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Darkness Comes

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)


Chapter 4


  Link stood nervously in the trees, watching the bushes carefully. One of them concealed a passage which led into the castle. He hoped that in the next half hour or so, Zelda would emerge from it, come to meet him. He knew he was being a little selfish, but it was his night off. Well, for a few hours. At 4am, Drake would come into his tent, and remind him to get up for the next watch. So that would give Zelda and himself only a few hours together. Guiltily, he looked over towards the battle field. It was too dark to make out if anything was happening, although no doubt there was. The Tanolians hardly ever took a break, or the Gerudos, for that matter. Even at night. But then again, this was the last break he'd be getting for a fair while. There wasn't much time for things like that now. A rustling brought him to attention again. As he turned towards the bushed, he saw Zelda climbing out of the passage, looking a little wary. She was wearing just her night clothes, her long golden hair loose in soft waves. He couldn't believe how beautiful she looked, just standing there in the moonlight. "Zel?" Link whispered, stepping forward into the open. She saw him, and rushed over.

 "Oh Link," she exclaimed, hugging him.

 "I can't stay long," he replied regretfully.

 "Ohh... who cares? I'm just glad that you're here!" Zelda answered happily. "Come back into the castle," she suggested, leaning up to kiss him.

 "I... I better not. I have to be back at the camp before 4am. I'd have to leave here before half three... Drake often wakes me early," Link answered. Zelda looked a little disappointed at his words, but nodded.

 "I understand," she murmured. They met in a passionate kiss. A few moments later, they stepped apart. "I've been so worried..." Zelda began.

 "Don't be. Don't worry about me, please," Link answered. Then he smiled. "Let me have a look at you," he said. Zelda smiled back at him, but she looked a little uncertain.

 "I'm fine," she replied quickly, stepping forward again to hug him. "Cold, though," she added. Link hugged her back, and kissed her. "Come on, just for a little while. It's much warmer inside," she remarked persuasively. Link sighed. He wanted to, he really did, but he knew it wouldn't be a good idea.

 "Zel, I really can't, no matter how much I want to," he said.

 "Link, please," she begged.

 "Not tonight," Link said, kissing her another time. They moved up towards the castle wall, instead of standing out in the open. "I've been missing you so much Zel... I've wanted to do this for so long," he admitted. Zelda nodded.

 "Me too," she replied softly, barely stopping to kiss him. Then she stopped.

 "What's up?" Link asked.

 "N...nothing. But..." Zelda said, looking around nervously. Link followed her gaze. "I heard something... but I think it was probably just a bird or something," she replied. Link nodded, and sighed in relief.

 "I thought for a moment that someone might have followed me... an enemy."

 "I think we should go inside. It would be safer," Zelda replied.

 "Your persistence is winning me over," Link complained. Zelda smiled, and took his hand.

 "Come on, I'm absolutely freezing," she said, leading him over to the passage.

 "No, we'll stay here," Link said quickly.

 "But..." Zelda began. Link kissed her to stop her protests.


  Fayette's eyes widened in surprise, as she peered up through the secret passage, into the open. She say her own step sister, wrapped in a passionate embrace with someone, someone who she could only assume to be Link. She watched for a few more moments, then jumped back down the ladder, and went back inside the castle, seething. She couldn't believe how Zelda was acting. Link had only been gone a month, and already they were meeting in secret. Link shouldn't even be coming back to the castle, and no-one, including Zelda, was supposed to leave it in the first place. She suddenly felt tears come to her eyes, as she thought of Raymundo. Unlike Link, he'd never be coming back... The princess rushed upstairs to her room quickly, before Zelda and Link came inside. She'd only gone down to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water, and as she'd got it, she'd heard a noise. The flash of white silk, and golden hair was enough to assure her who was passing through the room. She'd followed her, and seen her go up through some sort of passage. They've probably been at it for ages, she thought, scowling to herself. Feeling jealous, she began to sob to herself. Zelda had everything, she always had, whilst she, Fayette, was left with little. She only had her children now. Zelda had a husband, a child, a title... It just didn't seem fair. "Oh, why did you have to go, Ray?" she whispered to herself in the darkness.


  It was dark, too dark... From the darkness, a flame appeared, filtering light into the dark cavern. He watched, his senses stirring. A beautiful woman, with tanned skin, and flaming red hair stood before him, holding the flame in front of her. Her eyes darted around the cavern, examining every crack and cranny. She didn't see him. She stepped forward nervously, then knelt down. She was young, too young to be here. And another thing, she was heavily pregnant with a child. He wondered who it belonged to. His question was soon answered, for an older looking man stepped out of the shadows from behind her. He was Hylian, like the priests had been. He whispered a silent curse to the spirits around him, hoping it would carry. The woman looked scared, terrified. The flame was shaking to and fro, making the shadows dance wildly around the walls of the cavern, as in some mad tribal dance. "They mustn't know," said the young man, brandishing a knife towards the woman.

  "And they won't, I assure you," said the woman, tears glistening in her eyes.

  "If my family were to find out..." said the man thoughtfully, running his finger around the blade.

  "I told you, I will return to the desert. You will never hear of me again!" insisted the woman, clutching at her stomach.

  "How can I be so sure?" asked the man, he stepped towards her, holding the knife threateningly. The woman held out her hand in defence.

  "No, don't! I swear no one shall know!" repeated the woman, her voice wavering.

  "I'm sorry, but I just can't take that risk," said the man, sneering a little. He pushed away her hand and drove the knife towards her. At that moment, a thick fog descended on the two, and when it cleared, the Hylian was on the floor, his throat slit. The woman also lay on the ground, but still alive. She lay there for a moment or two before sitting up. When she saw the dead man, she flinched and shielded her eyes from the blood. She got up, knowing she had to leave, before he was discovered missing. They would all assume that she, sweet and gentle Madralesse of the Gerudo, had slaughtered him in a fit of jealousy, for he would not stand by her, but his other family. It was not true though. She had to return to Gerudo Valley, get her child to safety. She picked up the torch, which lay un-extinguished upon the floor and quickly hurried out, wondering who or what had been looking down on her.


  Ewan awoke, feeling oddly calm. It had been another one of those dreams, of which he could not explain nor comprehend. Who had been that young woman in the cavern? Why had he whispered a strange language to the surroundings around him? He had been there watching, but he had not been himself. He had been someone else. Who? He recognised the man in the dream to have the same features of his father and his mother, and of those strange men in that dream he had had earlier on. What did it all mean? Shaking his head, he turned over, trying to get comfortable again. He considered on going to see Impa, or his mother, but decided not to bother them. It was only a dream, wasn't it? Then he remembered something. In the earlier dream, when that baby had been killed, that strange, black fog that had poured from the child had been the very same fog on which had descended on the man and woman. He tried to grapple for a connection, but his young mind could not understand it. Moaning in frustration he turned back over, pulling the covers tightly around him. It had to mean something, or did it? So many questions, yet they had to be answered. Who by? It occurred to him that his questions may be answered if he returned to his dreams, but now he openly feared them. What if the black fog descended upon him in the dream and cut open his throat, what if he never awoke? Ewan slipped out of his bed, and ran over to the door. He fumbled on the knob, before finally turning it and opening the door. Despite previous thoughts, Ewan realised he needed to be somewhere where he felt safe. He hated going through the corridors and up the steps to his mothers room, so opted for the easier option. He would go to his nursemaid's chamber. She would know what to do, he hoped...


  Ewan sipped from the mug of hot milk and watched his nursemaid potter around the room. She finally found another chair and dragged it up to the table and sat down facing the young boy. He looked at her earnestly over the rim of the cup. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to wake you," he apologised. Impa smiled at him.

  "No worry Ewan, you know me and your mother are always here to listen, whenever it is necessary," assured Impa. Ewan nodded and set the cup down.

  "What's happening to me? I never used to dream like this, I used to dream of nice things, ordinary things..." said the boy, looking a little despaired. Impa covered his small hand with her frail one, and looked at him firmly.

  "Ewan, you are a very special young boy. Your mother, and father are very special also, and this is why you are having these dreams," explained Impa. The boy nodded, waiting for her to go on. "With you being pure Hylian, it makes you sensitive to the things going on around you," went on Impa.

  "The war is a very bad thing isn't it?" asked Ewan, interrupting Impa for a moment. Impa nodded, her face grave.

  "Yes it is a very bad thing, and it was started by the evil Ganondorf, and I suspect that is what is leading to your dreams," answered Impa.

  "The war is causing these dreams?" asked Ewan, slowly understanding. Impa nodded.

  "Your mother had them a few weeks before the war started, before Ganondorf returned and I suspect that your father will soon experience the same kind of dreams," continued Impa.

  "Will they ever stop?" asked Ewan, taking another sip of milk.

  "Yes my dear, eventually, when all evil is vanquished, they will stop," replied Impa, smiling again at the young boy. His intelligence was quite startling, the nursemaid thought. She was onto her forth generation of the royal family, and even Zelda had never displayed such understanding at this age. Of course, Ewan was probably being pushed to this understanding because of the war. But even so, he seemed so, enlightened. "This dream you told me about, I must admit I cannot think what it means. But I am sure, soon everything will be revealed, in another dream perhaps," said Impa quickly, noticing the boy was watching her carefully.

  "I think, I think I might be able to sleep now," said Ewan, putting the empty mug down.

  "Do you want to go back to your own room?" asked Impa.

  "Is it alright if I stay here?" asked Ewan, looking towards the door with reluctance. Impa nodded.

  "Of course it is, my child," she said, smiling. Impa smiled back at her, then quickly bounded over to the bed, and quickly slipped under the covers. Smiling at the boy's sudden change of mood, Impa picked up the candle and walked over to the other side of the bed. "Do you want me to put out the candle?" asked Impa, knowing that every now and then a little light could be of great comfort to any children. From under the sheets, she saw him nod his head.

  "Unless you want it to be kept on," added the boy politely. Impa set the candle down on the bedside table and got into the bed.

  "Okay then, I'll keep it alight," she said, sensing that the polite comment had actually been a plea for her to leave it lit. She placed the glass dome over the candle, then slipped under the covers and closed her eyes. On the other side of the bed, Ewan snuggled up to his nursemaid, feeling so much safer.


  "Mmm... I love you," Zelda declared. They were both lying down on the grass, staring upwards towards the stars. Link moved over to pull her close, to share a kiss.

 "I miss you all the time. Waking up without you, I hate that," he replied.

 "Me too... and at night, if I dream..." Zelda said, letting her words trail off. Link knew how she felt. He had experienced that too. He debated whether to tell her, but most of the dreams were too disturbing to even relate.

 "I'm sorry. It shouldn't be like this," he remarked.

 "Mmm, no," Zelda answered, a little languidly.

 "You tired?" he questioned. She shook her head.

  "No, I'm fine," she added, just to clarify it. Link watched her carefully, gazing into her deep green eyes. She looked back with a saddened expression. He knew she was hurting about the whole situation. Zelda, despite her general tough demeanour, was deeply sensitive, and Link was one of the few people who had really taken notice of her sometimes rather tender nature.

 "Please, don't get upset," he whispered, brushing her hair out of her face. She just looked at him through lowered eyes, slightly shy, and troubled.

 "It's not right... it shouldn't have happened... oh why did it have to happen?" she murmured.

 "It just did, we'll sort it out somehow," he assured her.

  "Ganondorf... he's up to something... big. This war is just the build up," she answered. They hugged each other. Each had gone through such a lot, both together and apart, and now, when they thought they had happiness, it had all gone wrong again. As long as we have each other, we'll be okay, Link told himself. Zelda stayed cuddled up close to him, caressing his shoulders gently.

 "Let's not talk about it," she suggested. Link nodded.

 "I want you to be happy when I go," he replied, planting a kiss on her cheek. Zelda laughed a little.

 "It'll break my heart, but I'll be okay," she replied. Link carried on kissing her, moving his lips down her neck. Zelda sighed happily, leaning against his shoulder contentedly. They sat together in silence for a while, just watching the stars. They really were shining brightly tonight. "It's so beautiful out here," Zelda finally said. Link nodded.

 "But cold," he added, grinning at her.

 "Oh, don't remind me!" Zelda replied, smiling prettily. He playfully fingered the lace on the neckline of her night dress, and she placed her hand atop his. "Don't. Your hands are cold," she said.

 "I can warm you up though," he joked. Zelda rolled her eyes.

 "Cut it out. I hate bad one liners like that," she said.

 "No you don't," Link replied, kissing her gently.

 "Well..." she began, before laughing.

  "Don't you think I'm a great romantic?" Link asked, pretending to look hurt.

 "Uh... no. You just..." Zelda started.

 "Shut up," Link replied, grinning. Zelda just smiled to herself. She felt better already.


From amidst the shadows of the tall trees, a soldier watched. A Tanolian soldier. His skinny face contorted into a wicked sneer, as he watched Ganondorf's most hated nemesis, consorting with who he could only assume to be Princess Zelda, who Ganondorf also happened to hate. He was stood only a short distance away, and could see them sitting on the grass together. Could hear their impassioned sighs as they kissed each other. He wondered how long he'd have to wait. He'd been sitting patiently for over an hour now. They had to be off their guard, surely, by this time. He pulled his blade out of the scabbard. Ganondorf would be very pleased if he slew both the hero, and the princess in one go. Never mind that, he had also witnessed that there was obviously some sort of passage into the castle from outside the walls. He waited until the two were completely immersed in their own little words, kissing each other, too busy to notice the silent assassin slipping behind them. He silently padded over, raising his blade...


  Zelda noticed a flash of silver, as she pulled away from Link. "Link!" she screamed. The hero barely rolled out of the way in time, as the tanolian attempted to stab him in the head. The enemy cursed in his own language, and turned his angry grey eyes upon the helpless Zelda. She hastily got up, and back away warily. The tanolian roared, and made a leap towards her, brandishing the silvery sword in both hands. Link, who had recovered by this time, attacked the man from behind, kicking him hard in the back. The tanolian shrieked as he fell off balance, and landed face down on the grass. Zelda picked up the sword he'd dropped, then moved off into the shadows quickly, escaping before their attacker recovered. The tanolian leapt up in a trice though, and turned his attention back to Link. Shouting a tanolian war cry, he pulled out a small axe, and threw it right at Link. The heavy blunt blade hit off his shoulder, before he could get out of the way, and Link cringed at the pain. Blood began to seep through his tunic, warm and wet. Link tried to ignore it, and focused on his opponent. He thrust his sword out, but the tanolian immediately blocked it with another weapon. Jeez, these guys are armed to their eyes! Link thought. At the right moment, he moved his sword lower, then up again quickly, managing to disarm the enemy. He grinned.

 "Gonna give up now, or do I have to finish you off?" he questioned, circling the weapon-less man. An answer wasn't necessary. Zelda, who'd sneaked up from behind, struck the tanolian on the head with the sword she'd picked up, and he went crashing heavily to the ground. Link walked over, and gritting his teeth, sank his sword through the man's back. It went in easily, slicing through bone and sinew. Link still hated the feeling, although in recent weeks he'd grown used to it. The tanolian screamed in pain, then there was silence. Link knew he was dead. He pulled the blade out, grimacing at the sight of fresh blood upon his beautiful sword. Zelda wandered over, looking worried.

 "Did you kill him?" she questioned quietly. Link nodded, not looking at her.

 "Are you okay?" he asked.

 "I'm fine. What about you though?" Zelda questioned anxiously, looking at his bloodied shoulder.

 "Uh, it's nothing that Selina can't patch up," he said quickly. Zelda shook her head.

 "Link, you're losing blood fast! You're not going back to the camp tonight! Not until I've stopped that bleeding, anyway," she exclaimed.

 "Zel, it'll take me 15 or 20 minutes to get back, that's all. I have to go now, else I'll get in trouble," Link replied, pushing her away.

 "Link! You're not in any fit state to go off alone!" Zelda said.

 "I've dealt with worse," he replied nonchalantly. Zelda frowned.

 "No, I won't allow it. Come on," she said, pulling him towards the passage.


  Zelda knew she was no healer, but she did know first aid. Taking a bowl of water and a rag, she wet it, soaking it thoroughly. Link took off his shirt, and inspected the wound. It certainly was deep, and very painful. Zelda wiped the blood away, the cold water stung, and Link tried not to let on that he was in pain, before Zelda got really concerned. She didn't really like the sight of the blood, one reason why she preferred to fight using magic. She handed the rag to Link. "Hold it over, whilst I get a bandage," she whispered. He obeyed, and Zelda managed to find some bandages. She dressed the wound as best she could, then bandaged it all up. "I'm sorry," she said apologetically, as she finished tying it.

 "It's okay. Thanks Zel," he replied gratefully, giving her a small kiss. Then he got up. "I really must go now. I hope our paths will cross again soon, or that the war ends quickly," he said. Then he left, leaving Zelda standing alone in the kitchens. She stared at the spot where he'd been for a very long time, then finally, went to wash the blood off her hands. Glancing down at her night clothes, she figured that she'd better change out of those, too. They were covered in bits of grass and soil, never mind blood. Sighing, she made her way up the stairs, alone again once more.


  Link carefully approached the campsite, his eyes scanning the site for one tent in particular. He soon found it and headed towards it. He had 15 minutes before his watch started, and he'd like to be patched up before then. As he headed towards Selina's tent, he paused. He'd just passed Leigh's tent, who was an even better healer than Selina. Also, he could see the light of a candle flickering inside the tent. She probably wouldn't mention it to anyone either. Cautiously, he pulled open the flap and stepped inside.


  "Uh, hi," greeted Link, a little surprised to see the pretty heroine still up. She seemed to be studying a book, but as soon as she heard him enter, she closed the book and turned to see who it was.

  "Hello there," said Leigh, standing up. She smiled at him, then noticed the blood on his tunic and walked over. She placed one hand on his shoulder and looked at him questioningly.

  "Don't ask," said Link, hoping she'd take his advice. Leigh shrugged and stepped away.

  "I suppose you'll want me to heal it," she said, grinning. Link nodded,

 "Well, if you could, that'd be great," said Link gratefully.

  "Why not ask Selina?" asked Leigh, walking to the back of the tent. She kneeled down and pulled a few reagents from her bag.

  "Well, I was going to, but on the way, I saw you were up and thought it'd be better to let Selina rest," explained Link. Leigh nodded, then closed the bag and stood up. "Uh, how's your shoulder?" asked Link.

  "Fine, I got Selina to heal it for me," replied Leigh, walking over to him.

  "I didn't know..." started Link.

  "Well, she can now. And all for the better I say," cut in Leigh. She motioned for him to sit in a nearby chair. He obediently did as she said. "Okay, let's see how bad this is," said Leigh. Link carefully pulled off his shirt and hung it on the arm of the chair. He carefully pulled away the crude bandage that Zelda had made for him. A little blood oozed from the wound, but it didn't seem that bad. It still hurt like hell though. Leigh leaned forward, cautiously touching the skin around the wound, examining it carefully. Leigh noticed Link flinch as she touched him, but she wasn't sure whether it was because it hurt, or because he wasn't used to her touch. She smiled a little. "Don't worry," she said, "I won't try anything like that again," she finished, referring to the small incident that had happened during Farore's day, not so long ago. Link grinned, a little nervously, waiting. Leigh took the reagents from her pocket, carefully applying them to the wound. She then chanted a short mantra, and the wound was gone. Link looked down at his shoulder in amazement.

  "How do you do it?" he asked, standing back up, feeling better already. Leigh shrugged,

  "Magic I guess," she said smiling. Link picked up his shirt and pulled it back on. Leigh almost regretted seeing him put it back on. He was handsome. But he was also married, with a child.

  "Thanks," said Link, as he left the tent. Leigh went back to her bed, and opened the book again, letting out a heavy sigh. As the Avatar, she'd never really been interested in a relationship, but now, now she felt needy, and she didn't like that feeling at all. She began to start reading the book again, just to pass the time away.


  "Up already?" asked Drake, walking into Link's tent. Link nodded, munching on a piece of fruit. "Good, good. Not much is happening at the mo', but ya never know!" quipped Drake. Link stood up and grinned at Drake.

  "You go get some sleep, with me on duty, there's no need to worry!" remarked Link. Drake laughed.

  "Well, I'm not entirely sure about that me boy, but I think you can be trusted," he boomed. Link nodded.

  "Whatever. So I'm watching from the east side?" asked Link, his tone more serious.

  "Yep, so go get to it. You'll be doing it with Miss. Temple," said Drake.

  "Oh, right," said Link. Drake grinned, then left the tent. Link picked up his sword and slipped it through his belt. On an afterthought, he quickly picked up his dagger and slipped it into his boot. You never know...


  "So, we meet again," remarked Leigh as she saw Link approaching. He nodded. "Anyone would think we were meant to be together!" continued Leigh, her tone slightly sarcastic. Link looked at her critically. He sat down beside her, and took out his sword. He began to polish it vigorously with a piece of rag from his pocket. "That's some sword," commented Leigh, hoping to get a word from him.

  "Yeah, it is," agreed Link, speaking for the first time.

  "Boys and their toys," Leigh whispered to herself.

  "I'd reckon it's the most powerful sword in Demiari!" exclaimed Link proudly.

  "Maybe, maybe not," said Leigh, smiling to herself.

  "What do you mean maybe? There's no doubt about it!" said Link, laughing.

  "I own a much more powerful sword," said Leigh, a secret smile playing about on her lips. Link turned and looked at her, astonished that she would make such a claim. It couldn't be true could it?

 "Where is it then?" asked Link smugly. Leigh pulled a sword from her belt, it was unlike any sword Link had ever set his eyes on. "Where'd you find that?" asked Link, looking at it with curiosity.

  "I made it," answered Leigh proudly, turning the sword around in her hands.

  "How come you've never shown it to me before?" asked Link.

  "Well, I wanted to save it for a special occasion. Today will be as good a day as any to start," replied Leigh, still admiring the dark blade. Link couldn't believe that she herself had made it. It seemed to be fashioned out of jet or jade, it was pure black. The handle was even better crafted than the master sword itself, with a huge, glittering gem in the setting.

  "I still say my blade is better," said Link, swishing the Master Sword inches in front of his face.

  "In Hyrule, yes. The Master Sword was designed to kill your foe. But I would say that this sword is the most powerful melee weapon in Demiari," claimed Leigh.

  "Well okay then, if your sword is so hot, let's see who can kill the most with it!" challenged Link. Until now, Link would never have set up such a challenge. It was gruesome and pretty nasty, but he wanted to be able to prove that his sword was better.

  "Fine, but I think once you see what this sword can do, you'll not even want to compete," boasted Leigh. Link grinned at her, she grinned back. Then they both burst out laughing. Leigh took Link's hand and shook it, and although she had meant it in a friendly manner, her skin still tingled at his touch. She looked at his expression carefully, but it became clear that he thought of it as a friendly handshake, nothing more.

  "May the best warrior win," declared Link, dropping her hand. Leigh mentally scolded herself again, for letting her thoughts wander. She'd never felt like this about anyone in Sosaria, but then her feelings had changed a lot in the past few weeks. Shaking her head, she settled again, watching for any activity.


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