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Prelude to the Legend

  By Lynn

CHAPTER 5 - The Proposal


 The months that followed were relatively peaceful ones for the land of Hyrule, save for some small skirmishes involving the Zora and Gorons. But with the Gerudo holding to the terms of the treaty, life had for the moment returned to normal.

Gavin stood on the doorstep of the small potion shop in Kakariko village. Before knocking he ran a hand through his thick dark hair and took a deep breath nervously fingering the small gold ring that was in his pocket. The door was answered by the old healer. "Ah, it's you young man, well this is a surprise! Too bad you're here for Mariana, but men will be men won't they?" The old woman cackled, "Just sit tight, I'll go get the lucky girl." A few seconds later Mariana was at the door.

"Gavin! I wasn't expecting you today!" She seemed surprised, but nevertheless pleased to see him.

"Hello Milady, I was just thinking what a beautiful evening it would be for a walk. I'm sure the meadow is absolutely splendid. Would you care to join me?" He flashed her his most charming smile.

Mariana laughed. "My, my sir! With a smile like that how could a girl possibly refuse," she answered jokingly. Then turning around she called, "I am going out Rita, but I won't be long!"

"Sure you won't," came the old woman's reply.

The two young Hylians arrived at 'Mari's Meadow', as Gavin had dubbed it, a short while later, and sat down in the soft grass. The sun was just setting in the west, it's last lingering light spilling in pools of color through the trees, bathing the meadow in hues of crimson, gold, and purple. The wild daisies were in fool bloom and covered the meadow like a thick carpet. Everything was just the way Gavin had wanted it to be.

During the past peaceful months that Hyrule had experienced, Gavin had held true to his word and had visited Mariana often. The two had developed a very strong friendship, but somewhere in the middle of it all, Gavin had found himself falling in love with the carefree girl who had saved his life those many months ago.

Now as he looked over at her, he could never recollect her looking more beautiful, which only seemed to make what he was about to do even harder. Several times he attempted to start, but never got far before his nerves got the better of him and he turned the subject onto different paths.

Finally, he stood up and with as much determination as he could muster began, "Mari I...during these past few months we've gotten to know each other well and....well....I've come to think of you as....well...more than just a friend.....," he stopped, discouraged that he couldn't seem to put what he was feeling into words, "You see...well...what I'm trying to say is....." By this time Mariana was standing also. She tilted her head to the side and with an impish smile said, "And just what are you trying to say, sir?" "What I am trying to say is," Gavin got down on one knee and held out the small gold ring, "would you...marry me?"

With a cry of utter joy, Mariana threw her arms about Gavin's neck all the while repeating "Yes!" over and over again.



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