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The Dark Empowerment

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) and Kirsty Singleton (indigo_spacen@mail.com)

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Chapter 2



   By the end of the afternoon, the ship Link and Zelda had hired had got them across the small sea to East Hyrule. Because North Castle was based in West Hyrule, the two rarely ventured away from its shores, except to visit Valour Hold, which was situated on Maze Island, which was part of East Hyrule. Instead of dark mountains rising all around and vast forests like most of West Hyrule, the middle part of East Hyrule was nothing but vast grassland plains, bordered at the north end by a low mountain range and bordered at the south end by a river, with forest and high mountains beyond. "Looks like a great place for a gallop!" Link cried enthusiastically. "How about it Princess? I'll race you to that group of trees over there!" he suggested.

"You're on!" Zelda grinned, spurring her mount into a canter. "I'll beat you Princess!" Link called, as his horse set off behind Zelda's. When they finally reached the small clump of trees, Link's horse had beaten Zelda's by a head.

"Told you I'd win, Princess," Link said, patting Carefree.

"Only just," Zelda replied patting her horse too.

"So, if I'm the winner, do I get a prize?" Link asked.

"What kind of prize?" Zelda asked, walking her horse back towards the path. "Well, how about a kiss?" Zelda pulled her horse to a halt and stared at Link. "Oh please," she said disdainfully.

"Well, it was at least worth a try," Link said, smiling cheerfully. Suddenly, they heard shouts and the roar of Moblins. "Hey, look over there!" Link pointed, where a young woman was fending off a group of Moblins. "She looks like she could use some help," Link said, drawing his sword. Zelda armed her bow, and they rushed over to aid the lady. As soon as Link appeared, some of the Moblins ran off, but a few of the braver ones continued the attack. Between the three of them, they managed to dispose of the monsters.

   "Really, why on earth did you stop to help me?" the woman asked, scowling. "I was managing perfectly well," she continued., leaning on her sword. The stranger was human, fairly short and well built with abundant red curls and glittering green eyes. At this present moment, she did not look happy.

"Well, we're sorry. But it was an instinct. We just wanted to help," Link said.

"Yeah. We know how much trouble Moblin can be sometimes," Zelda added. The woman stared in distaste at them.

"Who in Hyrule do you think you are? And what's with the crown?" Zelda looked annoyed.

"Excuse me?" she said. Link recognised the tone in Zelda's voice and knew the stranger was treading a dangerous path.

"Erm, you don't know who we are?" he asked, looking surprised. The woman raised her eyebrows.

"No. And why should I care?" Zelda caught hold of Moonmist and Carefree and scowled at the woman.

"I'll have you know that I'm Princess Zelda, heir to the throne of Hyrule," she said in a scornful voice.

"And I'm Link, legendary hero and Triforce Protector," Link grinned. The woman looked unconvinced.

"Oh really? Who are you trying to kid?" Zelda looked really offended now.

"Where have you been for the last few years?" she asked sarcastically.

"Oh... around," the woman replied.

"Hey come one, this is the Princess you're talking to. Show a little respect," Link said. Zelda took the Triforce out of the saddle bag. The prism looked even more beautiful, shinning in the afternoon sun.

"This prove it?" Zelda asked coolly. The woman couldn't take her eyes off the artefact. Zelda used its magic to shoot a pale blue beam towards the woman. It landed just before her feet, but the stranger had looked frightened. Zelda smiled smugly.

"Hey, steady on Zel..." Link started.

"Er, okay I believe you," the woman stated. "I'm Selina, by the way. Resident healer and adventurer. I even know a little magic." Zelda didn't look impressed. She placed the Triforce back into the saddle bag and mounted her horse.

"Come on Link. We want to reach Nabrooru by nightfall."

"Nabrooru?" Selina asked. "I'm headed there too. Why don't we travel together?" "Why not?" Link shrugged. Zelda looked annoyed, but said nothing. "Come on. Carefree can carry two of us," Link said, helping Selina up.

   As soon as they reached the large town of Nabrooru, the sun was beginning to set. "I suppose we'll have to find somewhere to stay," Zelda said, halting her horse just inside the town gates. Link nodded.

"There should be a fairly decent tavern here that we could sleep at."

"Well, we'll see you later Selina," Zelda said, urging her horse forward again.

"Oh, but I know the perfect place where you could stay," Selina answered. She jumped off Carefree's back and stood before them in the road.

"Where?" Link asked.

"Come right this way. My uncle here owns the 'Lucky Dragon' Inn," Selina said, leading them through the streets. Very soon, they arrived outside a large tavern made of grey stone. Lights burned inside cheerfully.

"Wait right here. I'll organise for my uncle to stable your horses," Selina said, disappearing around the side of the building.

"This is pretty nice of her," Link said. Zelda herself didn't feel Link's enthusiasm for the woman, but she decided not to say anything. Besides, it was nice of Selina to find them a place to stay. Mind you, after her rudeness, Zelda thought, she ought to be making amends. She smiled.

"Yes, it is." A tall, burly man appeared with Selina.

"Your Highness, Princess Zelda, and Master Link. It's a honour to have you stay here," the man said, bowing. "My name is Wilfred. You shall have my humble inn's best rooms." Zelda smiled at the man.

"Thank you sir. It's a pleasure for us to be here," she added.

"You are most gracious, fair Princess," the man replied. He led them round the back of the inn to the stables. "Selina will settle your noble horses for the night. Please, get whatever you need then you can come inside where my wife will serve you a fine meal."

   The Lucky Dragon was a cosy, friendly tavern. There was a roaring log fire where adventurers sat around telling stories, small tables where people sat drinking, eating or simply talking, and a long bar where Selina and another young woman stood serving ale and wine. Link and Zelda were seated at a small corner, busy eating a most delicious meal of chicken served with bread and fresh, roasted vegetables. As soon as Wilfred had led them inside, everybody in the room had gone quiet. Link had felt pleased to be held in such high respect, while Zelda had simply smiled and told everybody to continue talking. Selina walked over to the table, carrying to glasses. "My uncle pays his compliments by giving you our finest wine." She set the glasses down at their table. "Mind if I join you later?" she added. Zelda was about to protest, when Link cut in.

"Sure Selina. That'd be great." Selina smiled, then made her way back to the bar. Sprite fluttered down onto the table.

"Who's that?" she asked. Sprite had been asleep for most of the journey across the sea and to Nabrooru. She'd missed most of the excitement, including meeting Selina and had only woken up when Link had picked her up out of his pocket.

"That's 'I'm so great' Selina," Zelda said sarcastically.

"What's up with you Princess?" Link asked, looking surprised.

"Sounds like someone's jealous," Sprite said snidely.

"Me, jealous of her? Why should I be?" Zelda said smoothly.

"Well, you don't sound as if you like her," Link answered.

"Yeah well, she insulted us Link! Fancy not believing who we were! And she never even said thank you when we helped her," Zelda replied angrily.

"Aw, Princess. She was just angry. I think she's okay," Link replied.

"You would," Zelda said darkly. Sprite flew onto Link's shoulder. "Give me something to eat, I'm starved!" she cried. Link broke off a small piece of bread and tiny piece of chicken, and handed it to the faerie.

   Selina reappeared, with a handsome man behind her. He was tall, with unruly brown hair and hazel eyes, and dressed in a tunic with the Hyrulian crest emblazoned on the front. "You don't mind do you? This is Aramis. He'd love to meet the two of you," Selina said, pulling up a chair.

"Not at all. Pleased to meet you, Aramis," Link said, holding out his hand to the man. Aramis smiled and shook Link's hand.

"It's an absolute honour Link." He turned to Zelda. "I feel so privileged to be graced with your presence, beautiful Princess." Zelda attempted a smile.

"It's very nice to meet you, Aramis."

"Hey, meet me too!" Sprite cried. Aramis stared at the little faerie.

"How wonderful! A tame faerie. Is she a pet?"

"Me? A PET??" Sprite squealed. She zapped a tiny bolt of faerie magick at Aramis in disgust.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. It's just I've never seen one of your kind a such close quarters," Aramis apologised. Sprite folded her arms and looked indignant.

"Looks like you need a few lessons in how to treat a faerie!" Link and Zelda laughed in amusement at the tiny faerie, while Selina and Aramis looked intrigued.

"Well, no wonder you don't know, because you're a human! One of the reasons we prefer Hylians, is because they have much more respect for us. You humans just seem to regard us as some sort of silly amusement and put us in cages and keep us a pets. A Hylian person knows better than that!" Sprite said, fluttering about.

"Well, I'm sorry little faerie," Aramis said.

"She's right Aramis. Faeries oughtn't to be kept as pets. They're got as much right to live their lives as they wish, as much as you and me," Link explained.

"Oh, I guess I never looked at it that way," Aramis said thoughtfully.

"Well you should!" Sprite ordered, settling onto Link's hand.

"I hear from Selina here, that you're travelling to Valour Hold?" Aramis asked. Link nodded.

"We are. Me and the Princess want to brush up our skills. I have a feeling that Ganon's planning something big."

"Well, I'm going that way too, incidentally. I'm hoping to become as great a warrior as you, Link, someday," Aramis said. Link smiled modestly.

"Well, I wouldn't say great...." he began.

"Oh, but you really are wonderful," Selina added, smiling flirtatiously.

"Er, thanks," Link answered.

"Lay off, he's all mine!" Sprite shouted.

"Don't mind her..." Link said, smiling at Selina.

"How about I show you your room, Link?" Selina asked.

"Good idea," Link said, standing.

"I'm coming too," Zelda said hurriedly.

"Oh, but won't you stay and keep Aramis company?" Selina said in a sweet tone.

"Yes, your Highness. I find you most enchanting. Let's talk some more," Aramis said. Zelda frowned.

"I'm really tired. Me and Link have been riding all day. I think that we ought to get some rest." She turned to Link.

"Don't you agree?"

"You're right Princess. We have had a long day. We'll see you both in the morning," Link said, taking Zelda by the hand.

"We can find our rooms, I'm sure," Zelda said to Selina as she began to follow them.

"Okay, fine," Selina replied, turning her attention back to Aramis.


   The next morning, the group set off towards Darunia. Much to Zelda's annoyance, Selina had managed to invite herself along, and borrowing a horse from her uncle. Hopefully, they would reach Valour Hold by nightfall. However, to get there, they had to pass through some treacherous caves, which allowed passage right through to Darunia. Zelda had found herself dropping farther and farther behind, not wanting to hear Selina flirting with Link, and Aramis paying both her and Selina far too much attention. Sprite had been right - she was a little bit jealous of Selina, except that she would never admit to it.

   Meanwhile, Ganon's scouts, Skoll and Aspete, lay hidden in the nearby bushes. "Dere's da Princess! Let's get 'er!" Aspete said eagerly. The Moblin and Stalfo shouted out a unintelligible war cry, and dived out of the thicket. Zelda's horse reared up in panic, and Zelda, not being prepared, slipped off its back. She looked up, to see Skoll leering at her and Aspete slobbering.

"Oh great," she muttered.

"Har! What ya gonna do now den?" Aspete said. Zelda had left her weapons all on Moonmist, including the Triforce. Skoll suddenly fell over, howling in pain.

"Lay off the Princess, Dog breath, else I'll beat you up too!" shouted Link. Aspete wheeled around, ready to clobber Link with his spiked club. However, as usual, Link was too fast for him, leaping up to dodge the Moblin's clumsy blow. "Haha Aspete, you'll have to try harder than that!" Link cried, hitting the Moblin in the chest with his sword.

"Yeowww!" Aspete cried, clutching his chest. Zelda made her getaway, and ran towards Moonmist who had halted nearby. She grabbed her bow.

"Need any help?" she shouted to Link.

"Nah, Princess. I can handle these two just fine," Link yelled back, giving the Moblin another decisive blow with his sword.

"Watch out for Skoll!" Zelda shouted, as she saw the Stalfo recovering.

"All under control!" Link cried, turning quickly to hit the skeleton. Selina and Aramis trotted up to Zelda.

"Are you sure he doesn't need helping?" Aramis asked.

"Link, need help? Don't be silly!" Zelda laughed. She made her way back to where Link was busy giving the two monsters a severe beating.

"Ouch!" Aspete howled.

"We're sorry, we're sorry!" Skoll moaned.

"Sorry? I'll make you even more sorry, you miserable excuses for a lifeform!" Link said, dodging out of the way of Skoll's huge sword.

"It woz Kain's orders..." the Moblin yowled.

"Kain's?" Link paused. "What do you mean?" He pointed his sword menacingly at Aspete. "Tell me!" Skoll took his chance and ran off back into the undergrowth. Zelda started off to follow him, but Link stopped her. "Let him go Princess." He turned his attention back to the Moblin. "Explain yourself Aspete."

"Erm, it's nuffin' important, except dat Kain's an agent of 'Is Evilness, Ganon," Aspete stammered.

"Kain? An agent of Ganon?" Zelda asked, her green eyes widening in surprise. Aspete suddenly pushed Link aside and ran towards the forest. "You don't think he was lying do you?" Zelda said to Link.

"I dunno Princess. But why would he say such a thing?" Link replied, looking puzzled. Zelda shrugged.

"You never know with those two," she replied.

"You're right. Hey, are you okay anyway? What happened?" Link asked, looking concerned.

"Oh, I'm fine. They just surprised me, and Moonmist reared and I fell," Zelda replied. Looking to see if Selina was watching, she stepped towards Link and hugged him.

"I don't know what I'd do without you," she said.

"Well, thanks Princess. Just doing my job," Link replied, looking pleased.

"Is everything okay here?" Selina called, walking over.

"Uh, sure," Link called back. "Come on Princess, we'd better get going." Zelda smiled to herself. No doubt Selina wasn't very happy. Perhaps she would leave Link alone now.

"Yes, after all, we want to stop for lunch in Darunia," Zelda replied, mounting up again.

"Okay, let's head for the caves!" Aramis shouted, urging his horse to go faster.


   As the sun hit the middle of the sky, the group arrived in the small mountain town of Darunia. Aramis halted his horse outside a small shop. Hang on a minute. I want to purchase some Moruge Bane Essence."

"Is that the stuff that sharpens your reactions?" Link inquired. Aramis nodded.

"Yep, it's great. Why don't you get some too, Link?"

"Well, I'm not sure..." Link began.

"Oh go on Link. It won't harm you," Aramis grinned.

"I know a place we can eat at," Selina interrupted.

"Well, you girls go on ahead. Me and Link need to stock up supplies. What's it called Sel?" Aramis asked.

"It's a small pub called 'The Rusty Pickaxe'. It' just down the street, on the left hand side," Selina replied.

   Link pushed open the shop door. An overbearing smell hit him as he entered the shop. "What is that smell?" coughed Link, Aramis shrugged his shoulders and walked over to the counter. He hit the service bell and leaned casually against the counter.

"Hope you've got enough rupees, this stuff can be pretty pricey," whispered Aramis. The curtain behind the counter which was closed was suddenly drawn back. A tall man with a narrow face and serious features stepped towards the counter, closing the curtain behind him. Smiling at the two he opened a window,

"I'm sorry about the smell I was just whipping up another batch of Moruge Bane Essence," he explained.

"Speaking of that particular concoction, me and my friend would like to purchase some," said Aramis taking some money out of a leather pouch.

"How much is it?" The man smiled apologetically .

"I'm sorry but I'm out at the moment. Like a said I was making another batch. I'll tell you what, give me your names and I'll reserve however much you require. If you come back tomorrow morning and pay me then, well, you'll have what you require."

"Okay sounds fine to me, I'm Aramis and this is my friend L..."

"Uh, Leonard," cut in Link hastily. Aramis turned to protest but then grinned and nodded.

"We'll return tomorrow morning sir," said Aramis.

"Very good gentlemen, we ..., I open shop at 7:30." The two walked out of the shop towards the inn.

   "Why Leonard?" asked Aramis turning to Link as they walked down the road.

"Uh well, Ganon's scouts are everywhere, if they found out I was around then they'd know no-one credible was guarding the Triforce," explained Link.

"Or they'd know you would have it," added Aramis. Link nodded in agreement,

"Hey hang on! How did you know?" asked Link turning to confront Aramis.

"Oh Selina told me, she's not one of the most secretive people in Hyrule," said Aramis laughing.

"Um, you two close?" asked Link casually.

"Why? You got your eye on her?" asked Aramis grinning.

"Nah, just wondering," said Link kicking some dirt in the road.

"No, we're just more of an acquaintance," answered Aramis, stopping as they reached the door of the inn.

"Well this looks like the place," said Link noting the large rusty pickaxe that was hung above the door. He pushed open the door and the two walked inside. Zelda and Selina were seated near the door. Zelda did not look very happy, but Selina looked at ease. Sprite was sitting on Zelda's shoulder. She waved her little hand at Link as he walked inside.

"She sure is sweet," Aramis said. "Know where I could get one as tame as that?"

"She isn't tame. She just happens to hang out with me and the Princess. I rescued her from a Moblin several years ago and she's been my constant companion ever since," Link answered.

"Hey ladies!" Aramis smiled, sitting down at the table.

"Ordered yet?" Link asked.

"No. We decided to wait for you two," Zelda answered. Sprite flew over to Link.

"Hello," she said. Link ruffled her hair affectionately with his finger.

"Hiya Sprite." He turned to Zelda.

"We must remember to call for Aaron when we pass through Tarn. I promised he could come to the Hold with us."

"Yes. He's visiting his parents, isn't he?" Zelda replied. Link nodded.

"It was his mother's birthday."

"Who's Aaron?" Selina asked.

"Link's apprentice. He's only sixteen," Zelda replied.

"He sure is lucky having you for a teacher, Link," Selina said admiringly.

"You should see him Selina! He's going to be a great hero someday," Link replied.

"Thanks to you," Selina added.

"Why don't we get something to eat?" Zelda suggested. "Good idea, Princess," Aramis said, picking up a leather bound menu.

   After eating, Link took Zelda aside, away from Selina and Aramis.

"Listen Zel, I know we wanted to get to Valour Hold tonight, but I can't helping thinking about what Aspete said about Kain." Zelda looked thoughtful.

"There's a shelter here isn't, there, set-up by the Communion?" she said.

"There sure is. Perhaps we could check it out," Link replied. Zelda smiled excitedly.

"If Aspete is telling us the truth, perhaps Kain isn't quite as pure as we originally thought!"

"Or leading us down a false trail... but y'know, I think you could be right. Kain could simply be a pawn of Ganon's," Link answered.

"Let's sneak off later and check out the shelter then," Zelda suggested.

"Good idea. We better not say anything to the other two, just in case they're Communion members," Link said.

"Why don't we ask them?" Zelda said.

"Okay," Link agreed. They walked back over to the table.

"We've decided to stay in Darunia for the night," Link announced.

"Why?" Selina asked.

"Erm... Me and the Princess remembered an old friend we wanted to visit. You two can entertain yourselves this afternoon can't you?" Link explained.

"Of course we can, can't we Sel?" Aramis said amicably.

"Uh, sure," Selina added.

"Hey, are either of you Communion members?" Zelda asked.

"Yeah, I am," said Selina. She pulled out a necklace. "All members have these. Aramis is thinking of joining. It's really great, the Communion. Why don't you two join?" Selina suggested.

"Well, we were kinda thinking about it actually," Link said.

"You should," Selina replied.

"Okay, we'll purchase our rooms, then me and the Princess'll be off. We'll see you in here tonight," Link said.


   "This must be it," Link said, stopping outside a large building made of wood and stone. Zelda smiled at Link, feeling happier now that they were alone again. Aramis was okay, and she certainly didn't mind Aaron hanging out with them, but she was beginning to really hate Selina. It had been bad enough when she was being rude to both of them, but now she was acting like an old friend. When she and Selina had gone to the tavern to wait for Link and Aramis, Selina had asked if Link was romantically involved with anyone. Zelda had been about to lie and say yes, but she decided it might not be a clever idea in case Selina mentioned it to Link. Instead, she'd told Selina to ask Link herself if she was so interested. Selina had then said, 'yes' she was interested, but she had yet failed to ask Link. Okay, maybe she was being a bit unfair. But she couldn't help feeling jealous. "Princess? Are you okay?" Link asked, interrupting her thoughts.

"Oh, sorry. I'm fine," she replied. Link pushed open the door.

"Come on, let's check this place out."

   They walked into a large hall. There was a small desk on one wall, and several tables and chairs set about inside. A middle aged human woman with pale blonde hair, was seated at the desk. "Excuse me, but can I help you?" Looking closely, she realised that it was Princess Zelda and Link standing there. "Oh, excuse my bad manners, Princess." The woman curtseyed. "What can I do for you?"

"We're just here for a visit," Zelda said.

"Yes, mind if we look around?" Link asked.

"Well, no, I suppose not. Kain tells me to welcome all visitors. My name is Glynis. I suppose you know what this building is for," the woman said.

"Yes, I believe it's a shelter for homeless people?" Zelda answered.

"Yes. By the way, I see that neither of you are members of the Communion. Could I possibly interest you in joining?" Glynis asked. Zelda shook her head.

"I'm afraid I'd have no use in joining," she replied.

"What about you Link?" Glynis inquired.

"Uh, sorry, but I follow the Royal Family," he said apologetically.

"Well never mind. But joining the Communion does have many benefits. You might at least think about it. Here, take this. It's Kain's handbook. It only costs 5 rupees," Glynis offered Link was curious about what the book might contain.

"Okay," he said, handing Glynis the payment.

"The Communion can change your life for the better!" Glynis added. Link smiled at the woman.

"I'll read this, certainly. Now, could we look around?" The woman nodded.

"Feel free to."

   Link and Zelda looked around the shelter. It was on two floors. The entire top floor was a kind of dormitory, with lots of beds, each with chests beside them. Downstairs, there was a large kitchen, a dining room, and a smaller room, which had a large fireplace and rugs and chairs in it. Some of the people who lived at the shelter were in this room. Zelda and Link smiled politely at the strangers, but said nothing. "Nothing seems out of order," Link said as they walked back outside.

"No. It's quite a good idea really. I wish my Father would do more to help the poor," Zelda answered.

"You've got a good heart Princess," Link grinned.

"Going to share a room with me at Valour Hold, like last time?" Zelda suggested.

"How could I pass up on such an opportunity? Although what about Aaron?" Link asked.

"Oh, I forgot about Aaron. I suppose he can room with us if he likes," Zelda replied.

"Nah, I think he's old enough to fend for himself," Link said. They walked back down the street.

"Let's not go back yet. Why don't we go for a walk near the mountains?" Zelda offered.

"Well Princess.... That's a great idea," Link said looking pleased. He took her by the arm. "Come on, let's go this way."

   Zelda ensured that she and Link stayed out all afternoon. She was certainly in no hurry to get back to the likes of Selina. Neither was Link, it seemed, as he made no protest when they took the longest route to the beach as possible. "Wow. The sea's really rough on this side of Hyrule," Link commented. "No wonder the ships aren't keen to land here." The waves certainly were turbulent, the white tipped peaks of the grey water rising high and smashing against the rocky coast.

"Yeah, the beach at Mido is much more tranquil," Zelda commented. All around them, low brown mountains rose, except towards the west, were the sea was. Only 10 miles away was the coast of West Hyrule, which could often be seen on a sunny day. Although it wasn't particularly cold, it was fairly cloudy and Link and Zelda couldn't see over to their home island. "I don't think we ought to go down there," Zelda said, watching the sea crash onto the shore.

"No. We might get swept away by all that water," Link replied, still admiring the sheer force of the sea.

"Link..." Zelda began.

"Yeah Princess?"

"I was wondering, what do you think of me? As a person, I mean," Zelda asked shyly.

"Isn't that a bit of a weird question Zel? You know what I think of you," Link answered.

"Well, I don't actually," Zelda replied. Link smiled.

"Oh, I'm sure you're just fishing for a compliment Princess, but here goes." He paused to think. "Well, I think you're very pretty, but I guess that's beside the point. You're extremely smart, and even though you're a girl, you're certainly brave and daring. I really do admire you. Your Father should be proud. That a good enough description?" Link grinned. Zelda smiled.

"I suppose so. But you exaggerate."

"If I'd toned it down Princess, you wouldn't sound half as good!" Link protested.

"Oh, well okay, if you put it that way," Zelda smiled.

"Really Princess, you're so perfect, you break my heart!" Link joked, pretending to faint at Zelda's feet.

"Link..." Zelda chided. But she couldn't help smiling at his foolish antics.

"Don't get mad at me, dear Princess, you just have this effect on me. I can't help myself," Link explained, trying not to laugh.

"Don't you 'dear Princess' me!" Zelda reprimanded. Link got up off the ground and brushed himself off.

"Seriously though Princess..."

"Seriously though what?" Zelda asked.

"Duck!" Link yelled.

"What the..." Before Zelda could see what Link meant, he had already dived, bringing her down with him.

"Link, what in Hyrule are you trying to do?" Zelda said, frowning.

"Stay here Princess," Link answered, getting up. Zelda looked up, and spotted an extremely large octorok moving along the cliff edge towards them. A large rock came flying by, barely missing the two of them. Link made a leap and managed to land on the creature's head, stabbing it repeatedly there. He slipped off its rubbery head, but managed to dodge the monster's squelchy tentacles Eventually, it decided to retreat, but Link hit it a few more times with his sword, destroying the evil beast completely. He walked back over to Zelda, wiping his brow.

"Lucky I saw him Princess, else he would've got us for sure!"

"Yeah. That sure was one big octorok," Zelda commented.

"I think we'd better get out of here before any of his friends show up," Link said, gazing about the bay. The clouds were getting darker. It looked like rain.

"I guess so. We'd better hurry, I don't want to get wet," Zelda answered. "Are you okay, by the way?" she added.

"Sure Princess. Just a few bruises here and there where the thing managed to whack me. Nothing to worry about." The roll of thunder sounded. "Something tells me we're gonna get soaked," Link groaned.

   "What happened to you two?" Sprite grinned in amusement. Link and Zelda stepped into the Rusty Pickaxe, completely drenched.

"What does it look like?" Zelda muttered. Their clothes were heavy and wet, and Zelda's long hair hung limply about her head, while Link's dripped water perpetually.

"Come and sit by the fire!" the landlord urged.

"I'd like to get out of these wet clothes first," Zelda said.

"Yeah, we'll be right back," Link added. They soon came back downstairs in dry clothes, but still cold and wet. Selina brought the pair some warm food and hot drinks.

"What in Hyrule were you thinking? Couldn't you tell by the clouds it was going to rain?" Selina said.

"No, we just thought it was a dull day. The clouds in West Hyrule usually get really black before a storm comes," Zelda replied.

"Well, this is East Hyrule. You ought to know though that it frequently rains in Darunia, since the clouds can't rise over the mountains," Selina explained.

"Well, we sure know now," Link replied. Sprite giggled.

"What ever possessed you to go so far anyway?" she asked.

"I dunno. Me and the Princess just kept on walking, I guess," Link replied. Zelda nodded.

"It was a nice walk. We wanted to see if we could see West Hyrule from the bay."

"Not today," Aramis said.

"But next time, you should consult us if you're thinking of running off anywhere," Selina laughed.

"Why would we want to do that?" Zelda said.

"Well, we do know East Hyrule better than you, Princess," Selina replied.

"Well, maybe that's true, but I still don't see why I should have to tell you my every plan," Zelda answered superciliously.

"Princess, she was only trying to help," Link defended.

"Yes well, if anyone's going to order anyone around here, it ought to be me, considering I am royalty," Zelda replied.

"Oh please," Selina said disdainfully.

"Uh, Princess..." Link began.

"Oh, don't you start too! You'll be as bad as her!" Zelda protested.

"Er listen folks, we're all tired etc. Why don't we break this up hey?" Aramis suggested.

"Good idea," Link replied.