The Dragon Dawning

by Eon

Chapter 5: Come Hither Whence I Call Thee


Flynn was startled awake by noise outside the cell. He blinked his eyes, trying to adjust to the darkness in the small area. Lily had cuddled into his arms in the middle of the night. As much as he felt unworthy of her presence, he liked the warmth of her body pressed against his own. Gently he pushed her away, leaning her against the wall, and struggled to his feet. The next moment the door of the cell swung open, letting bright light pour in.

Flynn blinked, trying furiously to make the little dots in front of his eyes go away. When his vision cleared, he could just make out the lines of a very womanly shape and he knew, without having to even look, who stood in that doorway. He could have known just by the stench of evil and hate that wafted into that already polluted cell.


The only reply was a deep, hate-filled laughed. Then his mother sprang forward in the dark like a mountain cat and grabbed him by the hair before he could move. She slung him out of the door of the cell and into the wall. Flynn staggered, tried to catch himself, and failed, sliding to the floor with a groan. His mother dragged him to his feet and shoved him along.

"Bring the girl!" Faylah shouted over her shoulder.

"Mother, no!" Flynn shouted, twisting around to try and free himself from her grasp.

"Shut up!"

Faylah slammed her fist into Flynn's face and he stumbled back, stunned. For a woman, she sure packs a powerful punch! Flynn thought. He looked at his mother through eyes that were filled with blood and sweat and smiled at her like a sweet child. She slapped him, the turned him around, yanking his hands behind his back and shoved him forward.

Flynn could barely see, but he could clearly hear Lily's screams. He could also hear loud curses as she bit at fingers and kicked at shins. He would try the same, but that would only earn him another black eye. Instead he shuffled along obediently until he was throw up against hard ground. He heard the rush of water and knew instantly where he was.

"Remember this, boy child?" Faylah hissed. "Remember when we used to shove you under this water, you ungrateful brat!"

"Yes…mother." Flynn said it like an insult.

There was a loud crack and Flynn was pretty sure his mother had slapped him, but the side of his face was too numb to tell. His vision had cleared and now he could see his father on the other side of the lake. The new Power Field was with him and it obviously hadn't taken long to turn her, because she was already dressed in black robes. I was a fool, Flynn thought bitterly. I should have never brought her here.

"Put them in!" Faylah snapped at the guards.

Rope was tied tightly around Flynn's body, pinning is arms to his sides. He craned his neck in Lily's direction and they were doing the same to her. The excess rope was tossed over a thick beam on the ceiling, to make it like a pulley. Then they were lifted up by the rope and dunked into the icy cold water of the underground lake.

The ropes were tied to knobs on the wall and secured. Gags were tied into Flynn and Lily's mouths and they were left that way. The water was making Flynn's whole body go numb, starting at his toes and climbing its way up like ivy on a wall. Lily was screaming, short and constant, and there was another sharp crack as she was slapped into silence. Then everything was still…they had left.

Flynn swung around on his ropes as best he could, and saw Lily out cold. He knew that wasn't good. She had to stay awake to fight off the cold that would come upon her. Flynn kicked his feet and made muffled sounds deep in his throat, but it did him no good. Lily remained silent and still, hanging from her ropes like a dead body.

Flynn shivered and turned his head away. The cold had worked its way up to the tops of his legs and was spreading fast. It wouldn't be long before he lost his grip on consciousness. He racked his brain for something, anything that could help him and the fairy girl escape. A faint strand of whimsy wafted through his brain and, as crazy as it was, he thought the idea over. Yes, it could work!

Flynn closed his eyes, fighting away the sleep the rose up to envelop him. He reached out with his mind, and called. Natori! Natori, hear me! There was no response. Flynn felt a wave of despair, then remembered. Sora. Lady? Your aid is needed. No sooner had he finished the thought when the numbness slipped up his neck and he lost consciousness.


Sora opened her eyes, blinking to ward off the bright sunlight that seeped through the flimsy curtains on the window of the room in which she now slept. It was much better than the other night, cramped into a little tent between Link and her brother. She sat up, her hair falling in messy tumbled around her head, and pushed the blankets away. She'd slept in!

Quickly Sora tossed her blankets to the floor and forced herself out of the bed. She scampered across the floor to the chest full of clothes that had been magicked here for her. From it she pulled a light cotton shirt with full sleeves, a sleeveless, violet colored tunic and a pair of breeches and quickly dressed. She pulled on knee-high boots of the finest leather, and then shoved some extra clothes and a heavy cloak in her pack.

"Come on, Sora!" Link yelled, sticking his head in the door.

"I'm coming!" She snapped.

Sora yanked a forest green jerkin on over her clothes and threw her pack over her shoulder, then sprinted out the door of her housing. In a moment she ran back in, grabbed her staff and Link's sword, and ran out again. She slid the sword's sheath over her back and carried her staff at her side.

"Took you long enough." Link said as he strapped a saddle to Amiri's back.

"I was tired." Sora muttered.

Rogue was standing patiently, already saddled in drab but fine leather. Sora tucked her staff into one loop normally used for a spear. She strapped on pouched to the back of his saddle and then turned as Aidan barreled into her. She lifted him and let him cling to her hip, as he usually did. He had a cute dragon style backpack strapped to his back.

"Forgetting something?"

Sora spun around, to see Frat standing there holding her harp case. She took it from him and slid it into a hidden compartment on Rogue's saddle. The Dragon snorted, looking impatient, and Sora realized that Link was already on Amiri. With a little help from Frat Sora struggled into the saddle and grasped the reins of the specially designed dragon bridle.

At that moment Gossamer appeared, leading the other Elders and a procession of younger Dragon's who just couldn't keep their curious snouts away. Together they were like a walking rainbow, a mix of reds, oranges, greens, purples, pinks, golds, silvers and much more. Sora sucked in her breath at the sight, and let it out in a deep sigh. One day she would write a song to describe this wondrous beauty.

"King Link DeVarian of Hyrule. Princess Sorella C'dessa of Caseree Isle." Gossamer greeted them solemnly.

Sora glanced over at Link. DeVarian? She thought. I never knew he even had a last name! She shook her head and turned her attention back to Gossamer, who was chanting something in the Dragon language. Sora knew only that it was a prayer for those who need travel swiftly and safely. At last, a smaller Dragon stepped forward and held up a bag to Sora. She reached down and took it gingerly.

"Use the contents of this bag well, Lady Wizard." Gossamer said.

Sora opened her mouth to protest, then stopped herself. "I will, Your Honor."

"Now, off with you both. Good luck, and Godspeed."

With that, Rogue unfolded his wings and stretched out his body from nose to tail tip. He flapped those long wings grandly and lifted into the sky, a flap behind Amiri as was respectful. The rose in sync together, watching the colorful crowd of Dragons disappeared behind them.


They had been flying for over half an hour and Sora was growing bored. They remained at a slow, snail like pace while they flew over the Dragon lands. Aidan was now on Sora's shoulders, looking down at the world below, pie eyed. Sora giggled and pushed up the Dragon's slack jaw, but it fell open again.

"Are you bored, Princess?" Rogue asked, startling her.

"Extremely." Sora said.

"Extremely." Aidan echoed in agreement.

"Well then, will shall see if the royals would like a race, hmm?"

Rogue straightened out and plunged forward at top speed, quickly over taking Amiri. Sora yelped and gripped the saddle horn, although Aidan seemed to enjoy the ride very much. Amiri gave an indignant trumpet and charged after him. Sora heard Link shout a surprised curse and turned in the saddle, struggling to see past her wildly flying hair.

Link clutched the saddle horn as well, his own long hair coming dangerously close to slipping out of its tail. Sora laughed and turned forward again in the saddle. She let go of the horn and took up the reins. Rogue dove, skimming over the top of a lake, sending water flying back at Link and Amiri. Aidan shrieked with joy and opened his mouth to catch some water.

"Come on, Rogue!" Sora breathed, her adrenaline rising. "Let's teach the royals a lesson!"

Sora tugged the reins on one side and Rogue instantly knew what she wanted. He straightened and spun around in a barrel roll. Sora shrieked at first, and it turned into joyous laughter. She could hear Link yelling curses at them both and laughed harder. This was the life!


Link grasped tightly to the saddle horn, spitting out every swear in every language he'd ever learnt. In front of them, Rogue did a curious spin in the air, one the resembled a flip, and then straightened, zooming off again. Link screamed as Amiri did the same flip. He closed his eyes tightly as a wave of dizziness came over him.

Amiri did a double loop, and then plunged straight downward. Link kept his eyes closed, but he could hear Sora's joyous laughter. She may be enjoying herself, Link thought. But I most definitely am not! He yelped as Amiri did another barrel roll, dunking him in water, and then headed straight up again at top speed.

Link forced his eyes open, only to see that that they were zooming through the clouds. Up ahead Rogue was flipping and spinning wildly, an Amiri began doing the same. Link clutched the saddle horn for dear life and swore to himself over and over again that he would pay Sora back for this. He quickly forgot that, though, when Amiri did another head spinning, straight down dive.


Sora laughed into the wind, her hair whipping wildly about her face. This was downright fun! Rogue took dips and curves and air tumbles that would inspire an inventor. This would make a neat ride at the fair…if they even had rides at fairs. But that was the farthest thing from Sora's mind, as Rogue did another heart pounding dip.

Suddenly the world began to spin, and not because Rogue was spinning. In fact, he was flying straight at the moment. Sore felt as though she was being swamped by power, unlike anything she had ever felt. Sora. Lady? Your aid is needed. Sora gasped and pulled hard on Rogue's reins. He stopped abruptly and flapped his wings to keep in mid flight. Amiri and a very pissed off looking Link pulled up next to them.

"When I get my hands on you, you little brat, I'll…" Link's voice trailed off. "Sora? Sora what's wrong? You look awfully pale…Sora?"

"Someone needs our help, Link." Sora said softly.

Link laughed. "Exactly Sora. We're getting help for the Dragons. Or don't you remember? Maybe that wild ride jumbled your brains a bit, hmm?"

"No. Someone else." Sora tugged on Rogue's reins. "This way!"

"Are you nuts?" Rogue demanded. "That's the direction of the Fay land!"

"I know that! Now go!"

Sora slammed her heels into Rogue's sides as though he were a horse. He gave an indignant snort but started off anyway, muttering curses loud enough for even Link to here. Aidan looked over Sora shoulder at Link and Amiri, his eyes wide in terror. Amiri sighed through his nose and started after Rogue.

"What are you doing?" Link asked, his voice high in panic. "This is suicide!"

"Exactly." Amiri agreed. "And we can't let them go alone."

Link swallowed a lump of nervousness that rose in his throat. Amiri was right, as much as Link hated to admit it. Sora was tough, and so was Rogue, no doubt, but they would still need help. And someone did need their aid. Link shivered at the thought of being held captive by the evils of the Fay. Yes, Sora and Rogue would need their help.

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