The Binding Force of Link

By Christian Warrior

Part VII


They had been walking for an hour now, and the thing at the light source didn't seem to get much closer. After the voice had told them all of Link's binding force, it spoke no more, even when Zelda held the Triforce. Why did it have to do that? Must it be revealed to the two of them? I don't know what it is for sure myself. Link thought to himself. He was starting to get worried. He had known about his own Binding Force for several years now, but he had no idea what it truely was. The only evidence he had of it was his own obsession with fighting. The first time it had come up was when he began to wrestle against his Kokoriki brothers and sisters. He found that once he started fight, he didn't want to stop. He knew it wasn't because he was wrestling with the girls. True, he did like that more than he guys, but there was no physical attration between himself and the females. Instead he only wanted to show that he could win. But it wasn't a type of showing off, no, this was more of a proof for himself, to show that he could win always, but he didn't care if anyone else knew.

But this voice knew about it! How? Not even Zelda knew about it! Then there was the issue with his parents. Zelda had never even asked about his parents before, she didn't really care after what Link had done for her after the war with Ganondorf. All she ever asked about was his future plans. She never worried about his past, and after awhile neither did Link. Now that they had made their way here, the past that had plagued Link was brought back to him in this vile manner. Once again Link had asked himself: was the Uniforce really worth all this? He had never even considered what the reason was for doing all this. He and Zelda had talked about it for only a few seconds at the castle and then had suddenly left after Simidora told them what to do. Who was too say that was enough? Since then, they had reopened the doorway to the Golden Land, seperated the Triforce again, brought a boy who was not even of their world along with them, allowed the Golden Land to die thus losing the safest keep hold for the Triforce, and now Link's past was coming back to him! Why? Because of one stupid decision made in a split second. Never again would he do such a thing.

But a split second decision is what got you toKoholint Island. His conscience seemed to tell him. It was the truth. Link hadn't thought about Koholint for a long time now, it was all so long ago, and yet only earlier that same year that he had returned from that voyage. Now he didn't really think too much about it all. The nightmares as they called them on the island, the hyper little boys that always ran around, the WindFish, and Malon. Sweet Malon who had helped him so much.

But wait, Malon? Link was certain he had felt affection for her, why had the voice not pointed that out in his confession. If what he felt for Malon was enough to count as adultry against Zelda, then it wouldn't have allowed them to go forth from the ledge! Was it possible that it didn't mean anything because he and Zelda had not yet been engaged until after Koholint Island? He would worry about it all later.

The main concern he had was trying to understand why the HoverBoots had not worked when he had tried to walk across the chasm. Was it gone from his body? No, he could still see the mark on his hand. So how had it happened? Perhaps whatever it was that spoke to them through that voice had some power over the Triforce. Until that point Link had never even imagined something being able to have control over the Triforce's power. Was it possible that the Uniforce itself was being used by someone at the end of this brigde? Then that would mean that the Uniforce itself had the ability to cancel out the magical relic's acts! What a find that would be! An actual means of overpowering the Triforce of Power! But who held the Uniforce now? Would they be willing to give it up? Whoever it was had created this connection to the light source, so they must have good meanings, but what if they were just some supreme being, something that not he, not Zelda, nor anyone else be able to comprehend? How would they be able to get the Uniforce from them? Link realized there was a horrible possiblity that this voice was just bored, they had been in this world for eons longer than anyone could think of, and every hundred thousand years or so it decided it would change the fate of someone so that they would be led to it, so that this all-powerful creature would be able to entertain itself while watching these little beings fight against its unstoppable forces, only to finally eliminate the pitiful foes in a quick snuff of omnipitent power.

An even more horrifying thought, what if the Uniforce itself was causing all this? The Triforce had been an inanimate object, but he knew nothing about the Uniforce. From what he had seen so far, the Uniforce was immune against the Triforce. What if Simidora had left out something in his story? He had called it the Uniforce of Rest, but didn't it have the possibility of doing more? When the Spirits of creation had made the Triforce, why had they left for the heavens? Didn't they know that the Golden Land could be opened? Or had they're been something else? The Spirits may of very well left behind the one thing that could counter-act the Triforce. But you can't fight one inanimate object with another inanimate object, so what would they do? How would they protect against the Triforce?

Link had been scared in his life, he had seen the horror of Ganondorf, and he had been exiled in the Dark World for over a year trying to defeat the horrid man, but something that would terrify him more than anything would be the chance that the power behind the Uniforce, or even the Uniforce itself may have been the fourth Spirit of Creation.

* * *

Zelda was definetly the worst off in the entire situation. She had done plently of runing in the past, the royal physical trainers required it of her. But this was somehow not like running through the castle court yard. Here the air seemed so damp, like after a rain storm. And now she didn't have the Triforce to take away the pain of this long strain on her legs.

Then there was the look on Link's face. Right now she couldn't see it since he was walking infront of her, but before they had continued on, she saw in his eyes how scared he was. Zelda knew more than anyone how scared Link could get before it was something to worry about. She had seen him that horrible day in the Dark World when he finally reached the Pyramid and got to Ganondorf. At that point he had looked scared, but now he looked like he was going to his death, and this time he knew for sure. As mom would say "A man will go to his wedding like he's going to his own beheading!" The thought brought a smile to her face.

Then suddenly she began to miss her family. Her father, her mother, everyone at the castle, and most of all she missed being able to see the daylight. Oh, how she had enjoyed those few short moments when they had been outside in the desert of Adam's world. Yet, now she began to realize something. When she had held the Triforce, she had not for one moment longed to see her family. Now she was wishing she had never left. Was this what the Triforce did to you? Its Wisdom made you so smart that you felt like you didn't need your family? Or perhaps it made the idea of family seem too insignificant to think about, so while you had the Triforce of Wisdom one's thought would focus more on the important issues of the moment. Maybe that was why she hadn't heard Adam say anything about his family. First he had been too, oh, what was a word that would not degrate him? Slow? No, incompetent perhaps. Yes, incompetent. First he had been too incompetent to talk about almost anything, and then the Triforce had shadowed his view, causing him to forget it all.

When he had come back into that bunker, Adam had asked what Link was going to do, and Link told him about adding the Triforce's power to the rocket, he had said that it was no surprise that Link had known that. Why? The thought still wrestled inside Zelda's ever awoken mind. When she had taken up the Triforce, her mind was obsevering everything around her at stunning speeds. When she had told Link that "maybe" the entrance was in the hole on the Pyramid, there was no "maybe" in her mind. In her mind there had been a "YES! That is the way to the Temple!" She had only acted like she was guessing so that Link would not feel intimidated by the supreme intelligence the Triforce had given her over him. Before she didn't think he would be at all, but once the Triforce was within her, she realized that the slightest mistake on her part could slow down Link far more quicker than it would her.

Yet while she could observe things at that rate, Adam had been unable to pick up on that issue. From experience she had seen that the Triforce had been able to understand anything and everything in Hyrule and the Golden Land, but for Adam it failed. Adam was in his own world, not yours. Her mind sparked the thought. Yes, that did make sense. Zelda knowlegde of the Triforce had only been extended to Hyrule and the now dead Golden Land. But she had never used the Triforce in Adam's world. The second that he had gone into the bunker, well, almost to the second, the Triforce was beginning to malfunction on him. What if Adam's world was something that the Triforce did not know of? The idea frightening and at the same time excited Zelda. Adam was from a place that had no connection with the Triforce at all! If his world wasn't connected with the Triforce, then would the three Spirits of Creation have made it? If they had, then wouldn't they of left behind a piece of their glory for that world to obtain? Perhaps that was what the Uniforce was! But this was only one piece, one relic, and Simidora said it possesed only the power of Rest. But what if there was more to it than that?

Zelda had seen Link step off into the cavern only an hour ago with full knowledge of being able to walk on the air, but when he made his way off he had fallen off into what may have been his death. But how could the Triforce's power be cancled out in this world? Could there be something that was more powerful than the Triforce in this world? Simidora had menioned that the Uniforce would be contained in the doorless Temple of Eternal Rest. This place had no doors; they had only been able to make their here through the glowing sphere. Perhaps, just perhaps, this was indeed the Temple of Eternal Rest. But the Test had taken place in the same area, why would they enter the Temple and then commence with the test?

Of course Zelda had to take into consideration that Simidora had been inaccuarate. Not only had he said he did not know how they would enter the Temple, he had also told them he did not know what lay beyond the entrance. What was this thing that was ahead of them? They had been walking for over an hour now and all she could see was a tower of some sort. The source of the light was looking as if it came from directly behind the tower, but she could only see it up to the top of the beam of golden light. If this was the Temple, then were was the Uniforce? What was the voice? Oh, how she wished to have the Triforce once more contained in her hand. It was all she could do to not turn around and yank the Triforce from Adam and hold it close to her never to let go.

But she knew that doing so would not only cause harm to Adam, but it would further spoil her mind on the Triforce's power. Zelda had sworn long ago that she would train her mind to its greatest potential. As the future queen of Hyrule, she could not allow herself to depend on a relic such as the Triforce that may not always be availible to her, now that the Golden Land was destoyed, Hyrule and all the unknown enemies within it would be open to stealing the mystical item.

Link was starting to look quite anxious to Zelda. His neck was shining in a hot sweat, and he kept tugging at the collar of his suit. Whatever it was that was on his mind, something about it troubled him, and Zelda could tell. She could always tell with Link. Ever since his return from that island with the fish Zelda was always watching his emotions. She couldn't help herself, the minute she recieved word he had been found Zelda rushed to the harbor to see him, and almost never took her eyes off him from that day forth. And she could tell that Link had trouble keeping his eyes off Zelda as well. It was as if the war with Ganondorf and his return from Koholint had sparked something between the two of them, something that they didn't know how to control, and didn't want to. It had only been six months since they had been engaged, and already they couldn't seem to stop missing the other when they were apart. One of the most aggrivating parts of it all was the law for engaged royalty. According to it, until Link and Zelda were married, they could go out together in public, they could be seen in other counties together, and they could even have a bedroom together, but under no circumstances were they to 'contemplate' the marriage ahead of time. The very thought of it made Zelda's legs buckle, which was why she often had to stop thinking about that in public. That was the easy part, the hard part was when they were alone in bed together at night. During times like those she would look across the bed at Link only to see him looking back at her with the same eyes she had on him. Oh, they had such long talks about the frustrastion in the law, and how wonderful it was going to be their wedding night. If anything that this law had taught them, it was patience. Zelda of course could see the reason in it. How good would it look for an unmarried princess to become pregnent by the general of the armies?

Zelda always knew that if something like that was to happen, then Hyrule's relations with Calatia would be forever ruined, and they could forget thier standings with the low countries, seeing as how they would become one. The meanig it all, however, was always lost to her when she thought of Link, and how she would always love him, no matter what law in the royal family said to do. She thought of how on that glorious night they would meet in the bedroom, all servants gone from hearing distance, and then how they would take each other....

Suddenly feeling her legs begin to give out underneath her, Zelda immediatly went to another subject in her mind. Getting her thoughts off of that, she realized that her legs felt almost numb from the walking they were doing. She wanted to tap Link on the shoudler to ask him how much longer it seemed to look, but she knew that they would not stop even if she did ask, and Zelda had learned that when going the distance it would be best not to waste your breath talking, not even if it was just one word.

Just as her legs began to shake, she realized they weren't as far as she thought.

* * *

Definetily not much of a test, I must say. Adam thought to himself as they went along. He had thought that something as strong and mighty as the Uniforce would be able to challenge his knowledge with the Triforce a bit more. Surely it had more needs before one got to the final goal. Had the Triforce itself not been unreachable in the Golden Land for what very well could have been called an eternity? Of course it had. Mortal men had died in the most horrible ways imaginable attempting to reach it, and here they were being tested? Adam had come up with the logical reasoning saying that the struggles taken in getting to a treasure will equal the treasure itself. For instance, mortal men had seen thier friends die, Ganondorf had killed off most of them, and he gained the Triforce to become nearly immortal. And in the process so many lives were lost for it, that they showed how precious the Triforce was.

Then they had the Uniforce. What lives had been lost in this process? None save Ganondorf, and he was already dead, his spirit was only being taken away. What of the lives sacrificed to reach the goal? It almost made him laugh to think how those fools in the bunker had run off to thier hiding spots so that they wouldn't be hurt in the bunker's crash. And a test? What did that say about the Uniforce? It said that it was nothing more than a simple lost relic that woud posess some less magnified abilities of the Triforce. A simple jewel that would forever be remembered by those who had no other good stories to tell thier friends about. Not to mention this odd structure that they were approaching. Adam didn't know nor did he care what that was. Such things were too insignificant to worry about.

Even more amazing to Adam was this childish behavior Link had toward his parents. They had left him in the forest to die and the tree saved him, how hard was that to understand? All his life he had been struggling with this horrible feeling about them, that they were cowards. Of course they had been cowards! If they had not been scared they would have taken the boy to somewhere that actual people could have raised him, not a tree! Adam could just picture it, two young adults, still scared out of thier wits that a child was on the way, and now it had arrived. They would go galloping around, looking for someone to take the child. A farm house would come into view, but no, the people there would look at the boy and the young adults with a dicernful eye and think to themselved how foolish they had been to do this. The two scared souls would turn away from the farm, and turn to the forest. Oh, wait, the forest, my, what a good place to get rid of the child at! they would think. Father, mother, and the bundled child would all go into this dense wood. The parents would look around quickly, see the living tree, not say a word but with trembling hands lay it in front of the guardian spirit and then flee. Thier own cowardism toward other people would be thier death. Never again would they be able face the elders of the area again. No, now they were outcasts by thier choice, for they were too scared about what people would say if anyone ever found out. The undaring parents would then live in exile, starving themselves to death from the life without civilization. Oh, how much of a pathetic ending to an ever so unoriginal story.

He had noticed how Zelda was starting to pant from all the walking, and then he half smiled to himself. Now that she did not have the Triforce, all this strenuous activity would come back to her and not be absorbed by the relic. How foolish it had been of her to give Adam back the Triforce. Could she not comprehend that they would be walking for so long after the Test? She didn't even take the trouble to ask Adam to allow her to touch the Triforce during the journey on the walkway. This showed Adam how bad of a canidate Zelda was to use the Triforce. She had held it in her hands, and then shoved it back to Adam after reclaiming it. Was she mad? Could the Triforce not use her mind and make it keen as it had his? It didn't seem that way, no, it wasn't that way. Adam had been able to use the Triforce to guide, no, lead Link and Zelda out of the bunker, a place they knew nothing of. He had used it to get them here and past the Test, all of which were executed without flaw on his part. That fool Link had thought it would only take a few rockets to free the bunker while it took the Triforce of Power. Did he have no skills of logic whatsoever? No, he didn't.

While he was thinking about all this, he noticed Zelda nearly stagering in her steps. He could tell she was thinking about Link in a way that was so insignificant. Nothing more than a distraction from what was important. And importance was shown in the next second, when they came to reach thier goal in a blinking of the eye.

* * *

"Stop!!" Link commanded, and from the weight of Zelda holding onto his shoulders for support, he could tell she was glad to do that.

What they had seen as the tower from a distance had suddenly become a much closer reality. As if they had been transported in a flash of lighting, they now stood in the center of the Temple of Eternal Rest.

"Oh, Link, it's so beautiful!" Zelda said in awe,still holding on to Link's shoulder. Link could see the wonder that Zelda saw as well. Right over them was the light source, another sphere, this one golden, and shining its light on them and out across the platform. But that was right above them, before them was the tower. A simple structure, but in its own way striking. All it consisted of was a black column, one that extended up into the black sky and out of the light. The only problem being that no doors could be seen.

"Well, now what?" Zelda asked.

"It's obvious princess," Adam said, strutting up to the front, "that you have no idea what is going on."

"Adam, we've been walking for an hour now, I'm not exactly in the best state of mind to figure things out." she said, a little side struck by Adam's sudden change of attitude.

"If you would, could you please tell us what we should do?" Link asked, looking at Adam with that same since of caution he had used when Adam first gained the Triforce.

"Hah! There you go again Link, mistrusting me! Honestly, how stupid can you be?"

"Adam! What's gotten into you?" Zelda asked.

"I'll tell you what's gotten into me, I've just begun to realize what fools the too of you are!"

"Now just a minute!" Link started, now realizing that something was wrong.

"Hold your mouth, Hero of Time! Who are you to talk against someone like me?"

"Adam, listen to yourself, you're acting completely unlike you normally would!" Zelda said starting to put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't try to baby me into submission princess!" he said jerking his shoulder away from her. "You were about ready to submit yourself from the looks of you back there. Really, is it that wise to be thinking about what you would do the night of your wedding?"

Zelda almost slapped him had she not been stunned by this sudden remark. Link was amazed as well, partly because he thought that he and Zelda had discussed the importance of not going into deep thought with that during the day, but mostly becuase of how Adam had known, just from Zelda walking odd.

"Hmph! Just as I thought, neither of you have the brains to respond to me. Retarded , that's what you are, the both of you, surely not capable of ruling Hyrule.

At this both of them saw what was going on. The only thing was they didn't know what was causing it. What they did know was that Adam was begging to turn against them. They realized that they didn't know that much about Adam, but they didn't think he was of an evil mind, he had used the Triforce of Wisdom well and with caring towards them. This was so new, and from out of nowhere. Just one hour ago, he had gotten them through what was probably the toughest thing that either of them had encountered together, save Link rescuing Zelda from the Dark World. Yet now he was here, actually questioning their ability to serve as the king and queen of Hyrule.

"Now Adam, please, think about what you're saying..."

"And you Link, I thought you were supposed to be a fearless warrior! You're not fearless, and you're too soft to be a warrior!"

"How dare you! You know nothing when it comes to being a warrior! You served your world's army in fear!"

"Live in the past if you wish, but that was then, and this is now."

Save me Din, he did not draw back! Link thought to himself. This was begging to be unbelievible. He had used his warrior tone on the strongest of men and seen them decline, but now this boy was looking at him straight in the eyes, and showed no sign of fear. Yes, Adam was evil, and the Triforce had unleashed it.

"Adam, you must give the Triforce back to me, it's hurting you, you're not yourself."

"On the contrary Link, I've never felt better in my life, but you seem to be in a bad state of physical condition. It is my decision that you will give me the Triforce of Courage and Power."

What? Is he crazy? With Courage, he would be able to dodge every obstacle that someone threw in his way, and with Power, the Triforce woud be complete and in his possesion...

"If you think I would be crazy enough to do something like-"

"May I remind you," Adam interupted, "that in the bunker I was able to cause each man in there to forget about me and go off to take cover? I could shoot you with this Triforce's magic and make you stop thinking about how crazy I look to you and put the urge to release the relics from your hands and give them to me in your mind."

"Adam, I, uh, please!" Link said, almost begging. He had never been in this type of situation in his life, and he could tell that Zelda hadn't either. He was so frustrated, he had defeated Ganondorf when he had held the entire Triforce, but now he was unable to get out of this? He could feel rage building up within him, it was more than he could take. "Listen, you're getting off the path here, I offered you to come along with us on our journey and leave a life that offered you nothing, and this is how you repay us?"

"Words are wasted by those who cannot fight back Link!" he replied, showing no signs of weaknesses or remembering how it all happened.

"So, this is what happens when the Triforce of Wisdom falls into the hands of someone who is pure evil?"

"No Link, the boy is not evil, he is just confused." At first Link couldn't see who was saying this, but then behind Adam he saw another man, just about his and Zelda's height. What caught Link's eye was the robe he wore. Blue, and sparkling off the light of the sphere, it covered his whole body. One could tell it was a man due to the beard upon his chin. "The air around him is what makes him this way."

"Do you really want to spend your last moments with the Triforce staring off into empty space?" Adam asked as if he hadn't heard a thing.

"Adam, don't you hear-?"

"I hear the pleadings of a scared man who doesn't want to part with an unneeded magical tales-ment." The whole speech was so frustarting to Link, because he had remembered Adam sitting in a completely lost sense of mind after Zelda took the Triforce back.

"Worry not Link of Hyrule, he can not hear nor see me, but the time will come when he must. Wisdom is his blindfold to love." And the man was gone.

Think quick Link, time to use your expierience and stop this boy from hypnotizing you. Then it occured to him, when he and Ganondorf had fought for the first and last time in the pyramid, Ganon had used the Triforce to create a shield around him to protect against the Master Sword's wrath, however, it had been unsucsessful. But the Triforce did have the ability to repeal against another piece of itself. While Link could not touch Adam with the Triforce's powere, Adam could not use the Triforce of Wisdom against him if another aspect of the Triforce was set up against him. The only way to get around that would be for Adam to physically go through the field. I beg you Spirits, don't let it happen.

"I warn you Adam, don't let this get to your head," he said, bringing Zelda directly behind him, having her holding on to both his shoulders, he body against his. Needless to say he was having some difficulty concetrating on the subject at hand. Regardless of that, he was still able to extablish the shield around them. It was invisible to Adam, and covered their entire bodies, rising only an inch above the skin.

"Like I said Link, words are wasted on those who dont' have the courage to fight back." With this he aimed and shot with the Triforce of Wisdom.

Ah, but I do have courage, in fact, I have The Courage. Yes indeed, Courage, which gave him a type of brilliance that could only be found in battle, the ability to react with abnormal speed and with reactions to his enemies' acts of violence against him. Courage in its own way was just as useful as Power and Wisdom, just underlooked by many, including Ganondorf. The man had held the entire Triforce in his hands, and only one unit was used: Power. Nothing else was found fit enough for that demonic man to use.

"You cannot fool me like that so easily Link!" Adam said, raising his voice in a highly artificial deep tone, as if trying to intimidate Link, which he already had in a way. Link then realized something, no matter what he did, in this place, the Triforce of Wisdom would make Adam think that he was right, nomatter what happened. Link could have proven Adam wrong once and for all without a shadow of a doubt, but he would still ignore that and say that Link was doing something else wrong. By the might of Nayrou Herself, it was impossible for him to discover that he was wrong!

The effect of the Triforce of Wisdom against Power had resulted only in an absorbtion of light around the shield, showing Adam how it looked. Though for Link and Zelda the entire world was viewed through a bubble that made everything look gold.

"Whoever you are, please! Help us out!" Link pleaded to what he hoped woud be there.

"Your distractions are unnescessary Link, for they have no effect on me." The Hero of Time could clearly see just how much Adam's mind was being warped by the Triforce. Even though Link had only known him for a short while, from his social expieriences, Link could tell that Adam would never talk like this, Triforce or not.

Go to the tower, the Uniforce and answers are at the top.

This wasn't the voice of the Test, and it wasn't the small voice from the Golden Land that had aided them against the Thunder Cloud. It felt almost like a thought, as if Link himself had conjured up the words in his mind subconsciously. But there was also something in those words that Link and Zelda could easily detect: truth. Whatever or whoever it was that did it spoke about what they needed to hear, and their natural reactions took over. Now it was time to use force.

"Sorry Adam, but it's time to get what we came for." Zelda said in her natural nice-as-possible tone. Before Adam could react, they both ran him down, Link quickly picking him up and laying his stomach on Link's shoudler.

Even though the tower had no doors, Link and Zelda had learned from expierence that things aren't always as they seem. Knowing this, they ran striaght into the tower, with Adam trying to scare them in his artificial voice the whole time.

* * *

"You're stance is wrong Link, in order to properly carry me, you should have positioned me so that my legs are infront. With my head exposed, I can suffer injuries." Adam knew exactly what he was talking about. For basic training in the army, they had shown the whole platoon how to properly execute a fireman rescue proceedure, and Link had messed it all up. All more a reason that showed how incapable he was to handle the Triforces. Such examples would only lead to show that Adam himself should take the two of them and head back to Hyrule and properly bring the primative ways of the Hyrulians to an end.

"There is no need to have that look of concern on you face Link, it's obvious that the walls of the tower are non-materialistic." Adam prided himself that he could see how scared Link was even when his face was upside down. There was still a golden glow around it as well, another piece of evidence showing how perspective Adam was. He had only placed the glow on them and not taken the Triforces because he wanted to show them that he had complete control over the relic, and nothing was going to stop him.

Now they had entered what Adam had known to be from the start the true Temple of Eternal Rest. The layout of the area was easy to see, even from upside down. The wall they had gone through was now clearly solid, and extended around them in a circle that was a hundred yards across at its diameter. In the center was a lone man standing, clad in a blue shining robe. A very comical look infact. It resembled a robe that Adam once saw on a professional wrestler by the name of Rick Flair. But that was a memory of a controlled sport that only absolute fools would watch.

"I give my welcome to you all; Princess Zelda Hyrule, Hero of Time Link of Hyrule, and to Adam Maverick. You do not need to worry about Adam's actions for now Link, I will control his mind of pride for a time such as this, in order to make things easier."

While the robed man was senselessly talking in a medium, Adam decided to show Link his ability to have mercy. "Link, I will not use the Triforce to rob you, and as another act of mercy, I will remove the golden shine around your and Zelda's body when you put me down." Adam said all this with absolute authority because he knew that Link would do everything he told him to do.

"All right, now what is our next course to take? Is there more after the Test?" Link asked, showing how little he knew about the situation. Adam could have told Link right then and there, but he knew how needless that knowledge was.

"Was it Simidora who told you of the Uniforce?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"I've paid attention to the lineage of the Calatian family that knows of the legend. Simidora inparticular was the one to begin the Tides."

"The what?" Link asked wrinkling his brow.

"I'll explain that while we're in the presence of the Uniforce."

"You mean, you're going to take us there?" Zelda asked.

"Yes, and just so that you may know to tell Simidora, that will be called the Council."

"Well, what is guarding the Uniforce?" Link asked.

"Nothing, I'm sorry Link, but there is no battle to come for this relic. It will be totally different than the Triforce. I understand that you do wish to fight for it, but in time you will learn that sometimes no fight is needed to fulfill your needs in life. Now come, we must take to the sky!"

"Well, just let us get over there-" Link started to say, but he was cut short when they were suddenly standing directly next to the robed man. Adam knew that it was only a simple transportation method, but Link and Zelda were so slow in the head that they could only look at the man in shock. Once more, Adam could have easily told them how it all happened, but he chose to show himself that they would infact go without ever figuring it out.

"Now then, let us go."

With that the ground they were standing on began to float up in a disc form, only about ten feet across. Link didn't show any surprise, and Zelda herself demonstrated that she too had no fear of heights. They were going up with impressive speed, and the walls around them were starting to fall away. Now they were coming up on a new surrounding. Adam could see that they were infact underwater, but none of them were choking or gasping for air, for this was an illusion, simply an image of water that was meant to scare him, but did not work. After Link and Zelda were finally able to come upon this conclusion, they were at first crowding next to each other as if the two would find safety in the other's arms, but as they felt themselves breathing in fresh air, they began to relax. Within a half minute of taking off, they "emerged" from the water. No splash resulted from this, the only evidence that showed they had come forth was the site of the water surface around them.

When Adam had a chance to look around him, he saw that they were on an island of metal, and they stood underneath a pavilion. Around them but still on the island were twelve sets of steps, leading up to the top. Again, Adam did not care what was up there, nor did he want to know. He could have if he wanted to, but to him everything began to seem insignificant.

"Here we are, more than likely not what you were expecting, but this is infact the actual Temple of the Uniforce." the robed man said, lifting his arms to motion to literally everything in the waters and blue skies. It was a meaningless gesture, seeing as how Adam had already known that from the start.

"I'm sorry, but I don't get much humour, it's just that your friend Adam Maverick still thinks that he knew where the Temple of the Uniforce was all along."

"How can you tell?" Link asked in his idiotic manner.

"I would like to explain that to you now. If you would please ascend the steps, and also remember the number of them, it will mean very much to you in the times to come. Oh, and Link, while your friend stands here staring into the water, let me tell all of you that once and for all you will understand the true definition of your fear."

"I suppose that we know what you're talking about?" Zelda asked.

Adam could just feel the man smile from ear to ear in a stupid manner.

"I'm going to explain the Binding Force of Link."

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