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The Dark Empowerment

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) and Kirsty Singleton (indigo_spacen@mail.com)

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Chapter 12


   Drake was examining his sword when Impa approached him. Casually glancing towards the old nursemaid he greeted her with a smile. He sheathed his sword and looked at her expectantly, leaning against the castle wall. "Sir, the King wishes to speak with you immediately." Nodding Drake stood up and began to walk towards the King's quarters.

"Except Kain has forbidden you to see him," added Impa hurriedly. Drake turned his eyes burning.

"If you think I'm going to listen to a word that pretentious bastard has to say you can think again. The King still lives and until the day he dies he will be the only person I obey," announced Drake walking away.

"But Sir, if you don't obey Kain, who knows what he'll do," replied Impa chasing Drake.

"He can banish me, jail me, execute me if he wishes but I'll never listen to that fat-headed cad," said Drake, this time turning to face Impa. She nodded and said.

"Well, I certainly can't stop you from going but your country needs you, we need you. If something were to happen to you now who knows what could happen. We've already lost two people who believe that Kain isn't who he says to be."

"I can understand your worry, but my King obviously needs me now if he was asking for me. Perhaps he knows about Kain, perhaps our in house sorcerer doesn't have the control over the king of what he had," mused Drake. As Drake began to walk towards the castle there was a commotion from the other side of the courtyard. Some of the castle guards were bringing a man into the castle gates. He was dressed in robes and was screaming obscenities at the guards. Drake turned back round and tried to catch a glimpse of the captor.

"What the.... That's bloody Ballard of Kusuto. He's an alchemist I know, last time I saw him he was studying the effects of Moruge Bane Essence," said Drake running towards Ballard.

   "Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?" yelled Drake as he approached the guards and Ballard.

"Kain has ordered us to arrest this man for treason," one of the guards informed Drake.

"Yeah well, Kain has changed his mind. Release this man at once, he said.

"Hallard not Ballard," lied Drake. Drake felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see Kain.

"Sir Drake, you disappoint me," he said shaking his head. Although he had a solemn expression on his face, Drake could see his eyes were laughing. Drake turned towards Kain and looked at him for a brief moment.

"Your majesty I don't know what came over me," said Drake sincerely. Kain nodded his head,

"We all make mistakes," he said smiling. Catching Kain off guard, Drake pushed him to the ground and thrust his sword towards Kain's neck. A couple of people gasped and a few other just stood silently.

"Are you all bloody fools? He attempts to murder the King, exiles the Princess and the country's destined hero!" yelled Drake, not taking his eyes off Kain. He leaned closer towards Kain and whispered, "I should kill you now, slit your worthless throat, or rip open your belly and let your inhumane guts spill out onto the courtyard." He stood back up and looked down at Kain. Hung around his neck was one of those Communion necklaces. Disgusted, Drake caught the necklace with his sword, and tore it from Kain's neck. A few other people gasped and Drake threw the necklace into some undergrowth. "He still bloody wears one of those things even after he's appointed himself King. Even after he told people that monarchy and royal families were a farce, no doubt his children will rule the kingdom. Hypocrite."

"Yeah who does he think he is?" yelled someone. To Drake's surprise a few people started murmuring in agreement. Then before he could say anything else, he felt a crushing blow to the side of his skull and fell to the ground. Groaning in pain, he rolled over and stared up at who had hit him. It was one of the guards, he knew him. He was about to hold up his hands in protest when the guard brought down the hilt of his sword into his face.

   When Drake awoke he was in a prison cell lying on a cold hard bunk. A young woman was standing over him, attending to his wounds. He recognised her as one of Impa's students. She was obviously Hylian and had long, dark hair and dark skin. She noticed he'd awoken and stepped back. "You should be okay for a few days, after then I'll come back and see how you're doing."

"Thank you," was all Drake could manage before she knocked on the cell door and was let out. He got up from the bed and walked around the cell a few times just to see if he was okay on his feet. After a few steps he began to feel dizzy and nauseous. He quickly sat back on his bed and sat there for a couple of minutes. There was a knock on the door and it was opened. Nick walked in and waited until the door was closed behind him. He sat on a chair that was in the corner of the cell and stared across to Drake. The guard was still outside and after about ten minutes the two men heard footsteps leading away from the cell.

"Drake, I believe you may have found the Achilles heal of Kain. I watched when you ripped that necklace away from him, several people seemed to agree that Kain wasn't as good as he made out to be. They were the people who weren't wearing Communion necklaces. Also I did examine Selina's necklace and it was made from the rock I spoke of. It only contained a small amount though and I am guessing that Kain's necklace is made completely of the stuff. As soon as he wore his necklace again, everyone seemed to stop talking and bowed towards Kain. This could explain why he seems to be taking over your land so easily. Unfortunately he noticed that people without the necklaces were easily taken out of their trance so he has ordered everyone to wear the necklace. Soon he won't need that necklace that he wears round his neck, though I suspect he will, because everyone will obey him no matter what. I have just seen Ballard and he suspects that the Moruge Bane Essence could also be a substantial factor in Kain's mind control plans. If one person takes a small dosage in a crowd of say one hundred people then at least another five people who have never taken it in their life will be affected for as long as the Moruge Bane Essence lasts. If two people take considerably large amounts in a crowd of a thousand people at least 90% of the crowd will be affected even if they have never taken it. This means Kain, with the right equipment could easily control a vast amount of people throughout the land. This would turn the populous into a 'hive'. This is when everyone affected has the insect like ability to maintain a group consciousness telepathically, the only difference will be that they will all be controlled by the same thing, Kain," said Nick solemnly. "This must be stopped at all costs Drake, and I think I know how. Five centuries ago my land was nearly taken over by a creature called Razne by using the same method of using necklaces to control people using Hagner's rock. An alchemist named Headsey managed to create a potion which could prevent the effects of the rock necklaces. It was poured into the main water supplies and after two months one of my distant relatives and his army banished him to the mists of time, hoping never that he would be unleashed into the world again. Anyway if I can collect the ingredients to this potion we might be able to prevent Hyrule from being taken over by Kain. I myself can't mix them but I'm sure Sprite or Selina could help." There was a knock on the cell door and a guard opened it. "Time's up," he said gruffly. Nick nodded towards Drake and got up. "I will visit tomorrow my friend," he said as he left the cell.

   Ganon floated round the three statuettes, they were tail shaped like a round shape with tails growing upwards from them. This small alcove he had found was covered in thick undergrowth. He floated around the alcove examining the walls carefully to see if there were anything else of significance. He had noticed that there was a key hole in one of the statues and was curious to see what it opened when the key was inserted. Finding nothing in the walls, or at least not seeing if there was as the walls were also covered in greenery, he walked back to the statue with the key hole at it's base. As he circled the statue carefully scrutinising the ground he noticed an object about the size of his hand lying on the ground. If he had been walking he would've probably tripped over it, he hovered nearer to the ground so that he could pick it up. It was a key, fashioned in a similar shape to the statues. He quickly floated over to the key hole and inserted the key and turned it. A rumble came from the back of the alcove, and the greenery was ripped apart as an entrance appeared. Smiling Ganon hovered over to the entrance and peered in. It looked like some long forgotten dungeon, perfect for him to reside in. It looked apparently deserted which was also good as he would not have to fight for his place there. It would definitely serve better than the small cave he had found down by the sea for his residence. Smiling he hovered inside, first he would find a room that would serve as his chamber and then he would explore the place until he knew it inside out. If anyone was hapless enough to wander in he wanted to have the advantage of knowing his way around. It would also do him good to find a chamber large enough to serve as a prison, just in case. Afterwards he would search the island from top to bottom in hope that there would be some kind of creatures or humans even that could serve him. He reckoned it would be quite easy to take control of the island and he knew it would be a damn sight better than needing a Triforce for any hope of taking control.

   Zelda smiled politely at King Richard's compliment. Although she was considered the guest of honour at his feast, she felt strangely uncomfortable, and her growing anxiety over what could be happening in Hyrule made her feel even more so. Perhaps it was the food. Apparently, the people of Koholint considered octoroks to be a most delicious meal. In Hyrule, people would have been disgusted to eat such a creature. Richard's cook had brought out a large specimen, which had been stuffed and roasted. Zelda had politely declined, as had Link. They had tried to stick to safe-looking foods, but Richard's court unfortunately had a taste for the exotic. "Please Princess. Do tell me more about Hyrule. It sounds most interesting," Richard said.

"Well... it's very beautiful. And we have plenty of legends," Zelda began. "And the climate is far cooler," she added, smiling.

"You must be so sorry you are unable to get back. And you must miss your royal life so," Richard said.

"I will get back," Zelda answered stoically.

"But it is unlikely. You would enjoy life here at Kanalet, Princess. Here, you can have whatever you want," Richard offered. Zelda smiled.

"Maybe so. But I'm afraid, whether I go home or stay here, I'm already spoken for," she answered, keeping the right amount of coolness in her voice, so that Richard would back off. The King looked taken back by her remark, but said nothing. A few minutes later, he announced that the meal was over, and that they would retire to the Drawing Room. Zelda avoided Richard and found Link, Karin and Darren.

"Can we go?" she asked, feeling the evening had been highly unsuccessful. Richard was no different from any other high-born person she knew, in fact he was possibly worse.

"We've only just got here. Richard would find it impolite if we left straight away," Karin said.

"Although, I want to leave too," she whispered to Zelda.

"I know a back way out. It leads out near Martha's Bay," Darren said.

"Let's go," Karin said.

   Ganon peered into his globe and was astounded by what he saw. Link and Zelda! What where they doing here? "Come to taunt me, have they?" he sneered. Perhaps he wasn't so far from Hyrule after all. But the island seemed to have some sort of impenetrable magic field around it, so how could they have got to Koholint, Ganon wondered. "Unless Enzar banished them too," he thought. Suddenly, the thought of it made him laugh. Then, the thought of Enzar's evident success made him non too happy at all. "If only they'd heeded my words," Ganon said, laughing again. He decided it was high-time he paid them a little visit. Yes, they would certainly get a surprise to see him!

   Sprite and several of her faerie friends gathered in the empty clearing in the forest near North Castle. "If I go through, I may never come back," she announced.

"Sprite, you can't go! It's too dangerous!" her friend Carrie said, running a hand through her red curls.

"But I have to get Link and Zelda back! Together, they are our only hope at defeating the griffin!" Sprite answered, her blue eyes bright with excitement.

"I can open the portal for you," Felicity said. "But it all depends on your own skill to get back," she added gravely.

"I know. I think I can do it," Sprite said.

"This Koholint you speak of - it doesn't exist in any books we've read," Tiffany said, looking puzzled.

"I know. But Koholint is where they are," Sprite answered.

"Koholint.... I'm sure that's an enchanted island. It isn't supposed to exist," Felicity said. Sprite felt she should trust Felicity's words. The dark-haired faerie was better at magic even than she, and she knew a lot about Hyrule and it's surrounding area.

"Enchanted?" Sprite inquired.

"Legend says you are unable to leave the island once you are there," Felicity explained. Sprite felt a cold shudder at the thought. She could end up being stranded there if she couldn't open a portal back to Hyrule. Tiffany flipped her long blonde hair and straightened her purple dress. "It's far too dangerous for you to go, Sprite. Let someone else go."

"Yes. You are our faerie princess, after all," Carrie added.

"Oh... I'll be fine. Anyway, I have a younger sister, Fleur, remember? I think she'd be pleased to get her grubby little hands on the title," Sprite laughed. Carrie pulled a face.

"Fleur's a brat," she said, grinning. Sprite smiled.

"I know."

"Are you sure Kain really is a griffin?" Tiffany asked.

"Do any of you doubt Imilda's word?" Sprite asked her friends. The three faeries shook their heads in unison. "He must be banished - without fail. Otherwise, Hyrule is in big trouble. And with his access to both Triforces..." Sprite let her words trail off, numb at the thought of the havoc the griffin could cause with the artefact.

"What about Zelda? Without her Triforce, surely her magical powers will diminish? As would Ganon's," Carrie said.

"Of course they will. Zelda should not be kept from her own Triforce for too long. But she's the only person who has the ability to use it. We need her. And we need Link. That should be obvious," Sprite said.

"That settles it then. But are you sure you want to risk yourself like this?" Tiffany said.

"I'm doing this for the good of Hyrule," Sprite said decisively.

"And meanwhile?" Felicity asked.

"Make sure Kain doesn't figure out the Triforces... and watch Drake. I'm worried he's going to make a big mistake. Help Selina to make the potion that will prevent Kain from controlling everyone at North Castle," Sprite advised. She looked around at her friends. "Okay. I'm ready," she said.

   "Okay," said Darren, as the group emerged out onto the beach.

"Thank goodness. I hate going to Kanalet as it is," Karin grumbled.

"Yeah. Richard was making me jealous," Link said to Zelda. Zelda smiled.

"Link, Richard is worse than Prince Cyril of Moldera!"

"Zel, I distinctly remember that you flirted like anything with that guy," Link answered, grinning.

"Well...that doesn't mean I liked him. It was for the good of Hyrule," she protested lightly.

"I mean, we didn't want to get on bad terms with his country, did we?" she added.

"Well no, I suppose not..." Link said, pretending to be unconvinced. Karin and Darren smiled in amusement, before walking on ahead.

"Besides, I don't see how you can be jealous of Richard," Zelda added.

"Well, he was literally throwing himself at you," Link replied.

"I found it most tedious, I assure you," Zelda answered. They had begun to drop behind Karin and Darren.

"I mean, how am I supposed to feel? He's this great important King and I'm.... just some hero," Link said dismally. Zelda laughed.

"An important King? How large is this island? And you're not just 'some' hero. You know you're not," she answered, smiling.

"I couldn't stop Kain," Link said, still miserable.

"Oh... I didn't do much better," the Princess comforted. She paused, and knelt down on the sand, looking out towards the sea. "If only we could get back..." she said softly. Link sat down beside her. "It's beautiful out here, isn't it?" she added. Link nodded in agreement. Zelda leaned in to kiss him. For a few moments, she allowed herself to become lost in their kisses, and forget about their current predicament.

"Link! Zelda! What are you doing back there?" called Darren, from somewhere further down the beach. Smiling at each other, they carried on kissing.

   A few minutes later though, they had to race quickly down the beach though, to catch up with Darren and Karin. "What took you so long?" Karin asked.

"Nothing much. We just sort of got distracted," Link said, grinning.

"Distracted? Here on Koholint?" Darren laughed. He shook his head. "I'll never understand your weird ideas," he joked.

"We were looking at the stars," Zelda said, smiling slightly. Karin looked up at the tiny glowing pin pricks of light.

"That reminds me of a song," she said.

"Oh, don't start with your 'song' business," Darren laughed.

"Darren!" she said, punching him lightly in the arm.

"Your sister has a wonderful singing voice. You should be proud," Link said smiling.

"There see!" Karin said triumphantly. A cloud of black smoke made them all stop laughing, and then Ganon appeared. Link drew his sword at once, as did Darren.

"What are you two doing here?" Ganon accused, sending a bolt of magic towards Link in annoyance. Link dodged the bolt.

"We'd like to know exactly the same thing about you!" he answered. Zelda folded her arms.

"I thought you were supposed to be banished," she said superciliously. "Obviously, Kain did a lousy job," she added.

"This is where his portal sent me. Now what are you two doing here?" Ganon demanded. Zelda bit her lip, while Link fiddled with his sword. How could they let Ganon have the immense satisfaction of knowing that Kain had banished them too?

"So you finally found out the truth about Kain? That he is really Enzar? I warned you," Ganon gloated. Zelda gasped.

"No..." she murmured, a sickening feeling washing over her.

"You're joking, right?" Link said hopefully. Ganon laughed.

"Why would I joke about something so serious?" he leered, enjoying the looks of shock Link and Zelda wore on their faces.

"He has both the Triforces... we shall never be able to defeat him!" Zelda cried.

"You stupid, silly little Princess. What a terrible, tragic mistake for you," Ganon said, laughing again.

"Listen Ganon, I'm warning you. If you insult the Princess one more time..." Link began, waving his sword.

"Hah! You're not much smarter," Ganon grinned. "Looks like Hyrule is doomed forever! So much for the destined hero," the wizard sneered. Link made a dive for Ganon, but missed, and ended up sprawled on the sand. "We are getting rusty, aren't we?" Ganon laughed. Darren made a lunge, also missing. Fuming, Link stood up.

"Ganon, you're just as pathetic as we are. Enzar got the better of you too," he said, circling the wizard angrily.

"At least I knew he was Enzar!" Ganon screeched, vanishing. Link glanced across at Zelda. She looked completely devastated. Karin and Darren were standing to one side.

"An old enemy?" Darren finally enquired.

"My greatest foe. Or at least, he was...." Link answered.

"Hyrule is finished..." Zelda said quietly, her words sounding far too final for Link's liking.

   Selina shook Nick's potion up, the watched the mixture critically as it settled. There was no time to waste. Nearly the entire population of North Castle had fallen to the effects of Kain's supposed mind control. She had to make enough of the concoction as possible, to ensure there was enough to bring the castle residents back to their senses. Suddenly, three faeries flew into the room. "Selina, isn't it?" said the one with jet black hair.

"Yes," Selina said, putting the potion down.

"We're friends of Sprite's. She's gone through the portal to find Link and Zelda. We have news for you," the blonde haired faerie stated.

"We believe Kain may be a griffin," the one with red curls whispered.

"What?" Selina said, looking shocked.

"Shh! Our task now is to help you finish the potion," said the dark haired faerie.

"I'm Felicty," she introduced. Pointing at the other two she said, "that's Tiffany and that's Carrie. Now, let me see what you're making." Selina pointed to a scroll on the table.

"Can you read it? It's a potion from Dalsona. It's supposed to neutralise the effects of mind control, if poured into a water supply," Selina explained.

"Oh yes. It's quite a complicated spell," Felicity said, frowning.

"I know," Selina moaned. Felicity studied the scroll then looked at the potion Selina had created.

"Having said that, it looks almost ready," she commented.

"Something isn't right," Selina said.

"You're right. It's the colour. We want it clear, not cloudy," Tiffany said.

"A dash of faerie dust can solve the problem," Carrie said, adding some dust to the bottle. Selina shook it again and smiled as the mixture slowly turned lucid.

"Perfect," Felicity praised. "But we mustn't act yet. We must wait until Sprite gets Link and Zelda back. If she manages it. They're the only two people who can take this monstrosity on, and win," she added gravely.

"But if we wait..." Carrie said, looking worried.

"If Kain thinks for even one minute that he's beginning to lose control," Felicity warned.

"How likely is it that Sprite will get back?" asked Selina. The three faeries looked at each other then at Selina.

"We don't know," Tiffany said.

   Sprite flew around the tiny village, looking for any sign of Zelda and Link. She'd been on Koholint for a day already, unable to find her friends. She was getting worried. She had to bring them back to Hyrule soon, especially with the threat of Kain. If he was Enzar... the faerie shuddered. The previous night she had arrived on a beach. She's searched a lot of the beach, and noting a castle in the distance, had flown there. Link and Zelda were not there, and the King had been most unhelpful. He claimed to have seen them earlier, but he didn't know where they were staying. Sprite had given up. The next morning she'd discovered the village. It was fairly quiet. As she flew into the village square, she noticed a large statue. There was something familiar about it, Sprite thought. Perhaps it was her eyes playing tricks, but it looked a little like Link. Except for the fact it was obviously very old. Sitting on a bench was a young woman with curly blonde hair. Sprite flew over to her. The woman looked up in surprise and wonder. She'd never seen a faerie at such close quarters before. "Excuse me, but I was wondering if you'd seen two people called Link and Zelda?" the faerie asked.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I have, the woman smiled.

"Where are they?" Sprite said, fluttering around impatiently.

"Well, they've gone out someplace. I don't know where. They said they'd be back here by lunch-time," the woman explained.

"Oh great. I need to find them NOW!" Sprite wailed. She fluttered about, wondering what to do. She'd already been here too long as it was. "You've absolutely no idea?" she asked. The woman shook her head.

"I'm sorry. But I can tell you that they headed off in the direction of the woods," she said, pointing north to where there was a dark thicket of trees.

"Uh, okay," Sprite said. She flew in the direction the woman had pointed.

   Selina looked about nervously, as she descended down into the wine cellar. Further down the passage was the well. She'd made a large batch of Nick's potion, with the help of Sprite's faerie friends. Now, she was preparing to pour it into the castle's water supply. Sprite, Link and Zelda weren't back yet, but they had little choice. Kain had proclaimed rule over the whole of Hyrule. Anyone who opposed him had been locked in the dungeons or executed. For many a century, such violence had never taken place within the walls of North Castle. However, since the majority of North Castle was under Kain's control, they didn't bat an eyelid. Selina was confused to why certain people weren't effected by Kain's powers at all, including herself. She was glad though. She pulled the stopper out of one of the bottles and poured the mixture into the water. She used another 5 bottles, hoping it would be enough. Then, she went up to the kitchens. The cooks were busy preparing lunch. A huge tureen filled with soup lay on a bench. When no-one was looking, Selina added a bottle of mixture to it.

   Luckily for Sprite, as she flew towards the woods, Link and Zelda were coming out. When Link saw Sprite, he smiled. "Sprite! Can you get us back to Hyrule?" he asked. Even Zelda brightened up when she saw the little faerie.

"I hope so. We're in big trouble, back in Hyrule," Sprite said.

"We know. Kain is Enzar," Zelda said despondently.

"How do you know?" Sprite asked in surprise.

"Ganon told us," Link said.

"What? Ganon?" the faerie said, looking confused.

"He's here. On this island. It's enchanted, impossible to leave," Link explained.

"Felicity said so too. But Ganon is here?" Sprite said. Zelda nodded.

"But he's the least of our worries! Enzar has both the Triforces!" she cried.

"Don't worry Princess, I'm going to save Hyrule, as usual," Link said.

"But..." Zelda began.

"Look, we can't stand around complaining all day! We have to get back to Hyrule!" Sprite cut in impatiently.

"So you can get us back?" Link asked.

"I told you, I'm going to try. I managed to open the portal here, but I don't know if I can open one back," the faerie replied.

"But without my Triforce..." Zelda began again.

"Zelda, we know. Shut up. I'm trying to concentrate!" Sprite snapped. Zelda folded her arms and pouted.

"I still think you should listen to..." she started.

"Zel, don't worry about it. We'll deal with it when we get there," Link said reassuringly.

"Oh sure," the Princess answered sulkily. Sprite finished her spell, and a blue portal appeared.

"Great!" Link said.

"Wait! I don't know where this goes," Sprite said. "I'm going through. Wait until I get back," the faerie warned. The presence of the portal had attracted a great deal of people, including Darren and Karin.

"Wow! A way out of here!" Darren said.

"Don't go through," Link admonished. Suddenly, in a flash of smoke, Ganon appeared at the scene.

"Aha! A portal!" he screeched.

"It goes to Hyrule," Zelda said, hoping it didn't.

"If it did, you'd go through. I'm not stupid, Princess!" Ganon cackled. Link drew his sword.

"Keep away, pig features!" he shouted, leaping aside to dodge the bolt Ganon had shot at him.

"Ha, if you think I'm going to miss out on a chance to get back to Hyrule and reclaim my property from Enzar," Ganon said.

"Your property?" Zelda said in surprise.

"Those Triforces are both mine!" she said.

"I stole that Triforce before you were even born. It's mine!" Ganon screeched. At that moment, Sprite re-emerged through the portal.

"It's safe," she gasped. She hadn't noticed Ganon, who immediately jumped through the portal before she could do anything.

"Oh no..." Zelda wailed.

"Goodbye!" Link yelled, dragging Zelda towards the portal. At the last minute Darren jumped through, unable to contain his curiosity. Karin followed...

   Link and Zelda tumbled out onto a grassy plain, followed by Darren, Karin and Sprite. Ganon had long gone back to Death Mountain. "What are you doing here?" Zelda asked, when she saw Karin and Darren.

"I couldn't contain my curiosity," Darren said ruefully. Link helped Zelda up. North Castle was in plain sight.

"That is my castle," Zelda said.

"It's beautiful," Karin breathed.

"Sprite, go and get Aaron, Drake, Impa.... and everyone else we can trust," Link suggested.

"Okay. I'll do my best," she said, flying off.

"I need to get the Triforces back. If Enzar uses them against us," Zelda said, looking worried. Link felt worried too. Their last battle with Enzar had been tough, but at least they'd had a Triforce. Now, they only had their ordinary combat skills to see them through. And with someone as powerful as Enzar, that might not be enough. Karin and Darren on the other hand were excited. They'd never seen a place like Hyrule ever. "And now Ganon is back too," Zelda complained.

"Let's not worry about him for the minute. It's Enzar we should be bothered about," Link replied.

"What exactly is going on? Can we help?" Darren asked.

"It turns out that Kain is really a griffin called Enzar. He has stolen my Triforces and is ruling the kingdom," Zelda said.

"Look, here's Aaron and the rest," Link said, seeing a small group approaching. Impa rushed up to Link and Zelda and hugged them.

"Thank goodness you're safe," she said.

"Kain has taken control," Aaron said.

"And Drake is down in the dungeon," Damon added.

"The dungeon?" Zelda asked.

"Kain put him down there," Nick explained.

"Surprise, surprise," Link said.

"Kain is Enzar," Zelda stated.

"We had suspected as much," Impa said quietly.

"Ganon is back too. He told us all about Enzar," Link said.

"Ganon is back? How?" Aaron asked.

"He jumped through the portal with us," Sprite said sadly.

"Well, it doesn't matter now. Listen to a story Nick told us," Selina said.

   Nick explained to Link and Zelda about how his country nearly taken over by a creature called Razne, and how the creature had used necklaces to control people. "Me and Drake believe this is Kain's, I mean, Enzar's plan. Link, you must go for his necklace when you attack. It is his main power source," Nick said.

"I created the potion and poured it into food and water supplies this morning," Selina added. "With any luck, the whole of North Castle should come to their senses soon," she explained.

"Who are these people?" Damon asked, pointing to Karin and Darren.

"Karin and Darren. They're from Koholint Island," Link introduced. Impa looked surprised.

"The legendary island no-one may leave?" she asked.

"The very one," Darren grinned.

"Introductions aside, I'm keen to get my country back," Zelda announced.

"Princess...." Link began

"Who's with me?" she demanded.

"Me, of course," Link said.

"We all are," Selina announced.

"Well then. Why are we standing around waiting?" Zelda said.

  All over North Castle, the guards felt like something was incredibly wrong. A small procession of people marched over the draw bridge. "It's Link and Princess Zelda!" one of the guards called. Zelda, Link and the rest proceeded to walk into the Courtyard. They were not stopped.

"He's in the Throne Room," Impa said.

"Wait. Let me get my bow. Some protection is better than none at all. You wait out here while me and Link go to my room," Zelda said. She and Link made their way up the North-east tower to Zelda's room.

"Do you have a plan?" Link asked, as they ran up the steps.

"No, But I was hoping you might," Zelda replied pushing a door open.

"Um, I'm sure I'll think of something," Link answered. Zelda bent down and looked under her bed. A few moments later, she pulled out her bow and some arrows.

"Well, you'd better hurry. I have a feeling Enzar doesn't give out second chances," Zelda said. She began to walk towards the door, but Link stopped her.

"Wait a minute Princess," he said. Zelda sighed.

"What?" she asked impatiently.

"Promise me you'll be careful. Stay behind me, okay?" he said.

"Link, you know I can look after myself," Zelda protested.

"I know.... But this is different. This is Enzar," he answered.

"Okay. You're right," Zelda replied. "But if I have the chance to get back the Triforces, I'm going to risk it," she added.

"Okay. Let's not waste anymore time," Link answered.