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Zelda: Requital

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 12

    After the band stopped for a break, Byron took Felicity over to the refreshments table, and introduced her to Drake who grinned and winked at her in a friendly fashion. As she sipped at a glass of the provided wine, she realised how long she had danced with Byron, how long she had talked and laughed with him. She hadn't intended it to go this far, just one dance, it had turned out to be a lot more. She put down the glass and ran a hand through her hair nervously. "Look Byron, I have to go, I'm sorry," she said quickly, dashing back into the crowd before Byron could say a word to stop her.

    As Carrie finished her dance with yet another handsome man, she saw Felicity weaving through the dancers, looking a little upset. Carrie quickly said bye to her partner, she followed Felicity and ended outside, on the veranda. "Flis? What is it?" asked Carrie quietly once they were outside. She placed a supportive hand on her friend's shoulder. Felicity turned to Carrie and shook her head.

"You wouldn't, I couldn't tell you," she said, her voice almost cracking.

"Come on Flis, you know you can tell me," chided Carrie. Felicity still didn't turn to face her friend, just held up a hand.

"Please Carrie, I need to think, alone," she said quietly. Carrie was about to say something, when Felicity turned, tears burning in her eyes.

"I don't like to leave you here, alone," said Carrie softly. Felicity nodded.

"I appreciate that," she said, pausing to swallow, her throat dry, "but, I just want to be alone with my thoughts right now," said Felicity. Carrie nodded, and let go of Felicity's shoulder.

"Okay, but I'm not happy about this," she warned. Felicity nodded, not able to say a word. Then Carrie left, going back into the reception. Felicity walked away from the veranda, into the formal gardens. A fountain stood in front of her, the whole garden surrounded by delicious smelling trees and flowers, of a fauna Felicity had never seen or smelt before. She sat down on the edge of the fountain, running her hand through the cool water. The night air was warm, but not unbearable. Felicity gazed at her reflection in the pool of water, studying it intently. Byron had been so captured by her appearance, like no man ever before. Most of the male population in the Fey were, well put it this way, they were hardly appealing. Most of them were male chauvinists, believing that they were superior in every way to the female race. Since Felicity was quite intelligent, most of them avoided her, she could never resist pointing out mistakes they made and so on. They weren't all bad, but those ones were already married. For the first time in her life, Felicity had felt genuinely appreciated, by a man. It was nice, she had to admit, but she knew it would amount to nothing by even more hurt. That's why she'd got away before, damage limitation. Sighing, she turned her head up to the stars, studying the constellations intently, trying to forget everything that had occurred in the most recent hours of her life. After all, that was the easiest way, just to forget.

    "So Nick, the old ball and chain weighing you down yet?" asked Drake laughing as he talked to the prince. Nick cracked a grin.

"A life sentence with Selina, I think I can live with that," he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Oo-er, madly in love alert, keep away, he could be contagious," laughed Link.

"As you were when you wed the beautiful princess over there?" asked Nick.

"Guilty as charged," said Link proudly.

"Nice place you got here Nick. It's, big," said Drake, looking around the room.

"It certainly is," said Nick, looking around also. Suddenly, Selina and Zelda appeared.

"That's where you are!" said Selina, walking up to Nick, wrapping her arms around his neck and greeting him with a warm kiss, amid to several wolf whistles courtesy of Drake of course. Zelda walked over to Link, and smiled.

"Care to dance stranger?" she asked. Link gulped down the rest of his drink and set it down.

"Would I?" he replied, enthused before they both took to the dance floor.

"Still in love after, let's see, at least six years of marriage. There's hope yet for you two," said Drake.

"As if there were any ever doubt," cried Selina, her arms still wrapped lazily around Nick's neck.

"Easy on him, you might strangle the poor guy," said Drake with a grin.

"I'm sure he wouldn't mind, it is me after all," said Selina, turning to give Nick another affectionate kiss.

"Speaking of romance, anyone happen to see the beauty my little cuz was dancing with?" asked Drake. Selina leaned down with her kiss from Nick and frowned.

"What did she look like?" she asked.

"Raven black hair, thick and glossy, this gorgeous figure and a charming smile. If Byron hadn't said it first, I'd think I was in love!" said Drake with a grin.

"Come to think of it, I think I did see her, but who is she? Me and Nick certainly didn't invite her," said Selina with a frown.

"Perhaps one of my friends invited her along, you know how it is with those invitations. I mean Fayette still appeared even after she never received an invite," pointed out Nick. "She reckoned she was looking for some guy called Bryan, although I'm certain she said Byron at first," said Drake.

"Perhaps she could be with Bryan Egrey, he's a guard here at the palace," said Nick.

"Well whatever, she soon rushed off not so long ago. Byron's pretty down on it," said Drake with a shrug.

"Whatever the case, I'm starved so let's go get something to eat from the buffet," suggested Selina, pulling Nick off into the direction of the great Feasting Hall.

    "Titania, it's nice to see you again," said Link as the auburn curled girl walked up to him. She smiled, noticing Zelda wasn't around.

"I'm getting a little hot, could you help me get through that crowd of dancers to the veranda, I'm afraid no one wants to stand apart for a little nothing like me," said Titania smiling imploringly at Link. He looked around for Zelda, then not seeing her, he grinned.

"Sure," he said, holding out and elbow for Titania to grab. He then wove through the crowd and out into the warm night air, inhaling the smell of blossoms and fruit trees.

"Thank you, I don't know where I'd be without you," said Titania, smiling up at Link.

"Aww it was nothing," said Link bashfully. Titania, or rather Sprite, stoop up on her tip toes and kissed Link, savouring the moment as she had planned to for years. Half way through the kiss however, Link pulled apart, looking shocked. "You're not Titania, you're Sprite aren't you?" he demanded, although he looked more shocked than angry. His brain had just clicked the moment before, as he had thought about what Zelda had said about the name Titania.

"Sounds like it belongs to the faeries," she had pouted. Only now had he seen the connection. Sprite meanwhile was busy pouting, not because Link had found out, she would've told him afterwards any way. The reason why she was pouting was because he realised halfway through the kiss, just when Sprite was enjoying herself. She knew Link had too.

"Sprite, how-why?" spluttered Link, running a hand through his thick, dark hair.

"Link, if you were me you'd understand, but I can't be bothered explaining it to you," said Sprite unhappily. Then she turned his eyes to his and smiled.

"Although I must admit, I certainly enjoyed it while it lasted.

"Sprite, you're a, a, Sprite!" he exclaimed.

"Clever," said Sprite sarcastically.

"I was just kissed by a faerie, on the lips? And not a little faerie kiss, a, a normal one," said Link still disbelieving. Sprite nodded.

"Is that how you rated it? Normal?" she asked, sounding hurt. Link's eyes widened.

"Uh, you know I couldn't possibly rate you, you're my guardian faerie," he said sweetly. Sprite smiled and gave Link another kiss, but this time, it was just on the cheek.

"Well, that's one of my lifetime goals ticked off the list," she sighed happily, before winking at Link and walking away, leaving a dumbfounded Link all alone.

    As Sprite walked through the gardens, she came upon a small secluded garden, with a fountain in the middle. She frowned when she saw someone sitting dejectedly on the fountain, looking decidedly sad. She gingerly walked up, and saw from the reflection in the pool that it was Felicity.

"Flis? What's up?" asked Sprite as her friend turned around. She saw that her eyes were red around the edges, she had been crying.

"Nothing," murmured Felicity, her gaze downcast.

"You'll never guess what? I just kissed Link!" said Sprite with a shriek of excitement. Felicity managed a smile, knowing that Sprite could die a happy faerie now.

"Good for you," she said, although she couldn't quite pull of trying to hide the glumness in her voice.

"What about you, and Byron?" asked Sprite. She had seen her friend dancing with the handsome solider, and assumed everything was nice and dandy for her friend.

"There is no me and Byron," said Felicity, cradling her chin with her hands.

"What? Why?" asked Sprite in surprise.

"Because Sprite, I think if we talk or dance, or do anything together for any longer, there could be a chance we might really fall for each other, and I couldn't, I won't let that happen," explained Felicity.

"Flis, why?" asked Sprite softly, sensing the time was to be subtle, more than brash.

"Because Sprite, I've never, ever fallen in love before. I mean I love my family, and you and the rest of my friends, but I've never actually fallen in love with a guy," said Felicity sounding upset.

"So why waste the chance, you may never get one ever again," said Sprite. Felicity looked at Sprite, her eyes redder than before, her forehead crumpling in confusion.

"But don't you see Sprite, that's exactly why I can't stay with him. Because after this night is over, then that's it. I can never tell him who I really am, it'll just hurt his feelings, he'll think I've fooled him on purpose," said Felicity, glancing down at the ground miserably.

"But Flis, don't you see, you have to see how this goes. If you two end up acting more like friends, then fine, but if you fall in love, then it should be something to warm to, not shy away. Even if the two of you just have one second of happiness, of love, then it'll be worth it afterwards. Because, it'll be a rare moment, one you can hold dear to you heart forever. And Flis, the reason why I'm saying this, is because I think you should follow your heart, just for once, and not your head," said Sprite solemnly. Felicity looked back up Sprite.

"You really think so?" she asked, her voice just a whisper.

"Sure I do, or else I wouldn't be saying it would I?" replied Sprite. Felicity smiled and stood up.

"Okay then, I'm going to go back to that party and make sure I have a good time, because one thing's for sure , I certainly won't be attending another party like this in quite some time," said Felicity defiantly.

"Way to go Flis!" said Sprite, pleased for her friend.

"And you're coming too, because there's still plenty of time left and you shouldn't be wasting a moment of it!" said Felicity, dragging Sprite back towards the palace.

    Almost every guest danced to the early hours of the morning, and an hour before day break, Nick and Selina were still dancing, with the love for each other evident in their eyes. "Were we like that?" Link asked Zelda, who were both sitting down, utterly exhausted.

"I like to think we still are," she admitted, kissing him.

"Yeah, you're right. We've been married for near enough a decade and we're still going on pretty strong," said Link.

"There's been so many things to occur to us as a couple, like that war, the whole Leigh thing, that might have torn other couples apart, but we've stayed put throughout and I don't regret a minute of it. It's just bought us closer together," said Zelda. Link nodded.

"I know this sounds corny, but y'know, the first day I set eyes on you, I knew that we'd be together one day, permanently," said Link seriously. Zelda grinned.

"You're right, it does sound corny," she joked.

"Well, I had to admit, I was a little spooked by the thought at first," said Link wickedly. Zelda punched him playfully in the arm.

"Thanks a lot, some husband," she grumbled, although she couldn't help smiling at his charming smile.

"You'll never guess who that Titania person was," said Link.

"Who?" asked Zelda curiously, wanting to know who had the audacity to cut in on HER dance.

"Sprite," said Link in a lowered voice. Zelda's eyes widened in realisation, her mouth open wide.

"Never," she gasped. Link nodded.

"So that's where she's been!" exclaimed Zelda, surpressing a giggle.

"She wasn't a bad dancer, for a faerie," Link said.

"Better than me?" asked Zelda innocently. Link studied Zelda for a moment then stood up.

"Well why don't you give me a refresher?" he asked, holding out his hand. Zelda took it, allowing Link to pull her up.

"As if you need it," she smiled, allowing herself to be led into the thinning crowd of dancers.

    "I want to capture this moment forever," murmured Felicity to Byron as they slowly danced, well really just held each other out on the veranda.

"Me too," agreed Byron. Felicity knew it was time, she had to leave, or let Byron discover who she really was.

"I might never see you again," she said, pulling out of his arms. He stared, wide eyed at her. "But?" he started in protest. Felicity put her finger to his mouth in an effort to silence him. "I have to go now Byron, but I'll never forget you, and," she held her hand over her heart to demonstrate what she was about to say. "You'll always be in here, no matter what," she said, brushing back a lock of stray hair.

"Won't we see each other ever again?" asked Byron in dismay. Felicity smiled a little.

"We might but, I can't promise anything," she said.

"I'd ask you why, but I know you won't, or can't answer me, but at least let me do this," said Byron, talking Felicity into his arms, and kissing her tenderly, yet with an underlying sense of longing at the same time. Finally, they parted and Felicity smiled.

"I'm sorry it had to happen like this," she apologised. Byron held his fist to his heart, following Felicity's previous gesture.

"I'll never forget you," he promised. Felicity was about to slip back into the palace when she rushed back to give him one last kiss. And that was it. She quickly raced away, deep into the palace. Finally she arrived in Link and Zelda's room, as arranged, and was glad to see that neither Link or Zelda were back. She quickly changed from her borrowed blue dress, into her decidedly plain garment of clothing. Then, she walked out onto the balcony of the room, and watched as the first few rays of light seared through the grey clouds illuminating the sky with a bright array of colours, those which are normally only ever imagined on the pallet of an artist. Felicity smiled sadly, as she watched the sun rise, then the transformation came, one second she was a human, the next a three inch faerie. Suddenly, all three of her friends appeared.

"Just in time," commented Sprite, looking down at herself.

"You're telling me," said Carrie with a yawn.

"Well I don't know about you, but I'm whacked," said Tiffany, rubbing her eyes blearily.

"I think we can all agree on that," said Sprite.

"I'm dead on my feet, commented Felicity, smiling at Sprite, who smiled right back. While Carrie and Tiffany discussed who had had the most dance partners, Felicity thanked Sprite for her little talk the night before.

"All part of the service," whispered Sprite, before they both turned to listen to their other two friends compare notes.

    "I thought we'd never get here," whispered Selina as she and Nick stumbled into their room. Their room. Selina couldn't quite believe they were married, but she had loved every minute of it so far, and knew she was going to love, adore even every minute they spent together. They both collapsed onto the bed, Nick his powerful arms wrapped around her.

"I can't believe this isn't a dream," Nick murmured.

"Neither can I," said Selina. "You know, when I was little, I always dreamed of this. The fairytales my mother used to read to me. But I always knew that they were just someones imagination. I mean, a peasant marrying a prince, how likely is that?" asked Selina thoughtfully.

"What an insightful child you were," said Nick with a laugh.

"Wasn't I just, and now it's all come true. This is a like a fairytale," said Selina, gesturing around the room with her hand. Nick kissed Selina.

"Thank you for being a part of it," he said.

"Thank you for letting me be part of it," replied Selina, her turn to kiss him.

"This has been the best day, well, the best few hours of my life," admitted Nick.

"You deserved every one of them," said Selina, thinking about how long Nick had been stuck in that void, with Ganondorf.

"I didn't think it was possible, but every second that passes, whether we're alone or apart, I love just that bit more," admitted Nick.

"I feel the same Nick, I really do," said Selina, drawing her new husband into another kiss.

    Link flopped down onto the bed, utterly exhausted. Zelda did the same. After a few minutes, Link turned over to give Zelda kiss. "What for?" asked Zelda, after he drew away.

"For being you, for marrying me, having my kids, putting up with me all these years," said Link, ticking of the points with his fingers.

"Please Link, you make it sound like we've been married for twenty odd years or more," said Zelda rolling her eyes, although she was secretly pleased at her husband's attentions.

"Love you," murmured Link in response, making it quite clear he had barely heard a word she said. Then, his eyes slid shut, asleep. Zelda smiled at the sweet expression on his face and slid closer to him.

"Love you too," she whispered into his ear, before draping one arm across him and leaning against his shoulder, liking to hear his breathing next to hers. Zelda knew when she fell asleep she'd dream, a nice one too, she always did on happy occasions. But she knew it didn't matter if she didn't remember the dream when she woke up, because she would already be in what could only be described as a dream. She had two beautiful children, a handsome, brave, kind husband, all her friends were happy, and her family all were in good health. There was no more threat to the country of Hyrule, and she had every piece of the Triforce. Really, it had to be a dream, she thought, but if it was, she knew she wanted it to stay this way for ever more.


    Leigh sighed, rolling over. She was absolutely exhausted, too tired to even concentrate on getting to sleep. So many things had happened to her over the last few days, too many things to comprehend. First, she'd been struck by the lightening. Then, she'd woken in the middle of Evian square, surrounded by a number of worried passers by. She was back in Sosaria! As she stood up, she was spotted by Iolo, Shamino and Dupre. Three of her oldest friends. In no less than a few minutes, they had taken her to Lord British who had told her that she had to journey to Serpent Isle! He had recently ordered the search of Batlin the Sage's (the Guardian's ex left hand man) belongings and they had found a magic scroll containing a message from the Guardian to Batlin, telling the Sage to journey between the serpent pillars and to Serpent Isle. Her and her three friends had followed, and now they were at the legendary Isle, a many number of things had occurred. First of all as they walked towards Monitor, one of the three towns on the Isle, a storm had begun, striking each one of her companions, they had all disappeared, but later she had found them again. Once in Monitor, they had learnt about the Goblin hordes who kept accosting the towns of Serpent Isle, and had been keen to help. Leigh and her three companions had just arrived back from launching their own attack on the Goblin Village they had found. Leigh had killed the leader herself, but her friends had all helped kill and fend off the all the other goblins. Once they had returned, along with documents revealing that the current leader and treasurer of the town were in league with the goblins, the four had been hailed as hero's. She, and her three companions were all taking a long deserved rest in the inn of Monitor, the Sleeping Soldier. She and her companions were to set off the next morn to explore the other towns, and find out whatever they could about Batlin, or Gwenno, Iolo's wife who had travelled to the Isle some months before.

    Leigh had asked British to send a missive to Hyrule, to ensure the friends she had made there of her safety. With all the recent pirate activity, as well as storms, Leigh wasn't entirely sure if the message would reach Hyrule. She knew that the next few weeks, or even months would be a long, tiring, haul but she felt positive that it could never be as bad, or emotionally straining as her time in Hyrule had been. But then again with this situation, she guessed she couldn't predict anything. Sighing she turned over again, squeezing her eyes shut, trying to get a little sleep before the journey she knew she was going to have to endure in no less than a few hours. Finally, so overcome with fatigue, she drifted off into a fitful, nightmare filled sleep.


    "What was it like?" asked Ewan excitedly as soon as his parents both arrived in the castle. Link picked up his son, swinging him around.

"It was nice, you would've loved it," said Link, giving Ewan a quick hug before setting him back down.

"Why couldn't I come?" asked Ewan, disappointed.

"When you're older perhaps, but the heat would've been too much for you, it was almost too much for me and your mother, and we're much older than you are," said Link, grinning over at his wife.

"Did Selina look beautiful in her dress?" asked Ewan, Selina was one of his favourite people among his mother and father's friends.

"She did indeed," said Zelda, giving Ewan a hug.

"I'll miss her," he said a little sadly.

"She and Nick will come over for visits, don't you worry," assured Link. Suddenly, Impa appeared holding Brianna.

"How was it?" asked the old nursemaid, handing the babe over to its mother.

"Impa, you should've been there. It was so spectacular, it made me feel a little jealous even," said Zelda, smiling down at her daughter.

"Those two will have a long life together I am sure," said Impa. Suddenly, Fayette slunk in through the doors, past the small group. She had a smug smile on her face, but never said a word until she spotted Impa.

"Impa, I take it that my children are in the nursery," said Fayette. Impa nodded.

"They have all missed you very much, my lady," she assured. Fayette smiled, beginning to ascend the stairs towards the nursery. Suddenly, Mercutio Jamison appeared looking extremely distraught. His clothes, usually fine and well kept were no more than tatters. He knelt before Zelda, bowing his head, hand on heart.

"Mercutio?" asked Zelda in concern.

"Your highness, I delivered the missive as directed, British informed me that all is well in the country of Sosaria, except perhaps for the pirate infestation and some bad weather. He thanked you for your concern," said Mercutio breathlessly.

"But what happened to you?" asked Zelda.

"As we left the shores of Sosaria, a terrible storm occurred, streaks of lightening lit up the sky, one touching upon our mast. Instead of catching alight though, the mast was replaced with a half finished statue of some kind, perhaps the late Owyn of Cinom. He was a great ship builder in his time my lady, but that statue, it was so huge, it caused the ship to begin to sink. Most of my men took the life boats back to shore, I myself swam back. I went back to see British who agreed to provide me with another ship. Upon investigation he found out that in the Artisans Guild hall in Cinom, the statue had vanished, replaced by a great mast. Something very strange is afoot my lady. As British took us to our new ship, there was another fantastic bolt of lightening, and were the Royal Mint had once stood, appeared a Great Lighthouse. Never in my life have I seen such an occurance," retold Mercutio, stopping to pause for breath before going on, "That is my cause for delay, we had to stay in Evian until the storm passed, but it looked like it never would, so we chanced it across the seas. As soon as Hyrule was in sight the storms stopped, but suddenly an explosion tore through the hull, causing us to yet again sink. It was not from a pirate though, it was from a man who had crept aboard, saying that I was never to deliver the message to you. He claimed to be a member of the disbanded fellowship," said Mercutio.

"How did you emerge alive?" asked Zelda.

"Life boats milady, I would've stayed and died myself, 'cept the crew tied me up, insisting I must return alive," explained Mercutio.

"And what about the rest of your crew?" asked Zelda.

"I fear they met a watery grave, all though I must say, it is how they would've wanted it," said Mercutio, lowering his head.

"So all is not right in Sosaria?" murmured Zelda softly, handing Brianna back to Impa.

"Not at all my lady, these storms, there is something magical, something evil about them. I fear that the Demiari will be in great turmoil if all is not righted soon," said Mercutio.

"We hall send help at once, have our best alchemists and sorcerers research the matter," said Zelda.

"But my lady, those storms, we were lucky to escape them, and I think they were only just beginning," said Mercutio, wide eyed.

"Zelda, could this not be the same kind of thing that happened to Leigh? Perhaps that lightening that struck her was part of the storm that is now over Sosaria?" suggested Link.

"You could be right, I must inform the council immediately. Mercutio, return home and change, then return tomorrow morn when the council will meet again," ordered Zelda. Mercutio nodded, and left. "I thought everything was getting back to normal," said Zelda without a sigh.

"Well perhaps the council will think of something tomorrow, for now, let us retire," said Link. He took Ewan's hand, and Impa followed them as they went to the nursery to settle their son for the night before returning to their own quarters.

    Zelda looked round at the council's stricken faces, wishing her father was here. He and Fenella had decided to stay in Dalsona for a few more days, enjoying the company of Kings Ravenscroft and his wife. She had just let them listen to what Mercutio had to stay, and they new the situation was serious. "What could be the cause?" asked one council member. Impa stood forward.

"A disruption in the void is one suggestion," she said knowledgeably. There were a few murmurs of agreement. Suddenly, the debate room doors swung open. No one recognised the stranger, but he soon introduced himself. "I am Sedrick, mayor of Evian. I have come to tell you that the storms have passed and all is well," said the stranger. Zelda frowned, how had British known they had been worrying? "And what does British have to say of this?" demanded Zelda. The man smiled, handing a document over to Zelda and smiling. Zelda quickly opened it and recognised the writing as British's hand. It read:

Sister country of Hyrule,

I personally thank thee for thy concern, but 'tis not needed by thou. The abominable storms have thankfully passed, and the incessant number of pirates have all vanished. 'Tis no more than a mere miracle, capable only of the Avatar herself. I was most distraught to hear of her untimely death, 'tis a tragedy we are all mourning here in our fair country. However, because of the situation surrounding her tragic demise, I can only hold thou responsible, it was thy country after all. Our sisterhood has truly ended because of this, and any ship that bears the colour of your cursed country will be sunk without a second thought. Please do not take this personally fair Princess, but I, nor my country wish to keep in contact with thou or thy country. Do not try to reason or argue with me, as my mind is made and set.

Yours truly,

Lord British

    Zelda dropped the document in shock. "Surely not," she said, but realised that the mayor had disappeared. "Guards, go after that man!" she demanded. The two guards stood at the door obliged and took off after the man who called himself Sedrick.

"What does it say?" asked Impa, referring to the document. Zelda picked the document up again, studying it intently. It certainly looked like British's hand, and his signature and wax seal was all there. But he could never of written it, or reacted in such a way.

"British wishes to terminate our sisterhood, or rather, he already has. Any ship bearing our country's colours will be fired upon without a thought," said Zelda, passing the document to her nursemaid. Impa read it, her face wearing shock more than anything. She handed it back to Zelda.

"It is indeed his writing, it could be no one else. Your father must be informed at once," said Impa. Zelda nodded in agreement, before nodding to a nearby messenger who was standing to attention. He nodded back, and quickly left. Zelda tipped her head to the rest of the council, and to Mercutio.

"You may all leave," she said, and they all stood up, filing silently out. Only Captain Jamison remained.

"Please my lady, British showed no ill will to me when I showed him that missive," said Mercutio.

"I can't believe it myself," said Zelda, handing the letter to Mercutio to see.

"It puzzles me greatly that is all. Our country was ne'er responsible for her death, it was a freak bolt of lightening," said Mercutio. Zelda nodded slightly, thinking about back to the way she had treated Leigh. Leigh had hardly had a nice time here in Hyrule, and Zelda had never really thought about what Leigh must've suffered at the hands of those savages whilst she was kept prisoner in the shadow temple. She had never wanted to. Feeling guilty, she dismissed Mercutio and sat down, wondering what had gone wrong. Only a few days ago, she had felt like she was in a dream, to perfect to be true, but rapidly, that dream was slowly beginning to take on a new turn, to no less than a nightmare.

    A week later, Zelda was in the arms of her husband, staring up at the star studded night sky. They were having a romantic evening together, at a secluded spot not to far from the castle. Her father had returned immediately on hearing of Lord British's decision, and had sent a boat across, trying to negotiate with the man. British, however had kept his word, ordering his men to sink the boat on sight. Her father had reluctantly agreed with his council that there was no more to be done, and announced that all trade to be cut with Sosaria, which meant no boat from the shores of Sosaria was allowed in, and vice versa. Sparks, Leigh's young friend had been most distraught at the news he would not be allowed to return home safely, but did say that it sounded like yet another unreasonable decision made by the ruler of Sosaria. But since that, everything had been fine, and was getting better, this romantic picnic being the highlight of Zelda's week. "Why did you choose here?" asked Zelda dreamily.

"Don't you remember?" asked Link. Zelda shook her head.

"This was the first place were you told me you loved me," said Link. Zelda smiled, turning and kissing him.

"And I'll tell you again, I love you," said Zelda happily.

"I love you too," said Link sweetly.

"I wonder how Nick and Selina are getting on?" asked Link. The couple would still be on their honeymoon in Dalsona, a more secluded spot than the palace.

"I'm sure they'll be doing fine," murmured Zelda, kissing Link again. She didn't want to count her cuccos before they hatched, but it seemed that after a momentary dip, things were getting back to good again. She smiled at the thought, letting her gaze wander back to the sky.


    "The rainbow and the thunderstorm," mused Faylita aloud. After searching out the Gerudo translations of these very two words, she had discovered who the rebels, perpetrators were. She had sought the two out, and was now going to sacrifice them, for Molasar, and his father. They were both tied to thick stakes that protruded from the ground, a fire burning just before them. The rest of the Gerudo were dancing and chanting around the fire, praising to their new king. Faylita smiled at Jenimue and Dindraina, a thick cobra draped around her shoulders. She walked up to Jenimue and tilted up the young woman's chin with her finger. The snake on her shoulders hissed, snaking it's tongue in and out of it's thin lips at the woman. She didn't shudder, or wince as Faylita had hoped, but it did not matter. She stepped across to Dindraina, who this time did flinch at the sight of the reptile. She was not as strong as her comrade, Faylita smiled. She liked to see weakness, it made her feel all the more powerful. She drew an obsidian knife from her belt and held it high into the air, commanding for silence. The chanting and dancing stopped, all eyes on the queen. She traced Dindraina's throat with the knife, but did not cut the skin. Dindraina squeezed her eyes shut, murmuring softly to the Gods for mercy. Faylita stepped forward and draped the snake around Dindraina's neck, who shuddered as the skin touched her skin. Her eyes shot open, fixing onto Faylita's.

"You can't do this," she protested. Faylita nodded.

"I already am traitor!" she said, raising her voice as she reached the word traitor.

"The only traitor is you Faylita!" shouted Jenimue bravely. Faylita turned her attentions from Dindraina to Jenimue.

"No Jenimue, I was not the one who tried to slaughter a mere child, a mere child who will be our king, who will be the one to lead us out of our wilderness and into a new age!" screamed Faylita. There were shocked cries from the crowd. Jenimue frowned, and spat at Faylita in disgust. Faylita gripped at the slick handle of the knife, and slashed it across Jenimue's face. "I will not kill you Jenimue, I shall only disfigure you beyond recognition, and keep you in chains for your life, until you die from a broken spirit," threatened Faylita.

"I will never die from a broken spirit Faylita, they are proof of that," defied Jenimue, thrusting her head towards the crowd of brainwashed women. Faylita slashed across Jenimue's face again, more blood trickling down her forehead. The women still did not flinch, did not even close her eyes when her own blood trickled down into them.

"Kill the rainbow, kill her now, she will always be a threat whilst she has a breath still in her body," suddenly commanded a voice inside Faylita's head. She was dismayed at her master's instructions, but did not dare disobey them. She screamed out a scream of rage, and plunged the knife deep into Jenimue's heart, and to her immense satisfaction, Jenimue died with a look of fear in her eyes. The crowd stood, deadly silent. Faylita turned to Dindraina.

"I could let you walk free," she said in a raised voice, "now that your leader is dead, but I wish to make an example of you, so that no one else gets any ideas," said Faylita. Dindraina flinched as the snake on her shoulders slowly began to coil round her neck, hissing. Faylita meanwhile, slashed the traitor's chest and stomach, blood flowing freely down her body. Dindraina, however, did not cry out in pain to Faylita's surprise. Faylita began to cut into Dindraina's arm, cutting lightly at first, but sinking in deeper and deeper, twisting it as she went. To her immense pleasure, the women began to whimper, quietly at first, slowly getting louder. Then, as the snake tightened its grip, she began to choke for air, until finally, Faylita drove the knife deep in between Dindraina's eyes, killing her instantly. She withdrew the knife and held it up triumphantly, and the crowd cheered and began their dance again. Faylita replaced the knife back into her belt, and looked down at her blood speckled fingers, licking off the liquid in a leisurely fashion. As she did, a great surge of power flowed through her and she laughed aloud. She took the knife from the dead woman's shoulder and held it up high, were it slowly began to change its shape, into that of a child, that of their new king. Immediately the Gerudo dropped to their knees, silenced by his presence. Faylita smiled and held the baby down, looking into his eyes. They were pure black orbs of hatred and evil, that flickered like a snake's every now and then. He himself did not yet have the power to change his shape, Faylita had invoked the spell herself, on Ganondorf's orders. Killing, as he said, would make his son stronger, but in the body of a weak child, he would be no use. She smiled down at the child, and took the knife back from her belt, wiping the residue on it onto the child's forehead. She knew, that he would be the one, to lead the Gerudo into a new era, full of evil and hate. And that suited her down to the ground.

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