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The Dark Empowerment

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) and Kirsty Singleton (indigo_spacen@mail.com)

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Chapter 1


  Kain interlocked his fingers, watching the King of Hyrule from across the room. He waited nervously as the last votes went in. The King looked more tense than he did - it proved that the King knew Kain had a much stronger following than he did. Surely he was going to win. He could almost taste victory. Smiling to himself, Kain leaned back into his chair - he was quietly confident of victory. He had, after all, done much more for the people of Hyrule than collecting taxes. He must admit he had an easier job, but with money rolling in from certain 'businesses' that he had set up he made sure that the money went to good causes like, for instance, that shelter for the homeless he had set up in Darunia and the free education he supplied to every village that had a Communion Hall. He supplied books for the children to read from. Any surplus money he had left over went into a fund for helping set up businesses that would have normally cost too much money for the average person of Hyrule to set up anyway, which kept most people of Hyrule in a rut of just working on the land of the richer people of Hyrule which they only made enough money to feed their own families. Even the King had to admit that Kain had made life in Hyrule much more prosperous for everyone. What had the King ever done? He had just sat in that palace of his, making more and more money and not spending it on things for the people of Hyrule but on his own family and friends. On feasts, that would have fed one family for one or even two months, for just a few of his select friends. Also, he spent it on fine jewels and clothes for him and his daughter, or making a new room for the palace that was already big enough as it was. The only good thing the King had ever done was to set up Valour Hold on Maze Island which trained men to help protect the people of Hyrule from Ganon's minions and the like, but that was it.

  Unfortunately for Kain, Hyrule was still full of people who were frightened of change, and this would be a big change if it ever occurred. That was were he would fall and if he did, he would have to wait a little longer, but in four years Kain had certainly won over a lot of people; he just had to hope that would be enough.

  "Sir, the votes have been counted, they're just about to announce the figures," said one of Kain's followers, a young man who was the perfect example of what Kain stood for. Four years ago this man was homeless, without a job and he had no family. He was quite intelligent when Kain had met him, he just had never been educated properly. Now he helped run the shelter in Darunia, but he also ran a small business selling provisions to passing knights who travelled through Darunia to get to Valour Hold. When Kain had met him he had already went to the King to proposition him with the idea of selling provisions but the King wouldn't give him an audience. He had been the inspiration towards Kain's financial set up scheme.

  Kain got up and dusted his cloth robe - he had thought it a wise decision not to look as if he was making to much money from the Communion. Even if he was, it may have put people off. He walked over to were the king sat and shook his hand. "May the best man win," he said turning towards to the announcer. The King could only manage a feeble nod, but he stood up also.
  "Seven thousand nine hundred and sixty one votes go to the King of Hyrule" called the announcer, there were a few gasps around the room if the King did win it was clear it wasn't going to be all that much. "And to Kain of the Communion seven thousand, um sorry" Kain held his breath, as did everyone else in the room, "seven thousand six hundred and forty nine votes. The King of Hyrule wins by three hundred and twelve votes." A cheer rose from the room accompanied by a few boos. Kain exhaled and turned to the King,
  "Congratulations milord, but you must admit it was close," he said shaking the King's hand.
  "Yes I do admit it was close," admitted the King squeezing Kain's hand.
  "Well milord I hope you'll learn a lesson from this, although you won it just goes to show that the people of Hyrule appreciate what I'm doing. I hope that money you've got stored away will go to some use for once," and before the King could reply, Kain turned on his heel and, with a dignified air, walked towards the exit.


  Princess Zelda, heir to the throne of the kingdom of Hyrule, marched angrily outside North Castle into the courtyard. She could not believe the audacity of some people. How dare Kain, leader of the Communion, ask for her hand in marriage? Kain had even attempted to overthrow the monarchy and in a recent election, the Hyrulian Royal Family had only won by 2 percent. Now, this mere peasant of a man, had come to the castle that very day to propose to her. What made the situation worse, was the fact that her father thought it was a good idea, a way to end the kingdom's recent problems. She paused, looking for her friend Link, Protector of the Triforce, and Hyrule's most prominent hero. He was standing near the archery targets, watching his young apprentice, Aaron, training.

  "Hey, Link," Zelda called, walking over. He turned towards her.
  "Hi Princess. What's up?" Zelda frowned and ran a hand through her long golden hair.
  "You just won't believe this," she muttered.
  "Well... you sure look angry. Who's done what?" Link inquired, grinning at her, his blue eyes twinkling.
  "Link, this isn't funny," Zelda said, trying not to smile back at him. Continuing on, she said, "You know Kain, leader of the Communion?" Link nodded.
  "What's he done now? Attempted to start a rebellion?" Zelda frowned again.
  "I wish. He had the cheek to ask my father for my hand in marriage!" Link grinned at her again.
  "You can't help being so adorable!"
  "Link!" Zelda snapped.
  "I'm sorry Princess, I was just trying to make you smile," Link replied, turning to watch his apprentice.
  "I know.... Sorry," Zelda answered.
  "That's okay Princess. But a word of advice - I wouldn't marry that Kain guy if I were you. He's a bit weird if you ask me," Link replied, suddenly looking serious.
  "Well, I just can't help thinking that he's after the Triforce, and, well you know what I mean," Zelda answered. Link nodded.
  "Don't you worry Princess. If Kain wants to get his hands on the Triforce, he'll have to get past me first!" He tossed his sword up in the air and caught it in one hand. Zelda looked over at Aaron.
  "Y'know Link, I really admire what you're doing with Aaron. He's turning out pretty good," Zelda said, smiling.
  "Well, thanks. Gotta have someone to carry on the tradition y'know," he replied.
  "Surely you'll have your own children someday to do that though," Zelda answered, admiring Aaron's growing confidence as he managed to hit near the middle of the target. Link turned back to Zelda.
  "Well, maybe. But first I have to marry the right woman." His hint was subtle, but Zelda looked away shyly. At that moment, Aaron walked up to them.
  "Your Highness," he said to Zelda, bowing slightly. She smiled at the lad.
  "You don't have to do that," she said kindly.
  "Thank you, Your Highness," he replied courteously. Link smiled at Aaron, amused.
  "Don't worry, the Princess isn't half as fearsome as she looks."
  "Link!" Zelda cried, pretending to be angry, but she was smiling too.
  "Jokes aside," Link continued, "we think you're doing pretty well young lad. Your sword technique is excellent, your defence skills are pretty good, you just need to work a little more on your archery." Link pointed at Zelda. "Take a few tips from the expert here," he said.
  "Yep, come on Aaron, I'll show you how to hit the mark every time," Zelda said, glad of an excuse to take her mind off Kain.

  Later that day, Link sat up in his room, reading a book and keeping a watchful eye over the Triforce. It glistened intently, a beautiful, opulent blue prism, ever changing as the colours glittered inside. A valuable source of power, the Triforce of Knowledge was part of three original crystals that made up the omniscient and omnipotent Triforce, created by the gods long ago. Unfortunately, over the years, the Triforce had been split into three parts. The blue Triforce of Wisdom had been retained by the Hyrulian Royal Family, while the red Triforce of Power belonged to their sworn enemy, Ganon, an evil sorcerer and ruler of the Underworld. The last piece, the yellow Triforce of Courage, was lost forever. Link had been made protector of the Triforce and had fought many a battle against Ganon and his evil minions in effort to protect the prism. If Ganon were to get hold of it, he would be all powerful and would take over the entire Kingdom. Link got up off his bed and walked over to the Triforce. "Y'know," he said, "life would be much easier if you'd never existed. Then again, if you weren't here, I would not have this job and I wouldn't know the Princess." Smiling ruefully at the fact he was talking to an inanimate object, he picked up his book again.
  "Link!" a shrill voice sounded. A small faerie with short curly brown hair alighted on Link's shoulder.
  "Uh, hi Sprite," Link said.
  "I just nearly got eaten by a moblin!" Sprite cried. Link picked the faerie up and placed her in his hands. "Aw, poor Sprite," he said, grinning at her.
  "I'm telling you Link, it's just not safe for a faerie to go out anymore. Ganon's nasties are everywhere!" Sprite exclaimed. Link looked thoughtful.
  "Hmmm... It's been a while since old hog head has been about actually. I'd better watch out, he's probably planning something."
  "Too right he is," Sprite answered. "A plot against the entire faerie race!" she added, dancing about dramatically on Link's palm. Link got up and walked over to the window. Twilight was falling upon North Castle, the darkness slowing covering the land, while the stars began to light up the sky, like little lamps burning brightly.
  "Maybe Sprite, but more likely it's a plot for him to get his hands on our Triforce." He pulled the curtains shut and lit a candle to read by.

  Link drew his sword from its sheath just in time to dodge one of Booths' thrusts. "Ah, I'm too quick for you Booth, you must be gettin' old," announced Link lunging towards his sparring companion.
  "You reckon Link? Well you know what I think? Someone's getting too big for their boots," retorted Booth holding up his shield to deflect Link's blow.
  "Well that's very good of you to admit that Booth, so now are you ready to be taken down a few pegs or two?" asked Link tapping Booths shoulder with his sword.
  "Ah, ya got me partner!" said Booth in a mock tone of voice, dropping his sword and shield to the ground and falling over clutching his shoulder in mock agony. Link leaned over to give Booth a hand in pulling his partner up, but instead Booth grabbed Link's hand and pulled him down into the dirt.

  Groaning at Booths trick, Link pulled himself up. "I can't believe I fell for that, or rather I offered to help you up," announced Link grimacing. Laughing, Booth got up also and pulled a small glass vial from his side pouch and held it up for Link to see.
  "This is the latest thing in combat technology Link, you heard about it yet?" asked Booth putting the vial back into his pouch.
  "Well you obviously weren't using it before," laughed Link "So what does it do?"
  "I bought it from a merchant in Ruto town at a fairly cheap price, it's made from some kind of plant from Moruge swamp, Moruge Bane, it sharpens your reactions and alertness. A couple of friends of mine recommended it to me, I haven't tried it yet but it'd be great if you were in a little bit of a fix," Booth explained sitting down on a smooth rock.
  "What like if you were surrounded by a load of stalfos or gibdos or something you could take a sip of that and it'd make better?" asked Link, his interest growing.
  "Well yeah, I suppose it would. How about next time you visit Ruto you go and see Aymor the merchant, you can get it from him," suggested Booth.
  "Oh, I dunno it sounds like it's magic to me; black magic in fact and every time I've dabbled in that I've got into nothing but trouble," replied Link.
  "Well, hey it was only a suggestion, it's your loss. Next time we spar I shall be the one who emerges with the taste of victory," joked Booth.
  "What you mean I'll have hit you in the mouth?" asked Link innocently.
  "Well I'll see you soon Link," said Booth laughing as he pick up his sword and shield.
  "Until next time," shouted Link as he watched his partner mount up onto his steed and ride off.

  Link gathered all of his gear and began to walk towards North Castle. As soon as he walked over the drawbridge, he was overcome with a flurry of faeries. "Link, Link!" they all cried tugging at his arm.
  "What? What?" he asked coming to a halt.
  "Tell us about the time you defeated that evil Enzar!" they all cried. Link grinned.
  "Why it will be a pleasure fair, um, faeries," he said continuing to walkthrough the courtyard, he began to recount his battle with Enzar. "There he was, this gigantic fire breathing Griffin, but was I scared?" Link cried dramatically.
  "Of course not!" the faeries chanted in unison. Link waved his sword about.
  "I took a leap and stabbed him in the leg, he was so huge, that I couldn't reach any higher!"
  "Oh Link, you're so brave!" cried a little faerie voice. Link grinned.
  "I'm not finished yet, my dear faeries. I knew there had to be another way to defeat Enzar - my sword skills, as magnificent as they were, were not enough." The faeries all gasped. Link continued on with his dramatic rendition of his tale. "Enzar's beak was so big, he could've swallowed me in one gulp, faerie friends, much like a Moblin could swallow you lot."
  "Oh Link, how did you get away?" another faerie asked.
  "Me? Run away? Enzar was a most fearsome foe, but remember, I wasn't scared by him one bit. Now, most luckily, I have the ability to use magic. So I decided to use it on Enzar."
  "Oh wow Link. You're so clever!" cried another faerie in admiration.
  "Yeah well. I'm suppose I'm just lucky to be Hylian, not Human. You know how easily magic comes to my race," Link said modestly.

  He held up his sword for the faeries to see. "I focused my power onto my sword, to make it shoot magic from the end. I used the magic to drive Enzar back, where the Princess was waiting with the Triforce. She used the Triforce's magic to force Enzar back through the portal from which he'd escaped from."
  "But you did the most work, didn't you Link? More than that silly Princess," said Sprite.
  "The Princess isn't silly. She's very smart," Link defended.
  "But you love us the most, don't you?" Sprite continued.
  "Uh, well yes, of course," Link said weakly.
  "We all love you so much, Link!" cried the faeries, kissing him lots. Link smiled to himself. It was nice to be acknowledged, even if his most loyal followers at that minute happened to be faeries. He continued walking towards the East Tower door, still surrounded by the adoring faeries. As he stepped inside, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He wheeled round, to see it was just Zelda. She was smiling in amusement at him and the faeries.
  "Well Link, you seem to have quite a following here," she said. Link suddenly felt embarrassed, and waved his arms to shoo the faeries away from him. "Listen Link, I've been thinking. Life at the castle these days is simply awful, what with my Father trying to arrange my future for me, and the Royal Council attempting to negotiate with the people of Hyrule all the time. We never have time to have any fun anymore," she said. Link sat down on the steps, looking pensive.
  "Zel, you gotta remember that we aren't kids anymore. But, you are right. It seems a long time since we went out adventuring by ourselves." He looked up at her, watching her thoughtfully.
  "I feel utterly suffocated by it all. You're so lucky, Link. I wish I wasn't a princess."
  "Hey, isn't that going a little too far? You don't really wish that," Link answered. Zelda pouted, unhappy.
  "But I'm sick and tired of meeting stupid suitors I hardly even know, and that Kain is even worse, thanks to him our people are turning against the Royal family, and the kingdom is in more of a mess than when Ganon does his raids."
  "Come here Princess," Link said, patting the step. Zelda sat down and Link gave her a hug. "Y'know what I like about you Princess?" Link said suddenly.
  "What?" she asked.
  "You're so stubborn, that you always get your own way eventually," he said grinning.
  "Well, isn't that a bad thing?" Zelda replied, looking confused.
  "Well, sometimes yeah, but you know fine well that you'll never have to marry Kain, or anyone else you don't want to for that matter," Link answered.
  "My Father will make me," she answered promptly.
  "He can't force you, and if he did, me and you would steal the Triforce and run away together!" Link said, smiling. Zelda smiled wryly.
  "And become wanted criminals," she added.
  "There, I like to see you smiling," Link said, standing up, helping Zelda up at the same time.
  "I have an idea," he added.
  "Which is?" Zelda asked, pretending to look cynical.
  "Why don't we ask your Father if we can go to Valour Hold for a while? It's been ages since we last went and besides, I want to make sure my reflexes are still good," Link suggested. He lowered his voice and looked around the courtyard. "Besides, I have this feeling that Ganon's planning something," he whispered eerily.
  "Link," Zelda cried in mock horror.
  "So Zel, how about it?" Link asked. "What? Valour Hold?" Zelda asked.
  "No, you and me," he joked. Zelda rolled her eyes.
  "Sure. It's a good idea. Let's go ask my Father right now."

  That evening, Lord Tenlyne from the distant country of Brynnel was visiting North Castle. The King had held a feast in his honour, and Link and Zelda were required to be present. As they walked down East Tower stairs together, dressed in their best clothes, Zelda was complaining.
  "No doubt Father thinks Lord Tenlyne would be a perfect match for me." Link smiled.
  "Well, I hate to tell you this Princess, but you look completely enchanting in that dress. I think Lord Tenlyne will think he's in heaven!" Zelda smiled at Link.
  "And I'm sending you straight to hell if you don't shut up!"
  "I was just paying you a compliment, Princess," Link protested.
  "Hey, what about paying me a compliment?" cried a small voice.
  "Oh, Sprite. Didn't see ya there," Link said.
  "Who said you were invited?" Zelda said, rather disdainfully. Sprite gave Zelda a dirty look.
  "Wherever Link goes, I go," she said, sounding equally disdainful.
  "Most unfortunately," Zelda added.
  "Hey, hey girls! Stop that!" Link said. He caught hold of the faerie. "You look beautiful Sprite. Now, be quiet, okay?" he told her. Link and Zelda walked down the passage and into the Banquet Hall.
  "May I introduce, Her Royal Highness, the Princess Zelda, and Hyrule's most loyal fighter, Protector of the Triforce, Link," proclaimed the Herald.
  "Oh please," Zelda whispered to Link.
  "He made me sound worse," Link whispered back.
  "What about me?" Sprite complained.
  "See? Told you that you weren't invited," Zelda said smugly. Before Sprite could reply, the King had walked over.
  "You're both late," he said.
  "Sorry Father, but me and Link were just trying to look at least presentable," Zelda said sweetly.
  "Well, it doesn't matter now. Come and meet Lord Tenlyne," the King answered.

  The feast seemed to go on for hours. Zelda found it completely boring, and having to talk to Lord Tenlyne was even worse. She was secretly hoping that her father had finally decided that she and Link could go to Valour Hold. It would be far better than stopping at North Castle. Besides, royal life bored her at the moment, much more, because her father suddenly seemed extremely keen to get her married off. She was only 20, for heaven's sake. He probably wanted to hand all the Kingdom's problems over to her to sort out. I could probably do a better job, too, she thought. Zelda selected a choux pastry from the silver tray near her. Link was busy regaling Lord Tenlyne with extremely exaggerated tales of his bravery against the likes of Ganon. Zelda had heard the stories a million times. Smiling sweetly, she interjected,
  "Link, don't forget about that time I had to rescue you from that gang of Moblins."
  "Er, well, yes. I suppose I wouldn't have got out of that one, if it hadn't been for the Princess, here," Link said quickly.
  "But the majority of the time, you are a marvellous warrior, are you not?" Lord Tenlyne asked.
  "Well, yes, I suppose I am," Link replied. The King stood up.
  "Let us retire to the Drawing Room to talk some more," he suggested. Everybody got up, and began to make their way upstairs.

  "So Father, have you decided if me and Link can go to Valour Hold yet?" Zelda asked as they walked up the stairs. The King scratched his beard thoughtfully.
  "Well my dear, I would say yes, except I've got all sorts of suitors coming to visit this week and after. You have to be here to meet them." Zelda frowned.
  "Oh Father. I'm sorry, but I'd rather not meet any of them."
  "But Zelda, you have to get married sooner or later! And you're certainly old enough to take on the responsibility of the Kingdom," the King answered.
  "Please Father. Just this once, let us go," she pleaded.
  "My dear, it isn't as simple as that. Besides, Link tells me that he fears Ganon may be planning another attack," the King replied, suddenly looking worried.
  "We'll take the Triforce with us then," Zelda answered promptly.
  "Zelda, that would leave North Castle powerless against attack!" the King argued.
  "Father, don't worry. Ganon is only after the Triforce. He'll not attack here if he can't get it. It would be a waste of his army. Instead, he'll come after us," Zelda replied.
  "But that immediately places you both in unnecessary danger," the King said. Zelda smiled.
  "Oh Father. You know fine well that me and Link can look after ourselves." The King sighed.
  "I've let you have your own way for far too long, young lady." He paused, bringing Zelda into an embrace. "You're very precious to me Zelda. You're my only daughter and heir. Please, make me happy by saying you'll get married this very year." Zelda frowned.
  "Father, can I marry whoever I like?" she asked.
  "Well, I'd prefer it to be someone of at least Noble status," the King answered.
  "You wanted me to marry Kain, and he's got no Royal blood in him whatsoever," Zelda replied.
  "Well, that's true, but he is a great leader, my dear." Zelda twirled a strand of golden hair thoughtfully. Why not marry Link? He's better than any of the men Father has picked out for me. But how could I let have the satisfaction of winning me over after all these years? Only as a last resort, she thought.
  "Father, if you let me and Link go to Valour Hold, I promise I'll bring back a suitor. And if I don't, I promise to marry whoever you choose for me," Zelda vowed. The King relented.
  "Okay, you can go. But please be careful." Zelda smiled.
  "You can count on us to be just that," she answered.


  "Okay, looks like we're about ready," Link said, as he finished saddling up his horse, Carefree. He patted the bay stallion affectionately. "It's time you had some real exercise boy." Zelda walked in, carrying the Triforce . "Be careful with that Princess. Don't want any of Ganon's spies to spot us with it," Link said tossing a saddle bag to Zelda.
  "Thanks, Link," Zelda replied, putting the Triforce into the bag. She fastened it to her grey mare Moonmist's saddle and then mounted up. Link did the same. "Ready?" she asked.
  "Ready as I'll ever be," Link replied, spurring Carefree into a trot.

  Ganon, ruler of the entire Underworld of Hyrule, floated angrily up and down his dark throne room. He was not happy at all. What on earth was Enzar playing at? First of all, he'd tried to lead a revolt, now he was trying to marry the Princess Zelda. This had not been part of the deal. He, Ganon, had saved Enzar from being banished again. They'd made a pact. Ganon had asked Enzar to help him overthrow Link in order to get hold of the Triforce of Wisdom, and therefore allowing Enzar to stay in the Kingdom. Evidently though, from reports he'd received from his best scouts, Enzar had assumed human form and named himself Kain. Both Link and the Princess seemed oblivious to the fact that it was really Enzar in disguise. Ganon had thought it was a cunning plan so that Enzar could gain access to North Castle. However, Enzar had done certain things that Ganon himself wasn't happy about. First of all, he'd elected himself as some sort of leader and tried to disrupt the monarchy. Next, he'd asked for the Princess's hand in marriage. He'd done all of this without consulting Ganon. Ganon clicked his fingers and magically landed in his throne. He screeched to a passing Goriya messenger. "You there! Go find my two scouts, Skoll and Aspete!" The goriya looked up nervously.
  "Yes, Your Evilness. Straight away," it said, running off into one of the passages. Ganon looked into his magic globe. There was Enzar. He was sitting at his desk, writing away. At that moment two monsters lumbered into the room. One was a tall skeletal warrior, a Stalfo, who had yellowing bones and red glowing eyes. The other was a Moblin, a hefty upright walking monster with a dog-like face who would usually hunt in a pack with other Moblins. These two however, had worked together as special scouts. Though not particularly bright, they worked well together and were good trackers, as well as formidable enemies to anyone who might encounter them.
  "What's up den, boss?" Aspete asked.
  "Dat daft Enzar bein' troublesome again eh?" Skoll leered.
  "Never you mind, you idiotic fool," Ganon screeched.
  "Oh I ged it. It's dat Link, innit?" Aspete guessed. In frustration, Ganon zapped the Moblin. "Owww!" the Moblin cried, rubbing the place where the bolt of magick had hit him.
  "Now shut up. I have a job for you...." Ganon explained.