Better to have loved...

  By: Zucatt the sage king



The last we left the land of Hyrule Zucatt and Zelda had been betrothed, (yeah!) and Link had a visitor from the past claiming to be his fiance. (Uh-oh) So let's check in now with our friend Link two weeks ago. "You what are you doing here!?!" "Link!" Talon cried running up to Link. "Link, why haven't you introduced your friend here to the rest of us?" A zora stepped forward, next to the visitor. "Introducing her highest majesty, Princess Ruto, the Sage of Water and Savior to her people." Everyone around turned to the young Zora and bowed low in awe. After bowing, Talon rose again to address the princess. "Princess Zora, we honored to have your presence with us. But tell me, why have you come here?" Ruto smiled. "To marry my husband of course." she said simply.

"Marry!?!" It was two weeks later, after Zelda and Zucatt had returned. "How could you two get married!?!" Zucatt was yelling at Link in astonishment. "I know, I know." "I thought you couldn't get married because of her duties as a sage." "I did too, but I guess because I defeated Gannondorf her duties were complete." "Well I guess now she wants to marry and nothing could make her change her mind." "Yeah tell me about it." "So what do I do?" "WHAT DO MEAN WHAT DO YOU DO!?!YOU MARRY HER YOU MORON!!!!!" All this time Zelda had been standing by calmly, listening to the two carry on whining and she'd had enough. "And just what would be so bad about marrying her?" Zucatt and Link held their heads in silent embarassment. "In fact, I'm going to the Zora's Palace to give her my congratulations and help with the arrangements." Link motioned to Zucatt with anxiety. Zucatt rushed up to Zelda and gently grabbed hold of her arm. "Uh, honey, maybe we shouldn't get involved." Zelda turned fast and yanked her arm away so hard, it sent Zucatt flying backwards. "Don't you honey me!!!!" Then she slammed the door behind her. Link helped Zucatt up. "Man." Link said. "I know, I know."




Zelda and Ruto were sitting together drinking tea, discussing the marriage. "Well I think it's just wonderful. If Link can't have me, he should have someone just as good." "If not better." Ruto interjected. "Let's not get carried away." Ruto smiled deceptively at Zelda. Zelda smiled back. They both laughe. "Well, now that we can agree on your wedding, I think we should discuss the wedding plans." Zelda said, placing her cup down. "That's alright Zelda. I would rather plan it myself." "How are you going to do it?" Ruto placed her hands on her knees. "I want to have a traditional Zora wedding."

A traditional Zora wedding including having all the inhabitants of Hyrule come to Jabu Jabu's Pond and be witness to the wedding of the Hero of Time and the Sage of Water. The guests were given necklaces of Water Stone and allowed to sit in underwater air bubbles, to view the ceremonies. The Gorons were very fidgety in their bubbles. Zelda smiled from her bubble at Ruto in her slim, skin-tight, long dress with very decorated earrings and crown. Link wasn't very dignified in his Iron Boots and Zora Tunic, but he needed it to breath. It was hard enough for him to understand the Zora Priest unerwater. All he could hear was Ruto telepathically say "I do" to the priest. After what seemed to Link, a long prossesion of blub-blubs, Link mouthed the word "I do" (after several nervous attempts) to the priest. Link saw the priest mouth something like "No you mak kice tea brid" but before Link knew Ruto had grabbed him by the shoulders and had begun kiss him. All in all it was normal until Ruto started to stretch long Zor tongu towards the back of his throat. That's when Link almost violently pushed her away. He looked at Ruto in a somewhat bizarre manner and noticed she was inhaling and exhaling water very deeply, looking at him with honeyed eyes. "Oh boy." Link thought to himself. Then he looked around and saw all the people clapping silently in the bubbles. He sighed and waved Zelda and Zucatt. Noticing Zelda was half laughing with joy.



Link and Ruto were in his room, lying on his bed discussing their marriage. "So, what now." "Well, we shall return to our lives and except for Royal ocassions and appearences to the public we shall basically stay our seperate ways." "And what about love?" Link asked. Ruto leaned closed to him, shutting her eyes. She placed her lips on his and kissed him gently, sucking softly on his lips. When she let go, she asked Link, "How is that for love?" Link was half pleasured and half surprised. "Well, uh.......sure." "Ruto smiled widely at him. Suddenly there wwas a loud banging on the door. "Suh, the cussle iz ondur attock." called a muffled voice. Link jumped up, off the bed, and rushed to the door.

"What!?!" "We're under attack from the seaport." Link ran with the guard down the hall. Halfway he met up with Zucatt. "Well, fancy meeting you here." Zucatt joked. "Have you heard?" "Yep." Link and Zucatt rushed to the wall, looking out over the horizon. Zucatt spotted something and pointed. "There, that's the ship that's firing on us." Link looked toward the where Zucatt was pointing. "Hey, wait a minute. Those aren't normal shot's, they're warning shots!Tha ships aflame!"





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