The Binding Force of Link

By Christian Warrior

Part IV

      The whining sound continued as the the beasts moved in on Link. About that time, Link figured he would need a larger sword to defeat this monster. His small sword was brittle, readyto break from the encounter with the mutant, and the creature was moving closer. Then Link realized something. He had the ability to hold whatever weapon he wanted, for the Triforce of Power still laid in his hand.

"Biggoron Sword!" he yelled hoping to scare the thing that whined with no such luck, "Heed to me!"

In an instant Link felt the great blade that had been forged on Death Mountain materialize in his hands. Now this was a weapon, greater that any sword he had ever used save the Master Blade, which he could not summon with the Triforce.

"Let's see what you're made of deamons! Heya!"

Link screamed his anceint battle cry and rushed toward the monsters. "Feel the sting of what you do not know and die!" With the strength he could muster from the two pieces of the Triforce, Link swung at the creatures in an


instant. Link looked at the side of the monster that he struck, then at the Biggoron Sword as if it had betrayed him.

The whining took on a new sound as the monster took it's turn to strike.

* * *

Man, I can't believe I finally get to use this baby, James Rubbos thought as he marched on in the new body armor. James had always liked the techni division of the project, they always came out with new stuff. And since they found the new time warp area, things were just advancing quicker than ever. And Leo said I'd never amount to anything, and now here he was, marching his way down to the porthle chamber in the new RCBA-3700. I must be able to bench a Buick in this thing, a little heavy and slow yeah, but the gun power makes up for it all. Not to mention that hologram projection, whoeveer I meets going to think there's two of me. James couldn't say he wasn't scared, with the way that the guards had rushed into the test room, looking as if the Devil himself had just come through the porthole. Aww, they was just dressed wrong, the wussies! Didn't have the body armor I do! Just a little steel alloy here and there on the bod', and you've got it made.

After a few minutes James got into the porthole center. Whoa! When'd that room get there? Immediately after he got into the center, a couple of people looked back at him. Hey, isn't that the retard kid I met in basic training? And who are the new folks? James knew that odd things had come out of the porthole, once he heard the Ark of the Covenent came through there, which he doubted, but then those scientists that found it weren't around for very long.

All right you trans-dimensional freaks! Let's see what you made of. Then he got the radio to use the required warning before using force on them.

"Come on James, you know Banders will have your head on a BBQ chicken leg if you don't do it."

"Yeah, yeah, I gotcha, but between you and me Hank, that lard needs to lay off the chicken legs"

"I hear you there man!"

After he blared out the warning that they made him memorize in training, James kept making his way to the strangers. All right, now we're going to see some action!

Before he could get within twenty feet of the "new folks", the guy in a suit that made him look like he just came from a dance, from out of nowhere shouted out something about a big sword heeding to him.

"Hey Hank, you catching this? Can you see ol' dance boy here?"

"Yeah, the video camera mounted on you works pretty-WHOA!!!!!"

James shared his surprise. In a blaze of light, a huge sword that looked about ten feet long appeared from nothing. Just while Hank was about to say something, the dance boy ran up to James incredibly



All right, that's it! James brought back his arm to the striking posistion him and Hank had made up during the armor's developement stages. Arm parallel to the ground, bring the hand back next to the chest, keep your hand flat and not a fist, and STRIKE!!

With all the force he could get from the armor, James hit the dance boy right in the stomach, hard enough to split a diamond in two. The force was so great that James lost sight of dance boy for a moment through his vision screens inside the helmet. It took him a while to get his balance back, so he asked Hank how things were going.

"Hey, what can you see through the security camera?"

"Oh man, oh man, oh man....."

"What's going on?" he asked with concern.

"James, uh... oh gosh! OH SWEET MOTHER!"

"What the heck is the deal?"


* * *

The blast would have been enough to cut through the walls of the Chamber of Sages, but luckily enough for Link Zelda's Nayrou's Love-like spell was still in effect. Yet the impact knocked him back to the bricked room where he had met Adam.

Ouch! Link thought to himself as he landed on his wounded leg, what in the world did Adam fire at me. Thankgoodness Ganon never had such sorcery. Grimacing from the impact, Link slowly got up to look at what had just hit him. The beast was in the shape of any normal Hylians or Calatians, two arms and legs, but it had no face. Just two eyes that seemed to glow red, as if they tried to stare into the dark itself. While he could see two, Link realized tat one was just an image, an aparation of the other used as a trick Just as Link had gotten up, the beast began to turn back toward him. Now was the time for Link to see what types of spells the Triforce of Power could allow for him.

Holding up the Biggoron sword with the strength he could get from the Triforce, Link thought of how Ganon had shot those balls of lighting at him during their fight in the pyramid. When the magic came toward him, Link would use his sword to deflect it back at him. Now I shall shoot the magic.

"Prepare to feel my might creature!" he yelled at thing that stood about as far away as Ganon had been when they had fought.

The Biggoron sword began to swell with light, and lightning started to twist around it. Link could feel the power going through his body as it built up.

Link! What are you doing? Zelda thought to him in a manner that made Link realize how worried she must be. Even though he could not respond to her in thought, he gave Zelda a look from across the room that let her know it was going to be okay.

The creature began to back up, and while it had no face to express emotion, Link knew that it was scared. It could see the red flashes of magical power that flew through Link and to the sword and it knew that this would be different than Link swinging the sword at him. Link raised the sword to show that he was not hurt in any way by the creature's strike. When the sword was up to its full height, the entire area was lit by the light it emitted. Both Link and the sword were now glowing brightly enough to blind the average man. Adam had to cover his eyes and run off to a corner to keep from losing his vision.

Link himself was awestruck by this power. When he had used the Triforce to destroy Ganondorf in the end of their battle on the pryamid, he had only had it long enough to focus it's power onto Ganon's body in the act of pure destruction. But this was far more amazing. Now Link was doing this for his purposes, not Hyrule's. This was his choice to eliminate the demon that threatened him and Zelda. Now Link had the oppurtunity to use the Triforce for his own pleasure. The feeling of power was so exilerating Link had a sudden image of him and Zelda, king and queen of Hyrule, still holding the Triforce between the two of them. None would stand in their way, and no one could match their power. With the Triforce they would even to be able to withstand aging! The both of them could be immortal as rulers!

This is truely absolute power. Nothing can oppose this! I hold the truth of dominance! None can stop me! From this day forth, I AM INVINCIBLE AND IMMORTAL!!!

Link brought the sword down to strike.

* * *

"James, I'm telling you, get out of there!" Hank yelled through the headphones.

"I'm trying to, but the light, it's pulling at me. He wasn't hurt one bit by that punch I gave him! What's going on?"

"Wait a sec, what's that pink hase around his body?"


"James, look! There's some sorta pink bubble around his body along with the other...."

"Hank? Hello? This guys about to nail me! Come on man!"

"No way, no, it ain't possible!"

"What are you talking about?"

"It's Link! From the video games we played when we were little! I know it sounds crazy, but that looks like a sword I saw in the new game Nintendo put out about month ago. That's the Biggoron sword, something he got on a big mountain in the game."

"Hank, whatever it is you're on, stop smoking it!"

"I ain't lying man! I saw- WATCH OUT!!"

James looked up in time to see the man Hank thought to be Link bring his sword down to a pointing posistion aimed at him.

* * *


* * *

LINK! STOP THIS MADNESS! YOU'RE GOING CRAZY! Zelda screamed to him in thought, thinking that it would be more effective than just yelling it out to him. She didn't dare go over to him, for the Triforce could destroy her in the process. While Zelda thought Link was incapable of such an act, it seemed that his thoughts had become so clouded that even the horrified screems of his lover could not break his concentration on destroying the creature. But no, now he was at a point of pure pride and lust for power. Zelda had seen the vision that went through Link's mind as he charged the sword. She would never do such a thing, and she had thought that Link wouldn't either. The Triforce has gotten to his mind, and now he is no different than Ganondorf himself!

Just as she was starting to wonder where Adam had gone off to, she saw Link fire the burst of energy at the demonic beast. What she saw stunned her.

* * *

Nothing. Once more, nothing happened. Link let the energy that he held in the sword and his body fly out towards the creature in all his fury, and yet still nothing happened to it. The light from the magic extinguished the second it made contact with the hard gray skin of the beast.

What have I made of myself? I'm not immortal, this is crazy! The Triforces power can be stopped, by a creature of this world. I knew this, the inscription in the mutant's room told me so. What kind of fool am I? One who wishes for absolute power! One who wishes for what I can not have. What is the difference between me and Ganondorf? There is no diff- wait...

Link reconsidered this in the second after the blast. Then a horrifying new image came to his mind. If he could not stop this thing, then it could go back the way he and Zelda had come from the pyramid. And if he could do that, then he might see the Golden Gate that led back to Hyrule...

* * *

"HE CAN'T HURT YOU! LET HIM HAVE EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT!" Hank bellowed like it was Death that had just threatened them.

"You're mine you little-"


James raised up his arm to reveal the mini-canons the boys in development had put on. The autorities didn't know about them, so they put in a secret command to activate them. "Cheat Kickum N' Stickum, activate!" James yelled with fear into the helmet transmitter. The toned signal came through his headphones telling him they were primed. All James had to do was use the voice command to fire the rockets into that room where Link now stood, still shocked by the fact that James wasn't hurt. Right before blasting him into oblivion, James took a quick look into the room to see it before it was demolished. The walls seemed to almost glow with a slight golden light, as if they were neon but didn't wait till it was dark to glow. The ceiling looked high enough for a semi to go through, but there seemed to be some sort of smaller passage way in the back that went to another chamber. From what he could see, blood had been spilled back there from what looked like an elephant.

Well, to bad, so sad, so long! "Fire!"

Quicker than James could have swatted at a fly, the rockets flew with a screeching noise from his arms leaving a trail of smoke leading straight to their destination: the one known as Link

* * *

"What else do you wish from us Demon?!" Zelda screemed to the monster.

The beast turned back to her, just as it's blast of fire blew Link back into the room where they had met the leathery beast with one tentacle.

"It's simple, my dear,"it said in a voice strong enough to speak through thunder, "just take off that pink bubble and your worries will be over.

What do you plan to do beast? Zelda thought, wishing she had the Triforce of Power to destroy this thing with, then she remembered what happened to Link, and decided against it.

Just as the beast began to reaise it's arm at Zelda, something her imagination began to happen. From the room where Link had landed, there came clouds, small enough to make it through the passageway.



There wasn't any answer from Zelda or the beast (who were now the only ones in the area), therefore it seemed the cloud took on a new choice of action.


From the cloud came great blasts of lighting, which intangled both Zelda and the beast. Zelda could almost feel as if the cloud were searching her, looking for something to take away from her. No! Please, not the Tri-

But it was too late, through her sceeming and begging, the Triforce of Wisdom was gone from her body, and now was floating indepently amoung the two of them.

Then Zelda saw what was happening to the beast. Throbbing with pain from the cloud, it's skin began to convulse, and suddenly an opening in it's back appeared. From this hole came a man.

By the power of Din! That beast was nothing more than armour! A shell in which for someone to hide and attack us!

As it seemed that the man was getting back into his shell, it was thrown across the room and into Link's chamber.

* * *

"What am I to do!?" Link screemed out to the air from the rubble that had surrounded him after the blast. "How is the Uniforce worth this pain!?"

you must know your guiding

"Whah! Who's that?"

only your guiding light

"My what?"

i am the one to lead you through this setback

"Well, what are you? All I can make out is your voice."

i have no true physical form all i have to do for you is to get you past the gaurdians and on to the test

"But.. how? You're just a voice."

oh am i perhaps then i should show you what this voice is capable of

There was something about the tone in the voice that Link didn't like. At first it was only a soft boyish tone, now it sounded like a father talking to its child. No sooner after the voice spoke its final phrase, then a cloud began to come from come out of the ceiling. Rumblings from within the cloud shook Link's body through the rumble and the Nayrou's Love-like spell that still surrounded him.

"What are you doing?" he said trying to push away the bricks to see where the cloud was going.

Soon there came the screeming Link knew all too well: "AHHH! NO! STOP! PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU!"

"What's happening in there?"

i have removed the triforce of wisdom from your lover

"But, if she no longer has it under her control, then..." Before Link could finish, the pieces of brick that he had not yet removed came down on him in the absence of Nayrou's Love.

"Why are you doing this to us?"

you wish to reach the uniforce am i correct

"Well, yes, but I didn't want to do it like this..."

take this

Without warning the beast that had attacked Link came flying through the passageway and landed right next to him as he was clearing away the last bricks from his body. At first thinking that it was going to fight him again, Link started to see that it was as harmless as the apparation he saw the first time. This was just a set of armour, but more sophistcated than any of the Hyrulian armies could ever make.

"You want me to use this suit like he did?"

my you're a fast learner you will need this because your sword and magic will have no effect on him at all the only reason you could kill the elephant is because it was more in your world than you in his

"I'm guessing that's the mutant that's still reaking, but let's not discuss that, I've got a lady to save!"

* * *

"I can't believe this!" Zelda said to the boy that stood on the other side of the Triforce that now hovered between them. "Who are you?"

"Listen, you witch!" he yelled to her in frustration, "I don't know how you did that, but in about five minutes, there's going to be some severly teed off soldiers running in here with more ammo than you could stuff into that over sized skirt of yours! Don't be asking who I am!"

"How dare you! You have tricked us into thinking that you were some untouchable beast, and now you turn out to be some cocky boy!"

"Don't call me a boy! I'm 25 years old, and you shouldn't even be 20 yet!"

"However old you are, you have the brains of a teenager!"

"Stop trying to intimidate her and tell us how to get out of here!" Link yelled in his strongest voice.

Yes! Of course! Simidora said new weapons would have to be made, and Link has the newset he can get! Zelda said to herself as she saw the monster coming back to her, but she could tell the difference between an enemy and her love nomatter what they wore.

"Okay, okay, listen," the boy said in a desperate attempt to save himself. "just go up through that door and avoid all the offices and you'll see the entryway to the runway, and from there you can just, well, hop off the moutain, or whatever you want to do.... bye!" and with that he run like the coward he was through the doorway.

"Zelda, what happened to the Triforce?"

"Link, I don't know, the clouds came through and suddenly just pulled it out from me. What kind of being could have that kind of power over the Triforce?"


"Ahh! What are you?" Zelda yelled to the air around her, not knowing where to look.


"But how? How do we rid the moutain of the gaurdians?" Zelda asked desperately, whaving her arms around in the air in frustration.

"I think I might hold the answer to that one, Princess," a voice said from behind her.

"Who- ADAM!"

"Nice to see you remember me," he said smiling through the Triforce's light.

* * *

While Zelda was argueing with James about his identity, Adam had snuck up from behind a crate full of technical supplies. He was able to see the Triforce floating there, spinning. It was just as he had pictured it to be. A simple golden triangle, shining with a perfect light. Not blinding, but enough to show off it's power. The sides looked like they might be a foot long each, and about it seemed to be a few inches thick. Adam knew that the second he touched the Triforce that his mind would become more keen, and he wouldn't be stupid anymore. But he was so scared, because he didn't know how to use its power. For all he knew, the thing would kill him from all the energy going through his body.

dont worry it will adjust to you

The voice had come from out of nowhere, and Adam didn't want to have to try to answer it, just to get he Triforce. At least this voice was soft and quiet unlike the thunder voice he had heard before.

James and Zelda were only twenty feet away, but James was in the way of the relic. If Adam didn't try, then James might get his hands on it. He never had liked James, always calling Adam a retard back in basic training. If he got the Triforce before Adam, it would all be lost.

Then suddenly Link walked in with the body armour on. James quickly squeeked out something and ran off. Now it was just Link and Zelda. The thunder voice boomed at them again, which took their attention off the Triforce. Link was looking back at the elephant, and Zelda was looking at the ceiling trying to see the thunder voice.

nows you chance take it

Whatever you say! he thought partly to himself and partly to the voice.

Adam knew he didn't have much time, so he jumped over the crate completely and ran as quickly as his legs would carry him. At this point Adam didn't care if Link or Zelda needed it, he just wanted to be smart, life had been too harsh for this challenged boy.

The run didn't look that long fro the crate, but it felt like it took forever with the Triforce being the prize at the end. Despite his clanking on the bricked floor, neither one of them noticed Adam. He could even take the time to stand infront of the Triangle as it was floating about four feet off the ground.

Gee, he thought to himself. This really isn't much work... It didn't make sense. Adam thought he Triforce was supposed to be some untouchable relic, something many had died trying to get their hands on,and here it was just floating there, for any stupid shmuck to take! Where was the adveture, the risk? This was only taking a triangle from the air and walking away! That was all. Nothing else awarded to the hero. No fame, no princess, no riches, just what they could grab.

take it now and you'll see the adventure later

He couldn't really argue with that, so he went ahead and took the Triforce of Wisdom into his hands just as the thunder voice was ending.

Just as he had thought, the very moment he laid his fingers on the beacon of pure and absolute Wisdom, the feeling of total energy rushed through his body. All sores, pains, achings and bad feeling in his body were erased in a split second. His entire being felt new, young and strong, as if he were invincible. Then in the next half second there was the effect it had on his mind. Fear in a word was dead. Doubts were windled away, and he was never so sure of anything in his life. Now he no longer wondered about something or heistated before thinking, now he KNEW!! His entire life Adam had worried that his actions were going to cause something to mess up. Not anymore, now it felt like he couldn't make a mistake.

This was all within one second of touching the Triforce, and already Adam had begun to pick up on everything happening around him. The thunder voice had just said to rid the mountain of the gaurdians which puzzled Zelda. Adam smiled to himself. Zelda was very smart and cunning without the Triforce at all, but she could not understand what she did not know.

"I think I might hold the answer to that one, Princess."

"Who- ADAM!" she exclaimed shocked

"Nice to see you remember me," he said with a smile.

"Adam, why are you holding the Triforce?" Lin said with a tone that let Adam know Link was starting to mistrust him.

"Don't worry Link, I'm with you on this. We obvoiusly don't have much time on out hands, so I'll make this fast. The thunder voice has told you to remove the gaurdians. It is clear that these 'gaurdians' are simply the military-related men that have inhibited this mountain. To remove them, you must banish them from the area and anything they have put in it. As long as I hold the Triforce of Wisdom in my hands, then my physical body will not be considered a member of the gaurdians nor will my spirit."

"Well, getting rid of the men will be easy now that I have weaponry that will affect them, but how are we going to move everything that they have brought in?"

Adam raced through his memory, searching for the answer which he now knew was always going to be there.

"When James told you that the way out was through the corridor, he was talking about the only corridor that is in this bunker. All it consist of is a hallway a hundred feet high, two-hunded feet wide, and 1.6 miles long. The men who built the base were on a very limited budget, due to their cheap economy, and could not anchor the area very well. The only thing keeping this complex standing here is the pull of the earth. If enough force is applied to the back side, the base would be pushed out of the mountain and out of the time warp."

"But what if there are inocent people outside?" Zelda said in a worried voice, "They could get crushed by the landing."

"I wouldn't really worry about that, this mountain is in a very secluded desert of my world, called the Sahara. Most of it is impossible to live in, therefore we need not worry about any lives save those of the gaurdians. They won't even be killed, seeing as how the mountian at it's greatest point is a half mile high. Now then, I sugget we hurry before-"

As if time had ben planned in a book, the guards James had spoke of rushed down the stairs to meet them all. Adam didn't worry one bit, for he knew about some of the Triforce of Wisdom's capabilities. He knew that it was possible to put a protctive spell on himself and anyone he knew. One time when he was on the Internet he had read story about the Legend of Zelda cartoons, in it Zelda had been able to cast different spells with the Triforce at her side. Adam had ony glanced at the name of the authour, but the new memory he had allowed him to recollect it. An english girl by the name Juliet Singleton.

* * *

Link was starting to worry. The uniformed men were starting to make their move on them, but suddenly he was shocked to see Adam cast the Nayrou's love-like spell just as well as Zelda had. It amazed him how much Adam was learning at this rate.

But now he had to worry about the men, how did he get rid of them, were would he and Zelda (and possibly Adam) go after the Guardians were vanquished, and what would the Test consist of? Yet Link still knew that nomatter what the event, he had never found a foe greater than the Binding Force of Link.

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