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Darkness Comes

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)


Chapter 1


It was dark. Raining heavily. A flash of lighting lit up the sky. Zelda looked around helplessly. Time was running out. She carried on running through the field, terrified. The skirts of her dress trailed in the mud, but she didn't care. All she knew was that it was important to get back to North Castle. To get back to safety, before Ganondorf found her and killed her. If she could just find Link... get the Triforce...

  As Zelda crossed the already lowered drawbridge, she saw terrible things. The castle was only half standing, the burning embers of a fire lit up the courtyard. Bodies lay on the floor, stone dead. Her home had been destroyed. The Princess turned towards the Triforce tower. It was one of the only parts of the castle still intact. Warily, she crossed the threshold, and began to ascend the stairs. Slowly. "Link?" she called, uncertainly. No answer. Just the constant pattering of the rain outside, and the rolling thunder. Zelda picked up her speed, and ran up to the top. As she pushed open the door, a strange sensation washed over her. "My spell! It's been broken!" she exclaimed out loud. Then she realised that the Triforce wasn't there. It was gone. "Oh no..." she whispered. "He... has it," she murmured, the realisation slowly sinking in. Suddenly, someone grabbed her from behind. Zelda screamed...


  "Oh my god." Zelda sat up in bed, shivering. She took deep breaths, trying to calm herself down. "It was just a dream, it wasn't real," she murmured to herself. Everything was okay. She glanced over at Link, who was fast asleep. Obviously, her screams hadn't woken him. She was glad. She didn't want him to know about the dream. Sighing, she climbed out of bed, and put on a warm robe. She walked across the room, and pushed open the door, then made her way downstairs. Zelda went all the way down to the basement, to where the well was, and got herself a drink of cool water. Sipping it slowly, she made her way back upstairs.

  It was a week later, from since Link had taken the Master Sword, and Ganondorf had made his presence known. Hyrule was living under a shadow, the cruel, dark threat of war. Nothing had been heard, but Hyrule and her allies had already begun to prepare a defence. North Castle, Zelda's home was being fortified, and the soldiers were going through battle strategies. After years of peace, the happiness was being threatened. Ganon, supposedly vanquished over six years ago by Zelda's husband, and hero of the kingdom, Link. Now he was back, in his old human form, as Ganondorf. Zelda knew he'd stop at nothing to get his hands on her treasured relic, the powerful, wish-granting Triforce. And of course, the land of Hyrule. And us. He wants us dead, Zelda thought, shivering. She knew there'd be nothing the evil Gerudo wizard wanted more, than to see Link and herself dead. Finished. Not there, stopping his evil plans. Like our ancestors have, many times before, she thought to herself. Ganon's plans had always been prevented before, but he had the power to resurrect himself many times over. He'd been alive for thousands of years, terrorising Hyrule for many an age. Zelda had thought that they'd finally got rid of him, that peace would finally reside in the realm, but she'd been wrong. She walked back into her bedroom, and lit a candle. It cast a small, but warm, comforting glow in the room. Link still remained asleep. Zelda knew he'd had a busy day, training up the castle troops. She glanced at herself thoughtfully, in the full length mirror. Her complexion looked even paler than usual. She couldn't shake her worried expression, either. Long gold hair framing her face, curling up at the edges. Her usually bright green eyes seemed dark. I look so terrible, she thought sadly. It was true that she hadn't eaten well over the last few days. She'd been too preoccupied. And sick. She bit her lip, thinking about it. It wasn't good. Wearily, she made her way back over to the bed, and climbed in. It felt good to slip between the soft silk sheets, and under the heavy blankets. She cuddled up to Link to keep warm. It wasn't long until sunrise...


  Link yawned and sat up. It was five in the morning according to the clock. He rubbed his eyes and stretched. Zelda was asleep, she looked peaceful, yet there was something else. Her brow was knitted up into a frown, perhaps she was having a bad dream. Link quickly got up and dressed. He could see the sun just beginning to peep over the horizon, filling the sky up with colour. Reds, blues, oranges and pinks were all mixed together, patched up in places. Link opened the balcony windows and stepped through them, the refreshing smell and taste of dawn meeting him. He looked down into the courtyard, a few early morning-watch guards stood on duty, some sparring with each other. Link reached one hand behind his neck, trying to massage the knots of strain away. He turned away and walked back in, closing the windows behind him quietly, as not to wake his wife. He walked out of the room, and made him way to his son Ewan's room. In recent weeks, like his mother, Ewan had been suffering from vivid and often disturbing nightmares. He opened the door quietly and stepped inside. Link just made out the slight form of his son curled up in his bed. Link went and sat on the end of the bed, watching his son. His brow was also furrowed into a frown, and he was twitching slightly. Link gently placed one hand onto his son's face, watching on, concerned. As he touched Ewan, the child flinched and his eyes fluttered open. Ewan wore a mask of fear, a look so haunted and yet wise that a child his age had no business to be wearing it. "Hey, Ewan? Bad dream?" asked Link. Ewan nodded, sitting up. "You want to go get some breakfast?" asked Link. Ewan nodded again, slipping out of the bed. Without a word, he quickly jogged to the other side of the room and slipped on his tunic. Link stood up and waited at the door. His son soon joined him and they left for the great kitchen, where there was bound to be meals prepared for the early risers.


  Later that afternoon, the King called for a meeting to be held with all his council. Clearing his voice, and looking grave, he stood up from his seat, a scroll in hand. "My subjects, I'm afraid that our fears were not unfounded. I have received a missive from Ganondorf a few minutes earlier. He has declared war on Hyrule!"

 "Oh no," a few people exclaimed. Other people looked around worriedly.

 "We knew that this was coming, thank goodness we began to prepare," the King said.

 "When will his army arrive?" Captain Krin questioned.

 "It doesn't say here," the King replied.

 "Well, we know it could be any time. We can't waste time just talking about 'when'," Link said.

 "He's right," Drake nodded.

 "Well, I've drawn up a list of regiments already," Krin remarked.

 "Let's hear them," Link said. Krin pulled out a roll of paper, and scanned down it.

 "Okay, well obviously, I'll be in charge of the ground troops, and Drake, you'll lead the mounted troops. Then we'll delegate. Link, you'll be leading your own group of men, of course, and you too, Aaron. Dion, I'd be honoured if you'd be in charge of the archers, Damon, you could take a group too," he said. Everyone nodded in agreement. "The rest of you, can sort amongst yourselves," Krin added. Link turned to Leigh.

 "Leigh, it'd be great if you'd lead a group. I'm sure you're more than capable," he said. Leigh nodded.

 "I'd love to help out in that way," she said quietly. She looked a little wistful for a moment, but the look soon passed. Link looked over at Nick.

 "Are your men coming over from Dalsona?" he questioned. Nick nodded.

 "Yes, a message has already been sent over. They should be here on the next ship," he replied. "Good," the King said. Selina spoke up.

 "I'd be happy to offer my services too, healing, and fighting," she said.

 "Thanks, Selina," Drake said.

 "What about me? Can't I do something?" Zelda suddenly questioned.

 "You'll stay here, where it's safe," the King said immediately.

 "But&ldots;" Zelda began in protest.

 "But nothing. A battlefield is no place for woman. You're staying here, and nothing will persuade me against that!" the King replied. Zelda pouted.

 "No place for a woman? Well how come you're letting Selina and Leigh join in? I can fight just as well as them!" she said.

 "Zelda, I will not have you risking your life unnecessarily! You're the next ruler of Hyrule!" the King said sternly.

 "There won't be a Hyrule if we're not careful," Zelda replied sulkily. "Besides, if you let Link go out and fight... " she began.

 "Zelda, it's a man's duty to go out and fight," the King stated.

 "I still think I could be some help," Zelda said.

 "No, you'll stay here in the castle and look after your son," the King said firmly. The Princess frowned at this, but didn't bother to reply. She knew it would be boring to stay in the castle on a permanent basis, never mind worrying. She'd not know if Link was okay... She turned over to him, and he smiled at her, taking hold of her hand under the table.

 "It's for the best, Zel. I want you to be completely safe from Ganondorf," he whispered. She nodded.

 "I guess so," she whispered back. There was a knock at the door.

 "Come in," the King said. A wet-looking messenger walked in.

 "Sire, I bear good news," he said hurriedly. He handed a scroll to the King.

 "Lord British of Sosaria will ally his troops with Hyrule at once!" There was a small gasp from Leigh. She looked very pale.

 "What's the matter?" Drake asked. She shook her head.

 "N-nothing... I fear Lord British may still be angry with me, if he knew I was helping here..." she began.

 "Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be okay," Selina reassured. Leigh nodded.

 "I hope so," she said quietly.


  Zelda carried a pile of fluffy towels into her father's large bathroom. It had a large plunge pool bath, the best in the whole of the castle. It was set down into the marble floor, tiled inside. There was a deep end, and a shallow end, with steps that you could sit upon. The Princess figured that a nice long soak would do her good, and perhaps calm her slightly shaky nerves. Perhaps she would even sleep better too. She placed the towels down onto the floor, beside the edge of the bath, and then poured some scented oil into the warm water. It had taken quite a time to fill up, but it was worth it. She leant down, and tested the water with her hand. It was still nice and warm. Not wanting to get her hair wet, she deftly plaited it, then pulled it round into a small bun, fixing it with hair pins. She then got undressed, and sat down in the deep end of the bath. The water came up to just past her shoulders. It was lovely and hot, nice and relaxing. Zelda smiled to herself for the first time in days. The water swirled around soothingly, and she felt like she could just go to sleep...

  It wasn't fair, she thought to herself. She wasn't very happy about her father's adamant statement, that she couldn't leave the castle. Zelda hated waiting in the wings, so to speak, and liked to be part of any action that was taking place. She took a bar of soap and a sponge, and began to wash herself. Alright, so she couldn't use a sword too well, but she was great with a bow and arrow. And also with magic. There would be nothing worse, than being stuck in the castle, for what could be weeks, even months, with the moping Fayette, Fenella, and her father. Of course, she felt sorry for Fayette. Her step-sister's husband had been killed only a week or so back. Fayette and her children had moved back permanently to North Castle now. It was the best place for them, to be with family, Fenella had said. Fayette now just mostly stayed up in her room. She had frequented mealtimes less than Zelda over the past week, preferring food to be brought up to her. She only liked to see her young children. Zelda had only stopped by once, and when she had, Fayette had asked her to go away. Zelda didn't know what she'd do if she lost Link. That was too terrible for her to even comprehend. And it was what she was afraid of. She remembered Balayna's words. "You must protect yourself, Princess, you and your husband. And your children." "But how?" Zelda said out loud to herself. After a few more minutes, she climbed out of the bath, and dried herself off. "The Master Sword... that can destroy him surely - can't it?" she pondered. "And what of the Triforce?" she added to herself. But she knew that the Triforce couldn't kill. She could channel it's power to help her kill, but it couldn't do it outright. And in doing so, she'd probably kill herself. No, this isn't going to be the way, she thought, unpinning her hair, and then pulling it out of the plait. It fell down to her chest, cascading in soft golden waves. A war, whether she liked or not, was going to take place. There was nothing she could do about it. Nothing but wait. Hope, pray, she thought to herself. She picked up her dress, and quickly slipped it back on. There wasn't much time left.


  Link grimaced as he easily disarmed the young soldier. He allowed the soldier to go and retrieve his sword. "You would be dead by now," Link warned him.

  "I know," mumbled the soldier dejectedly.

  "Don't be discouraged though. I'm sure if you concentrate you'll improve in no time," consoled Link. He shook his head as the soldier walked away. He couldn't believe how poor the Hyrulian army's standard had become in just seven, short years. Drake approached him frowning. He shook his head as he came nearer. "I can't believe it either," said Link. Drake stopped and folded his arms.

  "We'll never be able to get the people into shape by the time Ganon gets here," said Drake.

  "Hey, cut it out! We can't approach this war with that kind of attitude. These guys need twice as much motivation as they need skill, that's what'll win the battle for us!" said Link.

  "You are right, but we need someone who can motivate them as much as you say!" replied Drake.

  "That's us Drake! We can both do it and you know it! I've never seen you like this before Drake, you're normally Mr. Optimistic!" said Link, a little concerned.

  "We aren't talking about one little battle Link, we're talking about a full blown war! Innocent lives will be lost, not for a day but for weeks, months and maybe even years!" growled Drake.

  "I know that, but our army shall be twice as big as his! We have Dalsona, Dubatio, Lemmink and Sosaria on our side. Ganondorf has the Gerudo and Lord Caniviris' troops on his side, why are you so worried?" pointed out Link.

  "That's just it Link. I decided to do some research on the Gerudo, and although they have fought in no recent wars, they are probably the best fighters in the world!" said Drake. Link shrugged.

  "I heard that apart from Ganondorf, they were all women!" said Link.

  "They are," snapped Drake. Link stepped back, holding up his hands.

  "Calm down Drake, if they have never fought any battles how can they be so good?" asked Link.

  "Well, it seems that it wasn't only your son and wife who have been having those visions. The Gerudo have had them also, but years ago. They knew this day would come and they have been preparing ever since!" answered Drake.

  "How come you know all this?" questioned Link.

  "I have my sources," said Drake coldly.

  "Come on Drake, why so offish? We're meant to be fighting Ganondorf, not each other!" yelled Link, sickening of his friend's mood. Drake shook his head.

  "One side of our army will be too worried to fight, while the other side will not try as they know that we posses superior numbers, if we don't all change our attitudes fast, we can say good-bye to Hyrule as we know it!" spoke Drake quietly before turning away.

  "Wait!" Link called after him, but the knight just ignored him. Link watched in dismay as his friend paced away. He slumped against the wall, his enthusiasm waning, then he felt a light tap on his shoulder. He turned his head to face Leigh. "Hi," he greeted her, trying to hide the disappointment in his voice.

  "Looks like he isn't handling this war too well," said Leigh, watching Drake walk away. Link also turned to watch.

  "I know. I've known Drake for years and I would have thought this was the least kind of way he'd react to war," agreed Link. Leigh nodded her head wisely.

  "War can bring out the best, and worst, in people. You can never predict on how someone will react once they know that their own country is at war," she said. Link sighed and looked back down at the ground. "Do you want me to talk to him? Perhaps I can break his mood," suggested Leigh.

  "If he won't listen to me, I don't see why he'd listen to you but&ldots;you may as well give it a try," said Link, still his eyes focused on the mud beneath his feet. Leigh nodded then walked briskly away, trying to catch up with the receding figure of Drake.


  "To war!" toasted Lord Canivaris, raising his glass to the rest who were seated at the table.

  "To war!" cheered everyone else. Ganondorf raised his own glass to the toast, then took a sip of the deep red liquid that lay inside. He watched Lord Canivaris carefully, knowing that this evil Lord would plan to rid himself of Ganondorf as soon as they took Hyrule. Of course, Ganondorf had the same plan in mind for Canivaris. He could hardly share the throne of Hyrule could he? He sneered at the though of Canivaris lying on the ground, his life ebbing away, but quickly vanished the thought. He could not let on his plans to anybody until he had recovered the Triforce.

  "And to the deaths of the innocent!" toasted one of Canivaris' lieutenants. This toast was met with a roar and the sound of clinking glasses. Ganondorf lifted a piece of meat from his plate and tore into it hungrily. He chewed on the meat thoughtfully, wondering what plans Canivaris had laid out himself. Tomorrow at dawn, Canivaris would take his men and land on the west coast of Hyrule. There, they would inhabit Lord Trenon's old domain. Trenon was the last leader of the Carcastan sect, a group of savages from Tanol. The sect had found and worshipped the third Triforce for many years, not realising it's true powers. Then, when the Triforce had been stolen by Link, Trenon had joined forces with Ganon and given his new ally a gift known as the amulet of Nagul which was a precious artefact that had possessed powers that even the Triforce did not have. Ganon had been so close that time, until Zelda had used the Triforce's power to destroy the amulet. That was when he had been defeated. Ganondorf shook the thoughts of his past from his skull, and began to concentrate on the present. Ganondorf would take the Gerudo to the south coast of Hyrule, where he would take them to the Shadow Temple. The shadow Temple was an ancient temple from thousands of years ago, but it still stood to this day, not far from Death Mountain. Ganon had forgotten about it, but as Ganondorf many memories had come back. There, Ganondorf and Canivaris would split their army into groups, all with trusted and competent leaders, which would then make their way discreetly towards a key point such as a town, bridge or stronghold. Four days later, once every group was placed, they would launch an attack. Ganondorf would take his own group and attack North Castle, Canivaris would attack Mido town and destroy the port. Right now, Ganondorf had sent out twelve battleships full of Gerudo and Tanolians to patrol the seas around Hyrule. Canivaris had voiced his opinions that it was likely that Dalsona, Dubatio and Sosaria would all help Hyrule, so the plan was to block off the ships from these countries from going into Hyrule, and if possible, the aims was to destroy them. Hyrule were not going to stand a chance...


  "Drake?" asked a light female voice. The knight turned around and came face to face with Leigh.

  "Yes?" asked Drake.

  "I was just wondering if you were okay? You and Link really shouldn't be arguing at a time like this, it certainly isn't good for morale," scolded Leigh.

  "I'm sorry, I'm just worried, yet Link hardly seems to care. He's too young to fully comprehend what war is," sighed Drake. Leigh sat down next to Drake and patted him lightly on the shoulder.

  "Of course Link cares, he just believes in taking a different approach. But instead of moping, go and gather all of your assigned men together and begin to prepare them. Many of them are young and need your guidance through this Drake. Don't just leave themselves to themselves, perhaps ask Link to join his men with yours, then you can work together. It'll work out better that way, trust me," said Leigh. Drake nodded.

  "How about you join us as well then? More the merrier!" offered Drake, perking up a little.

  "I was hoping you'd ask," laughed Leigh.

  "Well, then make your way over to my camp in half an hour, we can start then," said Drake standing up. Leigh stood up with him.

  "Why your camp?" she asked, smiling at him.

  "It has more room," replied Drake grinning at her before walking off. As he strode off, Leigh watched feeling a little remorseful. Drake reminded her of a very old friend so much. Shaking her head she made her way to her own camp, which was situated just outside of the castle. There were camps being set up everywhere, all of them coming from North Castle. As soon as reinforcements arrived, they would be given orders to set up stations outside towns and other points that were not strong enough yet. If Ganondorf thought he was going to have an easy time of it, he was mistaken.


  Link walked up to Ewan's room to tell him goodnight. He knew that it could be the last time in a while that Link would see his son, as from tomorrow North Castle was to be sealed up. No-one would be allowed in or out, except in a severe emergency. Supplies had arrived late tonight and there was enough food to last for at least eight months now packed into the cellar. Link and Drake had apologised and had both put their troops through some serious training, along with Leigh's. Link still marvelled at Leigh swordsman-ship, even now. He pushed open the door to Ewan's room and peeped in. Ewan was still up, reading with Impa. Impa looked up and smiled at Link. "Come in," she said, motioning for him to enter. "I shall give you a few moments alone," she added, leaving the room. Link went over and sat on Ewan's bed.

  "What you reading?" Link asked. Ewan giggled.

  "Herbert's hair-raising adventures!" Ewan said, holding up the book.

  "That's great," said Link, smiling at his son. Ewan noticed that his father's expression had grown grave.

  "What is it?" Ewan asked.

  "After tomorrow, you might not see me for a while," Link started.

  "Why?" asked Ewan. He knew that his uncle Raymundo had gone away recently as well, but he wasn't ever coming back.

  "Well, some bad people are coming to Hyrule, and I've got to go and help send them away," explained Link softly. Ewan nodded.

  "What about mother?" he questioned gazing at Link with concern.

  "She'll still be here with you, she isn't going anywhere," replied Link.

  "How long will you be away?" quizzed Ewan further.

  "Hopefully, not long. But it could be a few months," warned Link. Ewan sniffed.

  "Do you have to go?" he asked. Link nodded.

  "I'm afraid so, but while I'm gone, everyday I'll be thinking of you and your mother," Link told Ewan.

  "Will I look after mother?" Ewan said innocently. Link suppressed a smile.

  "I guess so, so from tomorrow, you have to look after your mother," Link instructed Ewan, smiling. Ewan nodded with sincerity. Link reached down and hugged his son. Ewan hugged him back. "I'll see you in the morning," whispered Link, letting go.

  "Okay, come and wake me," said Ewan smiling at his dad. Link nodded and left the room, bumping into Impa on the way.

  "Good luck Link," she wished, giving him a hug.

  "I'll be fine," said Link, grinning at her.

  "Remember, do not take any unnecessary risks out there, you have a family to think of," warned Impa. Link turned and looked at Ewan, then back to Impa.

  "I won't," he promised to the elderly nursemaid. Impa nodded and smiled at him kindly.

  "Then I'll let you get on your way, remember, this night will be the most precious in a long while. Do not take it for granted," advised Impa wisely.

  "I won't," Link assured Impa. Impa nodded then walked over to Ewan's bed and resumed her reading with him. Link shrugged and left the room, making his way to his own bedchamber.


  Link entered the room, quietly shutting the door behind him. He noticed that the doors to the balcony were slightly ajar, so he went to close them, Zelda was outside. He joined her on the balcony, wrapping his arms around her waist. She turned and looked up at him. "It's so beautiful," she replied, sounding regretful.

  "And it still will be," Link assured her.

  "I'm not sure Link, these dreams - what if they're prophecies?" asked Zelda.

  "They won't happen, I won't let them," said Link determinedly.

  "And besides, this is our last night together, do we have to speak about this?" asked Link, planting a soft kiss on Zelda's forehead.

  "I suppose you're right, I just can't help but worry," sighed Zelda, wrapping her arms around Link's neck and kissing him. After a few moments, Link drew away.

  "Why don't we go inside?" he suggested, grinning at Zelda. Zelda smiled.

 "Oh, I would have said that things were getting pretty warm out here already," she giggled. Link rolled his eyes and smiled at his wife.

  "Well, if you preferred, we could stay out here," he proposed, tipping her back slightly. Zelda let out a small shriek and giggled.

  "Don't you dare tip me over the balcony!" she warned, smiling up at him.

  "Remember when I use to swing over here from my tower?" asked Link laughing.

  "Yeah, if you're not careful, I'll send you over there!" threatened Zelda. Link pulled Zelda back up and kissed her again, longer this time.

  "Are you sure that you don't want to go inside?" chided Link. Zelda reached up and brushed some strands of hair away from Link's eyes and smiled.

  "Well, I suppose it is getting a little chilly out here," mused Zelda. Link laughed and picked Zelda up, then walked back inside, knocking the doors shut with his foot and threw Zelda onto the bed. "Ow!" complained Zelda, rubbing her neck.

  "Oops, sorry," grinned Link, jumping on the bed beside her. "You want me to give it a massage?" he offered, beginning to rub the back of Zelda's neck with his hands.

  "That's nice, that's real nice," said Zelda, leaning back and relaxing. "Link?" asked Zelda after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

  "Mm-hmm?" replied Link.

  "Remember Balayna?" Zelda started. "Well, she told me that I'd be having another child in the next year or so," she whispered, turning around to face Link.

  "She did? That's, that's great news," exclaimed Link, smiling happily. He leaned towards Zelda and kissed her softly.

  "It'll be great for Ewan to have brother or sister, for us to have another child," said Zelda dreamily.

  "Yeah, it will," said Link enthusiastically. They both settled back into silence, then Zelda let out a small gasp.

  "Oh goodness, I've just remembered something Faye told me at the start of the holiday!" exclaimed Zelda.

  "Oh?" asked Link.

  "She told me she might be expecting another," continued Zelda, sounding a little sad. She had always despised her half-sister but no-one deserved to lose a loved one the way she had. Only a week ago, her husband had been brutally murdered by Ganondorf Dragmire. Now Fayette was alone with four, now maybe even five children to look after. Zelda shook her head.

  "Maybe she'd want another child, perhaps to compensate for Ray's death," suggested Link.

  "Mmm, maybe you're right," mused Zelda.

  "Let's just push these thoughts to the back of our mind, just for tonight. It could be a while before we see each other again," Link reminded Zelda.

  "You're right, but I still feel guilty," the Princess sighed.

  "But you shouldn't," Link told her firmly. Zelda nodded meekly. She sighed and rested her head against his strong chest. "It'll be alright," Link whispered, his lips touching her ear.

  "I hope you're right, I really do," Zelda confided, leaning close to kiss him again.


  "I can't believe that this is happening," sighed Selina, clouds of icy breath floating from her mouth. She leaned against Nick, looking up at him.

  "Me neither, but it had to happen eventually," said Nick. Selina shook her head.

  "But why should it? How are such evil people created?" asked Selina. Nick looked down at Selina, then gazed back up at the stars.

  "When Ganondorf was Ganon, he was a daemon, daemons are always evil, clean and simple. But no person on this world can know what motivates a person to kill, to cause suffering and destruction. Only those who practise it themselves know, if that," explained Nick. Selina nodded in agreement. "People say it is revenge, for something that has happened earlier in their pitiful lives but, you, Drake, Link, all of you have suffered terrible mishaps but never taken it out on those who surround you. Who can say how one person enjoys to cause death and despair, whilst another wishes to heal, restore, preserve life," mused Nick, he looked directly into Selina's eyes for a short moment, before returning to the dark sky above them, searching through the constellations. "Perhaps Ganondorf wasn't always so twisted and bitter, but the years he spent in that realm made him what he is today. Wouldn't you agree that he is many times eviller than what he was seven years ago?" asked Nick.

  "Well yes, but that was because he was changed back to a more competent, more evil form," pointed out Selina.

  "Yes, it is odd that he managed that, but all I know is that when I arrived in that realm, he had already begun transformation," commented Nick.

  "I thought that I feared Ganon, but now I realise that he was never really a threat, just a nuisance. Ganondorf seems so much more..." said Selina, her words trailing off.

  "Hey, come on, good always prevails, you should know that by now!" scolded Nick slightly. Selina managed a small smile.

  "Believe me, I'm praying with all my heart to the goddesses that you'll be right," she said uneasily.


  "Captain!" yelled out the watch-man. He was a dark skinned man, tall and heavy-set.

  "What is it!" yelled back the captain, straining his ears against the wind.

  "There's a ship to the port side!" cried the watch-man.

  "What? Can you identify it?" cried back the captain.

  "Sir! Look's like colours of Tanol!" shouted back the watch-man. The captain gasped and grabbed his telescope from his belt and stared through it. It was a ship from Tanol. The captain cursed under his breath. "Sir, they're raising the white flag!" yelled the watch-man in surprise.

  "What!? Impossible!" muttered the captain, but sure enough the flag had been raised. "Open fire!" called the captain to the men below deck. He ran to the front of the ship and grabbed the wheel to steer away. Moments later, canon fire boomed through his ears. The ship was Dubation, carrying troops to Hyrule, but apparently the enemy was already ahead of them.

  "They're openin' fire!" cried one of the crew. A moment later, the sound of splintering wood rang through the air. The captain bit his lip and raised his eyes to the sky, praying and hoping that they could escape.

  "Captain, we hit them!" yelled out another of the crew from down below. The captain turned his eyes to the ship from Tanol as it lurched to one side. He saw another bright flash of an exploding canon emerge from the enemy ship. Then, to his horror, the ship began to turn as if to chase them.

  "Destroy the mast!" ordered the captain, with this heavy wind they could catch up in no time. Another explosion of splintering wood filled the air. A crew member ran up from below deck. His face covered in blood.

  "Captain, they hit us, we're sinkin'!" cried the crew member, who promptly collapsed to the floor. Sure enough, the ship was beginning to sink, the captain could here the creaking and smashing of wood below deck.

  "Abandon ship!" he cried out, running over to the one of three lifeboats. He was soon joined by several other men who had all been above deck. They quickly boarded and lowered two of the boats and began to paddle furiously away. In the night the captain could here the screams of his own men, then after a few minutes it was followed by a huge explosion, sending pieces of debris everywhere. Apparently a small fire had been set and had found the gunpowder supplies. "Faster! Faster!" commanded the captain as the remaining boats rowed away. The captain turned and watched the burning orb that had once been his ship. Men had lost their lives, and it wasn't even beginning...



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