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Zelda: Requital


Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 1

    A small boat rocked across the perilous Great Sea, which was the stretch of water between the coasts of Sosaria and Hyrule. There was only one man on this boat, and he carried an important message which was to be delivered to the Royal family of Hyrule. Only he and a handful of other people knew of the content, but it was important that the message was delivered. Of course, soon the rest of Sosaria would know, but it was quite important, but not vital that the message was delivered. Edward, as he was known, stared out at the horizon, feeling worried, it was going to be a stormy night, and he wasn't sure whether the little boat would be able to take much more of this battering. A strip of lightening flashed across the sky, illuminating the dark horizon. It also illuminated a dark shape, that of a huge ship. Edward privately thanked the virtues, holding his cap to his chest, perhaps it was a stock ship going from Sosaria to Hyrule, or perhaps the other way around, whichever, he could surely deliver the message one way or another. Another streak of white lit up the sky, this time showing the flag of the ship. Edward froze when he saw what was depicted on the flag. It was that of a solitary skull gnawing on a cutlass. It was the flag of Qui Caloise, the scourge of every decent mariner on the Great Sea. A great booming tore through Edward's ears, as a cannon was fired. The next moment, a jarring crash filled the night, and Edward realised that he had been hit. The next cannon to be fired ripped another hole in the small boat, and Edward knew that he was dead. But he considered himself lucky, after all, the pirates could've opted to capture and torture him instead. A watery grave would be far more pleasant. As water began to surround his feet, Edward got to his knees, praying for a mercy he knew would not come...

   Hyrule, several months later....

    Princess Zelda of Hyrule pulled the chiffon drapes across the slightly opened windows in her bedroom, covering them. A lone candle flickered in the corner of the room next to the bed, casting shadows upon the walls. It was an unpleasantly hot night. She was dressed in a white silk night dress, but even that felt uncomfortable at the present moment. Pangs of loneliness shot through her, as she suddenly pulled the curtains aside, and gazed outside, into the darkness. Her husband, the great hero, Link was away, and she was missing him like crazy. He had gone away to Saria, a town in the far south of West Hyrule, to help get rid of the moblin raids, that had frequently been attacking the town. She slowly walked over towards her bed, wishing that he would return. Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through her stomach, causing her to drop to the floor for a moment. No, surely not now, she thought, feeling worried. Zelda was almost eight and a half months pregnant; she hadn't been expecting the birth to arrive for at least another three weeks. However, having had one child already, she recognised the feeling. The princess forced herself to stand, and she walked over to her bedroom door, and opened it. A guard was positioned halfway down the tower stairs, and she called out to him. He came rushing upstairs, looking worried. "Your Highness?" he questioned quickly.

    "Please, go and get Impa!" she said, referring to her old nursemaid, and now the nursemaid of her first child, Ewan.

    "At once, My Lady!" the guard said, rushing off down the tower steps. Zelda walked back inside her bedroom, and over to the bed, easing herself down onto the edge. Five years ago, she'd had her son, Ewan. The birth had been fairly easy, although a week late. But right now, it seemed too early to her, and she wanted Link to be there. Although it was uncustomary, he'd stayed with her the whole time. At that moment, Impa came rushing in.

    "Princess! Are you okay?" she asked, walking quickly up to the bed, and taking Zelda's hand.

    "I think... I think it's time," Zelda said faintly.

    "It could be a false alarm," Impa replied, rubbing the princess' shoulders comfortingly. Zelda suddenly gasped in pain.

    "No... no, trust me on this," she said. Impa nodded.

    "Yes," she said.

    "Now, can you stand?" she asked. Zelda stood up, a little shakily. Impa pulled the silken blankets off the bed, and then set a small fire going in the marble fireplace. "I'll be right back," she promised.

    Impa soon returned with white linen sheets, towels, and a small tin cauldron. She began to heat up some water in it over the fire, and then covered the bed in the sheets. "Get comfortable," she advised. Zelda lay back on the bed, as instructed, her pain growing. Selina arrived a few minutes later, ready to help out. Impa had helped with many deliveries, including the one of Zelda, Ewan and a week earlier, Fayette's. Fayette was Zelda's much hated step sister, and only a few months ago, her husband Raymundo, had been killed. Instead of returning to Brynnel, where they had lived together, she had opted to stay with her family at North Castle in Hyrule. She'd had a son, whom she'd named after his father. Selina was a healer, and one of Zelda's greatest friends. She sat on the bed next to the princess, moping her brow with a small water-filled sponge.

    "I wish Link would come back," Zelda murmured, between contractions.

    "I'm sure he'll be back as soon as he hears the news," Selina answered.

    "I suppose," Zelda said, sounding disappointed.

    "Don't fret, you must concentrate on having this baby, Princess," Impa advised, laying the towels close to the fire to warm them.

    "But Impa, I feel so bad! This isn't like last time!" Zelda wailed. Lines of worry showed on the old Hylian woman's face for a moment, but then she turned away to hide them.

    "You were lucky last time," she said, turning back. Selina got up, and walked over to Impa, who had walked over to the window.

    "Is it going to be complicated?" she asked quietly, glancing over at Zelda.

    "I hope not. But she is extremely early, and that isn't always a good thing," Impa replied, also in a quiet tone. Selina frowned, clasping her hands together.

    "Well, we must do everything possible to help her," she said.

    Link rode his horse hard, making the stallion gallop as fast as it could go. He had had a feeling earlier on in the evening that Zelda needed him, and he'd set off at once back to North Castle. It was almost two am in the morning, he'd been riding flat out for almost four hours. The tall towers of the castle were now in sight, though. Ten minutes later, he clattered over the drawbridge, and then halted outside the guardhouse. "Who goes there?" the guard on duty called out through the bars.

    "It's me, Link!" the hero called back. At once, the guard turned the wheel, and the portcullis was raised, allowing him entry inside. "Stable this horse for me!" he ordered to a guard inside the gate.

    "Yes Sir!" the guard replied, catching hold of the reins. Link jumped off, and ran through the courtyard, towards the main entry doors into the castle. Feeling in his pocket, he reached for the key that would unlock them, opened them, and then hurried inside. The Great Hall was deserted, and he ran through towards the back passage, then rushed up the stone stairs that led to his room that he shared with Zelda, in the Northeast tower. As he neared the top, he heard the sound of a baby crying. Slowing, he reached the top of the stairs, and stood outside the door for a minute, just listening. The cries continued for a few seconds, then all was quiet once more. He gently pushed the door open, unable to believe that his wife had given birth so early. A beautiful scene greeted him. Zelda was lying upon the bed, cradling a tiny child in her arms. His new son or daughter. She glanced up as she heard him approach, her tired, but happy expression turning to one of pure joy.

    "Link!" she exclaimed softly.

    "We'll leave you two alone," Impa suddenly said, and Link noticed her and Selina for the first time.

    "Thank you," Zelda said. They quietly walked out, closing the door behind them.

    "Zel... I'm sorry I couldn't be here sooner," Link apologised, walking over towards her.

    "It's okay," Zelda replied. "Meet your daughter," she added, holding the tiny baby towards him. Link took the child in his arms, and examined her closely.

    "She's absolutely beautiful, perfect," he said, looking at the baby's soft golden hair, and bright blue eyes.

    "I know," Zelda replied. Link kicked his boots off, and settled upon the bed next to his wife.

    "What will we call her?" he asked.

    "Not Zelda," Zelda replied, laughing a little.

    "Zelda is a lovely name," Link protested. Zelda shook her head.

    "We need something pretty," she said.

    "How about after your mother?" he suggested.

    "Alina..." Zelda murmured. "Or after yours, Medila," she added.

    "Perhaps those could be her middle names," Link said. The princess nodded.

    "Yes, that's a good idea. But we still need a first name," she said. Link looked thoughtful for a moment.

    "How about... Brianna?" he said.

    "Oh yes... that's beautiful. Yes, let's call her Brianna," Zelda agreed. She reached over to kiss him softly. Link looked down at his daughter, feeling immensely proud.

    "Welcome to Hyrule, Brianna," he whispered softly.

    The next day, everyone in the castle was extremely excited about the new arrival. People were rushing up to the Northeast tower all day, peeping in to look at baby Brianna. Zelda, who was extremely exhausted, spent most of her time sleeping, and so Link offered to look after his newly born daughter. Impa secretly felt a little worried, the child had been born extremely early, after all. But, she kept her fears to herself, telling Link only to keep the baby very warm. It may have been summer, but it was still easy for babies to catch a chill, and if Brianna did, she might not survive. Link was a good father, however, and Impa knew she could leave him to care for Brianna without any worries. Despite being three weeks early, Brianna seemed to be strong, and ready to face the world. It was almost a miracle that she had survived. "She's going to be a fighter, that one," Impa said to Selina.

    "I was two weeks early myself," the healer replied. Impa smiled.

    "I think that Brianna will be fine," she finally said, feeling sure. There was just something about Brianna, that reassured her. Ewan, was simply fascinated with her.

    "I can't believe how small she is!" he said to Link, climbing up onto the bed for a better look.

    "You'll have to help look after her, you know. I looked after my little sister," Link replied, patting his son on the head.

    "I'm going to be the best big brother ever, just you wait and see!" Ewan answered excitedly. Link smiled, and gently placed Brianna onto Ewan's lap. He gazed at his sister in awe, and touched the smooth skin of her cheek softly. "Wow, she's just like those dolls that my cousins play with," he said. "Except she's real," he added. Link nodded, and then remembered back to when his own sister, Haylee, had been born. She'd been a twin to his brother Hayden, so the birth had been especially exciting. He'd been two years younger than Ewan though, about three years old. Sadly, they were both dead, along with his other brother, Shawn, but somehow, having children of his own had kind of made up for it. Brianna resembled Haylee a little, in a way, with her curly blonde hair, but the baby had eyes as blue as his own. Haylee's eyes had been brown. But Brianna would probably grow up to be as beautiful as her mother.

    As Ewan chattered quietly to Brianna, Link turned to glance over at Zelda , who was curled up near to him, fast asleep. Her long blonde hair spilled over her shoulders and onto the purple coloured covers, and there was a small smile upon her lips. But she still looked so pale and tired. She hadn't been like this after she'd given birth to Ewan. She'd been walking about the castle, showing him off to everyone.

    "Dad, are you okay?" Ewan suddenly asked, noticing his father's expression. The boy seemed to have a knack for sensing people's feelings, even if he wasn't looking at them. Link forced himself to smile at his son reassuringly.

    "Ewan, I'm fine. Just feeling a little sentimental, I guess," he said.

    "Sentimental?" Ewan questioned, not understanding. Sometimes, the way he talked and acted, Ewan seemed so much older than just five years old, but then again, like many other children his age, there were a lot of things he still needed to learn.

    "It means that you feel very emotional, very happy, very sad, or whatever," Link explained.

    "Do you feel sad?" Ewan pressed. Link shook his head.

    "No, I feel very happy. I'm just a little worried about your mother, that's all," he said.

    "Is mother sick?" Ewan questioned.

    "No. Just very, very tired. She needs to rest," Link answered. Suddenly, Brianna began to cry. Link picked her up, and walked around the room, trying to quieten her. It woke Zelda up though.

    "Good morning mother," Ewan said, moving up along the bed to sit beside her.

    "Good morning, darling," Zelda replied, smiling weakly. She eased herself up, still feeling a little hazy. She heard Brianna crying, and then go quiet, and heard Link talking to her. "What do you think of your sister?" she asked Ewan.

    "I think she's the best sister ever!" Ewan replied in an enthusiastic tone. Zelda smiled happily. At least he wasn't jealous, some children could be, after all. "And, I'm going to be the best big brother in the world to her!" he added. Link walked over to the bed, still holding Brianna.

    "You want to hold her for a while, Zel?" he asked.

    "Yes please," Zelda replied, reaching up towards her daughter. Link handed her over, and Zelda held her against her chest, feeling very happy. At that moment, there was a tiny flash of light, and then Sprite was stood there, on the end of the bed, wearing a long silver dress, a crystal tiara, her auburn hair more curly than ever.

    "I got here as soon as I heard the news!" she exclaimed.

    "Hey Sprite," Link greeted, glad to see his faerie friend. Sprite flew over, and took a look at Brianna.

    "Oh, she has your eyes, Link!" she exclaimed.

    "So people have said," the hero replied, smiling.

    "But she has hair just like mother's!" Ewan said.

    "Oh yes, of course," Sprite said. She alighted down onto the bed again. "Well, here I am, anyway. Brianna, I'm going to be your faerie godmother!" she announced.

    "Hey, hold it right there!" a high pitched voice shouted. A bright blue light, leaving a trail of faerie dust flew across the room, over to the bed. Navi, another faerie, and Sprite's rival, was stood there on the covers. She was wearing a modest blue dress, and a wreath of flowers in her dark wavy hair. "I'll be Brianna's faerie godmother instead," she stated.

    "No, I am! I said first!" Sprite protested, looking furious.

    "Well... can't you both be?" Zelda asked, hoping that the faeries petty squabbling wouldn't disturb Brianna.

    "No! Of course not! Now, which of us have served you for more years than you can imagine? Who is Ewan's faerie godmother?" Sprite demanded.

    "Well, you," Link said.

    "Well, it's only fair that I get my turn, then!" Navi retorted, looking smug.

    "Ha, yeah right! Look at you, some faerie godmother you'd make! You haven't even got the right sort of clothes!" Sprite said.

    "I think I look fine. You just look stereotypical," Navi answered, somewhat smugly.

    "Excuse me, I think I look absolutely perfect for the role! At least I made an effort! Anyway, you have freaky hair," Sprite stated.

    "I think Navi has nice hair," Ewan said.

    "Oh, you traitor! You're my godson, not hers! Stick up for me!" Sprite shrieked.

    "Well, if you're going to argue, maybe we should just pick someone else!" Zelda said, starting to feel annoyed.

    "Like who?" Navi questioned.

    "Well, what about one of your friends, Sprite? I'm sure they'd be honoured," Link suggested.

    "Or maybe we ought to ask your sister, Fleur," Zelda remarked slyly.

    "No, no, you can't do that!" Sprite exclaimed. She hated her younger sister, almost as much as she hated Navi. She glared over at Zelda, but the Princess was too busy admiring her baby to notice.

    "Well, I think Brianna would be happy to have two faerie godmothers, come on you two, just stop arguing, alright?" Link said.

    "I'd be happy for Brianna to have any number of faerie godmothers, so long as one of them wasn't her!" Sprite said, pointing over at Navi. "Or Fleur," she added.

    "Well, I want both of you to be her faerie godmothers, okay?" Link said.

    "Or else we'll ask Fleur," Zelda threatened. Sprite sighed heavily, and Navi looked smug.

    "Fine. Have it your way," she said sulkily. Zelda got up, and went over to place Brianna in the antique mahogany crib that had been in her family for centuries.

    "Alright, good. Both of you be at the christening tomorrow afternoon," she said.

    "Don't worry, I'll be there," Sprite said, before vanishing.

    "You can count on me!" Navi added, also flying away. Zelda turned to smile at Link.

    "Come on, we'd better get ready for lunch," she said. Link smiled back. Perhaps she was going to be alright after all, he thought hopefully.

    Fayette scowled to herself, feeling immensely jealous. Last week, she'd had her baby, and she'd been the centre of attention at the castle. Her baby, Raymundo (named after his father) had been especially cute, and very well behaved, unlike her previous children, who had been rather whiny babies. People had fawned around her, anxious to help, although most of them probably just felt sorry for her, because she was a single mother. Nevertheless, she'd certainly enjoyed the attention. Most of the time, no-one ever really spoke to her, she didn't really have any friends in Hyrule. They were either back in Brynnel, the place where Raymundo had come from, or back in her home country of Sosaria. She cradled her child in her arms, and walked down the stairs into the Great Hall. Zelda was sat with Link, Brianna on her lap, and Ewan on Link's knee, and Drake, Selina, Aaron, his wife Aimée, Impa, The King and Fenella, along with a couple of servants, were all crowded around the happy family. "Oh, she's simply beautiful!" Fenella exclaimed, loud enough for Fayette to hear. Fayette felt even more jealous. Fenella was her mother, she was only Zelda's step mother! She should be paying attention to me, not her, Fayette thought bitterly. She and Zelda had never got on, but she was curious to see what her step-niece was like. She walked over to the group.

    "Well, congratulations, Zelda," she said, trying to sound as pleasant as possible. Zelda looked up, frowning slightly.

    "Hello Faye," she said, in a neutral tone. Fayette leaned down to have a look at the baby.

    "What have you called her?" she asked.

    "Brianna," Zelda answered, smiling back down at her daughter.

    "Isn't she absolutely gorgeous, Faye?" Fenella asked.

    "Uh, sure," Fayette said, trying to sound as gracious as she could.

    "She's going to be the double of you, Zel," Selina said.

    "Well, she is my daughter, of course she'll look like me," Zelda laughed.

    "Hey, don't forget about me!" Link said, also laughing. Zelda leaned over, and gave him a hug.

    "How could I?" she replied, smiling. Fayette turned away, before anyone could see her expression of disgust. She really did hate her step sister. Not only was she beautiful, she was also married to one of the most handsome men Fayette had ever seen. And he adored Zelda, would do anything for her. Fayette had been in love once, when her husband Raymundo had been alive. But he'd been cruelly snatched away from her, murdered in cold blood. And now she was alone. It just didn't seem fair. She glanced back once more, then quickly turned away, and hurried towards the stairs.




    Selina Rowen gazed out of her bedroom window, feeling excited. Her husband-to-be would be arriving soon, Prince Nicolas of Dalsona. He may have been the heir to the richest country in the world, but he was a humble, and friendly man, well liked by everyone for his generosity and kindness. Selina sometimes still couldn't believe that he'd chosen her, a simple Hyrulian peasant healer, no-one important, to be his wife. And he'd even been prepared to give up his legacy back in Dalsona, said he would remain with her in Hyrule, if she didn't wish to live in Dalsona. A short while ago, Selina had thought that she'd never be able to love again. Six years or so ago, her first true love, Aramis, had been killed in a tragic incident. He'd been brainwashed by the evil griffin Enzar, and had gone to a meeting with one of Enzar's henchmen during the night, to receive instructions. Selina and Zelda had followed him, and heard what had taken place, feeling confused. Suddenly, they where attacked by a group of Darknuts in the forest. Unfortunately, they'd turned on Aramis, and killed him, but Selina and Zelda had escaped. It was only later that they discovered the truth; Aramis had not been himself that night. Selina had been devastated though. She'd really truly loved Aramis, but she hadn't known it until then. But then Nick had came into her life, and she'd learnt how to love again. As soon as they'd begun to form a delicate relationship, he'd been taken away from her, pulled into the Dark Realm by the evil wizard Ganon. Six years later, he'd escaped, and they'd fallen in love. He was to be King of Dalsona, and supposed to marry a Princess, but he'd chosen Selina. She'd been highly nervous, but his family had liked her the instant they'd met her, and given the couple their blessing. Now soon, in the next month, they were to be married. It would have been earlier, but at the time, Zelda had been pregnant, and Selina knew Zelda would prefer to have had the baby, if she was going to be a bridesmaid. Although Selina had been brought up on a small farm in the village of Karul, she had opted not to be a farmer, but instead, studied to be a healer. Later, she'd got friends with Link and Princess Zelda, and became North Castle's resident healer. Staying at the castle, she'd tried her best to learn the royal etiquette, just like Link had. He too, had only been a peasant, but he'd become the greatest hero of Hyrule, and earned the respect of the Royal Family, and the love of it's Princess, sole heir to the Kingdom. Nick would be arriving soon, to be present at the christening of the baby. He had been planning to come much later, in about three weeks, but this had been an unexpected event, of the baby arriving so early. She hoped that he would get there soon, her heart turning somersaults at the thought of seeing her fiancé again...

    "Are you sure you're okay?" Link asked his wife anxiously, as they sat down in the front pew in North Castle's small chapel, later that day. She nodded.

    "I'm fine Link, please don't worry," she replied softly, slipping her hand into his. He smiled at her, leaning close to share a kiss. She allowed him to for a moment, then pulled away. "There's time for that later," she replied, giving him a knowing smile. At that moment, Impa walked into the chapel, Ewan holding her hand, and Brianna in her free arm. "Impa, you look wonderful!" Zelda exclaimed.

    "Well, it is the christening of a very important child, you know," she chuckled. Impa was wearing a simple white gown, with a silver Hylian belt, which had been passed down her family for centuries. Zelda herself was also dressed in white, a silk gown with a high waist, and v-neck, and trailing sleeves. Link wore a crisp white silk shirt, a dark blue waistcoat and matching trousers. Ewan was similarly attired, and Brianna wore the white lace heirloom christening gown, that everyone in Zelda's family had worn at some point. The chapel had been decorated with fresh flowers, and two candles had been lit, and placed upon the altar. The font had been filled with holy water. Everyone began to file in, taking their places. Ewan sat next to his parents, and Impa sat there too, passing Brianna to Zelda. The priest came in, and stood behind the altar, ready to begin. Everyone went quiet, and the ceremony was started.

    Zelda handed Brianna over to the priest a few minutes later, after the prayers had been said. The priest held her softly up for everyone to see. "May the goddesses bless this child, the second heir of the Great Kingdom of Hyrule," he said. "May the virtues of the Triforce shine forth from her," he continued. Dipping his finger in the font, he traced a symbol of the Triforce onto Brianna's forehead. "I now christen this precious child, Brianna Alina Medila Grâtia-Illustrísquídam, Princess of Hyrule," he announced, using the thousands year old Hylian name of the Royal family. Hey then laid her down upon a soft blanket upon the altar, and Sprite flew over, wearing the same silver attire from the previous day, her crystal tiara glittering in the light of the candles.

    "Brianna, I am Sprite, Princess of the Fey. I am here to bestow a gift, and the blessing of my race upon you," she said in a gentle, yet loud voice. She fluttered above the baby, and let a handful of faerie dust sprinkle down onto Brianna's head. "Brianna, I give you the gift of beauty. May all your days be full of it, wherever you go, whatever you see. And of course, you will equalling as captivating. Wherever you go Brianna, I will be there, watching over you, protecting you, as I have protected your parents, and your brother," she said softly. Then she flew away, high up into the roof of the chapel, to watch from above. Navi flew over next, was wearing a white dress, and a wreath of flowers on her head.

    "Brianna, I am Navi, of the Fey," she announced. Sprite grinned smugly, knowing that she had sounded much better. Navi continued, fluttering above the altar. "I bestow also a gift, and the blessing of my race," she said, dropping faerie dust of her own. "I give you the gift of friendship, and happiness,. You will have many friends, and I hope you shall never know tragedy. Whenever you need me Brianna, I'll be there for you," Navi said. Then she flew away also. The priest stepped forward again.

    "I will now call forth the godparents," he said.

    "Aaron, and Aimée Westley," he stated. Aaron and his wife got up, and walked up to the altar proudly. Selina and Drake had been Ewan's godparents. The priest blessed them both, and they leaned down to kiss Brianna. Then they went and took their places back in the pews. "We shall now say a short prayer, to welcome Brianna," the priest said. Everyone bowed their heads in prayer, following the words of the priest, and then the ceremony was finally over. Zelda walked over and thanked the priest for his service, and then picked Brianna up.

    "That was great," Link said, walking up to her.

    "Yes, I know. Brianna is so lucky," Zelda replied. Link wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

    "I see everyone turned up, too," he said.

    "Yes... I suppose we should go and socialise with them, before the dinner this evening," she said.

    "Well... we could just take an extra long time getting ready for it, instead," Link grinned. Zelda laughed.

    "I wish... although, I do rather feel like a lie-down," she admitted.

    "By yourself?" Link questioned.

    "Well, actually, I think you should j..." Zelda started. Her words were suddenly interrupted, when someone tapped her on the shoulder.

    "Pardon me Princess, but I really would like a better look at this exquisite child of yours," a familiar voice said. She and Link turned to see Nick stood there, Selina close by.

    "Oh, Nick! It's wonderful to see you!" Zelda exclaimed. She handed Brianna over to Link for a moment, so that she could embrace her old friend. She kissed him on the cheek warmly, and then stepped back.

    "And likewise. You look simply radiant," he said charmingly. Link let him hold Brianna.

    "Good to see you," he said.

    "Yes, and you, Link. Well, she is simply the most beautiful baby I have ever laid eyes on," Nick announced, smiling.

    "Thank you," Zelda said, taking her back.

    "Come on, let's go and catch up," Selina suggested, and they all walked out of the chapel together happily.

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