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The Dark Empowerment

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 6

      "Princess, are you feeling any better?" Link asked, wiping her forehead with a wet cloth.

"No! I feel awful!" Zelda wailed.

"I don't feel too good myself. Believe me Princess, it's not at all pleasant making physical contact with Ganon," Link replied, shuddering. Zelda sat up.

"I wish I could remember what happened. But I just can't," she said.

"Don't worry about it Princess. Selina knows what happened. And see, she rescued you Princess. That means she's not all that bad," Link replied, smiling.

"Mmmm. I suppose so," Zelda replied, looking tired again.

"Come on Princess, give her some credit," Link replied.

"Oh fine. I'll tell her I'm extremely grateful next time I see her, if it'll make you happy," Zelda replied.

"Good. She deserves your approval, Princess," Link answered.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," Zelda answered, not really caring.

"Hello!" Sprite cried, flying down onto the bed.

"Oh great," Zelda muttered.

"Sounds like someone's not pleased to see me!" Sprite retorted, placing her hands on her hips.

"Yeah Princess, I hate to say it, but you're in an lousy mood," Link grinned.

"Don't push your luck, Link," Zelda replied.

"Princess, look at me. I'm sitting here trying to ease your pain, while I'm in pain myself!" Link answered, pretending to look hurt. "Where?" Zelda asked.

"Like everywhere!" Link rolled up his sleeve and unwrapped the bandage to show Zelda the big gash Ganon had caused.

"Oh Link! Now I feel ten times worse!" Zelda exclaimed when she saw the cut.

"And check out the bruise here," Link said, brushing back his fringe. "Ganon sure has hard feet."

"Oh, that all does look painful," Zelda said sympathetically.

"I'll kiss it better for you!" Sprite said, flying up and kissing Link on the head.

"Thanks Sprite. You're so sweet," Link replied, letting Sprite sit in his hand.

"Oh please," Zelda said, looking disdainful.

"Well, I would've much preferred one from you, Princess," Link admitted.

"Link!" Sprite screamed, pummelling him indignantly with her tiny fists.

"I'm sure," Zelda answered, nonchalantly.

"How can you do this to me!" Sprite cried. Angrily, she tossed faerie dust at Link, then flew out of the room.

"She'll be okay," Link said. Aaron appeared.

"What's up with Sprite?" he asked.

"Link offended her," Zelda answered.

"Feeling better, Your Highness?" Aaron inquired politely.

"Kind of. Thank you for asking," Zelda said, smiling.

"Unfortunately, that blow to the head still didn't knock any sense into her," Link joked.

"Link!" Zelda cried, offended.

"I was joking Princess. Honest," Link answered.

"I hate to interrupt you, but there's a message come from your Father. He wants you back at North Castle immediately," Aaron interjected. "What? Already?" Zelda asked. "Here's the scroll," Aaron said, handing it to her. Zelda read through the note.

My dearest daughter,

Ever since you left for Valour Hold, a number of strange things have happened. First of all, several of my best guards went missing, and I later found out that you attacked and killed them in Darunia. Why they were there, I do not know, but I hear that they had posed a threat to your life. Not only that, but Impa informed me that someone has been tampering with the celestial waves, thus rendering magic useless. She says that you and Link must find out who has done this quickly, or the very essence of magic will be ruined forever.

Then, yesterday, the some of Castle Guards went crazy and torched the stables. Luckily, we managed to get the fire out before anything was damaged but it all seems very strange. You and Link must return immediately, for surely this is Ganon's doing. I fear he may have found a way to keep magic for himself, and is planning to attack soon.

Also, I have decided that Kain would make a most wonderful suitor for you, my dear. He came to visit me yesterday, and he has impressed me far more than any other man who has come forward to ask for your hand. He has the makings of a fine leader, and it will surely solve our current problems. You will be married before the year ends. Please don't be difficult over this, I know you will see it my way soon.


Your loving father xx

    Zelda frowned. "Father has found out about the magic," she announced.

"What does he say?" Link asked.

"He thinks it's Ganon's doing. But we know it isn't. He wants us back immediately." She paused, not looking happy. "He's decided that I have to marry Kain," she added. Both Aaron and Link looked surprised.

"How come?" Link asked.

"Read for yourself," Zelda replied, handing the scroll over. Link quickly read through the letter.

"You shouldn't have to. Besides, he's too weird, if you ask me," he answered.

"Me too. But you know how my Father is when he makes up his mind," Zelda replied sadly.

"Well anyway, when we do go back, I think we ought to speak to Impa. She might have a better idea than us about the magic," Link said. Zelda suddenly smiled.

"Investigating this is the perfect excuse to get away from my Father's plans!" she said.

"I wish I could help," Link said.

"You can! You persuade my Father that I can't possibly marry Kain. He always listens to you," Zelda suggested.

"Well, Princess…" Link began.

"Link, please. Do it for me," she pleaded.

"Oh okay, I'll try," he finally replied.

"Good. Now go and pack all our things," Zelda ordered.

"Um, sure. Straight away, Princess," Link grumbled, beginning to pack their belongings up.

    "Well, it's been wonderful having you here again. Good luck in your quest to find out about the magic deficiency," Lord Hylton said the next morning to Link and Zelda.

"Thank you Lord Hylton. We'll visit again as soon as possible," Link said.

"Send my best wishes to your Father," Lord Hylton added, waving.

"I will," Zelda replied, waving back. They mounted up, and trotted their horses outside the gates, where they were joined by the rest of the group. The night before, they'd held a discussion about the magic problem. Drake had thought the Communion was behind it.

"Just the kinda thing they'd do," he'd said. Nick wanted to come to North Castle anyway, and Damon and Selina had offered to help the investigation. So, Zelda had invited the whole group to North Castle. She knew her Father wouldn't be pleased about it, but she herself was angry at his presumption that she would want to marry Kain. So she'd thought, 'why not?' and told them to come to North Castle. They would investigate the magic problem together.


    Early next evening, the group had finally arrived at North Castle. Link and Zelda had planned on seeing Impa, but the King had insisted on being introduced to the guests. He seemed to like Nick at lot, and took Zelda aside after. "He's a marvellous man, my dear. And he's got plenty of land. Why, he's an ideal suitor!" the King exclaimed. Zelda pouted.

"No he isn't. Besides, for all you know, he's probably engaged to marry someone from his own Kingdom!" she retorted.

"He's a fine young man though," the King pointed out.

"Yeah maybe. But I'm just not interested! Now, I want to see Impa, so leave me alone!" Zelda said angrily, storming off.

    Link and Zelda went to see Impa as soon as they could. The old Hylian woman welcomed them into her cosy chamber. "It's wonderful to see you both again. Enjoy your stay at the Hold?" she inquired, inviting them to sit down on the overstuffed chairs.

"Well, it was fine until the magic went wrong," Zelda began.

"And the Ganon tried to kill me!" Link interjected excitedly. "He was like leering down at me and I thought I was dreaming. But I sure beat him up!" Link continued.

"Looks like he hurt you too," Impa said, noting his cuts and bruises.

"Oh, they're nothing Impa. He hardly touched me, I was too quick for him," Link boasted. Zelda grinned.

"It wasn't that the other day," she confided to Impa. Impa smiled.

"I hear you took a slight bump to the head, Princess, as well." Zelda smiled.

"I'm fine now," she said.

"It wasn't that the other day," Link mimicked good-naturedly. Impa fetched some biscuits and handed them to the pair. "Mmm. You make the best biscuits in Hyrule, Impa," Link praised. Impa smiled again.

"I made them specially for you. Now, I believe you've come to discuss this magic problem with me." Link nodded.

"That's right." "Tell me everything that happened to your magic and the Triforce's magic," Impa said.

"Well, I'm not sure if this is linked, but the night the celestial waves disappeared, I got this really weird feeling," Zelda began.

"Obviously you sensed it. That's your psychic ability showing through Princess," Impa said.

"Yeah, then when I went to bed, the Triforce's glow faded and it stopped levitating," Zelda continued.

"The very same night, our friend Selina tried to do a magic spell, but it wouldn't work," Link said. Impa frowned.

"We thought that it was Ganon's doing, of course, but Aaron suggested we should test," Link continued.

"Yes, he suggested that if Ganon's magic was working, his monsters would disappear when we killed them," Zelda explained.

"Yes, he's got some good ideas, that young lad," Impa said with approval.

"So we went out and attack some darknuts. They didn't vanish," Link said.

"Okay, so that proves that Ganon's magic doesn't work either," Impa answered.

"Well yes, but then I managed to cast a douse spell. I felt so tired afterwards though," Zelda said.

"It must have taken a lot of your mentality, since the waves are so weak, if virtually non-existent," Impa explained.

"Yes. That's what I thought. But then something else happened," Zelda said.

"Yeah, when I was fighting Ganon, the Triforce suddenly sort of lit up again, and Ganon escaped by teleporting. But it only stayed that way for a few seconds," Link said. Impa looked puzzled.

"Yes, that is strange, I agree," she said.

"Wait here. I have to get something," Zelda said, getting up.

    She soon came back, holding a large book. "Look Impa. I translated a chapter about a spell that can capture all the celestial waves, from this Hylian book I found at Valour Hold," Zelda said, handing the book over. Impa read through the pages quickly.

"Well done Princess. Yes, this is just as I thought. But there is one thing. Whoever cast the spell, will have a strong aura of magic about them. Only the most skilled Hylians will be able to sense it, such as me, and both of you," Impa said.

"Well, I sensed nothing magical about Ganon," Link said.

"Of course not. But I did sense it about someone," Impa said quietly.

"Who?" Link and Zelda asked together. Impa leaned close.

"None other than your do-gooder Communion leader, Kain," she whispered.

"What?" Zelda said, shocked. Link looked surprised.

"Kain?" Impa nodded.

"I'm afraid so. See for yourself," she suggested.

"Well, I suppose he always does seem weird to me and I don't know why. But why would he do this?" Link asked.

"I don't know my dear. But he visited a few days ago, and his aura was very strong to me. However Princess, I feat your Father is quite taken with him," Impa replied, looking worried.

"Unfortunately," Zelda muttered darkly.

"All you have to do is marry someone else first," Impa said.

"Like who?" Zelda asked. Impa suddenly smiled.

"The answer to that, my dear Princess, is right in front of you, if only you'll look," she said, getting up. "Now, go and puzzle my suggestion out Princess. Perhaps Link will care to help you. I will study this book some more, then you shall come back up here after supper," Impa said.

    "She's such a matchmaker, isn't she?" Link said, smiling at Zelda as they walked along the passage back to Link's room. "Yes, but you don't possibly think she was referring to you, do you?" Zelda said grinning.

"Well, why not? She knows as well as I do that you and me are meant to be together," Link replied. Zelda looked down shyly.

"I thought you preferred Selina," she said quietly.

"Well, I do like her. But most of it was just to make you jealous, Princess," Link admitted. Zelda sighed.

"I suppose Impa is right. As usual."

"Which means?" Link asked hopefully. "Which means…" Zelda said, leaning forward to kiss him.

"Zelda! Link! What in Hyrule are you two doing?" the King shouted. Zelda spun round, blushing guiltily, Link just stood there looking stunned.

"Father.. I…," Zelda stammered.

"Do you realise it's way past suppertime? We've got guests, remember?" the King said. Zelda and Link both sighed in relief.

"Oh, is that all?" Zelda said sounding relieved.

"Get downstairs at once!" the King ordered.

"Straight away, Your Highness," Link said, beginning to walk down the passage quickly. Zelda followed, wondering if her Father had seen what they were about to do. Did I go slightly crazy for a minute there? she wondered. I mean, I was going to kiss him! Why would I want to do that? Zelda thought. Because you wanted to, another voice told her. She smiled to herself. Impa knows best anyway. I'm going to take her word on this, she decided. No Kain, no Nick, no anyone he insists on picking for me. I'll choose myself.

    Selina was beginning to feel worried. She fingered her Communion necklace, turning it over in her hands. The man Aramis had met had been a Communion member – she'd seen his necklace after all. Although she knew the Communion wanted the Royal Family out of control, surely murder was going a little too far? I have to tell Link, she decided. After supper, she caught him as he walked up the stairs. "Link! I need to tell you something," she said.

"What's up Selina? You'll have to be quick, because I'm on my way to see Impa," he said.

"Well, I, er… I didn't exactly tell the truth about Aramis," Selina admitted, blushing.

"How do you mean?" Link asked. Selina poured out the story of how she and Zelda had seen Aramis meet with a strange man wearing a Communion necklace.

"He said something about Aramis having a task to do," Selina said.

"Something about killing someone. It could have been anybody and then Aramis mentioned Zelda, and well, we think he meant you," Selina continued. Link looked surprised.

"Some Communion member asked Aramis to kill me and Zelda?" he asked slowly.

"I'm afraid so. He denied it of course, and then we got attacked by some darknuts. As I tried to help Zelda, a whole lot of them attacked him. There was nothing I could do," she said sadly, tears shining in her eyes.

"Hey, I believe you. Come here," Link said, hugging Selina. So Drake is right! The Communion are out to get us! If it is true, then Kain really could be behind this magic crisis!, Link thought to himself.

"So, you don't think I did something lousy?" Selina implored. "Like you said, Selina, there was nothing you could do, especially with you being weapon-less. Besides, if it is true about Aramis and that Communion member plotting against me and the Princess, perhaps it's a good thing," Link replied.

"You won't tell anyone, will you?" Selina asked.

"Well, I'll have to tell the Princess, but she'll be okay over it," Link answered.

"Well… okay. Thanks Link," Selina said.

"Anytime. But I gotta go and see Impa now," Link replied smiling.

"Uh Link, one more thing," Selina said quickly.

"Sure, okay," Link said waiting.

"Well, I really like you, and I know that you don't have a girlfriend, so I was thinking… " Selina said, smiling winningly.

"Oh well… this is a surprise," Link said smiling back.

"So, is that a yes?" Selina inquired. Link fiddled with his sword hilt, wondering what to do. He definitely liked Selina, but then there'd been that moment with Zelda before the King had interrupted them. He had a feeling that, knowing Zelda, she would pretend it had never happened, as usual. Then again, she might not. But if she did, he would be passing over a great opportunity. He smiled reassuringly at Selina.

"I'm flattered that you've asked me, but could I give you my answer tomorrow?" Selina looked slightly disappointed.

"Well, yes, okay," she said.

    "Hello again," said Impa when Link walked into her chamber.

"Where's the Princess?" Link asked.

"Well, the poor girl said she didn't feel too well, but personally, I think she's upset over an argument she had with her father after supper," Impa confided. "Oh, what about?" Link asked. "Well, I think its something to do with her having to marry that Kain, but she refuses to accept it, and her Father isn't very happy at all," Impa replied.

"Perhaps if I said something to the King about Kain not being a good idea," Link began. Impa nodded.

"That's a good idea. I think the man is coming to visit tomorrow. You must verify my suspicions," Impa replied.

"I'll do my best," Link said.

"Yes, but verification of my ideas is not enough. I have a feeling the man has somehow brainwashed the King. You must somehow get proof," Impa explained seriously. Link nodded.

"Okay. Some of our friends are going to help."

"Yes. Good. We need as many people's backings as possible. Now, you must see the King tomorrow, and meet Kain as well," Impa replied.

    The next morning, Link nervously knocked on the door to the King's study. "Come on in," the King said. Link pushed open the door and closed it quietly behind him. "Ah Link! A pleasure to see you boy. Now, what can I do for you?" the King said jovially.

"Well, er, I've come to see you about the Princess," Link began.

"Really? That daughter of mine is being frightfully stubborn at the moment. Can you help?" the King asked.

"Well, I… she can't marry Kain, Your Highness," Link suddenly blurted out.

"What? Why in Hyrule not?" the King asked in surprise.

"Well, er, she's in love with someone else. It'd really make her unhappy if she couldn't marry them," Link lied.

"Really. Well then, who is this person?" the King inquired.

"Erm…" Link realised he'd suddenly dug himself into a deep hole. Zelda would not be at all happy with him.

"Come on, tell me. I'm curious," the King said impatiently.

"Uh, well, as a matter of fact, that person is… me," Link said, not daring to look the King in the eye.

"You?!" the King said, sounding shocked.

"Well, uh, yeah, Your Highness," Link answered.

"Link, you are held very special to this family, and in other circumstances, I would be delighted. But, I am afraid that it is not possible for you to continue with your relationship together. I have decided that she will marry Kain, before the year is out. It is the only way to prevent a revolt," the King said sadly. Link looked up at the King.

"Your Highness, you know the Hylians will stand by you at any cost. And as for the humans, well, I'm sure they'll see sense eventually."

"Link, I'm afraid you're not seeing it from my point of view. Eventually, even you will see it is for the best, my boy," the King said.

"But Your Highness. Me and the Princess, and even Impa, well there's something about Kain that…." Link's words were cut off by a guard rushing into the study.

"Your Royal Highness! Kain is here and he's brought the most marvellous news!" the guard said excitedly.

"Really? That's most wonderful. I shall go down and greet him at once," the King said, getting up and leaving Link standing there, not knowing what to do.

    Kain greeted the King with a friendly smile and a hand shake. "Your highness, I do not want us to bear any bad feelings against each other after I attempted to 'overthrow' you as some might say," started Kain putting his hands behind his back and bowing his head. "Anyway, before anything else, I have to admit I am the one behind the magic crisis that you will have no doubt noticed in more recent days," announced Kain. There were a few gasps and Zelda stood up.

"I knew it!" she yelled at Kain. "Guards, arrest this man at once, he's been plotting against my father ever since he started up the Communion. Why, I was nearly murdered by one of his members who was told by another member whilst I stayed in Valour Hold," said Zelda pointing accusingly towards Kain. "Have him arrested for treason, and take him down to the dungeon!" she ordered. Smiling to himself Kain raised his hand as the guards approached him.

"Princess Zelda, I can understand your concern but please, let me finish," said Kain soothingly. The guards looked to the King and he nodded to them.

"Allow Kain to finish," he told them.

"What?!" yelled Zelda and before she went on Link took her hand and tried to calm her down. She eventually sat down and Kain continued.

"It was I that cast the Divilation spell, but it was indeed necessary to retrieve this," said Kain taking something from one of his helpers, it was covered in a grey cloth.

"Behold, something that the over world has not witnessed for quite some time," he went on. Pulling of the cloth everyone gasped. It was the Triforce of Power and Kain was right, not many had seen it for quite some time. Kneeling before the King, Kain handed the Triforce over to the King. "Your Highness, it is with great pleasure that I can return the Triforce of Power to it's rightful owner," announced Kain standing before the King. The King stood also, astonished.

"What can I say, how can I ever repay you?" asked the King, still in shock.

"Why sir, do you think I did this to be re-paid as an individual? Please rid the Kingdom of Ganon and his minions and then begin on repairing what damage they have done. With the second Triforce of two, there's no need to sit back and hope for good things to happen and stay like that permanently, you can make good things happen and make them stay that way," replied Kain smiling.

"Indeed, you are quite correct!" the King exclaimed. "Everybody, I hereby do declare Kain, as North Castle's new Chief Advisor! I also wish you all to know that he shall wed my daughter very soon! Let's have a feast to commemorate this historic moment!"

"I don't believe this!" Zelda whispered to Link angrily.

"Don't worry Princess. We'll get you out of this somehow," Link whispered back .

"Let's a hail to Kain, Hyrule's finest hero and future king!" the King proclaimed. There were several cheers from the crowd.

"Hey, what about me?" Link said to Zelda, getting ready to stand up. Zelda pulled him down.

"Don't. Besides, Kain is a cheat. He probably couldn't use a sword to save his life," she said soothingly.

"Yeah well, talk about unfair," Link muttered jealously.

"I agree," Zelda said, looking worried.

    "Come out here, Princess," Link said, walking out of the noisy Great Hall and into a side passage. Nearly half the Kingdom had turned up to the celebration feast, just barely fitting into both the Banquet Hall and the Great Hall.

"I suppose its all too late now," Zelda complained.

"Yeah, since he's managed to get hold of that Triforce, he's suddenly wonderful," Link answered.

"Oh Link, don't dwell on it. I still think you're a better hero than him," Zelda said soothingly.

"Your Father doesn't. Before you know it, the King will offer Kain the position as Triforce Protector, and I'll be out of a job ," Link replied bitterly.

"No, he can't do that. The Triforce of Wisdom belongs to me, remember? I can choose who I want to look after it. And I choose you," Zelda said.

"Thanks Princess. It's nice to know that some people still appreciate my skills," Link answered, smiling slightly.

"That may solve your problem, but what about mine?" Zelda said.

"Well… even if you did marry him, you wouldn't exactly have to act like his wife," Link said slowly.

"Have an affair with someone else? Link are you crazy?" Zelda answered, smiling.

"When it comes to you, maybe slightly," he grinned.

"Kiss me," Zelda said suddenly.

"Uh, am I hearing right?" Link said in surprise.

"Link…" Zelda warned.

"Okay, okay, Princess," Link replied, taking her into his arms and kissing her. Zelda sighed in pleasure and kissed him back..

    "Oh yes. You won't be able to do that soon, so I suppose you might as well enjoy your freedom," came a voice. Link and Zelda turned to see Kain standing in the passageway, smiling smugly.

"Enjoy my freedom?" Zelda questioned sarcastically.

"Well yes. You will be marrying me shortly, Princess," Kain answered.

"The day I marry you, will be the day Ganon takes over Hyrule!" Zelda retorted angrily.

"Hmmm.. Oh dear, seems like I've already prevented that from happening. But you are still going to marry me," Kain replied, complacently. He threw a smug glance at Link.

"Looks like I can completely take your place now, boy."

"Oh really? You're nothing but a cheat Kain. At least I can fight my way through! Oh yeah, and don't call me 'boy'!" Link said in anger. Kain looked unabashed.

"Well I still got the Triforce of Power didn't I? It doesn't matter the way I got it."

"Yeah well, fighting skills are important," Link said.

"Oh yes, I can certainly use a sword too. I just simply don't want to seem like a show-off," Kain answered smoothly.

"Oh yeah? I'll soon show you how good my fighting skills are!" Link exclaimed, drawing his sword.

"Link, no!" Zelda cried, grabbing his arm. Kain simply laughed.

"Really, the two of you ought to calm down a bit. Get used to the idea you'll be seeing me around much more often," he said.

"Not if we can help it," Zelda answered sulkily.

"My dear Princess, you have no choice," Kain replied smiling.

"Why did you come out here anyway?" Zelda suddenly asked.

"Well, your dear Father has given me permission to take a look at the Triforce of Wisdom. I was just on my way there before," Kain explained.

"You'll go in there over my dead body," Link said, drawing his sword again.

"Please Link, don't be difficult. You wouldn't want me to report your little indiscretion to the King, would you?" Kain asked.

"I don't care what you do. But my job is to protect the Triforce of Wisdom from danger and right now, I think it's very much in danger," Link answered.

"Fine. But the King will certainly hear of this," Kain said, walking back to the Great Hall.

    Ganon paced his throne room angrily. He couldn't believe his stupidity. He might have guessed that Enzar would turn on him sooner or later. He was just glad that Enzar's paralysis spell had eventually worn off and he was free to move again. "But what is the use without my magic?!" he shouted.

"Uh, we're sorry Your Evilness," Skoll began.

"You're sorry?" Ganon screeched. "You were the ones who let him get away with my Triforce in the first place!"

"Like wus said, we're sorry," Aspete ventured.

"Goodness knows what he's planning to do now!" the wizard cried angrily. "We are useless without magic, quite useless!" He paced up and down again. "Knowing Enzar, he will try to attack while I am weak. We must simply vanish for a while," Ganon decided.

"Er, where to?" Aspete asked.

"As far away as possible. Come on. We must go now, before he returns to destroy me once and for all. Perhaps I can find a way to restore the magic," Ganon said.

"Dat's a good idea, Your Evilness," Skoll leered.

"Of course it is you moron. Why else would I have suggested it?" Ganon screeched in the Stalfo's face. Skoll backed away.

"Er, right, Master," he said. Ganon laughed.

"Yes Enzar, your plan will undoubtedly fail! I shall see your downfall yet!"

    "Link!" Selina exclaimed. "I've been looking for you all day!" she smiled. Link was sat in his room, keeping a watchful eye over the two Triforces. Zelda had gone to find the rest of the group so that they could have a meeting. Obviously, Selina was the first to arrive.

"Oh sorry. Me and the Princess had a few problems to figure out, that's all," Link said.

"I see…. Well, did you give any thought over what I asked you yesterday?" Selina asked brightly.

"Um, well, yeah, but there's something…"

"Hi folks!" Drake's voice boomed, interrupting Link's words.

"Uh, hi Drake," Link said, feeling slightly relieved. He wasn't sure how he could explain the current circumstances of his love-life to Selina anyway.

"The Princess says there's a meeting about Kain?" he questioned.

"Yes. I'm sure everyone else will be here shortly," Link replied. Damon and Nick arrived a few minutes later, and finally, Aaron and Zelda.

"Okay, looks like we're about ready to begin," Zelda said, sitting down on Link's bed. Link and Aaron sat on either side of her, while Selina sat on a chair and Damon, Drake and Nick sat on a nearby bench. Sprite flew in at the last minute, alighting on Link's shoulder. "Now, no doubt some of you may be thinking that the Communion leader Kain, is extremely wonderful," Zelda began.

"Yes, he does seem that way, but don't any of you think he may have a dangerous motive?" Link questioned. There were several murmurs of agreement.

"For example, only a few weeks ago, he tried to turn my people against my family," Zelda said.

"And when that didn't work, he asked for the Princess's hand in marriage," Link added.

"It seems to us, that he's simply out to gain control of Hyrule," Zelda said.

"What's wrong with that though?" Nick asked. Zelda frowned.

"Everything! My family have been on the throne for centuries, and he's trying to change that."

"The Hylians should remain on the throne," Sprite said pointedly.

"It is true that some people think its time for a change," Selina argued.

"Yes, but the Princess will make a fine ruler one day," Link replied.

"Yes, I agree. By Hyrulian Oath, I vow to stand by you, Princess," Drake promised.

"Me too," said Link.

"And me as well," Aaron added. Zelda smiled.

"It sounds to me that you're simply feeling threatened," Nick interjected.

"Yes well, you don't know the full story against Kain yet," Zelda said sulkily. Link took her hand and squeezed it.

"Don't get upset Princess. Nick's argument is perfectly logical for an outsider," he said. He turned to Selina.

"I believe you have something to tell us. About Aramis," Link asked. Selina looked surprised by his request, but she realised that it was probably a good idea to inform everyone else of the plot she and Zelda had discovered.

    "Me and Zelda decided to find out where Aramis was disappearing to every night. We saw him meet up with a Communion member," Selina said nervously. Everybody remained silent, and she continued. "We overheard him and the man plotting to kill Link and the Princess, but when we saw him later, he totally denied it," Selina said. There were a few gasps of surprise. "We were shocked too, especially me, because I've known Aramis so long. In fact, he only started to act weird when he began to use that Moruge Bane Essence. I'm sure that stuff has bad side effects," Selina said. Zelda nodded.

"Yes, remember when those guards attacked us? My father told me that when they sent the bodies back to West Hyrule, they discovered glass vials of the Essence on several of the men. Perhaps you're right Selina," Zelda replied.

"Anything from Moruge Swamp has got to be bad," Sprite said. Everybody looked round at each other.

"Does anyone else here use it?" Link finally asked.

"Nah, never touched the stuff," Drake said. Damon shook his head, as did Nick.

"And I know you don't Aaron, and I don't think you girls would, so that makes us all clear," Link said in relief.

"It was just then that the darknuts attacked us. As I helped Zelda, a whole lot attacked Aramis. Like I told Link, I was weapon-less and couldn't help," Selina said, beginning to cry again. "I miss him so much," she sobbed. Damon handed her a handkerchief.

"Earlier tonight, me and the Princess were, erm, just talking in the corridor, when Kain appeared," Link started.

"Yes. He basically told me 'to enjoy my freedom while it lasted' and said that he'd be taking Link's place and was just really nasty to us," Zelda said.

"He claimed he wanted to 'see' the Triforce and when I said no, he just laughed and said he was going to tell the King," Link added.

"He was too smug for words," Zelda said, looking unhappy.

"He's climbing up the ladder, so that one day, he'll get full control. And he will, if he gets to marry the Princess," Link said, looking across at Zelda.

"Except I told him it wouldn't happen," Zelda said.

"You people certainly have a point. Me, I just know that there's a lot more going on behind closed doors with that Kain, than others realise," Drake put in. Zelda smiled at Drake.

"I'm with you on this," Aaron said.

"Good lad," Drake praised. Selina looked at her Communion necklace, then yanked it from around her neck, breaking the chain.

"Me too. I'm now unofficially an ex-Communion member!" Selina said, throwing the necklace out of the window.

"I pledge myself into your service, Princess," Nick offered.

"Me as well. I agree with Drake," Damon said.

"And you know I'm with you all!" Sprite cried.

"Good. Me and the Princess will make some investigation plans tonight, and we'll meet up sometime soon," Link said. Everybody began to get up. "I'd love to stay and help, but I'm tired," said Sprite.

"Yeah Sprite. You go to sleep now," Link encouraged, turning to smile at Zelda. But she only gave him a worried look in return.

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