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Shadows of the Past

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 7

   Kaibre glanced around Zelda's room carefully. He lifted his chin, and scratched his neck, deep in thought. Zelda watched, from the corner of the room. Kaibre walked across to the French doors, pulling them open and sticking his head outside. It was beginning to rain, and his face was spattered with tiny cool droplets of rain, but it didn't particularly bother him. What did bother him, however, were a disarray of vines, that grew next to the balcony. He stepped outside and examined them. Zelda appeared at the door, watching him. Kaibre drew his sword, poking at the thick mass experimentally.

"These'll have to go," he stated calmly.

"But, they've been like that, since, well since I was born," protested Zelda. Kaibre turned to Zelda.

"Look, you say you think someone came into your room, this is the only way they could have gotten in, and they'll have climbed up those vines to get here," he said sternly.

"Well, what would stop them from just dropping a rope from the roof?" asked Zelda, she didn't like taking orders from anyone. Kaibre looked up. He sighed.

"Yes, it could be done, but still, those vines, it's an invitation near enough," he said. Zelda leaned against the door frame.

"Well if you'll be watching me, then you'll see them if they try and climb up here won't you?" asked Zelda. Kaibre slipped his sword back through his belt.

"Do you want me to help, or not?" asked Kaibre.

"Well, I think my father's making a fuss in the first place, so..." began Zelda, even though it was far from the truth. She was scared, very scared. She'd told Kaibre about the whole pumpkin, knife and note fiasco, and aside from the Mara girl, he was the only one to know. Kaibre scratched at his newly shaven jaw, and leaned over the side of the balcony, looking down. "How long did you say your husband would be away for?" he asked, leaning further still over the balcony.

"I'm not sure, a few days perhaps," said Zelda. Kaibre stood up straight and walked back inside, straight past Zelda. She followed him in, closing and locking the balcony doors behind her.

"Do you know if there are any secret passages, anything like that, that lead to your room?" questioned Kaibre. Zelda touched her forehead in thought.

"No. None that I know about," she replied.

"Ever seen the plans for this castle?" continued Kaibre, closely examining Zelda's bedroom door. "Several times. There were never any suggestions that there was a secret passage up here," said

Zelda. She walked over to Brianna's cradle, and lifted the child out. Kaibre turned around, and looked at Zelda. She could've sworn she saw half a smile flash across his face when he saw Brianna. But he quickly looked back up to Zelda.

"Do you suspect anyone of doing this?" he asked. Zelda frowned.

"If I did, they'd be in the dungeon cells pretty promptly, I can tell you," said Zelda. Kaibre raised his eyebrows a little.

"Well, there isn't much I can do, except wait, and if whoever's behind this has the misfortune of trying something again, then I can make sure they won't get another chance," said Kaibre. "I've never had a body guard before," said Zelda, looking down at Brianna and smiling into the young child's face.

"You say you had two children?" asked Kaibre. Zelda looked up and smiled.

"Yes, Brianna and Ewan, Ewan will be in the nursery right now," said Zelda. Kaibre nodded. "Well, I hate to inform you of this, but your son could be as much as a target as you are for this sick person's...activities," said Kaibre seriously. Zelda's eyes widened.

"Do you really think so?" she asked, worried. Kaibre nodded.

"I can't say I'm positive, but still, perhaps you should introduce us, he might be seeing quite a bit of me in the next few days, and it'd be best if he recognised me as a friend," said Kaibre. Zelda nodded.

"That makes sense I suppose," she said slowly. She looked down to Brianna then back to Kaibre. He looked a lot more different after his visit to the barbers, his hair was short and neatly trimmed, tapering down the back of his neck, the mass of stubble he had worn was now all gone, revealing a fresh and handsome face.

"So shall we go?" he asked. Zelda nodded.

"Yeah, okay," she agreed, walking past him and opening the doors. Kaibre walked out of the room with her, closing the doors behind them.

   "Oh great," muttered Zelda as she peeped through the nursery door.

"What, what is it?" asked Kaibre. Zelda turned to Kaibre.

"My sister, Fayette, she just had to be in there didn't she," sighed Zelda. Kaibre's face remained expressionless.

"You haven't met my step-sister yet have you?" asked Zelda. A look of realisation crept into Kaibre's eyes.

"Hang on, I might have met her, when I was with Drake. I don't think she gathered an all together brilliant opinion on me," said Kaibre, recalling his previous meeting with the spoilt princess.

"Oh, I wouldn't let it bother you, Fayette is like that with everyone," said Zelda rolling her eyes.

"So, she has children?" asked Kaibre.

"Five of them," said Zelda, peering back through the door.

"So she's married?" assumed Kaibre.

"Was. Her husband was murdered last year...oh, of course..." Zelda's voice trailed off. "What?" asked Kaibre, sounding concerned.

"It was about this time Raymundo was killed. No wonder she'd been acting worse than usual," said Zelda, feeling a little guilty. She shook her head.

"Come on, we'll just go in anyway," she said suddenly, pushing the nursery door open and stepping through.

   Fayette closed the book she had been reading to Rosella, Rosalind and Rosamund just as Zelda walked in.

"Okay now, why don't you three go and play?" she suggested to the three young girls, as pleasantly as she could. She had just been run ragged by her children, and was feeling a little over-frayed to say the least. The fact that Zelda had just appeared made her feel six times worse. Zelda gave Fayette an offish glance, and walked across the nursery, to where her own son, and Aaron Westley's son were playing quietly together. Behind Zelda was Kaibre of course, but Fayette barely recognised him. Kaibre risked a glance at Fayette, and saw she had her eyes resting on him intently. He dared half a smile to himself. She probably couldn't believe it was him, not after what she had seen of him that morning. Zelda walked back across the nursery, along with a handsome brown-haired young boy.

"Kaibre, this is Ewan, Ewan this is Kaibre Lainge, he's going to be looking after me for a few days," introduced Zelda. Ewan gave Kaibre a big smile.

"Hello Mr. Lainge," he greeted in a sweet tone. Kaibre smiled back, crouching down and shaking Ewan's hand. He reminded him of his own son, Benjamin. Ewan looked up at Zelda, seeming a little confused.

"Why is Mr. Lainge looking after you mother? Are you not well?" asked Ewan sincerely, looking at his mother in concern. Zelda smiled.

"I'm fine, Kaibre's just like a guard, like Drake," said Zelda, explaining in as simple and sketchy terms as possible.

"Can Drake not look after you anymore?" asked Ewan, slightly confused. Zelda smiled again,

"No, Kaibre's looking after me while your father is away," said Zelda. Ewan nodded.

"Is dad staying away for a long time?" asked Ewan.

"No, hopefully not anyway," said Zelda, casting her gaze across to Kaibre. Kaibre met her gaze. "Well it was very nice to meet you Mr. Kaibre," said Ewan, looking back to Kaibre.

"And you too, young sir," said Kaibre, smiling at Ewan, that charming smile that Zelda had seen when they had been introduced.

"So, if you see Kaibre around in the next few days, you know who it is right?" checked Zelda. "Yep, your guard," said Ewan with a nod.

"Okay then, you can go and play with Timothy now," said Zelda. Ewan smiled and nodded, stroking Brianna on the head for a moment before running off to rejoin his friend.

"You have a charming son there," commented Kaibre, standing up.

"I know, and I wouldn't want to see anyone hurt him," said Zelda softly.


   The cave wasn't far from Gardarika Town. Fayzie promised that she would be back later.

"I wouldn't trust her if I were you! This could be a big trap! Those guys are going to come and murder you!" Sprite shrieked, flying about nervously.

"Sprite, I trust Fayzie. Anyway, I don't have much choice. It's pouring with rain out there," Link replied. Sighing, he stood up, every joint and muscle in his body aching. He took a beaker from out of his pack, and walked to the mouth of the cave. Water trickled past the opening, and Link filled up the small cup. Then he walked back inside to the dry interior. It was lit only by the small oil lantern that he'd brought, just in case he'd found nowhere to stay.

"Well, I doubt she'll be back! Not through this weather!" Sprite announced.

"It doesn't matter if she doesn't come back," Link replied. He looked at his left arm carefully. It had stopped bleeding, but Link knew that it needed attention at once. Unfortunately, Sprite didn't have the necessary healing skills, and neither did he. All she could do was cast a spell to ease the pain a little. He couldn't help wishing that Navi, or maybe Leigh, was here with him. They would have been able to help. Link took off his rather ragged cloak, and held it up, disappointed. This had been one of his favourites. Carefully, he unbuckled his belt, and then slipped off his over tunic, so that he was only wearing a shirt, trousers and boots.

"Link! If you don't make a fire, you're going to catch your death!" Sprite exclaimed.

"I'll be okay," Link said, turning his attention to his shirt. It was tattered, and matted with blood. It was almost completely stuck to his left arm. As he pulled it gently, he gasped in pain.

"Pull harder!" Sprite advised. Link shook his head.

"I can't... it hurts," he said, wincing.

"Oh come on Link, really, you've dealt with worse pains!" Sprite replied, giving him a reproachful look.

"I suppose you're right," he agreed grudgingly.

"Courage is your virtue! Now, you gotta take that shirt off, else you'll never be able to sort out your arm!" Sprite continued, shaking her finger at him.

"Okay, okay," Link said. Taking a deep breath, he pulled the shirt quickly off over his head. More pain shot through his injured arm, but he managed to bear it. It was like a thousand stings all simultaneously happening at once. However, he was over the worst of it. Fresh blood began to seep through the wound again.

"Ah, much better, huh?" Sprite questioned, grinning mischievously.

"All I can say is, thank goodness I brought enough spare clothes," Link replied, reaching into his pack for a fresh shirt. He found a blue one, and pulled it out.

"You know Link, I always thought you looked hottest, without the shirt," Sprite smirked.

"You would think that, but without the shirt, I'll definitely be catching my death," Link remarked, not sounding amused. He dipped a rag into the beaker of water, and washed the blood off his face.

"Yes, don't mind me Link. I'll just sit back and enjoy the very fine view... I mean, it's not often I get to see it, what with Her Royal Highness always getting in the way..." Sprite began. She was obviously enjoying herself. Link ignored her, and began to concentrate on cleaning up his arm. It was deeper than he'd previously thought.

"Hmm, you know, perhaps you should just go the whole hog, and completely strip off," Sprite suggested, giggling.

"Ha, I don't think so!" Link replied.

"Ohhh... that's just too bad! Link, you're sooo boring!" Sprite wailed. She fluttered down and sat on top of his pack.

"Better being boring, than stupid," Link answered, wincing as the water stung his arm.

"Ooh, looks nasty," Sprite said sympathetically. Link nodded.

"It hurts like hell."

"If I was big enough, I'd kiss it better," Sprite remarked in a solemn tone.

"I wish Zel was here..." Link said, talking more to himself, than his companion. The faerie looked offended, but said nothing. She flew up into the air again.

"Actually, I'm always hiding in the bathroom anyway when you have a bath. It really isn't like I haven't seen it all before," she laughed. Link sighed.

"Sprite, you really are the dirtiest-minded faerie I ever knew," he said.

"Oh, thanks. I take pride in it," Sprite grinned. Link smiled and shook his head.

"Whatever you say, Sprite."

"Let me help you with that arm," the faerie offered, preparing to cast her numbing spell.

   It was a good few hours, before the rain finally died down, in the late afternoon. Link considered riding back towards the coast, but it was unlikely that any boat would be heading back to Hyrule at this time, especially during such unpredictable weather. It looked like he could be stuck here, for at least another night. Link had managed to crudely bandage up his arm, and clean up most of his wounds. Then he'd got changed into a new outfit, a blue shirt, white trousers and a purple tunic. He'd eaten a small meal, and was considering getting some sleep. There really wasn't much else to do.

"Hello?" called a female voice uncertainly.

"Oh, it's her," Sprite said, not sounding too happy.

"Come on Sprite, at least be friendly," Link said, in a low tone.

"Back here!" he called. Fayzie walked over, carrying a small wicker basket. She looked a little worried.

"How are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm okay... and Fayzie, thanks. I really appreciate this," Link said, gazing at her meaningfully. Fayzie set the basket down, and smiled nervously.

"Anything for a friend," she said, in a light tone. Link smiled warmly at her.

"It's nice to know that I still actually have some round here," he said. Fayzie looked upset at this remark.

"Oh Link, it's been so horrible! Ever since Kylara killed herself, Aden and Derin have been so angry with you! Once, Miya and I heard them talking, and they said one time that you came here, they would kill you for what you did," she cried.

"They near enough did it, too," Sprite remarked.

"I never meant for a feud to start, Fayzie. I... I didn't know that Kylara was that serious. And I... I really loved my wife. I knew she was the only girl I could ever feel for," Link said. Fayzie nodded.

"I hear Princess Zelda is very beautiful," she said. Link smiled a little.

"I think she is," he admitted.

"But some people, such as myself, beg to differ!" Sprite interrupted. Fayzie laughed.

"So this a faerie friend? How lucky you are!"

"Unlucky, more like!" Link joked, grinning slightly.

"Well!" Sprite exclaimed, sounding sulky.

"Alright, sorry. Nah, she's the greatest. She's called Sprite, and I've known her for over ten years now," Link said to Fayzie.

"I see. We don't see faeries here much these days," she replied.

"That's 'cause we're a dying race! Hyrule is our last refuge!" Sprite remarked dramatically. "Yeah, right. There's more of you about that you think," Link replied, grinning up at the tiny faerie. She folded her arms.

"Facts are facts, Link. There's one faerie to every three people!" Link gave up. He smiled, and turned back to Fayzie.

"Won't Aden be suspicious of where you are?" he asked. Fayzie shook her head.

"I told him that some of us girls were getting together to do some weaving tonight, which is true," she replied. She reached into the basket, and pulled out a length of bandage. "Here. You can bandage that wound up properly. I also prepared a healing poultice, made from herbs," Fayzie said, unbinding the rags that Link had used to stop his arm from bleeding.

   A few minutes later, Fayzie tightly bound the bandage around Link's arm. He was smiling at her gratefully. If only the others didn't hate him so, she thought sadly. He was as nice as he'd always been, although her memories of him were a little faded. But, from what she did remember, although he'd been quite bold and cocky, he'd always been nice to the girls.

"Link, tell me more about yourself. You have a family now?" she asked, curious. He nodded.

"Yes. I have a son... he's almost seven years old now, called Ewan. And a little less than a year ago, my daughter, Brianna, was born," Link said.

"Oh... how lovely. Brianna, that's a Kokirian name, right?" Fayzie questioned.

"Yeah. She's the most beautiful little girl, ever. She has golden hair like her mother, but eyes as blue as mine," Link smiled.

"And I suppose Ewan is as handsome as his father?" Fayzie laughed.

"Every bit as," Link joked.

"I have a son too, he is five years old. He is named after his father, and they share the same fiery coloured hair," Fayzie stated.

"I hope that he grows into a fine warrior someday," Link replied.

"Well, perhaps. But he shall probably be a hunter, like his father," Fayzie said. She looked a little disappointed, for some reason. "I suppose Ewan is the heir to Hyrule?" she asked.

"Uhuh, although, he doesn't really understand it, yet. But, me and Zel aren't ruling yet, so I have that to look forward to," Link answered, smiling again.

"Aden is so jealous of you, Link. Derin, too. They don't think that you deserve to be living in such finery, but Miya and I... we have heard tales of your fine deeds and adventures. You really made something of yourself, despite what happened... all those years ago," Fayzie said, her eyes beginning to water, as she remembered back to that terrible day, when their village had been attacked by the pillaging Tanolian Raiders.

"Well, I had to get on with life... we all did. I guess I just got lucky," Link smiled.

"Oh, please!" Sprite exclaimed rudely. Fayzie placed a hand on Link's arm.

"I must go now. Good luck, Link," she said softly, before getting up and walking outside again.


   Mara walked towards the Triforce tower carefully, looking around furtively. She didn't anyone to see her, get suspicious.

"These people are too trusting, even after their dear princess has been threatened, the guards about the castle still appear none too bothered, nor alert," thought Mara, smiling to herself. As she approached the tower, she sensed the powerful magic that guarded it. As she herself was magically apt, it bore more strongly through her, making each and every nerve in her body tingle profusely. As she neared the tower, a burning began to enter her head, throbbing at her temples. She edged closer, and closer, laying her hand on the door handle, when she felt a heavy hand on her shoulder. She whirled around in surprise, her breath catching in her throat.

"You do know that is the Triforce tower," asked a deep voice. Mara stared. It was that knight, Sir Drake. Mara glanced behind her shoulder, the burning pain in her temples growing to an almost unbearable level.

"Uh...." she began.

"Hey, are you okay?" asked Drake, his eyes beginning to glaze over in concern. Mara managed a quick smile.

"No...I'm okay, it's just, I'm a little lost I guess," said Mara. Drake steadied Mara with one arm.

"Where do you want to be then?" he asked. Mara looked down.

"I wanted to go to the kitchens, that's it, the kitchens," said Mara, none too convincingly. Drake frowned a little.

"Hey, you are definitely lost. Come on, the kitchens are this way," said Drake, beginning to lead her away from the tower. As soon as they approached the grand staircase, Mara began to feel far better, her dizziness fading, her mind clearing once more. She turned to Drake. "Thank you kind sir, I don't know where I would've been without you," said Mara, smiling flirtatiously at the handsome knight. Drake smiled back, glad for the attention.

"I'm a knight, it's what I do, save beautiful damsels in distress," joked Drake. Mara smiled again at Drake.

"No sir Drake, you will soon learn that I am far from a damsel in distress," thought Mara smugly.

"Well, until we meet again good knight," fare-welled Mara.

"Until then," said Drake grinning, before turning and leaving Mara. Mara watched behind him. "If all the men in the castle are so easy to fool, then I will not have such a problem in breaking down the defences," thought Mara to herself. Flipping her hair, she began to walk back up the stairs, when she met with Selina, the Queen of Dalsona.

   As soon as Selina saw Mara she smiled a greeting.

"Mara, it's nice to see you again," said Selina. Mara smiled.

"And you too milady," she said politely, curtsying. Selina waved her hand, half embarrassed. "Oh, there isn't really any need for that. I'm still not used to this, even after a year of marriage," said Selina graciously.

"Oh but milady, it is only right to do so," insisted Mara sincerely. Selina smiled again, her infuriatingly radiant smile.

"So, how are you settling in at North Castle? I was once the healer here, I believe Drake may have told you," said Selina.

"Oh, it's lovely here. Only, it's so big, at times, I find myself getting a little lost," admitted Mara, although it was far from the truth. In Mara's short stay at the castle, she had mapped out every route and passage way, ready for her final escape. It wouldn't do for Mara to find herself lost whilst trying to leave the castle. It was also useful for when she planned her little visits to Princess Zelda, being able to find the quickest and fastest route to and from her own room to Zelda's was extremely handy.

"I did at first, but soon you'll get to know it like the back of your hand," promised Selina. "If only you knew," mused Mara for a second. She quickly smiled.

"Oh, I hope I soon do. But tell me your highness, if you don't mind, how did you and the most handsome man in the Demiari end up husband and wife?" asked Mara sweetly. Selina smiled again, blushing a little. She smiled too much for Mara's liking.

"I barely knew then, and still don't now, but it happened, and I'm as happy as I've ever been," gushed Selina. Mara quickly prevented herself from grimacing. She despised happy people, because when people were happy, it meant Mara wasn't. She was only ever happy when other people were miserable. Mara quickly scribbled into her mental note list that Selina of Dalsona would be one of those who would have to be made unhappy very quickly. Mara suddenly noticed Selina giving her an odd look, the girl had been smiling slightly and staring at the carpet on the stairs. Mara flashed a quick smile.

"Uh, sorry. It's just I couldn't help thinking, how lovely it would be if I met a handsome man, here at the castle, just as you did," said Mara quickly. Selina laughed.

"Oh, there are plenty of handsome men, but most of them are otherwise taken," said Selina. "Like that matters," thought Mara to herself.

"Oh, mores the pity," she sighed woefully.

"But there are many who are not," consoled Selina. Mara nodded.

"Well, I suppose I will have to wait and see, and watch what the tides of fate throw me," said Mara almost poetically. "Oh, there goes the bard in me again," she giggled. Selina smiled. "Well, it was nice talking with you Mara, I hope to see you again sometime," said Selina politely. Mara nodded and stood aside and watched Selina walk, or rather grace down the stairs. Mara shook her head. Selina was someone who definitely had to be dealt with.

   Kaibre let out a shaky breath and rubbed his arms vigorously, attempting to keep himself warm. He was crouching on the balcony, outside of Zelda's bedroom, waiting, watching. He turned and peered back into Zelda's room, to make sure nothing was going on behind his back. Nothing seemed amiss. He turned and looked through the bars of the balcony down to the ground. There was nothing down there either. He turned his gaze up to the sky, but saw no pin pricks of light. There was heavy cloud lining the sky, not even the moon was present. Rain was beginning to drizzle down, lightly at first, but Kaibre got a feeling it would grow heavier. He glanced back into Zelda's room, which was illuminated by a small candle. Kaibre had insisted on it, so he could see all that was going on. Kaibre leaned his neck against the wall, looking up again. A fat droplet of water hit him in the face, almost mockingly. Kaibre shook his head and buttoned up his collar. He stood up and looked around. It was quiet. Reassuringly quiet. He only hoped for Zelda's sake that it stayed that way.


   "Where have you been?" demanded Aden as Fayzie walked in through the door. She was soaking through, but it was hardly surprising considering the weather. Fayzie glanced at her husband from under her long black hair.

"I told you, me and the girls, we were..." began Fayzie calmly. Aden walked up to her and grabbed her by the collar, holding her face up to his.

"I went and spoke with Miya not an hour ago, and she told me you had left well before then," said Aden angrily. His face was turning red in anger, flecks of foam glancing off his teeth. Fayzie stared at him, wide-eyed and nervous. It wasn't the first time Aden had confronted her so, but he had never looked so mad before. She opened her mouth to speak, but Aden beat her to it. "You were with him weren't you? Giving him your sympathies. Well, I won't have it, I won't have one who sympathises so that murderous traitor in my household!" growled Aden angrily. "Aden I," began Fayzie in protest, but Aden pushed her back, hard against the wall. She dropped the basket she had been holding, and slid to the ground. Aden walked up to her and lifted her chin with his hand.

"Are you trying to bring disgrace to our family?! If one of us is seen with him, the rest of us will be tarred! Do you want that for me, your husband, do you want that for your son?!" demanded Aden. Fayzie slowly shook her head.

"Aden, please," she begged meekly. Aden spat at his wife and turned, storming out of the house, leaving his wife sobbing in the front room of their small home. As Fayzie wept, she saw her son edging from his room, a look of worry and concern on his face.

"Mother?" he asked quietly, creeping over to Fayzie and sitting beside her. Fayzie glanced at Aden junior through tear stained eyes, and laid her hand on top of his head.

"Aden, I'm so sorry," she apologised.

"What for?" asked Aden.

"For bringing this upon us, your father, he is in such a rage. Please, return to your room before your father returns, I don't want him to take this out on you too," pleaded Fayzie. Aden looked nervously around, and planted a small kiss on his mother's cheek.

"Okay mother, but if father tries to hurt you, I will stop him," said Aden solemnly. Fayzie shook her head.

"No Aden, stay away when your father is like this, I wouldn't want him to hurt you too, he doesn't mean it, not really," said Fayzie. Aden Junior shook his head and stood up, retreating back to his room. Fayzie hugged herself desperately, wondering how long Aden's rage would last.

   "Where have you been?" asked Fayzie, her tears had dried away, but her husband had been away for at least two hours. Aden was soaked to the skin, a grimace across his face. He marched across to Fayzie and leered down at her.

"Looking for your precious friend!" he snarled. Fayzie tried to lean away, but her back was already up against the wall. Aden took her by the arm and cruelly yanked her up on to her feet, so he could see her eye to eye.

"Oh no, Aden, what did you do?" asked Fayzie, concerned that Aden might've have crept upon Link while he was sleeping, and hurt him.

"I couldn't find him!" yelled Aden loudly, causing Fayzie to grit her teeth. "Where is he?!" demanded Aden.

"I don't know, nor would I tell you if I did!" said Fayzie defiantly. Aden slapped her across the face. Hard.

"How dare you take such a tone with me!" yelled the grizzled Kokiri. Fayzie turned away from Aden, her cheek burning. "Look me in the eye you witch, you hag! Who do you think you are?!" screamed Aden, grabbing Fayzie by the chin and forcing her to look at him.

"Link has done no wrong, what Kylara did was her own choice," mumbled Fayzie weakly. Aden smacked her across the face again.

"He drove her to it! He and his princess and riches. Swanning into this town on his fine horse with his fine armour! Claiming to be paying his respects! Everyone knows Hayden and Kylara would still be here today if it wasn't for him! He forsook his own brother for that princess, that foreigner!" said Aden, glowering with rage. Fayzie, breathing shallow, quick breaths turned her face to look her husband directly in the eye.

"Fate is fate Aden, it's about time people around here accepted it. Link did no wrong, you're all just looking for a scapegoat!" said Fayzie slowly, bracing herself for the next blow. Aden slammed Fayzie's body against the wall, causing immense pain to her slight figure. She slid down the wall in agony.

"You're as bad as he is," said Aden with scorn, raising his boot towards Fayzie.

"It's you Aden, you are the one. Beating your own wife, what kind of behaviour is that for a man?!" asked Fayzie angrily. She tried to move out of the way, but her movements were sluggish, and Aden caught her in the stomach with his boot. The strike sent a crippling pain through Fayzie's body, and she fell face down to the floor, blood beginning to emerge from a split lip. She lay there, still, clutching her stomach in pain. Aden looked down at her with disgust. "That'll teach you to defy me, and to befriend that traitor!" he said, his voice filled with pure hatred. "Tomorrow night, I think I'll organise a party of friends, and go and find that murderer, and make sure he never returns to our country again, or if he's lucky, he'll never leave it, alive anyway," sneered Aden. Fayzie gasped.

"No, please, Aden, don't do this, it's barbaric!" she protested in a whisper, her strength leaving her.

"You won't be able to warn your friend in that state," said Aden, almost sounding proud of himself. He walked up to her limp form and kicked her again, like a stray dog. As she heard her husband walk away, she held one hand to her stomach, numbness beginning to seep in.

"My child..." she whispered, before lapsing into unconsciousness.

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