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Zelda's Diary

By Juliet A. Singleton

Author's Note: This diary was written in mind as a companion to the fanfictions I write with my sister just to give more information from Zelda's point of view. It's just a bit of fun and i'll keep adding to it when I can.


Tuesday, May 4545

      Ohhh... I am just SO angry! Really, everything is so messed up right now! My life, was perfect, until Kain, and his little Communion came along. Did I ever mention before that a vote was held, over whether my father ought to rule, or him?! Well, anyway, perhaps I should explain. Kain, for some time now, has been trying to turn the people of Hyrule against my father. Yes, he's been trying to start some sort of rebellion! It makes me feel so... sick. My father is a wonderful ruler, and Hyrule has never been more prosperous. I just can't believe that our people would be so fickle. Thank goodness the Hylians are still standing by us, but... well, they're the same kind as my father and I. They have a sworn alliance that they can't break. It's all the humans who are following Kain. It's too bad that most of Hyrule are human. Us Hylians are a dying race...

     But, one thing's for sure. We DESERVE to be on the throne. My father works so hard to make Hyrule a perfect place to live. Well, today was the election day. All the votes were counted together, and I've never been so nervous in my life. Kain was stood there, looking ever so smug. I really wanted to slap him across the face. He would have deserved it. And my father. I've never seen him look the way he did. He was as nervous as me. I felt guilty, sat there, in my fine clothes, while Kain wore a simple woollen robe. He never dresses finely, although I am quite sure he could afford it. He is just trying to get on the peasants good side, by acting, and dressing, like them. Goodness, I hate him! How dare anyone challenge my father's place, after all? Thank goodness we won. But only just. We won by 300 votes. That's such a pittance, and no doubt it was the Hylians who provided those few extra votes. I suppose I should be grateful. We're still here, in the castle, still in power. But we only just won! How could my father have become so unpopular in such a short time??

     What's even worse, is that my father took me aside early this afternoon. He told me that Kain had asked him for my hand in marriage!! My hand in marriage! The cheek! As if he's going to gain power that way! I shall never marry him, never! Never, ever, ever! Just the sight of him makes me recoil. He is so... I don't know. But whenever I look at him, he makes me feel... well, frightened. A shiver runs down my spine. He isn't ugly, or handsome, nothing special to look at, but his eyes... they are so strange. They look... evil. He is a cold, and calculating man, and I could never love him, despite what my father said. He actually thinks that it is a good idea! "A way to end all our problems," he said! Well... I can see his point, but I refuse to be used in such a way. When I marry, I'll marry for love... but I'm just not ready to be married yet. I told father this, but he wouldn't even listen. We rowed, and I walked out in a mood. He shouted after me, but I didn't listen. I know that I shouldn't defy my father, because it upsets him so, but he really shouldn't try to run my life.

     Thank goodness I have Link as a shoulder to cry on. I don't know what I'd do without him. I guess I'm lucky to have such a good... friend. He has been so supportive lately, over the whole Kain matter. I saw him training with young Aaron today. The boy is coming along pretty well. To get my mind of Kain, I helped Aaron with his archery for a while. It was good therapy. I imagined the targets to be that sly, conniving, snake of a man. I told Link about Kain's proposal. Of course, as usual, Link had to joke around, well, I guess he made me smile, anyway. But it is a serious matter. Kain wants to marry me, so he can get power, and my father's almost prepared to hand me over! Just like that! Link thinks Kain's weird, and I completely agree. I know he is. Like I said, I can tell by his eyes. He's just out to get the Triforce, I know it. Well, he's never going to get it, because I will never marry him! I would marry Link, before I married him! Goodness, what am I saying? I really ought to be careful... Link is my best friend, and that's the way it's got to stay. Besides, no doubt my father wishes to marry me off to some prince. Link may be a hero, but my father would never accept him as a King... but I... I like him so much... no... I only like him. I just like him. That's it. I only LIKE him. I don't love him. I don't have any sort of romantic feelings for him. None at all. Although I know he still carries a torch for me. Sometimes I think about how it could be, he and I, well.... you know what I mean. He is so... no, no, these aren't proper thoughts for a princess like me. I don't love him, I can't. It would never work, after all... wait, who am I trying to kid? But... I can't admit it to him. I can't admit that I like him as much as he likes me. I'll never admit it, never. I just couldn't....

Wednesday, May 4545

     I slept in late today, I felt so depressed. Even though the sun was shinning, it did little to lift my already morose mood. Impa was a little concerned for me, but I told her not to worry, and eventually, got up. I was then informed by my father, that a suitor was coming to visit me this evening. Lord Tenlyne of Brynnel, to be precise. No doubt he will be as pompous and arrogant as all the rest. Why are all the noble people of this world always like that? I really hope people don't think I act that way. I don't think I do. After all, my best friend is as low born as you can get! Not that I care. The common people are always a lot nicer than the rich ones. And the rich ones only want to know me, so that they can take my land, my Triforce...

      I did see something rather funny this afternoon, though. Link was coming back from someplace, and he was surrounded by all these faeries! There were loads of them! Why they're always around him, I have no idea, but well, I guess that's a mystery I'll never solve. I laughed at him, and he looked rather embarrassed. He is so cute when he looks like that... oh, I really must stop thinking stuff like this! If someone (such as Link, or my father), were to read this... my father would be so angry with me, and Link... well, I'm not even sure what his reaction would be! Well, actually I do. But I'm not going to write it down here. I told him that I wanted to kind of get away from it all. I mean, it's just all getting a bit too much. All they ever talk about at the castle is Kain, and my father and the Council are always holding silly meetings about the matter. Nothing is ever fun anymore. Even Link and I don't have fun. My father makes me stay in, while Link goes out adventuring. Sometimes... sometimes I wish that I wasn't a Princess. There are so many responsibilities, and most are just terribly boring. Link just doesn't know how lucky he is. He lives a good life here at the castle, but at least he is free. He can do as he pleases, marry who he wants. I'm so jealous, sometimes. Then again, I suppose I could never give up my privileged life. That sounds so spoilt... I guess I am spoilt, really. But I am a Princess, after all. Link suggested us running away together... and how I wanted to agree with him! Although, of course, he was only joking around. But for a moment, I stood there thinking about it. Oh, why do I keep thinking like this? I really shouldn't be... yet, I can't help it. However, Link did actually come up with an idea that more that suits my needs. He said that we could go for a trip to Valour Hold! It's been so long since we've been there... and he and I, alone together... it's completely perfect. No, no, I'm not thinking like that! We're just friends, nothing else. I keep telling myself this, but it's no good. Maybe I'm just looking for an easy way out. Maybe Link doesn't even love me anymore. After all, he was with some girl only a few weeks back. If he keeps meeting girls like this, then he can't feel anything for me anymore. Maybe that's a good thing.

      Tonight I had to meet Lord Tenlyne. He was tanned, and quite handsome, but ever so boring. I was almost falling asleep at the table, rude as it sounds, but I was. To make matters worse, Link and I were late to the banquet, and my father was rather angry with me, throughout the whole meal. All Lord Tenlyne ever talked about, was how rich he'd become, and the silly deeds he'd done, in order to earn the title of Lord. They don't have a monarchy in Brynnel, I believe. The richest are given the job of looking after the country, I believe. I wonder why he wants to marry me. He's probably just after my money. And the Triforce, of course. Like every other damn suitor! They never talk to me properly, and some don't even look at me! I'm know I'm not especially pretty, but I do try to make an effort at least. He really upset me with his attitude, and I told my father, not that he listened. He just went on, about the fact that I should be married, and that I was old enough to take on the responsibility of ruling the kingdom. He just wants to pass all the problems onto me! Well... I'd probably do a better job of sorting them out! I'd have Kain arrested, for his impertinent behaviour! Then, we'd be rid of our problems, no doubt! He IS the problem, after all! I asked him if Link and I could go to Valour Hold, and he started going on about how he had all these suitors lined up to visit me. Who cares, anyway? Certainly NOT me! I don't want to meet any of them! They're always the same, after all. Oh, how I hate being a Princess, sometimes! He said I should marry Kain, but he was being so hypocritical. First he said I had to marry someone noble, but Kain isn't of noble status! When I then pointed this out, he retorted that Kain was a 'great leader'. So what? How does that make him eligible to marry me, anyway? Eventually, I got my own way. He allowed me to go to Valour Hold. I guess Link is right, when he says that I am stubborn. I wasn't going to back down over it, after all! But, I made a promise to him. I said that I would bring back a suitor, or else, he could pick. Oh, what have I done? I guess I'll worry about it when Link and I get back. Or maybe we should just run away together after all...

Thursday, May 4545

Actually, I hardly got any sleep last night, I was so excited! Finally, I get to be away from all this unpleasantness at home, and away from all those horrible suitors that father keeps picking for me. So, I was pretty much dead when Link came in this morning to wake me up! Anyway, we got going, and managed to catch the ship that was travelling across to East Hyrule this morning. While we were on the boat, Link and I discussed how awfully boring Lord Tenlyne had been. Rest assured, I certainly won't be marrying HIM in a hurry! Luckily, Sprite was asleep, so she wasn't butting in on our conversation, like she usually is. That faerie is really annoying. I wish Link would tell her to get lost. All she ever does is insult me, after all, or eavesdrop on the conversations Link and I have. She's really, really annoying. Jeez, I know she likes Link, but it's ridiculous, the way she has to hang out with him 24 hours a day. So, anyway, I felt grateful for the fact that she was asleep. Link and I talked about quite a few things, we haven't had a good long talk in a while, recently, because I've been having to socialise with all those awful suitors. I notice that they nearly always look down on Link too, just because he isn't high-born. That's so unfair. After everything he's done for Hyrule, who even cares what his class is? But anyway, everything was just going perfect, until we met Selina Rowen...

    Who's Selina Rowen, you might ask. Well, where can I even start?! Link and I, we'd raced our horses across the field, after we'd got off the boat, when we saw some Moblin attacking this woman. Naturally, we went to help, and I couldn't believe how rude and ungrateful she was afterwards! She even pretended not to know who Link and I were, the cheek of it! How could anyone even dare act that way in front of me? I couldn't believe it. I shot a magic beam from the Triforce at her (Of course, I made sure that it didn't hit her, I'm not that mean), and she soon came to her senses. She was really scared, I could tell. Well, it served her right, for acting the way she did! I thought we might be rid of her, but then she said that she too, was travelling towards Nabrooru, and promptly invited herself along! I was really annoyed, especially when Link invited her to get on Carefree behind him. But, I didn't say anything. I can tell she likes Link, and he likes her. They barely even spoke to me throughout the whole ride, they were so wrapped up in each other. She is really pretty too, she had curly red hair, and she is far more beautiful than me. Ever since he met Selina, Link hasn't even given me a second glance. I'm feeling so angry, and so betrayed. I have suddenly realised just exactly how fickle Link is. As soon as someone else better comes along, he doesn't even care about me. I was almost ready to cry, by the time we got to Nabrooru. Link seemed to sort of realise that I was upset, but before he could even speak to me, Selina then said we should go to some tavern that her uncle owned. I thought that she would go away someplace, but she didn't! This really has been the most awful day, ever. Selina is such a bitch, she has no right to latch onto us the way she did, and Link, well he's just encouraging it!

    Even in the tavern, she wouldn't leave us alone, and Sprite made it ten times worse by snidely commenting that I was jealous. Well... I guess I am, but... but... she still shouldn't have said it! This whole thing... it was supposed to be just me and Link, and now its all been spoilt. Selina was flirting with Link all night, she kept buying him drinks and everything. And she got her awful friend, some town guard called Aramis, to try and get my attention away from Link. Well... he was pretty handsome, but so not my type. But I could just tell that she'd told him to keep me occupied on purpose. Selina kept telling Link how great he was, and as usual, he just lapped it all up. Goodness, men are so guillable sometimes. Inflate their stupid damn egos, and they love you forever. She was really laying it on thick, though. "Oh Link, you're just sooo amazing!", "Oh Link, how wonderful you are!" And not to mention fluttering her eyelashes all the time, tossing her hair and smiling at him in a sickeningly sweet fashion. I kept glaring at her a lot, but she was sooo busy cosying up to Link, that she didn't even notice. Or she was just ignoring me. How can anyone ever dare to ignore me, anyway? I'm her future monarch, and she hasn't paid me any respect at all. She's probably a member of that damn Communion, I noticed she was human, not hylian. Well, I mean, I'm not trying to say she is, just because she's human, but well, all the Communioneers ARE human, after all! Then came the worst thing of all. She actually offered to show Link the way to his room!! As if he needed to be even showed! I know precisely what she was after, the little bar wench that she is. Well, I certainly made sure that she wasn't going to get it, by quickly saying I would come with them. However, then Selina said that I should stay and keep Aramis company. She gave me this really horrible glare, and I just knew at that moment, that what I had guessed earlier, was correct. She WAS trying to play me off on Aramis, so that she could have Link all to herself. He even tried to make me stay, but I said I was tired, and luckily, Link said he was too. Then, much to my delight (and Selina's horror, I might add), Link took my hand, and we walked off together. Selina tried to follow us, but I assured her that we could find our rooms quite easily. Thank goodness she left us alone after that. I really hope she doesn't try to tag along after us tomorrow, else I shall really get annoyed. Link seemed oblivious to my mood, and it's all HER fault! She's going to so pay for taking Link away from me, I swear. No-one steals my best friend, and gets away with it! Hang on... jeez, I really sound like a little kid. I guess I'd better calm down... but oh, she just makes me so mad!!

Friday, May 4545

    My luck has taken a turn for the worse. Aramis said last night that he was travelling to Valour Hold anyway (HOW convenient!!), and Selina just went and invited herself along. I nearly told her to get lost, but Link jumped in and said of course she could come. When he and I are alone (will we EVER get to be alone?!), I'm really going to kill him for doing that. Selina managed to get her uncle to give her a horse, and then we were all set. As we rode towards the Darunia caves pass, all Selina did was flirt terribly with Link. I don't know how she's managed to restrain herself, gosh, she might as well just jump on him and kiss him right here!! After a while, I just got really sick of her gushings, and kind of dropped back. How was I to know, that Ganon's scouts would be lurking about? Skoll and Aspete jumped out on me, and scared my horse, and she reared up. I of course, fell off. I really hurt myself too. I just hate those two monsters. They are just so stupid, and ugly and mean. Thank goodness Link was immediately there to help me. That cheered me up a bit, because it meant he was obviously still paying some attention to me, at least. He soon sent those idiots packing, but not before they'd said something strange about Kain. They claimed that he was a pawn of Ganon's! Link and I were both really surprised, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to believe it. Link didn't seem so sure, and well, as he said, they could have been just trying to cause trouble, or mis-lead us. Draw our attention onto Kain, so that Ganon could pull some stunt, and try to blame it on Kain, or something. Although, that would be quite good, because then my father could arrest him, and that would be the end of the Communion. Well... maybe. I gave Link a hug for helping me... I wish I was brave enough to kiss him, but, well... no. I won't ever do that! But... it sure was fun to see Selina's expression when she saw us holding each other. She looked really, really disappointed. I suppose she's jealous, I mean, he and I are really close, and she can't even compare to me!

    We reached Darunia at about lunch time. To my disgust, I was left to socialise with Selina for a while, while Link and Aramis went off to get some supplies, or something. Of course, she would have to ask me, if Link was single or not. I considered lying, and saying that he was seeing someone, but then I decided against it. I know Link would be angry with me, if I interfered like that, so I cleverly told her to ask him herself. Unfortunately, she said she would. Damn, she must be keen. I can't let her be alone with Link, just in case she does ask him. Or even worse, in case he asks her. That would be awful. Well... maybe I'm being unfair but... but... well, she really isn't the girl for him. He deserves better than her. I was really glad, when Link actually suggested he and I should go off on our own. Well, okay, we were only checking out the Communion shelter for anything suspicious, but it was better than hanging out with Communioneer (yes, my original suspicion last night was entirely correct!) Selina Rowen, and Communioneer-wannabe, Aramis Duston. We went to the shelter, and well, I hate to admit it, but it was actually quite good. It made me feel so guilty, that my father and I haven't done more to help the poor in Hyrule. No wonder Kain is so popular. The stupid woman who worked there though, had the cheek to suggest that I join up! Why would I, Princess Zelda of Hyrule, want to join the Communion?! She kept blabbering on, how it would change our lives for the better. Yeah, as if it would! My life is quite fine, thank you very much! Well... tell a lie. It isn't. But the Communion couldn't make it better. They'd just make it worse... they already are!! But, well, nothing was out of place, and so, in an effort not to go back to the others, I suggested that we take a walk to the beach. A long walk.

    For a while, it was great. No-one there, but the two of us. Sprite was goodness knows where, and I was glad. It was a little breezy, cloudy, but still pleasant. By the time we arrived at the coastline, it was starting to look pretty black, and the sea was really rough. We admired the sheer power of the waves for a while, and then I plucked up the courage to ask Link what he thought of me. I suppose that I was rather hoping he might admit that he still... liked me... rather than Selina. But, well, he didn't. Then, although we might have actually started to get somewhere, only this horrible giant octorok had to go and spoil things! Oh, I really hate those things. By the time Link had gotten rid of it, it was definately threatening to rain. And goodness, it certainly did! We almost had to run back to town, but not before we'd got completely drenched. And of course, when we got back to the tavern, Selina was really horrible, and starting going on about how we shouldn't have gone off alone. Like we're even her responsibility! I was really, really angry by then. I mean, what Link and I do, is none of her business! She probably thought it was funny, seeing me walk in all soaking wet. Even Sprite was smirking, stupid little witch that she is. I ended going to bed, angry and upset, and I lay awake for most of the night. This trip is turning out to be so awful...

Sunday, May 4545

    We were *supposed* to arrive at Valour Hold yesterday, but what with our detour to Darunia and everything, we've ended up behind schedule. I wish we were there already - anything to get away from Selina and Aramis! Also, I might not have ended up in jail, either!!! Yes, me, Zelda, Princess of Hyrule, ended up being slung in a cold, dirty, dark prison cell! Can you believe it?! Surely it must be a felony! I mean, I'm heir to the throne, they can't do that to me! But, nonetheless, it happened. Thank goodness I got put in a cell with Link, because otherwise, I might have been with Selina, and I surely would have said something I might regret, or Selina might have been put with Link, and I dread to think what might have happened in that particular circumstance. Thank goodness that it didn't happen that way! But, I guess I'd better explain how it all happened...

    Link and Aramis disappeared again yesterday morning to get some supplies or something (I assume), and left Selina and I waiting at the tavern. Well, we were just waiting outside, when suddenly, all these guards appeared, and simply started attacking us! I had no idea what was going on, but I fought back, defending myself, as did Selina. This huge crowd gathered around, and then Link and Aramis arrived. It was simply awful, but they were trying to kill us! I have no idea why. But then something else even worse happened. When we looked under the helmets, we discovered that the guards were people we knew, guards of my father's!! No clone or trick as Ganon's, as we originally thought, but actual trusted soldiers! I felt awfully sick, and before I knew it, I was being dragged away by the Town Guard, and slung in a cell! They really have no right to do such a thing, I'm sure! It had clearly been an act of rebellion; those guards must have secretly been Communioneers, and they were trying to assassinate me! I tried to tell the Town Guard this, but he wouldn't listen, so I had to spend the night lying on a horrible, hard bunk, and Link wasn't much company. I don't even know how he managed to sleep, but I couldn't do it at all, and now I feel really tired and annoyed. Damn that Communion! I know that they're up to no good. We got released the next morning, of course, once the Town Guard discovered that my father HADN'T sent those guards. Well, I told him that the night before! Jeez, he should get the sack for making me endure something so horrible.

    We set off for Tarn to pick up Aaron, and went in a cart. That was my bight idea, because it meant I could get some sleep, rather than riding. Of course, Link just had to complain about it, but Aramis convinced him. Maybe he isn't so bad after all... I made Link drive the cart because he was complaining so much. It serves him right. The Communion has cleared a road through the Great Forest, so it's not a windy dirt track anymore. I have to admit, it is much better. But I wasn't going to say that in front of Selina. However, Link had to go and say it instead! Then he started going on that the Communion were really great. I'm sure he's trying to flirt with Selina, but in a sly way, so I don't notice. Well, I noticed alright! Link in such a jerk, I don't know how I could have had any romantic thoughts about him at all in the first place! I must have gone temporarily crazy! He's just the same flirtatious idiot he's always been, how could I have even thought he might have grown up?? I said I still hated the Communion, and Selina started going on how it was a time for a change, and that my father and I had never done anything good for Hyrule. I felt really, really upset by that, because we have! Alright, I admit, the Communion have done good things. But they're not doing it for the good of the people, they're just doing it so they can gain complete control of my country! Over my dead body they will! Selina and I had an awful argument, and surprises of surprises, only Aramis backed me up. I've suddenly noticed just how handsome he is. He's much more handsome than Link. But... well... oh, enough of that. I don't know what I'm saying! Oh, then we all started arguing about the superiority of our races. Selina and Aramis started going on how stuck up the Hylians were, and that we thought we were great, but we aren't like that! It's not our fault that Link's and my Hylian lineage makes us naturally smarter! Some good did come out of this though - I bet Link doesn't think Selina's so great now, since she insulted him! We did all sort of make up, but enough of this particular subject for now.

    Once we arrived in Tarn, we decided just to stay there for the evening. Besides, it's dangerous travelling through the forest during the night. Aaron was there at the tavern, so we all grouped up. It was nice to see Aaron again. I chatted to him most of the night. Selina had started flirting with Link again, but I couldn't be bothered to intervene. I'm still angry at him, for the things he said about the Communion. He oughtn't to stick up for them! Well, not out loud, anyway. I hope Aaron won't join the Communion, but I don't think he will, he's pretty loyal to my family, ever since Link took him on as his apprentice. It felt much better to have a proper bed tonight, that's for sure! Alright, so it's not half as comfortable as my bed back at North Castle, but much nicer than a hard cell bunk! I'm looking forward to arriving at Valour Hold tomorrow. Hopefully once we're there, I'll get rid of Selina and Aramis, and it'll all go as I had it planned previously. And I swear, when we arrive, if anyone even dares to mention the Communion, I'll scream! Well, I guess it's time for me to get some proper sleep now...

Monday, May 4545

    Well, we ended up having another person tagging along with us! Jeez... our group just keeps getting bigger and bigger. However, the guy, his name was Damon, seems pretty nice and quiet. He and Aramis know each other, but when they met, Aramis behaved really strangely. They had a practice duel, and Damon won, and Aramis got really angry, and stormed off. Hmm... maybe he's just a bad loser, or something. Not that I care, or anything. It's not my problem that they have some petty feud going on. Jeez, why do guys get so competitive, anyway?? Sometimes, I just don't understand them. I saw some more examples of the Communion "doing good for our society". Those creeps really make me feel sick. They just so make me look bad! When I go back home, I shall have to tell father that we need to pull our socks up, else there really might be a rebellion against us, and then we'd be in trouble. Damon, I noticed, couldn't take his eyes off Selina. Neither could Aaron, for that matter. Oh, she makes me so mad! None of the guys ever look at me the way they look at Selina. I guess I'm just plain old Princess Zelda to them, and she's Selina the Shinning Goddess From the Heavens, or something. Although, actually, I really would rather that guys didn't stare at me all the time in such a fashion. It just annoys me when they look at Selina like she's so amazingly beautiful. Well, I'm beautiful too! Just, in a more... understated way. Yes, that's it. I'm more understated. I don't flaunt my looks the way she does. I would be ashamed! I am, after all, a Princess. Not some common tavern wench like she is! Well... uhh... that's a little nasty. I believe she said she was studying to be a healer... ummm... but off the subject, I have more important things to think about right now!

    This really stupid thing happened between Link and I when we arrived at Valour Hold. We got our normal room, and I was secretly pleased when Aaron decided NOT to room with us. The only drawback, was that Selina somehow managed to get a room across from us. Actually, I don't know why Selina is staying here, it's not like she's a warrior, or anything. Well, neither am I, but... but... well, it's different for me. Besides, I practise archery. And plus, wherever Link goes, I go. It's in his contract that he has to protect me at all times. Yes, so we got a room together, as usual. We were getting ready for dinner, when Link started teasing me, so I tossed a cushion at him, and well... well, you know what happens when people start tossing cushions about. We acted rather silly, and then somehow, we ended up lying on the floor, and Link asked me to... kiss him. I guess he still likes me after all. I don't know what would have happened next (and NO, I wouldn't have kissed him, no way!) but a guard walked in our room to tell us dinner was ready. I nearly died of embarrassment! Goodness knows what he was thinking, seeing us like that! Oh god, he'll probably spread it around the Hold that Link and I are having some sort of love affair! That would be terrible! Although... Selina would be totally jealous! Actually... actually, I think I want him to kiss me. Sort of. Oh... I wonder if he's a good kisser. Probably. He'd have to be. He's good at almost everything, after all. He'd have to be a good in that department, else people probably would be disappointed. He's so handsome, after all. Ugh, no, no. What am I saying?! I don't want to kiss him, I don't. Oh, I wish I'd stop thinking such things! It's making me feel really weird, and I don't like it, not one bit.

    Now for the really important bit. It happened shortly after dinner. Selina would have to sit with us, wouldn't she? And no-one exactly turned her away, well, it's probably because they all fancy her! And the way Link was looking at her, I'm sure he soon forgot about the moment between us back in our room... Yeah well, if that's the way he's going to play, he'll never have a romantic relationship with me, ever. He doesn't deserve me. He can have Selina for all I care. If he can forget what passed between us so easily, then I don't want to know him. For a moment, I almost thought... oh, it doesn't matter what I think anymore. I just think stupid things that make me look stupid. I was glad to see Drake again, but of course, Selina had to try and spoil it by flirting with him. Well, I know Drake will be immune to her silly charms. Hopefully. I began to get this really bad feeling after dinner. I wasn't sure what it was, but something felt incredibly wrong. I decided to go to bed, and I found out just exactly what is was. The Triforce has lost it's power! I'm not lying. It just suddenly stopped levitating, and glowing. Sprite and I tested out our own magic powers, and they didn't work either! Something, really, really weird is going on. How can magic suddenly just stop working?? I bet this is some stunt of Ganon's! Link rationalised that there was no way Ganon could make magic stop working, so if it had stopped working, he had to be powerless too. I really hope Link is right, because if he isn't, Ganon could steal the Triforce easily!

    Something else weird and well, unpleasant, also happened tonight. I couldn't sleep, so I went down to the well outside to get something to drink. Aramis was outside, and he gave me the fright of my life! I was really embarrassed, because I was wearing my night things, too. I hate being seen in my night clothes, well, except by Link. But that's different. I don't know how, but it just is. Aramis claimed that he hadn't been able to sleep either, so we went back inside together. Well, Link saw us come in together, and he looked really upset, and walked off in a mood. I'm sure he thinks I met Aramis secretly tonight. I didn't, but he wouldn't even listen! Some friend he is, when he won't even believe me!

Tuesday, May 4545

    Ugh, boring, boring, boring! Sometimes, I just hate being someone important. Lord Hylton absolutely INSISTED that we all have a meeting about the magic situation. I just hate councils. My father makes me go to some of his, and they're just incredibly boring. Well, I suppose it was an important affair, though. Sprite says that it's impossible to capture all the celestial waves that float around in the air, making magic work, but, I just can't help feeling like Ganon has found a way to store them... although, I guess Aaron's pretty much disproved the theory that this is Ganon's doing. But... if this isn't Ganon's work, then who else? I mean, aside from Ganon, the only other being powerful enough to do such a thing is... Enzar. And we banished him into the Mists of Time years ago. Unless someone reopened the portal, he couldn't possibly have escaped. At least, I hope not... oh, this is just really getting to me. I come away to have a break, and a crisis has to begin! No-one else even has the expertise to deal with this, so it looks like the investigating will be down to me and Link. As usual. Maybe it will take my father's mind off getting me married for a while. I've been here two days, and I know fine well that I have absolutely no intention of bringing back a suitor to marry. Of course, if I don't, it means father may make good of his threat, and marry me off to Kain. Oh, now that, I can't even bear to imagine! But what can I do? There's no-one... no-one makes me feel... well... you know. I'm not in love with anyone. Maybe I'm thinking it wrong. But I thought if you fell in love with someone, you would kind of go weak at the knees whenever they came near you, and you can't eat or sleep just for thinking about them so much. Yes.... I think I've been badly mislead by those silly romance books that I used to read when I was younger. How could I have even believed those feelings could be true at all? They're just not! I'll never find true love, ever! Not like that, anyway. I'll just end up married off to some awful guy I despise, all thanks to my father. How can he do this to me?!

    Things aren't much better between Link and I, either... well, they're a little better, I suppose. I mean, we argued all this morning about last night, and he was convinced I was meeting Aramis. I can't imagine why he would think that! I mean, that is so not me! I don't do indecent things like that! I'm a Princess, after all, and I have some dignity! Now, someone like Selina probably does things like that, but not I. But, would he believe me this morning? Jeez, I was so angry with him! However, when we went outside, to follow up Aaron's idea of fighting some of Ganon's minions to see if they disappeared back to his magic jar, he actually apologised. Sort of. He said he was wrong to have jumped to conclusions. Too damn right he did! Suddenly, somehow, I managed to pluck up the courage to ask him if he still liked Selina. I immediately felt stupid for saying it, and I don't know why I did, but I guess I just needed to know. Unfortunately, I didn't get an answer, because these darknuts jumped out of the trees and attacked us. It was only later that I thought how strange it was, darknuts coming out from the caves, and woods. But I can't worry about that now. Other strange things happened out there, and I'd better get them written down, in case I forget (as if I could!!).

    Link and Aaron dealt with the darknuts, killing them, and they didn't disappear at all, like they usually do. Ganon uses his magic to transport the bodies of his monsters back to his evil jar, where he then resurrects them. But that didn't happen, sort of proving that Ganon too, has no, or little magic. Of course, it could all be a cover to make us think that he has no magic, thus leaving the Triforce unprotected, and then he would steal it, or we would come to Death Mountain to try and get his Triforce, and he would trap us. I don't trust Ganon an inch, after all. But even this seems like something he'd never think up. Ganon's smart, but not that smart. Enzar might think this up, but... no! He can't be free, no, it's just not possible! Here, listen to me. I'm going almost hysterical.. ugh... Speaking of ugh, that's what darknuts are under their helmets. Link absolutely insisted on looking, and I wish I'd contained my curiosity. They were utterly vile and disgusting, and I felt really sick. Why do guys have a morbid fascination for that sort of thing, anyway? Before I got the chance to start feeling better, this small griffen burst out of the bushes. No, not one like Enzar, just a general monster one. Those things haven't been seen in Hyrule for years, and it just proves that something REALLY weird is going on around here. It just appeared out of nowhere and attacked us. I dove behind a tree, but it spat fire in my direction, setting the tree on fire. Link pushed me out of the way just in time. Jeez, he can be so rough at times. Although I... well... Ummm, so anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the tree fire. Well, after Link helped me up from the ground (at least he can be a gentleman when he wants to be), I halfheartedly attempted to use a douse spell to put the fire out. And you know what, it actually worked! We rushed back, thinking the magic was working again, worried about the Triforce. But, it was the same as ever. Just what is going on around here? Selina was giving Link 'looks' tonight. Eventually, I got so sick of them, that I went off to my room. Maybe Link will get the message. Then again, he didn't exactly follow me, so... I guess he didn't...

Saturday, May 4545

    Well... I guess I can say one thing. This stay so far has just made me even more depressed. Link has been ignoring me for days practically. He's just been out training, and, well... well, I guess I just assumed we might do some things together. But how wrong have I been! My only consolation is that he and Selina don't appear to be going any further than the flirting stage. Which is fine by me. No! It is NOT fine by me. I admit it. I'm jealous. Completely, utterly jealous. But, that doesn't mean I like him, or anything. I just... I just think that he could do better than the likes of her, that's all. But... well, I can't help thinking about what happened between us a couple of nights ago. I know nothing actually 'did' happen, but it almost did. I almost let him kiss me. I almost wanted him to. I don't know why. I guess I just got caught up in the moment. And, I so much want to fall in love... I have to find someone, so that I won't have to marry Kain. But, no, this is wrong. I can't fall in love with Link. I guess it's just easier, because we're already so close. We can't possibly get any closer. I just won't allow it. I just can't let him be with Selina, that's all. And, it frustrates me that he appears to have forgotton about what happened between us. Too busy making eyes at Selina! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! And I wish we'd never left the castle. Then we'd never have met Selina, and Link would still be paying attention to me. Yes, that's what I miss. His attention. It's not because I like him, it's just because it's normal. And him paying more attention to Selina has upset my routine. Yes, that's it. I knew that it wasn't because of... well... How could I even think that? I am so neurotic these days. It's really starting to worry me. Me, future ruler of Hyrule, and my head is full of stupid ideas.

    I've spent most of this week studying in the library, looking for something in the old Hylian texts that might help us solve this dilemma with the magic, and today, I believe I found what we were looking for. I found out that a spell, called the 'Divalation' spell, could be used to gather all the celestial waves into one place, even though they would be rendered useless. It also stated that the caster had to be strong of mind and body, that casting the spell could result in death. I don't belive that even I, one of the greatest mages in Hyrule, could perform such a spell. Ganon maybe could, but I doubt it. He and I are practically matched in such skill. But who else could do such a thing? It's really puzzling and troubling me. I can say one thing about Selina though; she did help me out, reading the books, and such. She picked up Hylian really well... I guess she must be smarter than she looks. I almost felt a spark of friendship spring between us, especially when she spoke about her worries over Aramis. She told me that he'd been acting really strangely lately, and that she was worried about him. As I suspected, they used to be in love with each other, but he apparently cheated on her, so she finished things with him. Damn. I wish that they were still together. Then maybe she'd lay off Link a little. She asked me again if he was involved with anyone. I told the truth this time. I said no. Why did I do a stupid thing like that?! Then again, I can't let her see that I sort of have feelings for him. That would be too embarrassing. Ugh... she might even tell him, and then I'd certainly be in trouble. If Link found out that I even had an inkling of feelings... ugh, he'd never let me forget it. Despite this, I agreed to meet Selina tonight. Apparently, Aramis keeps disappearing at night, and she wants to find out why. Having nothing better to do, and also slightly intrigued, I said I'd help. Maybe I can tell her a load of awful things about Link, and put her off. Actually, that's a good idea. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. Aramis joined the Communion today, too. Some supporter he is!

    Well, now all we need to do, is to find out who's cast this spell, if indeed, they have. I talked about it to Link tonight. It was the first time we'd had a proper chat for a while, and I felt pleased. I never realise how much I miss him, until it's actually happening. Oh... I go and convince myself of one thing, when really, I don't mean it. Oh, I hate this! I'm... no, I'm not falling in love with him. I just... I don't want anyone else to. That's really, incredibly mean and selfish of me, but I just can't help it. I'm going round in circles here. I might as well be picking petals off a flower and saying it out loud, for goodness sake! Selina's so beautiful, I just know he'll fall in love with her. She's just his type. I'm not his type. I'm just... I'm just that Princess he's contracted to protect. Nothing more. He might have been infatuated with more one time, but not anymore. And I can't feel for him in that way. My father would never allow it. Ugh... what a mess this is. I'm just a total idiot. I have to get past this. I've never felt like this before about him... oh, who the hell am I trying to kid? But, it's just pointless, and we'll just both end up getting hurt. Get over it Zelda! Get over him, should I say. I have to concentrate on more important things. Like Kain. And the magic problem...

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