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Zelda: Requital

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 4

    "What can I wear?" groaned Selina, rooting through her wardrobe. Nick was sat on the bed, watching her with a bemused expression.

    "I never thought you as a girl who worried so much about what to wear," he commented with a laugh. Selina turned round.

    "It isn't funny," she insisted, although she couldn't help smiling herself.

    "What are you so worried about. I know whatever you wear, you'll look stunning," said Nick, standing up. Selina couldn't help smiling at his handsome face as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

    "Yes, but that's just you. Your opinion doesn't count," said Selina, slipping from his grasp.

    "The festival isn't until a few more days, you have plenty of time," said Nick.

    "It's okay for you guys, but we girls, we have to plan ahead," said Selina, turning back to her wardrobe. After a few moments, she pulled an off-the shoulder, short sleeved, sheer lilac dress. "Where did this come from?" she asked in surprise, fingering the material of the dress. She had never seen it before. Nick gave her a sheepish grin.

    "Well, I was talking to Zelda, and she told me about how much you were stressing about what you were going to wear, so I took the liberty of having this made for you," said Nick.

    "I hope you don't mind, if you don't like it, well I completely understand," he added. Selina shook her head and smiled, standing up to her fiancé and kissing him tenderly. Finally, she took half a step back and gazed into his eyes.

    "I can hardly believe you. You give me the most beautiful dress I've ever seen, then you ask me if it's okay?" said Selina disbelievingly.

    "I just wasn't sure, I didn't want you to think that I was trying to force it onto you or anything," explained Nick. Selina gave him another kiss.

    "What was that for?" asked Nick, smiling, when they eventually parted.

    "For being you," replied Selina. She then walked across the room to her full length mirror and held the dress up to her body. Nick joined her, peering over her shoulder into the mirror.

    "You'll be the most beautiful woman at the festival," said Nick, rubbing Selina's shoulder. Selina turned her head and looked up at Nick smiling.

    "And you'll be the most handsome man there," she told him. Nick smiled.

    "Well I don't know about that," he started, but Selina interrupted him with another kiss. After a few moments, they parted.

    "I love you," breathed Selina truthfully. Nick stroked a lock of hair from Selina's eyes.

    "And I love you," he replied. At that moment, there came a knock on the door. Selina smiled at Nick, rolling her eyes.

    "Who is it?" she asked.

    "Uh, a messenger ma'am," replied a voice on the other side of the door. While he answered, Selina had kissed Nick again. Nick pulled away for a second.

    "Don't you think you should get that?" he asked, although he couldn't help grinning. Selina smiled.

    "They can wait," she replied, kissing Nick again. "Ma'am?" asked a voice from outside the door. Selina finally pulled away, and walked over to the door, still smiling at Nick. She then turned her attention to the door, pulling it open, but only half way. "Yes?" she asked, although not sharply. The messenger handed her a note.

    "This is for you ma'am," said the messenger.

    "Who's it from?" she asked. The messenger smiled.

    "I'm not allowed to say," was all he said, before handing her a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers. Selina looked at the bouquet in surprise. Before she could ask anything else, the messenger bowed and quickly left. Selina closed the door behind her, turning around and looked at Nick. He said nothing. Selina opened the note. As she read it, she smiled then looked up at Nick.

    "They're beautiful," she murmured softly. The note had been from Nick, as had the bouquet.

    "But not as beautiful as your outer, or inner self," replied Nick.

    "I can't believe how lucky I am for you to have chosen me," said Selina, inhaling the scent of the flowers.

    "I don't know what I was thinking!" exclaimed Nick jokingly. Selina let out an offended laugh, hitting him playfully on the shoulder.

    "If that's your attitude!" said Selina, trying to sound insulted, although she couldn't help laughing. Nick held up his hands in defeat.

    "Okay, let me rephrase that. I don't know what you were thinking," said Nick, more sincerely this time.

    "You're telling me," said Selina grinning.

    "Is that all the thanks I get?" asked Nick, pretending to be hurt. Selina smiled, dropping the flowers onto the bed and placing both of her hands around Nick's face and reaching up to give him a slow, longing kiss.

    "I want it to be like this forever," she whispered in his ear.

    "It will be," murmured Nick.

    "And who might you be?" questioned Nazareth of the Fey, the head faerie of the faerie council. Navi curtsied politely.

    "My name is Navi of the Fey, I am from the past," replied Navi. Nazareth rubbed his long white beard thoughtfully.

    "What do you wish to speak to us about?" questioned another faerie, who went by the name of Picadillious. She looked quite old, with trailing black hair.

    "It's about Princess Tamara," started Navi.

    "It is?" asked Nazareth sounding a little taken aback. Many people complained of the young princess' antics, but never to the council. She was royalty after all.

    "Yes, just last night, she cast the spell 'hindered speech' upon myself. Now unless the lore of the faerie has changed since my time, then I would consider that a terrible crime and disrespect of the code," said Navi. All of the council huddled together, talking in hushed voices. Finally they separated.

    "And you have proof of this?" asked Picadillious.

    "Princess Zelda and the hero Link were present, yes," said Navi with a nod.

    "Had you done anything to upset her highness, she can be a little, flighty at times," said Seedium, another male faerie of the council.

    "Not at all. But I must point out, it isn't the only code she has broken. Why, she uses magic to change her clothes and appearance, not to mention the fact that she spends more time with humans that those of her own race. She has insulted me many a time, no matter how polite and pleasant I have been," started Navi. Nazareth raised a hand. Navi stopped.

    "And all of these are true?" asked the head of the council.

    "I am one of the old school, I find it emotionally damaging to even contemplating lying," said Navi sincerely.

    "Is there anything more you would like to report about her highness?" asked Seedium.

    "If there is, you are obliged to tell us, there is no holding back," said Picadillious gravely. Navi paused, then nodded.

    "I also happen to know that she harbours a secret love for her human companion, the hero of time," said Navi. There was a short gasp all around.

    "Are you sure?" asked Sheov'Lefaye. Navi nodded.

    "I suspected it the more I got to know Tamara, the way she acted around him and the like. There is no mistaking her love for human, you just have to look at the amount of time she spends with him compared to that of her own husband and children," said Navi positively. Nazareth nodded gravely.

    "Very well Navi. We shall have words with her highness, and if these accusations prove to be true, she will be severely dealt with. However, if they are false, you will be banished from the Fey forever. As you must know, plotting against another of your own race is also a disrespect of the code," said Seedium. Navi nodded.

    "If it were not true I would not speak it," said Navi solemnly.

    "You are dismissed," said Nazareth. Navi, again, curtsied before leaving the glade of the council. This time, Princess Tamara was going to regret she ever disrespected Navi of the Fey.

    "Hey kids!" called a deep voice from across the courtyard. Both Ewan and Timothy turned to see Dion Insequi walking over to them. They both immediately ran over to the expert bowsman, giving him a great big hug. Dion first picked up Timothy, spinning him around, then did the same with Ewan. "Look what I got you two guys!" said Dion once he had finished. He dropped a bag that had been slung round his shoulder and pulled out two bows, both intricately carved and polished. They were pieces of art. And they were both tiny, the exact right size for the both of the young boys to hold. "What do you think, huh? Pretty nifty right?" said Dion grinning. Ewan and Timothy both beamed up at Dion.

    "They're brilliant!" said Timothy.

    "Yeah!" agreed Ewan enthusiastically.

    "How about you give 'em a try right now? I already made you some arrows," suggested Dion.

    "Yeah!" said Timothy, running over to the archery range, Ewan close at his heels. Dion snatched up his bag, running across to join them. He pulled a couple of small arrows from the bag, sticking them into the ground.

    "Once you've used these up mind, I'll be showin' you how to make your own," said Dion with a grin. Timothy pulled an arrow from the ground, and quickly placed it on the bow, recalling how he had been shown by his father the day before. Ewan did the same, they both aimed, and fired. Both the arrows flew powerfully through the air, both hitting the target.

    "Not bad. But you'll have a to do a lot better to beat me, the master," said Dion proudly, jabbing a thumb into his chest. Timothy let out a giggle.

    "I saw that lady beating you at the Din day festival," he said. Dion's face dropped.

    "Now that ain't funny. It was just a fluke, but you're right, she was good," said Dion.

    "I've not seen her in a while, where is she?" asked Ewan curiously. Dion scratched the top of his head, wondering what to say.

    "She's, uh, gone to a better place," said Dion nervously.

    "That's what dad said about that Stag that Drake shot," pointed out Timothy.

    "Uh, look, I really need to go and see someone about something, you just carry on here, why don't you?" said Dion quickly, before walking across the courtyard and into the castle.

    "What d'you suppose that was all about?" asked Ewan. Timothy shrugged.

    "Maybe she did, maybe she went on holiday," said the boy, taking another arrow from the ground. Ewan shrugged, watching the castle carefully, before he also pulled another arrow from the ground, and aiming it carefully at the target.

    Sprite fluttered through the doorway of the Castle of the Fey, her home. Even though it was what North castle was to human's, it seemed too small. She preferred the huge corridors of North Castle, and the people. As she fluttered toward her room, she was greeted by the guards with nods and murmurs. She did get far more respect here she supposed. As she began to fly up the stairs, she heard her father calling her name. She let out a small groan, fluttering back down the stairs. "Yes?!" she called back in an exasperated tone.

    "I've been trying to locate you all day dear, where have you been?" asked her father who emerged from the throne room.

    "I've been around," replied Sprite casually.

    "You haven't been with those humans again have you?" asked her father, who thought that the two races should keep as wide a berth of each other as possible.

    "So what if I have," said Sprite casually, toying with a strand of hair.

    "You spend more time with them than you do your own race, it's a disgrace," said her father.

    "So? They're more fun. You hardly let me hang around with any of my faerie friends anyway," said Sprite.

    "Well the council wants to see you about it. Apparently someone has being making complaints about your attitude," said Sprite's father. Sprite's eyes flashed with anger.

    "Who?" she demanded.

    "I'm not sure about the name, I can't quite remember it," said her father, appearing to think. Sprite pushed past her father.

    "Right! That's it! I'm going to kill her!" screamed Sprite angrily. She knew who it was. Navi. "She's going to wish she'd never opened her big, fat mouth by the time I'm through with her!" declared the faerie angrily before rushing out of the castle.

    "Who do you think you are?" demanded Sprite angrily as she approached Navi, who was sitting by the fountain of youth. Navi turned and looked up, smiling sweetly.

    "Why Navi of the Fey of course," replied the faerie.

    "Reporting me to the council. How low down and dirty is that?" asked Sprite angrily.

    "At least it's not breaking the code," said Navi sweetly. Sprite stepped forward threateningly.

    "That's not the only thing I'll be breaking round here, why don't I start with your neck!" said the faerie menacingly.

    "Threatening behaviour to another faerie is also breaking the code," reminded Navi.

    "You won't get away with this!" said Sprite angrily.

    "On the contrary, I think I will. You going to be the one who suffers," said Navi coolly.

    "I have friends. They'll stick up for me, you don't know anyone," said Sprite, her turn to be smug.

    "Don't you mean that they'll lie for you? That's also breaking the code," said Navi.

    "Enough of 'the code' already! Once I'm in charge, that's the first thing I'm changing!" said Sprite in exasperation.

    "If you ever do. Once everyone finds out what you've done, there's no way you can be trusted to rule. It'll be handed down to your sister," said Navi. Sprite briefly considered using her magic to turn Navi into a small pool of water, but decided against it.

    "You haven't heard the last of this!" said Sprite, before turning on her heel and leaving the clearing.


    "Princess Tamara of the Fey, is it true that you have broken numerous codes of faerie lore, including using magic for frivolous usage, using magic against another member of your own race, spending more time with the humans than your own race and having an infatuation with your human companion," said Nazareth, the head of the council. The council wasn't just present, many other of the community was there, including her parents and her sister, and Navi. Sprite swallowed nervously and smiled sweetly.

    "What? Me? Break the code?" she half-said, half choked.

    "Yes, is it so?" demanded Seedium. Sprite rubbed the back of her neck.

    "Well I might have cast the 'hindered speech' spell on Navi, but it was only to stop her from spreading slander about our whole community," said Sprite.

    "That's a lie! I was simply..." shouted Navi, but Nazareth raised a hand.

    "Silence, let her highness speak," he said.

    "And I might sometimes change my appearance using magic, but doesn't everyone these days?" added Sprite with a weak smile. Icy stares were directed at her from the council. "But I won't do it ever again," said Sprite quickly.

    "And what of the other two accusations?" asked Nazareth.

    "Well, my human companion did save my life, which means that technically, he owns me. Which means that I have to be at his every beck and call, I can't help it if I happen to have a demanding human companion," said Sprite slowly. Several murmurs emerged from the crowd.

    "And the last?" asked Picadillious.

    "Oh that? Never. He's married for goodness sake, I'm married. I would never have married, um, Antious if I was in love with another right?" said Sprite with a wave of her hand. Nazarath rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

    "Hmmm, good point. Well, you have given us your side of things, we shall discuss and report back to you in the next couple of days. You are free to leave," said the head of the council. Sprite curtsied graciously, then left the glade, along with everybody else.

    "Can you believe her? Reporting me to the council!" exclaimed Sprite angrily in front of her friends, Felicity, Carrie and Tiffany.

    "I could always smite her with thunderbolts," suggested Felicity, the most intelligent of them all. She knew the most powerful spells, and Sprite had no doubt that Felicity was able to carry out such a deed.

    "If only, but then you'd get in trouble too," sighed Sprite.

    "I could pelt her to death with semi-precious stones," offered Tiffany with a giggle.

    "That's not funny Tiff, I could lose my heir-ship!" said Sprite agitatedly.

    "Lighten up Sprite. The council will never take some outsider's word over yours. In a few days they'll all be apologising like there was no tomorrow, and little Ms. Lore up keeper will be banished from the Fey for good," consoled Carrie. Sprite gazed down at her reflection in the fountain of youth, studying it carefully.

    "Do you think this colour is too unnatural?" asked the princess, toying with a strand of hair.

    "Keep it how it is for now. In fact, I'd stay away from the humans for the next few days, and be on your best behaviour. The council will be watching you very closely in order to assess the situation," advised Felicity knowledgeably.

    "And besides, that colour is great for you," added Carrie, still talking about the hair.

    "You think?" asked Sprite.

    "Sprite! Are you listening to me?" demanded Felicity.

    "Uh yeah, what?" asked Sprite, turning her attention back to her friend.

    "Lie low for a while, be on your best behaviour. That way, the council can't fault you," repeated Felicity.

    "What? As in, stay around the Fey? But I have to see my godson and daughter, and my companion. It's my duty. If I didn't, I'd be breaking the lore," wailed Sprite. Felicity appeared to think for a moment then nodded.

    "Fine, you can see them, but only in moderation. Act like you're doing it out of duty, rather than choice," said Felicity. Sprite reached over and gave Felicity a hug.

    "Thanks Flis, you keep me straight," thanked Sprite honestly.

    "I know I do, although sometimes I don't know why," said Felicity with a wry grin. Sprite turned to Carrie and Tiffany.

    "And you two, aside from Flis, you're the greatest friends a girl can have," said Sprite. They all hugged each other, before standing and departing the beautiful glade. Sprite knew where she was going, to see Link, and her two godchildren. After all, as Felicity had said, it was her duty, one she intended to keep. The council could never fault her on human relations, that was for sure.

    Sprite perched herself on the edge of Brianna's cradle, watching the baby with interest. She had the face of her mother, just as Ewan had had the face of his father. "Hello Brianna, this is your faerie godmother here, your good one that is," whispered Sprite softly, thinking about Navi. The child did not stir, which was just as well, because Sprite didn't fancy being deafened by the cries of her own goddaughter. "I'm the one who you can talk to when your mother's being a bitch, which is most of the time, so I suppose we'll be talking quite a lot. Having said that, your mother is sweetness and light compared to your other faerie godmother. If you looked up bitch in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Navi there to define it," continued Sprite, examining her perfectly manicured nails. "I mean, she's trying to stop me from spending so much time with you, and your brother, and your father, now what kind of faerie is that? Back, back to the lagoon evil swamp thing, that's what I say," said Sprite with a giggle. Brianna let out a sigh, a slight smile turning her lips. "If you ask me, she's just jealous because I'm prettier than she is. And smarter, and nicer, and everyone loves me, no-one even wants to know her. I don't suppose you've been told much since you were born, well I'm here to tutor you. I'll tell you about everyone I know, so you know who to avoid and who to be nice to. But I can tell, just by looking at your face that you're going to be so unlike your mother, and more like your father. In a personality sort of way, that is. You'll be beautiful just like your mother of course, but you'll be nice to everyone and everything. Well I'll tell you now, that's not always the best way to act. Take Navi for example, she tries to be Ms. Peace Keeper, and everyone hates her. And then there's your mother, she's not always the nicest person around, and when she has a grudge, boy does she have one. Take Leigh for instance, you won't know her. She's dead I think. But anyway, the only thing she ever did was help Hyrule in it's time of need, but just because she made one tiny mistake of liking your father more than she should've, Zelda decided to put her in prison. I mean, come on. It was hardly Leigh's fault that she was attracted to your father, at the time, she didn't even know he was married. Zelda can be unforgiving like that, but I reckon we understand each other now, we get on better. And there's your aunt Fayette. Once Zelda takes charge, she wants to kick Fayette out of the castle, which I think is a bit harsh, considering she has four, no five kids to look after. I can understand Zelda's point, I suppose. Fayette can be annoying, and mean, and a stirrer, but still. Her husband, your uncle, he got killed. Murdered actually, so you have to feel sorry for her. And besides, I know your mother does have a heart, otherwise what would Link see in her," went on Sprite, the last sentence being more to herself than her goddaughter.

    "If I were you, I wouldn't be hanging around here, the council will be watching you, you know," came a voice. Sprite turned her head, and saw Navi floating in from the balcony window.

    "Oh get lost Navi. Can't you see I'm spending quality time with my goddaughter?" said Sprite angrily.

    "Yes I can see. Your probably just filling her head with unnecessary rubbish, so I've come to take over," said Navi, perching on the cradle, next to Sprite.

    "I don't think so, it's my turn, I was here first," said Sprite, her eyes flashing.

    "Well I'd just about say you've had your turn. It's time Brianna was given some knowledge, which is more than she'd ever get from you," said Navi.

    "I am giving Brianna knowledge. Stuff she'll need," protested Sprite.

    "You just have to look at the gift you gave her to know that you'd like her to be as empty-headed and superficial as you are," snapped Navi.

    "What!? Just because I gave her the gift of beauty. If you'd been listening, it wasn't just physical beauty, it was inner beauty as well. And that she'd see it everyday of her life," retorted Sprite, annoyed by Navi's remarks.

    "Well I think my gift is far more suitable than your was, friendship is a much better gift than beauty," said Navi.

    "But it isn't. Because, you see, if Brianna has an inner beauty as well as an outer beauty, she's bound to have stacks of friends, although I must say, it's a pity no one gave you a gift of friendship, because then you might not be such a antisocial witch!" shrieked Sprite.

    "I have many friends back in my own time, it's just because I don't know anyone round here yet," said Navi coolly.

    "Why don't you just go back to your own time, it'd be best for the both of us," said Sprite, toning her voice down, realising she could have woken Brianna.

    "No. I have a duty now, and that is to pass on my knowledge and experience to my goddaughter," said Navi shortly.

    "But she already has me, you are not needed. You never were," said Sprite.

    "That's even more reason for me to stay. If Brianna had had a more responsible and kinder faerie godmother, maybe I could've gone back to my own time. But she has you, and there is no way I would leave her now," said Navi. Sprite stood up on the edge of the cradle, her eyes boring into Navi's.

    "I've just had about enough of you Navi. So I'm going, happy?" said Sprite, her temper rising. Navi smiled sweetly.

    "It's fine by me," she replied.

    "Hmmph!" snorted Sprite, before flying from the cradle and through the balcony window.

    "Well, I think that's just about it for today. Before we go, are there any questions or suggestions?" asked Zelda, before she ended her daily meeting with the council over the Summer Festival.

    "There is one thing, your highness, although it has very little to do with the festival. I hesitate to ask, as it would be more suited a question to your father," said Drake, standing up.

    "And it is?" asked Zelda shortly, annoyed that Drake was hesitant just because her father wasn't around.

    "It's about Sosaria," he started, before pausing again.

    "What of it?" asked Zelda.

    "You may not have noticed, but the kingdoms contact has been very limited in the last few months. We still aren't even sure whether or not our message to Lord British about the Avatar reached him," said Drake. Zelda suspected that she'd heard a tinge of pain in Drake's voice when he mentioned Leigh. She wondered if those two had been just more than friends.

    "That is true Drake, but we have no real reasons to be in contact with Sosaria. If our message did not reach British, it would simply be because of the great amount of pirates lurking in the Great Sea, and nought much can be done about that," said Zelda, stacking some papers.

    "Do you not think it would be wise to try and at least check to see if everything is going fine? For all we know, Sosaria could be under attack by those masses of pirates," said Drake.

    "If this were true Drake, Sosaria would find a way of informing it's sister countries. And besides, many pirate captains refuse to join forces with others of their own. Let me remind you, Sosaria is renowned for it's ship building, they wouldn't have much trouble fighting off a fleet of pirates," replied Zelda. Joel Spinetri stood up, another member of the council. He was also a knight, and Drake's deputy.

    "This is quite an important matter, your highness. It is our duty as Sosaria's sister country, to keep an eye out for them. We should at least try and open a link with the good Lord, just for peace of mind," said Joel solemnly. Zelda carefully placed the stack of papers back on the table.

    "Very well. I shall send one of our captains with a missive requesting that British reply and tell us the current situation," said Zelda with a sigh, agitated that she had been pressured into the task. "Is that all?" she asked, raising one eyebrow. There were a few murmurs, and the room was soon deserted, leaving Zelda alone. She collected up her papers and left the room, bumping into one of the castle guards on the way out. "I'd like you to send for Captain Jamison, immediately please," said Zelda to the guard, who nodded immediately, before trotting down the corridor.

    Later, when Zelda was in her father's study, writing the missive which was to be delivered to Lord British, a knock came at the door. "Come in," said Zelda, not looking up from her work.

    "I heard you were requiring my services milady," timbered a well-bred voice from behind Zelda. Zelda turned round and smiled a greeting to Mercutio Jamison, also known as the 'Falcon'.

    "You certainly don't waste your time Mercutio," commented Zelda, looking over the captain carefully. It had been many years since she had last seen him, and even now, they could only be called acquaintances. He was certainly a handsome and charming man, he carried an aura of power unusual in men so slim and tall, the strength of a willow in his hard seaworn body, straight shouldered and resilient. Tousled, chestnut hair framed his tanned, oval face, which bore a jagged scar across his cheek, harsh against the warmth of his limpid blue eyes.

    "As if I would in matters of the kingdom," said Mercutio, his smile vibrant, his tone cultured.

    "I would very much appreciate it if you could deliver a missive for me to Lord British of Sosaria, it's quite important, but as the Great Sea is currently home to an uncanny number of pirates, you were the only one I would deem capable of the mission," said Zelda truthfully. Once a pirate, now Mercutio Jamison was one of the most respected captains of the Hyrule fleet, Zelda knew he could be trusted.

    "Of course your highness, anything for the most beautiful heir to the throne Hyrule has surely ever possessed," said Mercutio with a smile.

    "You were so quick about arriving, I haven't actually finished the missive, but if you'd care to wait for a bit," said Zelda.

    "My time is your time. And I also must congratulate you on the birth of your daughter," said Mercutio.

    "I believe the same congratulations are in order to you also, your wife recently had a boy, did she not?" said Zelda with a nod.

    "Ah yes, little William, four months to this day," said Mercutio proudly. Zelda put the finishing touches to the missive, sealing it with wax, and then pressing her kingdom ring into the wax. She handed it to Mercutio with a nod.

    "May Farore's wind blow your way captain," said Zelda. Mercutio bowed and nodded.

    "And may the love of Nayru keep you safe my lady," said Mercutio and with that, he left.


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