The Binding Force of Link

By Christian Warrior

Part X

      Link was hoping for this to be the last porthole that they would have to go through. For once on that journey he had been right. The moment that he, Zelda and Adam entered the glowing vortex, they found themselves standing perfectly still, looking at each other dazed and confused. Tehn they looked around to see where they stod, Link and Zelda found themselves to be back home in their own room!

Adam, however, was completely bewildered. It was warm in the chamber from a fire that glowed on the far side of teh room ina pit that looked big enough to fit a cow into. Some how he guessed that was the north end of the room, which was the direction he was facing. Looking around, he saw the walls were made of stone, fixed together with motar and smoothed down in excellent fashion. The ceiling seemed to be at least ten feet tall at their peak, and were rounded off, supported by enormous timbers.

On the south end of the room was a bed incredibuly long and wide enough for a full grown man to lay down on sideways and have room for his arms to be stretched over his head. On top of that (literaly) was a canopy supported by wooden posts carveded out in swirls. From the canopy hung drapes colour blue red and gold like the shades on Zelda's dress.

While the north and south walls were only a fire place and bed, the east and west walls were hardly visible. Almost every inch of stone had been covered with more paintings, shelves, statues and couches than Adam had ever seen in his life in a single room. Paintings of Link in his elven clothing (one thing that seemed to hold true from the video games), one of he and Zelda together with an enormous lake in the background. There was another of Zelda standing next to two elderly people, a man on her left and a woman on her right. The man was about Zelda's height, but much heavier. The woman looked to Adam like a carbon copy of the portrait he had seen on the Monileisa. Could these be Zelda's mother and father? A father I'd believe, but a mother? The sculpters were still of Link and Zelda, while there was only one, it stood out from the rest. It was a scene of the two holding hands. The stunning thing of it was that the clothes had not been carved on, instead it seemed that they had posed wearing tight clothing and when it was complete garments had been sewed on afterwards. The shelves held what seemed like thousands of trophies, medals, gifts and other items that the two had collected during their time together, which Adam wasn't quite sure of the length.

While the furniture and other things pointed toward Link and Zelda sharing a room, Adam had to be sure. "Link, what is this place?"

"It's our room Adam! We're back home at last!"

"So, they allow you two to have a room together?"

"Of course Adam, Link and I are engaged. Where else would we sleep?"

"Well, I just thought that.."

"Oh! Zelda, the Feast!" Link interupted.

"That's right! Well, no time has passed according to Simidora right?"

"No, but we shouldn't keep them waiting, like you said, and besides, I'm a bit hungry from all that." he said touching his stomach.

"Yes, now that you say, it, so am I! Adam, listen, for now just stay in here, I'll try to get you some leftovers. There won't be any servants coming in here until tomorrow, and by then we'll have something figured out." With these words she and Link rushed out of the door and into the hallway. >From some corner of Adam's mind he realized that hallways had not been invented until the early 1700's. The rules change here.

Before they left the two lovers had tossed the relics onto their bed, as if they expected for them to just land there. Yet instead they hovered a foot or two above the sheets. The Uniforce could only be distinguished by the robe that covered it, leaving the Triforce to shine out over it.

"Well, now that I'm here in what may become my new home, maybe I should start to use that skill of Illusion...

* * *

Just as Zelda had said, no time at all had passed. Since they were running down the empty stone hall way, they ironically came to catch up with Simidora, who was still walking back to the Grand Hall from his conference with the very same people that were about to run into him.

"Oh, my, excuse me- General! You wish to return to the Feast so soon?"

"Yes Simidora, I think that we shall search for the Uniforce some other day, but thank you kindly for the wonderful story," Link said acting on instincts.

"Well, perhaps we can talk later on tonight. Would you mind if I had a dance with the Princess?"

"Oh, not at all good sir," Zelda said speaking up for herself.

"Very well then, good night!" and he walked off briskly.

"Link! Why did you lie to the man?" she said yanking him around to look at her once Simidora was gone.

"Because in the process of finding the Uniforce we destroyed the Golden Land, managed to bring a man that is not even of this world back with us and found out that one of his families most beloved tales was a complete lie, those aren't issues I want to try to avoid while talking to him about it."

"Fair enough then." she replied softly. Can we just go back to dinner now?"

"Yes my love, let's go, we're both hungry, but I don't know if you're in the mood for dancing," he said with a smirk.

"Handsome, just sitting down for now will be enough for me." she said giving him a little punch to the shoulder jokingly.

The two then walked back down the same hallway that they had been in only a half minute ago, and yet a lifetime ago when they thought about the difference that half minute would have on their lives. Everybody was still enjoying their meals, and Link's and Zelda's were still hot. Sitting down, they said hello to those who sat around them, even the annoying nephew that had toyed with Link's past in such a cruel way.

"Now where did you two disappear to?" that snobby boy started up again.

"We felt that the Feast was bit loud, so we simply went to the kitchens to check up on the cooks," Link said, wishing that he could strangle the boy." By the way, they'd like to know, do you enjoy your food?"

"Tell your 'cooks' that they need to be a bit more creative in their styles." One could tell that he did not believe a word that Link had said. Somehow, Link started to relax once he quieted down. He considered talking to King Belemare to see just which brother of his had fathered this annoying little brat.

The main thing on his mind was eating, which he and Zelda did, and quickly. That food had never tasted so good. How fortunate it was that they be half-starved during the Feast, a time in which the Hyrulian chefs prepared the finest delicacies in the kingdom. One would have to travel to the southern most reaches of Calatia to find such delicious food.

After everyone had finished what they would eat, the music began for the dancing. As this commenced, Link noticed Zelda's mother coming in from the royal wing. He grinned a bit when he saw her coming in, remembering how she had always refused to take part in any social gathering until the dancing began. He could never understand why, but it always humoured him to see it happening.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the queen of Hyrule, Her Magisty Titannia!" her nurse hand announced as she walked in as he always had. The queen was greeted by the king with an embracing and a poorly concealed kiss. Link was always pleased to see the two of them, they made such a perfect match. Almost nothing about them seemed to show signs of conflict within the marriage. Zelda was most thankful for this after she had heard that the King of Calatia had banished his wife from Calatia and everything north of it. The oddest thing was that no one really knew why.

As the dancing began, first the King and Queen of Hyrule took to the floor, then King Belemare and his mistress, then the two lovers of Link and Zelda.

"Do you see that Link?" Zelda asked him after they had started dancing. "Look at my mother and father, that will be us one day, man and wife, King and Queen of Hyrule till our ending days."

"Yes, not a day goes by that I don't think about it a hundred times in a thousand different ways, and yet I know that I cannot begin to dream of what it will be like when the day comes. For now we have the Uniforce and the Dozen to think about, how will they help rule this land?"

"Well, I shall for now only consider the two of us. If the Uniforce deals a better fate, then so it shall be. With hope I shall be a part of this Dozen."

"If the Dozen are gathered to rule with the greatest ease ever in a royal alliance, then there is no way that you couldn't be a part of them."

"Yes, and one day will we be wed, and then…" Zelda had to stop short in her dancing from her legs going wobbly.

"Try not to think about that right now," he said helping her straighten up and continue to dance. I know it can be hard, but just concentrate on something else for now."

"Then I shall still think about you for now, but in a different way. I shall think about what kind of a changed man you are, now that you have been freed of that spell, and what it shall mean for us in the days ahead."

Suddenly, Link stopped caring if anyone saw them; it wasn't a very notable action, but daring one. Drawing her closer to him quickly, he gave her a long and deep kiss, realizing something. When he had done the same thing in the bunker, he had done it to avoid wanting to fight Ganondorf. But now, he knew that instead of his love for Zelda being something that could almost equal his own binding force, he knew better. His love towards Zelda and his passion to be with her was something that the Binding Force of Link could not overtake.

Christian Warrior

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