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Future's Past

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)


Chapter 8

  Leigh watched as the sun began to recede behind the huge mountain range. She picked up her pace as she wanted to reach the mountain by night time. Suddenly, a huge, slobbering, blue beast jumped out in front of her, fangs bared. Recovering quickly, Leigh whipped out her new sword that she'd purchased along the way, and stuck it into the beast. It howled and dropped to the ground, whimpering like a dog. Leigh almost felt sorry for it. Almost. Then, she heard a rustling from behind her. She spun around, only to be met with more of the blue, dog-like creatures. She turned around again, she was surrounded. She looked in her reagents pouch, and realised she was out of Nightshade. That meant she couldn't cast Mass Death. Frowning, she desperately tried to recall another spell that could help her. Raising her arms she declared "KAL VAS XEN!" She grabbed the necessary reagents and threw them into the air. The moblins all paused and watched in astonishment. The next moment, a huge dragon appeared from nowhere and began toasting all the unfortunate creatures. When they where all gone, the dragon turned to Leigh and stared at her.

  "Do you mind?" it screeched in a high tone. Leigh couldn't help noticing the dragon's bright pink hair. She'd never seen a dragon with hair before. "I was having a nice nap, when the next minute the sky opens and I'm dragged through some kind of portal! Then I'm toasting all those wretched moblins!" continued the dragon.

  "Well, you have my sincerest apologies, and thanks. I was in a bit of a tricky spot," apologised Leigh.

  "Who are you anyway? It's been years since I've been summoned up like that, by Ganon!" asked the dragon.

  "Ganondorf?" asked Leigh. "No, Gan-on, there's no dorf about it," said the dragon.

  "Well," started Leigh. Come to think of it, she'd never met a talking dragon either. "How come you talk? And have hair?" asked Leigh, a little amused, but also confused.

  "Well don't ask me! I was the one asking the question!" snorted the dragon.

  "I've never introduced myself to a dragon before," mused Leigh.

  "What!? I suppose you've only killed them before! And to think, that I saved your pitiful life!" exclaimed the dragon.

  "Well, I have killed a dragon before, but it was in self-defence," explained Leigh.

  "Oh I'm sure, the only reason you would've been attacked was because you were threatening their treasure, or it's eggs," sighed the dragon.

  "Look, I'm from Sosaria, the dragons are different around there. They're more vicious," tried Leigh.

  "How do you know that I'm not vicious?" asked the dragon.

  "Well, I don't do I?" said Leigh, she watched as the sun completely disappeared.


  "What are you doing in Hyrule?" asked the dragon a few moments later.

  "I was just visiting," said Leigh quickly.

  "Mmm, so you weren't dragon hunting then?" asked the dragon suspiciously.

  "Oh, no, not at all," said Leigh sincerely.

  "So who are you then?" persisted the dragon. Leigh considered telling it that she was the Avatar.

  "No-one special, just your run-of-the mill Sosarian," replied Leigh.

  "So you're not the Avatar then?" said the dragon, sounding a little disappointed. Leigh laughed nervously.

  "No, why do you ask?" she asked.

  "Because she's the only Sosarian who could cast a spell like that, except from Lord British, and you don't have the beard, so..." explained the Dragon.

  "Um, well, how do you so much about Sosaria anyway?" asked Leigh, trying to change the subject.

  "Because, my family lines trace back there. Of course, I was born here in Hyrule, but well all dragons originate from Sosaria don't they?" said the dragon. "By the way, the name is Sal," introduced the dragon casually. Leigh couldn't believe what she was hearing. Firstly, the damn dragon had pink hair, secondly, it spoke, and thirdly it had a name?

  "Uh, Sal?" repeated Leigh a little dumbly.

  "Um-hmm, do you have a problem with that?" asked the dragon. Boy, a lot has happened while I've been gone. Or is it just Hyrule? sighed Leigh in her mind.

  "No, well Sal, it's been nice to meet you. Thanks for saving my hide just then, but I really need to get going," finished Leigh, beginning to walk away. Perhaps it was the desert heat getting to her, she was probably hallucinating. Yes, that had to be right. Dragons of any type definitely didn't grow hair, they might speak and have names, but they didn't have bright pink hair.

  "By the way, you really don't want to be going to Death Mountain right now, it's pretty messy!" warned the dragon as Leigh strode away. The next moment, she heard the powerful flapping of dragon wings. She paused and turned to watch the dragon fly away. I need some sleep, she thought to herself. She quickly set up her camp for the night, and lit a fire, hoping it'd keep the nasties away. Or would she just be drawing attention to herself. Leigh yawned widely, and lay down in her bed roll. Just a few hours would keep her fine, but only a few, she couldn't risk sleeping for to long...


  "Has anyone seen Leigh?" asked Link, in the middle of the card game.

  "Aww, has Link grown a soft spot for the pretty heroine?" mocked Drake.

  "N-no, I've just not seen her around today," muttered Link, taking another card.

  "Well perhaps she's lying low after that fight she had with Zelda," suggested Aaron.

  "Talk about your cat fights," laughed Damon.

  "Hey, it's not funny!" protested Link, studying his cards carefully.

  "On the contrary, I think it's absolutely hil-arious!" said Drake, grinning.

  "You would," replied Link, staring evenly at the knight.

  "Uh-oh, look out Link, it's the ball and chain!" warned Drake. Link said nothing and stood up to greet his wife.

  "I heard that Drake!" said Zelda, trying to look angry, but she could help but smile at the knight.

  "Ah see, always forgiven!" sighed Drake. Just then, Fayette appeared. She looked very distraught.

  "What do you want?" asked Zelda icily to her step-sister.

  "It's Raymundo, he's gone!" wailed Fayette. Drake offered her a handkerchief. She accepted it and blew her nose loudly.

 "What do you mean 'he's gone'?" asked Zelda impatiently.

  "Well, he's not in the castle, and no-one has seen him since this morning when he went on a ride," replied Fayette.

  "Yeah, Leigh's vanished too," said Aaron. Link glared at him. Fayette paused, and looked at Aaron, a look of realisation crept across her face.

  "What!?" she screeched.

  "Wouldn't it be good if there where an alternative to what?" mentioned Drake, everyone glared at him.

  "Oh, but she's the Avatar, surely..." started Fayette.

  "Um, I didn't mean it like that," said Aaron quickly.

  "It wouldn't surprise me," said Zelda sourly.

  "Um, I'm sure Leigh has just left because of what happened yesterday," said Link quietly.

  "And not tell anyone?" asked Zelda dubiously.

  "But what about my Raymundo?" wailed Fayette again, tears streaming down her face. Zelda rolled her eyes.

  "Well, maybe we should send out a search party, it is getting dark," suggested Link. Zelda turned around and stared at him.

  "Oh yes, you'd love that wouldn't you! To be Leigh's saving hero!" she accused.

  "No, I meant for Raymundo," said Link firmly.

  "Of course you did!" Zelda snapped.

  "I did!" called Link as she stormed away.

  "Jeez, she's been in such a mood lately," complained Link as he watched her stalk off.

  "Maybe it's with all the stress of Ganon returning," suggested Aaron.

  "It's been going on for longer than that," said Link regretfully. He'd love that to be the reason, but he just knew it wasn't. What was the reason for her recent behaviour though? Was it him? Link shook is head, then turned back to the wailing Fayette. "Look, I'm sure he's okay Fayette, but just in case, I'll send out a search party okay. He might just be lost, or perhaps he decided it was to late to turn back and he's stayed in an inn for the night," reassured Link. Fayette hugged him around the neck. Drake whistled loudly. Link stepped away and glared at Drake. "Okay Drake, seeing as you're so wide awake, I'm putting you in charge of the party. Take who you need, take Aaron, I can look after the Triforce tonight," growled Link. Drake's face fell, then he stood up, throwing his cards to the table.

  "Come on then," he said, motioning to Aaron. "Link, you are really heartless at times!" Drake accused him mockingly. Link grinned, then headed off in the direction of the staircase.


  "Uh-oh, what's this?" called a guard who was helping with the search party. He'd found the remains of someone, or something in the dark undergrowth. Drake walked over and wrinkled his nose, then his face grew solemn. He bent down and looked carefully at the mangled carcass, and pulled something form it. It was a brooch.

 "Look, it's him, Raymundo. It's the crest Fayette described," he said seriously.

  "What happened?" asked the guard. "I don't want to know, it looks like it's been done by a wild animal or something," replied Drake. Aaron approached.

  "We've found a horse not far from here, it's still alive. It sounds like the one Raymundo took... What's that?" said Aaron breathlessly. Drake tossed Aaron the brooch. Aaron looked at the brooch, and then looked at Drake. He shook his head.

  "God no," he muttered. Aaron stepped back, looking around nervously.

  "What happened?" he finally asked. Drake shrugged.

  "Beats me, who's going to tell her?" replied Drake.

  "You should, shouldn't you?" asked Aaron, he knew he wouldn't like the job of doing it. Drake nodded solemnly, then he turned to the guard.

  "Get this lot wrapped up, me and Aaron will go ahead," said Drake.

  "Sir, what about the remains?" asked the guard. "You'll have to put them in something and bring them back to North Castle," replied Drake. The guard saluted, then went on his way to instructing the rest of the party what to do. As they walked away, Aaron looked at Drake.

  "It's terrible," he said slowly. Drake nodded in agreement.

  "Those poor brats, their lives are going to be turned upside down," said Drake. Aaron nodded silently.

  "Poor Faye," said Aaron a few minutes later.

  "Poor Ray," added Drake. They mounted their horses, and rode to North Castle in silence.


  Leigh opened her eyes, and yawned. It was still dark, but the fire had gone out. She got up, and quickly cleared up. Death mountain wasn't far now. She picked her way slowly through the fallen rocks, until she was finally there. She sighed with satisfaction, then began searching for an entrance. After a few minutes, she sat down and pulled out a map from her bag. It was a rough copy of the one that she'd found in the library about old Hyrule. Another book that she had read had mentioned that the Master Sword was taken by the race of the Gorons and hidden up in the crater of the mountain. That would be near the top. Leigh put the map away, and stood up. She stepped back away from the rock, and looked up at the mountain. It looked very high. There was supposedly a 'Death Mountain Trail', but it wasn't here anymore. Cursing under her breath, she began to search for some footholds, then she remembered Sal. Perhaps, just perhaps, if she used 'Summon Creature' again, she'd get the Dragon again. Of course, it'd be wasteful to summon a creature to kill if there was nothing to kill. She wondered if she made enough noise, then something would come out. Then again, was it worth it? She could probably just summon Sal, and get her to take her to the top. Checking that she had enough reagent, she pulled them out and held them tightly in her hand. Then she raised her hands and began to chant "KAL VAS XEN!" A flash of light later, and the huge dragon was back pink hair an' all. Maybe the portal process effected the dragon in some way, mused Leigh. The dragon, spluttered and looked like it was just about to throw fire, when she realised there was nothing to fight.

  "You're only supposed to do it when you need help!" sighed Sal.

  "Well I do, I need to get up there," said Leigh, pointing to the top of Death Mountain.

  "Well I really don't see how I can help," said Sal

. "You can fly can't you?" asked Leigh.

  "Oh, I see!" exclaimed the dragon, clasping her claws together.

  "Will you?" asked Leigh.

  "Well, I'm contracted to help you, so I suppose I must," said Sal grudgingly. Leigh climbed onto the dragon. "Before we fly, you are doing some unusual sight-seeing for a Sosarian," commented Sal.

  "Well, about yesterday, I was lying," said Leigh as the dragon took off. She hoped the dragon wouldn't throw her off as soon as she revealed her real identity.

  "I knew it!" sang Sal.

  "So, I really am the Avatar," sighed Leigh.

  "To think, I could eat the Avatar!" continued Sal. Leigh began to feel a little uneasy. "Wait 'til I tell my pals this!" went on the dragon. She turned and looked at Leigh. "Of course I'm not going to eat you, but you do realise I could kill you anytime," said Sal.

  "Do you realise I could do the same?" questioned Leigh.

  "Well you could, but we are pretty high up now, so you'd die to if you killed me now," reasoned Sal.

  "You're right, you win!" said Leigh, trying to stifle a yawn.

  "I've even outwitted the Avatar, now how many people can say that?" bellowed Sal.

  "Are we there yet?" asked Leigh distractedly.

  "Almost," replied Sal. The dragon positioned herself just next to the mountain, near a small trail.

  "Just jump down there, onto that ledge!" Sal told Leigh. Leigh slid off the huge dragon, landing neatly on the ledge.

  "Thanks again Sal!" Leigh called after the dragon as it left. Happy with herself, Leigh noted that the area was covered in sulphurous ash. As this was a good reagent to have around she grabbed quite a quantity, then began to walk up the winding trail.


  As Drake entered the castle, Fayette rushed towards him, looking hopeful. Drake gulped and stepped forward, when Fayette saw his grave expression, any signs of hope on her face disappeared. Drake held up the brooch and handed it to Fayette. Fayette looked at him questioningly, then looked at the brooch. She turned the brooch in her slender hands for a few moments, looking over it carefully. Then her face creased up, and fresh tears poured down her cheeks. She stepped forward and hugged Drake. Drake looked at her in surprise. "It's not his, it's not his!" she exclaimed happily. Drake sighed in relief, then he felt a tap on the back. He turned round to see a quizzical looking Aaron.

  "It's not his!" exclaimed Drake. Aaron remained sombre.

  "Then who was it?" he reminded quietly. Drake stopped smiling, and pushed Fayette away softly.

  "You're right, we need to find out what this is!" said Drake, holding up the brooch. "There's a book of crests in the library, I'll go look over them," suggested Aaron. Drake stopped him.

  "I'll do it, remember, Link's looking after the Triforce. How about you go see Aimée?" said Drake with a wink. Aaron scratched his temple then smiled.

  "Good idea, see you tomorrow," he said grinning at Drake as he left. Suddenly, a crash came at the door. Drake rushed over and opened it. A bewildered Raymundo stumbled in, blood on his face, clothes and hands. Drake caught him, before he tripped.

  "Faye, go and get Selina, or Impa!" Drake shouted. Fayette, didn't move, staring in horror at her husband.

  "Now Faye!" yelled Drake. Fayette blinked, then tore her gaze from Raymundo and looked at Drake. She quickly rushed off. Drake lowered Raymundo carefully onto the ground. "What happened?" Drake asked him. Raymundo wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, taking big gulps of air. "Who did this to you Ray!" demanded Drake, knowing that Raymundo might not have long. He needed to know who'd done this. Drake looked up at the Hylian flag that hung on the wall. He tore a piece off and used it to clean Raymundo up a bit. He pulled the water flask from his belt and offered it to Raymundo. Then merchant took it and drunk eagerly, then handed it back. "Who did this?" asked Drake, more calmly.

  "She did!" he croaked, clutching the material of the flag to a wound in his chest.

  "Who?" demanded Drake.

  "Leigh...The Avatar," whispered Raymundo, he dropped the blood laden cloth. Drake stepped back in shock, then quickly knelt down. He heard footsteps coming down the corridor.

  "Come on!" urged Drake. They began to run.


  Soon Selina and Fayette appeared. Selina gasped in shock, and stepped back. Then she quickly rushed to his side, checking for his pulse.

  "I'll go and get some cloth," said Drake, getting up and running down the corridor. Fayette ran to Raymundo's side and knelt down.

  "Is he alive?" asked Fayette, gulping back the tears. Selina nodded slowly.

  "Just, go and get Impa, and Leigh..." instructed Selina.

  "Leigh's not here, she disappeared this morning," sobbed Fayette.

  "Then Impa, go and get Impa," snapped Selina. As the distraught Fayette disappeared, Selina sighed. Where was Leigh? She hated to admit it, but helping Raymundo would need a miracle - the kind that Leigh could perform. She opened her box of healing aids and searched through it. She pulled out a needle and thread. Suddenly, Raymundo spoke.

  "Faye?" he asked hazily. He sounded very weak.

  "No, she's coming," said Selina soothingly. She threaded the needle, and prepared to sew the wound. Raymundo raised a hand, and pulled a flask from his pocket. He handed it to her.

  "To ease the pain," he managed to say.

  "It'll still hurt," warned Selina, uncapping the flask. The strong smell of ale wafted towards her. She carefully tipped a little alcohol onto the wound that had ripped across Raymundo's chest. He winced, but said nothing. She pushed the needle in and out, in and out. Raymundo did not protest in anyway. Drake reappeared, carrying plenty of towels and bandages. He began to clean Raymundo up silently. "What happened?" whispered Selina to Drake.

  "He says, he says that Leigh attacked him," replied Drake. He sounded doubtful. Selina paused and looked up at Drake. Drake just shrugged, wetting the towel with some water and patting it over Raymundo's face. Selina began to stitch up the wound again.

  "Ray, can you still hear me?" she asked.

  "Yeah," replied Raymundo, his eyes closed.

  "Don't go to sleep, you must try and keep awake," advised Selina. Raymundo managed a weak nod. "Are you sure... sure that Leigh did this?" asked Selina. She couldn't believe that a woman who had saved one life such a short time ago, had just about taken another life away.

  "Are you sure Raymundo? Not someone who liked like her?" asked Drake.

  "I know what I saw," replied Raymundo. Impa and Fayette appeared. Impa gasped and ran forward, checking his pulse. The old nursemaid relaxed and smiled up at Fayette.

  "He's strong, but he has still lost a lot of blood," she told Fayette. Impa set down some blankets she had brought with her and stood up. Fayette smiled then kneeled down next to Raymundo and took his hand.

  "I'm here," she reassured him, he smiled faintly.

  "Fayette, keep him talking," Selina instructed her. Fayette nodded.

  "What happened Ray?" Fayette asked softly.

  "I was going...to Mido," replied Raymundo.

  "What happened?" pushed Fayette.

  "I was riding...then she came, and told me I was going to die," breathed Raymundo.

  "Who?" asked Fayette, crying.

  "They already...know," said Raymundo slowly. Fayette glanced up at Selina.

  "He thinks," started Selina.

  "I know!" insisted Raymundo, gripping Fayette's hand.

  "Leigh, he says it was her," finished Drake.

  "No, she wouldn't do that. She's the Avatar, she saves lives, she doesn't take them away," said Fayette slowly.

  "It was her Faye I swear," said Raymundo, he winced as Selina finished the stitching.

  "Oh then, she must've been an impostor," replied Fayette.

  "Faye...I love you, you know that don't you?" asked Raymundo.

  "Of course I do, and I love you," said Fayette, clutching her husband's hand.

  "And, I love...my children. You'll tell...them won't...you?" asked Raymundo, each word was more and more strained.

  "What's wrong?" asked Fayette, looking to Selina for answers. Selina frowned, and leaned forward to check Raymundo's pulse. Raymundo let out a strained sigh, and opened his eyes. He looked up at Fayette.

  "I'm...sorry," he sighed, before closing his eyes again. Selina watched in despair as the man's life slipped through her fingers.

  "No!" protested Fayette, looking to the roof. She cried out once more, before crumpling into a defeated heap at her husband's side, her body wracked with sobs. Selina stood up and looked down at her hands. She turned to Impa.

  "What went wrong?" she asked. Impa shook her head sorrowfully.

  "No one can say, but his blood is not on anyone's hands but the evil soul who thrust the blade into his chest," sighed Impa. She turned and left. Selina looked across to Drake.

  "Will I go and fetch Fenella?" asked Selina quietly. Drake nodded his head, leaning against the wall. Selina left quickly. Drake looked down at Fayette. He felt genuinely sorry for her. He kneeled down by her side and draped a comforting arm across her shoulders.


  Another crash came at the door. Drake got up and walked over, opening the door a crack. "Sir, Rarau has been attacked, six are dead," the guard reported. Drake's eyes widened.

 "What!?" he asked in disbelief.

  "Witnesses claim that it was just one woman, she came into the town and attacked people in the village hall, no-one could stop her. She cast a spell on everyone and made them all dance. They say she was beautiful, blonde like. One reckoned it was the same woman who won at Farore's day!" continued the guard breathlessly. Drake turned and looked at Fayette, Fenella and the King had just arrived. Fenella rushed to her daughter's side.

  "Okay, I'll come down at once. Get a party waiting for me at the gates in ten minutes," ordered Drake. The guard saluted.

  "Yes sir," said the guard. Drake closed the door, and turned back round.

  "What happened?" asked the King as he approached.

"Sire, Rarau has just been attacked. Six are dead, it's the Avatar, she killed Raymundo and now these people. I'm going down there at once," said Drake.

  "The Avatar?" asked the King in surprise.

  "Sir, she may be an impostor," suggested Drake.

  "Yes it must be, but then where is the real Avatar?" asked the King. Just then, Zelda walked in. she looked tired. Her eyes widened as she saw Raymundo's body. She rushed over to the King and Drake.

  "It's the Avatar Zelda, it seems she just killed six in Rarau as well," said Drake.

  "What!?" asked Zelda, she didn't like Leigh, but she'd never seen her as a murderer.

  "We thought we had to worry about Ganondorf, but this looks even worse," said Drake gravely.


  Leigh used her hand as a fan, it was sure hot down here. Sweat beaded on her forehead and slipped down. She's been going down a spiral slope for what seemed ages, but at least she knew she was inside the mountain and not the outside. The slope seemed to be getting a little narrower, so she began to cling to the rock besides her. Suddenly, a piece of rock came loose and she almost lost her footing. Grimacing she used all of her upper body strength to pull herself back up. She paused for a moment and wiped her forehead. She licked her lips and stood back up, preparing to continue her descent. She took her flask from her belt and took a small sip, there wasn't much left but she was absolutely parched. Suddenly, something hit her in the back of the head. Leigh stumbled, her hand letting go of the rock, and she began to plunge forward. Nausea took over as she began to plummet towards the darkness of Death Mountain. She would've screamed, but she was going so fast, she couldn't. If she didn't hit the ground soon she's suffocate anyway as she could not breath. Then, a hand caught her. A strong, firm hand caught hold of her arm and dragged her back onto the ledge. Leigh lifted her hair form her eyes, ready to thank her saviour. "Ganondorf," she muttered sourly.

  "I just saved your life, you ought to be thankful," sneered Ganondorf. He pinned her up against the rock face with his hand. "You really should be more careful, or were you taking the quick route? I really don't recommend it," said Ganondorf, his fingers digging into Leigh's skin.

  "Let go of me!" hissed Leigh. Ganondorf smiled and looked down.

  "Are you sure?" he asked pleasantly. Leigh closed her eyes, trying to think. Leigh opened her eyes and sent Ganon a venomous stare.

  "I'll take that as a yes," he smiled, taking his hand away. Leigh thought she heard a faint scream escape from her lips as she fell. "Don't worry, it's not that big a drop!" mocked Ganon as she plummeted to her certain doom.


  "Uhmpf!" cried Leigh softly as she hit the soft earth. She tried to get up, but she was paralysed. Ganondorf was standing above her. He kicked her in the side. Leigh felt it, but she still couldn't move. "Is that it?" asked Ganondorf, kicking her again.

  "Well really Avatar, I was expecting a lot more than this," laughed Ganon. Leigh tried to move, but all she felt was another kick in the stomach. The next time he swung his foot, he aimed for her head. As the metal toe tip of his boot made contact with her skull, she bit her tongue. Well at least my mouth still works, she thought. Blood began to fill her mouth. Leigh spat out the blood, but more kept coming. Ganondorf kicked her in the stomach again. Leigh winced and grimaced every time his foot hit her, he was enjoying it very much. Something inside Leigh snapped. A rush of adrenaline coursed through her veins and she leapt up, swinging her foot towards Ganondorf's skull. It resulted with a satisfying crunch, and Ganondorf stumbled backwards. She took his feet from under him with one foot as he stumbled blindly about. She took her sword from her belt and crashed the blade against his skull. It cut through his skin, but not through his skull. Suddenly, a cold chill swept through Leigh, and the sword dropped from her hands. Her teeth began to chatter, and she found herself turning into ice. She tried to scream, but it was to late. Minutes passed and Ganondorf arose. He pulled out a hammer and smashed into the ice. The ice that had encased Leigh vanished, and she fell to the floor. "Come now Avatar, I have a job for you," sneered Ganondorf, picking Leigh up by the collar and dragging her into the underground caverns.


  Leigh woke up feeling drowsy. She realised she was in a jail cell. Inches before her, she saw a beautifully crafted sword, which was embedded upright in a stone pedestal. "The Master Sword?" she wondered aloud, reaching out to it. But then something beyond distracted her attention. The cell was cramped and small, and after the sword, there was another room. It looked like a torture chamber. Leigh gulped as she looked at all the different instruments of torture. Then Ganondorf appeared. "Ah, Leigh you are back with us," he said in a jovial tone. Leigh averted her eyes away from his. "Do you like it?" he asked, pointing at the sword. She said nothing. "Not speaking? What a shame, I'm sure two people whom both have a supreme intellect over everyone like we do should converse," said Ganondorf. Leigh sunk back into the cell, feeling defeated. "Well, I guess I'll have to let you go now," said Ganondorf. Leigh stared at him in surprise.

  "Oh, yeah like you'll just put me into a swamp with nothing," she said.

 "No, I'm planning to drop you off at Mido, fully equipped," replied Ganondorf, baring a toothy grin. Leigh raised her eyebrows in doubt. The cell door slid open."Farewell for now Avatar!" called Ganondorf. He stepped away and threw a pellet towards Leigh. It burst open, and she began to feel sleepy, then she found herself in the middle of Mido.


  Leigh sighed and brushed herself down. I must look a mess, she thought. I need to get to North Castle, she thought to herself. Suddenly she heard a cry from behind her. She turned, only to see a guard rushing towards her. Leigh looked down at her blood spattered clothes. God, I must look like I just killed a man, she thought. Sighing she waited for the guard to approach. Leigh drew her sword (which had mysteriously come back) and was about to drop it to the ground. The guard however misinterpreted the gesture and raised his own sword. Leigh dropped the sword and rose her hands in the air. "I can explain," she said slowly. Then to her horror, she realised the guard was going to attack her. A crowd had formed around, all of them watching. She narrowly dodged the guards first blow, and swiftly disarmed him by kicking him in the hand. People gasped and began to back away. The sword flew in the air, and Leigh graciously caught it. "Really, you don't need to attack me," said Leigh. She held the sword out to the guard, but she noticed he was also backing away. She dropped the sword. "I can explain!" she cried, but the guard turned and ran. "No, really I...mpf!" cried Leigh as someone wrapped their arm around her throat. She tried to turn and look up at her captor. It was Link. She smiled up at him, immediately relaxing. "Uh, could you let go? Really, everyone round here is crazy!" sighed Leigh. Suddenly, Link pulled her arms to her back and began to tie them up. "What have I done?" she asked. Link didn't speak. "Come on, I'm sorry, just let go!" pleaded Leigh. Three guards arrived.

  "Everything's under control," Link told the guards. They nodded and left. Leigh watched as the guards left, then felt a jerk at her hands as Link led her out of the town gates.

  "Where are we going?" she asked.

  "North Castle," mumbled Link.

  "Look, can you please tell me why you are treating me like a criminal?" asked Leigh. Link said nothing. It was going to be a long walk to North Castle.


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