The Binding Force of Link

By Christian Warrior

Part I

      Link had returned from battle, once more victorius, a battle with a group of weak moblins attepting to break through the boudaries of Hyrule. Unhurt and uncut he made his way back into the castle of Hyrule. Across the draw bridge, through the great halls of Hyrule, and finally back to his bedroom. There, waiting for him was Zelda, his fiancee.

      "Hello Link, how are you?" she asked rising from her studies.

      "Disappointed, I had thought there would be a better fight with the moblins," he said while em-bracing her.

      "You fought moblins today?" Zelda asked bewildered.

      "Yes, actually, I wouldn't call it fighting, more like playing with them so they would die."

      "How many more of them can there be?"

      "From what I can tell every time there is a threat, there always seems to be less and less of them, perhaps it is true that the spirit of Ganondorf was destroyed in that battle in the Golden Land once I had the Triforce. Maybe that is one of the things that we should mention to be put in to our thanking wishes at the banquet tonight."

      "Well, I'm just thankful you decided to come back to us after those sailers rescued you from that horrible island with the fish you were telling me about."

      "How could I resist," he smiled, "after I had heard your father would grant the 'Hero of Time' his daughter's hand in mariage?" he added before deeply kissing her.

      "I suppose," she said slowly, "that hopefully these next few years will go by quickly before my father chooses to step down and allow us to marry. Perhaps then we can fufill our dreams of becoming the king and queen of Hyrule."

      "Yes, my love..." Link trailed off into other thoughts while stroking Zelda'a long gold hair.

      "Link, I can sense trouble in your eyes, is something the matter?"

      "Well, it's just that when I think about it, I don't know if it would be easy for me to lead Hyrule in the castle and in the battle field at the same time."

      "Link, you know that you won't be in the battlefield anymore, you'll just be giving orders to the Hyrulian army. There's no possible way for you to both fight and lead."

      "Well, yes, I suppose so," he said nodding in agreement.

      "Now come on, the banquet is in a half hour and you know that Father wouldn't want us to be the last to show."

      Link agreed, and quickly went to his private closet to dress. After he had gotton out of his normal elven-like battle clothing which he always wore when going into battle, or anywhere for that matter, Link then walked down the seemingly endless stretches of his wardrobe until he found just the right suit for the occasion: the royal garments which he had been given the day Zelda and he had been engaged. Even though he didn't care for the high class suits that most nobles wore, this was one of the few outfits he loved. Relaxing, and yet at the same time could be worn properly in physical activities.

      After looking himself in the mirror with satisfaction, he walked out to his and Zelda's room to meet her. That's when he saw her in all her beauty. Of all the things Link loved most of becoming a member of the Hyrulian royal family, Zelda was the best. Tonight he saw her in a dress that like any other, showed off her beauty to the greatest extent. Her hair being worn in the family's personally designed bow. Her dress, showing off her stunning figure, and allowing her to walk as elegently as any princess Link had dreamed of back in his childhood days.

      "Well," Zelda said looking over Link, "shall we go, handsome?"

      "Yes, let's," he replied smiling at her in sheer joy.

      They then went arm in arm down to the Grand Hall for the banquet of the Fall Harvest. Never was a previous event bigger. Before this the boundaries of Hyrule and Calatia had been in uneasiness. But now this year the treaty had finally been signed by the neiboring countries' high generals after five years of the kingdoms having rumors of wars aobut. Calatia's general being the country's greatest warrior, Berferide, and Hyrule's general being none other than the Hero of Time, Link. Having this in play, the two generals were the guests of honor. And of course, a dinner of two countries would not be suttle at all. Oh no, for this event, the southern end of the Grand Hall was taken down and extended at least a few hundred feet. Hyrule's finest textile workers were chosen to make the rare silken table cloths, curtains, napkins and enormous rugs featuring showing off the same insigna for both lands, the great and self-explanitory Triforce.

      Since both countries had known of the great tales of the sacred realm, both chose to accept it as their sign. The king of Hyrule had hoped that this would lead to a more unified country side. Though he did not plan to completely join the two kingdoms, though he had hoped that Hyrule would lead the two into peace.

      "Link! Zelda! Come, come!" The king called from across the great hall. Already guests from nearby villages were coming in and the Hall was begining to crowd and yet not even a fraction of the attendents were there.

      "Will this not be the finest feast ever of Hyrule?"

      "Your majesty, I had hoped that something this wonderful would result in signing the treaty at Lake Hylia" Link said bowing to his king.

      "Well, you just wat until tonight, my boy, I've prepared a little something extra special at the end of the feast. Now, I'm certainly not going to spoil the surprise for you two just yet, you'll have to just have to wait and see! Ha ha!" And with these words he walked off to attend to last minute preparations.

      "Now my love, shall we take our seats?"

      "But of course, handsome."

      They then seated themselves at the end of the main table, just a few chairs form the head of the table, where the two kings would sit. The chairs, both made individualy for the two lovers, were more comfortable than most of the couches of the throne room itself.

      Sitting down, Link commented, "I just don't know if I'll ever get used to these luxuries."

      After about twenty minutes, the feast started kicking off. Soon all of the travellers from Calatia had arrived, and both kings were seated side by side. And as along with them, all the members of each royal family, both on opposite sides of the table. Besides the table of the families, there were four other tables. On the north end, there were the attendents to the Hyrulian royal family. Then on the southern end there was the Calatian attendents.

      While most of the servants were busy enjoying this short time of feasting, LInk wass engaged in a rather odd conversation with the nephew to the king of Calatia.

      "Now, as I understand, you were not actually born in Hyrule, but in a forest or something like that?"

      "Well, yes," Link replied trying to tolerate the young snob. "My mother was a Hyrulian running from danger in Hyrule field, and after arriving at the forest, she gave birth to me, and the spirit gaurdian of the wood at the time, the Deku Tree, promised my mother that I would be taken care of."

      "And did you ever find out who your mother was exactly?" the boy asked with a slight hint of cunning.

      "No... as it seemed before I could find out the original tree perished from a curse Ganondorf had placed on it, and then the sprout could only tell me of my mother's arrival at the forest, but not her identity."

      "So then I would suppose that this kingdom of Hyrule has a man who does not know anything of his ancestry preparing to lead the country one day?"

      Containing his sudden anger, Link was able to calm the arguement. "The king chose to give me Zelda's hand because of my expeirience in battle and stagedy, not because of my family's history."

      "Tell me, what exactly is your 'experience' in battle?"

      Upon this comment Zelda herself spoke in on the debate. "If you must know, this man has saved me from the imprisionment of Ganondorf Dragmire, a creature who could have ruled both Hyrule, Calatia, and all other countries in this world had it not been for the man that I will one day call my husband, and who you will call king."

      Before anything else could be said, the king stood up to get the attention of the whole Hall.

      "To my friends, and our new friends, I would like to make an announcement. For those of you who do not know already, my daughter Zelda, the princess of Hyrule, will be married to the well known 'Hero of Time', Link of Hyrule upon my retirement from the royal throne. What you may not know is the exact time of my stepping down. Tonight I would like to announce it infront of all of you, who I am ever so thankful for being here tonight. As of now, both Link and Zelda are eighteen years of age. On Link's twenty-first birthday, I shall crown him king of Hyrule, and then I shall name my daughter his queen. I would like to propose that we prepare another feast such as this one, as long an I have the permission of King Belemare..."

      The king of Calatia stood up to reveal his full height, something that often stunned people, being as tall as the man was. "Your majesty, it would be an honor to have my people back here for such a grand occasion," waiting for the appulse and reaction to end, he went on. "I only wish that I could have some-thing as good to honor you with. But for now, I believe that this would be in order for the current event."

      Motioning toward one of the men seated at the main table, he signaled for the lights to be dimmed. "I would like to introduce all of you to my master historian, Simadora. As most of you know,we Calatians can be credited with our incredible memories. Simadora is the countries finest historian, and also a highly trained illusionist. Tonight he would like to entertain all of you with a story that we have kept to ourselves for several generations, until tonight. And now, Simadora, if you would."

      "Thank you sire," he broke in with a voice deep enough to be felt. "I shall now show you the begining of my story." In saying this a large wall of smoke began floating upward on the far end of the Hall, but large enough to be seen by all. With his words pictures began to apprear on the smoke.

      "You all have heard the great story of the Triforce and its resting place in the Golden Land," with this a scene familar to Link appeared on the billowing wall. "However, there is a legend to the Triforce that not many know, another chapter to the story of the creation that the spirits left behind." Now a new image appeared, an image Link had never seen before. In a temple of what seemed like marble, a single object illuminating the walls. Link thought that it seemed to look as if it could fit perfectly into the empty area of the Triforce he had noted so many times.

      "There is a legend," Simadora continued, "that before the Three Spirits of Creation chose to leave the Triforce behind, they combined their powers to make what may have been the Triforce, except that a part of it was chosen to remain seperated. Some say that the Spirits did this purely because of the power contained within the indestructable mass."

      Turning to the royal table he spoke with a tone that took his voice to a level of striking im-meaditate fear in to the heart of even Link himself. "For a longer time than the founding of Hyrule and Calatia put together, a rumor has been passed down through my ancestory telling of what exactly the miss-ing part of the Triforce can do. What I am about to tell all of you here to celebrate our peace will undoubtedly cause many of you to change the subject of talk tonight, forgive me, for I am but a story teller." Facing to the image of smoke, he focussed all power into intensifying the picture.

      "The Spirits knew that one day someone would need this power, someone would want this power to save themselves from insanity, from becoming an unreachable life form who cannot be brought back from what can be called pure mental chaos. And yet they also knew of the horrible possiblities that a person that is evil in its purest form could eventually come across the Triforce, and use all four of its divisions: Power, Courage, Wisdom, and the final missing link to the incomprehendable magic of the Triforce, something that because it is by itself and not a part of our symbol, it could be called the Uniforce... of Rest.

      Waiting for a reaction, which there was plenty of, the historian gravely continued.

      "I understand that the concept of the Spirits wishing to hide away something that seems simple as Rest can be confusing, but perhaps I can explain. Imagine someone who has for their whole life worked as a farmer, someone who spent all of their years toiling in the fields to raise crops in order to survive, and then suddenly they come across good fortune, and there is no need for them to farm ever again. Think for a moment, what would this person do with their day? One who has made their life a farming one would have to find other ways to fufill the time. But this is all they know, all they want to know, and all they will ever know. They will have never gone a day without striving in the fields. They will not be able to go on longer, and then they will slip into insanity and die. But what if there was a way to make them wish to give up their farming ways? A means of causing all emotional ties to harvesting to simply go away. Why, then they could pursew new interests in life. They would not die in mental limbo. Life would go on, and it would be a glorious time for the ex-farmer.

      "If this can be accomplished, then one would think that the Spirits would place the Uniforce of Rest in the middle of Hyrule for all to see. But then we must take into consideration the dangers of such a power. Pictue if you would another scenerio. Perhaps the evil of Ganondorf Dragmire was threatening the safety of one of our great countries, and all that was stopping him was the wise leadership of the land's king. If the enemy could use the Uniforce of Rest on the king, then the ruler would no longer have the ability to rule, nothing would stand in our enemies way, and all would be doomed.

      "Something that goes with the legend of the Uniforce of Rest is that the holder has the ability to choose what desire to take away. This can only mean that if used in the hands of an evil soul, all of a country's army could be made from soldiers into working slaves. Their instinct to fight would be extin-gushed, but their talent of indurence would remain.

      "As complex as this all seems, there is no doubt that the Spirits of Creation had thought this through for several centuries before coming upon the decision to hide the Uniforce in its rest place where it stays to this day. I only hope everyday that for the safety of both Hyrule and Calatia that the temple of Eternal Rest is never found by one who heart is of evil. Thank you all, and may we come together in peace quickly."

      Finally, after stunning his audience into silence, the bold historian sat at his plate to finish his meal. In an instant, the wall of smoke vanished, and the lights were once again bought back to there level of feasting and dancing.

      "My," Zelda said to Link breaking the silence, "that story was certainly worth the time."

      "Yes, my love."

      "Do you think that there may be some possiblity that any of our men could ever pentrate the temple?"

      Shocked, Link shushed Zelda and rushed her off to a concealed store room. "What do you mean, 'penetrate the temple?'"

      "Link, think about it, if we could get a hold of this, then you could retire from your warrior ways a happy man and still keep the amazing ability you have to lead the army while at the castle and still lead afairs other then military."

      "But, we have no way of even knowing where to begin looking for the Uniforce this man speaks of."

      "Then why don't we just be as bold as Simidora is and simply ask him if he knows?"

      Pondering at the thought, Link replied, "But this man is not of our country, he may not want to share anymore than he already has with us."

      "This is our only alternative, we only have three more years until my father stands down and gives you the crown of Hyrule. You know what Kimidora said was true! There is no way that you'll be able to stop fighting in battle without having some lost memories, you may not be able to lead Hyrule like that. We have to ask this man where the temple of Eteranal Rest is!"

      "Very well my love, I shall go find out where the Uniforce is."

      Before Link could even make his way back to the Hall, Simidora himself appeared in the corridor.


      "Don't waste your time questioning me, Link of Hyrule. Let me get right to the point. After my years of study in history, I have found that I can also understand what will happen in the future. And in this future you will become the king of both Hyrule and what is now called Calatia. The only way that this can happen is if you rule with a strong mind. It is for this reason that out of great sorrow, I shall reveal to you the location of the Uniforce."

      Sighing, he began to help Link understand his future journey. "You obviously know of the Golden Land, well, you will have to go back to them. The Spirits chose to keep the Uniforce in a place where it would be more isolate than even the Triforce. Underneath the pyrmid on which the Triforce now rests, there is a vast series of tunnels and chambers. These will take you to a portal in which you must place the Triforce of Courage. In doing this you will open up the cage in which the Spirits locked the gaurdians for the Uniforce. They will be unlike anything you have ever dreamed of. You will need new weapons to defeat them, for this you will need to carry with you the Triforce of Power. Then the Test will await you after the presence of the gaurdians are felt no more. For this, take your lover with you and let her hold the Triforce of Wisdom, she will aid you in doing this. If there is more after this I do not know of it, my family has never know what lies beyond the Test, only that you will eventually reach the Uniforce of Rest in its doorless temple. How you will reach this I do not know either. If you are successful you will emerge here without any passing of time in this realm, and you will not age while in the Golden Realm. Now I must go, my king has been angered by my conversation with you. May you have good fortune on your quest!"

      After Simidora had left, Link turned back to Zelda to make the gravest decision of his and her life. "Zelda, I know you can do this, open the gate to the Golden Realm."

      "If I die with you, I will die in pure happienes, my Hero of Time."

      Soon she found the strength to break apart the binding threads of space and access the Gateway of Gold. They then, hand in hand, went forth unarmed, dressed for dancing, to conquer the greatest force that one can know of. This force is known as the Binding Force of Link.

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