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Darkness Comes

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)


Chapter 10


  "Well, here we are!" Sal declared. Link climbed down off her back, a wave of nausea suddenly passing through him. It's just nerves, he thought to himself. He stumbled forward, still feeling a little sick. Sprite flew in front of him, looking concerned.

 "Link? Are you okay?" she said, hovering anxiously nearby, a worried look upon her face.

 "I'm... fine," Link said, a little faintly.

 "You don't look fine to me!" Sprite cried. "Look, I must just be a little worried, that's all," Link replied quickly.

 "Don't be silly! You're not afraid of Ganondorf! Don't try and kid me Link! You're sick, I can tell!" the faerie snapped, folding her arms and pouting. Link ignored her, and turned to the dragon.

 "Wait here for me Sal," he said. Sal raised an eyebrow.

 "What if you die? I'm not waiting around for days on end, thinking..." she began.

 "Shut up! Link won't die!" Sprite interrupted indignantly. She turned back to the hero. "But you're certainly not going looking for Ganon feeling like that!"

 "I'll be fine," Link said. He sat down on a fallen log, feeling a little hazy again. "I need to help Zel..." he began, looking worried again.

 "Look, you tried all yesterday to contact her, and she just didn't bother contacting you back!" Sal remarked.

 "Precisely my point! Something must have happened to her! What if... what if she's...." Link said worriedly.

 "I'm sure Zelda's just fine," Sprite put in.

 "But she isn't! I have to... I have to find out where she is, and yet..." Link said, his words trailing off.

 "Right, okay, well she'll probably be with Ganon!" Sal said boredly.

 "That's precisely what I'm afraid of," Link said dismally. Sprite flew forward and kissed him on the forehead.

 "Stop worrying!" she scolded lightly, waving her finger in front of him. Link nodded, and sighed heavily. He stood up, a little shakily, then turned towards the forest.

 "Leigh said Ganondorf's hideout was through there," he noted.

 "Well, you'd best get your marching boots on then, hadn't you?" Sal said sarcastically. Sprite glared at the dragon.

 "Shut up!" she said angrily. Sal rolled her eyes.

 "I could eat you up in one snap, you little insect," she declared coolly.

 "Ooh, you're asking for it now!" Sprite shrieked. Link reached up, and grabbed her.

 "Alright, enough. Sal wait for me, okay?" he said, turning to the dragon.

 "Ohhh... okay. But I'm not waiting forever," Sal replied. Link patted her scaly snout.

 "Thanks," he said.

 "Link, will you be okay?" Sprite asked. He nodded.

 "It's just nerves. Just stay with me, okay?" he said, walking towards the forest. "Of course I will! I am your guardian faerie after all!" Sprite grinned up at him. He let her go, and she alighted onto his shoulder. "Ganondorf Dragmire, here comes your worst nightmare!" Link muttered, brandishing the Master Sword determinedly.


  Ganondorf smiled to himself evilly, as he went through the hidden passage down the well, which lead into North Castle. Soon, the power of Gold will be all mine! he mentally sneered to himself, his red eyes glinting in the darkness of the passageway. His whole entire plan had gone without a hitch, well, almost. He had hoped that his army would succeed in overthrowing North Castle, so that he could claim it for himself, but no matter now. He literally had the Triforce, and once he had it, no-one, or nothing could stop him. The evil Gerudo wizard chuckled to himself in a guttural tone. There were hardly any guards here at the castle, because they were all out fighting in the battle outside. He'd successfully managed to get rid of that pesky hero, Link, and whatever good fighters there were left. They didn't know a thing about him being here, didn't even suspect. And the only other person who could stop him, that stupid Princess, Zelda, was also out of way, her magical powers considerably weakened. As he came out into the courtyard, and looked up to the east tower, he could barely feel the good, magical aura that usually surrounded it. Ganondorf, who could spot magical auras, saw only a faint blue field surrounding the tower. It was nothing that he couldn't penetrate. An evil, eager leer spread over his ugly face, and he quickly advanced towards the tower. A guard was posted outside the locked wooden door. "Halt!" he cried, unsheathing his weapon. Ganondorf just laughed.

 "Fool!" he stated, grabbing the guard by the scruff of his neck, and holding him up. "I could easily rip your spine right out, but I don't want to cause a fuss," he said. The guard began to choke, as Ganondorf squeezed his neck tighter and tighter. After a few moments, the man had breathed his last, and Ganondorf dropped him to the floor. With his sheer strength, he then kicked the door open. Then he stepped through the magical field. For once, it didn't push him back. As he stepped through, it indeed began to fade considerably. "Poor Princess Zelda. Not even your spells can protect your precious artefact now," he sneered to himself. Then he began to advance up the stairs.


  Fayette studied the Triforce intently. It was so beautiful, she thought, staring at it in awe. The way it glittered so intensely... the sheer power it seemed to emanate with each glow. She sure wished that she knew more magic, so that she could use it herself. Zelda said it could grant wishes, after all. I wonder what sort of wishes it can grant? she thought to herself. She wasn't sure which Triforce she was most drawn to. Zelda said that everyone had one or more virtues that were reflected in the essence of the Triforce. Fayette knew that the blue coloured Triforce of Wisdom was Zelda's, and the greeny-yellow Triforce of Courage was Link's. There was no-one to take on the red Triforce of Power. Fayette had taken it, when they'd tried to join it up into the more powerful, fused golden triangle when they'd defeated Ganon all those years back, but after, they hadn't been able to keep it in that state, and it had separated out again. Zelda had said that it could only be kept together in such a fashion, if they ever found someone who had all three virtues, but so far, that had never happened. Sighing, she sat down on what was now Aaron's bed and held her head in her hands, and began to cry again. Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Who could possibly be coming up here? she wondered. Quickly, she got up, and wiped her eyes, and ran towards the door. It was violently slammed open, and Fayette gasped at who she saw. A tall, olive skinned man with flaming red hair and red eyes, dressed in black armour stood before her. The blood drained from her already pale face, and her blue eyes widened in horror. She knew exactly who it was, from the rumours that had gone around Hyrule upon his return. "Ganondorf!" she whispered. He grinned evilly at her. Fayette panicked, and pushed the door shut in his face, hoping to keep him out. She pulled the bolts across to lock it, then turned towards the Triforce. She could throw it out of the window, and hope that a guard might see it and pick it up. Ganondorf began to kick the door down, and Fayette ran over to the Triforces, and tried to pick them up. They felt heavy in her hands, so she just took the Triforce of Power, dropping the others onto the floor. The wood began to splinter, and Fayette desperately tried to open the door which lead onto the balcony, but it was locked. The door crashed open, and Ganondorf stepped through once more.

 "You, stupid, stupid, little Princess!" he croaked, grabbing the sleeve of her dress, and dragging her up close. She screamed in horror, then he whacked her across the face, sending her flying to the other end of the room. Her head hit the wall, and she collapsed down onto the floor, out cold. Ganondorf smiled to himself. "That's what happens to stupid girls who dare to get in my way. Let that be a lesson to you, Fayette," he sneered. Then he leant down, to pick up the fallen Triforces. The Triforce of power immediately binded to him, but the others didn't, much to his frustration. He pulled out a sack, and shoved the three prisms into it quickly. There was no time to waste, after all. Slinging the sack over his shoulder, he went in search of the one other thing that was held precious to his two worst nemesis' - their young son.


  Link looked up at the entrance of the cleverly concealed palace. It had been a long complicated slog, but he and Sprite had made it. He looked at Sprite and smiled. "Looks like we're here," he commented. He was a step closer to helping his beloved wife. Sprite nodded.

  "It feels a little...eerie," she commented. She wrapped her arms around herself in order to keep the cold out. "Can you not hear the spirits whispering?" she asked. Link shrugged. He didn't feel or hear anything about the place, it was just another temple that served the vile purposes of his nemesis one too many times. Sprite placed her hands on her hips and gave Link a withering look. "We weren't all born with a piece of Triforce in our hearts you know. That's probably why you don't feel anything. In fact, it makes me more courageous than you because I'm facing up to my fear. You don't have to face up to nothing 'cos you ain't frightened of anything!" said Sprite haughtily. Link laughed.

  "Well excuuuse me!" he quipped. He drew his sword and stepped into the entrance. He was confronted by a small room full of torches. All lit. "Well isn't this a warm welcome?" he asked to himself.

  "Mmm, but I don't think it's just for you," mused Sprite, fluttering about. Another wave of nausea crashed over Link, causing his vision to waver slightly for a moment. Sprite noticed him stumble and quickly flew over. "Nerves? I don't think so. It looks like you're coming down with something," scolded Sprite.

  "Look, I'm fine," insisted Link angrily. Sprite backed away.

  "Well sorry for caring!" she sang. "I'm sorry okay, I'm just worried about Zel. I don't have time to be ill, in fact, I am never ill!" stated Link. Sprite shook her head.

  "Everyone is ill once in a while," said Sprite in a matter-of-factly tone. Link walked through the passageway at the end of the room. The next room was huge, a big, gaudy statue in the middle. Sprite fluttered around the room, looking in every little crevice and cranny. "Look's like no-one is home," she said dryly. Link looked around the room, searching for an exit. There was a bridge over a chasm leading into another room. He shrugged.

  "This way Sprite," he called, walking towards the roughly constructed bridge. Link walked through the door, entering another dark passage. This time though, it was packed with Tanolians. They all stopped their conversations and turned towards Link, big greasy smiles upon their faces.

  "Uh-oh," whispered Sprite, feeling just slightly worried. Five Tanolians grabbed their weapons and rushed up to Link laughing and screaming. Link stuck out his sword and watched in amusement as the first Tanolian ran straight into the blade. Link pulled back the sword then struck the next Tanolian in the neck. He dealt easily with the next three and stood triumphantly over the bodies. "Anyone else want to try?!" screeched Sprite, whom had thoroughly enjoyed the slaying of the evil Tanolian soldiers. Another Tanolian rushed forward waving an axe, only to receive a stab in the ribs. He fell backwards, coughing and writhing in pain.

  "I'll take on everyone of you if I have to!" declared Link. The group cheered and rushed forwards. Link frowned, he knew they loved death and pain but on their own side? No wonder the Hyrulian forces were winning. Link dealt with them one after the other, as they lined up to die. As he leaned forward to kill another, he suddenly felt sick again and he lurched forward, losing control. Sprite had been to busy cheering him on to notice he was having difficulty until she actually saw him fall forward.


  "Link!" she shrieked in horror as a Tanolian stood over him, sword poised over the back of the hero's neck. Suddenly, from out of nowhere a blue ball of light appeared and began to fly in front of the Tanolians eyes, making him dizzy and confused. Then a tiny spark blew from the ball of light and set the man's face alight. He began to scream and ran backwards, collapsing into his remaining companions. Link was feeling a little better by now and had managed to pull himself up. He felt a bright light surround him, and all the pain and stress of the last few days just melted away, as if by magic. Link opened his eyes, a small faerie in front of his nose. She was smaller than Sprite and was surrounded by a bright blue light.

  "Who...what?" he asked, confused.

  "Navi. I'm your guardian faerie Link. I knew one of your ancestors a long, long time ago," introduced the little faerie.

  "You saved my life, I owe you a lot," thanked Link.

  "You owe me nothing, I'm your guardian faerie, it's my job to save you every time you need it!" chirped Navi.

  "Er, ahem, but I'm Link's guardian faerie, not you, me!" piped up Sprite who had been watching with interest. Navi shook her delicate head.

 "If you were his guardian faerie, you wouldn't be if it weren't for me!" pointed out Navi.

 "How'd'you figure that out!?" snapped Sprite.

  "Well, he'd probably be dead now if I hadn't stepped in. Therefore, you wouldn't be his faerie anymore!" said Navi simply. Sprite folded her arms and pouted. She turned to Link.

  "I'm your guardian faerie aren't I?" she asked.

  "Um, this really isn't the time to discuss it," said Link, nodding towards the advancing Tanolians.

  "There's nothing to discuss. You aren't even a real guardian faerie otherwise you would have healed him of the poison he was infected with!" said Navi in a shrill voice. Sprite grimaced and turned away. She wasn't going to like this one bit.


  Ewan's eyes flew open. Something was wrong, very wrong. He got up out of his bed and snatched his tunic from were it hung on it's chair. He quickly put it on then pulled up the heavy drapes that hung over the window and glanced. It was still dark outside, it must be the middle of the night. Ewan had just had another dream. But this time he hadn't felt safe at all during the dream, it had terrified him. All during the dream Ewan had desperately tried to awaken himself but it hadn't been until now that he had been allowed to awaken. Ewan dropped the drape back down and ran to the door and opened it quietly. The castle was well guarded, he knew that. But what was coming for him would not be stopped by the guards or anyone. He had to get away from the castle, away from everyone. He was frightened to go to Impa or his grandfather for help, because if he did and this thing found him, it might kill Impa or his grandfather. In the dream, Ewan had been in the passage, like he was now. Impa had been in front of him, his grandfather behind him. Guards had been there too, they were all waiting. Then a huge cloak of darkness had descended upon them from all sides and snatched Ewan away. This time, Ewan had a gut feeling that this dream may come true. He ran down the passage and down the steps out into the courtyard. If Impa, or his grandfather, or even the guards couldn't stop it, how could he? A small child like him did not have the body nor the mind to escape this force, whatever it was. Once in the courtyard Ewan looked up towards the Triforce tower. That could help him.


  Drake looked up at the temple, palace, whatever it was. He turned back to his companions. He noticed Leigh had a look of utter fear in her eyes as she stared up at the temple. "This is it," she said slowly, confirming that they were in the right place after all. Drake stepped forward, along with the rest. "I...I don't think I can go back in there," said Leigh suddenly, stopping just short of the entrance. Drake turned and looked at Leigh.

  "You sure?" he asked. Leigh nodded her head.

  "I'll be fine out here," she reassured in a determined voice. Drake shrugged.

  "That's fine, you can stay out here then," he agreed.

  "You will be okay by yourself though?" asked Nick kindly. Leigh nodded.

  "Better out here than in there," she replied in a defiant tone. It sounded like she was trying to persuade herself as well as the others.

  "How about I stay with you?" suggested Selina. She looked up at the temple warily. She didn't really want to go in that place, she didn't know why she just didn't.

  "Good idea, strength in numbers as they say," agreed Drake. As Drake stepped forward over the threshold he began to feel a little wary, even a little scared. He drew his weapon and took another step forward, scolding himself for acting in such a manner. But then he noticed that his hand was shaking, he looked around at the rest of them.

  "Oh man, this place gives me the creeps!" admitted Dion. Drake watched as the Nick and Damon nodded in agreement. All of them but Aaron.

  "I don't feel anything," he said, sounding a little surprised. They all turned to Drake. He took a deep breath.

  "I feel it too, there's something not quite right about this place. I can't put my finger on it, and I don't want to either," admitted Drake with a deep sigh. Dion patted the knight on the shoulder.

  "That's okay amigo! We're all feelin' it except Mr macho over there!" laughed Dion, but even his laugh sounded a little nervy.

  "We'll get over it," said Drake taking another step forward.

  "Maybe I'll stay outside and keep an eye on the ladies," suggested Dion hopefully. Drake threw Dion a withering look. "It was worth a try," said Dion sadly.

  "We don't even know what we're scared of," pointed out Damon. "Less of the 'we' please. I'm not scared, or even a little nervous," pointed out Aaron.

  "Come on, enough of this. We have to go help Link, whether we're nervous, scared or whatever," said Nick sternly.

  "He's right," agreed Drake.

  "Come on then," sighed Dion.

  "I'll lead the way!" said Aaron enthusiastically.

  "Yeah, that way if there's a big concealed hole, we'll get rid of him first!" said Dion wickedly. Aaron turned and glared at Dion then walked into the next room.


  His mother had always said that the Triforce was the most powerful artefact in Hyrule, it could help him now surely? Ewan had never touched the prism, but he had watched his mother and father use it many times. How hard could it be? The Triforce was heavy, he knew that. But in the hands of the right person it was said to be as light as a feather. Ewan ran towards the tower, then gasped. A guard was on the floor, his eyes wide but not seeing. Ewan had never seen a dead man, there was a first time for everything. It looked as though the dark force had already been here, but it couldn't pass his mother's spell if it was evil. Feeling a little reassured at this fact, Ewan stepped over the threshold then frowned. He usually felt something when he crossed the barrier, like a pleasant tingle. But it wasn't there. Ewan ran up the stairs of the tower, even more worried than before. What if it had gotten the Triforce? He reached the door to the room and stared at it. It had been forced open, pieces of splintered wood everywhere. He had to be very careful now. He peered in, and could see nothing. Ewan rushed in, his eyes searching the darkness. The Triforce wasn't there, not even one piece of it. Ewan saw a slumped form in the corner of the room. He walked over, wondering if it was another guard. He bent down and looked at the form. It was his aunt Fayette, and she was still breathing! Ewan smiled a little and shook his aunt. She was unconscious, still breathing yet not awake. "Aunt Faye!" he whispered sharply. He shook her again. Fayette groaned and her eyes fluttered open. "Aunt Faye, it's me! Ewan," her nephew told her. Fayette smiled at the young boy, but felt puzzled as to where she was. "You're in the Triforce tower! Did you see it? What took the Triforce," asked Ewan quietly. Fayette's eyes widened as it all came flooding back.

  "Ganondorf," she managed to whisper, the words almost catching in her throat. Ewan stood up and stepped away, the colour draining from his face.

  "Ganondorf?" he repeated in horror. He had heard a lot about this man, he must've been the dark force in the dream. "We have to get away," said Ewan, his voice panicky.

  "Ewan, you're as safe in the castle as you will be out there," pointed out Fayette. Ewan shook his head.

  "I've got to get away! He'll find me here!" insisted Ewan. Fayette tried to stand, but she felt dizzy and her vision swung crazily from side to side sending stabs of pain through her temples. Ewan offered a hand to help her up. Suddenly, Ewan heard heavy footsteps from down below. He dropped Fayette's hand and looked into her eyes with fear. She knew those footsteps. They were his, Ganondorf's. He was coming back up the tower. Fayette grabbed Ewan's hand and pulled him to the floor.

  "I'm going to pretend to be unconscious again, with you hidden beneath me. He'll come and go," Fayette whispered to Ewan. The young boy nodded, it was more favourable than the idea he had had, which was to leap from the tower window in order to escape.


  Ganondorf entered the tower grunting and cursing. He had searched every room he could find in the castle, but he could not find their son. He had decided that Fayette may know, which would be rare but possible. He walked over to the woman's form and kicked her in the side. She winced, proving she was still alive. "Where is the boy!" Ganondorf spat. Fayette looked up at the man, praying he wouldn't ask her to stand.

  "Have you tried the nursery?" she asked, thinking of a room far enough away to allow her and Ewan to escape in the time that he went there and back.

  "I don't know where that is. You'll have to come with me," snorted Ganondorf.

  "But...I can hardly walk," stuttered Fayette. Ganondorf grabbed her by the arm and lifted her into the air, to bring her eyes level with his. He didn't look down to see the huddled form of Ewan. Ewan lay silently still, daring not to draw a single breath. Fayette held Ganondorf's stare, trying to avert his attention from Ewan.

  "Can you walk?" asked Ganondorf in a gentleman-like manner. Fayette managed a weak nod. Ganondorf slowly dropped her to the ground. He noticed the shape on the floor and roared. He pushed Fayette out of the way with one arm and used the other to reach out to Ewan. Ewan, realising his time was up leapt up and ran out of the tower. Ganondorf let out another roar and started out after the young boy. Ewan dashed down the twisting staircase, his breath beginning to leave him. He heard the heavy footfalls of Ganondorf behind him, this made him run even harder. Then the worst happened. Ewan tripped over one of the steps and his whole world lurched forward, sending him headfirst down the rest of the stairs. Behind him, Ewan heard the mocking laughter of Ganondorf just before he crashed into the wall.


  Link looked at the empty throne that stood before him and shook his head in disbelief. "He's not here," he repeated again. He couldn't believe it. He'd led all the best fighters in Hyrule to this temple and Ganondorf wasn't here. He was probably on his way to North castle right now. Link had searched through every room, looked for every secret and had found nothing. Zelda wasn't there, Ganondorf wasn't there. It had been a huge waste of time. Link slammed his fist into the wall in frustration. "Where is she?" he cried out in panic. If she wasn't here then she had to be with Ganondorf, and that didn't bear thinking about. He turned around and stalked out of what had been Ganondorf's hiding place.

  Navi and Sprite flew quickly behind him, not wanting to lose sight of the hero. "Link! Slow down!" urged Sprite. Link just ignored her as he walked on at a faster pace. As he turned a corner, he bumped into a group of people. Aaron, Drake, Dion, Damon and Nick. "He's not here and neither is Zelda," sighed Link. The rest of them looked at him in horror.

  "That means..." started Aaron. Link nodded his head.

  "He could be in North castle right now and we're all over here. We've got to get back," said Link. He pushed past them and walked on. Dion turned and followed him along with the rest of the group.

  "Let's not hope it's too late," murmured Drake sadly. The rest agreed in silence and trudged back through the temple.



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