The Binding Force of Link

By Christian Warrior


      "What's on the top of this- hey! Where'd he go?" Zelda said.

"I'm up here, please, come on up, there is so much to tell about!"

Link and Zelda looked at each other and shrugged. They looked around them to see the steps they were meant to take. There was, in fact, twelve of them, although neither of them knew how that number would affect them in the future. Adam had already gone up to the top platform, and they both felt like they should do the same. With Link goind first, they took the same stairway to meet the robbed man and Adam who was still staring out to the ocean in a trance, although within his mind he still thought that he knew everything that went on due to the Triforce of Wisdom

While Adam stood on the edge, the robed man remained in the center, next to what Link and Zelda believed they had come for. A triangle, yet upside-down in relation to the individual pieces of the Triforce. Yes, it could have fit into the space in the middle of the Triforce, but somehow it didn't seem right to do that. OF all things, it glowed blue, not gold. This was a blue that showed just how much the Uniforce could do, it was not of the Triforce, not in anyway. Its presence alone was unique enough. When Link or Zelda had placed their hands on the Triforces, the effect had then gone through the body. But this had a similar effect on them when they were just near it. Even more odd was the effect. With the Triforce of Power, one would feel a sense of invincibility, with Wisdom absolute knowledge, and with Courage one's fear of their enemy would diminish. Yet as the Hero of Time and the Princess of Destiny stood there in the Presence of the Uniforce of Rest, the feeling that came over them could best be described as calm. For you the readers, think of the feeling one has after running a race, that split second feeling of closure that you would have after crossing the finish line, how your mind knows that all is good and you have triumphed. This split second feeling was prolonged in the two lovers as long as they stood in the forgotten relics presence. For that time all they could do was simple stare at it with jaws gaping.

"Amazing, isn't it?" the robed man asked.

"Oh, I, uh," Link said shaking his head briefly as if to throw off his awe of the magic within him.

"Yes, I had figured that you would have that type of reaction to the Uniforce. Though nobody has ever seen it before, I have always known that you would take this kind of reaction to it. I bet that you're wondering how it works, aren't you?"

"Um, heh, now that you mention it, I wouldn't mind knowing that. " Link said with some laughter, which was unusual of him, but in the presence of this relic, he felt so relaxed that laughter was welcomed with open arms of strong feeling.

"Well, what exactly did Simidora tell you?" he asked bring his white hands up in a praying position in front of his chest.

"He said that the Spirits had left it hear incase someone ever needed it, but then decided to hide it after they figured how much harm it could cause if someone evil got a hold of it." Zelda answered, recalling the speech the historian had given at that dinner that now seemed so long ago.

"Well, I do hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but that isn't quite how it happened."

"Then why would he tell us that?" Link questioned him, "Was he lying?"

"Oh no, not that he knew of. You see, the Legend of the Uniforce that had been passed down through his family over the generations was not altogether true."

"Was it because of the oral tradition of story telling, or just due to lack of paper?" Zelda asked.

"Oh no, none of the generations ever confused the story. The parents would make their children practically memorize the story. Therefore, don't think that the Legend was distorted over the years."

"Then why do you say that Simidora was wrong?" they asked almost in unison.

"Because the Legend of the Uniforce is wrong. When it was leaked to the founders of the Calatian family, whoever told them was lying."

"But why would they lie to them?" Zelda asked.

"Simidora told you that this was called the Uniforce of Rest, correct?"

"Yes," Link said.

"The reason that they lied to Simidora's family was because this relic is far more powerful than something that causes rest, and if that had been the legend, Caltia and surrounding countries at the time would have been torn apart due to hundreds of power hungry animals trying to get their hands on it. The men and women of the time were far less evil than the man Ganondorf Dragmire that you both know of. However, if they had known the truth of the Uniforce, they would have never stopped searching for a way to it. So instead the lying prophet told the Calatian family that the Uniforce was simply a division of the Triforce that had been separated."

"But wasn't it?" Link said scratching the back of his head. "I had thought that the Spirits made it and then separated it from the Triforce."

"Well, that was another factor that was left out in the Legend. In order to avoid some serious panic and confusion among the people of Calatia, the prophet told them that the Spirits made it when in fact, they had nothing to do with it."

"WHAT!?" Zelda yelped at him. "What do you mean they had nothing to do with it?"

"See, that's what I'm talking about, that's what we wanted to avoid, out breaks of pure chaos when the people find out that this was created by a force other than the three Spirits that they know so well."

"If they didn't make it, then who did?" Link asked, putting his hand on Zelda to calm her. Since she was more of a reading person, she was more loving to the Spirits than he.

"In all honesty Link, I don't know."

"You don't know, but then how did you come across it?"

"If you wish to know that, I must warn you, it is a long story, but time is without law here, so if you wish, I can tell you."

Link gave Zelda a sidewards glance, looked into her eys, and said the answer.

"Yes, please, tell us."

* * *

"I suppose you could say that fate brought me to it. You see, I was once just a commoner like any other man or woman of Calatia. But around the time that I turned twenty years old, I was out minding the sheep in my field at night. At that certain moment I was simply laying down by a tree, near to dozing off from all the day's work of being a shepherd, when from out of the sky there came a great light, bright enough to wake me from my near slumber. It burned with such a great blue colour that it almost seemed to turn the night into day. As I looked up into it, I could hear a voice speaking to me, not through sound, but through my mind, as if I had been made to think certain thought, thoughts that were not my own."

"What did they, uh, say for you to do?" Link said, trying to best phrase his words in front of this now ancient man, for the days of shepherds and minding sheep were long gone by hundreds of years.

"In a way it was more like an idea coming to me, and this idea was to follow this light to the north, which is where it seemed to be hanging. Therefore I began to walk north following this great light. I had no need to worry about my sheep for they were all fast asleep. To my shock, when I went through the nearest town on my course, I found that none of the people there had seen the light, for those that were up used torches to light their way, but as for me I could see everything clear as day. Some of them were quite surprised that I was travelling at such a late hour. While I could not talk to them due to my hurried schedule, had I been able to tell them what had happened I would have told them how I had no fear of robbers or of wolves since I could see everything around me for miles.

"I'm not quite sure how long I went on for that walk, but I do remember that the entire time I went on, the moon did not shift nor did the clouds in the bright sky change their forms. As I finally came to my destination, the light in the night sky began to shine with more brilliance than the sun could have. I knew I had come upon the end, even though I did not know why. All I was sure of was that I should stop walking and stay were I was.

"Within a moment of stopping I saw what I had come for. Before me there were two doorways of some sort built into a nearby tree. One was obviously not made by the peasants of my time. This door was crafted of the finest wood I ever saw, decorated in gold and purple painting. Jewels were outling its frame, and the light from the sky was shing off of it in every angle. The other door was a horrible comparison to that. Made of crude lumber with several cracks in the frame and held no decorations. But those cracks did tell me something.

"What?" Zelda asked regaining her composure. "What did they show?"

"Through those cracks I could make out a blue light, but it was not like the light that came from the sky, no, this was more of the kind of light that would not shine to other areas, only made so that you could see it."

"Link, that's like the light that was surrounding the missile you shot at the bunker, it wouldn't emit any light around itself, only glow."

"Well, you do good without the Triforce of Wisdom princess," the robed man said smiling at her through his light beard. "Yes, that was light coming from something that the Triforce had caused. As time goes by, you'll find that while the Triforce itself will serve as a source of light, most of its creation will not give off any similar light. This is one of the few thing that seemed to hold true with the Uniforce. As I stood there, the light just dazzled me. It was nothing like the treasures the other door held. This was something that offered life, the decorated door would only look good for a time, but this, thing, was capable of much more than just that. With this in mind, I went to the door that a blind carpenter could have built, not for what was on the covering, but for the wonders of what lie ahead."

"What was in the door?" Link asked.

"Believe it or not, this robe!" he motioned to his torso. "As it seemed, the robe was the thing giving off the light. It wasn't even ten feet from the doorway, and beyond the robe I could not see a thing. All I really could see was the robe and the silhoutte of my arms infront of it. Any walls, floor, or ceiling I couldn't see at all. The ground I could feel under my feet was the only sign I had that the world had not decayed away leaving just this robe.

"Of course, I was puzzled at what to do then, take note I was only a simple field worker, someone who didn't even know how to read, write, much less decide what to do when you walked into a doorway that took you to another world. But once more, I felt the thoughts in my head begin to start up. They were actually quite simple: put the robe on. So, taking my own advice as it seemed, I walked over to the robe, slowly putting my foot down on the ground to ensure that this earth would continue all the way to my destination. When I reached it, the robe just seemed to float there, as if worn by a man that I could not see, hear, smell, or even touch. I knew that for when I reached out for the robe it glided through the air with my hands. If I let it go, then it would simply stay where my hand left it, always remaining in that posistion of the unknown being wearing it.

"Just as I was thinking that I should turn back to go through the door, a voice, a real voice this time, not one that controlled my thoughts mind you, came to me.

"'Young man, do you wish to help people?' it said to me. If anything, I'd say that it was a boy who spoke to me, with the softess and most gentle voice of anyone I had ever heard.

"'Yes,' I told it, back in those days my father had often disciplined me to give charity at all times.

"'Then first you must put on the robe,' I did so, and it fit me quite nicely. 'Now, young man, are you familar with the Uniforce?'

"'I know of the Triforce, which the Spirits left behind to show their glory.'

"'Yes, it is common for someone to know of the Triforce, I know it well. But what concerns you now is the Uniforce.'

"'What is the Uniforce?' I asked. I never really expected to get much of an answer, but surprises came my way from that day forth.

"'The Uniforce is similar to the Triforce, but can control them when nescessary. You see my boy, Three made the Triforce, and power is divided by three. But One made the Uniforce, and power is greater, far greater.'

"'But who made the Uniforce?'

"'The One, and the One is greater than the Three shall ever be.'

"'Are you the One?'

"'In the Tides to come, you shall find out who the One is and who I am. For now you must be able to use the Robe accordingly.'

"'What does it do?'

"'Have the legends of the Triforce taught you of how one must first hold the relic and then and only then will he be able to use it?'

"'Yes, my father has taught me of the tales. Are they true?'

"'Everything you have heard of the Triforce is true, but with the Uniforce there is a difference. One need not hold the Uniforce, all he must do is wear that robe, and the Uniforce shall be at his command.'

"'You mean I have controll over the Uniforce right now?' At that certain point, it didn't mean much to me, mainly because I had no idea what wonders the Uniforce was capable of. Then I remembered what he said about it and the Triforce.

"'Wait, didn't you say that the Uniforce can control the Triforce when nescassary?'

"'Ah, yes, I had hoped that you would ask that. For this time, you may call upon the Triforce.'

"'How do I do that?'

"'All you must do is think to yourself that the Triforce will appear infront of you.'

"Therefore I did. Now at this point I was prepared to believe anything. But now I knew of what I had obtained. For at that very moment, the relic that wars have been fought over, the relic that lives have been sacrificed trying to get, appeared infront of me, shining with all its radience and lighting the room. I could then see that I was in a cavern, the same cavern that you three found yourselves in for the Test. A legde infront of me, never ending walls and a never ending ceiling everywhere I looked. In the farthest depths of the chasm, I could see the faintest signs of the tower at which we all met.

"'What is that spire out in the valley?'

"'That, my boy, is the Temple of the Uniforce.'

"'Can I go there to see the Uniforce?'

"'You now have the Triforce, do whatever you can.'

"Heeding to this advice, I used the Triforce to lift me up, and to take me across that revene, with full confidence that it would work, and it did.

"I know that you may be wondering Link, 'Why did the Triforce work for you, and yet not for me?' Well, you see, I had the Triforce because of the Uniforce, therefore my magic was of that world. When you held the Triforce by itself, then its might would fail.

"While I did not know of this at the time, I landed safely on the platform on which the tower rested. Looking up, I asked the voice: 'How far must I go up to get to the Uniforce?'

"'You can not fly up to it from there while outside the tower. On the outside pure infinity is all that exists. If you fall, you will fall forever. If you try to fly, you will fly onward for all eternity. It is inside the tower that finity regains power.'

"'But there are on doors to enter the tower. How do I go inside?'

"'Have faith,' and with that he spoke to me no more.

"All I could think to do was to just look at the tower, hoping that there was a hidden doorway. But no, nothing of that sort. It was in a way quite frustrating. There I was, the most powerful relic that my people the Calatians ever knew of, the Triforce, in my hands, and I could not enter a simple tower. But then I remembered how I had once heard that things are not always as they seem. While that may sound like simple knowlegde to you now, it was a very overwhelming thought for me.

"Keeping this in mind, I went up to the tower. I looked over its dark surface with curiosity. Then, in my first attempt of 'faith' I placeed my hand on the inmaterialistic darkness.

"'Good, you have made your way back to finity. Now then, inside you may fly up to find the Uniforce.'

"'What then?'

"'Just come and have faith.'

"One could say that faith was growing fast in me. I walked into the tower to see the room of our meeting. Looking around at its immensity, I decided that I wanted to be in the center of the room. With that, I had my desire. Standing there, I looked around, saw that there was nothing, and began my ascent. I saw the same thing that you saw, the water, I too was scared, for this was all so new to me. But then I came up to see the island on which the Uniforce has always rested. I could think of nothing more that to climb the steps and see what was above me. Then I finally saw the Uniforce, shining in a greater glory than the Triforce which I still held.

"'My boy, listen to me. Return the Triforce to the Golden Land, it must remain there always, never take it back.'

"'But why? Who will claim it?'

"'There shall come times when outside forces will take it from the Land. You must not interfere with this, for it does not involve the Tides.'

"'Will you explain to me now what these Tides are?'

"'Yes. Look around you, what do you see?'

"'I see water for on and on.'

"'Good, does the water stir, does it lap onto the land?'

"'No, it just stays there, no waves, is this high tide or low tide?'

"'It is neither. You see, that is what the Uniforce is for. Do you know what the tides are for at a beach?'

"'I only know that sometimes they're high, and sometimes low.'

"'Tides can do amazing things when you learn about them. When high tide comes, all the animals on the beach drench themselves in the awesome waters that come upon them, but in low tide, the animals are struggling for life, for the waters that bathed them have gone away. Right now the tides here do nothing. They neither rise nor do they fall.'

"'What signfigence does this have towards me?'

"'Think of the entire world as the animals on the beach, and the beach is the bottom of this island. They have not felt the glory of the tides yet, but they are tolerant of its absence. Imagine something that could control those tides that would feed the world. Something that can cause the entire world to prosper and then can take away that splendoring time. The Tides that influence the world are controlled by the Uniforce.

"Tides of the Uniforce?'

"'Exactly!' the voice said to me."

* * *

There Link and Zelda stood perplexed by this marvel of power that stood before them. They had never dreamed of what the Uniforce was capable of, and now simply rest seemed such a small division of its awesome power. What else was this thing capable of, what other wonders did it hold? They learned that it could control the Triforce, and if so, were the possiblities with end? Could there be no limit to the might of this Holy Relic?

"But, why have we been allowed to come across the Uniforce?" Link asked in awe of his new knowlegde.

"Well, some people call it fate. Others call it destiny. What was it called in Calatia in my day?" the robed man seemed to go back in time with memories, searching for a lost joy. "Ah, yes! In my time, such fortune that would lead someone to what they were meant for was called git."

"Git?" they repeated in a comical unison which got a laugh out of the robed man.

"Yes, git is what we called it. My father often told me his git was to forever work the fields, raising sheep and providing the local people with woolen clothes, and that is what he did for all his life. But Link, Hero of Time, you have a different git, as will all the people you come across. Your git is to take the Uniforce and begin the Tides."

"Why am I the one to do this?"

"That, Link, is one of the many things I do not know. All that I do know is that you have been chosen to reap the benifits of the Tides. Now let me tell you something that the Uniforce will do to its holder once it leaves this world. Are you familar with the term dozen?"

"No, what does it mean?"

"In Adam's world, it is a native word that means twelve. Link, as a part of the Tides, the Dozen must first be issued."

"What do the twelve do?" he asked being slow to catch on to the term.

"Dozen, remember, call them the Dozen. To begin the Tides, the Uniforce will bring upon a type of git to a person that will cause him to come across eleven other people. Once together, the Dozen will coexist with one another in a way that will bind them all together and give them all leadership skills over their rivals unlike anyone has ever seen. As the one to hold the Uniforce, Link, you will be the leader."

"But, I still don't understand, why would it be me to take up this, git, as you call it? Why not a king, or a prince. True, I am the general of the Hyrulian armies, but I am so young!"

"As young as you are, the other members of the Dozen shall be just as young as you. And I think I may know what it is that has caused you to come this way. It is something that I must explain to you so that you can learn to control it. Without this lesson, you will have some of the most emotional and dramatic times of your life ahead. Thereforce I must now show you how to control that which is within you, the Binding Force of Link."

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