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Darkness Comes

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)


Chapter 3


  Link winced as a spray of blood shot into his face from the opposition soldier. Link pulled his sword from the side of the soldier and ran to the next enemy, hitting him square in the face with the edge of his blade. More blood sprayed onto Link, but he didn't care anymore. He had seen so much bloodshed in the past month, that it no longer affected him. He dealt with the Gerudo far more easily than when he had first began, and did not flinch when blood poured from the enemy. A Gerudo warrior approached him, wielding two curved swords. Link readied himself for the attack, jumping back then leaping forward, smashing his blade into the woman's spine. She howled and dropped to the floor, trying to stop the blood from escaping. Link turned around, searching the field for more opposition, and far off he spotted Dion's archers shooting off more arrows towards troops who were approaching in the other direction. Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through Link's body, and he dropped like a stone. Groaning in pain, Link forced opened his eyes and across at his shoulder. An arrow protruded from the wound, blood pouring down his shirt. Link reached up to the arrow, and snapped the end off, wincing in pain. He pulled himself up, stumbling as he stood. He then made his way as discreetly as he could to the tents, where Selina would be waiting.


  "What happened?" asked Selina, patching up Link's wound

  "I don't know, dropped my guard I guess, but.." started Link.

  "But what?" asked Selina, helping Link replace his shirt.

  "Well I saw no other archers in sight, except for Dion's and.." explained Link.

  "You think one of Dion's men hit you?" asked Selina, a little surprised.

  "Well, I don't know what to think!" said Link, raising his voice a little.

  "Come on, calm down. They have archers on that field, you know that," said Selina soothingly. Link nodded.

  "You're right," agreed Link, standing up. Selina picked up the arrow head that she had removed from Link's wound. She picked it up and wiped it with a cloth, then gasped. The arrow head was silver, and unmistakably one of Dion's own special arrow heads.

  "What is it?" asked Link, turning around and looking at Selina curiously.

  "Oh, n-nothing," stammered Selina.

  "You sure?" asked Link, drawing closer. He noticed the arrow head in her hand, and recognised it instantly.

  "What!? This is one of Dion's!" exclaimed Link, taking it from Selina.

  "Maybe they'd run out of arrows, maybe they found this on the field," suggested Selina, although she herself could not bring herself to believe that. Link shook his head, looking angry.

  "No, I think Dion did this deliberately!" accused Link.

  "No, you're acting irrational Link! Why would Dion do that?" asked Selina, feeling helpless.

  "That's what I'm about to find out!" snarled Link, leaving the tent. Selina tried to stop him, but he simply pushed past her and left.


  Puzzled, Selina went to retrieve the arrow head that Link had dropped to the ground once he had realised whom it had belonged to. She eyed it carefully, then lifted the arrow head to her nose and sniffed it. There was a strange smell on the arrow head, and it was not blood. More like poison, but not quite. Just then, Leigh entered the tent. "Hi," greeted Leigh. Selina nodded, then tossed the arrow head to Leigh. Leigh caught it, then looked at Selina quizzically.

  "Smell it, familiar?" said Selina. Leigh did as the healer said and nodded.

  "It smells like, like silver venom," said Leigh, her eyes wide.

  "What!?" exclaimed Selina.

  "Oh, you may not have heard of it, it's.." Leigh started.

  "No, I've heard of it all right, doesn't it improve your physical and mental performance for a while?" asked Selina. The venom had been used a few years back, sold by minions of Kain, all the profits going back to him. Kain, of course had been the evil griffin Enzar in disguise but no one had known that at the time.

  "Yes, for a while, but then it begins to have side effects such as extreme weariness and deterioration of the skin," said Leigh. Selina had remembered that too.

  "But, I don't think it is quite silver venom, it only smells like it," said Leigh, flipping the arrow head back to Selina.

  "Link was shot with this arrow, it's one of Dion's," said Selina.

  "Link got shot by this? Where is he?" asked Leigh. "He went to find Dion," said Selina slowly. "Oh goodness! I know what it might be! In Sosaria they were conducting a study on the effects on silver Venom, and it was found that in some forms, it could cause people to hallucinate and act irrationally and aggressively!" said Leigh, feeling a little worried.

  "He wasn't himself when he left," pondered Selina aloud.

  "Look, I'm going to find him, before he does anything stupid!" said Leigh quickly, turning and dashing out of the tent.


  Dion waved as he saw Link approaching him. Link did not wave back.

  "Hey amigo, what's'a matter?" asked Dion, still grinning. Link stopped and glared at Dion.

  "You shot me!" accused Link.

  "Nah, I did not shoot you," said Dion with a wave of his hand. Link stepped closer and jabbed his finger into Dion's chest. "Look man, you calm down. Dion did not shoot you!" insisted Dion.

  "Well explain why I found an arrow head embedded in my shoulder, that was one of yours!" yelled Link. Dion stepped back, putting his hands in front of him.

  "Whoa Link, cool it. I don't know how that happened, but I can assure you, I did not shoot you!" repeated Dion. Link pushed Dion in the chest, sending him stumbling to the ground. Dion quickly stood up, furious. He rolled up his sleeves. "You wanna fight, you got one man!" growled Dion, raising his fists. Link simply smiled and raised his own fists. "I never even looked in your direction man, so what'cha talkin' about!" said Dion, dodging a fist.

  "I know what I saw!" said Link, hitting Dion in the stomach. Dion doubled over in pain, and fell to the ground. Link lifted his foot, about to kick Dion again, but a hand rested on his shoulder and pulled him away.

  "Link! Stop it!" cried Leigh, pulling Link to face her. Link struggled out of her grasp and drew his sword. "Christ Link! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" asked Leigh, never-the-less drawing her own sword.

  "He tried to kill me!" accused Link, turning and looking at Dion.

  "Man, if I'd wanted to kill you, I would've done. Dion never misses!" boasted Dion. Leigh rolled her eyes, not sure whether it was the right thing to be saying at the time.

  "Link, the arrow had some poison on it, it's causing you to act like this!" explained Leigh, watching Link's movements carefully. He attempted to hit her with his sword, but clumsily missed and fell to the ground. "See, it's making you weak!" pointed out Leigh. Link shook his head.

  "No, it's, he tried to kill me!" shouted Link, his voice groggy.

  "Hey man! Get that nut away from me!" said Dion, standing up and backing away.

  "Dion! Don't call him a nut!" scolded the approaching Selina.

  "Well that's what he's actin' like man! He tried to kill me!" said Dion, stopping.

  "Because he's been drugged Dion, don't you understand?" asked Leigh, frustrated.

  "Look, he's the one in the wrong, so don't go tellin' me off!" said Dion firmly. Link managed to stand up, wielding his sword and looking around menacingly.

  "Link, you're not yourself!" said Selina, trying to approach the future king of Hyrule.

  "I'm fine!" said Link through gritted teeth.

  "You're not!" insisted Selina.

  "I am!" snarled Link, waving the sword towards Selina.

  "He's gone crazy man!" shouted Dion in the background. Leigh turned and glared at him.

  "Now come on Link, drop the sword," chided Selina. He didn't drop it, but pointed it menacingly towards Selina.


  Leigh sighed and approached Link, holding sword in hand.

  "We're going to have to disarm him," she said to Selina.

  "Are you sure?" asked Selina. "Well, if we don't we can't help him," pointed out Leigh. The young healer nodded.

  "Okay Link, you can either drop the sword now, or I'm going to have to take it off you myself," said Leigh slowly. Link smiled and dropped the sword to the ground.

  "Phew," said Selina, wiping her brow. Leigh approached Link, and took him by the hand.

  "Come on, we'll get you back to your own tent and sort you out there," said Leigh. Link said nothing. As he, Selina and Leigh made their way to his tent, Link looked behind at the Master Sword. It flew from the ground and into his hand.

  "Link, what the...?" started Selina, backing away. Leigh, who had not noticed, turned around, only to be struck by the sword on her shoulder. It sank in, hitting the bone. Leigh's face crumpled as she fell to the ground, one hand over the wound.

  "Christ Link! What the hell are you doing?" she managed to ask. He raised the sword above her throat, grinning menacingly. "Don't do anything rash now," tried Leigh, but he still grinned at her, that demented gleam in his eyes. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Sprite appeared.

  "Link, just what do you think you're doing?" scolded the faerie. Link paused and looked at Sprite, fascinated yet puzzled at the same time. He lowered the sword to the ground. "You're supposed to kill the other side, not your own," raged Sprite. Link rubbed his forehead with his hand and shook his head.

  "I, I don't know." He looked down at Leigh, who was looking up at him with fear in her eyes. He saw the wound then looked down at his sword, then let it drop. "God, did I do that? I'm so, so sorry," apologised Link. Leigh managed to crack a smile.

  "Well, it could have been a lot worse," she said, her voice a little raspy.

  "What else did I do?" asked Link, shaking his head in shock.

  "Well, you tried to beat up Dion," said Sprite, not looking amused.

  "How did you know?" asked Selina, walking over.

  "I see all," announced the faerie proudly.

  "Why though? What got into me?" asked Link, feeling ashamed and puzzled at the same time.

  "We think that one of our enemies managed to get their hands on one of Dion's discarded arrows and they tried to shoot you. It hit you in the shoulder, but it'd been coated with what we think is silver venom. It caused you to act the way you did," explained Selina. Link nodded beginning to understand, but it still made him feel no better.

  "Well, this is all very nice, but I really need some help here," piped up Leigh. All eyes turned to the wounded Avatar.

  "Right, I'll get you over to the medical tent right away," volunteered Link. He bent down and picked up his sword, wiping the blood from it on the grass. He slipped it through his belt, then leaned down and helped Leigh up. Together, they made it over to the medical tent.


  "I wish I hadn't tired myself out doing all that magic," moaned Leigh as she lay back while Selina examined the cut. It was pretty serious.

  "You're lucky that you're still conscious," said Selina.

  "Um, so what happens now?" asked Leigh.

  "Well, I can normally heal most wounds but this, it's too severe. I'll have to stitch it up," said Selina, taking out a needle and thread. Leigh raised one eyebrow.

  "You know, I've got a better idea," said Leigh.

  "Yeah?" asked Selina, interested and slightly amused. It was typical of a patient to say that when they wanted to avoid more pain.

  "It won't hurt that much," added Selina.

  "No really, I do!" insisted Leigh, feeling a little drowsy.

  "You shouldn't talk so much," scolded Selina.

  "Look, you are a healer aren't you?" asked Leigh abruptly. Selina nodded,

 "I like to think so."

  "Well, I really didn't want to do this but, it's for the good of Hyrule," started Leigh, coughing a little.

  "Uh-huh?" asked Selina, deciding to bandage the wound. It seemed Leigh wasn't going to let her get anything done until she had spoken, and Leigh was losing a large amount of blood.

  "Well, I'll give you my spell book. Then you can definitely heal me through magic," offered Leigh.

  "Your spell book? I've never even seen you use a book for any of your spells," said Selina, finishing the bandage.

  "That's because I know it off by heart, mind you, only people like me are able to cast spells such as resurrection and mass death without killing themselves, so don't even try it!" warned Leigh.

  "Where is this spell book?" asked Selina curiously.

  "In my pack, along with some reagents," answered Leigh, her eyelids beginning to become heavier and heavier. Selina quickly fished out the book and opened it. It was filled with many strange diagrams and writings, but the actual spells were in her own tongue. "Okay, now you need to find the third circle of spells and find 'heal'. You'll need some, er, spider's silk, some ginseng and some garlic...I think," Leigh told Selina. Selina hunted through the bag for the three reagents, then found the page which stated it was the third circle of spells. She quickly located the heal spell and read it's description. It read:


MANI (Heal)

Reagents: Ginseng, Garlic, Spider's Silk

This spell heals half the injuries that its subject has sustained.


  "Okay, I've read it, so what do I do? Just say 'Mani' and throw the reagents around?" asked Selina, feeling pretty stupid.

  "No, no, no! You have to know the meaning of Mani, which is life or healing, then you must concentrate on the word and it is pronounce 'Men-ee', you have to really concentrate on what you are doing here. And the reagents, they need to be mixed together and placed upon the wound, without bandage," said Leigh, feeling a little frustrated and weak. She hated to be this helpless.

  "Okay," said Selina, slowly removing the bandage and placing the mixed reagents upon the wound. She then concentrated, focusing all of her energy upon the syllables that her mouth uttered. "Men-ee!" she declared. She looked down, and smiled, then felt utterly exhausted. She sat on the floor, panting. Leigh opened her eyes and looked at her shoulder. She grinned and sat up.

  "Good job!" she said, congratulating the healer. Leigh pulled her sleeve back down and patted Selina on the shoulder. "Level three is very good for a beginner. You must have a natural magic ability," she said, complimenting Selina. Selina opened her eyes.

  "You think? It was always stated that only Hylians were capable of such magic," said Selina.

  "Nonsense, I'm only human, and I can even outclass her royal highness, who is a Hylian right?" said Leigh, standing.

  "Tomorrow, if you think you're up to it, go and cast the cure spell on Link. He'll still have some of the venom in him, and it has to leave fast. If you can't, then I'll do it but it's no problem to me. Besides, you managed a level three today, cure is only first circle and I suspect it's probably only a little stronger than the spells you can usually cast. You might feel like you'll never walk again right now, but after some sleep, you'll feel totally energised, believe me! Tell you what, I'll lend you my book for you to read. Study it, memorise it. Just don't actual say any of the words of power unless needed, it disturbs the ethereal waves," said Leigh, grabbing her pack. "And, don't do that tonight either. You need some rest, but with more practice you'll be doing loads of these every day. I don't give that book to just anyone either, so make sure no one else sees it. They might try and cast the Armageddon spell or something!" said Leigh with a laugh, leaving the tent. Selina went and retrieved the book and locked it in her safety box along with some medical supplies. Leigh might think that someone casting the Armageddon spell was funny, but she certainly didn't find it funny at all!


  Link sat back in his tent, feeling exhausted. He hadn't felt this tired since the first battle. He thought he was coming down with something, the flu probably. He got up, and pulled his armour off. He knew that he'd decided not to sleep, but he had to. If he didn't he'd end up dead on the battlefield anyway. He took off his shirt and trousers, then put on his night shirt. It was far more comfortable than the heavy armour, and it gave his body a rest. He sat down on his bunk, and wrapped the covers tightly around him. He closed his eyes, trying to empty his mind of all thought, but it just wasn't working tonight. Images of Zelda and Ewan just kept popping up and stubbornly refused to leave. Link chuckled, even as an image, Zelda still possessed the same stubborn streak. He opened his eyes and looked up at the top of the tent, it had certainly been put through its paces. It'd coped with numerous storms, winds and rains belting down upon it with no mercy. A bit like Ganondorf against the Hyrulians. He never stopped, but they always stood high and proud, not caving in like many others would have. Link smiled, then remembered the wooden box Zelda had given to him, that day, a month ago. He leaned over his bunk and looked under it. He pulled out the wooden box and looked at it longingly. He really did miss Zelda and Ewan. But so far, there was no signs of a light at the end of the tunnel. Link went to open the box, then paused. Perhaps he could see Zelda again! He could sneak in through the well into the castle and be reunited with his beautiful wife and child, for just a few hours. Link closed his eyes, visualising the moment he saw them again. It was so tempting. Of course, if he was found out, then it could be seen as deserting the army, running away. People may understand his situation, but others may not and he couldn't take that risk. Besides, it was unfair to the other men who missed their wives and children so dearly. Link knew that Aaron desperately wished to see Aimée and Timmy again, but he knew he couldn't. Link just had to restrain himself. He looked across at the wooden box, then picked it up and slipped it under the bed. Memories would only rub salt in the wound, and he couldn't deal with that right now. Sighing, Link closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


  The next morning, Zelda was standing on her balcony, watching thoughtfully as the sun rose. In the distance, she could make up the huge camp that had been set up not far from North Castle. She wished dearly that she was there, with Link. A single tear trailed down her cheek before she hastily wiped it away. She wondered what Link was doing now, what was he thinking. She had to see him. Although she hadn't realised it at first, she now knew that she was desperately pining for her husband. She missed him. Sniffing, she walked back into her bedroom, looking at the empty spot in her bed accusingly. Link should be there right now, asleep. Or he should be watching the sun rise along with her. For a whole month, she had not set her eyes upon her beloved one, and if she didn't do something about it, it'd be even longer. At least she still had Ewan, he reminded her of his father so much. And at least neither of them had been dreaming of recent, not those dreams anyway. Fayette was still as quiet as ever, still not coming from her room. Her father had told Zelda to try and cheer up her step-sister, but as much as Zelda had tried, nothing had worked. Of course, Zelda didn't blame Fayette for acting the way she did. If anything like that ever happened to Link, Zelda felt that she might lose the will to live. But, then as always, there was her son who would be there to give her a damn good reason to keep going, and Fayette had four, if not five children to help her along. The children themselves did not seem that affected, but they were to young to realise what had happened, Zelda supposed. Sighing, Zelda stepped back onto the balcony to watch the rest of the sun rise. Then, to Zelda's dismay, she thought that she could see more troops approaching the camp. If it kept on like this, Zelda would be lucky to ever see her husband again. Sitting down in the corner of the balcony, Zelda wept. Not for herself, but for all the innocent lives that were being lost everyday, and for Ewan, who missed his father so much.


  Ganondorf sneered as the news came in. His troops had successfully taken Julis and Saria, and it looked likely that they would also take Latonia which was situated in the east of Hyrule. Sitting back in his makeshift throne, Ganondorf looked around his chamber, satisfied. He was in the middle of the Shadow Temple, which lay in the mountain range just in front of Death Mountain. He could hear the whisperings of the spirits echoing through his ears, and from deep inside the temple, he could hear the moans of the long dead adventurers whom had been foolish enough to enter this place. Ganondorf stood up. "Shadow Temple..." he began. "Here is gathered Hyrule's bloody history of greed and hatred..." chanted back the spirits. Ganondorf smiled and sat back down. The temple certainly did contain many secrets, many that would certainly disturb the righteous hero if he were ever to stumble upon the evil King's hideout. Ganondorf cackled at the thought, then settled. He would make sure that the hero would stumble into his humble abode, then, there would be no turning back. For Ganondorf's plan was to never leave the temple until Link was dead. And if the hero were to die, it'd be likely that it would be here, in the Shadow Temple. For the Shadow Temple was Ganondorf's home turf, not Death Mountain or anywhere else. For the Shadow Temple was were it had all begun for Ganondorf Dragmire...


  The Hylian Dark priest lifted the small child into the air, chanting along with his fellow practitioners. Taking a long, curved ceremonial knife from his belt, the head Dark priest rested the blade upon the child's throat. He pulled it across the fragile skin and watched as a crimson line trailed the knife. The priest began a new chant, in a deeper voice. "And let this child's evil spirit suffice all of our needs, to bring the Triforce back to us, and bring them to their knees!" he chanted in Hylian. A dark ooze began to pour from the child's neck, eyes, mouth and nose, then it spread into the air and disappeared. The sacrificed child's skin began to peel off and disintegrate, and soon, it was gone. Their was no longer any evidence and so the priests all walked free, to continue their evil deeds.

  Ewan woke up from his nap, shaking his head, thoroughly confused by the dream. The red haired man had not featured nor had his mother or father, yet Ewan was sure it had meant something. He yawned, stretched then sat up. He did not know how to describe the dream, so decided not to try. He jumped off the bed, then raced from his bedroom, towards the nursery, hoping some time with his cousins would help make the dream fade away...



  Zelda stood in front of her mirror, looking critical. She had too much hair. Far too much. It reached down to her chest at least, but it wasn't just the length, it was the thickness. How could she possibly hide such long hair, without looking too conspicuous? She certainly wasn't going to cut it, she loved having such long hair. A plait, she thought. But even tied back, she'd still not be able to hide who she was. She had the sort of face that everyone recognised. Her delicate Hylian features were a dead give away for one thing. This certainly was going to be difficult. She thought about dressing as a healer, but knew that only a selected few had been allowed out into the battleground anyway. She turned to pick up the hooded shroud she'd managed to get hold of. That would provide her with an adequate disguise, but she was still worried about being recognised. Selina had told her that the edge of the battlefield was heavily patrolled, especially at night. In an open field, even at night, she'd look very conspicuous. Picking up her hairbrush, she gathered her hair up, and tied it up into a high ponytail. Then she pulled a few wisps out at the front, and studied herself again. Still too female. She'd never get in, posing as a soldier, or as a healer. Sighing, she sat back down on her bed, resting her head in her hands. At that moment, the door opened, and Zelda gasped in surprise. She was used to people knocking first. Her father walked into the room. When he noticed the various outdoor garments that Zelda possessed, strewn about the room, he didn't look too happy. "Zelda?" he questioned.

 "Uh, hi, dad," she managed, looking a little guilty.

 "What did I tell you? You're not leaving North Castle until this war is over!" he replied.

 "But dad..." Zelda began.

 "Zelda, it's too dangerous. How many times do I have to tell you?" her father interrupted.

 "Dad, I can look after myself just fine! I'm not your little girl anymore, I'm far from it. You can't order me around!" Zelda said angrily. The King sighed.

 "Fine, I realise that. But it's very dangerous out there. Should Ganondorf's men spot you, they'd kill you at once. But if you must, then I'm not going to waste my time preventing you. I only hope that you'll stop and think about Ewan first," he answered. Zelda frowned.

 "Dad..." she began again.

 "I came here to give you something Zelda. It's a message. From Link," the king interjected. Zelda stopped.

 "A message?" she questioned, looking worried and hopeful at the same time.

 "We had a messenger in earlier sent by Sir Drake to update us. He also brought a hand written missive that was addressed to you. I recognised Link's writing on the paper," the King explained. He reached into his pocket, and took out a folded square of paper, sealed at one end. He passed it over to his daughter. "Fenella and I are going to retire now. I hope that you'll still be here in the morning," he said. Zelda didn't reply, and just looked down at the floor. He kissed her on the forehead. "Goodnight dear."

 "Goodnight, dad," Zelda answered quietly. He walked out, and closed the door behind him.


  Zelda examined the piece of paper, fearful of what it might say. Was there bad news? On the thick, yellow paper, Link had written her name in his rather untidy, but flowing script. She pealed off the little piece of wax that he'd used to seal it together, and opened out the sheet, flattening it down with her hands on the nightstand next to the bed. She picked it up again, and held it up near the candle so that she could read it.


Dear Zel,

  I'm missing you like crazy, and we've only been a month apart. It seems I seriously underestimated how long this battle would last. Ganondorf's troops just keep coming and coming, yet I have seen, or heard nothing of the evil coward. That's just typical of him. Hiding out until the worst of the battle is over, then making his attack when we are tired and weak.

No day gets better. It just seems to get harder. I barely have enough time to sleep, and when I do, it's not much rest, because I have to keep on my guard. But, I'm still holding together, and that's what counts. I think of you and Ewan, and that gives me the resolution to keep at it. I wonder how you are, if you're both okay? I miss you both so much, I would give anything to see you, if just for a single hour, or even a few minutes. A few times, I have wanted to come back to the castle so badly, but I know how bad it would look, and besides, there is work still to be done here. It's not over by a long shot, I'm afraid to say. It will be many more long weeks, before this is finally over. I fear that the worst is probably still yet to come. But morale remains high among my men, which is a good thing. You should be proud of your army, they're doing just great. Our tactics are easily keeping them at bay, which I'm sure you've realised. The only bad thing is that enemy ships patrol our coastlines, sinking ships of our allies. Dubatio and Dalsona have lost many already because of this. A note of good news is that Charles arrived today, with half of the Lemmian army. He would have been here sooner, except that he was adventuring in Moldera, and news only arrived there recently. So we have another ally!

  I know you don't like her much, but Leigh really has been great. Her magic and extraordinary weapons skill, have saved many of us from tight spots. Selina is to be highly commended too, for her sword skills are becoming better by the day, though she still prefers archery. I haven't seen Aaron much, for he covers land much further to the west, but I know he fares well. Drake is fine, as are Nick, Dion and Damon.

 There have been moblin clans coming from the woods of late. They are a nuisance more than anything, but obviously Ganondorf has sent them. Sal toasted a bunch of them two days ago, and a lot disappeared, frightened. Sadly, she was injured yesterday, by a bunch of Tanolian soldiers, and flew away, before Leigh could help heal her. I hope she'll be back though, because she's proved to be an invaluable aid.

  My spare time is coming to an end, so I must sign off shortly. I just want you to know that I've never stopped thinking about you this whole time, and that I would cherish the chance to be back beside you at night, and with you during the day, just like it used to be. Zel... if it were not too selfish of us, I had an idea. Tonight, I have the night off, we could perhaps meet. If you can, meet me at midnight, outside the walls of the castle, near the well. There we will reunite, if just for a little while. I don't want to get you in trouble though, so I will wait only a little while.

  I love you heaps, Zel. Tell Ewan that I'm okay, and that I'm missing him. I hope you are both faring well, and that the rest of the family are okay too.

Forever yours,

Link xxx



  Zelda stared at the letter, surprised, but pleased. He wanted to see her... and had made it easier by suggesting that they meet! This very night! She could barely contain her pleasure at such a prospect. No there would be no need to sneak around, dress up or anything else of the sort. She looked over at the clock. It was after 10pm already! She jumped into bed, and grabbed a book. There was no way that she'd fall asleep tonight, not while this chance had occurred...



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