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The Resurrection

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 6

Fayzie looked around the hull desperately, trying to figure out what could be done. A store of gunpowder was in the hull, in a locked cage, a fuse running right towards it. She had spent the best part of five minutes trying to destroy the lock, it was beyond her how Aden and Derin had got in, unless they had the key. Her efforts however had been futile. She suddenly noticed a large barrel containing some sloshing liquid inside it, and she sniffed it, confirming it could be nothing but water. She grabbed the corner of her dress, tearing off a large rag from it, before sipping it thoroughly into the water. She ran over to the cage and looked at the fuse. If she could just get the rag to land on the fuse which had not been burnt yet, she had every hope that the rag would prevent it from burning any further. She stepped back away from the cage and prepared to throw it over the top, praying to the goddesses that she would be able to manage it. She aimed and threw, and the soaking rag managed to go over the top of the cage and by some freak coincidence, the rag landed exactly on the tiny spark that was currently making its way towards the store of gunpowder. Fayzie sagged in relief, hoping that that had been Aden and Derin's only way of destroying the ship. Hitching up her skirt, she quickly ran back to the ladder that led upwards, and began to climb.


Link helped Zelda to stand, checking her over anxiously, as he did so.

"I'm okay," Zelda reassured, before coughing a little. "Ugh, salt water," she grimaced.

"Come on, we should get you out of those wet clothes," Link said.

"You too," Zelda smirked. They grinned at each other.

"We've got more important things to think about first, than your comforts, princess!" Sprite wailed loudly.

"Well, I..." Zelda began, looking offended.

"Wait Zel, she's right," Link said, looking across at Robert and Aaron, who were stood there, both looking sombre.

"Where's Fayzie?" Robert suddenly questioned.

"And her child," Zelda added, looking worried. Link looked around, searching for any sign of the two.

"I hope Aden didn't..." he started.

"Shush! Listen!" Sprite said loudly. They all went quiet, save the crashing of the waves against the side of the ship.

"I left him further up the deck," Zelda said.

"And Fayzie was down below..." Link added.

"Wait here, I'll go find them," Aaron said, dashing up the deck. Robert looked at the two bodies, then, without further thought, began to hoist up one of them, preparing to toss it into the water below.

"Robert, wait! You can't!" Link protested, although he didn't really know why. After everything the two men had done to him, Zelda, Fayzie and everyone else, he was only too glad to see them meet a watery grave. But his conscience told him otherwise. Robert paused.

"What else do we do? Leave them on the ship?" he questioned sarcastically.

"But they're our..." Link started.

"But nothing, Link," Robert interrupted. He flung the first body over, then the second, and stood over the rail, watching. Link walked over too, with a morbid sense of curiosity.

"I can't believe it... what about Miya? She and Derin were married," he said, guilty. After all, he would feel so terrible, if something had happened to Zelda, that she'd never come back. How would Miya feel?

"She'll live. Besides, like Fayzie, it was a marriage of convenience, I'm sure," Robert said dryly, watching the bodies become consumed by the angry waves below. He turned back to Link. "Feel grateful that that wasn't you and your pretty wife down there," he remarked. Link frowned.

"Yeah well, if I'd have to die, I'd do it with her. I couldn't live without her," he replied, letting his gaze wander over to his princess, who stood a few feet away, sopping wet, and looking anxious.

"Love," Robert stated, almost darkly.

"You could never understand," Link retorted.

"You'll never know how much," Robert said, in an enigmatic tone.

"Robert, you said you didn't love who you married," Link said, looking puzzled.

"I didn't," Robert agreed. At this point, he turned away, and strode off into the darkness. Link walked back over to Zelda, who was starting to shiver a little.

"Come on, we should get dried off," he said. Suddenly, Aaron appeared, Fayzie and her son in hand. He walked over to Link, his expression serious.

"They tried to sabotage the ship, but Fayzie found the fuse just in time. I think we should check the rest of the ship, just in case," he said.

"Won't they stop at anything?" Zelda asked angrily.

"Zel, you go get dried off. I'll come and make sure you're alright after I've checked the ship out with Aaron," Link said. She nodded.

"Okay," she said. Link and Aaron walked off again, looking for Robert. Zelda turned to Fayzie. "Are you alright?" she questioned.

"A little shaken up, but fine. What happened to you?" Fayzie asked, seeing Zelda's wet clothes and hair.

"Nothing much, don't worry. Come on, let's get back to our cabins," Zelda said, heading towards the hatch. Fayzie followed, Aden in tow.


A short while later, Zelda was waiting up for Link, partially dried off. She was out of her drenched attire, but her hair was still soaking, and she sat shivering upon her bunk, the thin blanket pulled around her. Fayzie had fallen asleep on the opposite bunk, little Aden cuddled up to her. The boat rocked and lurched, and Zelda knew it was unlikely that she'd get any sleep that night. But soon, they would be in Hyrule. It took almost day to get there from Opela, and in a few hours, they'd be upon her home shore, where they could camp out for the night, before heading back to North Castle the following morning, or whenever they felt rested enough. If Link came in, they'd have to be very quiet. Link and Aaron were sharing the other cabin, while Robert presumably had the captain's quarters. She eased herself into a sitting position, waiting. Presently, the door creaked open, and Link peered round. She beckoned him to come over, he was looking a little drier than her, she noted. As he approached, she rose, meeting him in a warm kiss.

"Oh Link, surely it's all over now," she murmured, her lips barely leaving his. He slowly drew away, his gaze still holding hers.

"Somehow, I have a feeling that I'll never be forgiven," he said, in a shaky voice.

"You didn't kill them," Zelda argued softly. Link changed the subject.

"Are you okay?" he questioned, his anxious expression returning, as he ran a hand gently across her face.

"Yes. Just a little cold, that's all," Zelda replied, leaning in for a hug. The both sank down on the bunk, clasping each other's hands.

"If only I could stay with you," Link said, somewhat wistfully. Their gaze travelled over to the sleeping bulk of Fayzie.

"We'll have to be very, very quiet," Zelda said playfully. Link smiled a little, leaning forward to kiss her.

"I couldn't believe he pushed you over," he whispered, letting his fingers entwine in her damp hair.

"Me either. I thought I was going to drown," Zelda replied.

"I wouldn't have let you," Link stated seriously. Then he grinned slightly. "Although, it's too bad that I didn't get to give you mouth to mouth resuscitation."

"Oh Link, honestly," Zelda giggled. "Sometimes, I think kissing is all you ever think about," she added, her eyes sparkling mischievously.

"I'm a guy, what d'you expect? Besides, when there's someone as gorgeous as you around..." Link smiled.

"Shhh, we don't want to wake Fayzie," Zelda warned.

"I can be quiet. The question is, can you?" Link grinned.

"Link!" the princess exclaimed, pretending to be annoyed. He chuckled softly, pulling her close once more for another kiss. They collapsed, in a fit of giggles, shortly after. Fayzie stirred a little, and they attempted to stifle themselves.

"Remember when your dad came in that morning, after the first time we stayed together?" Link reminisced mischievously. Zelda felt a small blush creep up into her cheeks, as she thought about it.

"Don't remind me, that wasn't funny, goodness knows what he thought!" she exclaimed quietly.

"We were married... well kind of," Link smiled, gently fingering the lace on her night dress. Zelda smiled back.

"Weren't we bad?" she whispered, grinning.

"Oh, very," Link agreed, meeting her in a small kiss. "If only we were alone... it's too bad Robert got the best room, but this is his ship," Link sighed, before kissing her again. Eventually, he drew back. "I'd better go, else I'll lose my soul to you, beautiful maiden," he grinned.

"Oh, shut up," Zelda laughed.

"Well, if you're going to be like that..." Link began. Zelda grabbed hold of his hand, and pulled him back to her.

"You aren't going anywhere, my handsome hero... or at least, not without me," she smiled. He smiled back.

"Come on then, let's go up onto the deck and look at the stars," he suggested.

"You make it sound so romantic," Zelda commented, slightly sarky. Link pulled her towards the door.

"Stop complaining, princess," he grinned, closing the door quietly behind them.



"Oh gosh... it really is..." Fayzie began, almost awe-struck. The group halted their mounts, all looking gratefully towards North Castle, less than a mile away now. "Look Aden, see the castle!" she said to her son.

"Wow, that's real big!" Aden exclaimed, looking excited. "It's even nicer than that other castle we went to... do you really live there all by yourself?" he asked, looking at Zelda. She laughed.

"Oh no, lots of people live in a castle! Not just me!" They all smiled at each other, happy to be finally at their intended destination. Far away from the horror of Catalia...

"What a fine home you have, Princess. Seline often spoke of your castle's beauty, but I never imagined it to be so," Robert remarked, in his usual, cool tone.

"Well, you have witnessed it for yourself now," Zelda replied, glancing over at Robert somewhat warily. She still wasn't sure about him, something between them didn't seem to click, there was a small amount of tension.

"I'm just glad to be finally home. Back, away from all that awful business," Link stated.

"Yes," Zelda agreed, suddenly remembering her own unpleasant experiences back at the castle. She bit her lip, suddenly wondering about her children. "Come on, we'd best ride down," she said, urging her mount forward.

"Yep, I can't wait to see young Timmy and Aimee, not to mention sampling Milona's delicious cooking once more!" Aaron exclaimed, setting Jet off at a lively pace. Everyone else followed, as they rode down the hill and into the valley, back to North Castle.


Minutes later, they had all crossed the drawbridge and dismounted their horses. Aaron offered to stable them all, while the rest headed inside.

"Almost in time for dinner," said Link, smiling a little. Zelda smiled back at him.

"Plenty of time to freshen up," she remarked.

"You really don't mind that..." Fayzie started nervously.

"It's my castle, and you're my guest!" Zelda interrupted, smiling pleasantly. Fayzie relaxed a little, taking young Aden by the hand. Robert stood to one side, toying with his kingdom ring, looking somewhat aloof. Zelda turned to him. "You have our hospitality for as long as it is needed," she offered.

"How gracious of you, Princess," he replied, his gaze still cold.

"Come inside," Zelda said quickly, heading towards the main doors. Everyone followed, and they walked into the Great Hall. As they stepped inside though, upon noticing the travel weary group, Drake rushed forward, his face a picture of absolute distraught.

"Zelda, Link!! Thank goodness you're back!" he cried, grabbing the princess, and enveloping her in a huge hug. Zelda stepped back, surprised.

"What, what's the matter?" she questioned nervously. Drake looked at her, then over at Link, then back at Zelda again.

"It's..." he started. Several other people had drawn about them, also looking immensely worried.

"What's going on? Has something happened?" Link demanded, remembering Zelda's 'feeling' a few days earlier. Had she been right after all?

"Princess, we don't know how to say this, but..." Nick began.

"Tell me! Now!" Zelda cried, her expression growing more upset by the minute.

"It's young Ewan," Drake said, running a hand through his hair, and looking more sombre than usual.

"What about him?!" Zelda demanded, gazing from the knight, to Nick, to the other friends all stood around them.

"He's gone missing, Zelda. We're..." Drake started.

"What?! Missing?!" Zelda exclaimed, her expression now horrified.

"How? Where? When?" Link questioned, equally sickened by the knight's words.

"How could this possibly happen? I had Kaibre watching him!!" Zelda said.

"Kaibre is out making amends, searching. We have as many sources as possible scouring the country for him, believe me!" Drake informed.

"Oh, he'll have to make amends, alright!" Zelda snapped.

"How long as he been missing?" Link asked, a little calmer than his wife.

"A few days," Drake sniffed.

"A few days?! And he hasn't yet been found?!" Zelda shrieked, more angry by the minute.

"We think it was kidnap," Nick said quietly, laying a hand on the princess' shoulder. Zelda's face whitened.

"Kaibre said..." she let her words trail off, before suddenly dashing out of the room into the back passage.

"We're so sorry, Link," Drake said, looking at his friend sadly. The hero looked down at the floor, a knot forming in his stomach. If anyone had harmed his beloved son...

"Brianna! Is she okay?" he questioned worriedly.

"She's safe," Selina verified, speaking for the first time.

"Thank the goddesses," Link replied softly. He turned back to Drake. "Any ransom note?" he inquired.

"No, nothing at all," Drake replied apologetically. At this point, Aaron walked in. He looked surprised to see everyone's worried expressions.

"See to my guests," Link said quickly, pointing over at Fayzie, Aden and Robert. Then he quickly walked out in the direction of Zelda, a lone tear running down his face.


Zelda was lain on the bed, face down, weeping openly. As Link entered the room, she barely looked up, still crying.

"Oh Link, Link... what did we do?" she wailed.

"We've done nothing... it's just awful luck on our part, that's all. We should know that our son would be a target for such a malicious attack... he is the country's heir, after all. It's common," Link said, trying to remain calm.

"I had a trained bodyguard protecting him! This shouldn't have happened!" Zelda exclaimed, sitting up and looking over at her husband.

"What?" Link asked, surprised.

"Kaibre Lainge," Zelda said shortly. A blush suddenly reddened her features as she spoke his name. Link didn't seem to notice.

"Who?" he questioned.

"I was afraid for Ewan's safety... so I had Kaibre stationed to protect him. Evidently, though, this wasn't enough," she said.

"But why? Why were you afraid?" Link pressed, confused.

"I..." Zelda began. "I just was," she said, not explaining further.

"Zel..." Link started. She really didn't want to tell him what had happened while he'd been away.

"It was nothing, I was just wary about leaving him," she said. Link didn't look convinced.

"Zel, something's been going on around here, hasn't it, and you aren't telling me," he accused.

"Nothing's going on," she tried limply.

"Tell me, if you don't I'll find out somehow. I'm sure other people in the castle will know," Link replied.

"Occupy your time with something more important! Like finding our son!" Zelda retorted.

"Zelda!" Link said, finally losing his temper. Zelda stood up, eyed him angrily, and walked off to the other side of the room, folding her arms.

"If you loved him, you would have been out of those doors looking the moment you heard!" she remarked. Link glared at her, equally mad.

"Don't you dare question me not loving my son!" he said, in a low tone. "Now, you'll tell me what went on here while I was away, before I say something to you I might regret!"

"Not when you speak to me like that!" Zelda replied stubbornly.

"Stop avoiding the subject!" Link snapped.

"Nothing's wrong!" Zelda insisted shrilly.

"Of course it is! You're lying, if something wasn't going on, why did you leave someone watching Ewan?!" Link questioned.

"I had my reasons, isn't it enough just to know that?" Zelda asked.

"No! Of course it isn't! Zelda, we're married, we shouldn't keep secrets, and you know it," Link replied.

"I'm not keeping anything from you! I was just worried about leaving our son while neither of us were here to protect him," Zelda said.

"There's something else to this, and I'll find out what," Link finally stated.

"You'll find our son, that's what you'll do," Zelda retorted.

"And you? What will you be doing?" Link questioned, finally meeting her gaze.

"I'll be helping, of course," Zelda replied uneasily. She ran a hand through her hair, turning away.

"Where can I find this Kaibre?" Link asked.

"Why do you want to talk to him?" Zelda immediately questioned, turning back, slightly flushed. This time, Link noticed.

"To find out what he was doing, when Ewan was snatched away," he muttered, noticing as her blush spread further across her cheeks, a sure sign of some sort of guilt. She wasn't just red from crying.

"I don't know, ask Drake," Zelda murmured, quickly looking away again. Link scratched his chin, puzzled, then turned away from her sadly. He would wonder about her strange behaviour later. Right now, he was more concerned about his son.


Zelda stood mournfully in the courtyard, her heart seemingly sinking in her chest with each passing moment. Link, Drake and the others had ridden out minutes before, in charge of another search party. She chewed on a nail worriedly, still thinking. Kaibre had told her it might happen, so why had he even let down his guard? He'd 'promised' her... To come back from the nightmare of Catalia to this seemed so cruel. Another punishment bestowed upon them by the apparently unforgiving goddesses. A tear slid down the Princess' cheek. She'd never been religious at all, neither had Link. Her mother, on the other hand, had sat in the chapel almost everyday, although she had been following the Eight Virtues of Sosaria, rather than worshipping Hyrule's Holy Trinity. Being Hyrulian, Zelda herself had been brought up on Hyrulian beliefs, though she never thought about them, even during the Trinity celebration. Sighing, Zelda fiddled with the kingdom ring that adorned the ring finger of her right hand, the gold Hyrulian crest embellished upon a setting of a smooth, purple amethyst. Another tear dropped. Why did she and Link always have such horrible luck? They'd never done any crime, except to love each other, and because of that, something always went wrong somewhere. If it wasn't Ganondorf returning, it was Link being attacked by his once tribal kin. If it wasn't that, it was their children being kidnapped. Snatched away, by goodness knows who. She let out a small sob, realising that she might never see Ewan again. I've been such a bad mother, the one thing that means so much to me has been taken away, she thought guiltily. All the times she had been so selfish, putting herself before her children. She never had been cut out to be a mother, it wasn't in her nature. She was too wild and unruly at heart, always wanting to do things just for herself. But she'd tried her best, anyway. Despite her sometimes bad choices, her children loved her all the same. At least, she hoped they did. Didn't notice her failings. Link, in contrast, shone as a father figure, as if it were the one thing he'd been born to do. But then, unlike her, he wasn't self-centred. Always, in their arguments, she would belittle him, and pull rank, but deep in her heart, she knew he was a better person than she could ever hope to be, and she sincerely hoped that their children would be more like him in nature, than herself. Maybe she deserved this. But Link certainly didn't. She wiped a tear away, and brushed away the strands of hair that had fallen across her face. As she looked up, an unwelcomed figure approached. Zelda sighed, even more depressed. Fayette.


The Sosarian strolled over, a seemingly sympathetic smile upon her lightly tanned face.

"Why Zelda, I'm terribly sorry about what has happened. If it had been one of mine... gosh, I'd have been in dire straits!" she announced. Zelda scowled.

"Oh, and you think I'm not?!" she snapped.

"I never said that. Really sister, you shouldn't jump to conclusions like that," Fayette remarked in a sugary tone.

"You don't care," Zelda said shortly, looking down at the ground. Fayette raised an eyebrow.

"Excuse me, but I happen to care for my nephew a great deal!" she said. Zelda didn't reply, instead pointedly ignoring her step-sister. "I was only going to offer some sisterly support, but I can see you're not in the mood. Especially after the frosty way you sent poor Link off. Anyone would think that you'd blame him for this!" Fayette finally said. Zelda shot her a cold look.

"Of course I don't! Besides, Kaibre is the one to blame!" she exclaimed angrily. Fayette smirked languidly.

"Oh, your beloved Kaibre. I suppose now that he's failed, your little midnight... trysts... shall be over," she said.

"Excuse me?" Zelda demanded, looking even more angry.

"You know what I mean. Of course, it would have been difficult anyway, now that Link's..." Fayette started.

"Don't you dare even imply such a thing! You're so pathetic, Faye! Like I would even look at another man, while I am happily married!" Zelda interrupted.

"Well, whatever went on, which I'm sure it did, it wasn't really Kaibre's fault. You see, he got poisoned!" Fayette said, quite informatively.

"What?" Zelda asked in surprise.

"He was poisoned somehow, and attacked by the kidnapper. It weakened his reflexes, he almost died! He's still not even fit, but he's out looking for poor Ewan," Fayette replied.

"Oh," Zelda said, looking down.

"We all know it was that healer girl. Never did trust her," Fayette continued, in a gossipy tone. Zelda snapped to attention again.

"What? The new healer took my son away?" she questioned. Fayette shrugged.

"Who knows? All I know is, it was the first name Kaibre said, and she's been missing ever since. Very funny business, if you ask me," she replied. Zelda bit her lip.

"If only I'd checked her references more thor..." she started.

"Well, I always say, never trust a peasant. They have no morals, you know," Fayette interrupted. Zelda looked annoyed.

"Excuse me Fayette! You'll take that back right now!" she demanded.

"Oh admit it Zelda, you know I'm right. Besides, she was such a wench, I heard she'd been going to see Sir Drake in the late hours..." Fayette said, lowering her tone.

"Oh really?" Zelda asked, folding her arms.

"Maybe she and that Kaibre even had something going, you never know. Maybe they were in it together, and she betrayed him at the last minute," Fayette continued gleefully.

"Shut up, Faye! You don't know anything, so just stop making stupid guesses!" Zelda cried.

"Oh listen to you! All upset about Kaibre!" Fayette smirked. "Whatever will Link think?" she added.

"He'll think nothing! Especially if you keep your mouth shut!" Zelda retorted.

"I can't help it if my tongue slips at the wrong moment. Especially when Link might happen to be around... besides, he deserves to know, I think. Needs to know what he's up against," Fayette said in a syrupy voice. Zelda wanted to slap her.

"How dare you," she said in a low tone, her green eyes flashing with hatred.

"I always thought he was too good for you," Fayette remarked coolly, obviously enjoying herself.

"Don't you dare say anything to upset him, else I'll kill you! He had a bad time in Catalia, and to come home to the news that his son is missing... if you tell him these lies about Kaibre and I, it'll finish him off!" Zelda said, her tone still quiet.

"Lies? What lies?" Fayette asked innocently.

"If you mess things up with me and Link again..." Zelda warned.

"It's not my fault that they're already rocky!" Fayette replied shrilly.

"Hardly! You just make things worse with your lies, Faye! I know you're jealous of what we have, you just can't help yourself, wanting to ruin it!" Zelda exclaimed. They both eyed each other angrily. Finally, Fayette gave in.

"I hope that Ewan is returned safely, but only because I love him so much. I have no sympathy for you!" she snapped, before stalking off, her head high in the air. Zelda stared after her hatefully, watching as the woman strode back into the castle. After a few minutes, she followed, heading towards the nursery, wanting to make sure her other remaining child, her beloved daughter, was safe.


As Zelda walked across her room, with her child in her arms, she spotted a bright light flaring against the glass of the French windows, and she walked over to investigate, realising it was a faerie. She didn't think it was Sprite, she had faithfully gone with Link, so she supposed it must be one of her friends. She opened the door with one hand and stepped back as the faerie flew in. She recognised her immediately to be Felicity, or 'the clever one' as Sprite might have put it. Two more faeries followed, Carrie and Tiffany, although Zelda could never remember which was which.

"We came as soon as we heard!" exclaimed Tiffany, the blonde haired one. Zelda watched them strangely. She supposed they were talking about Ewan.

"If we'd known sooner," began Carrie.

"I don't really see how you could have helped," remarked Zelda shortly, walking over to Brianna's cradle and placing the child into it carefully. She turned to the trio of faeries.

"We saw Sprite and Link and a few others out searching, that's how we found out, but that doesn't matter anymore, it's who might've kidnapped Ewan," started Felicity.

"Yes that healer. I can't believe it, if she's done anything to my son..." said Zelda angrily, feeling a little tearful at the thought of her son alone and afraid with that woman.

"She may have been more magically adept than she let on," blurted Carrie suddenly. Zelda stared at the three.

"How do you mean? She was a healer, plain and simple," said Zelda, sitting on the bed.

"We saw her collecting some black ivy from Mido graveyard," continued Carrie. Zelda shook her head.

"What's this got to do with her kidnapping Ewan?" she asked, slightly confused and annoyed .

"Black ivy is a powerful dark reagent, only really used in black magic. It's certainly not an ingredient for any healing spells or potions I've ever come across. The point is, black ivy is only used in a few spells, like raising the dead," explained Felicity, her last line coming out a little slower than the rest. She paused a second, watching Zelda's expression closely. Although all three of them had no intention to make her worry even more about her son, but if Mara was planning to cast such a spell, it would be best to be prepared for whatever she was planning to raise. Felicity continued. "The thing is, Mara may have kidnapped Ewan for a more important reason than just money." Zelda frowned.

"What do you mean?" she asked, feeling she wasn't going to like the sound of whatever the faerie was going to tell her.

"In more potent black magic, there's a spell that requires something described as 'blessed blood'," said Felicity, she didn't really want to continue, but Zelda had to know. The princess looked horrified at this latest comment. Ewan, with the power of all three triforces within him would surely have this.

"You mean...?" she asked, her voice shaking a little at the thought of harm coming to Ewan. She quickly regained her composure in time to ask another question. "What spell?"

"Divine resurrection," murmured Felicity gravely. Zelda didn't like the faerie's tone, and stared at her, a creeping feeling of uneasiness gripping her.

"Which is exactly?" she questioned.

"You doubtlessly remember Leigh Temple and her magic," Zelda frowned at the mention of her name, "she had the power of resurrection. She brought Nick back from death, and others, Divine resurrection is used to restore life back to something the caster can't even see. They only need to think who they want alive again...although she could be simply trying to bring a relative, friend, lover back to life, the spell can be put to far sinister uses. It is possible that Mara, if that is her name, is trying to resurrect some long dead demon for whatever uses she may wish. She will have the entire power to destroy whoever, whatever, she brings back to life, thus giving her entire control over what they do," said Felicity. Zelda became paler with each word Felicity spoke, and when the slight faerie had finished, she stood from her place.

"She could be trying to overthrow Hyrule?" she asked.

"Possibly," said Felicity. Carrie flew around the room agitatedly.

"This is terrible!" she exclaimed dramatically, even though she had already known the situation well before they had entered the princess' chamber.

"She can't resurrect Ganon at least," consoled Felicity.

"Then who?" asked Zelda. She picked up Brianna once more. "Is there anyway you can help?"

"Perhaps, there is a spell I know that could help me sense where Ewan went, but I have no idea how effective it will be. If I had known sooner..." said Felicity.

"Try it by all means, anything that could even help me find him in the tiniest way," said Zelda. Felicity nodded.

"He was in the nursery last?" asked Tiffany, inputting the first useful comment of the conversation. Zelda nodded.

"Yes, that was the last time anyone saw him," she sniffed.

"And Mara...she was in the healer's quarters?" presumed Felicity. Zelda nodded.

"If you see Impa, you should perhaps tell her what you told me...she might know something that could help," said Zelda wearily. All three faerie's nodded then flew from the room, leaving Zelda alone with her daughter. She closed the French windows, glancing fearfully through the glass, then stepped away. She carefully left her room, and headed to the castle chapel, where she could be alone, and pray for the well being of her son, and for Hyrule.

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