SLegend of Zelda: Doppelgangers, Sorceresses and Oracles

By Jason Boaz

Chapter 4: Zelda II Vs. Evil Zelda

Link was surprised to see this lad who went by the name of Sheik.  But,
Zelda knew who Sheik truly was.  She then told her of their purpose in
the past.

Link: Wha?  Who is this guy?  Where's Zelda's ancestor?

Sheik: Why do you seek Princess Zelda?

Zelda: Because we're here to help her, "Sheik."  I am Princess Zelda IV,
your descendant. 

Sheik was a little surprised that this woman knew who she was.

Sheik: do you know who I am?  Do you have proof that you're
my descendant?

Zelda: I do, indeed. 

Zelda got the Triforce of Wisdom out of her pouch.  It acknowledged
Sheik as Zelda II.

Triforce of Wisdom (green): Greetings, Princess.  It has been a long
time, since I was a part of you.  In my time, centuries have passed.
This girl speaks the truth.  She is your descendant.

Sheik was amazed to see the Triforce of Wisdom.  She then took off her
mask to reveal who she was...Princess Zelda II.

Zelda II: (takes off mask)'s the Triforce of Wisdom.  It
remembers me...I don't believe it, but...I know...what you say is true.
Greetings, my descendant.  It is good to meet you.

Zelda: And it is an honor to meet you.

Zelda II called for Link I, who was waiting in the bushes, making sure
these people weren't enemies.

Zelda II: Link, it's alright.  They're friends.  I think they're here to
help us.

Link I: (jumps out of the bushes)  I understand, Zelda.  (looks at Link
III) Who are you?

Link: I am Link III....your descendant.  I never thought I'd actually
meet you...the Hero of Time. 

As Link spoke, the Triforce symbol  gleamed on his left hand.  the part
that glowed the brightest was the Triforce of Courage.

Link I: You have the Triforce of Courage in your heart...I can feel it.
There's no doubt in my mind you are indeed my own flesh and blood.

Link: I'm glad that's settled.  Now, we have to talk about why we're

Navi flew beside Link's and spoke to him.

Navi: Let me've come to help us stop the one who tried to
kidnap Zelda...the one who called herself Evil Zelda.  Am I right?

Link: Yeah.  That's why we were sent here.  When we first got here, she
tried to fool us into thinking she was Zelda II, but her own actions
gave her away.  Plus...she altered the colors of the dress in her
style...namely black.

Zelda II was furious to hear that Evil Zelda impersonated her.

Zelda II: WHAT?!  How dare she impersonate me!  Why'd she have to make
my white dress black?!

Zelda: The dress was still white.  The blouse, and all that was pink was
black, and the part which displayed the Triforce, the Sheikah symbol and
the Royal crest was was a darker blue. 

Zelda II: Well, she's going to pay for what she did!  She planned to put
me into the dungeon...and is a danger to Hyrule!  I must set things

Before Zelda II began to storm back into the castle, Link I stopped her,
and asked their descendants how it was possible for Ganon to send her.

Link I: Hold on, Zelda!  We can't just barge in, yet. We need some
questions answered, first.

Zelda II: You're right, Link.  I'm sorry. 

Link: Wht kind of questions do you need answered?

Link I: Well...after she introduced herself, she said Ganon sent his
regards.  How is that possible?  I mean...he's still trapped in the Evil
Realm, isn't he?

Zelda: Not anymore.  You see, it's a long story, but I'll try to make it

Link I and Zelda II listened to Zelda's story, of how Ganon was
destroyed and resurrected.

Zelda: You see, about three or four generations after the Imprisoning
War, A Wizard known as Agahnim was capturing 7 maidens who were of the
bloodline of the Seven Sages, and sent all of them into the Dark World,
which is known to you as the Evil Realm.  Your first descendant, Zelda
III was the last to go.  Link II, the Legendary Hero, fought the Dark
Wizard, and was sucked into the Dark World himself.  He battled the
Helmasaur King, Arrghus, Mothula, Blind the Thief, Kholdstare Vitreous
and Trinexx in order to free the Seven Maidens.  They were in the Dark
Palace, the Swamp Palace. Skull Dungeon, the Gargoyle's Domain, The Ice
Palace, Misery Maze and Turtle Rock.  He had help from a **Dark World
fairy, a Zora and a knight.  After breaking the seal to Ganon's Tower in
the Dark World, he fought Armos Knights, Lanmolas and Moldorm all over
again.  **Roam, the Knight gave his life to stop Agahnim, a second time.
Ganon fled to the Pyramid of Power, and Link II followed.  They had a
titanic struggle, but in the end, Ganon was destroyed with the help of
Zelda III and the Silver Arrow, and the Triforce was sent to Hyrule.

Zelda II: Not bad.  But is there more to this story?

Zelda: Yes.  The people of Hyrule wondered about what new evils would
rise from Ganon's ashes.  Link II journeyed abroad to gain new skills.
After a long and fruitful voyage,  he was shipwrecked, and had an
adventure in Koholint Island.  He woke the Wind Fish, defeated the
Nightmares and returned to Hyrule, only to be sent into Holodrum,
Subrosia, and Labrynna by the Triforce.  He fought Onox, General of
Darkness and Veran, Sorceress of Shadows to free Din, Oracle of Seasons
and Nayru, Oracle of Ages from their thrall.  But, little did he know,
Koume and Kotake were behind the scenes, running the show.  Because of
Veran and Onox, the fires of Destruction and Sorrow were lit.

Link I: KOUME AND KOTAKE!!  So, they did come back.

Zelda: And, with a vengeance.  They captured Zelda III, who was now
queen, and attempted to sacrifice her, so the fire of Despair would be
lit, and Ganon would live again. 

Zelda II: That's horrible!  Did Link's descendant, the  Legendary Hero
stop them?

Zelda: Yes and no...he did stop them from doing the sacrifice, but after
beating them in battle, they used their own bodies to light the fire of
Despair...and thus Ganon was ressurrected.  Link II defeated him, but he
and Zelda III knew he'd go after the Triforce again.  So they had the
Triforce of Courage sent to the Great Palace, where it was hidden until
Link found it.  And so, Ganon troubles us to this day.

Zelda II: That was an amazing story, my descendant...but I have one more
question.  How did Ganon get the whole Triforce?

Zelda: Well, you'll live out your lives, and when both of you die, at a
ripe old age...the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Courage will
return to the Dark World.  I think Ganon was cautious during that time.
He merely kept them, not used see, the Triforces will be a
part of the two of you only while you live.   

Link: I...I think I understand.

Zelda II: So do I...the two Triforce pieces returning to the tainted
Sacred Realm is inevitable.  When we die..they go back...but I guess
that's what they call destiny.

Zelda: I'm afraid so.

As Zelda ended her story, it was time for her and Link to join forces
with their ancestors to fight Dark Link I and Evil Zelda.

Link: Come on, guys.  We have to head back to Hyrule Castle.  We got to
stop Evil Zelda!

Link I: Got it!

Zelda II: We're with you.

Zelda II used the Triforce of Widsom to change from her Sheikah outfit
to her outfit as a Princess.  Then, she, along with Link I, and their
descendants, made it back to Hyrule Castle, where Evil Zelda was living
large.  She was ordering the servants to give her a meal fit for a
king...Impa, who was watching, suspected something wasn't right.

Evil Zelda: Mmmm...this is the life.  More grapes, and a roast turkey,

Servant: Yes, ma'mm.

Impa the Sage: (to herself) This isn't like Zelda at all.  It's almost
as if she's an impostor.     

Impa looked into the mirror and realized the truth.

Impa the Sage: have no reflection, "Princess Zelda."

Evil Zelda: Yeah?  So?

Impa the Sage: You're not Zelda at all, are you?!  You're an impostor!
As the true Princess Zelda's attendant, and as the Sage of the Shadow
Temple, I order you to come with me!  Your masquerade is over!  Guards,
Arrest her!

Evil Zelda, saw the guards and servants turn against her, and knew her
deception was over.  She told Dark Link to help her.

Guard: Yes, ma'mm.

Evil Zelda: Uh oh...busted.  Dark Link, get out here!  Stop them!  We've
been discovered!

Dark Link I rose from the shadows, and overpowered the Guards.  But, as
all seemed lost, the true Princess, along with Link I and their new
friends arrived.

Dark Link I: Alright!  Time to send you clowns packing!  (jumps, and
slices the rope to a big chandelier. which pins the guards)  

Impa the Sage: Oh no!  The guards are powerless.  Is there no one who
can stop these fiends from flooding Hyrule with evil?

Zelda II: Don't worry, Impa.  I'm back, and ready to seek justice.  And,
I brought some help.

Evil Zelda: Aw, nuts!  They're back!  And the Link and Zelda I know are
with them!!

Impa, saw the true Princess Zelda II, and hugged her.  She then asked
who the people who accompanied her and Link I were.

Impa the Sage: (hugs Zelda II) Princess, you're alright!  And you've
brought help.  Who are the two who came with you?  Link I recognize, but
not the others.

Zelda: I'm Zelda IV, descendant of the Princess of Destiny.

Link: And I'm Link III, descendant of the Hero of Time.

Impa the Sage: I don't know why, but for some reason, I believe you.  I
can sense the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Courage in your

Just as the conversation was getting warmed up, Evil Zelda butted in,
and wanted to fight!

Evil Zelda: AHEM!  Are we going to talk all day, or are we going to

Zelda II: We're going to fight, but not in here!  Let's take it outside!

Evil Zelda: With pleasure!!

Zelda II, and Evil Zelda went outside, along with Dark Link, Link I,
Impa, Zelda and Link.  There, Evil Zelda and Zelda II started to rumble,
while Dark Link and Link I had a sword fight.  Both Links scored an
equal amount of hits, as Evil Zelda and Zelda II punched, kicked, and
threw each other around.

Zelda II: You'll never win, Evil Zelda! 

Evil Zelda: We'll see!

Dark LInk I: You're as good as ever, Link!  But this time, you won't
beat me!

Link: Don't bet on it!  Navi, keep him targeted!  I'm going to pull out
all the stops, by using Din's Fire, the Megaton Hammer, and the Biggoron

Navi: Got it!

As always, Ganon was watching the whole thing.  He knew where this was
going.  And he knew it was nearly time for him to step in.

Ganon: Oh, no!  Not again!  If I didn't know any better, I'd swear Evil
Zelda is about to lose, as is Dark Link I!  It is nearly time. I must be
ready!  Triforce of Power...return me to my human form!

Mara, Veran, Dark Leigh and Agahnim watched in awe, as Ganon's body
twisted and changed.  His snout became a long, aqualine nose.  His skin
changed from green into a tanned color.  His ears changed into human
ears.  Even his body reverted to its original state.  As his eyes
changed from red, to hazel/orange, he threw off his blue cloak and cap,
and they came back on as his cape and a Gerudo's jeweled headpiece.  He
even grew long, red hair.  Finally, his blue robe with purple, lined
with a red collar changed into his armor, as his shoes became armored
boots.  The transformation was complete.  Ganon was the Great King of
Evil once more.

Mara: AMAZING!  So this is what you look like in human form, eh Ganon?
Not too shabby. 

Ganondorf: Yes.  Once the battle has been decided, I will go to the
past.  Then, Veran will temporarily possess Nayru, and send Link I,
Zelda II, and their troublesome descendants to the remains of my castle,
where I first fought Link I as Ganon.

Agahnim: But don't mean to tell us you intend to become that
gigantic, monstrous horned alter ego of yourself, which was your first
form as Ganon, are you?

Ganondorf: That is my intention, Agahnim.  I want to give Link I a taste
of deja vu, before I destroy him and his friends.

Dark Leigh: But...if you're'll crowd everyone out in the
Evil'll be a tight fit.

Ganondorf: I don't care, Dark Leigh!  My enemies have given me no
choice!  I'm going through the portal!  Veran, you take it from here!

Veran: Yes, sir.

Mara Hespera was excited to hear Veran was going to possess Nayru again.

Mara: WHOO HOO!  I'll watch what happens at North Castle through Ganon's
crystal ball, and see the Sorceress of Shadows IN ACTION!!   If it's
okay, with you, of course, Ganondorf.

Ganondorf: Of course, Mara.  You can watch.  And now, I must go!  

 As the Great Evil King Ganondorf jumped into the time portal, Veran
teleported into North Castle, and was ready to possess Nayru, the Oracle
of Ages, once again.

Din: I you think they'll make it? 

Kylara: They'll be fine.  They've been through worse.

Nayru: Kylara's right.  I mean, things can't take another turn for the
worse...or can they? 

Veran: (teleports in) I'm afraid you're right, old friend. Things are
taking another turn for the worse, right now, Nayru!

Nayru: VERAN!  So, you've come to take me over, again, haven't you?!

Veran: YES!  I am here under orders of Master Ganon!  You're mine!

Farore: Somebody stop her!

But, before Din, Kylara and Farore could react, it was too late.  Veran
seeped into Nayru.  Once again, Nayru was possessed by the Sorceress of

Possessed Nayru: You're too late, Din, Kylara and Farore!  I'm back in
control! But, do not despair, my time in this body will not be
permanent.  I will leave her, as soon as I'm done!  Farewell, for now!
(warps into the past)

Using Nayru's body and powers, Veran went into the past.

Din: Dang it!  We were too slow!

Kylara: Don't worry.  Before Link and Zelda left, I secretly placed a
slingshot, and a seed bullet bag, filled with Mystery Seeds in Link's

Farore: What a relief!  I hope Veran enjoys a Mystery Seed barrage,
before going back to the Evil Jar!!

Meanwhile, back at the past, a few minutes had passed by.  Link watched
in awe as he finally overpowered Dark Link I with the Megaton Hammer,
Din's Fire and the Biggoron Sword.  Dark Link I plunged into the ground,
and disappeared.

Link I: Looks like the tables have turned.  (uses Din's Fire, then
smashes Dark Link I with the Megaton Hammer, and finally slashes at him
with the Biggoron Sword) Goodbye, Dark Link!

Dark Link I: (plunging into the ground) AAAAHHHH!!  NOT AGAIN!!
(disappears, leaving a purple rupee behind)

Link: WHOA!  That was a good battle you fought, Link I.  No wonder
you're the Hero of Time!

Link I: Thanks.  I can't wait to see you in action, my descendant.

Zelda: How are my ancestor and Evil Zelda faring, Impa?

Impa the Sage: See for yourself.

Zelda watched as her ancestor and Evil Zelda continued to duke it out.
As they fought, the two of them inched precariously close to a nearby
mudhole.  Link feared the worst.

Link: No...oh, no...please please please please PLEASE don't fall into
the mudhole!!

Zelda: Why don't you want them to fall in? (sits down, unpeels a banana,
and begins to eat it)

Link: You KNOW what'll happen!  If both of them fall in, their clothes
will be completely covered in mud, and I won't be able to tell who's
who!  And there's only ONE WAY I know of to figure it out.

This gave Zelda a mischievious idea. 

Zelda: That would be horrible.  (But so be it.  For once, I won't be the
one subjected to the kissing contest.)    

Impa the Sage: Is it really that bad?        

Link: Yeah, it is.

Link III: Then, I hope it doesn't happen. 

Zelda II gave Evil Zelda a right hook, and sent her flying in the mud

Zelda II: Time for a mud bath, Evil Zelda! (gives Evil Zelda a right

Evil Zelda: Oh, NO!  (falls into the mud hole)  UGHH!  Not again!  YUCK!

Zelda II looked at Evil Zelda victoriously, but little did she know, at
that moment, her descendant, Zelda IV threw the peel of a banana which
she had finished eating close to her feet.

Zelda II: Looks like you're rolling in the mud, Evil Zelda.

Evil Zelda: Why I oughta...

Zelda: (tosses the banana peel onto the ground, close to where her
ancestor was standing) You did it, great ancestor!  You beat Evil Zelda!   

Zelda II: I guess I have, haven't I? 

As she stepped towards her desendant, she tripped on the banana peel,
and fell straight into the mudhole.

Zelda II: WWHHHOOOAA!  (falls into the mudhole)  OOPH!  (looks at
herself) Oh, NO!! This dress!  It's covered in mud!

Link: Oh, NO!  NOT AGAIN!!!

Once again, Link's fears were realized.  Both Zeldas fell into the

Link: Aw, great!  Now I can't tell them apart!  I don't know who to zap!

Link I: Oh, dear...what a mess.

Navi: (giggles) That is funny!  Zelda fell in the mud!

Zelda II: That's not funny, Navi!

Navi: Sorry.

Once again, both Evil Zelda, and the one she tried to impersonate told
Link to zap the impostor.

Evil Zelda: Don't just stand there, Link III!  Zap her!  I'm the real

Zelda II: Don't listen to her!  She's the evil one!  I'm the real
Princess of Destiny....zap her!

Zelda walked by Link, and with a smug smile, told Link he knew what to

Zelda: (walks by Link, smiles smugly) You know what to do, Link.

Link: I guess I do.  There's only one way to tell them apart, now.  A
kissing contest!

Link I: A..

Impa the Sage: Kissing...

Navi: Contest?

Link: Yeah!  That's how I'll tell them apart.

Link I, Impa and Navi laughed.  They felt he should go ahead.

Link I: Well, have at it. (laughs)

Impa the Sage: Good luck. (laughs)

Navi: You'll need it.

Link helped both Zeldas up.  Somehow, he managed to pick Evil Zelda

Link: Alright.  (helps both Zeldas up, and points to Evil Zelda) You're

Evil Zelda: You got it, hot stuff. MMMMMMMM!!

Evil Zelda, being true to herself, kissed Link ON THE LIPS!!

Link I: (whispers) That has to be the impostor.

Navi: Obviously.

Impa the Sage: I wonder what the real Zelda will do?

Zelda: We'll soon find out.

Link: Wow!  Not bad.  (points to Zelda II) Now, it's your turn.  Kiss
me, Princess.

Zelda II, who barely knew Link, slapped him in the face.

Zelda II: (slaps Link) Watch it!  I don't know you that well!

Link: You're the Princess of Destiny, alright.

Evil Zelda got mad, and rushed at her twin, when she saw the banana
peel, and figured it out...but, once again, she was met with a Cressword
bolt, and was sent back to the Evil Jar.

Evil Zelda: Why I oughta!  (wait...a banana peel...Zelda!  You did this!
You sent your own ancestor into the mudhole on purpose!  I'll get you
for this!!)  You're asking for it, my goody-too-shoes counterpart!!

Link: (zaps Evil Zelda with the Cressword) Sorry.  You're going nowhere,
except for the Evil Jar!!

Evil Zelda: UMPH!  You haven't heard the last of this!  I'LL BE BACK!

As Evil Zelda was sent into the Evil Jar, Navi noticed a banana peel,
and remembered Zelda was eating a banana...and discovered what happened.

Navi: What's a banana peel doing here?  Wait a sec!  Zelda's descendant
was eating a banana, earlier!  She did this!

Zelda II, Link I & Navi: ZELDA?! 

Link & Impa the Sage: WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!

Zelda: I didn't want to be the one, in the mud with Evil Zelda, this
time.  Besides, I knew it would lead to this outcome.  Link ALWAYS finds
out who's who this way.

As Zelda explained, everyone then laughed, realizing how funny it really
was.  But then, dark storm clouds inked the sky.  It wasn't over, not by
a longshot.  Will Link and Zelda, along with their ancestors, Navi and
Impa free Nayru from Veran's control?  And, how will they deal with
Ganon's gigantic, monstrous first form?  Find out in the exciting
conclusion of "Doppelgangers, Sorceresses and Oracles!"

To Be Concluded... 

Chapter 5