SLegend of Zelda: Doppelgangers, Sorceresses and Oracles

By Jason Boaz

Chapter 3: Oracles To The Rescue

Sure enough, back at the North Castle, Link and Zelda were still
squabbling over the history lesson.

Link: Aw, come on, Zelda.  I doubt there's a purpose for learning all
this stuff about the Imprisoning War...I'd rather fight monsters!

Zelda: Look, you'll never know when the knowledge of battles in the
Imprisoning War can help you out in current day situations.

Miff: Zelda's right, Link.  It would be best that you learn about
Hyrule's history...for history may help you, uneducated

Sprite: Link is not a buffon, Miff.  He is willing to sacrifice
EVERYTHING to save Hyrule.  He proved that when he chose to give up the
Triforce of Power, and keep his soul.

Sprite's words caused Link and Zelda to remembered that moment...It was
a moment which lived in infamy.  Link had touched the Triforce of Power,
which caused the Triforce of Courage to leave his heart.  Being slowly
corrupted, he put on a blue hooded robe and in a colossal battle,
imprisoned Ganon in a cage, which hung over a bottomess pit.  Zelda, who
admitted she loved Link, was willing to fight him.  He tried to use
magic on her, but she was protected.   

*Zelda: (in a flashback) Your spell didn't harm me!  How?  The Triforce
of Courage protected me!

Link: NO!  The Triforce of Courage is mine!

Zelda: Not anymore!  The Triforce of Courage left your heart...and come
to mine!  The Triforce of Power you hold is not evil, but Ganon tricked
you into using POWER without the Triforce of WISDOM to guide you!
Remember the Legend of the Three Triforces?  "The three must be brought
together...but if misused they will bring many evils?"  You have MISUSED
the Triforce!  He who depends on POWER alone, without WISDOM...cannot
claim COURAGE!

Zelda picked up Link's sword and wanted him to give up the Triforce of
Power, otherwise she'd fight him.

Zelda: Give up the Triforce of Power, Link.  Or, even if it breaks my
heart...I'll fight you.  Wisdom and Courage will always triumph over

Ganon: Link!  Listen to me!  We can defeat her TOGETHER, if you let me
have the Triforce of Power back--!  Then, once she's gone, we'll divide
the spoils of Hyrule!  I swear it!  Please!  I must have the Triforce
back!  I'm fading away! 

Link: Shut up, Ganon!  The power is mine, FOREVER!!

Zelda: Don't you see what's happening?!  You don't have to JOIN Ganon!
(points at Link) You've BECOME Ganon!

As she pointed at Link, he pulled back his hood, and was horrified to
see he had a pig's face...just like Ganon.

Link: (looking in a mirror, pulling back hood, horrified) NOOOOOOO!!!

Ganon, who saw Link's predicament, mocked him, as he was slowly dying.

Ganon: HA HA HA!  This is THE PRICE of power!  it corrupted and twisted
YOU as it did me.  It is horrible, is it not?  RID yourself of it, noble
Link.  Give it back to ME!

Link: You're DYING because you lost the power!  If I give up the
Triforce now--the same thing will happen to me!

Zelda: It's true...if you give up the Triforce, you'll be destroying

Link: There is a price either way.  My LIFE, if I give up the power!  My
SOUL, if I keep it!

At that moment, Link had come to a decision.  He chose to keep his soul,
and throw the Triforce of Power into the pit.  The cage disappeared, and
Ganon fell, and caught up with the Triforce.

Link: I choose to SOUL!  (throws the Triforce of Power into
the pit)

Ganon: THE TRIFORCE!  NO!  (falls) The Power mst be mine!

Link's heroic action had almost taken his life..but by doing what he
did, the Triforce of Courage returned to him and restored his strength,
thus saving his life.

Link: I...I remember that.  That moment has been etched into my memory,

Zelda: Good.  Now, do you remember what you said, when I cried for you?

Link: I sure do...I said, "Don't cry, Zelda.  I'm a hero, or at least I
WAS.  I'm not pay the price." 

Just then, a voice interrupted their rememberance.  It was the voice of
a woman, who Link knew.

Woman: You're a very noble young man, Link.  Your selfless actions that
day, proven without a doubt, that you are indeed, the descendant of the
Hero of Time. 

Link and Zelda turned around, and realized that Kylara, one of the Seven
Maidens, has returned to Hyrule...and that something bad is happening,
somewhere in Hyrule.

Zelda: Kylara!  You're back!

Kylara: Yes.  It's good to see you again, my friends. 

Link: I have a feeling something bad's happening...and you've come here
to warn us about that danger.

Kylara: You'd win that bet, Link.  Ganon has sent Evil Zelda into the a time when Link I was seventeen, and the Master Sword was
moved to the Lost Woods.  She was sent to capture Zelda II. 

Zelda: Do you know if my ancestor is alright? 

Kylara: That, I do not know.  What I do know is, that if Ganon is to be
stopped, you must be sent into the past at once.

Sprite: How are they going into the past, Kylara? 

Miff: Yeah.  I mean, the Spiritual Stones were reforged into the
Pendants of Virtue...and they might not be powerful enough to open the
Door of Time.  How can they use the Ocarina of Time without an open Door
of Time?

Kylara: You and Sprite have raised a good point, Miff.  The Spiritual
Stones aren't what they used to be.  Fortunately, you won't need them.

Zelda: Why not?

Kylara: Because...we have the help of the Three Oracles.

Zelda, Link and the two Fairies were in awe, when Kylara mentioned the
three Oracles.

Link: You don't mean...

Zelda: Din, Oracle of Seasons...

Miff: Nayru, Oracle of Ages...

Sprite: And Farore, Oracle of Secrets? 

Kylara: None other.

As Kylara spoke, Din, Nayru and Farore appeared out of nowhere. 

Din: We are the Three Oracles who are reincarnations of the goddesses
who created Hyrule.

Nayru: We have learned of the situation in the past, and will send you
two there to set things right.

Farore: You must meet your ancestors and stop Ganon's latest scheme!

Link: How did Ganon send Evil Zelda into the past, anyway?

Kylara: Agahnim, Dark Leigh, and Veran combined their powers with those
of Mara Hespera and sent Evil Zelda into the past.

Zelda: MARA HESPERA!  So...she has a hand in this!

Din: Yes.  But she is the least of your worries.

Nayru: Before we send you into the past, we will tell you the story of
how Ganon was brought back to life.

Farore: Link II, the Legendary Hero of Hyrule returned to his homeland,
after a long and difficult adventure in Koholint Island.  The Triforce
beckoned him and sent him into the Kingdoms of Holodrum, Subrosia, and

Din: Onox, General of Darkness, and Veran Sorceress of Shadows spread
destruction and sorrow throughout the three lands.  Onox captured me,
and Veran possessed Nayru.

Nayru: Fortunately, Link II was able to beat them both, and somehow, the
Master Sword followed him into those kingdoms.

Farore: He used Mystery seeds against Veran, and forced her out of Nayru
and Queen Ambi.  Then, he defeated Onox to save Farore. 

Link: Interesting...but what does all this have to do with Ganon?

Din: Koume and Kotake were running the show from the sidelines.  When
Onox and Veran were defeated, they kidnapped Zelda, who was now queen.

Nayru: Their original intention was to sacrifice Zelda III so the fire
of Despair would be ignited.  But, they had to change their plans, when
Link II beat them, as themselves, and as Twinrova.

Farore: Rather than admit defeat, they resolved to use their bodies to
light the fires of Despair.  And with the third torch lit, Ganon was
brought back to life.

Zelda: That's horrible!!

Kylara: Yes.  But Link II beat Ganon and saved Zelda III.  But, they
both knew that with Ganon alive again, the Triforce was in danger, so
Sahasrahla hid the Triforce of Courage, and put himself to sleep,
waiting for the coming of you, Link. 

Link: I knew it!  I knew that old man wasn't an enemy.  When I battled
all the way through the Great Palace, he told me I had to prove I was
worthy of possessing the Triforce of Courage.  During the battle, Dark
Link cut me! 

Kylara: And after the battle, one of Ganon's Stalfos gathered enough
blood from your wound, and sprinkled it onto his fallen master's ashes.
Ganon was once again reborn.

Zelda: Thank you for this information, Kylara.  You too, Oracles of
Ages, Seasons and Secrets.  Now, send us to our destination!

Din: Right.

Using their powers, Din, Nayru and Farore sent Zelda and Link into the

Kylara: Have a safe journey, you two!

Din, Nayru and Farore: We wish you luck.

Meanwhile, centuries in the past at Hyrule Castle, Evil Zelda got into
Zelda II's outfit.  She had the colors altered to suit her fashion
sense...namely black. 

Evil Zelda: Much better.  Pink is so frilly.  Black is more my style.

As she spoke, Zelda and Link were sent into the courtyard.  Evil Zelda
saw them, and knew it was showtime.

Evil Zelda: Uh oh...they're here.  Get out of sight, Dark Link I.

Dark Link I: Right.  (hides in the shadows)

Link and Zelda found their way into the Courtyard, where Evil Zelda
greeted them.

Zelda: WOW!  This is amazing.

Link: So this is Hyrule Castle.  Not a bad spot.

Evil Zelda: Welcome to Hyrule Castle, travellers.  I am Zelda, Princess
of Hyrule.

Zelda: Nice to meet, you.  I am your descendant.  (Hey...she's wearing
black!  Could this be Evil Zelda?  I dunno.  I hope we get a better
vantage point with mirrors.  I'd better keep my eye on her.)
Evil Zelda: You two must be tired, after your long journey.  come with
me to the guest room.


Evil Zelda, dressed as Zelda II, led the two heroes to the guest room.
There, she started to try to attract Link with her feminine wiles.

Evil Zelda: I'll bet you want something to remember me by, don't you?

Link: (baffled) Uuhh...what do you mean?

Evil Zelda: Come closer.  I want to give you the most memorable
experience of your lifetime.

Link: Come on, stop it...I don't even know you.

Evil Zelda: Then let's bridge that gap, right now.

Evil Zelda grabbed Link, and kissed him on the lips.  Zelda saw she had
no reflection in the mirror...and wasn't surprised to see what she saw.

Zelda: (to herself) What the?!  My ancestor would never do a thing like
that...unless...(looks into the mirror and sees that "Zelda II" has no
reflection) I knew it.  It's Evil Zelda, alright.

Zelda felt it was time for them to leave.

Zelda: Link, we're leaving.

Link: Aw, come on, Zelda!  We were invited here.

Zelda: I said we're leaving...NOW!!

Zelda tugs on Link's ear, and pulls him out of the castle.

Link: OW OW OW!   Stop that, Zelda!  That hurts!

Evil Zelda: (to herself) Was it something I said?

Back in the present, Ganon was watching...he knew Evil Zelda did it

Ganon: Oh no...Evil Zelda sure has an impulse control problem!  She's
revealed herself again.

Mara: Looks like your plan is going down the tubes, oh, not-so-mighty

Ganon: SHUT UP!!  I need to think of the rest of my backup plan!  (Why
did it have to turn out like this?  Why?)

Back in the past, Zelda told Link about what she found out.

Link: Why did you do that, for, Zelda?  You tugged on my ear!  That

Zelda: Because, something was wrong here.  My "ancestor" was wearing
black, wasn't she?

Link: Yeah?  So?

Zelda: She had no reflection.  That was Evil Zelda!

Link: But if Evil Zelda is there, where's your ancestor?

As Link asked that question, a person who seemed to be a young lad
answered him.  He turned around, and saw a youth who was dressed in a
blue and white outfit, with the Sheikah insignia on it. 

Lad: Perhaps she is closer than you think.

Link: (turns around) Who are you?

Lad: I am Sheik, survivor of the Sheikahs.

Zelda and Link had met Sheik, who in reality, is Zelda II.  Will they
learn the truth about Shieik?  Can the join forces with the Hero of Time
and the Princess of Destiny to stop Ganon's latest plot?  Find out as
our pulse-pounding story continues.

To Be Continued...

Chapter 4