SLegend of Zelda: Doppelgangers, Sorceresses and Oracles

By Jason Boaz

Chapter 5: A Historical Clash

Zelda, in an effort to avoid being the subject of a kissing contest,
threw a banana peel in her ancestor's path.  Zelda II, the princess of
Destiny, slipped and fell into a mudhole, where Evil Zelda was.  Link
was forced to do the kissing contest.  Evil Zelda, realizing Zelda
cheated, tried to lunge at her good self, only to be sent back into the
Evil Jar.  Navi also discovered the truth, and Zelda's answer made
everyone laugh.  But, as they thought it was all over, dark clouds inked
the sky.  Link I knew it was a bad omen.

Link: What's happening?  Why'd the sky turn so dark so suddenly?

Link: I don't know...but I know this much.  Something bad's about to

As if on cue, Nayru, who was possessed by Veran, appears.

Possessed Nayru: (teleports) Very good, Link I.  You are more than
worthy of your reputation as the Hero of Time!  Something bad IS going
to happen, right this minute!!

Zelda: What do you mean, Nayru?  What are you doing?

Possessed Nayru: Nayru is...indisposed of at the moment.  I am the one
who is in control!

Link realizes that Veran, the Sorceress of Shadows was inside Nayru.

Link: You must be Veran, Sorceress of Shadows.  The three Oracles told
us about you!

Possessed Nayru: I am flattered you've heard of me, Hero.  My stay in
this body will not be permament.  But, I must warn you...if you attack
ME, it's NAYRU who DIES!

Link I: There must be a way to get that being out of this girl!

Zelda: Link, search your pouch for ANYTHING that can force an evil
spirit out of a person.

Link: Right!  (pulls out the boomerang) Nope, that's not it..(pulls out
the Enemy Bait) That's not it, either.

Possessed Nayru: While you search your pouch, I will send you, Zelda and
your ancestors, plus Navi into an alternate time...where my master
awaits!  NOW!!

As Link fumbled in his bag, Veran, who was inside Nayru, sent everyone
except Impa into a huge floating platform.  There were dark clouds in
the sky, and it looked as though some gigantic buliding had been
destroyed.  Link I and Zelda II knew where they were.

Zelda: Where are we?  Where did you take us, Veran!

Possessed Nayru: I'll let Link I answer that question.  After all, he
knows this place all too well.

Link I: She's right...I know where we are.

Zelda II: I do, too.

Link: Well, don't keep us in suspense!  Where are we?!  (pulls out a
bomb) Nah...too explosive.

Link I: This is the place where Ganon's Castle stood...until it

Zelda II: I've seen this place in my nightmares.  The day I rose to
power as leader of the Seven Sages and aided in winning the Imprisoning
War, I gained memories of this awful time.

Zelda: I guess Ganon has a surprise or two in store for us. 

Link: Yep.  I guess so.  (pulls out a seed satchel) Huh?  Who put that
in there?

Link discovered the Seed Satchel Kylara planted in his pouch.  He then
pulled out weird, teardrop-shaped seeds, which were blue.  The Possessed
Nayru cringed in fear as she saw them.

Possessed Nayru: NO!  (cringes) Not the Mystery Seeds!  Keep those away
from me!!

Link: Wha?  You fear these seeds?  Why?

As Link asked his question, Kylara spoke to him across space and time.

Kylara: These are the Mystery Seeds that Veran despises!  The Legendary
Hero used these to force Veran out of Nayru and Queen Ambi.  Use the
slingshot I placed in your pouch!  Then, fire the seeds on her! 

Possessed Nayru: I heard that!  I'm a little bit stronger than I was,
when Link II beat me!  It'll take more than Mystery Seeds to force me
out, this time!

Link I, who was a quick thinker, had an idea.  He got out the Ocarina of
Time, and played the Song of Healing.

Link I: Then how about listening to this?!  (plays the Song of Healing)

When Link I played the song of Healing, the sounds of that melody
weakened Veran's hold over Nayru...making her vulnerable to a Mystery
Seed barrage.

Possessed Nayru: NO!  That melody!!  What has it DONE to ME?!

Link I: This is the Song of Healing!  It heals those who are cursed, or
have regrets in life.  It even heals those who are cursed by evil magic!

Kylara: Use the slingshot now, Link!

Link: Right! 

Without hesitation, Link pulled out a slingshot which Kylara provided,
loaded it with Mystery Seeds and fired several shots at the wicked
bodysnatcher.  Veran was exposed, but not fully.  She still had Nayru
under her control...until Kylara told Link I to use his Hookshot on her.

Kylara: Hero of Time!  Use your Hookshot to pull Veran away from Nayru! 

Link I: Sure...but who are you?  Why do you treat me like the Sages do? 

Kylara: I am Kylara, descendant of Rauru, Sage of Light. 

Link I: That's good enough for me!  (fires the Hookshot)

Link I fires his Hookshot, and pulls Veran close to where Link was.
Then, Link zapped Veran twice with the Cressword...which was enough to
send her back into the Evil Jar...but it was too late to stop her from
accomplishing her task.

Veran: UUNGGHH!!  I can't believe I've been beaten AGAIN! But it doesn't
matter now!  My task is ALREADY COMPLETE!  AH HA HA HA HA HA!! Farewell,
for now, fools!  (disappears)

As Veran disappeared into the Evil Jar, Link asked Nayru if she was

Link: Are you alright, Nayru? 

Nayru: Yes.  I'm fine, now.  Thanks for the help.  Both you, and the
Hero of Time played a integral role in freeing me.
Link I: Don't mention it.  Now, can you use your powers to send us back
to our own time?

Nayru: Sure things, guys.  Here we go!

But, as Nayru tried to send everybody back, she discovered she was
powerless to do anything.

Nayru: Uh oh...

Link: What's wrong?

Nayru: My powers...they're being blocked by a dark force!  I'm sorry, my

Link I: The last time something like that happened was when....Ganondorf
blocked Navi's targeting by using waves...of darkness.

Zelda II: Then that means...

Navi: He's heeeerrre...

Link I: There's only one way to find out.  Link III, come with me.  If
Ganon or Ganondorf is here, he'll appear from that central mound of

Link: Right.

Link I and Link both went to the central mound of rubble, which was

Link: What will happen that'll tell us he's here?

Link I: A wall of flame will surround us, and Zelda will be trapped
behind it. 

Link: (looks around) I don't see any wall of flame.

But, as Link commented on the absence of a wall of flame, sure enough, a
wall of flame appeared, trapping Zelda II, Zelda and Nayru behind it.

Link I: You were saying, Link III?

Link: Alright...I guess I was wrong.

Zelda II: He's here, Link! 

Link I: I know.  He'll be out in 3...2...1.

Link I counted down the time Ganondorf would emerge from the rubble.  As
he reached one, a blue portal could be seen on the ground.  Then,
Ganondorf burst through the rubble, and floated in the air.

Ganondorf: (to Link I) Link, how nice to see you again!

Link I: Ganondorf!  So you ARE behind this!

It took Link a few seconds to remember Ganondorf's face from Miff's
little showing off bit.

Link: Ganondorf?  As in Pig-face?

Ganondorf: How dare you call me that, hero?!  You've stood in my way for
the last time! 

Link: We'll see about that! 

Ganondorf: Yes we will, won't we?

Ganondorf held his right fist high in the air.  The Triforce of Power
showed itself in his hand.

Link I: I know what's about to happen next...

LinK: What do you mean?  What's going to happen?

Link I: He's going to transform into Ganon.

Link: So what?  I've beaten him before.  3 zaps sends him into the Evil

Link I: What's an Evil Jar?

Link: The Evil Jar is where all of Ganon's monsters, even himself go
where they're defeated.  Once there, they rejuvenate until they're fully
reenergized, then when they're strong enough, they are summoned out of

Link I: I see...but you're probably wrong about how strong he'll be in a
few seconds.

Link Whay do you mean?

Link I: LOOK!

Both Links looked at Ganondorf, who was bathed in a blue light.  He
became huge.  His flowing red hair covered his back.  His arms were as
long as a gorilla's.  Though he was pig-like in appearance, he had horns
like a ram.  His legs were like the horse's front legs, only he had
cloven hooves.  He was curled up in a ball, and when the transformation
was complete, he fell into the ground, landing on his feet, like a cat
would.  He uncurled and revealed a long tail.  Twin swords emerged in
his clawed hands.  Ganon had once again transformed into his first form.


Ganon: Foolish Link...did you truly think I would fight you and your
ancestor in my most current form?  Here?

Link: Well...kinda.

Ganon: Then you are wrong!!

Link I: What form is it, anyway?

Ganon: Take a good look, Hero of Time! 

Ganon pointed to an alterate image of himself.  As Link I looked, the
Evil King took this opportunity to knock the Master Sword flying out of
his hand, and it landed behind the wall of flame, where Zelda II, Zelda
and Nayru were.

Link I: Boy, do you look ugly.  But, As I've learned, history  is what
you can make of it.

Ganon: But, if you're not careful, History...WILL...REPEAT ITSELF!
(swings his sword to knock the Master Sword out of Link I's hand)

Link I: What the heck?!

Ganon: Made you look!

Link: No fair, pig-face!!

Ganon: Today is the day you'll regret the first time you called me
"pig-face," hero!

Link: We'll see!

Zelda II: (sees the Master Sword land close to where she, Zelda and
Nayru is, and gasps) It's dj vu all over again!

Nayru: This is bad..

Link: YEOW!  You never fought me in that form!  Why now?

Ganon: Because you give me no choice! 

Link I: I doubt your sword can beat him, but you can use this.  (tosses
him a bundle of LIght Arrows)

Link: What are these?

Link I: These Light Arrows, when fired at Ganon's head, will stun him.
You stun him, while I attack his tail!

Link: Right!

Link, who complied in his ancestor's plan, fire a Light Arrow at Ganon's
head.  (with help from Navi's skill in targeting)  Sure enough he was
stunned.  Link I then used the Biggoron Sword on his tail.  They
repeated this for 3 more times, until Ganon went down, and the wall of
flame dispelled...for the moment.

Ganon:'ve toppled me...for the moment!  When I rise,
I'll be faster than before!

Zelda II: I don't think I need to say you'd better hurry up and get the
Master Sword, Link.

Link I: Got it!

Link I took no time in retrieving the Master Sword.  He then got back in
the central area, where the wall of fire resurfaced.  Ganon slowly got
up, but Link I made him jump, with a start, by using the Master Sword.

Ganon: YEOWTCH!!

Link I: Now we're even!

Ganon, who was furious, went after Link I, and forgot all about Link.
Link fired a triple zap with his Ganon's tail.  It made
him really angry.

Ganon: You'll pay for that! (pursues Link I)

Link I : We'll see about that, Ganon!!

Link: (to himself) Hmmm...this would be a good moment to use the
Cressword at his tail.  Adios, Ganon!  Time to go to the Evil Jar!
(triple zaps Ganon's tail)

Ganon: OOWW!  (turns around, and sees Link) This time, you won't escape
me!  Since I'm stronger, it'll take more than 3 measly, little zaps to
send me into the Evil Jar.

Link: It was worth a try.


Ganon begin to swing a deathblow at Link, but then felt another blow to
the tail from the Master Sword.  He collapsed again.

Ganon: Uunngghh...not again!

Ganon tried to get up, but Zelda II, along with Zelda held him down.

Ganon: I...can't move!!

Zelda II: We're using our powers to hold the Evil King!

Zelda: Send him into the Evil Jar...NOW!

Link & Link I: We're on it!

Link fired one more blast from the Cressword at Ganon's head.  Then,
Link I slashed at Ganon three times, and stabbed in the mouth.  Ganon
reeled, and disappeared into the Evil Jar.

Ganon: NO!  This can't be happening!  You haven't seen the last of me!!

Link: Wow!  We did it, honored ancestor.  We beat Ganon in his most
powerful form.

Link I: Yes.  And it's because we worked together, that we pulled it
off, my descendant.

Navi: Who's for getting out of here?

Zelda II: I am.

Zelda: Me, too.

Link: So am I.

Link I: It's unanimous.

Nayru: Then let's get out of here.

Nayru, who's powers were no longer blocked, sent herself and her friends
back to Hyrule Castle, in the original timeline.  Back in Death
Mountain, in the present, Ganon appeared in the Evil Jar...sure enough,
he was crowding everyone out.

Dark Link: Master!  You're crowding us!

Evil Zelda: Move it or lose it!

Veran: Could you please change back into your usual form, Master Ganon?
You're too big.

Ganon: (ignores the complaints and swears revenge) Wait until next time,
Link!  I will destroy you, capture Zelda and the Triforce of Wisdom!

Evil Zelda, along with all of the Brotherhood of Underworld Monsters,
shoved Ganon out of the Evil Jar through the top.

Evil Zelda: Alright, guys!  On the count of three, let's ditch some dead

Brotherhood of Underworld Monsters: One...Two...THREE!

Ganon, who was shoved out of the Evil Jar, landed on Dark Leigh and
Agahnim.  Smooshing them, first, then sending them both into the Evil

Agahnim: Look out!

Dark Leigh: TOO LATE! (is sat on, and disappears, then reappears in the
Evil Jar)

Agahnim: OOMPH!  (is sat on, disappears, and reappears in the Evil Jar
as well)

Mara Hespera thought all of this was funny.  She laughed, and then
left...after saying how much of a pleasure it was to work with Veran.

Mara: (laughs) You're a buffoon, Ganon!  You are so funny.  Well, I
gotta go, now.  It was great to work with Veran, Sorceress of Shadows.

Veran: Thank you, Mara Hespera.  It was a pleasure to work with you,

Mara: Don't mention it, Veran.  Ciao.  (telelports out)

As Mara Hespera teleported back to her castle, Agahnim gave his master
an "I-told-you-so."

Agahnim: Dark Leigh and I warned that about you  being too big to fit in
the Evil Jar in that form, master.

Ganon: I know, Agahnim...I KNOW!  (This has been the WORST day of my
entire life!)

Chapter 6