The Binding Force of Link

By Christian Warrior

Part V

Adam knew full well that he would have to guide Link to use the body armour.  Link would have no idea how to use it, but with the proper instructions he could fight an army.

He remembered seeing Link looking at Zelda and nodding as if something had been said between the two of them. The reasoning the Triforce of Wisdom had given Adam made him realize that he now had telepathic powers. Link, he thought concentrating on the Hero of Time, “Listen to me. These men are trained killers, the best my country has to offer. The three of us are protected by the spell I have cast, but if they get past us then they will be able to make their way to Hyrule. You know what the result of that will be. Now, I can tell you how to use the armour against them, but you must obey my every word.”


          * * *


The whole thing was scaring Link. First Zelda had lost the Triforce of Wisdom, then this, “boy” had taken it, the rest of the Guardians were ready to attack, and now Adam was going to aid him in defeating his own brethren.  “Do you understand?” Adam asked once more.

“Yes, wait, can you hear this?”

“Yes, and so can whoever’s in the listening room. A device attached in the helmet hears what you say and sends your voice for others to listen to. So from now on think what you want to say and concentrate your thoughts on me.” “Okay,” Link thought.

“Now, to start off, see how there’s no fear in the eyes of those me?”

“Yes, why is that?”

“They think you have on idea how to use the weapons in the armour. Here’s what I want you to do, raise your arm straight up, good, now speak ‘Fire.’ “

“Fire?” Link said in a confused manner, which only lasted a moment. In saying fire, he had triggered whatever it was that released the magic in the body shell. Link nodded inside the helmet, seeing how the men in front of him began to stir uneasily when he had set it off. He stopped to count them all for a second. There had to be at least fifty of them there. All were clutching onto the strange crossbows that Adam had shot him with.

Incase you were wondering, those weapons are called rifles in my world. Moving right along, I want you to point at all of the men, sweeping your arm across the room so you point to each man at least once.”

Link did as he was told, and sure enough, this started to make the men shake in their bones. They had perhaps seen the looks on the men that attacked him when he first came in. They might realize that he was indeed invincible.

Just then one of the killers Adam described must of decided enough was enough and fired his rifle at Link.

“See, now you have a reason to attack him.”

“I like your tactics!”

Link quickly gave the soldier a shot in the leg using the voice control method. He was really starting to enjoy this.


          * * *


Zelda really wasn’t enjoying this. It was bad enough that she no longer held the Triforce. She felt so different now. Wisdom was gone from her mind, and she had no idea what to do now. If she had the Triforce then absolute logic would help her, but now all she could think to do was stand behind the huge stature of the armour Link now wore and cover her ears to keep from going deaf. This really was starting to become tiresome. Her bones were beginning to ache from all the walking. That frightened her most of all. If she had endured long activities with the Triforce in her hand, and then removed it, all the bad feelings would rush in on her.

Oh, spirits, please don’t let me be shot at like Link was!

Zelda, listen, you don’t have to worry any, I won’t let you get hurt.

“Adam?” she asked looking back at him from across the room. It was only a few feet, but right now with the uniformed men attacking it seemed like miles. “What are you going to do? I mean, how are we going to get the entire bunker out of here?”

“That crate over there contains some devices called restraining fields. They’re used to hold flying objects that come out of the gateway you guys came through. I’m going to hook them up to the front and back doors of this building and have Link fire some missles out of the armour at them. That will be enough power to move them all and get us on to the test. Link knows about the plan already.”

This reassured Zelda a little bit, but then a new concern arose to her. If Adam was going to go with them, then what would happen once they got the Uniforce? Would Adam come back with them to Hyrule? He couldn’t live with them! He wouldn’t be used to the life of royalty, he wouldn’t know how to cope with the social world about him in Hyrule. People would mock him for being an outsider. Zelda remembered


          * * *


“Are you ready?”

“Yes, fire at the rest of them.... NOW!!”

Link yelled out “Fire” as if his life depended on it. It didn’t in all reality, but it was important that he got to the Test. It was almost funny watching the men run away

from him as the built in rifle blasted away at them. He made sure that only their legs were injured. Link nearly caught himself laughing at them limp away when he remembered he had to continuously shout out the command.  “Good, now, wait here, I’m going to go an set up the nettings!”

Adam ran through the doorway after all the soldiers had gone, making sure it was wide open before he went through. Now Link could see all the way into the corridor. It was indeed an enormous area. Larger than the Grand Hall by ten fold! This will require all the power we can get! he thought with growing concern. Then he thought about the lighting blast he used on the man in armour, what if he was to do that to the netting? Adam said that they were used to stop objects that came through the gateway, and if Link stood in the room where he had met Adam, then maybe if he directed it right then all the energy would flow with full force to the end of the corridor.

“Zelda, help me out of this thing, I’ve got an idea...”


          * * *


“You! Stop there!” a Navy Seal yelled at Adam when he started to run down the hallway to the main doors.

“I’d think you’d better listen to this!” Adam yelled back to him. The man just stared at him in awe that a boy as young as Adam would defy his orders. Adam didn’t really care what the man thought, he just wanted to keep as many people from being injured by the crash as possible. He took the Triforce in a very careful manner.

Holding two of the ends in his hands, he used the third point as a barrel almost.

“Hold on to something!” he yelled and then fired a beam of magic at him. Adam fixed it so that the soldier would stop thinking about Adam and take his advice.

Every man that got hit would do the same thing, find something to hold onto until the building was done moving. He was running as fast as he could, not to mention the fact that the Triforce took away his exhaustion, so he wasn’t slowing down.

This was totally new to him, it felt like he was falling and falling, and he wouldn’t slow down until the got to that entry way and everyman he saw was shot with magic to take cover. Soon he was flying past the mess hall, the bunk rooms, the conference area, and the there was that room where he had seen the scientists and the Ark of the Covenent go in and only the Ark come out. Then suddenly a horrid realization came to him that almost made him stumble in his tracks. When he thought about the Ark, he should have been able to know why the scientists had disappeared, but he couldn’t figure out why. This was ridiculous! Pure Wisdom had inhabited his body, and yet he had no idea why the men were disintegrated by the Ark! He had the most powerful relic of wisdom in the world, and he still did not know!


          * * *


“Now, what exactly is it you plan on doing?” Zelda asked after Link had squeezed his way out of the body armour.

“Adam said that the nets would catch whatever came out of the gateway, right?”

“Yes, so, if you shoot the mizes, or whatever Adam was talking about, then the nets should carry the building away. But why are you leaving the shell if you have to use it to get us out of here?”

“Well, first I have no idea how to use the mizes, or frankly, what they are. Second, if I can focus the Triforce of Power on to the armour, then maybe I can better control the mizes if it were more like a living being.”

“You mean you want to use the Triforce to bring this thing to life? Are you crazy! You’re giving life to something that’s only a piece of metal that has more weaponry on it than half the Hyrulian armies!”

“But Zelda, you saw what Ganondorf did with the Triforce when it was in his power. He brought back that dragon, cursed the lake, and then there was that thing with your father..”

“Link! Please, you know that’s still sensitive with me!”

“I’m sorry, my love, please...” he said soothingly taking her hands, “this is the only thing I can think to do.”

“Why hasn’t Adam said anything about this?”

“I, well, by the thrown, I don’t know!” Link realized. “But, there’s something that tells me that this is the way it should be.”

“But has the Triforce of Wisdom, how could you know what he doesn’t, and about his own world at that?”

“I don’t know,” he said, taking Zelda into his arms and stroking her long gold hair. “Adam has the Triforce of Wisdom, and yet I know what he does not. I’m starting to think that maybe... uh, I, - AHH!”

“What is it?” Zelda asked, shocked as Link began to draw away from her and rub the temples of his head.

“They.... did.... not...not....not... FEAR IT!”

“What are you talking about?” she said once more rushing to his side and putting her arm around him in wonder.

“I have no idea!”


          * * *


Adam was still racing down the huge hallway, shooting everyman he saw with the Triforce’s magic. But he was still trying to figure out why, why had he not known? With the magic of Wisdom, he should have been able to know. Now he wasn’t worried about the actual Ark anymore, he was more concerned why he just didn’t know at all. Adam knew it would never stop torturing him until he figured out why.

“Hey, who do you think you are?” asked the final soldier before the entryway.

Adam didn’t even want to talk to him, at this point he was just aiming and shooting.

Immediately the guard ran off to a secured room to wait.

Now he was here, at the doorway to the outside world, out of the timewarp and back into the present. His only task now was to attach the netting. It was a very advanced system. Four small devices about the size of a palm would interlink to each other to generate an intensified field of plasma particles that would hold anything touching them right were it made contact. So far nothing the men had tested had been able to get through.

“And nothing’s going to get through here, oh no sir ree!” Adam said to no one in particular as he laid the first two plasma generators on the corners. First to anchor them he had to hit a blue button on the top of it. He could he the sucking of air as it’s radio-powered suction cups created a perfect vacuum underneath the generator. Nothing could move it now.

Lucky for Adam, there was a series of catwalks going up to the ceilings the men used for maintenance. Looking around, he quickly found the ladder up to them. Just as he had placed the last two generators, another terrifying thought came to him. He had told Link to fire some rockets at the netting. Those things could push a fire truck, but there was no way he was going to be able to move the entire complex with those little turd-for-rockets!

NOOOO!!! How could I overlook this? I have the power of wisdom with me! Everything should be known to me! The horrible pain of realizing that he did not know something came back to him once more, this time more that ever because this was a vital factor to their escape. All the secrets revealed to him, and yet he could not tell the difference between a fire truck and an entire building. Soon he was finding it all too much to bear, his head was throbbing, his heart pounding, and he could begin to feel convulsions starting. One thing he did know, was that if this kept up he’d have a seizure!


          * * *


Zelda was trying to calm Link down when she had a sudden flashback of the pyramid shaking, then she realized that it wasnt’ a flashback, it was that the room was shaking. When she looked into the bunker, none of it was shaking. She could actually see the ceiling and floor moving up and down at incredible vibrations. If she hadn’t felt the floor, Zelda may have thought the bunker itself was rumbling. But no, the bricked floor underneath her feet was acting as if it were going to fall apart.

“Zelda, what’s going on?” Link said being yanked out of his fright like a wild bird from a cage.

“I don’t know, is it an earth quake?”

 not quite

“You again!” Link said in his warrior tone. “What are you doing now?”

this isn’t my doing although it isn’t your fault either

“Then who is the one causing this?” Zelda asked, ready to plead with the thing. 

The thunder cloud that came in here earlier

 “I thought you caused that,” Link said starting to become impatient.

No the thunder cloud did that I just kept Zelda from being killed from the robbing of power.

“How’d you know my name?”

You’ll find out in time princess but right now you don’t have that much left when then man in armour shot that fire at link he penetrated some very sensitive layout of the temple. The thunder cloud was angered by that action and decided it best to punish you somehow.

“And so he, she, whatever it may be, took the Triforce?” Link asked raising an eyebrow.

Yes but it had a bad side effect the thunder cloud had to expend much of its energy to do this whenever the thunder cloud did something like that it would go back to the pyramid to refill off of the triforce which is now gone because there was no energy to keep it going the thunder cloud then took to the skies  to make things very short for you the thunder cloud was the basis of support for the golden land.  Without him the land will collapse.

“What do you mean, collapse?” Link said, once more in warrior tone.

In a way of speaking the entire realm will be erased from existence you see the spirits in a way made him as the fabric of this dimension since he is dying the golden land dies too.

“But where will we put the Triforce from now on? The Golden Land was its safe guard from enemies, without it...”

I know princess but now you will have to handle the triforce yourself. Always guard it with care and never under estimate those who would try to steal it. Now hurry you don’t have much time the land is evaporating as we speak starting with the pyramid. You have only a few minutes left so get to work.


          * * *


It was starting to take effect, Adam could sense the vomit churning inside of him, waiting to come pouring out in that quick and shaking spill through his mouth. His legs were beginning to give out underneath him, and light itself was fading out. He collapsed on the floor clutching his stomach and cross eyed.

get up

Whah, who...”

quit worrying about what you do not know and get up

“But, I, didn’t know to tell him...”

those soliers didn’t know either but they went and took cover. Your friends will be stuck here forever if you don’t hurry now get up.

What the voice said was true, and it all just seemed to click into Adam’s mind. The men he had told to take cover had done so, and they themselves did not know what was happening. Adam knew he didn’t need to be any different than them. What he did not know wouldn’t be the end of him!

“Thank you, whoever you are.” With that being said he got off the steel floor and raced off back down the hall.


          * * *


“Hello, are-you-still-there?!” Link yelled out, emphazing each word by itself.

“Link, I thing it’s gone.”

“So now what? We’ve only got a few minutes to go before we get taken. And even if we jump into the bunker, we won’t be able to push it out from the back, and if  can’t move the gaurdians, then we’d be stuck-“

“That won’t happen!” came the voice of Adam rushing into the bricked temple, looking around in shock of the vibrating.

“Adam!” Link yelled. “What do we do?”

“Do you know?”

“Well, the mizes you spoke of may not be enough to move the bunker.”

“That only figures that you know. What do we do then?”

“I can bring this piece of armour to life and add the power of the Triforces to it.”

Exellent! Hurry, we don’t have much time!”

Link looked at Adam wide eyed and in shock. “How did you know?”

“There’s no time to explain! Now just do it!”

Link got the idea and turned to the armour and pointed. “Live!” he said in his warrior tone once more. “I give you life, now live, know your abilities, and obey only the voice of Adam Maverick!”

Steadily (though in the current situation it seemed like forever) the humanoid figure began to raise its head, stretching the muscles as one does after awaking from sleep. The red eyes glowed an intense red, and from its unseen mouth it uttered the words:


“Fire your rocket launcher into the entryway for the air- OH NO!”

“What, what’s wrong?” Link asked.

“The settings, when I was down there my mind was off some and I never hit the activation buttons!”

“What do they look like?”

“What good is that knowledge going to do you?”

“I can shoot at them with an arrow from here, now what do they look like?”

“Uh, they’re small round disks with red and blue circles on them,” he said quickly using terms Link would understand, “you’ll need to hit the red circle to activate the netting.”

“Arrows!” In an instant Link held his personal bow from Hyrule Castle’s armoury. In what seemed like a fluid motion, he took an arrow, aimed, and shot through the bunker door.

“Tell it to shoot!”

“Fire your rocket launcher!”

And it was so. Just as James had condemned them, this soulless being was going to set them free. The rocket sailed straight through the door, and before it was out of site, Link had a ball of the energy he had used on James, which he shot straight at the rocket before it left their eye view.

“What did you do?” Adam asked.

“You’ll see when you set the second net- WHOA!” Link stopped his words short when he saw the entire bunker move away from them a few feet as the rocket made contact with the netting.

“Lift me up with the Triforce so I can set the other parts!” Adam said urgently.

Link did so, raising him with magic, first to the bottom left corner of the newly exposed hole, then the other side, finally to the top. This time Adam was sure to hit the red circle.

“Nothing happened!” Link yelled when the bunker was still visible.

“The netting itself is invisible,” Adam said as Link brought him back down.

“Well, whatever that means, is it there?”

“Yes, invisible means you can’t see it.”

“Very well then, now stand back, both of you!”

Zelda and Adam ran back to the doorway, near the still decaying elephant. Zelda looked up at the ceiling to see what she knew to be inevitible. The entire pyramid had been in a way falling upward towards the sky. It had just now gotten down to them. The bricks looked as if someone was pulling them out of their place and throwing them out to the sky. Then Zelda saw what it was they were heading to. Up, farther than she could imagine, was a whirlpool, or perhaps a spiral, of light, blue, purple, green, it was as if a rainbow had materialized and twisted itself together. But what amazed her even more was that the earth of the Golden Land was being broken up and thrown into oblivion. She could see entire mountains floating up. And everytime something went in, lighting seemed to entangle it, and then it was gone.

“Adam, look at this.” she said never taking her eyes off the wonder of light and power.

Adam turned from Link and stretched his neck upwards to see it all. His eyes looked like they would go blind from the fright in them. His hand that still held the Triforce went up to shield his eyes from the glare.

“Oh, Lord Christ help us...” he moaned, speaking as if someone else were there. It seemed so obscure to Zelda, she took her gaze off the spiral, wondering what he had just said.

“I beg, speak again?” she asked in her family’s traditional manner wrinkling her brow at him.

“Oh, sorry, I was-“

“Adam! Make it fire again!” Link yelled in the voice that Adam could not ignore.“Of course! Forgive me!” he turned to the living armour, “fire once more at the plasma fields!”

In the moment he spoke it, quicker than a keen minds reaction time, the metal arm was raised and another rocket sped out to collide with the netting. One would think that the missle would explode into a thousand pieces the moment it hit the field.

However, this netting was designed to brake the laws of gravity. For this action, there was not an equal and opposite reaction. Instead there was only the loud thud of the rocket hitting the invisible force field.

“Link!” said Zelda, beginning to become anxious, seeing the bricks no more than ten feet away from them begin to be thrown up to the sky of death, “we need to do this now!”

“I KNOW!” he yelled. Again he began to charge up his ball of lighting, that red glowing sphere of pure energy that couldn’t hurt anyone from Adam’s world, but could vaporize a Hyrulian. Holding it above him, arms stretched as far up as they would go, he threw it, straight toward the still rocket that was still flaring at the end but stationary. The second the energy and missile hit, something amazing happened. Like the spiral in the sky, now there was a whirlpool of red flames spun around the rocket, with its flaming end as the center. Then the shaking of the temple was forgotten as the entire bunker started to pull away from them.  “All right, now let’s follow this thing before we get thrown into that, that, death pool!” Link ordered, trying to understand what the whirlpool would do to them.

Leading the way, he walked over to the ledge. “Wait! Forget that, this cliff goes down hundreds of feet!” He saw that the bunker must have been at least a few miles high.

“Then how will we get out of this decaying realm?” Zelda asked more frightened than ever.

“Well, I, let me think for a second.”

“WE DO NOT HAVE THAT TIME!” she screamed at him for the first time since they had met.

“Okay, I’ve got an idea. Hookshots!” he yelled, summoning two grappling hooks springloaded into a revolving chamber. “Adam, can you use this?” he asked him tossing Adam one of the chains.

“Well, how do you fire it?” Adam asked looking at the thing while tucking the Triforce away, which caused him to loose it’s power of reasoning.

Blast, this is going to slow us down, but there’s no time to explain to him! “Just think for it to fire. Oh, I almost forgot, HoverBoots!” Once again, in a sudden flash of light there appeared two pairs of normal looking leather boots, no styling or colouring, just plain brown. “Wait, there’s no time to put these things on, uh, GO TO OUR FEET!” Then it seemed as if the boots had blinked from Link’s hand to his and Adam feet. The boots they had worn before were now gone, replaced by these new ones. They both had been changed in size to fit Link and Adam.  “What are these for?” he asked Link.

“To keep us from falling and slamming into the bunker’s side, now come on!”

Zelda jumped into Link’s arm, as a bride is carried across the threshold by the groom. As quickly as she had jumped, Link just as quickly was sailing away on the hoverboots.

The wind was quick enough for Link, and he had used the hookshot and hoverboots on several deep ravines, but none like this. On top of that, he had to hold Zelda at the same time. On arm held her back, the other he had under her knees and that hand held the Hookshot. He turned back to see how far behind Adam was.

To his horror Adam hadn’t even left the temple. It was getting too close, the bricks right above his head were beginning to fall away. Just as Link was going to command Adam’s Hookshot to fire himself, he saw something unbelievable. From the sky came a blue blaze of light. It looked like a sphere, but it slowly seemed take on a human form. It stood next to Adam, and then it was human, a replica of the man he knew, the man he despised, the man he had hunted down for over a year in isolation, the man who had cost him the life of every Kokoriki child alive, if Zelda hadn’t been in his arms, Link would have gone back there to destroy the being once and for all. That thing standing next to Adam that day in the decaying Golden Land was a perfect blue copy of Ganondorf Dragmire.


          * * *


This was crazy, this was beyond anything Adam had dreamed of. He was just standing there, holding his Hookshot, having no idea whatsoever how to use the thing. Then there came that thing, he didn’t know what it was, but when it stopped changing, Adam could see that the world he knew of, the world of normality, the world where blue clouds from the sky stayed in the sky was gone, and now he was in this world, where a blue cloud would float down to him and morph into a form that could just almost be called human. Then it occurred to him who this was. Ganon! But not the pig-like monster that he had seen on the Zelda cartoons. This was the man that Ganon had been. Adam remembered now, before the Triforce had corrupted Ganon, he was this man, Ganondorf Dragmire. But that was back in the world of normality, and things regarding Link and Zelda didn’t seem to add up here. Things were different, and this man was one of them.

At first the formation just stood there, with its head down and eyes closed. Then the head began to rise up, the eyes, while undistinguishable, were penetrating, and searching around. They saw Adam. The entire figure turned toward him. Adam couldn’t so much as draw his breath. The thing must have been seven feet tall. Its frame was so large a movie could have been played on the back. The hands were large enough to hold Adam head and probably strong enough to crush it like a water balloon. Adam couldn’t see any movement on its chest, no breathing, it probably didn’t need to.

What seemed like several minutes past, then it turned toward the speeding bunker. Adam followed the form’s gaze. He saw Link, holding Zelda, standing on the solid air with the HoverBoots. Then the thing looked back at Adam, at Link, Adam, Link, and at Adam once more. The eyebrows squinted in confirmation, telling itself that it was true. Even though Adam had never been the sharpest knife in the drawer, he could see what it knew. This little boy that stood infront of him meant something to the man sailing away. And the thing knew that if it wanted the man to come back, the boy must be held behind.


          * * *


Link and Zelda were still flying away, the mammoth bunker rumbling infront of them. Zelda had her arms around Link’s neck, and she could she the horrific sight over his shoulder. It was so amazing. First there was that blue image of Ganondorf looking at Adam, then there was the sky of the decaying Golden Land, all those colours twisting around, landmasses being taken away to be disintegrated. But when she looked into Link’s eyes, she could see what he was planning to do.

“Link, listen to me, don’t go back there, we’ll all be killed, bring Adam to us.” “That thing, it is Ganondorf, I know it...” he said softly, as if not in touch with reality.

Ganondorf is dead! You killed him! That is only an image, an apparition! Link! Break out of this trance!” She grabbed his smooth chin, and yanked his face to look at her. His forehead tilted on hers. “Hear my words, you want to fight that thing, I know, but it is not real! You are the Hero of Time, the future king of Hyrule, and you have to get us out of this dying world!”

Link looked at here for a moment with the same eyes that he had seen the form with, and then he did something that he hadn’t done since they came to this world. He kissed her. Zelda didn’t draw away, she just wanted him to get out of the spell that the image had put on him. In a few seconds she could hear a hook flying past them and clinking onto the bunker ahead of them.


          * * *


Adam was never so scared in his life. He didn’t want to die like this, he didn’t want to be swallowed back into the vortex. If he was going to die, he wanted to die an old man. He wanted to die in the open air, not stuck here, by this thing’s hands, but option was fading fast. Those blue hands were starting for him. He tried to draw away, but these hands had a quickness that an illusionists could match. One moment his right arm was free, the next it was held tight by the blue hands. If the thing in front of him had not previously been a cloud and still covered in blue, then Adam would have said it actually was the man Ganondorf Dragmire holding his arm. It felt real, and it felt deadly. The feeling reminded Adam of holding tight on a limb and feeling the part without blood flow go numb, except now it felt like his arm would fall off.

With strength that could only be obtained by someone of super human status, the image lifted Adam up, high above the ground, and it smiled. As if it knew that something had been won. Keeping the sinister smile, it turned to look and see what Link’s reaction would be. Adam would have tried to turn his head, but all he could do was look at that being, look at the man that Link must have despised more than death.

Suddenly the smile from the blue thing’s face was gone. Now the eyes that had no white, no pupils, and no colour but blue widened with anger. The grip on Adam’s arm was beginning to tighten. It’s fingers that were big as Adam’s fore arms soon began to crush his bones, he could feel it happening.  Then in a split second (had it been any slower Ganondorf’s apparition would have shredded Adam’s five foot eight inch body to pieces), Adam’s free arm went up, the Hookshot jumped from his clutched right arm to his free left arm, fired out into the dark cavern with the speed of a bullet, and yanked Adam free of the thing’s grip, sliding his arm from the hand quicker than a needle being pulled from a patient’s blood vein. Normally the springloaded power of the hookshot would have sped Adam away at the same speed that it took off at. But this time the Hookshot was controlled, and only pulled Adam far enough from Ganondorf’s reach to ensure him safety, now he was only floating along.  The problem with this was that the Hoverboots made it seem as if Adam was just standing on solid ground, but in fact he could see the deep pit underneath himself. Oh man, oh man! he thought, this was a bit too much to bear. Then the memory of the Triforce of Wisdom came to him. Reaching for it from within his shirt, his fingers came in contact with the magical relic.

Ah, much better, it’s good that Ganondorf didn’t see this thing, wait, where is he now? Adam hadn’t been able to turn around until after he touched the Triforce because of the fear. Turning his head and upper body around, he could still see Ganondorf’s image standing there, trying to follow him, but he was held back by what remained of the thunder cloud. The only reason he had been able to appear before him then was because the thunder cloud had let its guard on him down.

Something occurred to Adam while thinking this. If the thunder cloud had been holding Ganondorf this whole time, then Link had only destroyed his body. The spirit of the man had survived after the body was destroyed. Obviously the Golden Land had kept it alive, since no one could really die in in it. Since Link had used the Triforce to vaporize Ganondorf’s body, the only way to keep him alive was to hold his spirit from going to... to... AHHH! Adam screamed to himself in frustration again. Once more he could not figure out what would have happened to the man’s soul when he died. But for some reason he felt like it wasn’t so important that he should have worried about it.

While he thought this, he saw what would be the death of the apparition. He had gotten out of the Golden Land just in time, for the walls were gone, and now the floor bricks were beginning to fall away to the sky. Because it was only an apparition, Ganondorf’s image wasn’t swept up by the storm, but then a second party came in to deal with that. From the vortex, that same thunder cloud that had stolen the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda swept down to the image. Taking on the form of a giant hand, it picked up Ganondorf’s spirit, and dragged the being away.

The apparition’s arms fought against it with the same speed and strength that threatened Adam Maverick’s life for the first and last time. It would also be the last life it ever tried to end, whether in the physical world or as a spirit in the Golden Land. The mouth opened as if trying to yell, but no sound came. Adam reasoned that a spirit could not speak. It was a shame, he had not heard the voice of the man who had influenced so many events. Events that he would one day learn about. But that was the distant future, and now he had to worry about the immediate future. From what he had heard, they now had to proceed on to The Test. Even with the Triforce giving him methods of reasoning that natural being could not comprehend, he did not know what this was, yet.

Now that the floor bricks were gone, the Golden Land was nothing more than empty space, and anything that came into that world would be pulled into the vortex to die a fiery death. That was all that was left of what he had known to be the holding grounds for the Triforce. He wondered what would come of the relic now.

If Link and Zelda’s Hyule was anything like the Hyrule that Shigeru Miyamoto of Earth had made, then the Triforce would be stolen by invading armies in the days to come, but the Link and Zelda he had known were not like the ones from the cartoons of his world. He knew that in the days to come he would learn about them, and he would see who these two were.

Thinking about them, Adam turned to them to see how they had reacted to Ganondorf’s apparition. When he saw them he figured out why the image was so mad, and it made him laugh. Despite the Triforce giving him a more sophisticated vocabulary, the first thing Adam thought was: Gosh! Those two are playing some serious tongue hockey!


          * * *


Link stood there, holding Zelda in his arms still, and he was kissing her. He had  heard the Hookshot go by them, and he knew that Ganon would have been furious, but he didn’t care about any of that. He had his love, Zelda, still in her striking dancing gown, and he in his suit. He could have turned to see Ganondorf fall away to the lighting hole, but he realized that the Triforce of Power and Courage had distracted him, and he had forgotten what magic laid in the love for someone else, and Zelda was the only one he loved, had ever loved, and the only one he could ever imagine loving the same way. He knew that The Test was ahead of them, but he still was not worried. This was far too much to forget about, he wanted to hold her like that forever, for he had rediscovered the power of Love. This was a force that he knew stood a chance of fighting against the little known power within him, which he only then knew to be The Binding Force of Link.





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