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Zelda: Requital

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 10

    Sprite was awoken from her mid-day nap, when another faerie alighted themselves next to her on the branch. It was Nazareth, head of the council of faerie's.

"Uh, hi," greeted Sprite groggily. Nazareth nodded to her, and he looked quite uncomfortable. "Princess, I believe I have an apology to make," started Nazareth.

"Mmm," said Sprite, still half asleep.

"It seems the claims that Navi of the Fey accused you with weren't exactly 100% correct. And not only that, but they were used to damage you rather than improve you," said Nazareth nervously. Sprite rubbed her eyes and nodded.

"Uh-huh," she murmured, feeling awful.

"In other words, Navi told us about your certain flaws to make you look bad, and to make her feel better. She was jealous of you," said Nazareth, shifting from one foot to the other.

"So, what you are saying is?" asked Sprite, still not entirely with it.

"What I'm saying is, that you are no longer banished, and every punishment we bestowed upon you has been erased," blurted Nazareth. Sprite wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry, she was in that kind of mood.

"So I can go see my friends?" she asked. Nazareth nodded. "What about Navi?" asked Sprite. "She will be, punished accordingly," answered Nazareth.

"And my heirship?" questioned Sprite, her mood getting better and better.

"I'm afraid that punishment still stands Tamara. You have broken the code and still need to be punished," said Nazareth firmly. Sprite frowned, upset that she would have to fight for the throne. But she shrugged and nodded.

"I understand," she said solemnly, and she leaned forward giving Nazareth a hug. "Thank the goddesses that the rest of the punishments are lifted though," she exclaimed happily.

"Indeed," said Nazareth quietly.

"I'm off to see some friends, tell them about the good news!" said Sprite, flying from the tree. "Naturally," agreed Nazareth as he watch the Princess fly away.


    They danced in the throes of seemingly primitive behaviour, around a large, burning fire in the centre of the hidden valley. Gold bracelets, jewels and spears flashing in the firelight, a sea of bodies leaping about and yelling loudly. Only a few stood to one side, regarding the spectacle fearfully. Balayna's loyal followers, of course. The good Gerudos. The others followed the orders of the new Queen, Faylita, as if brainwashed. Rather like what had happened while Ganondorf had been in charge.

"It's the child. Balayna was right, it's evil, just like its father, " Jenimue murmured sadly. "And it looks like the good in Balayna hasn't cancelled Ganondorf's evil out," Dindraina said, folding her slender tanned arms across her chest. A few others in their small group murmured softly in agreement. "Faylita has used black magic to convert them," she added in a bitter tone. More murmurs.

"And what if she finds out that we are against her?" someone asked.

"She won't," Jenimue said firmly. She'd been elected leader of the little group. "We'll kill Molasar, and then hopefully, he won't have a hold over Faylita, and things will go back to normal," she stated.

"But to kill a mere child! Surely it's not him causing this?" one of the younger members spoke up.

"During war, you kill what you perceive as a threat. This could end up being a war, and that child is the threat," Jenimue said, her eyes narrowed, and her mouth set in a firm, straight line.

"And Faylita?" another woman questioned.

"Faylita is being controlled by the child, or perhaps by the Evil One himself," Dindraina said, referring to Ganondorf. The small group all gazed at each other fearfully. They knew that their old king was not dead, but that his spirit was imprisoned somewhere, many hundreds of miles away.

"Black magic, it is a foul and terrible thing," one of them remarked.

"And Faylita is trained in it! Surely it is part of a circle?" someone else said. Jenimue bit her lip nervously.

"We should have known... Ganondorf trained the most apt, while he was here... if only we'd tried to counteract the effects!" she said.

"It's too late now," Dindraina said, looking away. They all turned back to where the rest of the tribe was dancing. Suddenly, Faylita emerged from the Temple of Winds, dressed in a golden bikini and sarong. Rubies, the jewels of power, adorned her neck, hands, arms, hair. Her long red hair was tied up in a high ponytail. "She truly looks like a queen," Dindraina sighed.

"A bad queen," one of the group commented viciously.

"Enough! Anger and hate only fuels the evil. We must remain neutral, and not let her catch on to our feelings, else she may know of our planned deceit," Jenimue said sharply. They watched as Faylita took out a bejewelled dagger, and held it aloft.

"For the honour of our new King, we must prepare a blood sacrifice!" she announced. While the crowd cheered, Jenimue's group stared around at each other in horror.

"The evil has begun..." Dindraina cried, her golden eyes flashing in fear.

    Faylita pulled a young girl from out of the crowd at random. The girl was so out of it, that she didn't seem to realise that she was going to be the Queen's victim of a blood sacrifice. "All bow before the power of the Mighty Molasar, Prince of the Night!" she shouted. The women all immediately dropped to their knees, including the one she'd dragged aside. Fools, she thought, the edges of her mouth twisting into a cruel smile. Suddenly, she got a sense that all was not quite right. Someone was opposed to this. She glanced around, but could not tell who it might be. "Does anyone dare to defy me?" she shouted. "Step forward, rebel!" Not a movement. Shaking her head, she pulled the young girl up, who had seemed to come out of her reverie. She was shaking a little now. Faylita liked seeing fear. Just as the Great Ganondorf had... and just as the Mighty Molasar would. "You should feel proud," she sneered to the young girl, who nodded blindly. Then, Faylita brought the knife down, killing the girl instantly. Blood began to seep out of the wound, and Faylita collected it in a golden goblet. A dark laughter instantly permeated everyone's minds, and they all jumped up, and began to dance around the large glowing red fire again. Faylita wandered back into the Temple, and came out with baby Molasar. She then began to trickle the warm blood down his throat. He did not protest, and she smiled. "Yes. You shall be the one to rule Demiari. You shall take The Power of Gold. I give you this so that you will grow strong," she stated.

He will, but beware the rainbow and the thunderstorm. They pose a threat, and must be eliminated, Ganondorf suddenly said. Faylita raised her eyebrows in surprise.


You must destroy them, before they destroy my child, Ganondorf replied. Faylita tried to think of who was named after those things, but no-one in particular sprung to mind at that particular moment. She'd have to make some enquiries...


    "It was Felicity," said Carrie to her friend, Sprite. Sprite looked to Tiffany for confirmation. Tiffany nodded.

"Where is she then?" asked Sprite.

"We're not sure, she said something about research, but we're not sure what about," said Carrie, twirling a strand of her red hair.

"Library, she must be there," said Sprite snapping her fingers.

"She could be, but you know Flis. When she says research, she prefers to do it the practical way, hands on," said Tiffany.

"What? So she could be anywhere? Trust her to disappear when I need to see her most," said Sprite, her figure slumping.

"We think it might be something to do with those Nightmares, she kept going on about them the other day," said Carrie in a hushed tone.

"Oh great! You don't think she's gone up to that tower do you?" asked Sprite, not liking the idea of trailing all the way up there.

"If there's any of it left to go up. It collapsed, remember?" said Tiffany. Sprite sighed. "I'm going to check out the library, as well as the castle library and the North castle library, that way, you can't say I didn't try," Sprite told her two friends. They both nodded.

"If we see her, we'll tell her where you'll be," they both assured her.

"Thanks you guys," said Sprite smiling, before heading off to the communal library of the Fey.

    "Flis!" exclaimed Sprite as she spotted her friend in the old library building. Felicity, who had been reading something, turned around and smiled.

"I see they've released you then," she said. Sprite nodded.

"And according to two little sources I know, it's all down to you," said Sprite, giving her friend a grateful hug.

"Not entirely. I just flicked the first domino and the rest followed," said Felicity, closing the book she had been reading. Sprite gave her friend a blank look. Felicity shook her head and grinned.

"You know, when you used to play domino's when you were a kid. You'd line them up in a swirly pattern, then knock the first one down and see how many you could knock down before it stopped?" said Felicity. Sprite shook her head slowly.

"I never played with domino's as a child, I was under-privileged," said the princess, half-jokingly.

"In simple terms, I did one thing, and it set of a chain of events which resulted in Navi being discovered for the true faerie she is, and you having your punishments lifted," said Felicity. "Oh I see, I get it now. Sorry about that, you must think I'm so dumb," said Sprite, finally seeing Felicity's metaphor of things.

"Don't I always?" asked Felicity with a laugh.

"Hey," started Sprite giving her friend a cross look. "I'm princess again now, so see you don't insult me," finished Sprite, grinning slightly.

"As if I would do such a thing to the future queen of the Fey," said Felicity.

"I heard you'd gone up to that tower, Nagul's tower," said Sprite, almost shuddering at the mention of the name. When the tower had been used by Enzar as a base, she had been trapped there, along with no small number of other of her kind.

"Yes, I just got back not so long ago," replied Felicity.

"But why, it's dangerous up there!" exclaimed Sprite, not understanding why her friend would embark on something so risky. "I mean, did you even ask the council for permission?" asked Sprite. Felicity emitted a small laugh.

"Really Sprite, do I ever ask the council for permission? If I did that, I'd never find out anything new," exclaimed Felicity.

"I suppose you're right, but why did you go up there anyway?" asked Sprite. Felicity shrugged. "I have to admit it wasn't because of those Nightmares, it was more of what had occurred there. That storm, you know the rain, thunder, lightening. That's why I was there. Everyone thinks it was those Nightmares who caused that storm, what with it starting when they entered the tower and ending when they were destroyed, but I don't think that was the case," explained Felicity. "Even if it wasn't, so what?" asked Sprite.

"I was curious that's all, Byron was talking about it in the tavern, when a merchant from Dubatio said that they'd had that kind of weather as well, just starting from nothing, going on for days, then suddenly ending. I didn't find anything at the tower, but it got me thinking back to an incident hundreds of years ago. Felicity opened the book she had been holding, handing it to Sprite. "In 3014 when the wizard Aganhim appeared for the first time, when he overthrew the king, a great storm occurred, one of the biggest to be recorded in years. I know this may sound crazy, but do you think it's possible that the occurrence of great evil can cause changes in the weather?" asked Felicity gingerly. Sprite shrugged, reading through the first page of the book.

"It is possible, but maybe the weather is created by the actual evil that has occurred," pointed out Sprite.

"I thought about that, but that storm, it was something different. If these woods weren't protected, we wouldn't have had a home left," said Felicity.

"Different? I guess it was, I mean that lightening for a start, it reduced Leigh to..." started Sprite.

"Nothing? She disappeared didn't she? And notice the direction in which the storm was going, from Dubatio, to Hyrule. It's going in a southerly direction, which means it's heading for Sosaria," said Felicity. Sprite's forehead creased a little as she thought it over.

"And?" she asked.

"It's just a thought, and it'll probably come to nothing, but still, I just can't help thinking about it," said Felicity, taking the book back from Sprite. Sprite smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, but enough of that, what I really want to hear about, is how you got me out of that mess I was in!" said Sprite. Felicity closed the book, replacing it on its shelf, turned back to Sprite and grinned.

"You're right, I was having a chat with Byron, when he said something that really shone a light on the situation, well it did for me anyway..."

    "Yeah, Sprite's got herself into a real mess, or rather someone else did it for her," sighed Felicity, as she confided in her human companion, Byron Leford. Byron was a young soldier, who had fought in the recent war, or rather battle. Now that that had all ended, he was back to pacing the walls of Ruto town, making sure nothing entered that was not welcome. He was a handsome man, sandy blonde hair and a quick smile. He was very alike to his more famous cousin, Sir Drake. Felicity was his guardian, but not because she owed him any favour, well she did in a way, but he had never directly saved her life which was the custom if you were to have a human companion. When he had been a young lad of eleven, he was twenty four now, he had stumbled upon an injured faerie, who had been too exhausted to make it back to the safety of the Fey. Byron had taken the faerie in, fed it and kept it well until that faerie was well enough to return to the Fey. That faerie had been Felicity's mother, who had sadly died two years after the incident. As her mother had introduced Felicity and Byron, Felicity decided it was only right that she carry on as Byron's faerie guardian, after all he had saved her mother's life. Byron grinned, taking a sip from his mug of ale.

"Isn't she always doing that?" he asked with a laugh.

"It's worse this time. She's got into real trouble with the council, and they've stopped her from seeing any human for half a year! She'll never keep the punishment, because I know what she's like and it'll kill her if she can't see any of her human friends," explained Felicity. "You said someone else got her into the mess, who?" asked Byron.

"Oh this stupid little witch who claims to be from the past, and not only that, but she reckons she's Link's TRUE guardian faerie, if that is true, then where has she been the last decade?" asked Felicity.

"So this Navi grassed on Sprite so that she could get her out of the picture and claim her right to be Link's guardian, she's a crafty so and so, I'll give her that," said Byron, taking a last gulp of his ale. Felicity looked up at her companion and grinned.

"Of course!" she exclaimed.

"What?" asked Byron, a little confused.

"You humans aren't so thick after all!" said Felicity excitedly.

"Thanks heaps," said Byron, still grinning. Felicity stopped and smiled sheepishly.

"I didn't mean it like that," she protested.

"That's fine, most of us are anyway," admitted Byron.

"Oh but it isn't true, you're as intelligent as the next faerie," said Felicity, guilty at the fact she had just insulted Byron and his race. She was lucky he was so easy going, or Sprite might not be the only one in a mess.

"Look, you're forgiven, just get on with what brilliantly inspired thought has just struck you down," said Byron pushing his ale mug aside.

"Navi told the council about Sprite's indescrepancies so that she'd get in trouble, well everyone already knew that, but the council wouldn't believe it. They thought Navi was just telling them because as a faerie, it is our duty to report things like that," said Felicity. "So you admit that Sprite might've deserved what she got?" asked Byron, one eyebrow slightly raised.

"Perhaps, but not as severe as what she's been given. But that isn't the point. Navi only told the council about what Sprite had done because she wanted to get Sprite out of the picture, as you said, and so that she could take Sprite's place!" said Navi. Byron frowned a little.

"What does that matter though?" he asked.

"Can't talk, must go," said Felicity, getting up from the table and flying out of the window. Byron watched her, wearing an amused grin. He glanced across at the wall clock and stood up, as it was time for him to go back on his shift.

    "I still don't get it!" moaned Sprite.

"Well, I came here to look up on the code of lore, and I found exactly what I was looking for. Lucky thing I know my lore, or I might never have looked it up in the first place," said Felicity, leading Sprite over to an old book which was hung on the wall. She opened it to a particular page and showed it to Sprite who quickly read it. After she had finished, she turned to Felicity and grinned.

"Oh I see, but still, how did you prove it to the council?" asked Sprite.

"Simple," replied Felicity, before she launched into her explanation of how she proved Navi's intentions were less than 100% crystalline.

    "Navi, the council wants to see you," said Felicity casually to the other faerie. She was currently bathing in the fountain of youth, which was a massive lake (only a small pond to humans though) which contained magical properties which preserved a faeries natural glow of health. Not only that, but if used often, the lake could take more than ten years off a faeries appearance. That was why Sprite and all of her friends still didn't look a day past seventeen. Of course, the older you got, the more years it took off, the wise Picadilious was over three hundred years old, but never looked any more than a fit and healthy fifty year old. The results were quite miraculous really. They didn't of course preserve life, just took years off your appearance. Most faeries could count on living at least a century and a half, but Felicity suspected that, like her mother, she would not be blessed with that security.

"What for?" asked Navi.

"They wish to question you on your motives for reporting Tamara," answered Felicity.

"But they already know. It was my duty to inform them," said Navi, who had just gone a shade paler.

"They suspect otherwise I'm afraid, so unless you can come up with a convincing case, or a decent apology, it'll be you who is banished, and not Sprite," said Felicity, glad she had cast a mind probe protection spell on herself. She suspected that Navi had been blessed with the gift of reading minds, and she didn't want Navi to know that she was lying through her back teeth. Felicity was hoping that Navi hadn't taken in every change of the Fey, and had missed one or two things. In the era which Navi had emerged from, Felicity had discovered that in cases such as this, motive was researched very thoroughly before any kind of hearing. They always had to rule out spite and jealousy before anything went ahead, but these days things were, regrettably, slacker. The only way for Navi to be discovered this way was if she confessed to the council, which was what Felicity was hoping Navi would do. It was a long shot, but Felicity had also been blessed with partial mind's eye, which meant she could know a persons feelings just by glancing at them. She could tell that Navi, who, in her era had been a respected and trustworthy faerie, had succumbed to petty jealousy and spite. But, as she still had a shred of decency left, she felt guilty over what she had done to Sprite. Even if Navi didn't confess, if she went to the council and blurted out that her motives were pure, they would suspect something was up and question her further.

"When do they wish to see me?" asked Navi.

"Now," said Felicity shortly. She had peeped into the council glade just before she had begun her search for Navi, and they had all been present. Navi nodded and rose from the pool, blatantly using magic to change from her current attire to her trademark blue dress. Then, she quickly flew from the clearing making her way to the glade.

    "She completely fell for it, blurted out a confession and apology, and is now held in disgrace in the darkest part of the wood," finished Felicity.

"I'll certainly have to thank Byron then, seeing as he inspired your stroke of genius in the first place. But it's a pity Navi was banished, because now I can't gloat until she returns," said Sprite.

"Really Princess Tamara, you can be very un-sporting," said Felicity, in mock distaste.

"Aren't I just?" asked Sprite smiling broadly.

"Too bad you still have to win an election in order to rule though," said Felicity. Sprite smiled.

"I don't know, it might be fun, and if I don't win, well then it'll just take a whole load off my shoulders," said Sprite with a shrug.

"You really mean that?" asked Felicity in surprise.

"Sort of, but I know I have to win, just to show Navi that her little plan hasn't succeeded in the slightest. And as soon as I make myself Queen of the Fey, I'm going to make you my chief advisor," declared Sprite. Felicity giggled.

"Nazareth won't like that, he'll be expecting to keep the post," she said.

"Who cares, you have made my life livable again, I have to repay you some way," theorised Sprite.

"How about you just give me a lifetime's supply of gold and a husband then?" asked Felicity, grinning.

"Hey, you can have my husband if you want, useless clot that he is," said Sprite sourly.

"Oh don't say that Sprite, you two love each other really," said Felicity.

"I know, but he's so, not exciting. What I'd give to have someone like Link," said Sprite dreamily.

"Don't let any one hear that, or you'll definitely be forbidden from seeing humans," said Felicity, pretending to be shocked. Although she would never admit it, she also secretly had a thing for her human companion, Byron.

"You know, this means I can go to Nick and Selina's wedding now, but don't think for one second I'm letting him tag along," said Sprite. Felicity let out another giggle.

"Can you even remember his name?" she asked jokingly. Sprite grinned for a second and let out a dismissive laugh.

"Of course I do, he is my husband," she said.

"Surely not?" asked Felicity, noticing that Sprite hadn't really answered her question. Sprite went pale for a second then burst out into giggles.

"You know, I really can't remember!" she exclaimed between laughs.

"Oh Sprite, you're wicked!" exclaimed Felicity.

"What is it?" asked Sprite, feeling slightly worried.

"It's," started Felicity, pausing.

"Oh wait, I do know, Troy? No, no it's Alexius isn't it?" asked Sprite desperately.

"Antious! That's it," said Felicity snapping her fingers. Then she turned to her friend. "Things really are bad aren't they?" she said slowly. Sprite nodded solemnly.

"I should go and see him, but I'd rather see Link," she admitted. Felicity shook her head. "Follow your heart Tamara. If you go to Antious, you'll know there's still something, but if it doesn't take you there, then I think you should be seriously contemplating annulment," said Felicity solemnly. Sprite nodded, feeling terrible. Could it be true that her feelings for her husband were none-existent? Even in this strife, she knew her heart could never take her to Antious, but to someone who would be out of her reach forever. She silently left the library, knowing her destination. North Castle.

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