The Binding Force of Link

By Christian Warrior


[Let it be known that I give all credit of creativity to God Almighty, my one and true idol. ]

      All know of the tale of the great battle between Link and the all evil Ganondorf Dragmire, we all have heard of the several battles fought between the two of them on countless occasions, but what happens when all is defeated, when all of the moblins, ghosts, spirits and temples are destroyed, leaving all that is good? How can one that lived his life fighting possibly stop the battles, the killing, and finally admit that there is nothing to fight but the forces within him that are constantly desiring another battle? There is no way! A soldier can not live his life in peace, only in battle. Once the outside conflict is destroyed, confilcts within will start. This is a story of conquering that force within one's self, and the power of it.