" asked Leigh.

  "Well, of course but," started Zelda.

  "Then go and get me some," said Leigh.

  "What for?" asked Selina.

  "As a healer you should know," said Leigh.

  "Know what?" asked Selina, sniffing.

  "Look, I'm going to attempt to perform a resurrection spell, and one of the reagents is garlic," stated Leigh, staring at Selina, figuring that the healer was feeling to upset to think straight at the moment.

  "Resurrection?" asked Zelda in surprise.

  "Yes!" said Leigh.

  "You can resurrect people?" asked Selina, beginning to sound hopeful.

  "Well the last time I checked I could," sighed Leigh. Zelda quickly rushed out of the room. "Of course, I can only resurrect him if his soul is still around," Leigh explained to Selina. "I would've thought Hylians of all people would've been able to resurrect people," said Leigh, checking her other reagents.

  "Well, at one time faeries were thought to have been able, but that's just a legend," said Selina, wiping her tear stained cheeks. Zelda reappeared, she gave some garlic to Leigh.

  "Perfect!" exclaimed Leigh, examining the garlic. Leigh prepared herself, then stood before Nick and spread out her arms. "In Mani Corp!" she began to chant. A strange crackling noise filled the room, and then streams of blue light came from every corner and focused onto Leigh. She clapped her hands together and directed the stream of light towards Nick's lifeless body. In a blinding flash of light, it was over.

  "Has it worked?" gasped Selina stepping forward to look at Nick. Leigh leaned over and placed one hand on Nick's neck, checking for his pulse. She turned to Zelda and Selina and smiled.

 "It's time for me to get to know the real Nick," she said. Selina, stepped forward and gave Leigh a small hug, then she kneeled down by Nick's bedside.

  "Nick, can you hear me?" she whispered.


  Meanwhile, Zelda stood at the back of the room watching Leigh carefully, still unable to believe what the heroine from Sosaria had just done. Suddenly, Nick's eyes fluttered open, he seemed confused. When he saw Selina he smiled.

  "Selina, Zelda," he cried happily, then he saw Leigh, he seemed to think for a moment.

  "I'm sorry, I can't seem to," he started.

  "Leigh, pleased to meet you," cut in Leigh, stepping forward. Nick tried to sit up, and looked at his hands, as if unable to believe where he was.

  "This is amazing, the last thing I can remember is being," he hesitated.

  "Ganondorf," he muttered quietly, trying to remember something.

  "What?!" asked Zelda in surprise. Nick looked across to Zelda, his eyes full of concern.

  "Zelda, Ganondorf has found a way out, he wants Hyrule back..." said Nick. Zelda gasped, her hand flying to cover her mouth.

  "No.." she whispered, then turned and fled from the room.


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