The Binding Force of Link

By Christian Warrior

Part III

      This gateway was different than the Gateway of Gold, now this time it only showed a side of the wall opening. Both Link and Zelda had expected to see some horrid monster staring back at them, roaring in a deadly voice, but this could hardly be called deadly

"Stop or I'll shoot!"

Adam Maverick had always thought that the government would spot him a good job with a way to college. Like his mother always said, "A boy who's stupid as you needs to working for a stupid army!" Adam had never thought the army to be stupid, just a little off of course at times. Although he himself had never quite figured things out. Why would his mother be sending off to the army when he didn't have any combat skills at all? He wasn't even athletic at all. The only thing he was good at was compters. He always thought they were a modern work of miracles. The complexity to them, the countless possibilties they held. And the games, oh the games were so wonderful! His dream had been to become a game designer for computers and video games alike. He knew down deep he make could make so many people happy if he could just get a chance at it.

But not in the eyes of his mother. It seemed to him that after his dad died his mom was always on his case. No matter what it was, his mother always said to do someting better with his time. He couldn't undestand why.

So now he was in the army, lucky enough to get out of the war and into the secret services. Then the wierd things came along. They told him, "Keep a secret, and you'll neer have to fight." Adam thought that would be simple. But later he found that some secrets were woth the telling. Like the time the "secret people" brought in that big box for study. Something about it scared him. The scientist had called it the "Ark of the Covenent." They neve seemed to be scared of it. Then that day came when they decided to open it. Adam never really saw it when they opened the thing, but he knew that once it was opened the scientist just disapeared and nothing was left but their clothes.

Then there was where he was now. When he asked what he was doing after the people opened the shining door in the mountain base, they said, "Just a little something we whipped up at the labs, shouldn't hurt you, just send you to another world! Hah hah!"

"Hey!" the uniformed people would yell, "you shouldn't be leaking stuff like that to him!"

"Ah, don't worry, the kid's too stupid to know what's going on!"

Adam thought it would hurt him when he walked through, but instead he got a strange feeling, like as if there was someting trying to speak to him but couldn't get hte strength to do it, but he knew that they were there. After he walked through, the scientist said they were going to close it to see what would happen. No one seemed to be too worried about him, so Adam guessed that everything was okay. But when he saw the door close behind him, something horrible happened to the new world. Adam didn't see anyway out of it, just a bunch of bricks that made up a floor, walls and ceiling. The place was lighted, but there was no place for it to come from. And now he could tell what the feeling was. It was a voice, a voice that couldn't talk to him when the door was opened. Only when it was closed off from Adam's place could it speak to him.


This went on for a few hours while all Adam could do was wait for the door to open again. After a while Adam saw the door open again. But this time it wasn't to the mountain base, it was to a big field. He thought it was like the fields he saw when he was little in Montana, but he didn't remember seeing any elephants in Montana. One of them seemed to like the way the door way looked, because it's eyes started right towards it. Adam could have sworn on his father's grave that its eyes were glowing blue. Then things started to get scary. Then the elephant started to rush at him.

Adam wasn't really sure of what he should do. The men he met his first day of army training said that bullets shouldn't be wasted on animals, only the men. So he just stood there and made sure to get out of the way of the beast. When it came through the door, the brick wall stood there again. Making sure to stay out of its way, Adam was amazed to see the animal disapear in a big blast of blue light.

After that, things went back to the way they had been. The voice sceemed at him. Adam couldn't be too sure how long it went on for, but he didn't seem to care about time any more. Now it seemed as if there was only the room, and the voice. Suddenly he could feel someting else besides the voice. Turning around, the wall began to open again. Now something came from where the elephant had gone. People came this time. A man and a woman. He didn't know why, but they looked a lot more threatfull than the elephant did. Now was the time to use his bullets. Raising his gun, he started to yell like he had been taught.

"Stop or I'll shoot!"

The voice was spoken weakly and with no authority, so Link didn't. On top of that, the weapon this man was holding didn't look threating at all. It looked like a crossbow with no arrow attached to it.

"Shoot what?"

"Th-this!" the man said with shaking voice.

Suddenly Link heard and felt pure pain. First there was the sharp boom that came from the cross bow, then there was an immediate strike to his leg that came invisibly.


"I told you to st-stay there!"

What magic is this? Link half thought, half grimaced how can he make a strike against me when there is nothing coming but sound?

"No! Please! Stop your sorcery!" Zelda pleaded.

"You stay there or I'll shoot you too!"

"All right, please, just don't hurt him! Just don't hurt him..."

NO! Link screemed in his mind, this is beyond my controll! Whatever is within me, I can't remove it with the Triforce!

"Who are you?" Zelda yelled from Link's side. "Why have you done this to my fiancee!?"

"My name is... is Adam Maverick, s-soldier of the American Secret Services. I shot him for not obeying the orders of an outranking man."

"How dare you say that you outrank him! He is Link of Hyrule! General to the Hyrulian armies and future king of Hyrule!"

No. It couldn't be.

Adam thought they dressed a little odd, but he never expected for the two to be the real thing. He could remeber when he was a kid and had his video game set. His favorte game had always been the Legend of Zelda. He could remember watching in awe as the amazing boy Link battled through the troubles to reach his final goal at Death Mountain. And now here he was, the one to nearly kill off Link for moving too quick for Adam's personal comfort. He gaped at the man he had just shot. Adam never liked shooting people, not even when he had to defend himself back in the ghetto.

Adam fell down to his knees, droping his gun to the ground subconsiously, and nearly breaking down in tears for what he had just done.

"I... I... I don't believe it. How can you be here?"

A little shocked at his actions the woman Adam expected to be Zelda responded with authority

"We have come here more thatn likeyly the same way you did. The question that should answered is how did you get here?"

"The men under the mountain opened the door that used to be over there," Adam said while pointing toward the opposite wall. "I don't know how to open it again."


"What was that?!" Zelda yelped crouching nearer to a bleeding Link.

"The voice," Adam said gravely. "I don't know what it is, or how to get rid of it, but that was the first time it started since you appeared through the door. How does it know what the Triforce of Power is?"

"I... have... it... in my hand," Link gasped through deep breaths. "I have the Triforce of Power on my right hand."

"Link, this means that you can open the door to whatever it is we have to get to. Do you have the strength to get over there?"

I will make the strength.


Rising from what Adam thought would be Link's death, he made his way over to teh far side of the vast chamber that he had so unexpectantly ended up in. Now he knew that this was where things would really get bizarre, becuase where ever it was that Adam came from, they were about to go there.

"Voice! Whatever you are, I have the Power, guide me to the Uniforce!"

Suddenly Link started to think about if he really wanted to go throught with everything, if there was a good enought reason for having to endure all this. The weapon that the boy-man Adam had used was the most horrifying thing Link had ever felt, and there would be many more of them, with soldiers of this American place holding them, and they wouldn't be so weak as Adam had. Looking back at him, Link wondered how Adam had known what the Triforce of Power was. If rumors of Hyrule's power extended out this far, then perhaps things wouldn't be so bad after all.

Shrugging off the feeling of danger, Link pressed the back of his had to the wall.

I was right, Link said to himself, this is bizarre.

Link and Zelda had seen walls turn blue, golden, all assortments of colors, move out of the way, but this was a new one for them. Now the wall just disappeared.

Adam looked back at the forgotten wall for a sigh of relief when he saw the mountain base again. He didn't want to stay here much longer, the voice seemed to be real mad at him. Besides, the base was pretty cool, it looked a lot like a scene from that "StarGate" movie he once saw, but a whole bunch cheaper looking. But the people were nice to him, at least the ones in the white suits, the uniformed men didn't seem to care too much for Adam.

Right now they didn't seem to care too much for Link at all, because within a second of the wall going away, everyone started to open fire on him.

After taking one look at the men dressed like Adam, Link realized that they would not be as kind or sorrowful. Armed with the empty crossbows again, they all aimed at him and didn't hesitate.

There was the booming, the banging, the strange lightning flashes that seemed to come out of the front of the bows, but there was no pain at all. Immediatly Link realized that Zelda had put on some sort of spell like Nayru's Love. Only this was magnified countless times over because now they could use the actual Triforce and not just some gift from the fairies. The pink hase was around him, Zelda, and Adam.

Why am I doing this? Zelda asked herself. Adam isn't the one being threatened, and we don't need him for anything. Wisdom is such a strange thing, it gives you the ability to choose without flaw, but you'll never know why.

"Link! Feal free to take your time, I can hold this spell on as long as I want."

"Well, now then gentlemen!" Link smiled while turning out to the armed men, "It appears that we have some time to talk. For starters, why are you fighting me?"

Stunned speechless, the soldiers didn't have much of a response other than running like the dickens.

"Don't worry about them, they've never played your game."

"What?" Link and Zelda said in unison.

"You know, The Legends of Zelda, Adventures of Link, A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening..."

Adam stopped suddenly when he noticed how the two of them just stared at him like he was insane.

"What in the name of Hyrule are you talking about?" Zelda asked.

"The games! The ones based on Link's adventures in rescueing you."

"Adam, I've only saved Zelda one time, but you mentioned at least four different times. And what do you mean by 'The Legends of Zelda'?"

"Haven't you two ever heard of these games? You guys are famous!"

"Games? Saving Zelda was no game, it was life threating! How can you think of that as a game?"

"I can't believe you don't know about them!"

"Adam, where are you from?" Zelda asked.

"Puckett Mississippi."

"Puckett? What direction from Hyrule is that?"

"Well, I doubt that it's any direction from Hyrule, but it's in the southern United States."

"The what?" Link asked.

"Link," Zelda whispered to him through thoght, "it's obvious that he doesn't live in our world. We only waste our time by asking him these questions. Let us forget about him and move on to see where we must go next."

"Uh, Adam," Link started preparing his words carefully, "perhaps this isn't the best time to discuss this. I can see that you don't know that much about where we come from. Zelda and I have a quest to complete, and right now we don't have the time for this, if you wish, you may come with us. It is easy to see that what you have now is not good enough, perhaps we can offer you something more."

"Well, okay!" Adam said gleefully.

My, Zelda thought, I would think that such a decision would take some time, but this boy acts on it like as if on instinct.

"Very well then," Link said in a tone that Zelda could sense how confused he was himself about Adam's decision. "For starters, let's get out of this dungeon and out to the open."

As they started to make their way out of the last chamber and into Adam's world, the boy commented, "Dungeon, don't you mean bunker?"

"Is that what they call a place like this in your world?"


"Then let's get out of this bunker.

"Wait a moment Link, I want to ask Adam something."



"Where in terms of you world is this place located?"

"Well, the Secret Men who brought me here said that this is a moutain that just seemed to appear out of no where. Plus they mentioned that something was different with time when your here, like if you stay in here for several days straight no time at all will have passed outside."

"Link, if what he says is true, then this 'bunker' is still in the Golden Realm. Simidora said that we would have to eliminate the Gaurdians to move on to the test."

Before Link could so much as think about what Zelda had said, a crashing noise came from behind them. Up in the very back of the bunker Adam described there were two indecribible creatures, moving slow but with very visible power. There was an odd sound to their movements, a strange whining sound to them as their legs moved.

"Attention!" one of them thundered in a voice that was spoken with no mouth, "the two of you are in direct violation of code 3458003! Under orders of the United States government, will must force you to remain here and not pass out. Under no circumstances may you exit the premise or attempt to escape!"

Link didn't need for Zelda to explain to him what was happening, but they both yelled to each other through thought that they knew.


In that moment both arrows and sword were armed.

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