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Future's Past

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)


Chapter 9

  Leigh stared at the cell walls blankly. She could think of nothing. She looked down, surprised to see a line of scarlet running down her hand. She was clenching her fists so tightly that it was drawing blood. She stretched out her hands and looked at them. She had not committed a crime with those hands, or at least she didn't think she had. She sighed. Shifting uncomfortable on the bunk, she folded her hands in her lap and began to trace the cracks in the walls with her eyes. She still hadn't been told what she'd done, but perhaps Zelda had been serious that day in the courtyard. But, after all, maybe she did have herself to blame. She should've stuck on the straight and narrow, it was what she was best at, although being virtuous had got her exiled to this land in the first place. She slumped down, looking at the floor. The cell door opened, it made Leigh jump. Link walked in accompanied by Zelda. She stood up and greeted them, but both remained stony cold and expressionless. "Look, just tell me what I've done that was so bad," started Leigh. Zelda looked a little surprised.

  "I think you know what you've done," said Zelda icily.

  "Well, okay I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me, but it wasn't like I was hurting anyone," Leigh exclaimed in defence.

  "It wasn't harming anyone?" spat Zelda, "Don't make me laugh."

  "Well perhaps it gave you emotional distress, I don't know. But I'm sorry, but it wasn't just me," protested Leigh.

  "Yes, I'm sure plenty of people are very distressed, but because of you, seven people are dead!" accused Zelda.

  "What? People are committing suicide because your marriage is a little shaky?" asked Leigh, it was her turn to be surprised.

  "What!?" exclaimed Zelda. "I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about Rarau and Raymundo," said Zelda angrily.

  "Well sorry, but since no-one has told me I can only assume," shrugged Leigh.

  "Yesterday, Raymundo, my step-sister's husband came into the castle soaked in blood. He claimed that you had attacked him, and then six people in Rarau were murdered by you according to several witnesses," explained Zelda.

  "Syeah, right!" exclaimed Leigh. If it weren't so serious it'd be funny. "I couldn't have killed anyone yesterday because I was at Death Mountain!" proclaimed Leigh.

  "Why?" asked Zelda.

  "I was looking for the weapon that could help you lot kill Ganondorf. The Master Sword," replied Leigh.

  "Why?" asked Link.

  "Why not, I'm supposed to help people whatever country I'm in," answered Leigh.

  "Yeah, well the Master Sword is dead and buried, it's only a legend," stated Link.

  "Well how come I saw it then?" asked Leigh smugly.

  "Where is it then?" asked Link smugly.

  "Well, seeing as you are the hero of this land, only you can take it," shot back Leigh.

 "Do you have someone to back up your story?" asked Zelda.

  "Uh, no," said Leigh, she realised there was no hope now. She considered telling them about Sal, but then they'd just think she was crazy.

  "Well, in that case, you will be executed in the next six days," declared Zelda, turning to leave.

  "You can't do that, and besides, I could resurrect those people, wouldn't that be better?" protested Leigh.

  "It will be done Leigh, and you can't do anything about it unless someone can back up your story," said Zelda.

  "Wait, there might be someone," said Leigh pausing. It was her last chance. "A dragon, called, um, Sal, she took me to the top of Death Mountain," said Leigh, her voice shaking. Link and Zelda both looked at each other.

  "Sal?" they both said in unison.

  "You know her?" asked Leigh hopefully, they wouldn't declare her insane after all.

  "If we can get hold of her, then you may still have a chance," said Link, then with that, the two strode out of the cell.


  "Do you believe her?" asked Zelda as they left the cell. Link shrugged.

 "How else would she know about Sal?" he asked.

  "She could've heard her being mentioned," suggested Zelda.

  "True, but in any case, I'll go find Sal and talk to her," said Link. Zelda turned to face him, blocking his way.

  "But Link, what about Ganondorf? You can't leave the castle," said Zelda.

  "But we have to find out if she speaks the truth. Look, how about I take some people with me. I don't think Ganondorf is planning anything yet," said Link. Zelda turned and kept on walking.

  "I suppose you are right, it's just..." started Zelda, pausing briefly.

  "What?" asked Link softly. He suspected that Zelda was worried about the dreams that she and Ewan had been having. "I won't be gone that long, with a good steed I should reach Sal's dwelling before the day is through. If it makes you feel any better, then as soon as I have seen Sal, I will return without rest," offered Link.

  "No, you need rest. Once you have seen Sal, check in at Saria. You can return in the morning," sighed Zelda, who was still feeling shaken by the events of the previous evening.

  "Come on, I'll go now, that way I'll be back quicker," said Link. Zelda nodded in agreement, and continued walking.


  Link picked up and hugged Ewan. "I'll be back soon," he promised to his son. Ewan hugged him around the neck, before Link put him back down. Then he turned to Zelda and smiled. She smiled back, though a little forlorn. He kissed her softly than mounted onto his horse, Carefree. Accompanied by Aaron and Damon, Link waved to his son and wife, while Damon and Aaron did the same. The three had soon left the castle grounds and decided to pass through Ruto and Saria on their way to Sal's dwelling.

  "Do you think she's guilty?" Aaron asked Link as they brought their horses into a canter. Link nodded.

  "There's no doubt about it. She must've killed those people. We have witnesses," said Link confidently.

  "Yes but, what if someone were trying to frame her?" asked Damon. Link shrugged

 "Why would anyone want to frame her? She's barely known here," said Link.

  "Well, do you think she'd be as stupid to kill those people then turn up in heavily guarded Mido? She did seem pretty intelligent," said Aaron.

  "Yeah, and why didn't she defend herself against the guards in Mido? Against you, she could've easily cast a spell like she did in Rarau," pointed out Damon.

  "Look, maybe, maybe it wasn't her. It's just people have said that it was her, they saw her. Why would they lie?" said Link, a little annoyed that his two companions seemed to be taking Leigh's side.

  "Isn't it possible that someone could've made themselves look like Leigh?" asked Aaron, thinking back to when everyone had seen Zelda slain by the evil Carcastan chief, Trenon. It had, in fact been an incredible illusion, created by the power of the Amulet of Nagul, but that had been destroyed by the Triforce hadn't it? Link brought his horse to a halt, and stared at Aaron.

  "Of course! Leigh realised that Ganon had come back through Nick. If it hadn't been for her..." exclaimed Link. "He's trying to get Leigh out of the way, and that's exactly what we're doing. He must not have enough power yet to kill Leigh," figured out Link. Damon and Aaron both nodded in agreement. "Look, you two ride back to the castle and get her released. I'll go on ahead and get to Sal, but there's something else I need to do also," urged Link.

  "What?" asked Aaron, not sure how he'd react to Zelda's anguish over Link going off alone.

 "Can't we come with you?" asked Damon.

  "Look, I need to do this alone, but the longer that Leigh stays behind bars, who knows?" replied Link swiftly. And before waiting for a response he spurned Carefree into a gallop, wishing to reach the knowledgeable dragon as soon as possible. Aaron and Damon both shrugged, and turned back towards the castle, hoping that the hero was not putting himself in any unnecessary danger.


  "You let him go off alone?!" asked Zelda, she looked mad. Aaron shifted from one foot from the other.

  "Yes, he said there was something he needed to do," said Damon.

  "He promised that he wouldn't go alone!" cried Zelda in anguish.

  "Look, Princess, Link can surely take care of himself. Besides he seemed to think it important that Leigh was released as quickly as possible," said Aaron, trying to calm Zelda a little.

  "But you can't prove she didn't do it," reminded Zelda.

  "But it all makes sense, surely that is enough?" said Damon pleadingly.

  "My step-sister's husband is dead, and he accused Leigh of attacking him with his last few breathes. Do you really think she will want her free on such a flimsy, well, story?" asked Zelda, her voice low. Damon shrugged.

 "But she didn't kill him, it was Ganondorf!" he insisted.

  "But you can't prove that. I hardly think my father will release Leigh until we have some solid evidence," sighed Zelda.

  "Couldn't you ask?" suggested Aaron.

  "No, I will not harm my step-mother's feelings, or my step-sister's for that matter, by asking for Leigh's release at this point in time," said Zelda. "They are already infuriated that her death sentence will not be met until we find Sal," went on Zelda.

  "Well what happens if Sal agrees with us? That Leigh is innocent? Will you say she can't be released because she could have teleported between destinations?" asked Damon impatiently.

  "I never thought of that," said Zelda thoughtfully. "But in any case, we can't do anything until Link finds Sal," dismissed Zelda. Aaron and Damon left the library and walked outside.


  Zelda tapped on the door to Impa's bedchamber. "Come in," invited the wise nursemaid. Zelda entered and waited for Impa to finish the passage of text that she was reading. Impa looked up and beckoned Zelda to join her at the small table. Zelda willingly accepted the invitation. "I have been doing a little research about Ganondorf," she informed the Princess. Zelda nodded and waited for her to go on. "A long time ago, when Hyrule only consisted of what we now call Death Mountain area, the world was a happy and prosperous place," started Impa. She took a sip of water from a glass in front of her. "But times had not always been happy, and in fact there had been a great war of some kind, were the land burned and toiled. A young mother, whose husband had been killed, had a small child, named Link." Zelda nodded, accepting a glass of water from Impa. "Fearing for her child's safety, she took him to the Kokiri forest, and placed him under the care as what was known as the Great Deku tree. The Deku Tree was inhabited by an ancient spirit of the forest, and already a race of child like people lived there. Link blended right in, but unlike the rest of the Kokiri's he had no faerie guardian of his own. Time passed by, when Link began to experience terrible dreams of the man in the desert. The Deku tree sent a small faerie, named Navi, to summon Link to the Deku Tree. He went, and there, the tree revealed that the man of the desert had placed a curse upon him for not giving him a sacred stone, known as the Kokiri Emerald. The Deku Tree told Link, that he had to enter the tree and kill the demons that lurked inside him to break the curse. Link did so, but when he came out of the tree, he had not broken the curse. The Deku Tree told Link, that in fact, the curse could not be broken, but Link had proven himself to be capable of the journey that lay ahead. And as the Great Deku began to whither away, he gave the Kokiri Emerald to Link and told him to find the Princess of Destiny, as she would help him further in his quest. So, Link left the forest and found the Princess. She was one of your ancestors," continued Impa she paused and looked at Zelda.

  "It's amazing how many times that mine and Link's ancestors have crossed paths," said Zelda. Impa nodded in agreement.

  "Anyway, she told him that he must collect the Goron Ruby and the Zora Sapphire before Ganondorf, the man of the desert, did. She had also had the same dreams as Link and saw them as prophecies. Of course at the time, both were very young, and Zelda's father would not take her seriously as Ganondorf had already sworn alliance to the King. Link went away and did this, but when he returned to Zelda, he saw her being taken away by her protector, a Sheikah. They were being pursued by Ganondorf. It is believed that Zelda gave Link a very valuable artefact known as the Ocarina of Time, which Ganondorf wanted. Link, took the three stones to the Temple of Time and used them to open the gateway to the Golden Land. Unfortunately, Ganondorf was already there and went into the Golden Land and took the Triforce. He then came back and took over Hyrule. Link, meanwhile was transported through time into the future by Rarau a wise sage. Here, he was told that he had to free five more sages in order to over throw Ganondorf. This he achieved, and along with the sages help, he managed to break into Ganondorf's castle. Finally, Link faced his nemesis, and managed to defeat him. With his last breath, he wished for life. The Triforce granted his wish, but it transported into the form of a pig. Link, again defeated this new form of Ganondorf, the last blow dealt by the Master Sword and the six sages sealed him into the sacred realm. Rarau, then sent Link back in time, where he resumed his life. It worked out that Ganondorf Dragmire never ruled, and it was only ever a legend," finished Impa. Zelda listened with interest.

 "It's certainly interesting, but how does it help me?" asked Zelda.

  "Well, I have reason to believe that the stones that opened to the gateway to the Golden Land, have popped up again in our history," explained Impa. She stood up, and pulled out a large, worn book from the bookshelf. She set it down and opened it at a book marked page.

  "When?" asked Zelda, intrigued.

  "Well, years later, Ganon managed to break out of the Sacred Realm and employed one of his minions to take place as the King's advisor. His name was Agahnim. Agahnim managed to abduct the daughters of the wise men, and transported them to the Sacred Realm. Another Link once again undertook the monumentous quest of ridding Hyrule of Ganondorf, except this time he was Ganon. He was told to collect three pendants, known as the Pendants of Virtue, in order to remove the Master Sword from it's pedestal. These pendants, I believe, are the stones that the Link of Kokiri collected," said Impa.

  "So, what you're saying is that we need these three pendants to get the Master Sword?" asked Zelda, understanding. Impa nodded, closing the book.

  "And, we already have one," said Impa, smiling.

  "We do?" asked Zelda in surprise.

  "Yes Princess, you wear it around your neck," said Impa smiling. Zelda brought her hand to her neck, and unclasped the necklace. She held it in front of her and studied it.

  "The Zora Sapphire?" asked Zelda, looking up from the necklace and towards Impa.

  "Yes, which is just as well, seeing as Zora's Domain disintegrated some time ago. But now, I believe Link must go in search for the other two in order to collect the Master Sword," said Impa. Zelda nodded and stood up.

 "Well, Link has gone off in search of Sal, but I fear he may have gone to look for the Master Sword also," said Zelda. A look of concern spread across Impa's face.

  "He must not go ahead of time, you must stop him," she urged Zelda. Zelda nodded.

  "I will leave immediately," stated Zelda, heading for the door.

  "Oh and, take someone with you. Riding the roads of Hyrule alone is not a wise thing, especially with Ganondorf back," warned Zelda. Zelda nodded and left.


  Leigh heard someone unlocking the door to her cell. She opened her eyes and sat up, yawning. Zelda walked into the cell, she didn't look to pleased. Leigh stood up, "Have you found her?" she asked, referring to Sal.

  "No, Link has left to find her but..." Zelda paused, looking at Leigh doubtfully.

  "But what? You want to kill me now? Fine, go ahead..." said Leigh restlessly.

  "No, they, Link and his friends came up with a theory that would make you innocent," said Zelda.

  "Oh? I'm interested in hearing it," said Leigh, smiling a little.

  "Well, it's possible that Ganondorf could be trying to get you out of the way. He can't kill you himself so...he's making us deal with you," said Zelda.

  "Interesting I'm sure, but Ganondorf already had me locked up in Death Mountain. He released me and sent me to Mido, he didn't have to do that," said Leigh. Zelda gaped.

  "You're undermining a theory that makes you innocent. Why?" asked Zelda.

  "Oh, well I suppose it could be possible," said Leigh, her face reddening.

  "In any case, I need someone to escort me to Death Mountain before Link arrives there. Anyone suitable is either in Rarau or... elsewhere," said Zelda.

  "What?! You're releasing me?" asked Leigh in surprise.

  "Yes, you should be grateful," said Zelda.

  "Oh I am, really I am," said Leigh in relief.

  "Well come on then," said Zelda. She handed a sword to Leigh.

  "Do you really think I should carry this in the castle?" asked Leigh.

  "Well, I'm not actually allowed to release you. You're going to have to kidnap me," said Zelda sheepishly.

  "Uh, I don't know if that's such a good idea. I mean, what if I get caught, then I'll be dead for sure," said Leigh pausing.

  "If you don't, I'll make sure that you don't get out of here for a long time. I order you to kidnap me!" ordered Zelda. Leigh shrugged and accepted the sword. She grabbed Zelda around the neck and held the sword to Zelda's throat.

  "Don't breath out too much," warned Leigh as she kicked the cell door open.

  "What the..?" asked a startled guard. As Leigh passed, she elbowed the guard in the face and he fell to the ground.

  "What did you do that for?" hissed Zelda.

  "He might try and attack me from behind," explained Leigh.

  "Just don't hurt them too much okay," sighed Zelda as they approached the stairs.


  "Shouldn't your security be a little better?" asked Leigh as they mounted up on two horses.

  "They'll soon be after us," said Zelda.

  "How are we going to get past the guards at the gate?" asked Leigh as they trotted into the courtyard.

  "You're the kidnapper! You figure it out!" said Zelda.

  "You go first, I'll come in a minute or so," said Leigh. Zelda nodded and left. She passed through no problem. Leigh patted her horse on the neck. Then, she used her spurs and sent the horse into gallop. She charged across the drawbridge before the guards could even start to raise it.

  "It's her!" she heard one of the guards call.

  "After her!" she heard another shout. Leigh looked around for Zelda. She soon spotted her, going at a leisurely pace. Leigh charged after her. As soon as Zelda heard the galloping hooves, she set off at a gallop also. Not soon after that, six or seven guards came after them.

  "Come on Zelda, get going!" urged Leigh as she drew up level with the Princess. "Thinking on any route in particular?" asked Leigh breathlessly. Zelda turned and stared at Leigh as if she were an imbecile.

  "Of course I have. We go through Rarau and the graveyard," she said.

  "D'you think that's a good idea?" asked Leigh.

  "Why not?" asked Zelda.

  "Well, I did kill six people, remember?" said Leigh sarcastically.

  "Then you'll have to be discreet. From behind, Leigh heard the 'twang' of a bow string. Seconds later, and arrow ripped through the air, embedding itself into Leigh's shoulder. Leigh gritted her teeth, almost swaying from the horse. Zelda looked at the arrow in horror, she looked behind to see the guards arming there bows again. Leigh turned and looked also.

  "If only I had my reagents," she complained.

  "Sorry," apologised Zelda. Leigh took hold of the reins with one hand and reached behind her back. She wrenched the arrow from her shoulder and threw it to the ground. "Are you okay?" asked Zelda.

  "Well I'll have to be won't I? I knew this was a bad idea," moaned Leigh. Another set of arrows went whizzing past. "I'm going to look like swiss cheese by the time those lot are done with me," sighed Leigh. Zelda sat quietly on her horse, feeling a little guilty. Another round of arrows sailed past. Leigh urged her horse to go faster. "Zelda, get your horse behind mine. Then they won't be able to shoot," instructed Leigh. Zelda waited until they had shot off some more arrows, then slowed her horse and got it behind Leigh's. The arrows stopped. As the two approached Rarau Leigh turned to Zelda.

  "These horses? Are they valuable?" she asked.

  "No, not really," said Zelda warily.

  "We'll have to change them in Rarau. That way, we'll be able to go as fast," said Leigh.

  "Um, I don't have enough rupees," said Zelda uncomfortably.

  "You are a princess aren't you? Just ask to borrow them," said Leigh. "Or we could swap," said Leigh mischievously. They charged through the town gates, and straight away, Leigh spotted a stable. She dismounted while the horse still ran and jogged into the stable. She saw two fit looking horses, and grabbed them by the reins. A large fat man came out of a side room and blocked her path.

  "Where do you think you're going little lady," he asked, a smirk on his face.

  "Why, I was just leaving," said Leigh, trying to walk past him.

  "Not until you've paid," he growled.

  "Well, unfortunately, I seem to be a little low on cash at the moment," said Leigh.

  "There are other ways to pay," he said, leering at her. Leigh stepped back.

  "I don't think so," she declared, she quickly flicked up her leg, and kicked him in the chin. He crashed to the ground moaning. She then carefully led the horses around him.


  "How did you get them?" asked Zelda, unsure if she wanted to know.

  "I have my ways," said Leigh grinning. She gave the reins of one horse to Zelda, while mounting the other.

  "Where's the saddles?" asked Zelda. Leigh shrugged.

  "No time for trivial things such as saddles," said Leigh, taking off at a trot. Zelda sighed, wondering what she'd got herself into. She quickly mounted and took off after Leigh. Luckily they got through Rarau without incident, as many people were indoors, mourning. As soon as they left the town, they began to gallop again.


  Link peered into the cave, shining his lantern around. This cavern was one of Sal's favourite haunts, and he hoped that he'd find her there. The charred walls, masses of gold and other treasures, along with the bones of various animals, and no doubt, hapless adventurers, were indicators of a dragon's presence. Link was just glad that this particular dragon happened to be on his side. "Uh.... Sal?" he called out doubtfully. No answer. The hero shone his lantern around again, but the dragon really was nowhere to be seen. It was almost nightfall, and Link knew that without Sal's help, he'd not be able to seek the Master Sword, if it really did still exist. Never mind arrive back at the castle before morning. Zelda would probably get in a bad mood about it, as usual. However, he'd deal with her once he got back. Right now, there were more important things to be taken care of. Like finding Sal. He walked back out of the cave, and began to climb back down the rocky cliff face. The dragon's lair was fairly high up in the Death Mountain range. Link could see the sun setting in the distance, the sky turning a fiery red. Suddenly, a huge black shadow blocked it out, causing it to go dark all around Link. The flapping of wings told him that it was a dragon approaching. "Sal!" Link called, waving his arms frantically, hoping that the huge beast would notice him. "Sal, it's Link!" he shouted again, his throat feeling a little hoarse with the effort. The dragon began to hover, and lowered herself down to his altitude. She looked at him quizzically.

 "Well, long time no see, Mr Hero!" she declared.

  "Uh, yeah..." Link said, sticking his hands in his pockets.

 "Well, come on inside! I'm cold," Sal remarked, flying up towards her cave.


  Link followed her inside. Sal blew a stream of fire onto a standing torch in the cavern, enveloping the shelter in light. Link sat down on a small rock, waiting for Sal to make herself comfortable. The dragon curled up in one corner, and turned her head towards him. "What's up? You only ever turn up when you want my help in something," she remarked.

  "Well, I guess I do kinda need your help," Link began. "I knew it!" Sal declared shrilly, looking triumphant. Link began again.

 "Sal, did you meet the Avatar, the other day?" he questioned.

 "Avatar?" Sal asked dumbly.

 "Yeah, tall, beautiful, blonde hair..." Link described. Sal stared at him.

 "Since when was Zelda called the Avatar?" she questioned.

 "Uh, no, this is a different person. She's called Leigh," Link replied. Sal appeared to ponder this.

 "Hmmm... I see. Nope," she answered, grinning. Link didn't like it when the dragon smiled. Her teeth were very sharp, very white and very fearsome. He sighed.

 "Are you definitely sure?" he asked her again.

 "Definitely sure. If I had seen her, I probably would have eaten her. Us dragons consider fair maidens a very nice delicacy, after all," Sal said, still grinning.

 "I'm sure you do," Link said, looking dejected. Had Leigh been lying about Sal after all? He couldn't believe that she'd do something like that, and he really did want to believe that she hadn't murdered those people. Then again, after all the trouble she caused between me and Zel, do I care? he thought bitterly.

 "Snap out of it, Mr Hero! What's up? Your beloved Princess being testy with you or something?" Sal asked.

 "Something like that," Link muttered.

 "You know what the best remedy for that is?" Sal said brightly.

 "What?" Link asked, looking over at her.

 "Presents. Give her a present. She'll adore you forever more," the dragon said, in a sing song tone.

 "Yeah right. And that's not my only problem," Link answered.

 "What's up now? That Avatar being a pain? Or are you worried about Ganondorf? You know, I'd toast both of them, if I got the chance. Leigh is a pain, the cheek of her, to keep summoning me all the time, when I'm not her dragon! I'm your dragon, of course! And as for Ganondorf, well he can just go..."

 "What? Leigh summoned you? I thought you said you'd never seen her!" Link interrupted. Sal laughed.

 "I have. Yesterday, or was it the day before? Well, it doesn't matter, but I found her very annoying, to say the least."

 "Then why did you say you hadn't seen her?" Link asked. The dragon raised her eyebrows.

 "Well, I forgot about her," she answered. Link shook his head.

 "Well it doesn't matter now. But what was she doing here?" he questioned.

 "Dunno. First of all, she summoned me to help her fight off some moblins, using a summon spell. They're such a nuisance, it's lucky only she and Lord British know how to cast it, or there'd be no doubt I'd be summoned all over the place! The next time, she asked me to fly her to the top of Death Mountain. I would have refused, except that stupid spell binds me to do as the spell caster demands. It's utter cheek, I think!" Sal replied, in a shrill tone.

 "Summon spell?" Link asked, curious.

 "Don't ask," Sal replied darkly.

 "Well, what happened after?" he probed.

 "I dropped her off on the summit, like she asked, then I went to do some sun bathing," Sal answered casually.

 "Sun bathing?" Link said in a surprised tone. Most of the ground was still covered in snow, and it had been a dull day.

 "A dragon needs her sun, you know," Sal answered simply.

 "Uh, sure," Link said, nodding. "I need your help," he quickly added.

 "What? Now? Right this very instant? Pronto?" the dragon questioned. Link nodded.

 "If you don't mind," he said. "Well, it is time for my nap, but perhaps I can put it on hold, I suppose," the dragon sighed. Black smoke was emitted from her snout as she sighed, and it enveloped Link, who immediately began to cough and splutter. "Oh, sorry," Sal remarked sweetly, smiling again.

 "Whatever," Link said, still choking a little.


  When the smoke had cleared, he began again. "I need to find the Master Sword," he said.

  "What?" Sal asked.

 "It's a sword, well, it's a legendary sword at least. It's supposed to be the one thing that can defeat Ganon, I mean, Ganondorf," Link explained.

 "Legendary you say? Hah, like such a thing ever existed, then! Don't waste my time, Hero!" Sal replied.

 "No, it really does exist, I'm sure of it! It's just... well... lost, I guess," Link replied. Sal rolled her eyes.

 "Lost? And I suppose you have an idea where it might be?"

 "Well... not quite..." Link started.

 "It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack! Are you crazy? You think I'm going to help you search for some dodgy piece of equipment?" Sal interrupted stridently.

  "Sal, it's the only thing that can get rid of Ganondorf!" Link protested.

 "Ganondorf can go jump, as far as I'm concerned. If I ever see that ugly, red-haired horror, I'm going to totally set him alight. Then he'll be dead as dead, and you won't have to worry about that sword thing," Sal replied.

 "Sal, he'd just resurrect himself. You know he would," Link said, suddenly looking worried.

 "So? I'd burn him up again. And I'm telling you now, I'd enjoy it, Hero," the dragon said, in a satisfied tone.

 "Sal, I'm serious. I really want to find this relic. You have to help me, I'm begging you," Link pleaded. Sal smiled.

 "Begging me, eh? Hmmm, maybe you should beg a little more, Hero. This is amusing," she said. "Damn it Sal, stop wasting time! It's already nightfall, and I promised Zelda I'd be back by morning. That doesn't give us much time," Link answered.

"Oh, I get it. She sent you out here to get it, right?" Sal questioned.

 "No, she didn't. She sent me here to look for you, so that you could prove Leigh's alibi, but I thought I'd look for the sword, whilst I was in the area," Link said.

 "Alibi? Alibi for what?" Sal asked, curiosity gleaming in her eyes.

 "She supposedly killed some people in Rarau village, but I suspect it was Ganondorf, trying to frame her," Link replied. Sal nodded thoughtfully.

 "Ah, yes of course. This Avatar, she has powerful magic. Ganondorf won't like that," she said.

 "So you can back her up?" Link asked hopefully.

 "I suppose so. Although, she is very annoying, you know," the dragon answered.

 "That aside Sal, you'd help her?" Link still questioned. The dragon nodded.

 "Yes, now where is this sword of yours rumoured to be?" she asked.


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