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Zelda: Requital

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 6

    Link snapped his pole back, way, way back, and with a strength honed over a couple of years experience, he cast the line beautifully into the lake. "Not bad," called Aaron, who wasn't far away, his line also partially submerged in the water.

"Okay Ewan, now you try, or do you want a little help," offered Link. Ewan shook his head determinedly.

"I'm alright, me and Tim are going to do this ourselves," said Ewan, copying the technique he had just seen from his father, snapping the pole back, before casting the line into the lake. "Pretty good," said Link with an approving nod. Timothy tried next, copying his father's technique, which was a little different to Link's but he still managed to cast a good line.

"Now some people just stand and wait, or put the rod on a little stand and sit and wait. But I prefer to give the line a little jimmy around, to catch the fish's attention, it's quicker, and more challenging that way," said Link to Ewan. Ewan nodded, understanding, and touched the reel just slightly, making the bait bob up and down for a moment, causing a few ripples in the water. "Good lad," said Link encouragingly as he did the same. Meanwhile, Aaron was explaining his way of fishing to his own son, which was pretty much the same as Links, except instead of tiny movements, he made bigger movements of the bait by waving the rod left and right slightly, making the bait jump around a little more, creating bigger ripples. Suddenly, there was the snap of the reel as it began to unwind. Link knew it wasn't his, he looked down at his son. "Way to go Ewan, you got yourself a catch, now you just have to reel him in. Com'ere let me help you," said Link, balancing his rod on a little stand he had constructed, so that if something took his bait while he was helping his son, then the rod wouldn't be dragged off into the lake. As Link helped Ewan get used to reeling in his catch, Timothy's reel also made a snapping sound, so he quickly grabbed the handle of the reel, attempting to reel it in.

"They're doing better than us today," shouted Aaron as he quickly put his rod on a stand and reached over to help his son. Timothy, however already had it in hand, and Aaron watched proudly as his son handled it himself. Soon he saw a smallish fish leaping out of the water, line emerging from it's mouth. As it splashed, Timothy sharply turned the direction of which he was pulling, confusing the fish. He dragged it further and further up to the shore, but it still fought on. "You're a feisty one!" said Aaron with a grin as he watched the fish leap and twist in the air, sending flecks of water in Timothy's direction. Finally, Timothy dragged it out of the water, where he held his catch up proudly.

"How big is it dad?" asked Timothy excitedly. Aaron took hold of it, eyeing it critically.

"I'd say about four or five pounds," said Aaron.

"But I haven't broken the record," said Timothy with a sigh. Aaron patted his son on the back.

"You're only a couple of pounds off the record, and it was your first try. We're going to keep this one, you always have to eat your first catch after all," said Aaron encouragingly.

"Can we cook it first?" asked Timothy, not keen on the thought of eating the fish raw.

"Course we can, over an open fire as well. I'll show you how to skin a bone the thing, so that next time you can do it yourself," said Aaron. Timothy nodded.

"That'll be cool," he agreed. Ewan had just pulled in is catch, with the help of his father. He raced to Timothy, holding the line just above the fish's mouth.

"How big was yours!?" asked Ewan as soon as he arrived. He'd seen Timothy catch it all by himself.

"Four or five pounds dad says, and later he's going to show me how to skin and bone it, then cook it over an open fire," said Timothy proudly.

"Dad helped me catch mine, he's not sure how big it is, but he's sure it's at least seven pounds!" said Ewan, holding the fish up for his friend to see.

"Whoa! That's huge! And only," Timothy paused, counting on his fingers.

"Two pounds off the record! You've already won the little prize of the fisherman too," exclaimed Timothy.

"Dad, will you show me how to cook this one?" asked Ewan, turning to his dad.

"I'm sure I can manage," said Link with a wink.

"Can we both go and show the man what we caught?" asked Timothy, looking up to his own father.

"Yeah, I don't see why not. Just don't be too long okay," said Aaron, looking across to Link for conformation. Link nodded, and the two father's watched their sons dash off to the cabin, catches in hand.

"It's good to see they accept fishing more than they do hunting," said Aaron with a laugh.

"You don't need to tell me," said Link, laughing also as he walked back over to his rod.

As he reached it, he saw the reel snap into action, so he quickly leaned down to pick it up. The line was already racing like a bird for it's prey, and the pole was beginning to bend to a point Link had never witnessed. "What in Din's name have you got there?" asked Aaron, racing up.

"I don't know but it's big," said Link, his powerful arms beginning to strain against whatever was pulling at the line. Link, concentrating on the pole, did not see what Aaron saw. For a brief moment, great mounds of froth rising from the lake, the glint and flash of an oily black body.

"Link, I think you should take a look," said Aaron, gob smacked. That oil black body, the speed, the strength, could only be one thing. The legendary Hyrule Loach. Link gingerly looked up, his feet beginning to grind through the sandy shore.

"What in the void is it?" asked Link, the pole still bending.

"You lucky beggar, you've hooked the Loach! It was last seen in Lake Hylia!" said Aaron with a laugh.

"I may have hooked it, but I don't know if I can keep hold of it!" said Link through gritted teeth.

"Dad! Dad! Look what the man gave me!" cried a voice from behind Link.

"Ewan! Go get the man, tell him there's something he's got to see!" called Aaron to Ewan. Ewan nodded and quickly ran of in the opposite direction, back from where he had come, dragging Tim with him. Link felt his feet beginning to desperately scrape along the shore.

"Hey Link! Where you going?" asked Aaron in surprise. "I'm not going anywhere, that thing is taking me!" protested Link, jabbing his foot into the sand, trying to keep a firmer hold. But it was no use, and soon he was half submerged in water.

"I knew I should've brought those iron boots!" called Aaron from the shore. Link gave a last yank on the line, finally gaining a hold, he could feel the Loach pause for a minute, and he used this to his advantage.

"What in tarnation?" he heard a voice call from behind him.

"We think he might have hooked the Hyrule Loach!" he heard Aaron explaining.

"Never, that thing hasn't been seen since, since," started the fisherman, thinking back.

"Lake Hylia?" suggested Aaron. "That's right, it was caught by a young gentleman, but was thrown back in cause the things were so rare back in them days," said the fisherman. Link began to back out of the water, pulling the Loach with him. Suddenly, there was an enormous yank on the line, too strong for Link to have even readied himself for. As he had been walking backwards, he hadn't any grip, and he went flying out of the water, briefly through the air, and back into the water again. He heard calling voices behind him, but as he hit the water, he went briefly under, his ears filling with water. Anything they said was just a gurgle. He knew he should let go of the rod, but this was the rarest animal to ever be seen, aside from a dragon, and Link already had seen one of those. To catch the Hyrule Loach, well that would be amazing. Then, as the Loach decided to go under, it took Link with it.

Link opened his eyes, but did not have the time to take in the beauty of the underwater scene as he was been dragged along at a fair old speed by the Loach. Link saw a log approaching at a fast speed and realised he'd never fit through the crevice that the Loach had. So instead, he swam over the top of the log, stopping the Loach in its tracks as he began to swim upwards, rod still in hand. Link worried as the line rubbed against the log that it would snap, freeing the Loach, but it didn't happen. Link finally resurfaced, taking in a deep gulp of fresh air before swimming for the shore. As soon as he got up onto the shore, he felt the line twinge again. "Come on you guys! I need some help!" he called to Aaron and the fisherman who were a little way down the lake. They all rushed over, Aaron linking his arm around one of Link's arms, the fisherman the other. To help out, both Ewan and Timothy decided to grab onto Link's legs.

"We told you to let go of the rod," said Aaron.

"I couldn't hear, my ears were full of water," said Link, tipping is head to one side, emptying any water that would come out, out.

"Good thing you didn't, it'll be the biggest catch ever!" said the fisherman. Link saw the line take off again, but this time his was ready, not to mention having a little more help this time. He knew he could do it.

"It's bigger than me!" said Ewan looking at the oily, black eel like creature in amazement.

"It's twice the size of me!" said Timothy, reaching forward a finger, daring to touch it.

"I can't believe we caught it," said Link looking at it, equally as amazed and impressed by the creature as the children were.

"I always said this were the best fishing spot, and this beauty proves it," said the fisherman.

"Looks like you're going to have to buy a new tank Mr," said Ewan smiling.

"How much do you think it weighs?" asked Aaron. "Well, there's only one way to find out, isn't there?" said the old man, leading them all back to his cabin.

    Later that afternoon, when they were all sitting around a small fire, eating the cooked fish, Link still couldn't believe it. "I still can't believe it weighed more than seventy pounds," he said shaking his head, taking a bite from a fish he had caught later on. Given, the fish was only a six pounder, but after his swim with the Loach, he hadn't wanted to try too hard. Aaron had caught a twenty four pounder, but, like he had said, it hardly measured up to the Loach. After all having a talk, it had been decided the Loach should be put back, for future generations to catch. Link held the record, but Error's fish was still in the tank.

"This is yummy," said Ewan, taking a bite from another fish he had caught all by himself, a seven pounder. Timothy had gone one better, catching an eight pounder all by himself. Neither one of them had been dragged off the shore and underneath the lake in the process, but still, they were quite proud of themselves. "I wonder what it would have tasted like," pondered Ewan.

"Probably all yukky. It was dead slimy wasn't it dad," said Timothy.

"Sure was," said Aaron with a grin at Link. They were soon finished, and after stamping out the fire, Link stood up.

"I think I've had enough fish for one day. We'd best head off before the sun sets, or before it gets any colder. Thank the Goddesses it's summer or I would've caught pneumonia by now," said Link, his clothes still sopping wet.

"Can we come again?" asked Ewan, packing away the rest of the food.

"Yep, but I don't think I'm touching a rod again, not for a long while," said Link wryly.

"Don't blame you," said Aaron, picking up his and Timothy's rods.

"Why not? You're the champion of the lake now, you have to fish again to break the record," said Timothy.

"I think I'll leave that to someone else," said Link, walking across to the cabin. When they got there, the old man was waiting, big smile on his face.

"May I shake the hand of the greatest fisherman to ever grace this lake?" he asked.

"It was just a bit of luck, that's all. And besides, everyone here helped in the end," said Link sheepishly.

"True, but most yellow bellies would've let go of the rod before they hit the water," said the old man. Link nodded and shook his hand firmly.

"It is the greatest fishing spot in the land, we'll be coming again," said Link with a smile.

"Good, I'll be anticipating your return," said the man. Link hoisted Ewan onto Carefree, and got up behind him.

"Home," murmured Link tiredly, clicking on his steed, Aaron and Tim not far behind. As they left, both Ewan and Timothy waved to the old fisherman, who waved back before returning to his cabin.

    "You have no idea how good this is," said Link later on, snuggling up to Zelda.

"Oh Link, you still smell all fishy," protested Zelda, laughing.

"I took a bath, I can't help it can I. Besides, you should be proud. I'm now officially the best fisherman to grace the shores, and the water, of Spiteri Lake," said Link. Zelda ruffled Link's hair affectionately.

"I love it when your hairs just dry," she commented.

"And smells of fish?" added Link hopefully.

"No way, next time I'm going to make sure you get a proper wash," said Zelda firmly, nevertheless hugging him.

"Mmm, that sounds interesting," said Link suggestively.

"Not like that. I'm going to make sure you don't still smell of fish when you get out!" said Zelda, hitting him playfully on the arm.

"Ouch, these arms are still very tender of catching the Loach. 80 pounds I tell you, I'm surprised it didn't yank them off," said Link.

"We couldn't have that now, your arms are one of your most redeeming features," said Zelda playfully.

"Gee thanks, I don't know whether that's a compliment or an insult," said Link. Zelda leaned forward, kissing her husband tenderly.

"Does this answer your question?" she asked. Link stroked the back of Zelda's hair and smiled.

"I guess it does," he replied. At that second, Brianna began to cry. Zelda sighed and tried to get up, but Link held her back. "Link, I have to," protested Zelda, but was interrupted as Link leaned forward to give her small kiss, before getting up.

"Remember, I said I'd get it this time," reminded Link. Zelda nodded and smiled as she watched Link get up and walk over to the cradle. He gently picked up Brianna, and walked back over to the bed, sitting down on the edge next to Zelda. "How's my beautiful daughter?" he asked softly, kissing the top of Brianna's head. Brianna ceased to wail, and looked up at her father, smiling. She reached out her tiny hand, tiny fingers outstretched and grabbing hold of his nose, giving it a vicious yank. "No, that stays right there on my face," said Link firmly, yet he couldn't help smiling. Brianna let out a small gurgle, before releasing his nose. Zelda sat up to get a better look at Brianna, putting one arm around Link's waist. "She's amazing, just like her mother," said Link softly, turning his gaze from Brianna to Zelda. Zelda smiled softly, leaning forward to give him a kiss. Brianna let out a discontented wail, jarring the two apart. Link looked down at Brianna smiling. "You just don't like us getting romantic do you? If you'd been around a couple of months ago, acting like this, we might never have had you," said Link shaking his head. Now that she had Link's attention again, Brianna smiled, stopping her wails.

After sitting for a few minutes, Brianna dropped off, and Link slowly stood up, carefully placing her back into the cradle. He slid back under the covers pulling Zelda close, feeling the luckiest man on Demiari. "You know, you may smell of fish, but that doesn't stop me from loving you," murmured Zelda affectionately.

"You're just saying that because you know that I'm the greatest fisherman to ever walk these lands," said Link haughtily.

"Oh yeah? Listen buster, I can be as cold blooded as that fish you caught out there, so don't push it," said Zelda menacingly. Link shrugged.

"That's a threat you'd never carry out, not with me around anyway," said Link confidently.

"Wouldn't I?" asked Zelda.

"Nope," replied Link.

"What makes you so sure," said Zelda. Zelda suddenly felt a hand creep up the back of her neck.

"Oh, Link you wouldn't," said Zelda, knowing what was coming.

"Wouldn't I?" said Link, mimicking Zelda's phrase. He began to tickle the back of her neck, making her collapse into a burst of giggles. Between short gasps Zelda began to plead.

"Please.. no, no.. more.. no more!" she begged. Link paused.

"One condition," he said.

"Anything," gasped Zelda.

"You make no more comments about me smelling worse than an old boot," said Link. Zelda nodded. Link tickled the back of her neck for one last time, sending her into another round of uncontrollable giggles.

"You're an evil, evil man Link," said Zelda when she'd recovered.

"Aren't I just?" said Link grinning. Zelda smiled, leaning forward and kissing him slowly, lingeringly. "That's more like it," said Link before snuffing out the candle.


    Fayette lovingly fingered the shimmering blue silk of her Summer Festival dress, feeling pleased with it. She was going to be the best dressed woman there, no doubt about it. She'd ordered it several months ago, from her favourite dressmaker in Sosaria, the one who made clothes for Lord British and the other nobles of the Kingdom. It was lucky that she'd purchased it then, because any later, and it might never have arrived. The trading ships these days just couldn't seem to get through because of the growing number of pirates. Apparently, Nell, Lord British's wife, had just recently had a baby. It had caused quite a bit of a scandal, when Leigh had revealed that their king had been having an affair with his chambermaid, but all that was over now, and people just had to get used to the fact that he wanted a simple peasant girl to be his bride. Fayette shook her head, thinking about it. Her mother had thought it was a disgrace, and she was right. In fact, it seemed to be a growing trend among royalty, these days. They all wanted to marry commoners, not people of noble blood. Zelda marrying Link, for example. And, the most heinous couple of all; Nick marrying Selina. At least Link had been fairly respectable. He was the greatest hero in Hyrule, after all. But Selina... she was nothing but a common little tavern wench, who unfortunately happened to have an unusual aptitude for magic and healing. Of course, Raymundo hadn't actually been royalty, but that was different. Brynnel wasn't a Kingdom, it was ruled by an overlord and people were recognised by their achievements. Raymundo had started from scratch, and become the wealthiest merchant in the country through his own hard work. But all these royal people who insisted on marrying commoners, it was most terrible, Fayette thought. There was the tiny little voice at the back of her head, that told her that her mother had been a commoner, before she'd married Lord Tantalon, Fayette's father, but she ignored it. Her mother, after all, had been the daughter of a Lady in Waiting, and that was a respectable job to have. Fayette held the dress up in front of her, and stood in front of her cheval glass, admiring her reflection. Yes, she would look simply stunning. Maybe Nick would even change his mind about Selina, after all, she was a peasant, and she wouldn't have such a fine dress as Fayette's. Fayette knew she'd look better than Zelda too, because her step-sister had never much been interested in clothes, and she rarely went out of her way to have new dresses made for special occasions. Fayette held up a lock of her long, red hair, wondering what to do with it. She currently wore it in long ringlets, but they were such a nuisance to look after. "Maybe I should plait it," she spoke out loud, trying to imagine how it would in such a style. Her hair was another thing that was nicer than Selina's. Selina's reddish hair was naturally curly, unlike hers, but she just left it loose to do it's own thing. Fayette tied hers back with nice ribbons, or jewelled clips. I'll do it up in a really elaborate style, she thought to herself. Suddenly, Raymundo started crying, so she hurriedly hid the dress back in her closet, and ran to pick her baby up and comfort him. As she glanced down at him, a single tear rolled from her eye. He reminded her of his father so much already... how she missed him... Everyone else was so lucky, they all had a better half, and she had none. "Thank goodness I have you," she whispered to the baby. Her children were all she had left... unless she changed things in her life pretty quickly.

    Link walked through the King's bedroom, passing through to the bathroom. The plunge pool had to be one of the best luxuries in the castle. There was some at the Baths in Mido, and they had been inspired by similar pools up in Dalsona, and Dubatio. Beforehand, some of the maids had filled it full of water, foaming bath oils, and then heated the furnace beneath, to make sure the water became nice and hot. It was already a hot day though, and the small room felt extremely stuffy. Link opened the windows, to try and get some fresh air into the place. He then drew the curtain across the door for privacy and stripped out of his clothes, and climbed down into the pool. He sat on the seating rim in the deep end, and the water came up past his shoulders. The water was just perfect; nice and warm, but not too hot, or dark and cold like the water in the pond from the previous day. He never could understand why Zelda liked to have hers steaming hot, and Drake apparently liked lukewarm water. Shaking his head, he reached out for the soap and a sponge, which the maids had placed on the marble console that ran around two sides of the bath, next to the walls. It was very relaxing, he almost felt like going to sleep. He'd promised to go out for a walk with Zelda that afternoon, if the weather remained fair. Looking through the window, there was not a cloud in the azure blue sky, but Link knew that that could change in a matter of minutes. However, it hadn't rained in days, and he hardly thought that it would begin now. And, in two days time, it would be the Summer Festival. He was really looking forward to that, it was one of the nicest times of the year, aside from the Trinity Festival. Suddenly though, he remembered back a few days, to when he'd visited his aunt and uncle. It had been unpleasant, seeing Arcesius again. The Elder had grudgingly congratulated him on the birth of Brianna, and then praised him for using a native Catalian name, but those had been his only kind words. Apparently, Catalia were looking for a new leader, for Queen Seline was getting old, and she had never married, and therefore had no heir. Link had tried to forget about his birthplace, because he considered Hyrule his home now, but he couldn't help feeling like he needed to help them out somehow. But he hadn't agreed to it. He could think of no suitable candidate, except for the fact that they should be Catalian. It would make no sense in handing the country over to a complete foreigner, after all. As he mused over this, he didn't hear Sprite flutter into the room. She alighted herself on the marble ledge, and cleared her throat loudly.

Link blinked, and glanced up to see Sprite stood there, wearing a soft purple dress that finished past her knees, but above her ankles. It looked more like the sort of dress that Navi would wear. "Sprite!" he said, quickly covering himself up with all the bubbles that he possibly could. She might have only been a faerie, and his guardian faerie at that, but he still felt a little embarrassed. She smiled widely. "Bathing, I see," she remarked.

"Uh yeah. What do you want anyway?" Link asked.

"Nothing. I just wanted you to wish me luck for this afternoon," Sprite replied.

"Why, what's happening this afternoon?" Link questioned, looking a little confused.

"The faerie council meeting, of course," Sprite replied, looking a little offended that he hadn't known.

"Oh, that. Well, good luck. Like I said the other night, I'm sure you'll charm them," Link said confidently. Sprite motioned down to her dress.

"Think this is subtle enough?" she questioned.

"It's very... nice," Link answered.

"Yes, I know it looks like a Navi outfit, but I need to uh... well, you know," Sprite replied. She ran a hand through her curly hair, and caught her reflection in a nearby mirror. "Hmmm... maybe I ought to tone down my hair as well," she muttered, feeling a little angry about the whole situation.

"Do what you think is best," Link replied.

"Ohhh, you just don't understand! I could be banished from the whole of faeriedom if I'm not careful!" Sprite wailed.

"Well, does it really matter? I mean, you can just hang out here anyway, it doesn't matter," Link said.

"But it does! I'll be stripped of all my magical powers you know," Sprite answered, folding her arms and frowning sulkily.

"Oh... isn't that a bit extreme though?" Link asked, his brow furrowing a little.

"It's too bad you aren't a faerie, then you'd understand," Sprite said, shaking her head. She flew up into the air again. "Well, see you later... if I emerge from this hearing alive," she added, in a dark tone.

"I'm sure that you're worrying over nothing," Link called after her.

"I wish!" she replied, before flying out of the window.

    Sprite fluttered into the clearing where the council was normally held, surprised to find it quite empty. She glanced up at the sun through the trees, wondering where everybody was. At least she couldn't be accused of being late. She placed herself on one of the small wooden seats, which was than the stump of a tiny tree. There were many in the clearing, which was just as well, Sprite was expecting a full house for something like this, and the thought daunted her. Link had assured Sprite that she'd be fine no matter what, but it wasn't the first time she'd been in trouble. Only a few years ago, her and Felicity had been experimenting with some spells, and accidentally opened up the mists of time. At the time, Sprite had thought it was pretty cool, that was until, an ancient griffin by the name of Enzar stepped out. Luckily, Link and Zelda managed to get rid of him, but that didn't stop him returning disguised as a human male named Kain. She and Felicity certainly were not favoured upon that day, they both had their magical powers confiscated, until Felicity managed to convince the council that it had been a mistake, and unintentional, a result of their inexperience with magic. Felicity then proceeded to say if they weren't given the chance to learn properly, that when the time came to hand back their powers, they might've made the same mistakes. Sprite smiled at the thought of Felicity's logical and convincing argument. Sprite herself would've never come up with it in years. She was snapped from her thoughts when she heard someone else entering the clearing. She turned, then wished she hadn't. It was Navi. The faerie smiled sweetly, sitting down on a small stump not far from Sprite. "Come to gloat? Cause if you have, you've come to the wrong place. There is no way the council are going to take your word against mine. You'll be banished from the kingdom forever," said Sprite. Navi shook her head.

"As if I would gloat. I have simply come to see justice prevail," said Navi, in a sugary tone. Sprite sincerely wished she could throttle Navi, but decided it probably would do her more harm than good. "Yes, you're completely right," said Navi. Sprite glared at her, wondering how she could read her mind. Suddenly, throttling Navi became a lot more tempting.

A few more faeries entered the clearing, more welcome faces this time. Sprite genuinely smiled at them, gesturing for them to sit next to her. "Hi. We thought we'd come and give you some moral support," said Felicity, handing Sprite a cookie.

"And we just want to let you know," started Carrie, pausing. She turned round, throwing Navi a disgusted look.

"We just want to know that whatever happens, you'll always have us to rely on," said Tiffany, pressing a cool object into Sprites hand. Sprite opened her hand, looked down at the gift Tiffany had given her. It was a beautiful stone, smooth and opaque, with tiny blue crystals shining from within.

"What's it called?" asked Sprite, clasping her hand around the stone again, the coolness feeling good against her hot palm.

"I'm not sure what it's called, but it's always brought me luck when I needed it. I call it the Faustus stone, meaning lucky omen," replied Tiffany, whose speciality was rocks and how to use them to their best abilities. Sprite glanced back down at the stone, unsure.

"Once I'm through with it, you might have to change it to the Infelix stone, as in ill-fated," said Sprite mournfully.

"I'm sure it won't come to that," said Carrie, as comfortingly as she could.

"Sprite is right. You're going to need more than a bit of luck to come through this hearing lightly," piped up a voice from behind. Felicity turned around, sending daggers across to Navi.

"You can just shut it right now. If Sprite is punished, it'll be because the council don't want to appear to soft and pliable. But let me tell you this, you may get what you want in the means of having Sprite punished, but everyone in this forest loves, adores and respects Sprite, and it'll be you who they hate, not her," spat Felicity, her eyes flashing.

"Way to go Flis," whispered Carrie proudly. Felicity turned her attention back to Sprite, who was feeling relieved that she had friends like these, who cared about her and rallied around for her when things weren't going her way.

"Thanks you guys. I don't know where I'd be without you," admitted Sprite tearfully. Felicity leaned over, giving her friend a hug.

"Don't worry Sprite, the council won't be harsh. It's not like you've done anything bad, think of it this way, you may have used magic for frivolous means, but not one of them were evil," consoled Felicity.

"Yeah, listen to Flis. She knows everything is going to be fine," said Carrie confidently, joining in with the hug.

"Aw, now I feel all left out," stated Tiffany, before shrugging and joining in with the group hug. After a few minutes, and they all parted, many more faeries began to appear in the glade, many being that of the council. Sprite nodded to her friends and walked over to the front of the table, to receive her punishment, if it came to that. She was told to take a seat by Picadilious, who gave Sprite a look of sympathy and kindness. Sprite felt uncomfortable by the amount of sympathy held in the stare. No more than five minutes later, the glade was full, many faeries standing of hovering on the outskirts, anxious to hear the outcome. As Sprite glanced around, she saw her three friends all giving her confident smiles and nods of the head, but Sprite felt a pool of despair opening up in her stomach. As she glanced back to the council, she could tell by the many stony and grave expressions on many of their faces that she was going to be punished.

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