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Zelda: Requital

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 7

    Sprite stood all the way through the conclusion of the councils findings, although it wasn't necessary. They talked about how they had watched her over the past few days, as Felicity had warned, and were very proud of the way she acted out her duties as good faerie godmother and human guardian. But, the council were very disappointed with the amount of time Sprite chose or spend with her own husband and family, choosing to spend it with humans, or friends inside the race. They also felt let down that Sprite would chose to use her magic for more frivolous means, rather than conserve the ultimate magic source for a time of real need. Sprite protested, that she may use her magic for less than important needs, but at least she wasn't using it for evil means. She also pointed out that many faeries used magic for the exact same things that she did, making her an un-isolated case. Sprite also maintained that the time she spent with humans was for a good cause. If the kingdom where ever to come under attack by the many beasts of Hyrule, the humans she had befriended would be able, and would gladly, help. Also, if there were ever a shortage of food in the kingdom, instead of many of the faeries having to leave the safe confines of the forest looking for other food, Sprite would simply ask the Princess of Hyrule for a hand, which she gladly would. Sprite also pointed out, that if it had not been for the humans, Ganondorf would have undoubtedly taken over the land by now, probably killing the faerie race along with it. The race of the faeries had many things to be thankful for. Having put up a good argument, the council retired to their chamber to rethink their punishment. Sprite, while she waited, stormed up to the castle, where she found her husband Antious. "Where have you been?" she demanded angrily. She had noticed that her so-called husband had not been present at the hearing, and he had probably been just about the only one, aside from her father and mother.

"Because I did not wished to feel humiliated," said Antious, looking over Sprite, his expression sad.

"You humiliated...how?" demanded Sprite.

"You know fine well. I refuse to sit in front of a crowd while the council sentence you to whatever, not only for using magic for personal needs, and not only that, but you also having an infatuation with your human companion," said Antious angrily. Sprite paused for a moment, wondering how to reply.

"It's not an infatuation, just because I happen to like my human companion, he did save my life you know," said Sprite softly.

"I wish I had been the one to do that deed, for maybe you would pay me, and our children, a little more attention," said Antious. Sprite hung her head, feeling ashamed. It was true, while she left her husband to look after the children, she swanned about, spending time with friends and humans. Her children would undoubtedly grow to hate her, because they would know she hadn't ever really given them much thought. "Have they given you the punishment?" asked Antious. Sprite snapped her gaze back up to her husband.

"No, they haven't. Not that you would care. You're probably counting on them banishing me!" snapped Sprite, losing her temper. Antious placed one hand on Sprite's shoulder.

"I would never, ever wish for that," Antious assured Sprite. Sprite broke free, glaring at him, no, behind him.

"But there's someone who would," she said, glaring at her sister Fleur. Fleur smiled and nodded.

"But of course. Everyone knows that it is I who deserves to rule, you are just getting what you deserve," said Fleur smugly.

"Oh get lost Fleur. I'll be the one laughing when they decide that I don't warrant punishing after all. In fact, I might just inform them that the whole thing has been a plot between you and Navi so that you can take the throne," threatened Sprite. Fleur looked stricken for a moment, taking a step back.

"You wouldn't," she said, nervously. Sprite frowned, wondering why her sister had reacted so, scared to Sprite's threat.

"If it were true, I would. Then it'd be you and Navi who were banished," said Sprite, smiling menacingly.

"But it isn't true, it isn't!" protested Fleur.

"So why are you reacting so strangely?" asked Sprite.

"I'm not, l-leave me alone," spluttered Fleur, before quickly leaving the room. Sprite watched her leave suspiciously, before turning her attention back to Antious.

"The council will probably have decided," she said coldly, before turning and leaving the castle, feeling angry and upset.

"But, Tammy!" called Antious from behind her. She ignored him, and flew on, in the direction of the council's glade.

    "Princess Tamara of the Fey, after much thought, we have decided that you have broken various codes of the lore, and you must be punished for it. There will be several punishments, each corresponding to every code broken. Punishment for using magic for frivolous means, you will be stripped of all magical powers for exactly two months," started Nazareth of the council. Sprite still stood upright, although she knew that if she had been seated, she would've sagged in desperation. "Number two, as you choose to spend more time with humans than your own race, we banish you to the wilderness for a week. You are not permitted to come into any contact with either human or faerie life, and you will live in the depths of this forest alone," continued Nazareth. Sprite decided this wasn't so bad. She was still in the forest, just a different, deserted part. And she could still see Link and Zelda, and her two godchildren as technically, they weren't human. They were Hylian. "Every time you come into contact with another, your sentence will also be lengthened by a week," added Nazareth.

"After you return from banishment, you will not be allowed to have human contact for a further six months, this being lengthened a month every time you come into contact with a human. We have decided, that as you will not be allowed to see you companion or godchildren, then the duties must be given to another. This is yet to be decided," said Seedium. Sprite let out a small gasp. Six months without seeing Link, or any other of her human friends. That had to be the worst punishment of all. She watched as the council paused, discussing in hushed voices. "Actually, it has been decided. Navi of the Fey shall take over your duties," said Seedium.

"No! You can't let her, she isn't trustworthy!" protested Sprite, unable to keep her tongue any longer.

"She already has the most contact with the human, and is faerie godmother to one of the children. She will be the best choice," said Seedium coolly.

"Now, you may go and speak to your human and godchildren for one last time, before you return and spend the day with your family. Then, tomorrow at dawn, you will be taken into the depths of the forest were you must stay until collected. You will use this time to think, and no more," said Nazareth firmly.

"What about my heir-ship?" asked Sprite gingerly, knowing that this could affect her right as a ruler.

"We have decided, that only upon communal election, may you rule Silva-Veredis Le," said Picadilious boldly. Sprite let out another small gasp, which was echoed by the crowd.

"But we have never held election before!" protested a voice in the crowd. Sprite turned and saw that it was her very own sister protesting. She supposed it wouldn't be that bad really. She would no doubt win by a land slide, and then no one could question her popularity.

"Candidates are free to enter," added Nazareth.

"What?!" asked Sprite, whirling round. She had thought that the council had just meant an election between the royals. "Has my father agreed to this?" demanded Sprite. Nazareth nodded.

"He has." Sprite looked around the crowd, suddenly feeling relieved. There was no one, save her three best friends who would be suitable to run against her. But they surely wouldn't run against her, would they? "You are dismissed Princess, you may go and see your human, but you must return within the hour," said Nazareth. He appeared to pause, then waved his hand across Sprite's face. Sprite suddenly felt a lot heavier. "You have been relinquished all of your magical powers from this moment," he said. Sprite groaned, before nodding thankfully to the council. She knew it could've been a lot worse.

    As she left the glade, she was joined by her three friends. "Want us to accompany you to the castle," asked Tiffany. Sprite shook her head.

"I'd rather have a private meeting with him. After all, it'll be the last time I see him in months," said Sprite mournfully.

"If I know you, it's more likely that it'll be the last time you see him in hours," said Carrie with a laugh.

"You think I would risk adding a month on to the sentence? I know Navi will be watching me every hour of the day, I couldn't sneak and see him even if I wanted to," said Sprite.

"Well, we could always go and see him for you," suggested Carrie.

"I guess you could," admitted Sprite.

"Hey, perhaps we could appeal against Navi of taking your duties, and try and see if one of us could do it," said Felicity. Sprite brightened at the thought.

"That'd be wonderful, I mean, you're all trustworthy, they couldn't say no!" exclaimed Sprite.

"We'll see the council tomorrow about it," promised Felicity solemnly.

"Thanks you guys, like I said before, I don't know where I'd be without you," said Sprite, giving them all a hug. "Now, I have to go and see Link, before my hour is up," said Sprite, flying up out of the forest and towards North Castle.

    "Hey Sprite, how'd everything go?" asked Link as he saw her approaching.

"Terrible," wailed Sprite unhappily. Link finished polishing his boots and stood up straight, allowing Sprite to perch on his shoulder.

"How bad?" he asked worryingly.

"They've banished me," wailed Sprite, looking as if she were going to burst into tears.

"They've what? Surely not, you can't have done anything that bad," said Link, shocked.

"And they've stripped me of all my magical powers, and they've banned me from coming into contact with humans too," said Sprite, sniffing loudly. Link walked over and sat on a bench.

"It's only temporary, there's no need to be so melodramatic," said a voice from behind. Sprite turned and glared at Navi.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded, her eyes bleary with tears.

"Come to take you back, you've had your hour," said Navi gleefully.

"No she hasn't. She hasn't even been five minutes," insisted Link.

"So shove off," said Sprite.

"Just thought I'd let you know, I'll be taking over from Sprite's duties for the next six months," said Navi sweetly.

"Not if I can help it. I don't want you anywhere near this castle," said Link angrily. Navi looked, for the first time in her life, shocked.

"But the council said," she started.

"It's not up to the council who looks after me or my children. If it couldn't be Sprite, I would insist that it was someone chosen by Sprite," said Link. Sprite felt a leap of triumph welling up inside of her, as she saw Navi's horrified expression.

"But," she protested.

"Go and tell the council just what I said," said Link to Navi. Navi nodded mutely before fleeing, tears threatening.

"Oh Link, you're so good to me," gushed Sprite, hugging Link on the side of the neck.

"It's not as much as she deserved though, now why don't you tell me everything, and at the same time, we'll go find Ewan and Brianna so you can say good bye," suggested Link.

"Okay then," agreed Sprite. Link stood up, Sprite on shoulder, and walked into the castle in search of his son.

    "Bye Sprite," said Ewan, carefully hugging his faerie godmother. He still wasn't quite sure where she was going, but he knew he'd miss her.

"Be a good boy for your father now," said Sprite teasingly. Ewan nodded. Sprite gave him a light peck on the nose, before turning to Brianna who was cradled in her mother's arms. "And you too, little Brianna," said Sprite softly, kissing the child on the top of the head.

"I'm really sorry about this Sprite. I'm sure the whole castle will miss you," said Zelda truthfully. She and Sprite didn't always get on, but Sprite always brought that something special with her. "I'll make sure that if Navi shows her face, she'll wish she never set foot in the glade of the council," added Zelda.

"Thanks Zel, I'll miss everyone too," said Sprite. She looked through the window at the setting sun.

"I should go now, before my hour is up," said Sprite with a sigh. She gave them all a small hug, before saying her last farewells and flying from the window.

"Poor Sprite," said Ewan with a sigh.

"Yeah," said Link nodding his head in agreement.

"I can't believe she's lost her heir-ship over this," said Zelda, wondering how she would feel if the same happened to her.

"I've always stuck up for Navi before now, but now I see what Sprite meant," said Link. Zelda settled Brianna back in her cradle.

"You know, can we take Navi's godmother title off her?" asked Zelda.

"I don't think so, not really," said Link.

"Pity," said Zelda.

"Come on you, it's time for bed," said Link, talking to Ewan.

"Will you read me a story?" asked Ewan eagerly. Link nodded.

"Sure, but only if, by the time I'm done there, you're dressed and ready for bed," bargained Link. Ewan nodded and quickly left the room, the sound of small feet clattering against the stone steps. "It'll be odd without her," said Link, walking over to Zelda and wrapping his arms around her.

"I know. She won't even be at the Summer Festival," said Zelda.

"She said it could've been worse," said Link.

"But how much, the whole thing is pretty bad," mused Zelda. Link took half a step back and shrugged.

"Permanent banishment, permanent removal of magic, stuff like that," said Link.

"Go on then, you go and see Ewan, I'll be waiting for you up here though," said Zelda, deciding it was best to push the situation to the back of her mind.

"Alright then, I'll be back in about twenty minutes or so," said Link, walking over to the door.

"Make it fifteen," said Zelda, smiling at him. Link smiled back and nodded.

"Depends on what story he wants," he said with a grin, before leaving the tower.


    The morning of the summer Festival dawned bright and fair. There was not a cloud in the sky, just a hot, blazing golden sun. The castle was a flurry of activity, as everyone prepared for the big day, donning their best clothes and helping get everything ready. The cooks, for example, had been up all night, preparing some of the food for the lunch and dinner buffets. Zelda and Selina got ready together, in Zelda's bedroom. Selina got changed out of her night dress into the sheer lilac gown that Nick had bought for her. "It fits perfectly!" Zelda exclaimed, smiling at her friend in approval.

"Thanks," Selina replied, parading in front of Zelda's full length mirror to look for herself.

"I must say, Nick certainly has good taste," Zelda remarked, as she stepped into her own dress.

"Well, he is a Dubatian, you know," Selina laughed.

"You know, once you move over there, d'you think you'll miss Hyrule?" Zelda questioned, fastening up her dress.

"I'll miss this place, that's for sure," Selina answered, speaking about the castle.

"Once you're in that palace with pillars made from gold and marble floors, every room hot and sunny, you'll not even think about this drafty old stone keep," Zelda laughed.

"It's a nice castle!" Selina protested.

"You're right," Zelda smiled, looking around her room happily. It was square in shape, with white-washed walls and decorative wood panelling. Large, leaded glass windows were set in the eastern wall, at either side of the French Windows that led out onto the balcony. It might not have the grandeur or richness of the palaces of the hot north, but she loved North Castle. It stood tall and proud, a pure white vestige upon a small hill overlooking Rarau Village, surrounded by a deep, blue moat of water, the purple and gold flags fluttering in the breeze atop the blue slate turrets. Zelda thought it was the most beautiful castle in the whole of Demiari, and considered herself lucky that it was her home. She wouldn't have swapped it for any amount of marble-floored, golden pillared palaces. Link suddenly walked into the room, carrying a huge bouquet of flowers.

"Freshly handpicked from the ornamental garden," he grinned, handing them over to Zelda. "The ones you two don't use, I figure would make a nice flower arrangement," he added.

"Thanks. You're a wonderful, wonderful man," Zelda smiled.

"I think you should wear the roses," he whispered, before giving her a quick kiss on the lips. She nodded, and then he turned and walked back out again. Selina walked over, and selected a few softly coloured yellow, pink and white blooms from the vast bouquet. She then twisted them into her abundant curly red hair, part of which, she'd pulled into a small plait, at the sides and the back of her head. The rest of her hair rested down upon her shoulders, loosely curled.

"How does that look?" she asked Zelda, who was staring into her mirror critically.

"Oh... lovely," she praised, turning to look. Selina smiled, and then reached into her small jewellery box, and took out a simple gold necklace and fastened it around her neck. Zelda eventually took a thick strand of hair from the side of her head and plaited it, fastening a small jewelled clip at the end, and some white roses at the top. She did the same on the other side.

"Perfect," Selina said.

"Alright, I think that's me about finished," Zelda said. She looked down at her hand, making sure all her rings were in place; wedding, engagement and kingdom ones, and then put on the rest of her jewellery; a necklace belonging to her mother, a small diamond tiara and a delicate gold bracelet.

"Well, then, what are we waiting for? Let's get walking!" Selina said. Zelda picked up Brianna, who had been dressed in her best dress, and then the two walked down the stairs together, Zelda carrying the baby.

    The town square of the country's capital, Mido, had been bedecked with bright summer flowers, and chairs and tables seated all over. A long, pink ribbon roped the area off for the moment. On the green, which stretched from the eastern edge of the square, to the beach, there were many stalls and tents. Zelda walked along with Selina and Aimée. "It's going to be a beautiful day," she smiled.

"Where's everyone else, though?" Selina questioned, glancing around. There were plenty of people busily preparing their stalls and such, and groups of children eagerly clustered around the edges of the ribbon, but the three women looked about for their lovers and friends, who had yet to arrive.

"Well, Link said he was coming with Aaron and the two boys," Zelda replied, also looking around.

"I bet all the guys come together," Aimée laughed. She was looking especially pretty, in a pink dress that she'd made herself, specially for the festival, her long brown hair braided and entwined with pink wildflowers.

"As usual," Selina groaned, grinning.

"Yes well, you know what they're like," Zelda stated, looking around the square with pleasure. "Doesn't it look lovely?" she sighed happily.

"Beautiful," Selina verified. She suddenly felt a little misty-eyed. The Summer Festival was one of her favourite holidays, she'd sure miss it once she went to Dalsona.

"I'm hoping that I'll be able to sell some of the things I've been making recently," Aimée said, shading her eyes, and looking towards the field.

"What sort of stuff? Dresses?" Selina questioned, thinking that she perhaps might buy something. Aimée was an expert seamstress, after all, with an eye for pretty stitch-work and patterns.

"A few. But I've mostly made little things, like handkerchiefs, bags, purses, wraps, ribbons and such," she replied.

"We'll stop by later," Zelda promised. Aimée nodded.

"Okay. Well, I've got to go and get my stall set up, I'll see you two later at the dance, or when you visit the stall," she said. "See you," Selina waved, as Aimée ducked under the ribbon, and dashed off over the grass, her trailing skirts hitched up off the ground. "I do wish the others would hurry up," Zelda said, glancing at the clock on the arch above the square. It was almost midday, time for the Festival to start.

"Don't look now, but here comes Fayette," Selina laughed. A large coach, pulled by two white horses arrived in the square. It was the one Zelda's father and Fenella normally rode in, whenever they came into town, but since they weren't there, Fayette was obviously taking advantage of the luxury. A guard leapt down from the seat at the front, and opened the side door. Fayette slowly stepped out, helped by the guard.

"What a show-off," Zelda muttered, frowning.

"If we can walk, so can she," Selina agreed, and she and Zelda watched the spectacle with growing disdain. Several groups people of people were already staring over at Fayette, and she was lapping it all up. Her reddish-gold hair was piled up on top of her head, little ringlets cascading down the side of her head. Jewelled clips and strands on pink satin ribbon kept the hair in place. She was wearing an over-elaborate sky blue dress, which was adorned with ribbons, rosettes and bows in every possible place. It had a full skirt, which was tied at the back with a huge pink satin bow. Indeed, the dress was a masterpiece, but far too over the top. Zelda grinned over at Selina.

"She looks like an over-flounced meringue puff," she whispered in an amused tone. Selina tried to surpress a giggle, but couldn't quite manage it.

"What an idiot she is! She'll be so hot, dressed in that!" she replied.

"It's her own fault," Zelda grinned. Following Fayette came her four children; Raymundo had been left in the care of Impa, who would be arriving shortly. Roderick clambered out sulkily, dressed in a bright blue tunic and a yellow cloak, and his three sisters all wore brightly coloured summer dresses in the many tiered style of Brynnel, each level of their skirts trimmed with layers of lace. It would have made a nice picture, if the children hadn't been whining, and Fayette had to sharply tell them to be quiet.

"Poor Faye," Selina giggled. Zelda shrugged, and turned to walk away from the scene, before her step sister spotted them.

"Thank goodness Ewan doesn't behave that badly," she said.

"Look, speaking of him, there he is, walking with Link, Aaron and young Tim," Selina said, pointing over to where the small group was approaching.

"Let's go and meet them then," Zelda smiled, walking over to greet her husband and son.

    Soon, everyone had arrived, and they all gathered around the outskirts of the town square. Zelda stood atop the steps that led to it, nervously waiting for everyone to become silent. When the noise had quietened down sufficiently, she cleared her throat and attempted to begin the speech she'd hastily concocted that morning. Her father was especially good at those sort of things, throwing both wisdom and goodwill into his short, but generally interesting orations. Zelda had never really had to do any before, and although she was not afraid to voice her opinion to whoever might listen, somehow, addressing the crowd of expectant people stood before her made her feel slightly nervous. However, as future ruler, it was her duty, and she knew she had to get used to it sooner or later. Taking a deep breath, she gazed forward at the crowd, putting on her nicest smile. She searched Link out in the crowd, and saw him near the front, holding Brianna, Ewan stood by his side proudly.

"Alright, well this is my first try, so forgive me if I get it wrong..." the princess began, doing her best to speak as clearly as possible. Some of the crowd laughed lightly at her remark. "Welcome, my good people, to Hyrule's annual Summer Festival. My council and I have spent a lot of time preparing for this day, and we certainly hope that you all enjoy it," she continued, still feeling a little self conscious. "Uh... well, let's not stand about and waste time," she remarked, not really knowing what else to say. She pulled loose the ribbon, and let it drop to the ground. "I officially declare this festival open!" she exclaimed. Everyone cheered, and then the people crossed through the square and over onto the field. Zelda sank down onto the stone steps in relief, and watched the crowd milling about.

"Oh, very nice speech, Princess!" came a deep voice. Zelda turned to see Drake grinning over at her.

"You wouldn't have done it," she retorted, smiling a little. The knight offered her his hand, and led her down the steps and through the town square.

"Ah, but I'm just a lowly knight. You're a great, noble princess, Princess," he said.

"Oh, come off it, Drake," Zelda replied, still smiling. Drake laughed.

"Well, come on Your Highness. I'm sure that you'll be wanting to see a fine knight like me do some extremely fine jousting," he said, leading her towards a blue coloured pavilion that stood at the far end of the field.

"I certainly shall. Who else is doing it?" the princess questioned.

"I dunno, all the usual knights, I guess, and Link, Aaron and everyone," Drake replied. He was looking especially smart that day, wearing some light, Hyrulian armour and a deep purple silk cloak, along with some highly polished black leather boots.

"Not hot?" Zelda asked, as she glanced at his apparel with approval. She was already feeling a little uncomfortable in her own gown, even though it had short sleeves and was made of a thin material. Drake shook his head.

"Don't worry about me, anyway, I'll be keeping to the beer tent mostly, where it's nice and cool," he grinned. He walked up to where a solid, coal black stallion with a silvery mane and tail was tethered in the shade. "The jousting begins at noon, be sure to cheer me on, alright?" the knight said, untying Black Shadow and leading him off into the tent.

"So long as you're not against Link," she joked, waving.

"I heard that!" he shouted, before disappearing into the tent with his horse.

    Zelda looked around, wondering where to go first. There were so many tents, and stalls and displays to look at. As a child, she'd loved coming to the festival. Often, she'd run off from Impa, and looked around herself, trying to evade her nursemaid, who eventually found her sooner or later. "Your Highness!" a voice called out to her. She turned, and saw Ragar, a stall holder who often sold her books when the market was on in Mido Square, stood nearby.

"Hello," she greeted, smiling prettily.

"Congratulations are in order, I believe, over Brianna," he said, smiling back. Zelda wandered over to his stall, and looked over the books laid out there with interest.

"Thank you," she said graciously.

"Where is this lovely baby of yours, anyway?" Ragar questioned.

"I think Link has her," Zelda replied, glancing around to see if she could spot her husband.

"Is it true she looks just like you?" the book seller asked, his brown eyes twinkling. Zelda smiled.

"Well... maybe a little. But she has eyes the same colour as Link's, and her hair, well, it's golden, but it has a slight curliness to it," she replied.

"Please, bring her over if you can. It would be an honour to see her," Ragar said hopefully. Zelda nodded.

"Oh certainly. I'm sure she'll be keen to meet my favourite stall holder," she smiled. Ragar looked proud at her comment.

"Well, I've got some real nice books for young children with me today. Some things that I'm sure your young boy would like," he said.

"Oh yes. Ewan's a keen reader," Zelda said, nodding her head.

"Runs in the family, I see. You know, I had your father comin' to this stall when he was just a boy, when my father ran it," Ragar said.

"Yes, my father probably has one of the biggest collections of books in the whole of Demiari," Zelda replied. Ragar nodded.

"I wouldn't be surprised, my lady. Now, for yourself, I was sold these old Hylian texts a few days back. Very good condition, would you like to have a look at them?" he asked.

"Sure," the princess replied, looking interested. Ragar pushed over some fragile looking leather bound texts, quite thick ones, with titles written in Hylian. Zelda picked up a blue coloured book, and carefully opened it. The book appeared to contain some beautifully illustrated Hylian legends. "This is wonderful," she said, thumbing through slowly.

"I thought you'd like it. Have a look at the others," Ragar encouraged. Zelda did as he said, and checked the other books, chatting away to her friend as she did so. Eventually, she made a decision, and selected two to buy. "I'll keep these back, so you won't have to carry them around all day," Ragar offered.

"Thanks," Zelda replied, handing over some rupees. "See you later," she waved, heading back into the crowd.

    Ewan and Timothy dashed eagerly about the green, checking out all of the individual stalls. Link, Zelda and Impa tagged behind with Brianna and Raymundo. Dion and Damon had set up two stalls next to each other; one selling the finely crafted wooden bows and arrows that they both made, and another showcasing some small sculptures that Dion had created. "Hey, Dion! Damon!" Ewan shouted excitedly, rushing over to where the two friends stood chatting.

"Hey kiddies!" Dion replied, grinning down at them.

"I hope you two have been practising your archery," Damon said, smiling.

"Like anything!" Timothy exclaimed.

"Me and Tim are gonna be the best archers in Hyrule soon!" Ewan added.

"Just keep training hard, and you will be," Damon assured them, patting the boys on the head affectionately.

"Will you be doing the jousting later?" Ewan questioned.

"No, little amigos, but we'll be doin' the archery display instead," Dion answered, his eyes twinkling merrily.

"Can we do it too?" Ewan asked hopefully.

"Well, maybe after the main display," Dion said, still smiling at the two young boys. "Perhaps your mother and Miss Selina will want to try out too," Damon said, grinning knowingly at Dion. "No, they're girls! Girls don't do archery," Ewan said.

"No, but remember Miss Leigh!" Tim reminded him.

"No woman will ever out master me again," Dion said in a proud tone.

"Out master you at what?" Zelda asked, walking over, a small smile playing on her lips.

"Princess, how wonderful to see you again," Damon said, bowing politely. Dion just smiled.

"We were talking about archery, Princess," he explained. Zelda raised her eyebrows slightly.

"And women?" she asked.

"Maybe," Dion replied, still flashing his pearly white smile.

"Master Dion says no women can beat him at archery, but we saw a lady beat him on Din's Day!" Ewan said. Zelda frowned a little, at the mention of Leigh. She still felt bad about the whole matter, even though it had occurred over five months ago now.

"If I practised more..." she began.

"Ahem. Not meanin' to sound disrespectful to Your Highness, but you could never outshoot me," Dion intoned confidently.

"Someone ought to put you back in your place," Zelda laughed.

"Like me?" Link spoke up, appearing as if from nowhere.

"Link! Good to see you again!" Damon exclaimed, leaning over to shake his friend's hand.

"Not even you, amigo. Swordplay's your forte, as archery is mine. Let's stick to that, hey?" Dion suggested, grinning.

"We'll see," Link smiled. He was planning on taking part in every competition he could that day. Dion slipped around the edge of the counter and stood beside Zelda. Gesturing with his hands, he pointed over at his stand.

"And now, pretty Princess, may I interest you in some exquisite ornaments for that extensive art collection of yours?" he asked, in a well-practised persuasive voice. Zelda smiled.

"Perhaps," she replied, smiling at him.

"Ah, the old charm never fails," the Dubation grinned. Damon shook his head.

"You're getting far too big for your boots, bro'," he laughed.

"As if!" Dion retorted, pretending to be offended. As the grown-ups mocked each other, Tim and Ewan ran off again.

"Let's go and get something to eat!" Ewan said pointing to the cake stand.

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