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Zelda: Requital

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 3

    Later that night, after dinner, the children were all playing up in the nursery together. Ewan and Timothy were playing quietly in one corner with Ewan's collection of wooden knights and soldiers. Fayette's three daughters, Rosella, and the twins Rosalind and Rosamund were playing together with their dolls. Only Roderick, Fayette's son, was sitting alone by himself. He didn't really get on with Ewan very well, and wanted nothing to do with Tim, because he was a servant's child. However, feeling bored, he eventually wandered over to where they were playing. "Can I play too?" he asked.

    "I guess so," Ewan said amicably, passing over some of the toys. "We're playing warriors!" he added.

    "I'm going to be a great warrior when I grow up, dad says so," Timothy announced.

    "I'm going to be one too, just like dad," Ewan said, opening one of the toy chests, and getting a small toy cannon out.

    "But you can't, you'll have to be a king instead," Roderick said, in a rather know-it-all voice.

    "You can be a warrior and a king at the same time, silly!" Ewan replied, laughing.

    "What are you going to be, Roderick?" Timothy questioned. "I suppose I shall be a great king," Roderick answered.

    "How can you be? Your mother isn't a ruler of anywhere," Ewan stated, setting up the cannon in a castle made from wooden blocks.

    "Well, I shall simply marry a great princess!" Roderick said.

    "You could marry Brianna, when you are both grown up," Ewan suggested.

    "I don't want to marry Brianna," Roderick said shortly.

    "But my mother says she is going to be simply beautiful when she is grown up. I wish I could marry her," Timothy said.

    "I'm not getting married until I'm really, really old. I want to go out and fight lots of battles instead!" Ewan exclaimed.

    "I shall stay in my castle all the time, and get men to do the fighting. You won't catch me getting dirty and hurt," Roderick said.

    "But that's not fun! You shall get fat Rod, if you don't do exercise!" Ewan laughed.

    "I shall not!" Roderick protested.

    "Your mother is fatter than my mother," Ewan added.

    "My mother is not fat! I shall tell her what you've been saying, and then you shall get in trouble," Roderick said.

    "No you shan't. Anyway, I never said she was fat, I just said she was fatter than my mother, that's all," Ewan replied.

    "Well, my mother is more beautiful than your mother," Roderick announced.

    "My dad says that mother is the most beautiful lady in the whole of Demiari, so if he says so, then she must be. Dad never lies about anything," Ewan said. Roderick frowned, unable to think of a good reply.

    "Well, I think my mother is beautiful, and your mother is the same amount beautiful," Timothy said. Ewan grinned.

    "I like your mother. She gives me string and buttons to make catapults with," he said.

    "What about my mother?" Roderick demanded.

    "She's nice," Ewan answered. Timothy shrugged.

    "I don't really know her," he said truthfully. Ewan suddenly pushed his knights aside.

    "Come on, let's go see Brianna!" he said, standing up.

    "Oh, alright," Tim replied, getting up too. "I wish I had a sister too," he added.

    "Are your mother and dad going to have anymore children?" Ewan asked. Tim shrugged.

    "I don't know. Maybe I'll ask mother," he said.

    "Hey, where are you three going?" Rosella said, looking up from her game.

    "We're going to see my sister," Ewan stated proudly.

    "Oh, can we come?" Rosalind asked.

    "I guess so. But you'll have to be very quiet. She gets upset if you wake her up you know," Ewan replied in a knowledgeable tone.

    "I do know to be quiet," Rosella said in a haughty tone. "I did have two younger sisters, and now a little brother," she added, referring to Raymundo.

    "Do we have to go?" Roderick whined.

    "Well Roddy, stay here if you can't be bothered," Rosalind remarked. Roderick sighed heavily.

    "Alright, I'll come," he said, not wanting to be left alone. The children trooped out of the nursery, and headed towards the Northeast tower.

    Roderick Tantalon-Arguelles was five years old, almost six. He was solidly built, but not fat, and had brown curly hair and dark coloured eyes. He never really smiled very much, or liked anything much, for that matter. Despite the fact that he didn't want to be a swordsman, as he grew older, he would probably make a good one, due to his physical make-up, he would be tall, strong and broad-shouldered. Timothy Westley was four years old, but his fifth birthday was soon approaching. He had jet black hair like his father's, but the warm brown eyes of his mother. He tended to be quite shy, but once you got to know him, he was as adventurous and bold as any other young boy his age. He and Ewan got on well, they acted almost like brothers, doing everything together. And then there was Ewan. His full title was actually Prince Ewan Hayden Grâtia-Illustrísquídam, not that he ever remembered, though. He too, was almost six years old, and probably one of the most-loved members of the Royal household. All of the servants thought he was extremely sweet, and Milona and the other kitchen staff were often giving him treats like fruit and cakes. He was always smiling, unlike Roderick, and had seemingly boundless energy. And, he bore almost a perfect resemblance to his father, they had the same blue eyes, and unruly brown hair, although Ewan's was a slightly lighter shade. Rosella Tantalon-Arguelles was the oldest of all the girls, being roughly four and a half years old. She was extremely pretty, with straight red hair and blue eyes, but very bossy. She liked to order everyone else about, and would often cry if she didn't get her own way. Her younger sisters, Rosalind and Rosamund were exact replicas of each other, twins, three years old. They had Brynellian looks, thick curly black hair, brown eyes and lightly tanned skin. They tended to do everything their older sister told them, and were less temperamental than either her or Roderick. All in all, Impa was kept pretty busy with looking after them all, and now she would have even more work now that there were two new babies in the household. However, she didn't mind a bit, and loved all the children as if they were her own.

    "Shhh!" Ewan said, gently pushing the door open, and peeping into his parent's bedroom. "They're not here," he said, grinning. He'd thought that his mother would probably be up there, because she rarely liked to leave Brianna alone for too long.

    "I bet they are all downstairs," Timothy said. The children all walked into the room. It was only about seven 'o clock, and the sun was shining brightly.

    "We'll have to be rather quick. I should think Impa will make us go to bed soon," Rosella said.

    "I hate going to bed in the summer, I mean, it's never even dark!" Ewan replied. All the children nodded in agreement, then walked over to the crib that stood in one corner. Ewan and the others could just about see over the top, but the twins were too short.

    "It's not fair! I want to see her!" Rosamund whined.

    "Shh!" Ewan ordered again. Brianna was sleeping peacefully. "Isn't she lovely?" he said.

    "She's better than my dolls," Rosella agreed.

    "I can't believe how tiny she is," Timothy whispered.

    "Dad let me hold her a few times, and she isn't even heavy," Ewan replied. They both gazed down at her in wonder. Rosella tried to lift her sisters up to look, but she wasn't quite strong enough.

    "Well, I think babies are stupid. All they do is sleep or cry," Roderick announced.

    "Roddy! Don't say things like that! Babies are amazing, I wish I could have one," Rosella said, glaring at her brother angrily.

    "Me too," Timothy said.

    "Where's Raymundo?" Ewan suddenly asked.

    "Oh, mother always has him. I don't think she ever lets him have sleep," Rosalind giggled.

    "I saw him asleep once, when mother was talking to Auntie Zelda," Rosamund stated. Roderick prodded Brianna on the nose. She opened her eyes, and immediately began to cry.

    "Now look what you've done!" Ewan said, looking angry.

    "I said all they did was sleep and cry," Roderick said smugly.

    "Let me handle this," Rosella said confidently. "Shut up!" she shrieked loudly. Brianna wailed even more. "Well, it always worked with those two," Rosella said, pointing over at the twins. Suddenly, the group of children heard footsteps coming up the tower, and voices.

    "Oh no. We'll get in trouble for waking Brianna up!" Ewan said, looking horrified.

    "We have to hide," Timothy said.

    "But where?" Rosella asked, looking around.

    "The bathroom," Ewan said, quickly running to the small door that lead to the little bathroom. All the children crowded inside, and quietly pulled the door shut, not even daring to breathe.

    Zelda heard Brianna crying, and rushed up the last few steps. "I knew I shouldn't have left her!" she said, pushing the door open.

    "Zel, don't worry. You can't watch her twenty four hours a day, you know," Selina said, coming in behind her.

    "I guess not. But I was only gone five minutes," Zelda replied, peering into the crib. She scooped Brianna up, and spoke to her comfortingly. Selina watched the scene, feeling slightly jealous of her friend. But, she quickly pushed those feelings aside. Once she married Nick, there would be plenty of time for her to have a family of her own. Eventually, Brianna quietened down, and Zelda turned back to Selina. "Would you like to hold her for a while?" she offered.

    "Sure, I'd love to," Selina replied. Zelda passed Brianna over, and then wandered over to her wardrobe.

    "You know, I was wondering what to wear for the Summer Festival," she said, looking through the assortment of dresses all hanging up there.

    "Something summery," Selina said, walking over to look as well.

    "At least I won't have to wear one of those terrible big dresses. That's the worst thing about being pregnant," Zelda commented.

    "You didn't look that bad, you know," Selina laughed. Zelda shook her head.

    "I'm glad to be back to normal," she replied. She pulled out a peach silk dress, with a scoop neck, short sleeves and a tapered skirt, with a layer of chiffon over the silk. "How about this?" she questioned, holding it up for inspection.

    "Yes, that's quite pretty. Knot some wildflowers in your hair, and you'd look perfect," Selina answered. She sighed for a moment.

    "You know, I'd kill for blonde hair like yours," she said.

    "Why? I think it's real boring, men seem to always be intrigued by women with red hair," Zelda laughed.

    "Perhaps, but at least if you have blonde hair, you can wear whatever colour you want. I have to be more careful," Selina said.

    "Oh nonsense! I know, you can borrow one of my dresses for the festival," Zelda offered.

    "Oh Zel, no I couldn't! I wouldn't feel comfortable. I'll just wear one of my own," Selina replied.

    "Listen Selina, you're going to be Queen of Dalsona, soon. You might as well get used to luxury," Zelda laughed. "Well... thanks. I guess you're right," Selina said, smiling a little. "I can't wait till the wedding! It's going to be lovely having it in Dalsona," Zelda exclaimed.

    "Oh Zelda, it's beautiful! Have you been to the palace there ever?" Selina asked. The princess nodded.

    "Yes. Nick's invited us over a couple of times. It's so different up there, compared to here," she said.

    "And hot," Selina added.

    "Oh, don't remind me! I never had anything suitable to wear when I went, even my summer dresses were too hot," Zelda said.

    "Well, I guess I won't be having a traditional Hyrulian style wedding dress. But, I must say, the Dalsonian clothes are very beautiful. I've seen Nick's mother's dress, it had all kinds of jewels on it, and it was pretty short," Selina said.

    "Short? That doesn't mean I have to wear something short, does it?" Zelda asked, looking a little horrified.

    "I don't know what their bridesmaids have to wear. But anyway, think how I feel? I don't even have the slightest bit of a tan!" Selina replied, grinning. Zelda smiled, and put the dress back in the wardrobe, and closed the door.

    "Come on, let's take her downstairs for a little bit," she said. The two women walked back out of the room, and the children hidden in the bathroom all breathed a sigh of relief.


    The next day, Aaron, Link and Drake all embarked on a hunting trip. Both Aaron and Link had brought their own sons, just so they could experience how it was to hunt. Link had asked Fayette if Roderick would like to join them, but the little boy , who had been present at the time, had immediately declined. At the moment, the trio of men were trooping through the thick, dense forest of Ruto, searching for game. Ewan was perched on Carefree, just in front of his father, Aaron and Timothy were the same. "What are we going to catch?" asked Ewan excitedly.

    "Whatever comes our way," answered Drake, who was leading the way.

    "Will we eat it?" asked Timothy.

    "Well now, that depends if it's eatable," said Drake.

    "Yeah! We wouldn't want to eat it if it was a snake," said Ewan.

    "Snake? We ain't hunting no snakes here, we're searching for real game," said Drake, trying to sound insulted.

    "Like what?" inquired Timothy.

    "Oh like stag and wild boar, things like that," Link told them.

    "What's a boar dad?" asked Timothy.

    "It's like a huge pig," replied Aaron, his eyes searching the forest.

    "Like those that grandpa Chateroux keeps on his farm?" asked Timothy, looking up at his father. Aaron nodded.

    "Except they're a lot bigger and fiercer," he added. Suddenly, Drake pulled to a stop in front of them. He held out one hand, motioning for silence.

    "What is it?" asked Ewan quietly. Link looked down at Ewan.

    "There must be something ahead, deer perhaps," he told his son in a hushed tone. Ewan leaned across to one side, and caught sight of a majestic white stag, quietly picking it's way through the undergrowth, searching for food. Drake took his bow from over his shoulder, quickly equipping it with an arrow.

    "This'll make a fine feast!" remarked Drake, his voice low. Ewan watched in awe and fascination as Drake expertly shot the arrow across the clearing, into the thigh of the stag. It let out a horrible howl of pain, before falling down to it's knees, and collapsing.

    "Dad, is it okay?" asked a Timothy. Aaron cracked a smile, patting his son on the head.

    "Yeah, it'll be going to a better place," he said wryly.

    "Where?" asked Timothy.

    "It'll be going to stag heaven son," said Drake out in front.

    "You mean, you killed it?" asked Timothy, not fully understanding.

    "Yep, sure did," answered Drake, moving forward, towards the injured creature.

    "But...but that's cruel!" said Timothy, horrified.

    "What did you have for your dinner today?" asked Drake, dismounting. Timothy paused to think.

    "I had beef and potato stew," he replied eventually.

    "Do you know where that beef came from?" asked Drake, examining the stag.

    "From the kitchen," said Timothy proudly.

    "Yeah, but before that?" said Drake, taking a knife from his belt. Ewan watched as Drake sliced the knife across the stag's throat, but looked away as a thin line of blood appeared, marring it's snow white fur.

    "It came from Daisy the cow," said Drake.

    "Aw come on Drake. Fair go, they're only kids," said Link.

    "No it didn't! I saw Daisy when we were coming to the forest!" said Ewan, referring to a cow that was on a farm on the way to the forest.

    "Okay, I lied. It came from Daisy's sister," laughed Drake.

    "That's not funny!" said Timothy. Drake began to tie the feet of the stag together with a length of rope.

    "Well them I'm never going to eat beef again," declared Ewan loudly.

    "And the other day, when you had bacon for breakfast, that came from Flora the pig's brother," continued Drake, talking about another animal that had been among the many on the farm on the outskirts of the forest.

    "But that's horrible!" wailed Timothy loudly, horrified at the fact he had eaten Flora's brother.

    "Come on Drake, they'll never eat again at this rate!" said Aaron, although he couldn't help from grinning at his and Link's sons reaction. Link dismounted from Carefree, helping Drake attach the animal to a huge branch that would be used to carry it home.

    "Facts of life, that's all it is," said Drake hoisting one end of the branch over his shoulder. Link did the same, before managing to climb back onto Carefree, using one hand to control the horse, the other to steady the pole on his shoulder. "Well, I say this is all we'll be needing. We'd best head back to the castle before the sun sets," said Drake. "And with that comment, he clicked on his steed, and began to lead the rest of them from the forest.

    "So, how did you enjoy your day?" asked Zelda as Ewan raced up to give her a hug.

    "It was horrible. They killed this big white stag, and then they told us we were going to eat it for dinner!" said Ewan, perching on the end of the bed. Zelda cracked a small smile.

    "Oh, you'll get used to it eventually," she said, walking over to the cradle, gently lifting Brianna from it. She then joined Ewan on the bed, letting Ewan have a look at his sister. Ewan looked earnestly up at his mother.

    "Mother, why do we have to kill things, and people?" he asked. Zelda shrugged.

    "Well, we kill animals so we can eat. It's part of a huge cycle. Some animals kill other animals to stay alive, and so do we. The meat many animals provide can keep us healthy and strong. But when people kill other people, it's not right, unless there's a war. That's when your fighting for your country, and your life," said Zelda, rocking Brianna gently back and forth.

    "So when father was fighting in that big battle, he was fighting for Hyrule?" asked Ewan. Zelda nodded.

    "But you should never, ever kill anyone if it's not a war?" asked Ewan.

    "No, unless, unless they have to die. Like with Ganondorf, if your father hadn't tried to kill him, then Ganondorf would've killed many people," said Zelda, choosing her words carefully. Ewan frowned for a moment, then finally smiled.

    "I'm going to be just like my dad when I grow up!" he declared proudly. Zelda smiled at him lovingly.

    "I have no doubt about that Ewan, none at all," she told him.

    "And Brianna is going to be just like you, smart and beautiful and kind," he continued excitedly. Zelda looked down at her new born daughter, smiling as she looked into the babe's tiny face.

    "I hope so Ewan," she replied. Ewan smiled and jumped from the bed.

    "Can we go down stairs?" he asked. Zelda nodded, standing.

    "I expect dinner should be ready soon anyway," admitted Zelda.

    "Is Brianna going to come with us?" asked Ewan hopefully. Zelda looked down at Brianna, watching her as she outstretched every finger on her little hands.

    "Of course she will," said Zelda, before Ewan opened the door for Zelda and politely motioning for her to leave first. She graciously obliged, before he left behind her, closing the door on his way out.

    Fayette watched, feeling annoyed as she saw Selina and Nick sitting together in a corner of the room, quietly talking and laughing. "That should be me," she growled quietly.

    "What should be you mother?" asked Rosella in a high pitched voice. Fayette whirled around in surprise, not knowing that her daughter had been standing there. She managed a small smile.

    "Nothing dear," she assured her daughter, feeling highly embarrassed. She daren't turn around, as she expected everyone would be staring at her. "Why don't I take you up to the nursery and read you a bedtime story, hmm?" she suggested. Rosella pouted defiantly, folding her arms. Fayette didn't know whether to smile or tear her hair out, Rosella certainly was her mother's daughter.

    "I want to stay down here. I don't want to go up there with all those babies," said Rosella moodily.

    "What about Roderick, and Ewan. They're older than you, and your sisters are only one year younger than you," pointed out Fayette.

    "Yes, but mother, you don't understand!" said Rosella in an exasperated tone.

    "What don't I understand?" asked Fayette, sighing.

    "Roderick just sulks, and Ewan is a big know-it-all who spends his time with that slave boy. And Rosalind and Rosamund are just big babies," said Rosella dismally.

    "Rosella, you shouldn't talk about your sisters like that. An as for your brother, well, something must be bothering him. And as for Ewan, he's a lovely boy, you really shouldn't talk about him like that. And Timothy isn't a slave boy," retorted Fayette, tiring of the conversation. It was the same she had been having for the last few months with her eldest daughter.

    "And why is Auntie Zelda going to be queen? Why aren't you?" demanded Rosella. Fayette let out a sigh.

    "Because Auntie Zelda's father is the king of Hyrule. I'm only his step-daughter," said Fayette.

    "Well I think I should be queen, so that I can marry a handsome prince," said Rosella.

    "But Rosella, you can still marry a handsome prince, even if you aren't queen. Perhaps if you marry a prince, then you'll become a queen," said Fayette. She supposed if at least one of her daughters married into royalty, then maybe it would make up for the fact that she herself would never sit on the throne of any country. She wondered if it would be possible to arrange a marriage between Rosella and Ewan now, or even Roderick and Brianna, but then she guessed that there was no way in hell that Zelda would allow one of her children to marry one of Fayette's.

    "I'm going to marry the king of the richest country in the Demiari, so that then I can be the richest queen in the world!" theorised Rosella. Fayette shook her head, casting her gaze back at Nick. That had been her plan too, and look how that had turned out. There was no way she would ever let her children marry a child of a peasant like Selina, even if the father was Nick.

    "I'm sure you are dear, now why don't I take you to bed," said Fayette, snapping out of her thoughts. Rosella let out a deep sigh, and grasped her mothers hand.

    "I suppose so, but when I marry the prince of the richest country in the Demiari I will go to bed when I please," announced Rosella. Fayette nodded.

    "Of course dear, but I think you're a bit too young to marry yet," conceded Fayette.

    "Ewan says he is not going to marry until he is very, very old. So I can't marry him, because I don't want to marry an old wrinkly man," Rosella told Fayette as they walked from the room.

    "Is that so?" asked Fayette, feigning interest.

    "But I might have to marry him because I don't know any other princes you see," continued Rosella.

    "Well I'm sure in time you will be introduced to other princes of the Demiari," said Fayette as they walked up the stairs.

    "And I can't marry Roderick or Raymundo because they're my brothers, and they aren't real princes," added Rosella. Fayette almost flinched as Rosella described her brothers as not being real princes, but she supposed her daughter was right. She let out a small laugh.

    "Of course, you couldn't really marry your brothers," she said.

    "Do you know any princes mother? Because you could marry them, and become a real princess," asked Rosella, looking up at her mother.

    "I think you've talked enough for one day my dear. If you talk anymore, then your mouth will drop off. Then no-one will want to marry you," said Fayette. Rosella gave her mother a look of horror, her mouth staying firmly shut. Fayette smiled. The threat worked every time.

    After reading all of her children a story, Fayette returned back to the drawing room. This time, there weren't as many people present, but Zelda and Link were. Selina and Nick had gone. Fayette cringed, wondering whether to stay, or go. It wasn't like either of them were going to be nice to her. She was hardly surprised, but still, there was no need to hold such a grudge. Zelda gave Fayette a cold stare as she sat down, saying not a word. Fayette picked up a book from a table, and opened it, watching Link and Zelda over the rim of the book. What she didn't realise, until Zelda burst out laughing five minutes later, was that Fayette had been holding the book upside down. Fayette hastily turned the book the right way up, focusing her eyes on the lines of text, trying to block out Zelda's laughter.

    "I never realised that you normally read upside down Fayette," said Zelda. Fayette slammed the book shut, dropping it to the floor.

    "I was preoccupied," she snapped angrily at her step-sister.

    "Ooh, touchy," retorted Zelda.

    "Oh shut up. Why don't you go and jump!" said Fayette nastily.

    "On the contrary Fayette, I think you're the one who should jump," said Zelda grinning. Fayette stood up, brushing down her dress.

    "I'm so sick of you Zelda! Can't I get a moments peace?" demanded Fayette sourly.

    "Snappish!" said a small voice from behind Fayette. Fayette turned to see a small faerie.

    "Who are you?!" demanded the princess.

    "I believe we have already met. My name is Navi. You really shouldn't get so annoyed," said the faerie in a know-it-all tone of voice.

    "I'll do as I please thank you very much," replied Fayette. She then turned on her heel and stormed from the room.

    Navi fluttered across the room towards Zelda. "And you shouldn't be so mean to your sister either," scolded the faerie. Zelda rolled her eyes.

    "I believe we've already had this conversation," pointed out Zelda wryly.

    "And we shall have it again and again until you learn to stop being so mean," said Navi firmly.

    "Shut up freaky hair!" said another voice from behind Navi. Navi did not even need to turn around to know who it was.

    "Tamara, can't you come up with something more original or even polite than freaky hair?" asked Navi. Sprite grimaced at the use of her proper name, and fluttered over and in front of Navi.

    "No, I think freaky hair suits you just fine," said Sprite.

    "It's so immature, childish. I hate to see one of my own race acting in such a manner," said Navi, almost sounding sad.

    "Pah! There is no way you are from my race! No faerie I know has hair like that, or even acts like you. I think when you warped through time, you were warped into something else, along with your hair," said Sprite.

    "Can't you two just cut it out and get on?" asked Link. They both turned to him, both uttering the same word at the same moment.

    "No!" Link shrugged.

    "It was only a suggestion." Sprite pointed an accusing finger at Link.

    "I can't believe you made that, that, thing your only daughter's faerie god mother!" shrieked Sprite in annoyance.

    "Hey, I made you Brianna's god mother too," protested Link.

    "She isn't even a faerie though. I mean, look at her hair. She has to be some kind of swamp creature from the Mido lagoon!" continued Sprite.

    "Well I can't believe you made her a faerie god mother. She's irresponsible and superficial, but not only that, she has broken several codes of faerie law!" said Navi.

    "And what would you know about faerie law, swamp creature?" demanded Sprite angrily.

    "Seemingly more than you do. Every faerie knows that it is against faerie law to fall in love with a..." started Navi. Sprite smacked her hand over Navi's mouth.

    "I shall not let another ugly word pour from your ugly mouth evil swamp creature. I cast the spell of hindered speech!" declared Sprite loudly. She snatched a sprinkle of faerie dust from a pouch that hung from her belt, and threw it into Navi's eyes. Then she withdrew her hand and smiled smugly at Navi. Navi opened her mouth and sneezed.

    "Ohw oDyu hnikt oyu rea?" demanded the faerie. She looked down at herself, feeling confused. She opened her mouth again, "versre hits mmedyialtel!" she spat. Sprite merely smiled sweetly.

    "Not likely!" she responded.

    "phHmmph!" said Navi angrily, before fluttering from the room, via the window.

    "What was Navi saying, before you cast that spell?" asked Zelda, who couldn't help from smiling at the consequences of Sprite's spell.

    "Oh nothing important. I hardly know what she was talking about myself," said Sprite flippantly, even though red tinged her cheeks. Link grinned.

    "I doubt she'll ever say a nasty word against you in a hurry," he laughed. Sprite frowned.

    "I wouldn't be so sure about that," she said, before smiling again.

    "It was funny though, even if it is against faerie law," she admitted. Zelda's eyes widened.

    "So you do break the faerie code of law then," she said. Sprite shrugged.

    "That was an exception. And besides, I'm royalty. I can do as I please," said Sprite smugly. Link got up, grasping Zelda's hand.

    "Why don't we go and see Ewan before he drops off?" he asked. Zelda nodded, standing up with him.

    "Want to come and see your godson?" invited Zelda. Sprite looked across the window, wondering where Navi had gone.

    "Sure, why not?" she replied, before following the two from the room.

    As Navi watched the three leave the room, she frowned. She couldn't believe that Sprite had, yet again, broken the code of faerie law. She couldn't believe that Sprite had had the audacity to cast 'hindered speech' on her! The cheek of it. That wasn't the only code the Sprite had broken of course. There were quite a few in fact. Not only did Sprite harbour a secret love for her human companion, Link, but she had used magic against another faerie, and she also used magic for frivolous means, such as dressing herself. Navi was certain the council of faeries would be very interested to hear what Princess Tamara of the Fey, had been up to recently. That was if there still was a council. Of course, Navi couldn't tell them yet, she still was having trouble with speaking, but she expected it wouldn't last for more than a few hours. And when it did wear off, Sprite would have more to worry about than what she was going to wear to the summer festival.

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