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Darkness Comes

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)


Chapter 5


  Fayette glanced over at her step sister, as they sat down to breakfast together. Her mother was there, but not the King. He had chosen to eat in his study, planning a few things there with his remaining advisors. Although Fenella looked rather sombre, Zelda was different. She looked a lot more cheerful than usual, her face flushed, a small smile upon her lips. Fayette knew why, of course. She frowned, and reached for a slice of toast. "So dear, what did Link have to say in his letter? Not bad news, I hope?" Fenella questioned her step daughter. Zelda's smile widened.

  "Everything's fine," she said, in a rather dreamy tone. She reached over the table to take a jam pastry. "In fact, it really cheered me up just to get the letter itself. I'll have to write a reply," she smiled. Fayette frowned even more. This was just too sickening!

 "Oh, but wasn't it Link's little visit last night that's really made you so happy this morning?" she questioned slyly. At this remark, Zelda stopped smiling, and she coloured visibly.

 "Uh, excuse me?" she said, in a surprised tone.

 "Link, has been back here?" Fenella asked. Zelda shook her head.

 "No, no, of course not! I don't know what you're talking about, Faye!" she said, turning back to Fayette, and shooting her a cold look. Fayette smiled.

 "I know all about your clandestine midnight liaisons Zelda, so it's no use pretending that they didn't happen!" she said. Zelda glared at Fayette.

 "How dare you spy on me! What we... it's nothing to do with you at all, Faye!" she cried angrily.

 "Zelda, Link shouldn't even be coming back to the castle! He's supposed to be out on the battle field, helping this country!" Fenella remarked in a cold tone. Zelda pouted.

 "Since when did you make up the rules?" she asked.

 "You know as well as I do, that it's wrong! Your father gave you strict orders not to leave this castle for one thing!" Fenella replied bossily. Zelda folded her arms.

 "I hardly..." she began.

 "It's an absolute disgrace, it really is! And not to mention selfish! Think of all those other poor couples, like Master Aaron and his dear wife. They won't have seen each other in a long while. But of course you, insist on breaking rules as much as you can, slipping out of the castle to meet your lover, whilst others fight!" Fenella said in a harsh tone. Zelda felt herself blushing again. Then she looked up, and regarded her step mother with a hostile gaze.

 "Despite what you might think, this was the only time it happened. And we met only for a few minutes, just outside the castle walls. It was for an important reason!" she answered. "Oh sure! More like a few hours, and I bet you both came inside!" Fayette spoke up in a sneering tone.


  Zelda's attention switched back to her step sister. "Well, obviously you have nothing better to do, than check up on me! What kind of person does that? You just want to get Link and I in as much trouble as possible, you..." she said angrily. Fayette quickly spoke up again.

 "That's where you're wrong, Zelda! I happened to be down in the kitchen when you came running past... in your night clothes, I might add," she sneered. Fenella looked at Zelda disdainfully.

 "You really shouldn't be running around the castle in your night clothes, but to do it outside as well is most indecent!" Zelda rolled her eyes.

 "Oh is it? It's not like anyone saw me... aside from Faye, and Link of course, and he's seen me in a lot less than just a night dress," she replied smugly. Fenella looked most shocked by this statement, while Zelda sat there, looking rather amused.

 "Honestly, one wouldn't think you'd been brought up as a lady, the way you talk," Fenella said angrily.

 "I'm as much a lady as you are, Fenella. But I was just stating the obvious," Zelda replied.

 "You didn't have to," Fayette interjected.

  "Oh come off it Faye, you're just as bad! Remember all that stuff about Kylara..." Zelda began.

  "I don't know what you're talking about," Fayette answered quickly, smiling over at her mother.

  "Zelda, you'll take that back at once! How dare you insult my poor Faye like that, after everything she'd been through? This whole business is very upsetting for her, you know. Raymundo will never be coming back, unlike Link, and you can't even bear to be parted from him for a month!" Fenella said, still looking mad.

 "He is my husband," Zelda said sulkily.

 "That's no excuse! Lots of husbands are fighting in that war, you know," Fenella answered.

 "Look, Link and I will do as we please! It's nothing to do with you!" Zelda exclaimed angrily.

 "Yes it is! You've gone out and met with him, taken him away from the battle. And do you realise how dangerous that was? You could have been killed, for heavens sake! Do you care about your little son at all?" Fenella asked.

 "Of course I do! I love him more than anything in the world!" Zelda retorted, looking offended. "Yet you risked your life last night. Did you even stop to think of the consequences?" Fenella enquired. Zelda bit her lip, thinking about the incident with the Tanolian soldier the previous evening. Fenella was right, she could have been killed. But she wasn't going to admit that.

 "Don't be silly," she said coldly. Fenella stood up, and pushed her chair under the table.

 "Your father is going to hear about this!" she fumed.

 "Tell him. I'm not a child, you can't punish me for it," Zelda replied smugly. Fenella glared at her step daughter with dislike. Then she walked out.


  "You bitch!" Zelda said angrily, looking over at Fayette.

  "You're in the wrong, not me," Fayette answered. "You didn't have to say anything!" Zelda said.

 "You shouldn't have gone out to meet him in the first place," Fayette replied simply.

 "I think you're just jealous!" Zelda finally said.

 "Jealous?!" Fayette exclaimed.

 "Yes, jealous. You're so jealous of me, and I know that you've always had a thing for Link," Zelda said.

 "If I had had a thing for Link, he'd have married me, not you," Fayette remarked smugly.

  "I don't think so! Link adores me, he hates you!" Zelda retorted.

  "He doesn't! Anyhow, if he adored you so much, why did he go off with that Kylara, and Leigh?" Fayette questioned.

 "He did nothing of the sort! And as for the Leigh thing... well, that was all her!" Zelda replied quietly, looking a little upset. Fayette smiled.

 "Well, I don't blame him! Being married to you! You don't even care about him, all you care about is yourself!"

 "I could say the same about you," Zelda answered coldly.

 "I'm nothing like you!" Fayette cried. "Yeah, you're a lot worse!" Zelda shot back. Fayette scowled.

 "Bitch," she muttered under her breath.

 "You started this," Zelda answered.

 "You never change! Always blaming me!" Fayette glowered.

  "Well it is your fault! You try everything you can to spoil my life! I can't believe that you're back here, either!" Zelda retorted angrily.

 "Well, like it or not, I'm here to stay. After all, I can hardly live all alone in Brynnel, can I?" Fayette questioned.

 "I wish you did," Zelda answered.

 "You just do nothing but cause trouble, and I hate you!" "Don't think I like you either," Fayette said. Zelda just folded her arms, glared at her, then stormed out of the room.


  Leigh watched carefully as the new band of Tanolian and Gerudo troops approached. She looked down at the sword, rubbing her thumb over the gem. "You have a request?" came the snide, familiar voice of Arcadian, the spirit of the stone. He gave the sword it's real power, and he was bonded to the sword, and Leigh's command. Leigh nodded. "Well?" rasped Arcadian.

  "How about you give those approaching Tanolian and Gerudo troops a surprise?" suggested Leigh. Arcadian grinned evilly. Leigh held out the sword, pointing the tip towards the troops. "How about a little explosion?" she asked.

  "Granted," said Arcadian. A bolt of light flew from the tip of the blade, towards the soldiers. As soon as it hit the ground, it caused an explosion, sending all those in the path of it in all directions.

  "What the...?" she heard Drake exclaim. He trotted over to Leigh and looked down at her, puzzled. Another bolt shot from the sword, sending more of the troops flying, along with assorted disembodied limbs. A third shot, and the small army had been destroyed. Drake gulped and looked at Leigh, and then the sword. "Boy am I glad that you're on our side!" he said, wiping his forehead. Leigh smiled.

  "I think we deserve a day off, don't you?" she asked, grinning.

  "Too damn right!" announced Drake loudly. The crowd behind them cheered. Link approached, his mouth agape.

  "Told you!" said Leigh smugly.

  "How in Demiari?" asked Link. Leigh held the sword out to Link.

  "Meet Arcadian," she introduced. Link took the sword and looked at it. He noticed the strange shape inside the gem, and held it up for closer inspection. "He does it, not me," said Leigh modestly.

  "Ah, so I am finally given credit!" rasped the devious spirit.

  "I still don't understand," said Link, amazed. Leigh took the sword back.

  "Most people don't. In fact, sometimes even I don't!" remarked Leigh.

  "How though?" asked Drake. "Dear Arcadian here was trapped in a magical mirror, I freed him, only to capture him in this portable daemon prison," explained Leigh. "Just as well too, or he'd have killed British and would've been ruling Britannia by know," added Leigh. Arcadian snorted. Link shook his head in disbelief.

  "I still can't quite grasp..." he started.

  "Look, just admit it. This is better than the Master Sword. The only thing it can't do is kill Ganondorf. Or at least I don't think it can," said Leigh.

  "Okay, but I still like the Master Sword," admitted Link with a chuckle.

  "If you got me close to this Ganondorf, I bet I could kill him!" protested Arcadian.

  "Shut up you!" said Leigh, quickly slipping the sword back into it's sheath. "Why didn't you use it before?" asked Drake suddenly.

  "I only received it two days ago. I got an old friend to send it across, remember that package I got?" replied Leigh. Drake nodded.

  "We could win this easy!" exclaimed Link excitedly. Leigh looked a little uncertain at this remark.

  "What?" asked Drake, seeing her expression.

  "Well, I don't really like him to be used all that much. It makes him more powerful and... well put it this way, he starts to decide what'll die and what'll not," said Leigh apologetically.

  "So this sword is something that you can't control? Give me the Master Sword any day!" said Link. Leigh nodded, conceding defeat.

  "Of course, I could always destroy him. It is possible," mused Leigh.

  "It's up to you, but one things for sure, you saved a few of our hides today!" aid Drake. Smiling charmingly at the Avatar, he clicked to his horse and trotted off, back towards camp.


  Leigh opened her eyes, although her body protested. What had woken her up? Suddenly, she saw something move in the shadows. Her hand shot out to grab her sword, where she'd left it before she'd settled down for the night. It wasn't there. She lay perfectly still, not daring to breath. Perhaps there was no one there, the sword could've slipped down. She wasn't convinced. Carefully, not causing much movement, she slipped her hand down the side of her bunk and grasped the dagger which she had secured there. Her eyes, which had now adjusted to the dark, spotted a figure in the dark. "Who's there?" she asked cautiously, sitting up. The figure lit a lamp, illuminating his face. She could see from his scrawny figure and pale face that he was a Tanolian soldier. She jumped up, brandishing the dagger. The Tanolian simply smiled, not fazed at all. Then she realised he wasn't looking at her, but behind her. She turned, only to meet the hilt of her own sword crashing into her face. Stunned, she stumbled backwards, totally disorientated. There had been a second soldier in the tent, but she had failed to spot him. She tried to keep upright, but couldn't fight the thick fuzz that was immersing the corners of her mind. A second blow at the back of her head was too much, sending her flying forward. She landed at the second soldiers feet, her head spinning. She saw him raise a boot, as if to kick her. "Don't! Canivaris wants her in one piece!" warned a gruff voice. Then everything went black.


  Leigh forced her eyes open groggily. Where was she? She waited for her eyes to focus, then looked around her current destination. She seemed to be in a cell of some kind, her arms were aching. She was shackled to the wall. She still wore her night dress. She grimaced. How had this happened? She was the Avatar, things like this didn't happen to her. They hadn't in Sosaria anyway. How had the Tanolians entered her tent, past the watch? She shook her head, trying to stop it from thumping. Cursing to herself, she looked down at the floor, letting her head hang. Outside the cell, she heard approaching voices. They stopped outside the door, and she heard it being unlocked. As the torchlight flooded in, she lowered her eyes, the flame stinging her eyes. "My, she is a pretty one!" she heard a slimy voice remark.

  "Yeah, had to stop Tsumblar from smashing her pretty face in. Bet we could show her a good time!" boasted another voice, she recognised it from the first Tanolian who had been in her tent.

  "Bet we all could!" laughed the other voice. Leigh didn't like the way this conversation was going, but she couldn't find the voice to protest. She heard them approaching them, and looked up at them menacingly.

  "She's awake!" exclaimed the slimy voiced soldier. Leigh couldn't see them for the brightness of the torch, but kept her head upright anyway. Then, one of the soldiers stepped in front of the flame, his face close to hers. He must've been the slimy voiced soldier, otherwise she would have recognised him. He, like his companion, had a pale face, but he had a much stronger build. His eyes were dark, covered by black, thick eyebrows. His eyes bore into hers, as if he could read her inner most thoughts like a book. But then, she doubted he could read at all. She turned away, but he held up his hand and caught hold of her chin, making her face him again. "Got anything to say?" he asked, forming his words carefully, but mockingly. Leigh said nothing, but smiling smugly, she lifted her foot, kneeing the Tanolian slime in the crotch. He gulped, then fell backwards to the floor.

  "Still up to showing me a good time?" asked Leigh sweetly. The other solider laughed at his companion then approached Leigh.

  "Ooh, you've got spirit I must say. I love a woman with spirit!" he commented. She noticed he stood a little further away than his companion. She didn't comment on this particular remark, just shot the scrawny man a withering look. Meanwhile, the other Tanolian, black brow she had decided to christen him, stood up, still in a great deal of pain. He shot Leigh a menacing look.

  "You gonna regret that lady!" he spat.

  "Oh, so you can give it out but you take it in!" growled Leigh.

  "Ooh, she's got you there!" said the scrawny guy with a laugh. The other guy shot his companion a threatening gesture. He turned back to Leigh. He walked to her side, so she couldn't catch him out again. He grabbed her face roughly, turning her to face him.

  "I'll be back, along with some friends," he said in a threatening tone. Leigh shuddered at the thought of more of these guys. "And we'll have a little party," he added, chuckling. He pulled her face to his and, before she could react, gave her a crude kiss. He dropped her chin and turned to his companion, an evil grin spread across his dark features. "Even when she doesn't try, she's good," he commented. He turned back to Leigh, giving her a smirk. She frowned and turned away, "Even when he does try, he's no good," she thought dryly to herself.

  "Sounds promising," remarked the scrawny guy with a grin. Both laughing the two left the room, slamming the door behind them. Leigh sighed and bit back a tear. In her life, she had rarely shed tears, but it all seemed pretty hopeless. She'd been imprisoned by the enemy before, and even by the good. But it had never been like this. The shackles cut into her wrist and her body felt so weary. She looked up at the shackles, bending her fingers slowly. There was no way she'd open those shackles alone. And even if she did, she'd never get past the door. Sighing, she let her head hang again. She decided it's best to get some sleep. She'd need her energy if she ever got the chance to escape.


  Drake looked around. Where was Leigh. She hadn't been in her tent, and the Gerudo troops were approaching fast. No-one had seen her. Link jogged up to Drake, breathless. "No one has seen her since last night," said Link, feeling a little worried. Had she just left, or had something more sinister occurred during the night. Link shook his head.

  "I don't think she'd have left without word but, well what else could've happened?" said Link, feeling puzzled.

  "I'd agree with you there. We wait a few days, if she doesn't show, then I don't know what to think," sighed Drake. Link nodded.

  "Well, we can split her troops for now, I can't see what other way to handle it," suggested Link. "Yep. I'll see you on the field," said Drake, he waved then left Link alone. Another thing that worried Link was the fact that the sword had gone. It was possible that Leigh had taken it with her, but what if Leigh herself had been taken? Link didn't like to think about it, but it could've happened. Shaking his head, he made his way over to the field. Battle was about to commence.


  "Wakey, wakey, Sleeping Beauty!" called a mocking voice. Leigh opened her eyes, but immediately shutting them again to shield out the torch light. Seconds later, she opened her eyes again, only to come face to face with yet another Tanolian.

  "She really is a beaut!" he remarked, stepping away. Her eyes widened as she saw the rest of the group. There were at least six crammed into the small cell. She rolled her eyes.

  "What's your problem? You never seen a woman before?" she asked agitatedly.

  "Not one so gorgeous!" jeered one of the soldiers. Another stepped forward, his eyes raking over her body.

  "Don't get close, she don't like it too much!" warned the Black brow.

  "So we heard!" laughed another.

  "He's right, I don't!" agreed Leigh, giving the Tanolian a threatening look. He just laughed at her, looking down. She followed his gaze, realising that now her feet were shackled also.

  "We decided you had too much freedom," explained the heavy browed Tanolian. Leigh almost choked at this latest development. She could do nothing, nothing to her defence. She looked back up at the man who stood before her. The creep who stood before her. He saw the realisation in her eyes and grinned.

  "Time I showed you a really good time lady," he sneered, drawing closer to her. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, praying for a little mercy. It didn't come.


  A few hours later, Leigh came around again. She felt terrible. A stinging pain shot through her temples, but she couldn't even hold her head with her hands. She looked down at herself and groaned. Her night dress was torn and ripped, her limbs were covered in scratches. Her arms ached, as did the rest of her body. Her mind was still foggy, but then it all rushed back. One of the Tanolian's had hit her to shut her up as she had protested against them touching her. She was glad in a way that she had slipped away. But then she wasn't sure what was worse. What more had they done to her? Did she want to know? She looked down at herself, gulping back a sob. She felt so used, so unclean. She shook her head, not even having the strength to weep. She heard the door being unlocked, she looked up. She really couldn't handle more of those guys. She just wanted to get the hell out of that place. To her relief, it wasn't more Tanolian coming to torment her further, it was two women. Gerudo women. How bad could they be? The two entered slowly, carrying some bowls. They came close to her and kneeled down. "What's happening?" asked Leigh, her voice dry.

  "You have to clean yourself up for Canivaris," replied one of the Gerudo. "Canivaris? Isn't he the Tanolian leader?" thought Leigh. She closed her eyes in despair. If he was anything like his men... She didn't think she could take any more of this torture. The two woman unlocked her shackles, then quickly left, closing and locking the door behind them. Leigh shook off the shackles and kneeled down in relief. In one bowl there was some water, in the other there was a little food. There was also a change of clothes. Leigh quickly took a sip of water, then gobbled down the food. She then pulled off her tattered night dress and threw it into one corner. She used the rest of the water to wash herself as best she could, then slipped into the fresh, white dress. It made her feel a little better, but only a little. She got up and staggered over to the door. Her legs and arms were weak, feeling as though they were made of jelly. She examined the door carefully, running her hands over it carefully. It was locked, and made of solid wood. She banged her fist feebly against the door but it was no use. She slumped back against the door, sliding to the ground. She was so tired, so very tired.


  Link picked through the bodies with his sword, searching for the Hyrulian colours. There hadn't been many deaths this time, it seemed Ganondorf's forces were becoming weaker. But Link still didn't trust that notion. He came across a partially alive Tanolian, arrow stuck through his ribs. Link looked down at the soldier, whose eyes pleaded for mercy. Link drew his sword across the mans throat then walked on. Aaron approached, a grin on his face. "They're weakening!" exclaimed Aaron.

  "I don't know..." said Link, pausing to finish off another enemy.

  "But what about Leigh? I didn't see her out there on the field," asked Aaron.

  "She's missing. Along with that sword," said Link.

  "Bad news," said Aaron, feeling less hopeful. Link nodded.

  "We should send out a search party," suggested Aaron. Link shook his head.

  "Too risky. We can't risk five men for one life," replied Link, even though he agreed with his apprentice.

  "I suppose," said Aaron, his head down. "She is one of our best though," he added. Link nodded in agreement. He turned and gave the battlefield one last look. He'd gone through it and finished off any survivors, he then headed back to the site along with Aaron.


  "Any sightings?" Link asked Drake once he reached the camp. Drake shook his head.

  "She's vanished. No note, no nothing. We don't know what to think," replied Drake, polishing his sword.

  "Good battle today," said Link, changing the subject. He didn't want to think about Leigh too much. Perhaps she'd just wanted a break. He didn't believe that for a minute.

  "Yeah, we're getting better or they're getting weaker," said Drake with a short laugh. "What do you think?" asked Link.

  "They're definitely getting weaker, but that day off yesterday certainly improved morale," answered Drake. Link nodded.

  "I totally agree," he said, still thinking about Leigh...


  "Dad, I'm just so sick of her!" Zelda complained.

  "Zelda, you could at least try to get on with each other, for our family's sake! Fayette is not leaving here, I'm afraid," the king replied, looking troubled.

 "She causes nothing but trouble," Zelda replied sulkily.

 "Zelda, you shouldn't be going out to meet Link all the time. It's far too dangerous," the King stated.

 "It was only once! Besides, I can look after myself," Zelda answered. The king nodded.

 "Well yes, so you say. But I'm not having you do anything of the sort. I know you like adventure, but you're a princess," he replied.

 "So?" Zelda replied.

 "Which means you'll stay here, and take care of your son, and do other ladylike pursuits... like painting and embroidery, like Fayette," her father answered. Zelda frowned.

 "Ugh, no way. I'd rather die than do anything like that. Besides, I'm no good at art, and I'm lousy at sewing," Zelda said.

 "Nonsense. You've never tried. Your mother was very good at those things, so are Fayette and Fenella. I'm sure you could be too," the King answered. Zelda sighed loudly.

 "Sometimes, I wish I'd never been born a princess. It's so boring!" she remarked. The King shook his head, and smiled.

 "Don't say things like that. Now, are you and Fayette going to apologise to each other or not? Fenella and I hate to see you both quarrelling like little children."

 "I guess I have no choice," Zelda said.

 "Why don't you go up to the drawing room now? Perhaps Fayette will teach you how to do embroidery," the King suggested. Zelda sighed again.

 "Okay," she replied. The king smiled. He knew his daughter would never change her adventurous ways, but at least now that she was older, she was more sensible. The last thing he wanted was her leaving the castle, at such a time as this. He turned back to his strategy plans thoughtfully. His army and their allies were holding up against the enemy so far, attempting to push them northwards. The plan he'd worked out with Drake and Krin was a success in keeping Ganondorf's army away from North Castle, but it wasn't beating them just yet. Would they need more aggressive tactics, he wondered...


  "Oh, it's you," Fayette said sourly, as she saw Zelda walk into the drawing room.

 "This is my home. I shouldn't be made to feel unwelcome wherever I see you," Zelda replied.

 "You're the one causing this," Fayette said, hardly looking up from the work she was doing.

 "What?!" Zelda said incredulously.

 "Ever since we were kid, you've always made me feel unwelcome here! Now I have to live here, probably for the rest of my life, whether you like it or not," Fayette replied, her pale blue eyes flashing angrily.

 "As soon as my father and your mother have passed away, I'm throwing you out of this castle, husband or no husband!" Zelda retorted. Fayette gasped at this comment.

 "Zelda, you are so mean!" she said.

 "Yes, well, you can't have your own way all the time," Zelda replied.

 "Neither can you!" Fayette cried.

 "You deserve this! You just constantly interfere with my life, do you have nothing better to do? Like the other night, how could you follow Link and I, see our private moments?!" Zelda replied back angrily.

 "I didn't! I just saw you going outside!" Fayette protested.

 "How did you know that I was meeting Link? Did you sneak in my room and read his letter?" Zelda accused.

 "Of course I didn't! But it was fairly obvious what you were doing," Fayette answered.

 "But that was none of your business, it really wasn't!" Zelda said huffily.

 "I'm only looking out for you," Fayette said.

 "Oh, you have some nerve!" Zelda cried. The two princesses just glared at each other for a few moments, not knowing what to say.

 "I have a nerve?" Fayette finally said, her voice high.

 "No doubt about it!" Zelda replied.

 "Speak for yourself!" her step sister shrieked.

  "Oh, yeah, right! I wish your mother had never married my father! That was just the worst day of my life, to end up related to the likes of you!" Zelda retorted. Fayette stared at her, offended.

  "Well thank goodness we're not real sisters! How I'd hate to be Hyrulian, like you! You have a lousy kingdom, and all you care about is your stupid Triforce!" she shot back.

 "Don't you dare say things like that about Hyrule! And the Triforce, isn't stupid! Oh and, I'd rather be Hyrulian than a Sosarian! You all just think you can have whatever you want , and you don't care who gets hurt!" Zelda cried, thinking of Leigh.

 "Oh, poor Zelda! So jealous! Everyone knows that Sosarian women are the most beautiful in the world!" Fayette said smugly.

 "I'm as beautiful as you, if not even more so. Don't kid yourself, Faye," Zelda replied.

 "Oh, I wouldn't say so. Although, your mother was Sosarian of course... it's too bad that you didn't inherit anything from her," Fayette said, still looking smug.

 "Don't bring my mother into this!" Zelda said, frowning. Fayette smiled.

  "I can't believe I ever felt sorry for you!" Zelda fumed.

 "Everyone else does," Fayette said.

 "Well, they're just stupid," Zelda said quickly.

  "Oh shut up," Fayette replied boredly. Zelda scowled at her, but Fayette ignored her, turning back to her tapestry. "Leave me alone," she said, not even looking up.

 "Oh, gladly," Zelda replied. She turned and walked out of the room, slamming the mahogany door behind her. Fayette turned around and saw the closed door, and shook her head. Zelda was being more annoying than ever.


  Zelda went up to her bedroom, still seething at Fayette's words. She slammed the door shut, then went and sat down on her bed, trying to calm herself down. This was simply getting too much. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't get on with Fayette, and it was becoming unbearable. She was alone in the castle, with no-one else to talk to, except for some of the servants. There was only really Impa, but she knew that Impa would tell her to try harder to get on with Fayette. She sighed to herself. I have to get out of here, she thought to herself. I'm sick of hiding away indoors, I want a little more excitement in my life, than just sitting around this place. She looked around the room, and sighed again. There was a small tapping at the door, then it slowly moved open. Ewan peered around, then smiled when he saw Zelda. She barely looked up at him. "Mother, what's the matter?" he questioned. She looked up, and focused her attention onto her son.

 "Oh, hello sweetheart. Nothing's wrong," she said, trying to smile.

 "Are you missing dad?" he questioned. He's so perceptive, she thought to herself. She nodded.

 "I guess so. But..." she paused. She reached over to the nightstand, and picked up the letter.

 "He sent us a letter yesterday. Would you like me to read it to you?" she questioned. He nodded eagerly.

  "Okay..." Zelda replied. "Come and sit here," she added, patting the bed. Ewan bounded over, and jumped on top of the four poster bed's high mattress. Zelda read the letter out to him, missing out the more personal bits, or the parts he wouldn't understand. Once she'd finished, he leaned over and gave her a hug.

 "I'm glad dad's okay," he said.

 "Me too," Zelda agreed, hugging him back. She bit her lip, suddenly feeling guilty. She couldn't leave her son, she was all he had right now. He'd get real upset if I went. Maybe father's right after all, she thought.

 "Will he be back soon?" Ewan added.

 "I don't know, I wish I did. But let's hope that he does," Zelda replied, ruffling his hair affectionately.

 "I love you, mother," he said. "You'll never leave me, will you?" he asked, his blue eyes peering up at her anxiously. Oh great. It's like he can read my mind, or something, Zelda thought.

 "No, of course not sweetheart," she lied. He hugged her again, and Zelda shut her eyes. "I promise Ewan, I promise. I'm not going anywhere, I'll never do that, never. You're so special to me, I love you so much," she murmured to him.

  "Mother?" he suddenly questioned. She opened her eyes.


 "Impa says you have dreams, like me?" he said.

 "Sometimes. Was there one worrying you?" Zelda answered, looking down at him again.

 "No, no I don't have scary dreams much now. Just... ones I don't understand much," he replied.

  "Don't worry," Zelda replied, dropping a kiss on top of his head.

  "Thank you mother," he said.

  "Soon, it'll all be back to normal," she reassured him. I hope, she added in her mind, on afterthought.


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