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The Dark Empowerment

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 7

      "But Father…" whined Zelda, perching on her father's desk.

"Zelda, you will marry Kain whether you like it or not. He has already proved that he has fine leadership skills, and although he is not Hylian he has superior intelligence to most other suitable suitors. He cast a spell that would probably even destroy you or Ganon, and I'm sorry, but he will be an excellent ruler, no doubt about it," replied her father attempting to complete some kind of document. Zelda's expression lit up.

"Well what about Nick? You said yourself he was an ideal suitor, and with him coming from another land we'd be able to double Hyrule's resources."

"No Zelda, you will marry Kain whether it is your wish or not. I will not allow you to marry anyone else. He is the only man in the world that is fit to take the throne," said the King, getting a little annoyed. Zelda folded her arms and began to sulk.

"But father, he's a least 15 years older than me!" she cried sliding off the desk.

"And? I was 12 years older than your mother," said her father.

"So! I bet you got to choose in any case. And if you even think that I'm going to make a future heir to the throne with HIM, then you've got another thing coming. I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole," said Zelda smugly. "So I suppose that means that Hyrule soon won't have a royal family, and it'll be all your fault. Unless of course I, indulge elsewhere," went on Zelda with a voice that could have melted butter. Her father stood up and was about to speak but Zelda cut in. "In any case since I'm the one with royal lineage, you or Kain won't be able to do anything about it. But things will never get to that, because I'm not marrying Kain, whether you like it or not. In fact, I'd rather give Ganon the Triforce of Power back rather than marry Kain," finished Zelda, flipping her hair

. "My dear, spoilt, daughter. If you did that I'd have to have you arrested. Also if you did create a little heir for the kingdom by other means than by Kain, who is after all respected by many, it wouldn't make you the most popular ruler in the history of Hyrule," added the King.

"For your information father, if Kain had been oh so popular, why weren't we kicked out of here, just a few weeks ago? And as the future ruler of Hyrule, I'll marry who I want, when I want. In fact when I marry, I'll be in power and you'll have no say over it what so ever. If mother had been here, she would've let me marry someone who I wanted to marry. But oh no, you have to insist that I get married as soon as possible. Why can't you let me marry who I want?" asked Zelda.

"Well if you're talking about Link…."

"Link!? Are you crazy? I, I mean I like Link but I don't think I could marry him," interrupted Zelda feeling flustered. Laughing nervously, she asked, "What ever made you think I'd want to marry Link anyway?"

"Oh it's just he came to me yesterday morning and told me that you two were very much in love," said the King. It was his turn to be smug.

"He what?! I'm going to kill him!" yelled Zelda storming out of her father's study. Smiling to himself the King continued with his work.

    "Link! How dare you be so presumptuous with me!" Zelda yelled as she walked out the courtyard where he was busy training Aaron. Aaron pretended not to notice and carried on with his archery. Link walked over to where Zelda was stood fuming.

"Uh, presumptuous, Princess? About what?" he asked dumbly.

"You know fine well what I'm talking about!" Zelda replied angrily.

"Well no, but if you'd care to elaborate…" Link began.

"You're almost as bad as Kain! What makes you think you can go up to my father and tell him we're in love with each other??" Zelda protested.

"Oh… that…" Link said, looking guilty.

"Well? Why did you tell him that?" the Princess demanded.

"Really Princess, I was just trying to help out. I er, said you shouldn't marry Kain, and well he wanted a reason, and that was the first thing that came into my head. I'm really sorry Princess," Link explained. Zelda stood there quietly, still not looking happy. "I wasn't even trying to be presumptuous with you. I was just trying to help. Besides, remember, you did ask me to speak with your Father anyway," Link added hopefully. Zelda fiddled with her kingdom ring, looking slightly uncomfortable.

"I suppose you're right," she said quietly. "But it still doesn't give you any right to say things that aren't true!" she added.

"Not true? Oh please Princess. What was that kiss all about yesterday night then?" Link asked.

"Um, well…." Zelda began.

"Y'know Zel, if you're just gonna keep doing this, I think I'll just give up and pursue a relationship with someone else," he said suggestively. Zelda frowned.

"You can't do that!" she protested.

"Watch me," Link replied. Zelda folded her arms.


"Okay. In fact, I think I'll go tell Selina the good news right now," Link replied, beginning to walk towards the doorway back into the castle.

"No Link, wait up a moment!" Zelda said, rushing up to him. Link sighed in exasperation.

"What now?"

"You're right. I did enjoy that kiss," Zelda admitted. Link smiled slightly.

"I thought so. But I don't think I can trust you to make your mind up once and for all, not yet anyway," Link said, beginning to walk off again.

"Link! Don't you even dare walk away!" Zelda ordered. Link stopped.

"Okay Princess, you win. But if you really do like me, you have to promise to give me a definite answer soon. I know, you have to come to my room in the middle of the night and kiss me, if the answer's yes," Link suggested, grinning.

"No! I can't do that!" Zelda protested.

"Your choice Princess," Link said. "Now, I'm going to keep a check on Aaron. See you later," he said, walking back over to his apprentice.

    "Honestly Sprite. Why am I here?" Link moaned, throwing his sword into the air and catching it.

"Because you're the Triforce Protector, silly," Sprite laughed.

"But for how long?" he said, walking over and looking at both Triforces. They were still dim, since Kain hadn't restored the magic yet. His idea was that they could attack Ganon while his power was weak. "Kain is so wonderful. Kain is so marvellous," he said scornfully. He rubbed the Triforce of Wisdom with a rag, cleaning it's surface. "Y'know, if it wasn't for the Princess. I would never have taken on the job," he said to himself. "But even she's being a disappointment," he continued.

"Don't worry about her. She's too stuck up and spoilt rotten," Sprite said, flying about.

"But she's beautiful! And she's a Princess," Link argued back.

"I'm a Princess, remember? Why don't you marry me instead?" Sprite suggested.

"Um, well, you're a faerie," Link said. Sprite tossed faerie dust at Link in disgust.

"So? I'm a whole lot nicer than Zelda, you must admit. I'm not horrible to you, like she is."

"Sprite, if you were my size, I'm sure I would marry you. But you're just too small," Link said, pretending to be sad.

"Hmmph!" Sprite said, folding her arms. "I was going to offer to help you out over Kain, but I don't think I'm going to now," she said sulkily.

"Aww Sprite. You're acting like the Princess now," Link joked.

"Oh, fine. I will help you then," Sprite said. She flew up close to Link and smiled.

"Me and some other faeries went to Kain's house yesterday. It's in Mido, behind the Communion Hall. We couldn't get inside at all, it's all protected with magical locks," Sprite explained. "We think he might be hiding something in there. Why not use normal locks? He used magical ones so no-one could possibly get inside. But, I think I might know of a way to destroy them," Sprite said.

"Yeah? How?" Link asked, interested. Sprite put a finger to her lips.

"I can't say yet. But somehow, we've got to go there when no-one else is about," she said. Link nodded.

"You're right. Could you get some of your faerie friends to keep a watch?" Sprite smiled.

"Sure," she said, planting a tiny kiss on his head. "I'll go and see now," she said, flying outside.

    Angrily, Enzar prowled around Ganon's domain. "The coward has vanished," he said to himself. "But then, isn't that just like you Ganon?" he laughed. Enzar had been hoping to get the King to send an army to destroy Ganon while his magical powers were limited, but he had disappeared, taking most of his best monsters with him. Enzar had no idea to start looking for the wizard. Then he smiled. "Well, I still have both the Triforces. Why should it matter if I restore the magic and you get your powers back? You are no match for me!" Enzar removed the small crystal ball from under his robes where the celestial wave where captured. Laughing, he smashed the ball onto the ground, watching as the celestial waves drifted away. "Come out, come out , wherever you are!" he taunted in the darkness.


    Zelda looked through the curtains from her tower window. The moon had disappeared, so Zelda decided that it had to be past midnight by now. She grabbed a night-gown, then ran all the way down to the bottom of Northeast tower. She cut through the Banquet Hall and into the back passage, where there was a doorway that led into East Tower, where Link's room was. So far, so good, Zelda thought, glad she hadn't encountered anyone. She walked all the way to the top of the tower and pushed open the doorway at the top. Link looked up as she walked in. "Hello Princess," he said, grinning. Zelda frowned.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she muttered.

"Well, looks like you're here now," Link answered. Zelda stood there, shifting her weight from one foot to another.

"Okay, I did like kissing you, but you already knew that," Zelda began.

"Okay, yes. That means we're getting somewhere," Link replied. Zelda smiled slightly, but didn't say anything. "You know exactly how I feel about you, Zel. I think it's your turn to tell me," Link replied, moving closer to her.

"Well, I don't know what to say," Zelda replied.

"You're still doubtful, aren't you?" Link said. He turned away, towards the window. Zelda came up behind him and placed her arms around his shoulders. Surprised, Link turned round to face her.

"If my Father finds out…" she started.

"He's not here," Link replied, leaning in to kiss her. Zelda suddenly pushed him away.

" Finally!" she exclaimed, rushing over to the two Triforces. They had lit up and were levitating.

"Why does something always have to happen?" Link moaned to himself, but feeling glad that magic was obviously getting back to normal. Zelda picked up the Triforce of Power, but nearly dropped it, it was so heavy.

"Looks like it's not got used to idea of me being the new owner yet," Zelda said, putting it back down. She picked up the Triforce of Wisdom. It still felt as light as ever in her hands.

"Well, at least Kain had been kind enough to restore the magic," Link said. Zelda nodded.

"That'll make him look even better," she said, looking angry. Link sat down on the bed.

"Forget about him Princess. For now at least," he said. Zelda sat down next to him.

"I think I may hate him more than Ganon!" she exclaimed.

"We're not here to talk about them," Link replied, placing his arms around her.

"Link.." Zelda protested weakly. Link took his chance and kissed her squarely on the lips before anything else could happen.

    As they began their second kiss however, lots of smoke suddenly appeared, with Ganon standing in the middle. "Hahaha! Don't let me interrupt you. I'm only here to take back what is rightfully mine!" Ganon cackled gleefully.

"Link! Do something!" Zelda yelled.

"I'm trying Princess," Link said, fumbling underneath the bed, looking for his sword. Ganon laughed, and walked over to the two Triforces.

"Looks like to you were too busy to cast a magic protection field on this tower!" Ganon screeched. Zelda picked up a heavy book by Link's bed and tossed it in Ganon's direction. Ganon teleported to the other side of the room, avoiding it. As Link found his sword, Zelda had already run over to where the Triforce's were. She picked up the Triforce of Wisdom, holding it out before her. Link was by her side in a trice. "Fools!" Ganon screamed, shooting a bolt of magic from his fingertips towards Link. Link dodged the bolt, then shot magic from his sword at Ganon. Ganon shrieked as the magic hit him in the side. "I shall destroy you, Link!" he exclaimed, clicking his fingers. Several octoroks appeared on the floor.

"Oh no…" Link groaned.

"I'll deal with them," Zelda whispered. Link turned his attention back to Ganon.

"Alright Ganon, you're going to be sorry that you dared to show your ugly face in here!" Link shouted, diving towards the magician his sword thrust out. Ganon clicked his fingers and teleported away, and Link landed flat on the floor. "Oww," he groaned, attempting to get up before Ganon moved in for the attack. Zelda was using the Triforce to successfully dispose of the Octoroks but Ganon was nowhere to be seen. Link looked all around him, waiting for the wizard to reappear. Suddenly, he spotted him appear behind Zelda.

"Princess!" Link warned. Zelda was quick to react, turning the Triforce's power onto Ganon who began to screech again. Link swiped his blade through the remaining octoroks, which disappeared as soon as the blade skewered them.

"I'll get you two someday!" Ganon vowed, before teleporting away.

    Link collapsed onto his bed in relief. "That was close," he exclaimed. Zelda didn't look too happy.

"That was all your fault!" she fumed.

"My fault?" Link said incredulously .

"You made me forget to cast a protection field over the tower! It's the first thing we should have done!" Zelda cried.

"No Princess. You just forgot on your own accord," Link replied, grinning. Zelda frowned.

"I should have known Ganon would attack as soon as we got the magic back," she complained. She turned to Link. "And you took your time over helping! Some Triforce Protector you are!" she said angrily.

"Princess, that's not fair. It wasn't my fault I couldn't remember where I'd put my sword," Link defended.

"Yeah well, you should know," she retorted tartly.

"Geeze Princess, Ganon wasn't that much trouble. I don't see why you're getting so upset. It could've been a lot worse," Link replied, putting his sword down on the floor. Zelda finished casting a protection spell over the room.

"It almost was," she said.

"Come on Princess, give me some credit. I kinda saved you from Ganon before," Link tried.

"I was perfectly fine," Zelda retorted.

"Well you could at least kiss me for trying," Link said hopefully. Zelda sighed in exasperation.

"Link, I wouldn't kiss you even if… if… if my life depended on it," she said.

"Ouch," Link replied, looking hurt by her remark.

"I completely mean that," Zelda lied.

"Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me," Link said, sulking. The door into the room opened, and the King walked in.

"What in Hyrule was going on up here? I heard shouting," he said, looking from Zelda to Link.

"Well, the magic began to work again, and while me and the Princess were talking about it, Ganon suddenly appeared," Link said.

"What? Ganon?" the King said. He glanced over at the two Triforces. "I see you managed to fight him off then," the King asked.

"Yeah, no problem," Link said.

"Just what exactly are you doing up here at this time of night?" the King suddenly asked Zelda.

"Uh…" Zelda felt herself beginning to blush. "I uh, couldn't sleep, so I, um, came to borrow a book from Link," she lied. The King scratched his beard thoughtfully.

"I see. Well I think it's time that you got that book and went back to your own room," he said.

"Here's that book," said Link, grabbing a book off a shelf at random and handing it to Zelda. She smiled gratefully, and accepted the book.

"Goodnight," she said, walking out down to the steps. The King remained for a moment, looking deep in thought. Finally, he turned to walk out. "Goodnight Link," he said.

"Yes. Goodnight Your Majesty," said Link getting into bed.

    Link span around his sword in his hand and threw it in the air. He deftly caught it and dodged Aaron's thrust. Pacing cautiously in circles, the two men battled it out until one of them was on the ground. "Well, well," began Aaron pointing his sword at Links chest. "Looks like you're getting old Link!" said Aaron sweeping his sword behind him.

"Hey, watch what you're doing!" came a voice from behind Aaron. Aaron turned, immediately apologising. Kain stood before him smiling friendly.

"I see, Link, you may have finally met your match," he said helping Link up.

"Yeah right! I was just going easy on him to give him a boost in his confidence!" joked Link sheathing his sword.

"Link, I've come here to see if you'd mind doing something that would benefit the whole of Hyrule," started Kain.

"Yeah sure, what is it?" asked Link dusting himself off.

"After a quite short discussion, me and the King have decided that we would like you to be in charge of a small army of men in the destruction of Ganon and his minions. If you accept, you will leave in two days. If you wish you can make recommendations of who should be in the army and by the looks of things, this young man here should be one of them," said Kain smiling at the two. Link, who was quite taken aback by this sat down on the ground.

"Well I'm honoured to have been asked, but well, don't you think I'm a bit young?" asked Link.

"On the contrary sir, you are younger, fitter, stronger and an excellent leader compared to most seasoned army veterans. Let's not forget, it was you who bore the kingdom's symbol on your hand at sixteen, indicating you are indeed, the true hero of Hyrule," replied Kain stroking his beard thoughtfully.

"Well, could I have some time to think about it?" asked Link standing back up.

"Of course, of course," said Kain reassuringly.

"I'll inform you and the King of my decision tonight," said Link smiling.

"Well, I'll be awaiting your decision. Remember Link there is no one more capable than you are, and would be considerably hard to find a worthy replacement," said Kain as he began to walk away.

    Zelda stared at herself in the mirror. Her long golden hair was perfect and the pale pink silk dress was a flattering fit. She tried to smile, but could only look unhappier still. Tonight there was a celebration at North Castle, to herald her official engagement to Kain. Even worse, the next morning, Link, Aaron and several others were leaving to seek Ganon. Zelda had wanted to go, but her Father had strictly forbidden it. "You're supposed to be a lady after all," he'd lectured. Even Link hadn't been as sympathetic as usual. Then she'd spotted him looking pretty cosy with Selina. She'd watched them come back from a ride together, earlier that afternoon. Zelda supposed she'd brought it on herself. While she found it harder to reveal her feelings, Link tended to be completely open about his. From the day they'd met, he'd made it no secret that he was in love with her. And that had been over six years ago. Looking back into the mirror, her green eyes shone with tears. Tonight laid out her future once and for all and she couldn't prevent it from happening. After tonight, the whole of Hyrule would be sure of it's future king. She wished that she could walk up to Link, beg him not to go after Ganon, and tell him that she loved him. He certainly was her best friend, but ever since Kain had praised him and told to him to take army to destroy Ganon, he'd not spoken to her in two days. Just three nights ago, they'd been kissing each other, but he'd never acknowledged the fact since. And she longed for them to do it again. The very thought of doing the same with Kain made her recoil in hatred. She wiped a falling tear away from her cheek and sighed. She couldn't go down there tonight, and face all those people. She walked out onto her small balcony. The cool, crisp air made her shiver, and the stars were already starting to come out, twinkling brightly. As she looked down over the rail, she realised just exactly how big the drop was. If she were to jump over, she would surely drown in the castle moat, or hit the ground so hard she would kill herself. But she would never have the courage to try it. Link's room in East Tower had a balcony which almost faced hers. Zelda knew why he'd picked that particular tower. She smiled, remembering the time he'd attempted to swing across from his balcony to hers, in an effort to impress her. They'd been about 15 then. Of course, it hadn't worked, he'd almost missed but then ended up sprawled on the floor of her balcony.

    Alright, so she couldn't kill herself, but she could make herself noticeably absent from the feast. She would take Moonmist out for a long ride. She ran down the steps to the ground floor, then cut along the middle passage to the Armoury, thus avoiding the Banquet Hall and the Great Hall. Once in the Armoury, she left the castle through the West Tower doorway. No-one was out in the courtyard and Zelda made her way to the stables without being spotted. The warm barn was lit with a lantern. Zelda walked up to her horse, patting her affectionately. Link's horse Carefree whinnied, wanting to be petted too. Zelda turned to the bay stallion, stroking him on the nose. She realised that she should have got changed into something more practical. Trying to ride in a dress wasn't something she attempted often. Luckily, the dress was a fairly loose fit around the bottom, so Zelda decided that it would be okay. She fed some oats to Carefree, apologetically telling him that he couldn't come with them. The horse crunched up the oats then neighed and stamped his front left hoof when Zelda placed the saddle on Moonmist's back. Zelda found herself smiling. "I'm sorry boy, but the only way you'll get a ride is if Link comes," she told the stallion.

"Princess?" came Link's surprised voice.


He stepped into the stables before Zelda had time to hide. "What are you doing here?" she said.

"Looking for you. Your Father's really angry that you haven't gone to the Banquet Hall yet," Link replied.

"Well, I'm not going. I'm going out," Zelda replied sulkily, turning her attention back to her grey mare.

"Princess, you can't do that!" Link protested.

"Stop me," Zelda replied, putting Moonmist's bridle on.

"Princess, everyone expects you to be there!" Link exclaimed.

"Well they're gonna be disappointed then," Zelda said.

"Y'know Princess, I think we were wrong about Kain after all. After having all these meetings with him and your Father, he doesn't seem half so bad anymore. Perhaps we were mistaken," Link said. Zelda stared at Link incredulously.

"So he's turning you against me now!" she said angrily.

"No Princess, he isn't," Link protested.

"Link, you're wrong if you think you can go and destroy Ganon just like that," Zelda began.

"Look Princess, I know you're disappointed that you can't come, and I admit, I'll miss having you there to help, but don't say things like that," Link cut in. Zelda folded her arms.

"What's got into you Link?" she asked.

"Well, nothing. Why do you ask?" Link said, looking puzzled.

"Well first of all, you're going on that Kain is all wonderful. Then secondly, you've been avoiding me for the last two days," Zelda said, looking upset.

"I didn't mean to. But I was busy doing strategy meetings," Link explained.

"Oh, so how come you found time to take Selina out riding then?" Zelda accused. Link looked guilty at her remark.

"Uh, I'm sorry Princess. But I didn't think you were too happy with me after what happened with Ganon the other night," he replied.

"I'm not mad now," Zelda replied. She smiled at him imploringly. "Please Link. You have to help me get out of this situation. I can't possibly marry Kain," she said, walking up to him and hugging him.

"Princess, if we continue like this, I'll probably be committing a felony against the Crown," Link protested. But he still held her briefly, before stepping away.

"Nobody has to know… for now anyway," Zelda answered.

"But you don't understand Zel. Your Father gave me strict orders to keep away from you. I can't do this," Link admitted. Zelda looked surprised.

"He said what?"

"He suspects that there's something going on with us behind his back. He told me if I continued to do this, he'd have to reassign me elsewhere," Link added. Zelda twirled a strand of her hair, looking worried. "The thing with Selina… it was just so your Father would think I was obeying his order. But all the time, I never stopped thinking of you…." Link confessed. "Not then, not now, not ever," he added, pulling her back into his arms and kissing her passionately.

    "What are we going to do?" Zelda asked a few seconds later.

"I don't know Zel. If I had an idea, I'd tell you it," Link said, kissing her again.

"We have to tell my Father. Together," Zelda said, sighing at the thought.

"I'm not supposed to be near you," Link replied sadly.

"That is quite correct," said the King, walking inside the stable, along with Kain and several other people. "How dare the both of you do this? Tonight of all nights?" he added, glaring at Zelda.

"Father, we can explain. This isn't the way it looks," Zelda said weakly.

"My dear, I was stood outside and heard every word the two of you said to each other. This is exactly as the way it looks," the King replied. Link looked down, feeling ashamed, while Zelda sulked. "It looks like I'm going to have to take some drastic action against the two of you," the King said sadly.

"No Your Highness, wait. I'm sure they've both realised their mistake," Kain cut in.

"Are you sure?" the King asked. Kain nodded.

"Besides, Link leaves with your army tomorrow. That will give me and Zelda plenty of time alone. I'm sure she'll like me once she spends some time with me," Kain said reasonably.

"If you even think I'm going to spend one second of my time with you Kain, then you're very mistaken!" Zelda said angrily.

"Really Zelda, you could at least give me a chance," Kain said, smiling at her.

"That's 'Princess' Zelda, to you Kain," Zelda answered tartly.

"Zelda, apologise to Kain at once!" he Father demanded.

"Make me," Zelda replied.

"My dear, what if I to turn that inherited Triforce over to someone else?" the King suggested. Zelda looked surprised by his threat.

"You can't revoke my inheritance!" she exclaimed.

"Zelda, I wish to die a happy man. But I fear you may prevent that. You're the most wayward Princess this family has ever known. Why can't you settle down?" the King said wearily.

"Well perhaps if you let me have my own way…" Zelda began.

"But that is the root of the problem, my dear child! I have let you have your own way for far too long and now you insist on disobeying me constantly," the King interrupted.

"I'm not a little girl anymore Father. I think I'm old enough to make my own decisions," Zelda replied.

"But you make decisions that will only be benefit yourself, not the Kingdom," the King answered seriously.

"Why Kain? Why not Link? Everybody likes Link," Zelda argued. "Well, you're right my dear. But everyone also likes Kain," the King said. Link found himself becoming slightly offended that Kain was being held in higher esteem.

"Yeah, alright he managed to get back the Triforce of Power, but remember I did almost exactly the same thing about six years ago when I retrieved the Triforce of Wisdom. And I was pretty young at the time. What makes him more eligible to marry your daughter? " Link asked. Zelda smiled at him encouragingly.

"Link my dear boy, Hyrule is extremely proud of you, that is true. I'm afraid to say though, that you have the same insouciant spirit as my daughter and therefore would not be a sensible choice as ruler. Zelda needs someone who will cancel out her attitude," the King replied. Zelda looked angry, as did Link by the King's words.

"I just can't believe you said that!" Zelda cried. Link threw his sword down on the floor.

"As from now, I resign from being Triforce Protector," he exclaimed. "Come on Carefree," he said, climbing onto the horse's back.

"Link, where are you going?" Zelda asked.

"Someplace where I'll be better appreciated," he answered.

"Wait, I'm coming with you," Zelda said, jumping onto Moonmist.

"You two come back here at once!" the King shouted after the retreating horses.

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