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Prelude to the Legend

  By Lynn

CHAPTER 10 - Sanctuary

Deep within the protective isolation of the Great Hyrulian Forest, little was known of the chaos and violence that pervaded the land outside of the forest's shelter of innocence. It was within this shielded atmosphere that the children of the forest, the Kokiri, dwelled, oblivious to the events occurring without. Life for them continued down the same well-worn path, their eternally youthful countenances concerned only with the dealings of their peaceful everyday existence.

From his secluded meadow extending off from the rest of the bustle of Kokiri Village, The Great Deku Tree stood rigid and majestic. However, his posture did not portray his emotions at that moment. Unlike the naive Kokiri, the Deku Tree could sense the evil that had been overshadowing the rest of Hyrule, and his soul agonized for the land's fate. That night as the raindrops fell chaotically, splattering on his great limbs and foliage, the Great Deku Tree's feelings were intensified. His perceptive being could sense that something of great importance was to happen that night. "Dost thou sense it Navi?" The tree called out in a deep raspy voice. Within seconds a minuscule personage enshrouded in a bright bluish light fluttered before him. "Sense what, Great Deku Tree?" the tiny winged being answered, tilting her pretty little head to the side.

"The violence and terror that doth pervade the land outside of the forest's protection. Tonight shall be the beginning of something of undeniable significance which shall greatly effect Hyrule's destiny, and which thou, Navi, shalt surely be a part of." The faerie gazed in awe of the magnificent tree's insight, all the while the wheels in her little head were turning furiously. She? Be part of something as important as Hyrule's destiny? "What is this thing that is of so much immensity?" she voiced her curiosity. The tree did not answer Navi's question; instead his gaze had shifted to a figure haltingly approaching the meadow from the outer regions of the forest.


  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Mariana had entered the Great Hyrulian Forest nearly a half hour ago, but some driving force had kept her pressing further and further into the sheltered depths of the woods. By this time she was continuing on pure adrenaline, no longer even able to feel her legs as she stumbled onward. Not long ago her vision had become hazy and she was losing blood fast. Mari knew that she was well beyond saving, but there was Link. Gratefully the infant had grown too tired to cry and had fallen into a restless sleep a while back.

It was with immense relief that the young Hylian mother spotted the break in the trees ahead. If only she could make it that far. "Just a little farther," she whispered through teeth gritted in pain.

Finally she was there. Just as she arrived the will power that had kept her going completely gave out, and she collapsed in utter weariness. Only then, as she lay on the ground, did she take the time to painfully remove the arrow that had signed her death sentence. Following the agonizing process, she glanced up only to come eye to eye with the gaze of a giant tree. "W-what....where..." she stammered weakly.

"Fear not woman. Thou art safe." The Great Deku Tree stared benevolently down on the pathetic figure that had intruded his meadow, "I am the protector of this forest. What hast brought thou and thy child here?"

"The...war...." Mari barely managed to form the words. She could feel the icy grasp of death quickly overcoming her, but she couldn't let it, not until she knew that Link was looked after. "Will....you watch.....care for...my...baby?" she asked the tree, her voice no more than a whisper. Meanwhile, Navi could only watch in pure fascination and horror at the whole scene. "I sense that this is a child of destiny. Worry not woman, thy child shalt be safe," the Great Deku Tree answered solemnly.

Mariana nodded, too powerless to thank it. At that same moment, Link awoke and immediately began to fuss. She cradled him close, her tears wetting his face, causing him to intensify his cries. She kissed his head tenderly before laying him in the soft grass that surrounded the tree. It was then that she saw the daisies in full bloom. How beautiful. Just like the ones in my meadow. If only Link could have seen my meadow; he would have loved it. These were Mari's final thoughts before her intrepid soul finally gave in to the persistent calls of death that she had been eluding for so long. Up above the clouds began to clear, revealing a broad canopy of stars and a full moon whose light bathed the meadow and mourned the many casualties it had witnessed that fateful night.


Epilogue ~ The Legend Begins

Through courageous persistence and wise strategy on the part of the king, the Hylian forces were able to withstand and eventually drive back the invading Gerudo forces. It was soon following this final defeat that Ganondorf discovered the powerful entity known as the Triforce, causing him to completely withdraw his troops from the wars as he concentrated on obtaining it. King Trebonius spent the ensuing years uniting Hyrule and restoring peace to its long-torn lands. The two rulers would not meet again until ten years later when stability had finally been established. Meanwhile, Zelda grew under the watchful eye of Impa while at the same time, deep within the Great Hyrulian Forest, a young orphaned Hylian boy was raised amongst the Kokiri.




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