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Prelude to the Legend

  By Lynn

CHAPTER 8 - The Legacy


Celine peered weakly down on the tiny bundle she held in her arms and almost unconsciously began to hum a lullaby. Her newborn daughter stared up at her with clear light blue eyes.

King Trebonius glanced worriedly over at his wife. She looked gaunt and pale and did not seem to be recovering well from the trauma of childbirth. He reached over and took her hand, and forcing a smile said, "What shall we name her?" "Zelda," the queen answered almost immediately, "I've always loved that name." A sudden sadness filled her eyes, "If only I could be here to see her grow." "Do not talk like that," the king said forcefully, "you are going to be fine." Even to him, his words sounded empty.

Celine looked at him lovingly, grateful for his attempts at comforting her. She closed her eyes as an involuntary moan escaped her lips.

Impa leaned down and placed a cool, wet cloth on her forehead. "Her fever is rising," the Sheikah woman said in concern. At the same moment a guard entered the room. "I am very sorry to disturb you Your Majesty, but we are in desperate need of your guidance at the moment."

The king glanced at Celine worriedly. "Go on," she urged him, "The country needs you more than I do." Trebonius reluctantly stood and followed the guard out of the room. Once he had gone, the queen faced Impa. "Would you do me a favor and hand me that box sitting on the mantle there?" she asked feebly.

Impa obeyed immediately, bringing over the small ornate container. "Open it," Celine quietly stated. The Sheikah woman did so and was surprised by what she found. Inside, the box was lined with scarlet velvet which cradled a light blue instrument of some sort. "It's called an ocarina," the queen answered Impa's unspoken question. "Only this is no ordinary ocarina; this is the Ocarina of Time."

Impa gave the queen a confused look, not quite understanding the strange instrument's significance. Celine smiled at her bewildered look and weakly raised the ocarina from its box. Gently placing the instrument to her lips, the queen played a beautiful melodic lullaby. From her cradled position on Celine's lap, Zelda stared up at her mother with her wide intelligent eyes, seeming to comprehend as though each note held some important message. The song was cut short however, when the queen fell into a violent coughing fit, dropping the ocarina onto the bedcover.

Impa quickly replaced the instrument in its box, then leaned down and lifted Zelda into her arms. Soon after her coughing fit had passed, Celine's breathing became heavy and labored. She looked up at the Sheikah woman, tears filling her eyes. "Promise me....you'll take care of her 'gasp' The king....will make a good father......but he...can't do it.....alone." She paused trying to find enough strength to continue. "The....ocarina 'gasp' you must make.....sure to..give it to her.....she'll 'gasp' understand." Having finished, the queen fell back against the pillow, her face pale, and her breath now coming in short shallow gasps. With what little energy she still possessed she extended her arms toward Zelda. Impa place the infant in her mother's arms and watched despairingly as Celine, tears streaming down her face, cradled her child for the last time before silently slipping away.

Moments later, the king returned, anxiety showing itself in every line of his face. All thoughts of the war disappeared, however, as soon as his gaze rested on his now deceased wife. A strangled cry emanated from his lips as he rushed to her side. Grabbing her hand in both of his, he kissed it passionately, then buried his face in his arms. When he finally raised his head, Impa was standing over him, holding Zelda gently. Trebonius rose and took his daughter from the Sheikah's arms, staring down at the infant sadly. When he returned the baby over to Impa, his eyes were filled with a new conviction. He would not allow his child to grow up amidst the chaos of war; he was determined, even it took every breath out of his body, to somehow bring peace to Hyrule.


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