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The Dark Empowerment

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) and Kirsty Singleton (indigo_spacen@mail.com)

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Chapter 5


   "It seems that we have a very serious problem," Lord Hylton said, looking round the table. After Princess Zelda had alerted him to the magic problem, he'd decided to hold a meeting. All of Valour Hold's best warriors where there, as well as Zelda, Link, Aaron and Drake.

"But how can magic not work?" one of the men asked.

"We don't know. But it looks like everything is being affected. Including the Triforce," Link replied.

"This has to be Ganon's doing, surely?" another man spoke up.

"Not necessarily. If I can't do magic, why should he? You can't reserve magic for one person only, because it's in the air. Special celestial waves carry magic. If someone's been tampering with them…." Sprite stopped.

"What if Ganon found a way to capture these waves to use for himself?" Zelda asked.

"It's impossible. There's far too many," Sprite replied.

"But Ganon is a great sorcerer," Drake argued.

"The greatest necromancer I ever saw was Enzar. He far surpassed Ganon. But me and Link drove him back through the portal into the Mists of Time," Zelda said.

"What if someone reopened a portal for him?" Link suggested.

"But who would do that?" Lord Hylton said incredulously. Sprite looked guilty.

"It was my fault the first time," she said quietly.

"How about Ganon opening it?" somebody suggested.

"No. Ganon and Enzar are practically sworn enemies," Link replied.

"So what's going to happen?" one of the men asked.

"We don't know. But without magic…." Zelda let her words trail off.

"We must get the news to His Royal Highness, the King, as soon as possible," Sir Hylton announced.

"I have an idea," Aaron spoke up shyly.

"An idea? About what, young Aaron?" Sir Hylton asked.

"Well, whenever we destroy any of Ganon's henchmen, Ganon uses magic to transport them back to Death Mountain to resurrect them. Why don't we go and kill some of his monsters? If their bodies don't disappear, we'll know that Ganon has the same problem as us," Aaron said quickly.

"Oh wow Aaron, that's an excellent idea!" Link said admiringly. He stood up. "Me and Aaron will go at once to test this theory," he announced.

"I'll come too," Zelda said. Link looked like he was going to protest, but then seemed to decide against it. "Let's go then," he said quietly, walking towards the door.

   "Link, wait up!" Zelda called, rushing after Link.

"I don't see why you're still mad with me!" she said, slowing to a walking pace beside him.

"I'm not mad at you, Princess," Link answered.

"So why did you nearly say something to me back there?" Zelda demanded.

"I just thought it might be better if you stayed here," Link replied.

"Why would you think that? I suppose you just don't want to be around me," Zelda said bitterly.

"Are we still on this morning's argument?" Link asked, sounding bored.

"Link please! You're being really unfair!" Zelda exclaimed.

"I'm being unfair?" Link said incredulously.

"I think so," Zelda replied.

"Hey, you two," Aaron said, coming up behind them.

"Oh, sorry Aaron. We should've waited for you. That was a great idea you had," Link said. Aaron smiled. "Really, I'm proud of you," Link added, patting his apprentice on the back. Zelda smiled at Aaron as well.

"Well done Aaron. I'm sure you impressed Lord Hylton and everybody else," she said. Aaron looked pleased.

"I'll go on ahead. The monsters are more likely to attack if they see one of us alone," he suggested.

"That's a good idea," Zelda said. Aaron rushed forward down the path, leaving Link and Zelda alone. "That was tactful of him," Zelda said.

"Princess, I think I ought to say something," Link said, stopping.

"Oh? Which is?" Zelda asked.

"Well, I guess you were right. I did jump to conclusions, and I shouldn't have. Forgive me?" Link apologised. Zelda smiled slightly.

"Is Selina still the woman you want?" she asked. However, before Link could reply, the two heard the cry of Darknut knights nearby.

"Aaron'll need help. Let's go!" Link said, drawing his sword.

   Between the three of them, Link, Zelda and Aaron soon managed to destroy the five Darknuts. The bodies did not magically fade away. Instead they remained there on the ground. "You were right Aaron," Link said.

"Thank goodness! It means that Ganon is as helpless as us," Zelda said.

"I wonder what a Darknut really looks like?" pondered Link.

"D'you really want to look?" asked Zelda looking disdainfully over at the Darknuts.

"Well yeah, I've never seen one before and if Ganon gets his magic working I'll never see one again," replied Link walking over to one of the Darknuts and bending over to pull it's helmet off. Underneath it's helmet the Darknut's head just looked a strange, squishy mass. Link prodded it with his sword but it just wobbled around like jelly. "So this is what the mighty Darknut looks like under his armour," proclaimed Link throwing the Darknuts helmet to the ground.

"What are we going to do with these bodies?" asked Zelda. "We can't just leave them here!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah well we can't drag them back to the hold," answered Link. There was a rustle in the bushes and suddenly a large griffin like creature jumped out before them.

"What in Hyrule is that?" yelled Aaron diving out of the way of the creature.

"I don't know!" replied Link deflecting one of the monsters blows. It was absolutely huge, it was about twice as tall as Link, and at least six times as wide. Neither Zelda or Link never mind, Aaron had seen one before. Zelda leapt behind a tree and drew her bow. The monster looked towards the tree and opened its mouth. A burst of flame shot out of its mouth and blasted towards the tree. Upon spotting this action, Link dived toward Zelda and pushed her away from the tree. Aaron meanwhile had sneaked behind the monstrosity and was attempting to get a blow in from behind. Just as he was about to strike it turned around and looked at him as if it had just spotted dinner. Not knowing what to do Aaron swung his arm back and threw his sword into its face. Luckily he'd thrown the sword with enough force so that the sword became lodged into one of the creatures eyes. It screamed in pain and while it was looking around blindly Aaron jumped and grabbed hold of the monsters beak, and climbed up onto its face. He grabbed hold of his sword and began to push. He twisted and turned his sword until it had sunk into the creatures eye right up to its hilt. The creature was swinging its head around in frustration trying to shake Aaron off. Aaron gave his sword one final push into the creatures eye and gripped tightly to his swords hilt as the creature threw its head up in agony. It screamed its last scream then fell to the ground in a large crumpled heap. Aaron pulled his sword out of the creatures eye and jumped down onto the ground. "Aaron, what did you do?!" exclaimed Link running over to him then looking over at the monster.

"I think I killed it, I stuck my sword into its eye far enough to get to its brain," he explained attempting to clean his sword in some shrubbery.

"Yeah well, you did great," said Link patting him on the back. Zelda ran over to the two.

"I managed to get out that fire on that tree," said Zelda smiling.

"How?" both men asked at the same time.

"I managed to get my douse spell to work; perhaps it's coming back. My magic that is," she replied.

"Well, that's good. Perhaps those waves were just messed up briefly," Link said, feeling puzzled.

"Oh no! If that's true, we've left the Triforce without any protective spells cast over it!" Zelda exclaimed.

"Don't worry Princess, I'm sure it'll be fine. But just in case, I think we'd better run," Link said.

   "There, I told you. Safe and sound," Link said, noting the Triforce sitting safely on the table. Zelda picked it up and examined it closely.

"It doesn't look any different from yesterday," she said disappointedly.

"Perhaps there was a few waves still floating around outside," Link suggested.

"I guess so. I suppose the spell was harder to do than usual," Zelda admitted.

"It was weird, seeing a griffin too. Most of them got wiped out hundreds of years ago. Either that, or banished into the Mists of Time."

"Could that griffin have been Enzar?" Aaron asked. Link shook his head.

"Enzar's a whole lot thinner. And taller. That one probably wasn't an intelligent one. Just your normal griffin."

"Yes, Enzar was one of the magical griffins. He was supposedly banished about 5 centuries back. However, his magic is so powerful, that it exceeds Ganon's," Zelda explained.

"Yeah, we were lucky last time. Having been imprisoned for so long, his skills were a bit rusty so we managed to defeat him, but if it happened again…" Link said, looking worried.

"You don't possibly think this could be his doing?" Zelda asked.

"Princess, I sure wish I could give you an answer on that," Link said.

   "This is ridiculous!" Ganon screeched.

"Well, Your Evilness, us can't 'elp ya on dis," Aspete said.

"Shut up, you dolt!" the sorcerer screamed. "When I find the person responsible for this…" Ganon continued, floating up and down angrily. The Triforce of Power was no longer surrounded by its magical aura, and Ganon was practically powerless himself. His magic globe didn't work, so he couldn't spy on anyone, the big orb that resurrected his monsters was empty, and he could no longer click his fingers to perform magic spells. Suddenly, he had an idea. "According to the rules of magic, if I'm powerless, so is everyone else. That has to include Link and Zelda!" he croaked triumphantly.

"Gee, great thinkin' master!" Skoll exclaimed.

"Der at Valour 'old, Your Evilness," Aspete spoke up.

"Excellent. I shall go there soon, and steal their Triforce. They may not work now, but when I destroy whatever is impeding the celestial waves, I will be all powerful and Hyrule will be mine!" Ganon shrieked evilly.

   A few days passed at Valour Hold, without incident. While Link and Aaron trained together, with the likes of Damon, Nick and Drake, Zelda spent most of her time in the large library at the Hold. She studied some of the older Hylian texts about magic, but the ancient Hylian language was hard to understand, and Zelda spent most of her time trying to translate the passages. She found herself feeling grateful when Selina offered to help. Although Selina had never learnt ancient Hylian, she was a quick learner and picked up the basics that Zelda taught her, and used a translation dictionary for harder words. Aramis disappeared frequently, and Selina expressed her concern to the Princess. "Every night, he's disappeared somewhere. The first night I asked what he was doing, and he said he had to meet somebody. But he's gone every night," Selina said.

"Yes, the first night I went down to get some water and he was outside. But he said to me he was just getting some fresh air," Zelda replied.

"I don't know. It just isn't like him," Selina replied.

"You know him well?" Zelda asked.

"Well, sort of. You see, I come from Karul, which is just basically a farming village. However, like you know, my uncle owns a tavern in Nabrooru. He said about three years ago, when I was 18, that if I ever wanted some extra money, I could work at the bar. So, when I wasn't studying to become a healer, I worked as a barmaid. That's how I met Aramis. He was pretty much a regular at the 'Lucky Dragon', and we talked a lot," Selina explained.

"Did you ever have a romantic relationship with him, if you don't mind me asking?" Zelda inquired. Selina smiled.

"Briefly. Except it turned out he already had a girlfriend. She found out, and well, I wasn't to pleased either. So we both dumped him," she said grinning.

"I wonder why he keeps disappearing?" Zelda said.

"I don't know. Perhaps we should follow him tonight," Selina suggested, smiling mischievously.

"Okay. Come and wake me up, but you'll have to be quiet because Link is a light sleeper," Zelda replied, turning back to the book she was examining. Hmmm… This could be it. 'How to control celestial waves', Zelda read.

"Zelda?" Selina suddenly spoke. Zelda looked up.

"What is it, Selina?"

"Erm, well, I was just wondering. Is Link seeing anyone?" Selina asked. Oh great. I suppose I'll have to tell her the truth, Zelda thought.

"Well actually, no." She pretended not to care about Selina's interest, and began to read her book again.

"Oh, okay. Thanks," Selina replied. Zelda kept her thoughts on the book. Celestial waves are the source of magick, Zelda read. While it is not possible to capture these waves, use of a powerful spell, known as 'Divalation' can attract the majority of all celestial waves into one particular place. However, they are rendered useless together, needing to be spread out in order to work properly. If the spell is to be performed, special precautions must be taken by the caster. Excitedly, Zelda pulled the thread bookmark onto the page to mark it. A protective circle must be first marked out around the caster, who should then cover himself in wryhute oil, which may be obtained by boiling a small quantity of the plant. Then he should be ready to cast the spell. In order to do the spell, the caster must also be strong of mind and body as it is both mentally and physically exhausting. Amateurs should NEVER attempt this - the power used could result in death. Details af the spell can be found several good spellbooks. The passage finished there.

"We can stop looking Selina," Zelda announced. "I think I might have discovered the cause in the loss of our magical powers."

   Link and the others had all gone out for the day to Tarn, so it was night-time before Zelda got to show him the book. "You can read ancient Hylian can't you?" she asked. Link nodded.

"Yeah, you and Impa taught me most, remember?" Link said, taking the book and reading it quickly.

"Who could possibly do that?" he finally said.

"I don't know. Ganon maybe," Zelda said.

"Well done in finding this Princess. You missed a great walk though," Link replied.

"I thought you were only going to Tarn," Zelda said.

"Well yeah, but we took the long way round and walked along the bay at the edge of the Great Tarn Forest. It was really fantastic, with the highest cliffs I've ever seen. We didn't even get attacked once, so I suppose Ganon must be harbouring his monsters until he can start to resurrect them again," Link replied. Suddenly, Aramis came into the room.

"Sorry I've been away all day, but I was joining the Communion and had to sign up at Darunia." He proudly showed them his necklace. "See? Soon, I can go to Mido to meet Kain himself, along with some other new recruits. Anyway, I'll see you all later," he said walking back out. Zelda frowned slightly.

"Surely Communion members can't be supporters of the Royal Family," she said.

"They are good though, Princess. But I admit, they've got some stupid ideas too. I think you'll make an excellent ruler some day," Link answered.

"Yeah maybe. But right now, the very idea hardly appeals to me," Zelda said. Link smiled sympathetically.

"I wish I could help, Princess."

"Yeah well, I suppose I'll have to get used to it," Zelda replied, climbing into bed.

   "Hey, Zelda!" Selina whispered, waking the Princess up.

"Uh, what is it?" Zelda said, still half asleep.

"Remember? We're supposed to be finding out what Aramis is doing!" Selina replied. Zelda sat up and yawned.

"Oh yeah, now I remember." Zelda climbed out of bed and quickly got changed into daytime clothes. The two dashed downstairs and outside as quick as they could, to lie in wait for Aramis. "What if he doesn't come this way?" Zelda asked.

"He will. Mark my words," Selina affirmed. They had only been waiting for a few minutes, when the nearby door opened, and Aramis stepped outside. He didn't see the two girls hiding behind a side wall, and started to walk down the path. Zelda and Selina watched as he suddenly turned off the track and walked into the trees. "Quick!" Selina whispered, pulling Zelda off in Aramis' direction. They followed him for at least a mile, keeping a safe distance. Aramis kept up a brisk pace, but did not notice at all that he was being followed. Eventually, he reached a clearing. Aramis stood there for some time, before a man wearing a hooded cloak and a shining gold Communion necklace emerged from the surrounding trees.

"I wonder who that is!" Zelda whispered, watching the man closely.

"Ah Aramis, my faithful servant. Are you any closer to achieving what I asked of you?" the man asked.

"Yes my liege. I have been training as hard as possible for the final fight," Aramis answered. Selina and Zelda looked at each other, confused.

"Final fight?" Zelda asked.

"Shhh!" Selina replied.

"You must act quickly. Yes, without his magic, he is useless!" the man laughed.

"I sure hope so," Aramis replied.

"You must have no doubts over this. Your task must be completed without fail!" the hooded man answered.

"What about the Princess?" Aramis asked. Zelda's eyes widened. Aramis couldn't possibly be talking about her, could he?

"She is not a problem. Do with her as you wish," the man replied. "Go now. You must complete you destiny," the man said, disappearing back into the trees.

"Come on!" Selina hissed. Zelda stood, frozen. Was it entirely possible, that Aramis was plotting against both her and Link? Maybe he was talking about someone else. But I'm the only Princess round here!, she thought. "Zelda! He's coming this way!" Selina said, pulling Zelda's arm.

   Ganon stopped outside of Valour Hold, breathing heavily. He'd walked all the way from Death Mountain, without resting once. The entire journey had taken nearly two days. How much he missed being able to teleport wherever he wanted, just through using his magic. Now however, even though he was almost powerless, he still felt close to his goal. Link is as powerless as me without magic, he thought gleefully. He tried to open the door, but it was strongly bolted. Cursing, Ganon got out his magic key that could open any lock. "Blast it!" he shrieked, when the key didn't work. He began to place the perimeter of the Hold, in search of an open window or an unlocked door. Finally, he found the door which Aramis had come through. Cackling to himself, he entered the Hold. Silently, he padded up the steps to the floor he knew Link and Zelda always stayed on. When he reached the room, he quietly pushed the heavy oak door open. Link was asleep, but Zelda's bed was empty. Ganon felt puzzled, but then decided it was nothing to worry about. He looked about for the Triforce. Yes, there it was, on the nearby table. It didn't glow as it ought to, but it was the Triforce all the same. Ganon couldn't believe his luck. In fact, he could simply walk over and pick it up, and the sleeping Link would be none the wiser. However, Ganon still felt the need to damage him somehow. His hatred ran that deep, it was like a necessity. Ganon unsheathed a jet dagger, and walked over to the bed, raising the weapon above Link, preparing to kill him…

   "Oh, er, what a pleasant surprise! What in Hyrule are you two beautiful ladies doing out in a night as dark as this?" Aramis asked, surprised.

"We'd like to know the same about you!" Zelda demanded angrily.

"Er, what? Aren't I allowed to be out at night?" Aramis replied. Zelda scowled, and Selina looked angry too. "I was simply out practising. I like the thrill of fighting in the dark," Aramis confessed, smiling.

"Oh really? And why exactly are you practising? Planning on becoming Hyrule's next hero?" Zelda replied sarcastically.

"If it would win your heart fair Princess, then yes," Aramis answered, smiling hopefully.

"It wouldn't in the slightest. I know what you're up to Aramis! How can you be so disloyal?" Zelda shouted.

"What?" Aramis said, looking puzzled.

"We saw you meet up with that man," Selina added quietly.

"What man? What are you talking about? You must have seen somebody else!" Aramis protested.

"Are you doubting MY word?" Zelda said angrily.

"Well, no Your Highness, but I do think you were mistaken," Aramis replied worriedly.

"Admit that you're plotting against me! I know, you want the Triforce for your own selfish needs! And because I entirely failed to fall for your charms, you're going to murder me and Link instead!" Zelda accused.

"But Your Highness, if I truly wanted the Triforce, I could've taken it at any time this week. You know it's true," Aramis replied. "Why did you meet up with that man?" Selina asked.

"I tell you, you're mistaking me for someone else!" Aramis replied back.

   Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a whole group of Darknuts surrounded the trio. "Oh no! Darknuts!" Zelda cried. The evil soldiers moved closer. Aramis drew his sword.

"Stand back ladies! I'll handle this!"

"Oh shut up!" Zelda said, bending down to pick a rock off the floor. As Aramis thrust his sword at one of the Darknuts, Zelda chucked the rock at another. Selina got the idea, and started throwing the rocks around. However, the darknuts were dangerous foes, and difficult to defeat. As soon as there was a break in the ring, Zelda made a run for it. "Selina, come on!" she shouted. Selina looked over in Zelda's direction.

"Look out behind you!" she warned. Zelda turned, just in time to be knocked out by the darknut's heavily armoured fist.

"Zelda!" Selina cried, ducking just in time as a darknut took a swing at her also. The Princess was lying flat on the ground. Luckily, the darknut that had knocked her out was ignoring her and instead, was moving towards Selina. "Damn it," she muttered, seeing that there were at least 3 darknuts trying to attack her. "Aramis!" she shouted. Aramis turned, after giving one of the darknuts a decisive blow.

"I'll be right there Sel!" he shouted back. Selina frowned to herself. As a darknut came towards her, she hit the dirt, hoping it would think she was dead. Although very strong, Darknuts were almost decidedly stupid, Selina thought. Her plan worked. However, the darknuts then all begen to attack Aramis. Bravely, he attempted to fight off the monsters, but there were simply too many. Selina watched in horror as he fell to the floor.

"No! Aramis!" she cried, running towards the spot were Aramis had fell. She threw herself to the ground, again, as the darknuts turned their attention to her. Seemingly satisfied their opponents were dead, the darknuts disappeared back into the forest again.

   Selina bent down beside her old friend. Blood was pouring out of the corner of his mouth. "No! No, this can't have happened!" Selina wailed. She checked his pulse several times, but he appeared to be dead. Even her healing spells wouldn't work. Dismayed and shocked, Selina stood up. "This is all my fault! I shouldn't have distracted the darknuts!" Selina moaned to herself. Zelda was still out cold, but breathing. "Zelda, wake up!" Selina cried loudly, shaking the Princess. She was completely unconscious though, and Selina couldn't get her out of it. Selina bit her lip. She couldn't possibly hang around much longer; the forest was full of danger. However, she couldn't leave both Zelda and Aramis open to more attack. Well, Aramis was already dead, but she couldn't possibly leave his body lying there. "I'll have to take Zelda. Besides, she is important," Selina decided. She bent down and lifted Zelda into her arms. Luckily for Selina, Zelda was extremely light. I must get help and come back for Aramis' body, Selina decided, moving back to Valour Hold as fast as she could.

   Ganon, who wanted to savour this moment of seeming victory, began to bring the dagger down towards Link. On a piece of sheer luck and coincidence, Link turned over in his sleep. The jet dagger just tore through the mattress and stuck into the wooden frame of the bed. Upon hearing the ripping sound, followed by a dull thud, Link awoke. He sleepily glanced at the green hand clutching to the dagger hilt and then suddenly realised what was happening. Just as Ganon yanked the dagger out from the bed, Link rolled out of bed and landed on the floor. Shrieking, (Link had landed quite heavily on Ganon's feet) Ganon dropped the dagger. Link tried to move away from the falling dagger but he couldn't avoid it. It ripped through his thin night clothes and tore into his arm. Grimacing in pain, Link grabbed his dagger from his belt, (It is always necessary to carry a weapon even when sleeping) and swept his weapon towards Ganon. It ripped through the wizard's robes and into his flesh. It wasn't strong enough to do any real damage though, and Ganon ended up kicking Link square in the face. Link was sent flying back against the bed and slammed into the wooden frame. Even though he was sure he hadn't hit the bed that hard it collapsed in a heap. Cackling, Ganon pulled the dagger from Link's arm, sending even more pain coursing through his body.

   Kain grinned as he saw Death mountain in his sight. After half a day, he had reached it. He began to speed up his pace but in his hurry to reach the entrance, Kain tripped over a rock. He crashed to the ground, sending his pack flying. Quickly, he got up and rushed over to his pack and opened it, pulling out a small crystal ball. There was a small crack, which wasn't good. He hastily grabbed a small bottle of oil from his pack and smeared some onto the crack. That should stop any waves getting out for now, he thought carefully putting the ball back in his pack. He hauled the pack back onto his back and, more carefully, began to approach Death Mountain.

   As he stood over Link cackling, Link took his chance and kicked Ganon in the legs. This sent him crashing to the floor but Link felt too weak to take advantage of the situation. Then to Link's amazement over in the corner of the room, the Triforce began to float again and beams of magic danced across the room. Admitting defeat, Ganon clicked his fingers and vanished. Link quickly tried to cast a restoration spell on himself to heal his wounds. But almost immediately, the Triforce dropped back on its side. Cursing under his breath, Link grabbed the Triforce and his sword and walked into the hallway. Hurrying, he headed to the healers domain, and although he knew that the healer couldn't use his magic, he could probably ease the pain. As he made his way down the hallway, a horrible thought struck him. When Ganon had attacked him, Zelda wasn't there. What if Ganon had done something to her? He turned around and ran towards his room. "Zel?" he asked as he entered the room. He pulled back her bedcovers but she wasn't there. Panicking, he ran into the hall across to Selina and Aramis' room. No-one was there. He ran down the hall and banged on one of the doors. Aaron emerged and looked at Link sleepily. "Aaron, Ganon just attacked me and Zelda, she's, she's gone!" explained Link quickly. Shocked Aaron quickly pulled Link into his room.

"You look after the Triforce Link, me and Nick will go and look for Zelda and I'll send a healer over here," said Aaron waking Nick. Quickly explaining the situation to Nick, the two dressed, armed themselves and headed out to find Zelda. However, in the hall they met with Selina and the Princess. Although Zelda was on her feet, she didn't look at all well. "What happened to you two?" Aaron asked.

"Where are we?" Zelda slurred, leaning on Selina.

"We got attacked by some darknuts, and the Princess got knocked out," Selina answered.

"How come?" Nick asked.

"Well er… Um, we followed Aramis, because he's been disappearing every night this week, and well, we were weaponless," Selina answered. She looked down at her feet. "Did you find Aramis?" Aaron inquired. Selina looked up slowly.

"Yes…. But he was already dead."

   Enzar had transformed back to his normal form, and instead of his human guise as Kain, he was now a griffin again. His fearsome appearance had scared away most of Ganon's monsters, and Enzar had given the braver ones a severe beating. He now made his way into Ganon's throne room. Though dank and gloomy, it was brightly lit with torches, and Enzar spotted the Triforce of Power sitting on top of a carved stone pedestal. Smiling, he walked towards the mystical prism. As he approached the Triforce two of Ganon's monsters jumped on top of him. Laughing, Enzar shook off the moblin and stalfos. The moblin got back up and began attacking Enzar with a spear but it was like using a tooth pick against a rock. Subsequently the spear snapped in two. The moblin fled back into the dark shadows and when Enzar began with the Stalfos that, too, fled into the darkness. He picked up the Triforce and savoured the moment. If only Ganon was here to see this.. He thought smiling to himself. Enzar suddenly heard a screech behind him and as he turned, he spotted Ganon running towards him. The Triforce briefly lit up but it didn't last to long. Laughing even louder so that it echoed through the corridors of Death mountain Enzar turned and knocked Ganon out of the way with his tail. Screeching Ganon fell to the dungeon floor. Enzar stood over the top of Ganon and sneered. "Your pathetic reign has now ended Ganon, I'll find someone who can utilise the power of this stone artifact in a much better way than you. Soon my dear, dear friend you and this will be no more!" boomed Enzar. And with that the Griffin like creature calmly walked away from Ganon and away form Death Mountain. Ganon tried to get up but he realised he had been put under a paralysis spell. Just in the split second when the magic waves had faltered Enzar had managed to cast a spell on Ganon. He screeched for his minions to give chase but none of them wished to challenge him, and as Ganon was immobilised he couldn't do anything about it.