Better to have loved...

  By: Zucatt the sage king



  It is three months after Harvus was destroyed and it is now mid-February. Before we can join the present story, we must go back a few weeks. To get better acquainted with each other Zucatt, Zelda and Link went on a small hike/picnic. Link had went out to catch some meat, and Zelda and Zucatt were talking. "Zucatt?" "Yes Princess Zelda?" She smiled. She didn't think someone of such high stature would address her as high royalty. "I was wondering...about..." "Who I am? Where I come from?" Zucatt said, knowing exactly what she wanted to hear. "Well, yes...but you don't have to answer if you don't want to." Zucatt raised his hand in silence."It is alright, you deserve to know." He breathed deep and sighed deeper. "Before the earth was formed by the three goddess', there was a place, on a different plain of reality, off key to ours you might say, that was home to all gods." Zelda looked quite intrigued. "True there were some beings that were not gods, just omnipotent, and some more still that were only aloud there because they were wed to, or family or friends of other beings. The place I speak of was called, or still is actually, Montarei or The High Altar." Zelda's eyes gleamed in wonder and curiousity. She leaned on Zucatt's shoulder, looking up into the sky trying to visualize the wondrous place. "It was eternal paradise, with lakes so clear seemed like empty craters until you stroke your hand through them, making them ripple; grass so green and soft it was like silk of beautiful hues; the mountains looked not dark and gloomy, but bright and beautiful like the gems found inside them, oh how gorgeous they were Zelda!; and the forest were undescribeable."

  Zelda looked into his eyes, his face showed a small smile, but she could tell how it pained him to remember his forbidden home. She was about to beckon him to stop when he continued, now talking more to himself, in anger, than to Zelda, informatively. "But, because I meddled in mortal affairs, I was kicked off my paradise cloud!" Zelda was shocked that things were so harsh there. Zucatt saw her disbelieve."Oh no it wasn't just what I did." "You see, in our law, when one of us does something major, than another must do something equal and yet opposite to keep the universe in balance." He went on."The goddess' made the earth they did it as three, so as not to have someone make it equal." Zelda still did not understand."Well, a few days after the earth was formed; well, to us it is a few days, to you it is thousands of years; a war, like many, had broken out. Many gods sat around and watched things happen hear and there as if it were a play being acted out, cheering when something catastrophic happened, booing when there was peace. I did not like this however, and sneered at the others for this. One day I slowed things down from the speed at which we saw things happen, and saw a mother and her small child running from the fray, there was an enchanted forest, which would only open to those it saw fit." <He must be talking of kokiri forest!> thought Zelda."I saw the future, and the forest would not let them in, so I used my great hands to push back the trees, and let them pass. But a shower of stray arrows would have killed the mother AND the child, so quickly I shut the branches. But one, lone arrow made it through and pierced the mother's side." Zelda gasped in fear."I gave her strength to make it to the Deku Tree, who was merely a sprout then, and he took the child. Sadly, the mother died there. The Deku Sprout summoned his children, the kokiri, to take care of the child and raise it as their own. One god saw my act and told upon my feats to the head gods, Father Sky and Mother Earth. They decreed that there must be an equal birth on that day. So, my exact opposite, Harvus, went back 20 years and had the gerudos cenntenial man born on that day." Zelda understood now. "Ganondorf! Ganondorf Dragmire!" She spit out."That is who was born! And the child was Link!" "Quite right my princess, quite right."

  "But tell me more about what happened to you!" "Well, A few hours later, after the land was at peace, the Six Sages were formed, but they needed a leader." "So you were made king of the sages!" "That's right. It was alot better being a great king to them, than just another person to the gods. I was respected every where I went, and got the best of accommodations at inns and castles. My court and army was second to none." Zelda mind was suddenly questioned."Then why did you come back here then?" "Well, you see Zelda, I knew how your father was getting very sick." Zelda saddened. Yes, it was true, her father AND mother were both getting old and dying. "So I came back to rule in his place." He looked out over the unspoiled plains. "This land needs to be protected." He looked back at Zelda, raising her chin with his hand. "Besides, I couldn't let I guy like Link, who's always wandering around, get a beautiful girl like you." Zelda blushed and looked into her lap. Zucatt leaned close and puckered his lips gently to kiss her when he heard a loud roar, followed by Link's voice. "WWAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!" Zelda and Zucatt stood up abruptly, and rushed to see what was happening.

  A group of moblins had surprised Link while hunting. Two were swiping at him left and right, while another tried to grab him. Their leader was 1 1/2 feet taller than they were, and he carried a large round hammer. The third moblin grabbed Link, but he shot it in the leg with his longshot, then turned around and killed it with an arrow. One came up behind him and hit him over the head with the blunt end of his spear. Zelda screamed, and Zucatt rushed into the battle. He drew his newly made sword by the gorons, out andswiped it across the moblin's back. This angered it. It spun around and recieved a lunge in the chest. The final one dropped his spear down towards Zucatt, but Zucatt blocked with his sword.

  While this was happening the leader went up to Zelda and tried to smash her. She rolled out of the way, but the leader prepared to shockwave her into a hole with red-heads. Zucatt saw him begin to raise his hammer above his head, so with an energy blast he pushed the moblin off him and onto a spiked tree branch, killing it. The leader sent a shockwave rumbling towards Zelda, but Zucatt touched the earth, summoning power, then raised his hands quickly. A tree shot out from under Zelda and lifted her off the ground.

  Then Zucatt lifted the malet from the head moblin's hands high into the air then turned it into a rock at the last minute. It began to fall down to the ground, and the moblin tried to move, but Zucatt rooted it's feet to the, seriously, two tree roots shot up and snagged it's feet. No one could bear to look. Even Zucatt and Link shut their eyes. All they heard were the moblins screams and KU-SPLAT!!! with the few assorted bone crunches.

  "You did it!"cried Zelda, hugging Zucatt cheerfully. "No," said Zucatt "t'was mallet, killed the beast." Zelda looked up at Zucatt "What?" "Nothing." Zelda sighed. Suddenly several Fire Skulls swooped down at Zucatt and Zelda. Zelda screamed in paranoia fright. Link easily picked them off with some arrows. Zelda gazed back up to Zucatt. "Let's go home." she suggested. "Good idea." he said, hugging her tightly to his chest.



  Zucatt was in his room reading, on his nice sofa, in front of his warm fire. There was aknock at the door. "Come in." It was Link. "Link! Please come and sit down." He sat up to face him in the chair he sat down in. "You looked different." noted Zucatt. "How so?" asked Link. "Well, I've never seen you out of that tunic and gauntlets of yours." Link laughed "Oh, well, yes." He said looking down at his leisure clothes. "Well, what about you?" He threw back. "What about me?" Zucatt countered. "Even kings like to dress comfortably and relax." Very relaxed it seems. Long sleeve dark green tunic, with an under shirt and dirty brown pants and normal leather shoes on. VERY relaxed. Link leaned forward and held his hands together in a thinking pose. "Zelda told him about what you said today." Zucatt sighed. "I'm sorry my mother and I caused so much trouble for you." "Oh it isn't your fault. I just can't believe how arrogant and uncaring those people were!" He slammed his fist down hard on his night table.

  There was another knock after this. Zelda peeked her head in and the men quickly stood up. Link quickly said his good-bye. "Uh, it was nice talking to you Zucatt!" "Likewise." As Link was leaving he quickly said a good evening to Princess Zelda and bowed swiftly. "What is it my Princess?" "I just wanted to thank you for what you did today." Zucatt took her hands in his. "It was nothing. Link and I are here to protect you." "Yes but, there's something more isn't there. Something you're hiding. What is it." Zucatt tried to keep his head lowered, but Zelda held it in her hands and raised it to her level. "What is it?" She asked more kindly, looking straight into his eyes. "I...I...I love you Zelda." She was utterly ecstatic. "I thought as much." "Ever since I saw you close up and in person, I knew you were wonderful." Tears began to well up and run down Zelda's face. Zucatt gently wiped them away. "I love you." He whispered again. "I love you too." She echoed. Zucatt held her in his arms and kissed her, slowly stroking her lips with his tongue. She did the same, stroking up and down on the backs of his lips.

  After this Zelda and Zucatt spent many days together, fishing in a private grove under Zelda's window; reading together on tree limbs; Zucatt rowing her around Zora's River. Each time more magical than the last. One day they were in Gerudo Valley, behind the water fall in the secret alcove. Zucatt and Zelda were watching the sun set behind the boundaries, holding each other wrapped in a blanket. Zelda looked up at Zucatt, and held her hand against his chin. She kissed him sweetly on the lips, stroking gently with her lips, opening and closing them. When they had stopped Zucatt gazed longly at Zelda. "What is it?" She asked. "You're so beautiful, your flowing hair; your mini lake eyes; your rose red lips; and your milk white skin." Zelda blushed so hard she looked sunburned. Zucatt raised her head up to his. "Marry me Zelda, please." She was so happy she started to cry. "Yes, I will!" She threw her arms around him and kissed him. She turned her tongue around and around in his mouth, and they stayed there long into the night.

  After the royal announcement, everyone in Hyrule was busy. Zucatt rode quickly to Death Mountain. His wife would get the greatest ring he could find. Link rode with Zucatt, for being his best man he was to accompany him to all wedding arrangements. Since Link had saved the Gorons on two occasions, they asked no charge. The brightest rupee minerals they could find were crafted into the ring. A golden rupee was made into the ring itself; a green rupee was set in little pairs around the outside; a purple rupee was set between these; and a blue rupee filled the center. The Gorons decided to just eat the left over pieces, but an attendent from Zora's Domain asked them to give them to him, we'll find out later why.


  Then Zucatt and Link rode to Kokiri Forest. It was decided that the wedding be held here, and the minister be none other than the Deku Sprout. The date was set to be two weeks from that day. Mido was appointed ring bearer. "Don't worry your highness! I'll guard it with my life!" After this Zucatt and Link returned to the castle, and a cavalery of messengers went to the four corners of Hyrule to deliver the invites of the wedding.

  Next was the catering. Zora's River promised the best fish; Kokiri Forest promised the best fruits; the Gerudos could hunt for the best meat; and Lon Lon Ranch promised the best ale. The Hyrule bakers baked a huge cake for all the guests, 2 feet taller than Zelda. As a special present they baked four dozen cookies, two dozen donuts and three dozen coffee cakes for Princess Zelda. When they arrive at her room she laughed, "If I ate all these I'd have to wear three wedding dresses!"

  As for that, there was a big commotion over who should make the wedding dress. The Gerudos made her a bright, colorful top; a headress with a veil and many bead chains to hang in her hair; a pair of diamond studded arm bands ; and finally a pair of large poofy pants. But Zelda complained it was hard to walk in them. Then the Zora's made a long sleeved skirt with artificial fins coming out of the arms; and aheadress that looked like a Zora head. Zelda then complained that she had to wiggle like a fish to walk in it. After the Zoras explained that was the idea, everyone agreed the Hylians would make the dress.

  Link took Zucatt to the Karikiro tailors for his monkey suit. His outfit had a more earth-tone to it, being mostly green. He wore dark brown boots with a thin, long sleeved tunic, with a darker green cape. Since the King and Queen had sadly passed on during the wedding preps, Zucatt and Zelda would be wearing the royal crowns. Zucat centered on his head for try and turned to Link. "How do I look?" he asked. "Like your about to steal the girl I've looked after for seven years away." Zucatt threw a soft ball of light at Link. "Ah, shut up!"


The day of the wedding had finally arrived and everyone hurried to Kokiri Forest. The Kokiri had never had so many visitors and it was a little hard finding places for people to sit. While the ceremony would take place in the Deku Tree Meadow, the reception would be held in the Kokiri town. Large trees had been cut down to make long tables for all the food that was brought in. Zucatt and Zelda had finished getting ready and were being carted by large carriages to Kokiri Forest.

  When all had sat, and Zucatt and Zelda arrived, the ceremony began. Zucatt was waiting ahead while Zelda proceeded down the aisle. As she walked up to Zucatt, he thought how wonderful she looked. She had worn an all white dress with a six foot train behind her with many yellow, purple and green flowers sown in. She had let her hair grow another three feet, letting it drop a foot below her waist. Her hair had many flowers inter-twined in it and her crown had a ring of flowers wrapped around it. She held a large bouquet of red roses, at least 30. The Deku Sprout spoke with a small scrub holding a holy book infront of him on it's head.

  "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today o join this King and this Princess, in holy matrimony. If there be anyone here, who does NOT think these two should be wed, let him think now, or forever hold his peace". Everyone looked around to see if anyone did. "Zucatt: King of the Sages and Ruler of all Hyrule, do you take Zelda: Princess of Hyrule, to be you lawful wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, 'till death do you part?" He looked smiling into her eyes of hope. "I do." "And do you Zelda: Princess of Hyrule, take Zucatt: King of the Sages and Ruler of all Hyrule to be your lawful husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, 'till death do you part?" "She looked back to him. "I do." "The rings." Zelda gave Zucatt the ring of water crystal the Zoras gave her. Zucatt gave Zelda the ring the Gorons made. Zelda's eyes light up at the sight of such an extravagant ring. "Oh, it's so beautiful!" She leaped into his arms and hugged him tightly. "By the power bested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife.You may now kiss the bride." Zucatt held Zelda off the ground holding her gently. Zelda held Zucatts face in her hands, kissing him long and lastly. The entire crowd cheered and praised the new rulers of Hyrule.

  The reception was an outburst of celebration. The Gerudos had caught (actually stolen) several large cows from Lon Lon Ranch. Five fish caught from Zora's River would put many of Link's records to shame. Kokiri farmers put all they knew into making this years harvest the best. All in all it was a great party. Later, the Gorons whipped out drums, the Kokiri played flutes, the Sheikah (who had been reborn thanks to distant relatives of Impa) played harps, and the Gerudos and Karkiro Carpenter Co. danced in time. Everyone else joined in too.

  As Zucatt and Zelda headed for their flying carriage, they were bombarded by a barrage of flower petals. Though the well wishers only threw them a few feet in the air, Zucatt had cast a spell to make it rain flowers. Link ran up to Zucatt asking, him where they would go. "We thought we'd vacation at Koholint Island." "What!?! You mean I really went there once!?!" "Well, yes. You see, the Wind Fish blows the island all around with strong tropical winds. But, we should be able to find it from above. I'll tell Malon and Talon you said hi!" he said as they flew away waving. "You take care of Hyrule for us while we're gone!" "I will, KING ZUCATT!" he said sarcastically as they flew out of sight."Well, that's that." Link said walking away. "Not so fast fiance!" someone behind Link yelled. "Huh?" Link spun around. "You!"

Uh oh, who's this stange woman claiming to be Link's wife?


Find out in: BETTER TO HAVE LOVED...?: Part 2




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