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Prelude to the Legend

  By Lynn

CHAPTER 9 - Flight


Mariana ran as she had never run before, behind her she could hear the distant sound of quickly approaching horses. The sky had opened up and the rain was coming down in sheets, making it difficult to see; nevertheless, she kept running, trusting in the direction that the Gerudo had sent her in.

Relief washed over her as the dark silhouette of the forest came into view. Her relief was short-lived however, as her pursuers slowly began to overtake her, and as, to Mari's horror, arrows began to pierce through the air around them. Clutching Link tightly to her bosom and trusting in the rain to shelter them from view, she continued in her bold flight toward the refuge of the forest. Just a few more yards, she thought desperately. Suddenly she felt sharp agonizing pain as an arrow found its mark and embedded itself in her back. Unable to continue running, she stumbled forward landing hard, still holding her child protectively to her.

For several moments she lay their in shock, not fully comprehending what had happened. All she felt was the tormenting pain that was pulsating through her. It was Link's anguished cries that eventually pulled her from her stupor, as she realized that her pursuers were within moments of overtaking them. No, she thought, panic-stricken. She had to save Link, she had to. Not bothering to even try to remove the arrow, Mariana attempted unsuccessfully to stand. Her legs were too weak and the pain was just too great; she couldn't do it. But she had to, if not for herself then for her infant son. Mustering every ounce of strength left in her body, Mari pulled herself to her feet; it hurt overwhelmingly, but she ignored it, once again heading for the forest. She had not taken seven steps before she tumbled to the ground once again. For a while she remained their listening for the sound of approaching horses. None came. Relief flooded over her; they must have considered her as good as dead and left instead of attempting to find her in the blinding downpour. Once again she agonizingly pulled herself to her feet, biting her lip to keep from crying out in pain, and continued toward safety. The process was slow and miserable for Mari, but she was determined to make it.


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